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Malaysia Airlines customer service is ranked #801 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 22.36 out of a possible 200 based upon 411 ratings. This score rates Malaysia Airlines customer service and customer support as Terrible.


398 Negative Comments out of 411 Total Comments is 96.84%.


13 Positive Comments out of 411 Total Comments is 3.16%.

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    • 22.36 Overall Rating
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    • 398 negative comments (96.84%)
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Posted by Julie

Reference confirmed booking
11868087 London to Singapore 4/11/17 at 10:00 am MH3 Departing and arrival Singapore 5/11/17 at 10:20am
Question: I like to add on my luggage allowance at present I have free included in of 30kg check in baggage and 7kg small hand carry
I like to add another 10kg or your minimum been away touring for 6wks and have extra baggage
Kindly let me know whats the process
By the way this is my reference the webjet gave me since they are your sales office: QJ9DFU
My email to reach me please is
[email protected]
My name is Julie Abelardo Kassai
At present I am in Paris,France
Then tomorrow heading back to London to depart on the 4/11/17
Thank you
Will wait for your reply ASAP

Posted by Anonymous

It has now been almost 1 year since I contacted you about an incorrect charge for excess baggage. In the past 12 months I have received NO response from you about this apart from a plethora of reference number in response to my initial email and subsequent enquiries.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi. I would like to comment on my first time fly with Malaysia airline. We flew from KL to LON on 17th Dec 2016. Flight no MH002. The toilets in the airplane were disgisying with stringy smell. I asked flight attendants abt it and he said they will clean. But they spray scent instead of brushing with soapy water. Not just one toilets were dirty but all of them were equally disgusting. I took photos of the toilets. I can upload them for you to see how seriously bad they are. 12 hrs on the airplane wasnt fun at all. It doesnt cost money to improve hygiene of your toilets. I hv been taken numerous flights but wow Malaysia airlines toilets were the worst. Unspeakable.

Posted by DC

The service was disgusting right from the Web-checkin process. Web-Checkin didn't work, customer service was mis-leading, they don't have eye shades and ear plugs on board, at KL their staff barely know English. In the flight from KL to BOM, they didn't provide headphones, seats were not at all comfortable (domestic air carriers are better), the stewart on board was rude and seemed unfriendly. The stewart didn't offer liquor while serving dinner and advised that they only had apple juice and orange juice when asked about the drinks available. A suitcase having Fragile tag was not at all handled delicately. My stuff was damanged.

Posted by Anonymous

Appalling care and customer service from cabin crew and security.My family and I were subjected to verbal abuse and assault by Malaysian Airline crew. I feared for the safety of my child who is left feeling traumatized as am I. We were returning home to London from Denpasar airport with a connecting flight from Kuala lumpur. Cabin crew watched in silence while a malaysian passenger tried to punch my partner and hurled abuse at myself I begged for help yet no action was taken, fellow passengers had to intervene and hold the aggressive man back. My child and myself were forced to move seats and instead of being given support or care I was being threatened to be taken off the flight simply because I asked for the captain to take action against the abusive and violent man.Upon landing my partner was pushed by male cabin crew and threatened. I was refused their names and they started to threaten us with security. We tried to get to our connecting flight which was boarding but security officer physically blocked our way and snatched my partners boarding pass and shouted at my teenage daughter for her documents. Please avoid Malaysian Airlines as they treat foreigners with disrespect and abusive behaviour while taking advantage of your vulnerability as a tourist in a foreign country.

Posted by Woody

I think now Malaysia Airlines has outsourced the customer service to foreigners who have no value in their existence. I was trying to call to Enrich hotline to claim the missing miles but those who picked up the phone said that they were only responsible for reservation even though I have selected the correct options. After a few tries, finally there was someone said she was responsible for Enrich with strange accent. When I said I would like to claim missing miles because there was an error on the online system, she just told me to send email because she had no access on the system. Why MAS wants to hire them if the solution is to write email? In my experience, MAS rarely replied email or took ages to reply email. Calling to the hotline was the fastest to resolve any issues but it now seems to be no longer anymore. I would suggest MAS just closes down Enrich customer hotline and provide an email address as this call center service is totally useless.

