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MajicJack customer service is ranked #643 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 27.08 out of a possible 200 based upon 1673 ratings. This score rates MajicJack customer service and customer support as Terrible.


1,588 Negative Comments out of 1,673 Total Comments is 94.92%.


85 Positive Comments out of 1,673 Total Comments is 5.08%.

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    • 1,588 negative comments (94.92%)
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Posted by Anonymous

This company is a pain. I have been trying to activate 8 devices and port 2 numbers to my account for employees. It has taken me 3 days to get just half the devices add to the account. No one in "customer service" seems to be of any help and neither are the "chat" agents.

I have been on 5 or 6 calls and 5 chats trying to get this resolved. There has to be someone in management that can assist in setting these devices up!!!

Posted by Anonymous

To get a tech support live person is almost impossible. on countless hours of chatting normally get you nowhere. Tech support FU sucks, because never happened.
If you register a device and there it is a mistake, that device CAN NOT be re-used for a different number so it is useless. Lets suppose you make a mistake with the account name, and you register it ... you are doom. Better have a receipt and returned as soon as yesterday. That device it is register to that mistaken name. Ahhhh the best (worst in this case) MAJICK Jack CAN NOT move Phone numbers that belong to a company name..... Y spend one year trying to move mi company name and did not work first was from ATT and then from Time warner, same results....they could not do it. Just be aware.

Posted by Anonymous

I need registration support. I cannot register with magicjack because they will not accept my e mail address.

I want to register and keep my same phone number.

For goodness sake please help.I am at my wits end trying to reach someone to resolve this issue.

HELP !!!!!

Posted by kitschmyass

I'm still trying to find a phone number to call MJ. The last time I called to straighten this mess out I got the rudest b-word in the world who told me I didn't pay $120 and anything I wanted would cost money but wait! I HAD paid for 5 years in advance and that horrible person told me I no longer had MJ unless I was willing to PAY FOR IT!!! This is 6 months into my now non-existent 5 year plan. Since I had already paid I told her that what I paid for didn't work so she made sure it didn't work and turned off my service! I found the receipt for the $120 I didn't pay and have been searching ever since for a phone number that leads to a real person who will not insult me. It seems that anyone could find where Jimmy Hoffa's remains are a lot easier than trying to deal with Magic Jack. Gack!

Posted by Anonymous

I have AUTO RENEWAL but they did not debit my CC until the account had expired 3 days earlier but terminated service on the due date. They now have my money but still 11 days later I have no service.
Live Chat was an absolute waste of time. Can't call them as the service is disabled due to "Pending Payment"
They do not respond to Emails.
The only reason not to switch to OBI is the need for 911 service.
They are arrogant, uncaring, unresponsive and a don't give a D__n.

Posted by NONA

I had the most terrible experience dealing with a phone company spend six hours with five different agents and supervisors steel they could not help me to connect my device to my Mac computer I got so frustrated and will not recommend Magic Jack to anyone I prefer to deal with a company that I can speak to a person and not typing back and forth for six hours

Posted by anthony rogers

I just set up my majic jack system. Registered it and made a call to check it out. So far so good. Now the problem....I go back online and I receive a message in my e-mail box that says this is a Bill for 911 service. I'm going to make this very clear to you....In no way will I accept this crap. I guess I pushed the wrong key when setting this up and absolutely refuse to pay for any 911 deal. If I am forced to do this I will smash my majic jack with a hammer and go back to my old phone. I paid for a year of service upfront and expected to not get a bill for a year. Again I say, either you stop this or I am done with majic jack. I will take the hit for the cost of the machine and throw it away in the garbage can. I am expecting a reply back as to your reply. Good Day, Anthony Rogers

Posted by Anonymous

volume way to low.....ive called and complained but.....still very low..gonna cancel if not corrected.

Posted by Anonymous

You have not repaired my phone with the garbled problems. It is still garbling!!!!!correct it immediately. I have suffered with this problem since I renewed for another

year.My phone

Ted Tsujimoto

Posted by Anonymous

company is unethical and doesn't fulfill its obligations. purchased a one year contract in
april 2015; company changed its contract policy in sept. 2015 and is now requiring a charge for activation and another charge for telephone service. instead of completing the contract period
they stopped my service in mid contract and now want to sell me a 5 year contract in order for me to use the phone. i spent 1/2 hour on phone with their office and could not make them understand that they are breaking their contract to supply me with one year service that they sold me

Posted by Anonymous

My magic jack 1-year gold plan was already renewed on Tuesday 4/14/2015 at 10:45 a.m.
Why am I being billed for renewal now when it is not due?

