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Macy's customer service is ranked #162 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 49.51 out of a possible 200 based upon 763 ratings. This score rates Macy's customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


634 Negative Comments out of 763 Total Comments is 83.09%.


129 Positive Comments out of 763 Total Comments is 16.91%.

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    • 49.51 Overall Rating
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    • 634 negative comments (83.09%)
    • 129 positive comments (16.91%)
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Posted by Ms. T

I purchased a pair of boots from Macys. I wasn't sure about them when I purchased them, but I knew that Macys has a 180 day (used to be 1 year) return policy. I also knew that Macy's has been going through some issues, so I read the back of my receipt to be sure nothing had changed. I tried the boots with several outfits and they just didn't work. At month 5, I took a BRAND NEW pair of boots to Macy's to return and was told they were purchased last chance so I was outside of the 30 day window. I explained to the lady, I wasn't aware of that and I had read the return policy on the back of the receipt and didn't see that. She said it's printed on the front of the receipt. Every store I know has the policy on the back, including Macy's. Why put part on the back and part on the front? Now we have to read our entire long receipts top to bottom, front to back? I asked for a one-time courtesy as it was an honest mistake. I was told no! Where is the customer service? I had already said I was going to be done with Macy's because the quality of clothes is starting to remind me of Sears anyway and the vibe in the stores is more like a swap meet. I didn't follow my first mind. Well now, I am done!

Posted by KatherineBX

I do not know what is going on with Macy's online but lately I can not return anything via UPS because there is no way to print a label. What I only get is a digital code that I could only use if I go in person to the store.

I am very disappointed and I probably will stop shopping with them online or all together goodby Macy's....

Not only the quality of clothing (and other items too) is inferior lately but sizing is wrong. To call customer service requires to be on hold for nearly 30 minutes each time just to talk to some outsourced poorly speaking people who are clueless and often very rude.

Posted by Dee

Just so everyone knows when you call customer service for Macy's you are talking to someone in the Philippines so when they don't understand you this is why. And furthermore I just took me three weeks to get a pair of she's I ordered on line and let me tell you I will not be shopping at Macy's online or in there store again. If for what ever reason you need help you might have better luck at a different store like JC penny's or anywhere but there.

Posted by Macys lover

Lately I am returning too many items that I buy online because the quality is poor or they are the wrong size. I never had a problem returning merchandise at Macy's in Boca Raton, everybody is nice. I feel bad returning but the fact is that the store has a limited inventory of petite items so I buy from the website and most of the time the items don't fit well.

Posted by MarinaBlu

Are you kidding me? First of all I did not receive my first order so I was offered either a replacement or a refund. Ok so my mistake I said replacement. Well I received the three items in three different shipments and immediately went to the store to return one pair of hideous bad fitting jeans. First I was told I already returned them. Then they took the jeans and gave me a receipt that said a was due 00.00. I called the 800 number but the reception was so bad the call dropped. I asked for the store manager but seems they were all out to lunch at 5 o'clock. I tried to use the store phone-another hassle. Then they came up with some bizarre policy that they were crediting my account and then billing me again. REALLY? The nasty cashier said that yes I will be receiving a credit however 6 days no credit. Macys I see your future. You will be joining LOEHMANNS, Bebe, and cache in the stores that are no more list.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a few items on 2-23-28 and returned some of them on 3-13-18. I was told that I would be getting my refund by mail. I get a piece of paper that is like a gift the same time I receive the charge card bill in the mail. Why wasn't this just taken off of my charge card. Macys are you having financial trouble? That's what it looks like to me.

Posted by noritona

I agree that the policy changes should not be applied to past purchases. I will be buying way less because of that.

Posted by Anonymous

Tried to return 2 items that were gifts to me. Was told that macy,s is no longer giving in store gift cards, unless you have the receipt! They said that their rules have changed, and they would have to mail me a refund. It,s not a refund, folks, it,s a piece of paper that you have to take to the store, and hand it to the clerk, to purchase an item. I called macys direct, they said, no more returns at any macys, new rules they say. Well, there are plenty other places to shop.

