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    • 25.31 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 110 negative comments (96.49%)
    • 4 positive comments (3.51%)
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Posted by Jenellevinci

We purchased two 32  TVs a couple years ago and both within weeks of one other went black with just a red light flashing. I would have thought if it was only one TV then it was a fluke but both at the same time? We bought them both from Target same day same time. Spent too much money to have to deal with this

Posted by Anonymous

They have no customer service. From their website. Click contacts and it goes to 3rd party advertising. You can spend 15$ for a technician to IM you.

Posted by Imblessed

Watching TV and then all of a sudden just stopped working no picture no sound and it's humming. Called the support line and all they said was I have no warranty and I have to pay to have it fixed. Really,I had this TV for 17 months and Magnavox want do anything about it.

Posted by SouixieSouix

I purchased a Magnavox TV and a VHS player 27 years ago. Even after the TV was struck 2 times by lightening, these electronics have served flawless service with out any repairs. Every night my family would watch TV and someone would invariably say something about having the worlds oldest perfect TV and VCR. Unfortuanely they both went out together and we had to leave them at the electronics recycling center. I am both grateful and impressed by the quality of workmanship and attention to detail of Magnavox products. We will continue to keep Magnavox products in our home and refer them to others.


I brought a Smart tv from Magnavox company NOT even 4 month my Tv screen went out twice the first time it went out but you could still see the pictures along with the sound now not even one day later my kids was watching TV and out of nowhere the whole screen went out and all you see it colorful lines on the screen.Now here the problem start so I contacted Magnavox Company and complaint and I was told to submit a photo along with my receipt since it haven't even been a year since I purchased so I did that and I was told by two customer service that either I will get another tv or they will repair it ok so I sent out the recipient and the photo of the Tv ok and was told within 2 to 3 business days I will get an email back on the issue ok next day not even a whole 24 hours I received a email was stated the manufacturer warranty will not fix the issue and this issue was a neglect, abuse, not properly taken care something like that they sent me and was basically telling me yes you waste your money and no we will not help you.Ok that when all hell break loose I was going to just leave it alone and buy another tv but than again I wasn't going to let $266.50 goes down the drain because Magnavox lies to me and said they so called was going to fix it or give me another one so you know what I did I call they number back which is 800-605-8610 and I was on the line with some India man who couldn't barely speak English so I already see how this will play out and just what I expected Magnavox really a con artist scamming people hard earning money on their garbage ass device that doesn't function correct and expect us to waste additional money to fix o no not me I demanded for a supervisor and the man will not let me talk to one and said I should just go to the nearest customer care center so I could get it repair and of course not by the Magnavox company but with my money so totally was not fair and I'm was heavily asking and demanding for a supervisor but that man still was refusing to give me a supervisor than out of nowhere they sent me another email and the email now said they so call they call will contact me within 2 business days to find a situation full of lies they tell so as I still on the phone with the same man I'm still demanding the supervisor so he put me on hold and I noticed every other 10 or 20 seconds he keep checking the line I guess to see if I hung up but no perhaps I'm still waiting for this so call supervisor than after waiting for 6 whole long minutes than he finally came back and claim "officially the supervisor is not able to speak right now and I'll be contact within 24-48 hours" I'm was like what no I'm not going to wait that long I want to speak to a supervisor right now because it not fair I'm complaining about your product so it can get fix but I have to be on a guessing waiting game so I demanding someone who higher than the supervisor and I even requested a corporate so out of nowhere the same India speaking man said hold on he will check on the supervisor (shaking my head mind you everyone I was told he was unavailable and I have to wait 24-48 hours for a supervisor) ok so I said ok so I waited for less than 1 minute shocking for a supervisor who was unavailable but came to the phone so quick ok so supervisor came on the phone and I make sure I asked 8 times are you the supervisor and he was talking so low as if he was trying to change his voice and back of my head I said to my self might be the same India man so I try to hear his voice and get his name he said it so quickly and he was so low I couldn't barely heard it than when I ask again for his name he sounds like he pissed and wanted to rushed me off the phone but any who the so call supervisor was speaking and was saying everything that the India man was saying and I express to them my complaint and how highly disappointed and upset I was and to be honest this man came out his man and said sorry if it sound like I'm rushing out the phone but you could just go to the nearest customer service care I'm like no so I could pay out of my pocket when clearly Magnavox company have warranty out for their devices and should fix any issues and not the customers which is totally not far and a big rip off and do you think after talking and demanding them to help you would thought they will do something but still enforce me to this place to get my tv but I will have to come out of the pocket yes and like I told Magnavox customer service this tv was damaged on it on and no one damage it so they should be able to fix it and he stated if I do go to the customer center service and find it it not damaged they will repair or send me another tv ok whatever that what I was saying but let see how this end but I won't give up especially draining my money down the garbage where I could use that on my kids I just want my refund for purchasing this tv o don't even want to bothering wasting my time I already see this company is full of it and could careless about the buyers who buy their products. I'm make sure I'll do my part and making sure everyone knows about Magnavox company any of their products are not worth buying even if it free I won't buy it.PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH ON ANY COMPANY and if you find out everyone complaining is bad and not even 1 person giving good feedback trust and believe you better run and DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY

