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Magellan customer service is ranked #420 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 34.18 out of a possible 200 based upon 117 ratings. This score rates Magellan customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


110 Negative Comments out of 117 Total Comments is 94.02%.


7 Positive Comments out of 117 Total Comments is 5.98%.

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  • Magellan

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    • 34.18 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 110 negative comments (94.02%)
    • 7 positive comments (5.98%)
    • 2 employee comments
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    • 1.9 Issue Resolution
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    • 3.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Sekmor

I don't know how this company keeps in business, there is no such thing as customer support. I have a Roadmate that came with life time updates. Have never updated the unit until now, because there are a lot of roads that do not show up on the map. So go to the web, but it says I must purchase the update. I email support and after several days, they respond saying yes I must pay. After responding to their questions, it throws another message back, that I cannot respond via my std email and must go through the web again. Back to the web, find my email history, but cannot reply to the conversation. There is no clear way to keep this going. So frustrated with them. I bought this product (which has worked fine) but just needs a simple update like included with the original purchase. I only want what I paid for. If you have a choice, DO NOT BUY a Magellan product.

Posted by carlosmlr

i have been trying to reach Magellan customer support for over a week, i get an initial response saying someone will followup and they never do.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchase a NEW Magellen GPS 5 years ago. The unit stopped working after being used 5 times. They had me send it back for repairs. Weeks later I got the same type of unit, but it was NOT my unit that was barely used. It was a different unit that had scratches all over it and looked very worn. That unit has ceased to work also. I have contacted Technical Support a few times and finally spoke with someone from the Philippines. I asked about a replacement or discount I read on-line. She indicated I could get a 30% discount but had to call them back to place the order. I was NOT comfortable dealing with someone from another country. Still unable to get any help. I will never purchase another Magellan product. I don't understand how you can treat customers like this and stay in business.

Posted by Jim

I am trying to register my Magellan 5" 6230 GPS. I am having problems
on-line and cannot get a person to help me on the phone. I hope I have not
made a mistake buying this product.

Posted by O in Colorado

I have a Magellan 9250J-LMB. It's about $230 new with a lifetime map they say. They have the worst customer service I've ever encountered. I have called but the unit is not in warranty anymore. since it isn't in warranty they could give a crap of helping support their product. This is very frustrating to me. If you are in the market for a gps DO NOT BUY A MAGELLAN! A year later they will not care if your product is working properly or even talk to you about it.

Posted by Anonymous

UPDATE has been down for five days that I have tried
I have trtied at night and in the daytime what a sorry mess coming up on the last three day weekend
No phone numbers to call
thats a joke

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible customer service....downloaded free map upgrade for failed after 45mins it stated not enough through to chat....sent expired recovery file to me....then I had to try chat all day didn't get through....waited till next bus through; sent another file; this time cust srv...did not did not work...still have a gps without any data in it....I was better off before with the old map....customer service is worse than comcast...and that's saying something

Posted by erwinrm

I bought a Magellan GPS from Costco with lifetime maps and traffic back in 2011. I was able to update the map in 2013 after contacting customer service. I tried to update the map again recently, and their software does show there is a map update. My map version is 49.04, and their software, Content Manager shows the new version is 61.1. The email I received from they support is below:

Message :


Thank you for writing back to us.

Based on the information that you have provided, it shows that your unit is loaded with the latest version of Software and Maps. For now, we still don't have any information if when will the 2016 map be available. Once we have a new map, it will be posted online so our customer can download it.

As of now, we cannot provide any time frame for the next map update. Please be advised that we depend in our map provider to give us a new and updated map. Once it is available, it will be posted online so the customer can download it.

Should you require further assistance with this or with any other unit you may visit our website and review our extensive Self Help Knowledgebase and FAQs under Support tab. You may also call the support number below, or chat with us.


Note: Our normal chat hours of operation is Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM to 4:45 PM Pacific, excluding holidays.

Thank you for choosing Magellan and have a great day!

Sincerely yours,

Dan - AM 20354

Magellan Technical Support

Posted by plumbertom

Pretty much the same story. Warranty return issue. After much effort I received my warranty replacement and it didn't work. I returned the return and they lost it in receiving. I had to prove with fedex confirmation that they had the unit. I am now waiting for my second return to arrive. I have been without my gps for nearly 90 days.

Posted by DonVK

Terrible. Do not use cross-ship, it won't help you, they do not provide accurate ship information. Warranty repair/replacement or customer service does not seem to be important to Magellan. I've tried phone, chat and email,.. all equally ineffective.

Posted by johnnybegood

received defective merchandise and returned it. charged $7.99 . for returning DEFECTIVE pants that were coming apart at the seams. did not get a full refund!! charged $7.99 t return DEFECTIVE pants

Posted by TRK

Bought a Magellan RoadMate Navigator new on 1/02/2016. It stopped working on 03/05/2016. I called customer service, press 1 for english, was connected to some woman who could hardly speak english, was told to send in to return center with a RA authorization #. Sent in with RA# on 03/09/2016. Have not received replacement unit as of 03/23/2016, called support # was told that they did not receive it yet. UPS tracking tells it was received on 03/10/2016 @ 2:04 P.M.