Posted by Christine Hawkins

I bought a pair of shoes online but color was off. Returned and exchanged for a different pair. Beautiful Alfani. However upon wearing funeral so could not make it back to car because left toe area was so 2 toes went numb. Upon calling the store they said a uncomfortable shoe is not considered defective..How would anyone know a product is defective unless worn.It was a very received respected funeral. I was to say the very least embarrassed because upon taking off shoes my off black hose ran all the way up my leg. Purchase date 1/20/2018. The store would not help me on this matter

Posted by MsBehaven

Macy's return policy is AWFUL!! I bought my husband a sweater for Christmas (and it was within the 30 days) but it was too big so I went to exchange it for a smaller size, do you know that I had to pay the difference in sales price from what I originally paid even though I was just exchanging it for a smaller size!!! WTF!!! Who charges someone to exchange the EXACT same item for a different size!! They said it was a "special" sale and that you had to return it within 10 days.....NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THIS SPECIAL RETURN POLICY!! I will NEVER shop at Macy's again

Posted by Emsv

Ridiculous purchased a coat from the short pump store in Henrico they did not remove the security tag tried to get it taking off but it resulted in a return so u rather return item then remove tag manager did not know what to do then I was charged a return tax I can be reached at 804-721 0504 and I did like to hear from someone

Posted by Nancy Levin

one of the earrings that I purchased is loose at the bottom hinge. It will not close at the top hinge.

Posted by Macysucks

Macy's will bankrupt soon partially due to their super ridiculous customer service, especially online part. Third party customer service agents played silly games all the time to make them looks super busy but totally useless. Poor Macy's.

Posted by Moriah Jones

Macy's has outsourced (to the Phillipines) customer service is THE absolute WORST experience I've EVER had. The language difference is beyond comprehension. I'm being kept on hold while they TRY to send a confirmation email,
which I've had to repeat until I'm ready to scream. I'm sure I'm paying for my frustration and now annoyance. This is
absolutely ridiculous. If people taking your information don't understand the language, they shouldn't be taking your information. Period! It's the LAST time I'll ever order anything by phone from Macy's.

Posted by Anonymous

Called Macys credit customer service...took 5 minutes of pushing buttons to finally get in the service wait line...then after 15 minutes on hold the line went dead! This happened twice! On the third call I was told they were closed!!! Wasted almost a whole hour and never got to speak with anyone!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Worst customer service experience I ever encountered. I have called them numerous times and they still have not solved my problem. They make mistakes and don't know what they are talking about. I want the old customer service back. Been a Macy's customer for over 30 years, but thinking of cancelling my account because of all the problems I have encountered with the inapt customer service that is outsourced.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to process a return for a week! I keep getting, "Oops, we're experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later. I tried on my computer, my husband's and my neighbor's, but had no luck.
There are no Macy's in our area and I do not want to drive 90 miles to go to a Macy's to return the items.
What should I do? Oh, I called Macy's, but the guy did not speak English well enough to understand what he said. I had no clue.
Please advise! Sheryl

Posted by packerfanblc

Macy's is not a place I would recommend. They fail to deliver the promised goods and then put you through the wringer trying to get it rectified. A mother's day gift that my wife only received 3 weeks late because I finally got fed up with poor customer service that I "tried" to cancel the order and get it through Nordstroms at same price. At least Nordstrom's delivers in 2 days, free, and gets you the item as you order it. No wonder Macy's closed 68 stores this year.

Macy's did get the right product, eventually, after I returned wrong one to the store (30 mile drive), tried to cancel order twice, and now have to go back to store to get my money back, or wait another couple weeks for it to go through UPS. This company has some messed up procedures and do not put the customer first. If they had, they would have overnighted the messed up item in the first place, but no. We have to get the wrong one back first, so drive to the store. Then we will reprocess order. Isn't the whole point of online shopping to avoid multiple trips to a store you live a half hour away from. I will now have to make that trip again if I want my money back in a timely fashion.