Posted by baceman007

Here is my personal Magnavox horror story. In general, they don't honor their warranties, but have some elaborate ways of pretending to. Do yourself a favor and don't buy a Magnavox product. If you have a problem with it they won't honor their warranty and there are better electronics available for around the same money from more reputable companies. The details of my experience are here

Posted by Very Pissed!

What a joke! We bought the TV 12/20/2013 and within 4 months the TV developed a black line in the screen. Couldn't return it to SAMS as 90 days passed. Called Magnavox and they agreed to send us a new TV - BIG PAIN! Had to wait for them to send us a box and then go ship it out. 3 weeks later we get the "new" TV - the screen had a huge scratch on it. Sooo... again we call them and they send us a box and we ship it out and 3 weeks later we got the "new" TV. Now it seems to be fine - looks good - cool - but wait! After 5 months of barely watching it several black lines appear on the screen... really? So we call customer service and we are now informed that there is no longer a warranty on the TV!!! Why? Because they state my warranty is only good for the for one year based off the original TV???? So they sent us 2 defective TVs after the first defective one and the warranty is only good on the first defective one??? What a freaking joke these guys are - they don't care. They are in the Phillipines and don't care. No need to argue and believe me I did! They pretend to listen and in a condescending way say "we are so sorry but we aren't going to help you. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! Shame on you Magnavox!!!

Posted by Rodosevich

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I have aced 11 calls to customer service since Dec 30,2014. A 40 inch TV was delivered to a wrong address in Colorado instead of Dallas Texas. Each time I am assured it had been escalated and will be be taken care of. Nothing happens and I call back to start the process over. Please help. The address in Colorado states they want the TV taken and no one will get the issue to the the department that can generate the mailing label for fedex and a pick up for fedex. I have called fedex and they say that Magnavox must contact then. All calls have been recorded and the record is available. I will contact AARP on Monday and ask their help.

Posted by Anonymous

purchased TV from Targate Magnovox within the first year we had to send back to get repaired
for 70.00 second year its gone out once again. Magnavox your products suck. know i am stuck with a 2 year old TV that doestnt work ... i will never
purchase any thing from Magnavox ....

Posted by Anonymous

to whom it may concern. I bought an hdd, dvr, dvd recorder
with 500 gb of memory with a digital tuner. the unit will
no longer accept format a blank dvd nor will I play a dvd.
in the past two days I have been trying to get some one to help me resolve my problem. the dvd recorder, player is broken. I have spoken to several of your customer service agents and in their questions it has been suggested that I have no idea what I am talking about. I am using defective disc or disc that can not be used in my area. I guess your customer service agents serve only the company and not the customer. I was tempted to buy a new unit but since it would be another Magnavox product I will pass. when they say you have to pay for life experiences I guess this is one of them. there was one person that tried to help. her name is Victoria. I can not word my remarks any stronger. it will not be a surprise if I do not hear from you. goodby.

Posted by duker727

Just wanted to say thanks for a awesome product. My wife and I have been married for 25 years on march 4. Our first thing we purchased was a magnavox 19 inch tv. To this day, 25 years later,it still works, and we still watch it everyday, and it
One thing we still have since we got married. So thanks for a great tv.

Posted by Anonymous

Called numerous times regarding purchase of Magnavox DVD Recorder MDR533H7. Although fixes were offered nothing worked. Device is 40 days old. When I requested a replacement unit, customer service offered only a refurbished unit in 4 wks. Warranty says 90 days for free labor parts or replacement. I believe 4 wks is too long for resolution of problem and I was not willing to accept a refurbished unit for the new one that is less than 2 months old. I am very dissatisfied with Magnavox. I have purchased 3 units from them in the last 5 yrs. They all failed. I will never buy Magnavox again. Thankfully, Amazon helped us out on this purchase. I am grateful for Amazons help and understanding.