Posted by [email protected]

RE: will not reconnect no matter who I talk to or wait for.........I have had it for about 7 years or so and never had this problem before...........I cannot get any help

Posted by Anonymous

Trying to contact some one who will respond to a Phone number live chat for one week nobody is out there. I will cancel this account by next week.

Posted by Chen & Evert

Here is a feed from magicjack that is unbelievable.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Chen'

Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK111530193725061X

Chen: Hello, how may I help you?

Chen: We use Tech Chat to better assist you by sending instant upgrade links, running diagnostic tests, and troubleshooting your Internet connection, which cannot be done over the telephone.

Chen: Hello, how may I help you?

Doug: I am having to chat back. Here is the reference number: LTK111530193724750X

Chen: One moment please...

Chen: may I ask your device will not start on your computer?

Doug: I have it plugged in and it did not start automatically. It is an older unit. I am wanting to put my number on it. My computer and magicjack was stolen yesterday. But I have this unit and want to put my number in it. My number is 256-391-9999

Chen: okay so may i ask if the one you have is a new MJ device Doug please clarify?

Doug: no, it is an old magicjack I have used in the past.

Chen: One moment please...

Chen: may I know where is the device plugin?

Doug: Yes, it is plugged into this computer we are chatting on.

Chen: please follow this

Chen: >>> Please click the ?START?(WINDOWS LOGO) button and select ?Control Panel?. On the upper right side please click the dropdown menu next to View by and Select ?Small Icons?. then double click on the Device Manager.

Doug: moment

Chen: okay i will be here

Doug: Ok, what is next?

Chen: On the device manager, please click on the + sign for DVD/CD ROM Drives. You should see YMAX MagicJack USB Device or TigerJet CD-Rom USB Device there.

Doug: ok, I am there

Chen: Please double-click YMAX MagicJack USB Device or TigerJet HardDisk USB Device >> Then go to Details tab.

Doug: ok, I am at details

Chen: In the drop-down list., please choose Device Instance Id or Device Instance Path .

Doug: ok..i did

Chen: can you see something like USBSTOR\DISK&VEN_ TIGERJET&PROD_ HARDDISK&REV_ V2.0\7&1335DE08&0&A9210503028182&0?

Doug: yes I do

Chen: can you copy and paste it here


Chen: One moment please...

Doug: ok

Chen: One moment please...

Chen: that is a deactivated old device

Chen: do you want to reactivate>?\

Doug: My number is already active. The unit that number is on has been stolen and I want to put it on this one.

Chen: One moment please...

Chen: I am afraid that your number cannot be put on the device you are holding right now it is because the number 256-391-xxxx is in another account Doug

Chen: we cannot transfer from one device tio another if the devices are not on the same account

Chen: the number 256-391-9999 is assigned to email xcesse***[email protected] while the device yuo are holding is do*[email protected]

Doug: That unit has been stolen so it is now in the hands of a thief.

Doug: That is my email also. [email protected]

Chen: yes I understand that

Chen: yes I see

Chen: but we cannot get the phone number transfer to another account

Doug: I do not want to change accounts. I want the number put on this device I no longer use.

Doug: I just paid and renewed that account

Chen: Yes

Chen: As I have mention above the only way you can get your phone number and a new renewal is to hve an unregistered device then registered it to the xcexxxxxx**[email protected] and transfer the remaining time to the new device

Chen: and also a phone number

Doug: ???

Chen: Please hold, I am transferring you to a senior agent.

Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.

You are now chatting with 'Evert'

Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK111530193725061X

Evert: Hi Doug

Evert: Please give me a few moments to review your previous conversation, thank you.

Evert: Thank you for waiting, the old device you have right now is registered to another account, and this device is also a deactivated device. Unfortunately we cannot transfer the phone number (256) 391-xxxx because the number is registered to your account [email protected] and the device you have right now is registered to [email protected]

Doug: I have the same credit card on file for both devices so you can see I am the same person

Evert: What we can do now is process you a replacement device. The repalcement will have the same phone number (256) 391-xxxx and will have the same remaining sevice of your magicjack device. Once the device is replaced the device that was stolen will be deactivated. But your device is outside the one year warranty. We charge a warranty processing fee of $24.95 to ship a replacement device to your US address. When you receive the replacement, just plug it in and you will be prompted to select the device you wish to replace. Your remaining time and telephone number will automatically transfer.

Doug: I don't need a new device. I have one that works that also belongs to me.

Evert: .