Save yourself, go to Nordstrom or some other online retailer.

Posted by Frustrated and in need of my cas

I returned shoes at your university park mall store. I waited 15 minutes for an employee to assist me. Nothing came up correctly on the system and I had a receipt. I told them I wanted a refund and I was offered store credit. I didn't pay with store credit and don't want to shop there anymore. I had horrible customer service in store and online. Then they take my money and never returned it to my debit card for 4 weeks now. Not only did the employee not allow me to push the button to send a receipt to my email he did it himself and didn't send it either after I told him to send it. Now my shoes are in the store and my money is not in my pocket. I need that money and as I see it macys doesn't care. Will never shop again as I stated to the online representative.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a no-interest credit account which I purchased a trundle bed, I have been receiving statements in the mail, when I try to put this account number on line to pay, it tells me there is no such number. I did once get a human being and he was sending me a new card with new account numbers and security number. When I got the card it has the same number and security number as before. I have tried every phone number I could find but I cannot get a human!!!!If credit card number is not a good one, why am I paying the bill? Should I stop paying to get a human being on the phone?

Posted by SR

I've had a Macy's card for over 11 years and was told that I could use my existing card to make a purchase however the card had been deactivated apparently due to non use over a good period of time. Associate tells me no problem. She can reactivate my card. I said fine and two years later I found a second card that had been opened in my name. I do not open credit cards in order to receive discounts particularly when I already have a credit card with a particularly company as was the case here. I surely don't need two.

Posted by Jen

Macy's sucks!Bought hubby a pair of hundred dollar shoes on Paypal, they couldn't exchange them for different color. I'll shop elsewhere.

Posted by have had it

I agree with you eapjvp; they changed the return policy, didn't send any notice out and now it's "too late"-- what's that about? Should have been for purchases going forward, not ones before the change. I won't shop there anymore; their policy changes stink

Posted by eapjvp

very disappointed in Macys they had a great return policy and I bought when you can bring back after 1 year. Now you can't and I have the receipt which is not right you purchase an item and they change the rules and so that receipt means nothing. Would love to get a group together to fight this issue.

Posted by Annoyed

What I don't understand is if I paid the shipping for my item, why wasn't it returned to my credit card. A manager got snippy with me and stated "why would we refund the shipping if we paid it"? You didn't pay it, Sir, I DID!!! I will never shop online again! I think that's terrible customer service and no where does it say I would have to pay the shipping twice if I return the item!!!!

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Posted by Anonymous

I have been a long time customer at Macyâs for years. My mother and I were Motherâs Day shopping and were fortunate enough to have Carla Jarvis help us. She was not only friendly, but efficient. She made us feel like valued customers. She is definitely an asset to Macyâs and made it a pleasure to shop at Macyâs Lakeside Store in Metairie, Louisiana.

Posted by Lucy

I would like to commend Jennifer at Dadeland's shoe department. She went out of her way to help me find a shoe size in the mist of a very busy sale time. She was very helpful and kind and very professional. Great job Jennifer !!! i will definitely look for you next time. Thank you again for the superb customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

I don't usually leave these but I wanted to share a comment regarding Marlene at Macy's Flint store. I have had multiple returns and purchases over the past few years and Marlene has always gone above and beyond. She is always upbeat and friendly and does a fantastic job!

Posted by Anonymous

dear macy,s,i am writeing u to comment on u alfani men,s underwere i brought 4 pairs of them n when i wash them they shrank at least 4 sizes for the price n supposeing quality n the 1st time since my mom die n i had a bad experence with u make up well i decided to give u,es another chance n shop with a gift certificate n i was so dissiapointed at the product n can,t believe the quality of this sincerly debrah keith

Posted by Anonymous

I want to thanks mrs Alana from the store at Livingston nj to help me and you should let her know that mrs Angela was very very happy thanks her for me.