Very Unhappy with Magellan. Will not purchase any Magellan product again.

Posted by Rick

A simple battery contact broke on my handheld 610, and post warranty, Magellan couldn't care less. My only option, to return it again (!) for a yet another "new" one and another $ 150.00. Second time at this game. All I asked for was a place where I could purchase the $ 0.50 cent part? Horrible corporate arrogance-a corp.con game. Couldn't even talk to anyone! Chat only. I'm done with you Magellan. Once the product didn't work brand new-forgiven there. Second time it breaks (hardly used).

Posted by grafx_301

I have a Magellan RoadMate 1440. It freezes when you try to do a Point of Interest search by name. You have to shut down and restart. When doing an Intersection search, it freezes after inputting each letter of the street name but then resumes. Of course it takes forever to input the street name. I went to the Magellan GPS web site, and it is totally unresponsive when you click on Software Update or Map Updates or Support. I finally went to a page that had Contact Us, which I clicked on. I tired to send an email from that page, but guess what? There is no Send button. I clicked on Live Chat, and I was in a "queue" for over three hours, and finally got someone. I was informed their web site was under maintenance which is why there were no responses (They should post that on the site). For the problems I have with my unit, they offered to send me instructions via email on how to reset and defrag the unit, after they determined that my software was up to date. If that didn't work, they offered to replace the unit and give me a 30% discount on a new unit if they had one in stock, but I would have to pay shipping. I am still waiting for the email they were supposed to send to find out if the reset and defrag instructions will work. Think about it. How can I expect their units to work right if their web site doesn't even work, and they don't have the sense or the courtesy to put a notice on the site that it is under maintenance and will not respond?!

Posted by Bob

Unit is (was) less than two years old. Battery is shot. Can't be replaced by user. Website is useless. Manual is useless. This thing cost me over 250. I'll never buy another Magellan product again.

Posted by Anonymous

CHECK THE MANUFACTURE DATE ON BOX BEFORE BUYING !!!!!! Bought a roadmate 3 days ago!!! Will not upgrade software or maps ..Freezes my computer... Called Magellan---- Sorry product is past warranty ... can't help TOO BAD SO SAD
Seriously the thing was purchased 3 DAYS ago and is no longer covered enough to help me update the maps!!!!! BUY GARMIN !!!!!!!!

Posted by Very Upset

Hi Peggy. My name is Scott. I purchased a Magellan 9165T from your company. It didn't work and your customer support told me to send it back. I had to pay return postage and I did. After about two weeks, I received a replacement which also did not work. I had to send it back using my money again. Forty dollars total. Now it's been close to a month and I just got off the chat line after trying sending numerous emails without any response and also trying to get on the chat line many many days but its offline more than not. After spending 45 min they tell me in not so many words, they can't helpme but they would send a inquire off to the right dept. Please help me get my replacement GPS. Your customer service dept. is surly losing you much business. If I were asked if I would recomend your company, I probably would not. Please help me in this matter. we already took our two week vacation with a broken GPS and we're taking another one next week without a GPS. Thank you for your valuble time in this matter.

Posted by not applicable

I have a Megelland GPS that does not work. I am out of warranty, have found you folks impossible to talk to! How can I get help, never got a response from you when I filed a inquiry with you weeks ago.

Posted by Magellan

This is a piece of crap! Fronzen all the time, you cannot write on the display, the touch sensitive screen does not take your touch... in acquiring signal all the time... Bad maps... Bad custmer service.. a joke! When you call them, do this, do that, defragment, upload that or that... waste your time guys do not buy it or if you do and you paid for that be ready to make tests for them! Pitty for that guys from the C service, do not want to think how much an ahour they are paid.

Posted by Frustrated

I own a Magellan Triton 1500 hand-held GPS. I consider myself a moderately experienced in the use of hand-held GPSs. I purchased the unit after confirming on the Magellan Website that the unit would accept my old Nat Geo TOPO! software maps. After I received the unit and tried unsuccessfully several times to load the maps into the GPS. I then attempted to download the Magellan recommended maps from the Magellan Vantage Point software with no success. I finally resorted to the Magellan Customer Service Website starting w/the FAQs which were absolutely no help. I then tried a "chat Session" to no avail. I then submitted numerous detailed e-mail customer service requests. In each instance, be it through a Chat Session or an e-mail, the service was beyond deplorable. It would appear that Magellan has outsourced the customer service to a third world contractor. The customer service people did not take the time to read through my e-mails let along have even the remotest grasp of my issues, basically how the Magellan map download process works.

Executive summary: Given that all GPS hand-helds have their pros and cons. No matter which you choose you may or will invariably have some issues and have to deal w/Customer Support. In the case of Magellan, I have never encountered such a deplorable, incompetent and inadequate customer service. The instructions and manuals are lame, poorly written, hard to understand and generic. If you do not believe me check out their own ratings on /Magellan ; "Terrible."