Evert: The device you have right now is registered to another account [email protected]

Evert: Your phone number (256) 391-xxxx is registered to [email protected]

Doug: If you will view both accounts, you will see the same credit card on file

Evert: We cannot transfer the phone number to the device you have right now

Doug: I have more than 1 email

Evert: We cannot transfer the phone number to the device you have right now

Evert: It is not possible yet to merge separate accounts at this time.

Doug: If you cannot assist me in this very simple transaction, I will forward to your corporate office. I have this conversation copied and saved.

Evert: I believe that I have already provided you all the information needed; I will end this conversation now, if you any other concerns in the future, please do not hesitate to chat us back. We are always here to assist you. Thank you.

Since we haven't heard from you, we must release this chat. Please click here should you need further assistance:

Posted by Anonymous

Hello I had a V-tech hous land line and it was gertting so I bought a new AT&T house phone and because of the magic jachk it will not install proprylprly could you please me as I have phone telephon

Posted by Anonymous


I have problem with my magic jack device from yesterday. after adding a new modem

my email, y majic jack phone
my cell no to contact :

Posted by Anonymous

Hello MY Name is John Nemchik I once had a Magic Jack and really enjoyed it my number I seem to have forgoten it--and for what ever reason I have never been able too talk to any one able too restore it-- forgot my password --go figure anyways it was when magic jack forst came out and again it worked for me --i just wished it was able too be re-enstated too for again-- I have a regular phone number it is and a e-mail address as follows that is now I use too have a verizone account but that was a Night Mare if someone call help me please get in touch with me ifg not it was fun while it lasted --I probably spoken more Highly of Magic Jack than any one who worked there and got paid for it --so just too say if you can help me restore or find out what my old password was I would at least like too know what it was Yhank You

Posted by Anonymous

I have Magic Jack, and for months now it beeps many times during each and every phone conversation. It upsets me and my party as well! People often tell me they hear one or two words out of each entire sentence from me. I have un-plugged and re-set and changed phones and done everything humanly possible on my end. I need help immediately. . PLEASE HELP ME.

Posted by crombie

I made a mistake when installig my Magic jack and lost my old telephone number on contacting Magic Jack they told me they could retrieve it from AT&T at a cost of $21.56 I told them I would pay and to go ahead. They then informed me they could not retrieve the number and I had to take the new one which I accepted. I asked for a credit of $21.56 which has never been put through on my bank account> ihave contacted Magic Jack on several occasions but its like a broken gramophone record al, they say is the credit was passed but never been received by my bank I am out of pocket by $21.56 so beware when paying money to them as credits are difficult to get paid.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi Team,

I am using 2 set of MagicJack Device.

Voice quality is too poor and not audible. I tested with different kinds of Handsets all are giving same output.

Can any give solution to resolve this issue. To get a audible voice from the receiver.

Posted by PISSED OFF

I paid for year of service and got 6 months of what I paid for; I called customer care for help and got the worst help Mel @ ext.6124 told me tha there is no one to talk to when I asked to speak with the manger on duty. She has the worst customer service skills ever.

Posted by Anonymous

I renew my subscription for my magic plus and it was place on the wrong account. The one year subscription I paid was for magic jack plus number which is

Posted by Jamile

Jamil from customer support had the worse customer care ever!!!!!! I do not recommended magicjack to no one!!!

Posted by Jamile

I do not recommended the magicjack to anyone no help from magicjack customer service i spoke to Jamile she had the worse customer service ever thay charges my account for nothing i called them back no help from them i wouldn't recommend magicjack no one!

Posted by ZEMTEK

When if first signed up with magicjack I told them I want to pay for everything for the next 5 years. Well a year later they told me I owe 10 something for a vanity number. I explained I paid all fees when I started up even sent them the payment info and they still refused and said I still owed the money. Well now that I have finally given up fighting the freakin idiots I decided to just pay their freakin blood money. So I went out and got a visa prepay card because I don't trust magic jack to not steal from me. Well I got 22.00 on a visa prepay card to pay my balance with magicjack well they would not allow me to do it all in one payment. I had to do 2 separate payments of 10.78. I figured ok what ever big deal ill just do the 2 payments im sick n tired of fighting with the idiots. Well after I did the first payment magicjack stole another dollar out of that account without any permission at all. So then I didn't have enough funds to cover the second payment of 10.78. Well the card will charge me their stupid monthly fee of 3.00 here soon as well. So now magic jack refuses to issue that dollar credit to my account to pay the rest of the bill. I would never ever trust a company that steals from its customers.

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Posted by Anonymous

Just wanted you to know what a great representative
Our is is. I come from an HR past and know how hard it is to find great employees. I just got off "chat"
With her. She's a keeper!