Posted by Anonymous

Getting my need satisfied was fast and easy thanks to Carrie Wade. I was able to get what I needed

Posted by Anonymous

Dress order arrived on time, loved the dress.Unfortunately I had to return it at the store,no problem returning.Great customer service, keep being helpful and friendly with those beautiful smiles.

Posted by abbie

Compliment to Salespersons

At the Macy's in the Hudson Valley Mall there are two sales persons whose names both happen to be Genevieve who are WONDERFUL. They both know how to help you find what you're looking for and try to get you the best value with your coupons!

Posted by Anonymous

I had an excellent experience with Macy's customer service. Both Al Martinez and Joel were very helpful in hauling in new furniture and moving around other wardrobes in our home. Besides their superb work ethic, Al and Joel were very sociable workers who were a joy to be around. I look forward to shopping at Macy's in the future!

Posted by kay bender

On Feb 4, I was assisted in the shoe department, by a sales Rep Jessica. Jessica could not have been more helpful.

While I was in the shoe dept., someone took a bag with gloves that I just purchased. Jessica went out of her way to help me find the missing gloves and also to report this incident to security.

I appreciate her kind assistance.

Thank you Jessica

Posted by Joan Lazzari

I had an overall excellent experience shopping at the Ross Park Macy's on Sunday,
December 7, 2014. I would like to compliment the oustanding customer service
provided by one of your sales associates in the Women's Department.
Gerry Provident was extremely helpful in
providing me with suggestions on the selection of a Christmas gift for my daughter. Not only was she knowledgeable
about merchandise in her department, but she also helped me with getting the best sales price.

Posted by Wellesley Clayton

Hello, I am Wellesley Clayton and I am grateful for the customer service I received from Nichele Traylor in preparation for our wedding. Bethesda, MD 20817.

Posted by Debbie

There is an employee named Susann at the Macy's Langhorne, PA 19047
I shop there all the time in the women's department and every time she is there with a big smile and a personality to match. I had to let you know I fell she deserves recognition which everyone in the line agreed with me. I hope you will do something special for her, she defenitly deserves it!

Posted by jarrettbrick

Contact Macy's Executive Customer Service Number At 877-887-8781 And Let Them Know How Dissatisfied & Frustrated You Are With Their Poor Service.

Tell Them Jarrett Sent You, The Above Number Will Give You An English Speaking Person Very High Up In Macys Presidential People...

Posted by Willie Evans

This evening I called Macys' Customer Service about a problem I was having with my UPS delivery. My Macy's customer service representative's name was Rose. She listened very closely to my concerns and spoke with the UPS representative and even though they were not able to prevent my original order from being returned to the distribution center she did reordered the doorbuster item for me again at the doorbuster price. That is TRUE CUSTOMER CARE, GREAT JOB ROSE!!!
Willie Evans
Yakima, WA 98902
December 9,2013

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to give Lindsey employee a commendation ( Moreno Valley,California). This morning 11/19 I attended Macys super sale,Lindsey was very courteous and extremely patient with me and all customers pryor to me. The times she has helped also pryor to today she always has a smile and very willing to help,no matter what day or time of the day.Lindsey is a great assest to Macys.

Posted by missmary

I was handed a free coupon for a facial at Origins in Macy's Herald Square. An employee named Kiswana performed it and did my makeup for free and with great gentleness and precision. What a rejuvenator! Good personal customer service, too. My skin looks fifteen years younger today. Hooray! She 'sold' me on new eyebrow pencil and skin treatments. Plus, she told me she's a holiday employee and new to that department.