Posted by ftanivill

To whom it may concern

I received an email from MAS informing us our flight details have been changed to a later time, however, upon ringing the customer service I was notified that the email was an error, and the time remains as the original booking.

My question is how could MAS send me a wrong email. I wish to be compensated on my grievousness and the amount of time I spend on my HP to inquire about my flight details. Despite, having a toll free 24 hours contact number MAS is not contactable. Neither the comment webpage works.

Would appreciate if MAS could contact me to compensate via my email at for the grievousness caused by you.

Regards .

Posted by yusien

Would like to know what is the different between wrapping the box or unwrapped the boxes when I dropped my boxed in cargo? It also end out with the packing damages even though I had wrapped it up. Besides that, I request the counter to stick on the fragile sticker yet they refused to do so. May i know why the counter refuse to stick on the fragile sticker yet request me to wrap the boxes again that i had packed nicely?

Posted by missed the flight~!!!!!

I booked my family 4 of them MAS 20:50, MYY to BKI, 09,09,2016

actually my family is going back to korea

I received message from MAS that delay the flight 20:50 to 21:50 in the morning.

then received message again that delay the flight 21:50 to 23:00 at noon

2 times informed me with messages.

I worried that my family miss the flight so I contacted to EASTARJET(korea airline)

counter office. the office confirm me that if MAS MH3206 will boading on time they will waiting my family with check in.

but my family gave up to boading.

the reason was 23:00 flight boading 23:52 without any inform.

how *** MAS airline.

2times inform 1 time didn't inform like gangster.

I'm sure that MAS AIRLINE isn't like international flight. I never ever see this case to missed the flight.

I'm just one of passenger but don't forget my behind has Korean.

I wanna receive MAS airline's reply what mas going to say.

Posted by Anonymous

They delayed night flight from Kuala Lumpur to London on 26/8/16 by 90 minutes to allow passengers from a delayed flight from Thailand to get to Kuala Lumpur. On late arrival at Heathrow, I had less than 60 minutes to change terminal and catch my ongoing flight to Dublin. Despite severe physical and psychological stress, I managed to make the flight, only to be told that malaysian Airlines had given my seat away and rebooked me onto a flight 2 hours later. No word of this to me, even though they had 13 hours on the preceding flight to tell me or text me on arrival.
Generally terrible communication difficulties with this company. For whatever reason, attempts at booking on line for both outgoing and homeward flights was not possible. As I require gluten free food, I had to phone the company to organise this.
Took over an hour on the first call as 'all our operators are busy' but 'your custom is very important to us' before the call clicked off and I had to redial, only to start back at the start of the queue. Second call next day took 45 minutes before I got an operator. This was at a completely different time of day so their initial recorded opening declaration that I was calling at a time of exceptional business appears rubbish.

Posted by Avery

Flight delayed for 4 hours. Due to shortage of aircraft. MAS should atleast provide the nearest contingency plan for this kind of situation. Passengers need to reach destination in time for important businesses that affect life. Lunch are provided but that's not worth for the long hours delayed waiting. MAS atleast need to refund to passenger, 20% (domestic flight) out of total ticket price.

Posted by Anonymous

The number to call from the uk is a premium rate number and long distance to Malaysia which is terribly expensive. The special assistance customer service number only operates Mon-Friday 9-5! How ridiculous when people are booking and traveling every day of the week and require assistance. Very poor communications from a One World Partner.

Posted by Anonymous

Actually wish to book 5 adult ticket with the promotion price, but initially Malaysia Airline booking website didn't show only 1 ticket can enjoy the promotion, so we though booking promotion ticket have to proceed one by one. But now end up with this mistaken due to your information not clear, we feel like being cheater and disappoint with Malaysia Airline service, I had call customer service, helpdesk inform there is no way to change destination or refund, what suck service!

