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13 Negative Comments out of 15 Total Comments is 86.67%.


2 Positive Comments out of 15 Total Comments is 13.33%.

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    • 44.53 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 13 negative comments (86.67%)
    • 2 positive comments (13.33%)
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Posted by Sailme88

VERY frustrated. I bought a BBX7600ca 4 stroke back pack leaf blower a few years ago. Shortly after buying I noticed a problem. It kept bogging down as if the choke were on. Brought it to your service center in Bath, ME. They said they ran it until the gas tank emptied without a problem, therefore there is no problem. I only use this in the winter to clear snow the is loo little to snowblower away. Yet year in and year out the issue remains. The throttle lock can't be used as the trigger has to be constantly feathered to prevent stall. Is there any NOW known problem that this unit was/has been experiencing that NOW has a cure?
I've always enjoyed your tools but this has me rethinking..

Posted by Anonymous

Need to purchase an original case for LXRH battery hammer drill. Please help. Can't find any info anywhere

Posted by W.D. Womack

Last year I purchased a 5007Mg Circular Saw, used it for three days and put it back in the case where it stayed till yesterday. I took it back out of the box plugged it in, the light came on, but when I pulled the trigger nothing happened. I found that the warranty was out on the tool, so I took it apart to find out what the trouble was and found out that the trigger switch would not work. Being Sunday I got no answer from Makita, but I did order a new switch and got back an email this morning that it was being sent.

This morning I called to complain about the fact that I bought what I thought was the best saw I could buy and paid premium price for it, only to use it three days and now have to buy a new trigger switch for it and spend another $20.53 for it plus have to wait however many days to go back to work on my project to get the new switch.

I never paid so much money for a circular saw in my life and I'm 70 years old and have used them since I was six. I never had a trigger switch go out on any of them and they were much cheaper. I buy what is supposed to be the best and the trigger switch goes bad after three days use, Ridiculous!

Posted by dan bummed

I run a weldshop and have purchased 9" grinders,5"grinders,7"sanders and this time I am very dissapointed,all have broke(shooting flames out the vents)very early in their lifespan..I just dont have time to wait for repairs..I bought this brand to get long lasting tools for my guys...Now I must throw them away and buy something else...and on a personal note I also bought a 2 piece cordless set 18v 20ah drill n driver combo one of the batteries failed the first time using it and wont charge...I was always willing to spendthe money for quality gear..I will look elsewhere now

Posted by Alan64singing

I`m a serious DIY man and would put my skills up against any pro.I am also an electronics technician with over 30 years under my belt.All this garbage about Makita being so good is obviously made by air heads. I had an old Black n decker 18 volter (cheapo homebase job) for 15 years. It worked its nuts off on decking, a summer house, a hot tub, a cinema room, and hundreds of jobs around the home. costing around £40.00 at the time with just one battery. Although still working after 15 years, the charger packed up and i threw it away. I then recieved a gift from my brother in law after working on his home (a Makita DHP453SYE with 2 batteries) it has lasted just 12 months and built one stupid shed with some home DIY with both batteries useless.. The cost of replacing the batteries is actually more than the stupid thing is worth..As for the quality of the build and the internals.???..It is simply a well over priced bit of garbage that many a fool have been brainwashed with in my opinion..And that comes from a guy that actually knows how the bloody thing is put together and works..Absolute garbage..You make a red devil look like a roller..

Posted by Anonymous

I've had a 4" Makita Palm Sander for several years, and I love it...except for one thing. Changing the sandpaper is a real pain in the rear. I have never been able to get it tight with the clamps it has, so naturally the sandpaper tears well before it's used up. My question is, can I trade this in for a newer version that has the easy-to-use clamping system? The model# I saw it on was BO4556. If this is possible, please let me know. My old one is in great shape if you will take it on trade.
Thank you very much!

Lou McCool

Posted by Anonymous

I just bought a makita brushless hammer drill set with the 5.0 batteries and the first time using it the hammer drill head comes spinning off the tool and the little screw holding the head on is snapped off. I was a makita man until this, selling all my makita tools.l don't brag up makita anymore.

Posted by Unhappy Makita Purchaser

I bought a 5 piece combination tool set that came with two 18v lithium batteries. This kit has been used sparingly for minor home work. Both batteries will no longer accept a charge. Now in order to replace the batteries I would need to spend over half of what I paid for entire kit. This is completely unfair and I can only describe it as junk. I will never buy another Makita tool as long as I live.

Posted by Jmnoeth

I purchased a charger/4A battery (model #BL1840DC1), and used the battery once, then didn't use it again for a couple months. When I next used it, the battery wouldn't power any tool, nor would it take a charge. I have several Makita tools, and am very happy with the way they perform, this is the first problem I have had. I was also disappointed that Makita only has customer service via telephone, and doesn't have an online option.

Posted by KyGirl

Purchased grass shears �2 received the items without batteries or chargers. Tell your friends useless products for $89 each. After hours on the phone,no resolution. Will not recommend this company to anyone,their customer service is awful,unfriendly,rude and will lie to you.

Posted by Anonymous

I have one of the Makita jobsite radios purchased from Home Depot. That my fiance bought for me and gave to me last Christmas, that is Christmas 2013. I have used it maybe a total of six times. And the speakers on both sides of the radio are blown. They are rattling and crackling like you would not believe.

Posted by Tony

Called service and person I talked to didn't really know anything about UB360 Cordless Blowers. When I asked for service centers in my area he gave me two wrong numbers. Not much help calling your customer service. Bill Brooks

Posted by Anonymous

just called the number and cannot get past the language selection!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by Charles

About march the 8 th my wife orded me a cordless multi-tool for 119.00 she used her pay pale to pay for it the money came out that day and said it would be delivered by the 19 th of march. On friday the 16 th my wife and me went to town and by the time we got back home ups had stoped to deliver the tool they left a note saying they would be back on the next working day which was monday the 19 th of march they have not been back and now they know nothing about where its at.I have alot of makita tools now and would like to have the multi - tool if i can get this I would order more tools
Thank you

Posted by Sizzle 1957

Love my lxt lot, have 23 tools. Best on market by far. Only one that is not is my oscillating took, it's Performance is marginal at best.

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