Posted by Anonymous

Called numerous times regarding purchase of Magnavox MDR

Posted by Anonymous

I came upon this site,and i'm amazed that so many people have the same exact story! It appears the Maxnavox is very aware the they have a problem with their flatscreen Tv's. And to pour salt on a wound,they want you to spend more of your money,rather than to step up to the plate and admit there's a problem. The outcome of this is too boyott Magnavox,contact friends via facebook,instgram,tweets. Dont allow this too contiune to happen.

Posted by Anonymous

Ironically I just received an invitation from Magnavox Corp. to purchase an extended Magnavox Extended Service Plan on my 26" LED TV before the warranty expired. My TV's input power supply had failed last month, so I tried to find out if I had any opportunity to get it fixed at a service center under the warranty provisions. Well its like emailing and calling a brick wall. Thought you might like to see the come-on they sent with the extended Service Plan invitation.
"Since you invested in a Magnavox LCD TV, you've been enjoying advances in LCD TV design and technology.

Before you know it, your manufacturer's warranty will expire, so there's never been a better time to extend your coverage. Maximize the life of your product and avoid unexpected repair bills by purchasing a Magnavox Extended Service Plan. It's simple! Just click on View Offers Now and enter your invitation number to select your extended coverage term.

Our extensive nationwide service network consists of factory trained technicians who are committed to keeping your product in good working order. After all, no one knows more about your LCD TV than we do!"

What a pile of horse hockey!

Posted by TV Junkie

I called to ask about a problem I was having with an electronic product I had purchased less than 30 days ago. After spending some time on the phone with the customer service rep she advised that the unit was defective and needed to be serviced and that they were showing it was out of warranty. I told her I had ordered it less than 30 days ago. She asked where I ordered it from. I told her Amazon. She said there is no way of knowing how many people may have bought and returned the unit before I received it. Okay, that is true. But what she told me next was a real hoot. She said the original purchase date was in 2003! I told her this product did not exist in 2003. She said it could have. I assured her this one was not 10 years old. Nonetheless, Magnavox does not intend to do anything to remedy the situation and the lady I spoke to was rude as well. I called Amazon and spoke to a very courteous lady and explained the situation. She said I could return the unit for a complete refund or receive a replacement item. And of course they would send me a prepaid shipping label for the return. Yeah for Amazon, boo for Magnavox. I would have to agree with the comments made by others - stay away from Magnavox products.

Posted by pam

I purchased a 32 inch magnavox tv for my daughter on 1/27/2013. Brought it home and set it up and it did not work. This was pretty upsetting and disappointing. One would think this is a NEW tv how can this be. So packed it up and back to the store we go. This was a couple days later. (02/01/2013)They exchanged it without a problem. Home we go,set it up and it worked. WOW right....that is the positve side of this story.One might think why did she buy another Magnavox? As of today I ask the same thing?? On dec 12th the unit just blanked out. We did all of the trouble shooting we could but nothing worked. Called Magnavox. They said that it could be fixed for $70...I said WHAT, needless to say i will never buy another Magnavox tv or any of their products again. Advising you as well.

Posted by Secret434


I am going on every site possible to warned people about Magnavox TV's and their warranty manufacturer Funai.
I purchased a Magnavox TV from Target Store in 2012 during black Friday sale. It went out on me before the 90days warranty with Target. I was able to return it to the store and exchange it for a new one. The new TV only lasted for 10 months and I had to go through the manufacturer warranty, which is a company call Funai. I called them and I was told that my TV was still under warranty with them and that I had to pay $110.00 for them to send a box out for me send it back for repairs by FED-X. I was also told that if my TV could not be fixed they would send out a re-furbished TV like new.

I was a little upset about me having to make an additional payment to get the
TV repaired. I received the box within 2weeks and I immediately packed the TV into the box and called FED-X to pick it up. I was without a TV for six weeks, and it was very difficult for me not having a TV to watch football games.

The TV had a power problem, it would not stay powered up for some reason another. When I received the TV, back it was all scratched up around the screen and scratches’ on the screen it was horrible looking. I could not believe Funai would send me such a defected TV.