Posted by Anonymous

I had excelant service your castumer service girls are very proffecianal, polite and they try to satisfy to given questions.
Parounak Vartanian, for the 2 majic jack numbers we have

Posted by Anonymous

Just want to say thank you .I have no problem getting help from your support group great bunch of people you have working for you.

Posted by Anonymous

Excellent product. This is year 3 and have never had a problem. I need a internet provider like magic-jack. Just thinking out loud

Posted by Linda

After weeks of not having my service, it was good to know it was the magic jack itself that was defective. Great person helped diagnose the problem and will replace it.

Posted by kdegru

Magic Jack is cheap or should I say very inexpensive. It is no frills with no serious support. To make MJ works for you you need to understand the basics of maintaining a working computer network with a high speed internet connection because the MJ Plus depends on that whether you plug it into your router or your computer. IF you have the skills to keep your own computer working fine with internet connectivity using a high speed connection then you will probably have acceptable experience using MJ plus. I have been basically satisfied so far (4 months)and my only complaint is that there is audio break up at times which is annoying. I attribute this to high traffic on the internet and my provider cannot keep up with my 4G wireless connection. There are no extras with MJ like 911 service (although I hear it is possible to add it for a fee) MJ themselves suggests that you do not use it for your only phone service somewhere in the fine print. My experience with the chat service is you can get help there. I even got an online firmware upgrade to my MJ Plus to try and deal with the audio breakup issue and miraculously it did seem to help.

Posted by Sable

I spoke with Sable, just moments ago, and I gotta tell you. "SHE IS AWESOME"
I suggested she take the rest of the night off.
Truly She was a pleasure to deal with.

Can you say "RAISE?"

Thanks folks magic Jack is the best.

Posted by GMA from Miami

I had success by calling customer service. The person immediately identify my files and explained to me why I could not do my renewal. (was because I have registered my MJ with a USA address and I was over the sea trying to do it). Now that I am back in USA I try again and was successful. More important, they never cut me off,with my suscription expired I was able to continue using mye MJack.
I am happy with the services.
GMA from Miami

Posted by Fletch

I've used MagicJack for the past three years for my home phone service. I've had very minor issues, and those were taken care of by their support department. It's great to not pay AT&T each month, and to not have to deal with their horrendous support. We've saved about $1,800 during that time.

Posted by Jesse

my magicjack works like a champ no prob. Jesse A.

Posted by TONY STEWART EE since 1975

Its not MajicJack, rather it is Magicjack.

I read about Harrison's frustration with billing and no outgoing service and 1 yr laps of the annual Canadian Phone number area code.

I think Harrison ought to be to have fixed his outgoing problem easily if he wanted to... I suggest setting up the Plus on USB to Phone connection and then plug into the Ethernet router port for perfect PC inidependant operation... The 2nd issue of a lapsed 1 yr area code service in Canada followed by a "renewal" is certainly going to cause an accounting contradiction . There are two payment issues. Service fee and Canadian Area Code registration fee. The 1st time setup fee is waved on renewal but after a 1 yr laps can cause confusion.. Harrison needs to understand he created this confusion and not blame MagicJack with rude sarcastic inquiries and clarify that he expects a renewal without a setup charge even after discontinuity of service fees for same.

The only compatability issues I have had with MJ is using CICI card and VOIP call bridge calls. It does not work for those. Otherwise using cheaper ISP over Rogers cable for $35/mo with MJ give the best 5yr plan for phone rates.. LD costs are much higher than CICI 3rd party rates for some countries, is my only gripe. Service, voice quality and connection reliability has been excellent with only rare dropouts far less than Cell phone drop out rates.

Posted by flbmcnally

Had a great experience with Denise in Billing Customer Service. She found the problem and fixed it right away. I love MajicJack!

Posted by rtaxes

I have been using Magic Jack Plus (that can be used on your computer, or as I use it, pluged into an electrical outlet in the wall, for @ 6 months now. Before MJ Plus, I used the old Magic Jack, that could only be used in your computer, when it was turned on for 3 or more years. The old MJ was ok, but had a lot of static on the line and even worse if using a cordless phone. People I talked to complained they heard even more static than I did. heard.

Since I've gotten MJ Plus, people say the line is crystal clear and cordless phones are not as clear of static as a regular phone. I love it now. With all the features (call forwarding, call waiting, etc.).

It's WELL worth the money I paid for it. I'll keep it forever and save the $35. a month for a land line.

Though I wish I could talk to them by phone sometimes about some of the specials they have, but there is no phone number to contact them, but if u know how to use the internet, u should have no problem.

All their support is live online, but they have always been very supportive and I always received great directions and information, when I contacted them.