Posted by Poor service


I had a nightmare experience with Malaysian airline. I booked online from Jordan to Auckland, New Zealand via Malaysian airline. I was asked to pay extra charges for some over weight in my first leg and then I was suprised again in Kuala Lampur asking me to pay $550 additional charges for 10 KG. I had not enough money and they were no help. I called customer service very poor service reply and no help at all. I had to leave 10 KG of gifts in the airport after trying and trying to seek help but no luck. I really dont recommend this airline to any one at all taking the facts that their service is very poor besides charging me when I booked online an insurance intended only for Malaysian citizen without prompting me whether I would like to buy it during the booking process.

Posted by Anonymous

Due to medical reasons was unable to fly back to London on scheduled date. Advised by customer service to write to reservations for re-booking flight which I did and after 7 days have not received any acknowledgement or response from Malaysian Airlines. Poor service. 3 urgent emails sent.No response.

Posted by Anonymous

I called MAB to confirm seats for my daughter's and three grandchildren's flight booking no.KWH9K. The lady allocated the seats from London to Kuala Lumpur but asked me to go online to book the seats from New York to London even though American Airlines has code sharing with MAB.
I didn't go online to book the seats but her seats were confirmed when she checked in. I think the lady who spoke to me must have done it online. If she did thank you very much for your kindness and humility

Posted by Anonymous

Flight time was 21:10 from Dhaka... Flight no MH113. The check in counter is still closed at 19:40. I'm stunned and extremely disappointed at the airlines service. It's worse than ever. Waiting here with my 1 year old child for last 1.5 hrs.... Ridiculous

Posted by Very disappointed

Cheated by Malaysia Airlines
I bought a return ticket from KL to Manila. Because I did not travel the KL to Manila sector, my ticket was cancelled by Malaysia Airlines and I had to fork out almost another RM700 to fly back from Manila. I have travelled the region with various airlines and never had this issue. I wonder how many people have been cheated by your policy ... :-(

Posted by madashell

Your service is so bad. No wonder you guys are going bankrupt. I wonder why you even have a customer service department.

Posted by Leo

This is really bad. I won't be flying with them again just because of the worse contact.

Posted by Shannon

Waited 55min on the phone n finally someone answered it then the operator just told me pls hold on and wanted to check my status then the line just cut off. Damn.. i need to queue up for another round again

Posted by Anonymous

Please answer the call when we call to the customer service. It is important. Waited and going through so many auto talking operators for almost half an hour and ntg after tht. Come on...plz update ur customer's worse.

Posted by Anonymous

Appalling service from MAB Call Centre. It takes countless attempts to get through. The recorded message is vague as it does not specify what number to click on issues such as flight changes by MAB. Customers are kept hanging on wasting time and money on phone calls. The recorded message by MAB should be more precise. Some call service providers are incompetent. Half way through tele-conversation phone call cut off

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Sir / Madam

We have traveled from Singapore to Auckland on 7th May, 2016 in Business Class.

We have requested for Vegetarian - Jain food ( No Onion, No Garlic, No Potato )

We are sorry to say that there was no such arrangement to provide Jain Food.

Anyway now we are returning on 9th June,2016

We trust that this time you may not repeat the same mistake.


Bipin Bagadia

Posted by Anonymous

This service is totally rubbish. I think the whole airline needs avoid shake up. Won't be using them ever again.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

well my complaint filed with cabin crew for non service of whisky on Flight No. 0194 on 21.02.2016 (Seat No 11E) from Kuala Lumpur to Mumbai is not replied by ur company till date. Is it swept under the carpet? or did the cabin crew thought that i will not follow up. Instead of whisky she offered me Brandy. Now please don't tell me that whisky was not available


I Am A Frequent Flyer Between Brunei And Singapore Always Using Mas. On The 31 October 2015 On Mh731, It's Over A Two Hour Flight. Why Use An Old Aircraft And No Inflight Entertainment. Please Get Back To Me As It Is Very Boring In A Plane. Also, There Was A Delay On Landing And We Finally Arrived Into Kl At 6.10pm. There Was Also A Delay In My Connecting Flight Mh0607 To Singapore Which Supposed To Leave At 1930 Hrs. But Finally Left At 2030hrs. Imagine My Day!!!!!!!!
I Also Communicated With Your Commercial Department On My Enrich Card But Till Now Have Not Received Any Feedback Nor Answers.