I called them the next day after receiving the TV and explained to them the defects on the TV, I was told to take pictures of the damage and send those pictures by email, and someone would call me back once they received the pictures. The next day I received a called from Funai Rep. apologizing and they would send me out another box for me to return the TV to them in for repairs. I told the Rep. that I had been without a TV for six week and that I was a disabled woman and my TV was entertainment for me. I asked if I could talk to her supervisor and she put me on hold for a few minutes. I had suggested to her if they could send me another TV out by FED-X and when I receive the TV, I would give FED-X the defected one to be mailed back in this way being that it was their fault on their end I would not be without a TV for so long.

The supervisor told me she would have to call me back after she talks to her supervisor. I waited four days and no call and I had to call her back just to be told her boss have
declined my request. Therefore, now I have to be without a TV again four to 8 weeks.

I thought consumers should know about this matter and I would not buy another Magnavox TV. I am going to go to Best Buy or Fry’s to purchase me a TV and give the Magnavox away to charity.

Posted by EdieY

I just wanted to let you know that I have an old console style televison that i bought at least twenty five years ago. It was a display store model that has made at least 4 moves, one cross country. It has been in storage twice in non climate controlled invironment for 7 years. My big screen tv went out a few days ago so I brought it in, cleaned it up & plugged it in hoping that it would work & it did! The picture is still crisp & clear, sound it excellent and I'm amazed at the longevity of this tv. I've never written to a company about their product but I really thought you should know what an exceptional televison you created. I even posted pics of it on facebook. I would like to replace my big screen at some point & I will definetly be looking at your product line. Thankyou,

Posted by jimbob

YOU REALLY need a Customer phone number to call to get a live operator. Not a web site..if you intend to keep baby boomers in the loop and we are millions strong. We don't like internet connections to customer care centers where there is NO person but texting back and forth online. Forget that stuff.

Call and lets get the word out that you are customer friendly.


Phoenix Az.

Posted by Anonymous

Boy Howdy Yall Dont Care Much For Your Company How Does Anyone Still Have A Job I Just Bought A Zv427mg9 Dvd/vcr 11/4/13 After All The Bad Comments I Have Seen I Will Be Takin It Back On 11/5 13 Before Any Thing Goes Wrong With It And Get My Money Back And I Will Not Buy Any Magnavox Products Ever Be Seein Yall In The Welfare Line Hahaha

Posted by BornAgainNewYorker

I only made it nine months with my 32" LCD Magnavox TV.... I called customer service and they wanted me to take the TV to a repair shop 45 miles from my home or pay $70 to them to repair it. I wish I had read all the comments on this site before making the purchase. I should have known better.... the TV was made in Japan!

Posted by lee

i called on the phone to get help with the instalation of dvd/cd player with video cassette recorder. what i got was no help and a lot of frustration i spent 103.oo for that. magnavox my o my.

Posted by lbliss

These people who are handling customer service are rude and incompetant. I know they have these jobs because they are a minorty BUT CAN I get some help PLEASE

Posted by lbliss

I have tried to get help three times now since yesterday and the people I have talked to are incompetant. Please where can I get my answers answered. Everyone was American but seemed to be ethnic and unaware of how to talk to people.
STUPID but glad that they are working now and hopefully off of welfare.

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Posted by Purppash

I have had my Magnovox t.v. for 4 years. Never had a problem. But today a message came on screen. It says. ...
Welcome Back.
We didn't know we were on.
Hey. Listen on tomarrow's

Why is this on screen? And Who is listen???
I am scared that someone is watching and or listening. What do I do? I will contact police tomarrow if I don't get a response. Please tell me what is going on. Thanks Judi

Posted by A Very Happy Camper

I bought a 26 inch Magnavox TV at Sam's Club. In trying to connect the TV to our cable network and a DVD/VCR, it didn't want to work. The set came with a support number (866-341-3738); while I have not had very good luck with most customer support personnel, the lady who helped me with these issues was knowledgeable, patient, and very helpful. If the TV is as good as the customer support, they have my business for life!

Posted by Anonymous

phone call live person very helpful. would have been less than 5 mins. if I could have got to the plug sooner ....ty

Posted by Anonymous

i am a very satified customer

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Posted by Anonymous

I have been reading a lot of the responses here and every single one of them are justified. I currently work customer support for Magnavox and the policies in place are abysmal. Outside of your 90 days? Good luck unless you have a tv less than 26". 32's run 70 for repair, anything larger runs $110. Up to two weeks to get labels and/or packaging. Don't use the out of warranty repair service. You pay up to $150 and if we can't fix your tv, you're out of luck. The people here think our support is just another paycheck and don't really care for quality support. Pay a little more for brands like Sony, Vizio, and LG... You'll appreciate less of a headache in the long run with those companies.


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