Posted by Marisa

I just got out of chat help with MagicJack and I have to say it was an excellent experience. I love my MagicJack Plus.

Posted by Anonymous

Just got off chat with MJ and so far my issue has been fixed. However, not sure if it was completely fixed. My device just randomly stops working and the only way I ever know is if I try to make a call, so we will see in a few hours what happens.
Also, it seems to me that most of the major issues are with the magic jack plus.....just an observation.
My chat was fine, polite and fast, and I even got a discount(waiting to see if it's actually true or not).

I understand the frustration of others, as I myself spend hours a week trying to correct over charges, services not rendered, etc. on my own home bills!
But my mother always told me that you catch more flies with honey.....
Will update on the "discount"

Posted by silver

no the service isn't useless. just click on customer service/live agent at the very bottom of the magicjack page and when the next page comes up, click speak to a live person. you can chat with someone and they will walk you through whatever you need help with. Believe me I tried it and no one has as much of a problem as I did -not there fault. and they stayed with me and helped me through everything. satisfied customer.

Posted by Samson660

Get the Magic Jack Plust and make sure that you have DECENT INTERNET speed. At $20-$40 per year vs $500-$1000 it is fantastic. For faxes, you require a filter on the cable line (not unusual to require it for any fax line). In Canada you can get ( mention [email protected] and I get a referral discount). It is $60 per year plus $50-$75 for the modem. It only includes CDN long distance. US is 2 cents per minutes. I have all my business lines on Talkit or MJ. ( I use a US number and Cnd # to call forward).

People; Get real. Yes, customer service is poor but if you pay the proper costs, they will give you what you require. Toronto

Posted by JohnnyTheRockMan

First its magicJack, u dont spell "magic" with a "J" LMAO... and anyone reading the reviews here? LOL, reported it stolen and then the reps were rude to you??? Is this a joke? The people who even have to contact customer support dont deserve to use this product... I am hardly a "techie" but I got it, opened the box, plugged into the computer, activated/registered, then plugged into the router and power, and seconds later, dialtone. Then went to my online account and made some minor adjustments. If you need "support" you need hire an IT Specialist bec it is your computer or internet.

Posted by Customer Service/Cancellation

I delt today with Sydney from the Customer Service departement, she was very helpfull and was able to solve my issue in a very professional way.

Thank you for the good service you are offering to your clients.

Posted by The Voice

I've had Magic Jack for over 2 years now and just up graded to the Majic Jack Plus.
Rather than plugging into my computer, it plugs into my router. It's really an improvement in voice quality and fast dialing. Plus, there's no need to leave my computer on 24 hours a day.

I like that it will send me emails if I have a voice mail waiting. I can listen to it on my computer from any where. That's in addition to listening to it the traditional way.

I have to admit, that the live chat customer service can be a little sketchy at times. But, I found for the most part it's pretty good. You just have to be patient.

Posted by Anonymous

i dealt earlier today with a tech aid on your live chat line his name was theodore he was well mannered patient and polite! so nice to deal with a cool human seems so old school these days thumbs up to Ted and Magic Jack!! thanx !

Posted by pattikake1

I am more than pleased, yes I have had a couple of dropped calls but no more than I had with my regular phone service. The best part is the price, I will take the dropped calls to not paying $60 a month for what I get for $29 a yr with MJ. No complaints here.

Posted by dawn

my opinion is that everyone expects customer support for $20 a year. Get real! There is no customer support. That's what you sacrifice for the savings, BUT IT'S WORTH IT! Come on! Stop beating up on mj because they really help with the low cost. If the freakin thing breaks or doesn't work throw it away and buy another one OR start paying $30 a month to a phone company with support! that simple!

Posted by andrew

I got off a live chat with Chat Session: LTK554075213122X / Kiefer (today May 31, 2012)

Basically I paid for renewal on Jan 18, 2012 and got my confirmation number TS16173168

Today I go on trip and I use it, it say I didn't have service, need to purchase? i click okay -- boom -- original renew price 69.95 now inflated to 99.95

Talk to this guy, he eventually hang me up, said he 'can do nothing about it'.


my two cents-

Posted by Anonymous

I'm new to Magic Jack and it is working very well for me; no technical problems. However, I tried to port my old phone number from Vonage, and was not successful. I used the live chat help and they put my account "under review". It has been under review for over a month now. While under review, I am not allowed to make any changes to my account; thus I cannot port my old number. The customer support is absolutely the worst I have experienced. I have made it a point to contact them at least once every day until my account is no longer being reviewed. I have now lost my old phone number, so this is just for fun to see how long it takes. Other than this, I am happy with the Magic Jack device; it works well for me.

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