Posted by Viking

An incidental concerning my report on my Magellan Roadmate 1700 LM which I did not think to add. I had had problems with the unit since new, in that it did not hold a charge for longer than about 10 minutes. I had been in contact with a Magellan Tech Service Rep about this issue and had been assured that as long as there was charge in the battery, the USB cable would keep the unit charged long enough to complete updates. This is not the case at all.

Posted by Viking

My Roadmate 1700 LM, after taking a software update from Magellan, quit working. This unit had been used perhaps three times, and had been updated prior to each use, but the warranty has run out. As far as I am concerned, Magellan's updates are designed to brick the units after a period of time. I have bought my last Magellan, and have replaced this unit with a Garmin Dezl 760LM. I still have one Magellan unit, an old Sportrak Color, but it will be replaced by some other brand as soon as it dies.

Posted by BrianNews

First time buyer and Using Magellan GPS...The handbook almost useless. Their Support site is Terrible too. It should be easy like just 2 Steps. 1. Battery Charge...Its not easy at all for my Car and need to Ignition on for 3 hours? 2. Download Software...just plug in then auto download...?NO...Its not automatically...its Complicate! Finally done 2 steps...THEN never ever can LOCATE my current location and TIME? What a Products!!!

Posted by Thomas

I am unable to get a update for my GPS . When I ask to change my password, the sight will not open. Please help. My e-mail is

Posted by Rafter

I bought an online map for $50 and was told that the email with the link to download it would be there within 30 minutes. I then spend the next three days argueing and trying to explain to C.S. that I never got the email with the link. They finally understand the problem, and it takes them another five days to "find" someone who can send me the link. I received it today, and you guessed it, it doesn't do anything. Still waiting for my $50 map.

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Posted by Sod124

They must like Wayne's, I had the same experience, and they are doing the same for me. Web site is rough, but customer service is very good.

Posted by Wayne

I had owned my Magellan GPS for 8 months when I attempted to update the map. The unit froze and ceased to function. I called them up on the 1 800 number, and after a few minutes wait I was put in contact with an agent who assisted me. We could not get the unit to function so he told me that they would send a replacement (new not refurbished). Sure enough a brand new unit was couriered to my house within a week. I returned the non working unit in the same package via the courier. I would have to say that the experience was very good.

Posted by Jenny

I bought a Magellan august 2010. One month later the plug in adapter to the car was broken. I called the company and they send a replacement immediately without hassle.

Posted by ladygray

I have spoken with Magellan several times. I have also read through emails they sent. All were understandable. When the problem could not be resolved online or phone I was given a replacement.

To anyone with a problem; find the reset button and press it for a count of 10. If that doesn't work pick up the phone.

Posted by efm411

Magellan Maestro 4050 is a pleasure to use. I had a problem updating the Maps -- in trying to do so the unit froze and would not respond. The company sent me an RMA and replaced the unit within a reasonable time. I like the voice and street directions.

Posted by countbernadotte

Actuall, and surprisingly, I was able to reach customer service in a jeffy, I mean instantly answered by vey friendly and eager to help personnel. The device was replaced, no question asked.

Posted by William S.

I always heard that Magellan customer support is poor. But that is NOT my experience. I have contacted them twice - once because the unit would not charge (after a year of moderate use). The second time because the replacement unit they sent mysteriously does not speak the street names (text to speech), as it should. Both times they were prompt, courteous, and helpful.

Sure, it would be better if there never were any problems. But that's what customer service is for - to take care of problems you wish you didn't have.

In my experience, Magellan gets high marks. I can think of many companies that would do well to provide the customer service I have received from Magellan.

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Posted by MiTAC Digital Corporation (Magel

Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you for taking the time to post your reviews regarding your experience with MiTAC Digital Corporation (Magellan). Your candid feedback, whether positive or negative, helps us further tailor our existing improvement plans and initiatives to address the concerns which matter the most to our customers.

At MiTAC Digital Corporation (Magellan), we take great pride in our ability to serve our customers and we are confident that our support services will continually improve, as our primary focus is on what matters the most - Our Customers.

Should you experience any difficulties with our products, please feel free to visit our website at or contact us at 800-707-9971. We'll be more than happy to assist.

Thank You,

MiTAC Digital Corporation (Magellan) - Customer Advocacy

Posted by MiTAC Digital Corporation (Magel

Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you for taking the time to post your reviews regarding your experience with MiTAC Digital Corporation (Magellan). Your candid feedback, whether positive or negative, helps us further tailor our existing improvement plans and initiatives to address the concerns which matter the most to our customers.

At MiTAC Digital Corporation (Magellan), we take great pride in our ability to serve our customers and we are confident that our support services will continually improve, as our primary focus is on what matters the most - Our Customers.

Should you experience any difficulties with our products, please feel free to visit our website at or contact us at 800-707-9971. We'll be more than happy to assist.

Thank You,

MiTAC Digital Corporation (Magellan) - Customer Advocacy


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