Posted by SuSi

wonderful experience esp the authentic and warm service offered by the crew.

Posted by inyoman arnawa

I would like to give my best recommendation for Inyoman Arnawa working at Denpasar airport in Bali. He gave us the best customer support we have ever experienced when we were flying from bali to kuala Lumpur the 9 th of April. I will continue using MAS and recommend them to all my friends.

Best regards kjetil

Posted by Nantha

On 8 Feb 2015, I enjoyed my flight from Shanghai (PVG) to Kuala Lumpur, all the cabin crew was excellent and they were outstanding. Special mention to Fadilah or Faridah (can't really recall her name). She went extra mile to ensure my journey was memorable. Thank you to the entire Cabin crew on that patircular day.

Posted by Gary

Booking Reference No WKF93
Gary Wilkinson
I recently took a return flight from Darwin to Bangkok, on returning to Darwin I noted that the zips either side of my holdall had been damaged beyond repair and the Handle at the base of the bag used for easy horizontal lifting was snapped in two.
Despite the bag only costing 80 Aud$ it is annoying when retrieving damaged property in the early hours of the morning especially when trying on many occasions on line,to get an upgrade to BC from Economy that failed due to a non resolved technical error. The reasons for which I have explained in the online survey I was as asked to participate in.
Photo's are available if required

Posted by Yasmine

I wish to commend Mr Faizul, on MH2743 from Bintulu to KLIA on 10 November for his kind and gracious service. I think he is the model steward for Malaysian Airlines. Yasmine Merican

Posted by Denia

I travelled with MH0142 from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur with my husband on the 5 Sept 14 at 7.25am. The meal and snack which was a chicken roll was warmed up beautiful and tasty. This flight and the crew was fantastic and professional they made our trip very memorable and they were able to speak very good English. KL to Colombo MH0179 @ 23.05 the service was not very good the food came and they hurried us, they treated us as cattle. The return trip from Colombo to KL MH0178 on 20 Sept @ 00.55, they could not mention the meal properly. From KL to Sydney 0141 @9.00 this crew was very rude. When we wanted to sleep they spoke so loud and disturbed us as we were at the last row. The snack was served again which was a chicken roll, it was very cold and returned it back to the stewardess and she gave me another one which was a bit warmer. We ate the roll. At the end of the flight one passenger got very sick and there was a panic and crew started to yell at shout to the passengers in a common way. These girls and boys only know a bit of first aid and the other passengers who new something was able to help. But the passengers were not happy at the behaviour of the crew. We missed out flight home to Canberra because we has to wait for the ambulance and customs to come on board to let the passenger out. Once we got home to Canberra Australia, the next day my husband and I got very sick after eating that chicken roll, which should have been hot, we ended having food poison. We could not go to work as we had to see the doctor we lost 2 days of working. Not happy on the last leg of our trip, otherwise your airlines are very good and we will fly with you again. I would appreciate a feed back please.

Denia Tiirikainen

Posted by AIMW

I would like to comment on the honesty and integrity of the cleaners or cleaning contractor at KLIA. The found valuable lost item and make effort to return it back to us as passenger of MAS. Incident happened at KLIA 13/12 between 8pm to 9pm. Impressed with such Malaysian citizen which can hardly be found nowadays. Thumbs up!

Posted by metalsolotravels

Anyway i did try booking a flight like this in feb that was quoted in Malaysian currency. But my card declined because i was trading in AUD.

I traveled on malaysian airlines flight from KL to Heathrow 21st july. I booked my ticket on the day as i had screwed up some iran transit plans with visa usages.

It was a good service at the start with drinks all around especialy the usage of guava juice and the entertainment was working well

food service was good and i got no complaints at all

There was one male Cabin Members who decided to be a bit of a jackass. I accidently pressed a call button and he just came near me and turned off my light.

Because Planes fly into LHR are carrying allot of bed bugs and insects the cabin must be sprayed. They always make an announcement that the cabin will be sprayed and please cover your mouth if you having breathing problems.

Ive lived with Asthma all my life but the same jackass bloke cabin crew had to be such a big douchebag by coming to me and point a can of bug spray right near my face. This was while i was covering my mouth

At first i thought it was a joke but then i realise man this guy is making fun of my mild asthma. It took me 5 minutes to press the call button while flying over scandernavia

I told the hostess that a male cabin dude insulted me and threaten to spray me with buy spray

She went to the gallery and brought him to my seat and i just ripped into him

I told him that i was flying the national airlines of Malaysia to my dad homelands and he should give me some courtney by not pointing a can of bug spray in my face.

The young xp flight attened applogies for being a jackass and he wasnt going to spray my face

I told him that the King of Malaysia wouldnt be inpressed to hear a Malaysian insulting a british citizen after what we did for malaysia in the colony year

I am a budget travel so this is really my only cheap options between sth east asia and UK. I can take 2 weeks to get home from London on a long journey

Posted by FF301160521

Salam to ALL,

Despite the negative comments about MAS level of service, it is different story for me as i'm very pleased so far with MAS service especially with your air crew and not to forget the ground crew (despite their morale is down due to the re-structuring program).

Today i have to make last minute re-arrangement on my confirmed flight from LBU-KUL departing at 0745hrs. Since there's only 2 flights to/from KUL-LBU, i didn't expect to get the 2nd flight departing at 1740hrs since the MAS office at the airport already closed when i get to know that i have to take the 2nd flight.

What i did was I call customer service at 1300 number and patiently waited for about 10 minutes. A polite and helpful girl name Siti Rahmaniah answer my call and immediately assist me to change my flight F.O.C...

I would like to thank Siti Rahmaniah from Customer Service Dept who answer my call approximately around 2000hrs 15 sept 2012 and i would like to tell her to keep up your good attitude despite the trouble surrounding MAS due to their so called turn around plan i.e, lay-off, low wages, no transport allowance, secondment issue, budget cutting etc...etc.

Most of us who are frequent flyer with MAS notice and know if not all the issues surrounding MAS nowadays. BUT, for the sake of Malaysian, we urge you all try to let go and bear with the current issue for a little longer until we can get rid the hidden hand and politician from the scene.

I really hope MAS can fly up further so that you all will get what you guys deserve which has been denied from you guys for may years now.

If the CEO AJ read this...know one thing, your staff is what we as MAS loyal customer need the most and NOT the politicos...SO, do not fear or hear what ever they want to doesn't bring any good to matter how big they it dude???

FF 301160521

Posted by Anonymous

I wish to commend on the dedicated service of Mahzan bin Mat Salleh who is serving in the Ticketing Office in Kota Kinabalu International Airport for his patience, commitment and determination in helping me sort out my travel to Kuala Lumpur on 5 September 2012 by the 6.50pm flight. He worked very closely together with two other MAS staff, Llyod and Susie at the counter to ensure I got to fly to KL . I truly appreciate these three MAS staff and I hope that MAS Management will given due recognition to Mahzan, Llyod and Susie for their commitment in serving passengers travelling MAS duiring challenging situations. Thimbs up to ahzan, Llyod and Susie!!!

Posted by Indian

I rate them as the best I have experienced in customer service. I am used to the western-style service which is playing music for hours while thanking you for being patient.
Malaysian Airlines treated me with a smile.
Asian service at it best.

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