Posted by Laura Anderson

I had a wonderful experience at the Macy's store at Cupertino Square today.
I went to the Clinique counter to purchase several items. I was helped by Ms. Laura Anderson, she immediately told me they were out of free gift with a $25 purchase.
I told her the several items I needed and she quickly found them and then I needed a couple from another counter.
She was patient, often suggestion when asked and was just pleasant. I left Macy's feeling great.
She was professional, pleasant and helpful beyond the call of duty. What was unusual was Laura didn't work at the Clinique counter.
Thank You,
Margaret Blake

Posted by Anonymous

I was recently in Macy's Southlake and came in contact with one of the employees. Her name was Joan she was very sweet, polite and helpful. She helped me out so much and I was very grateful and pleased with her positive attitude. I usually do not come into this location because the employees are usually rude or nasty and they do not speak when I come in. Joan has changed my outlook on Southlake location I even signed up to be her client.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the University Park Mall with my 2 sisters. Andrea assoc.# was very helpfull to us. She went out of her way to assist us with our needs. Thank you Andrea.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a regular customer of Macy, I am happy to bought my 3 pairs of shoes and applied the 25% discount. Mr. Gedyon is a nice and very patient associates of the shoes section dept. Being a loyal and honest employees of Macy. in 34th St.

I would like to give him a tip before I leave but he refused it because he said they can not accept any thing from the customer.

Some of MACY EMPLOYEES their doing they jobs very well.

Posted by [email protected]

Mission Viejo store Jessica Cardenas was extremely helpful in the make up dept. She did a fabulous job on my 88 year old mother.This prompted her to go way outside her budget and purchase over $200 in products. I am requesting that Jessica be allowed to work on Oct.19 so she can do her makeup for my son's wedding Pam Kenny

Posted by Anonymous

Shpping at Pasadena Store #508. Was assist

by employee Robin She was very

efficent in helping my sister and I. She was

very friendly and patient. She made our vist

a pleasant one

Posted by Anonymous

I went to your windward store to return a used purse because the strap was torn. The sales clerk called for assistance in solving my problem. Val your store manager came down and immediately solved my problem. I left feeling very satisfied. She is an outstanding manager. She always greets you with happy face and warm aloha. It makes me happy to know that we have a great manager as well as courteous sales associates. Val thank you for solving the problem quickly. I am difinately a Macy's shopper. Carol Young

Posted by Anonymous

On July 25, 2013, I was in Macy's, Georgia Square Mall,

I was shopping in the misses department and an associate name Carol went above and beyond to help me find what I was shopping for. She was very polite, patient and helpful in finding what I needed. I had been to several stores in the Mall and none of the salesperson's could equal the courteous and professionalism that Carol gave me. As a result of her professionalism, She put me in a better mood and I brought more merchandise than I had anticipated. I highly recommend that she get some type of favorable recognition and please get back with me on the recognition that she received. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you and shopping at one of my favorite Macy's stores.

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Posted by junesgravity

I am a sales supervisor at one of the macy's stores in the south bay and I can assure that whomever handled your return is in need of some coaching. First of all, if you are exchanging your item for a different size/color, they can match the price so it's an even exchange. You should not have had to pay any difference in price unless you were exchanging it for an entirely different item. Second of all, the "10 days' rule only applies to price adjustments. Your item can reduced in price if it's within ten days of original price.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a former employee of macys.I worked during Xmas last year,and it was the worst experience of retail in my life.
I have no police record so I still as of now do not now understand why security people treat me the way the they do. I had stopped coming into the store and going to the Jefferson mall store, but there is a big.difference in the merchandice. I went to the Oxmoor store on Friday Oct . 10th. It was 4:50 pm after I got off work. I.have been followed, and treated like a thief even time I enter that store.So this time I bring my smart phone that has a camera and I make sure they know I have it. It is in my hand.i am also taking notes.At 4:55pm they start walking around the men's detent I am looking at clothes.I ignore them.One comes over and starts straightening clothes. I remember him from when I work there, I continue to walk thru men's deptment. They follow me like I am some kind thief. I pull out my smart phone to make sure it is working. Then I lookup and no one is around.i find what I want and go to plus size deptment.I make sure they know, just to see if they will follow.At 6:10 I am.still I pull out my smart phone and I am talking to sales clerk.amazing no one around. I.spend. $200.00 on 4 items cash, that won't be brought back.I to this day do no know why they treat Mt this way.if your other stores, carried the same clothes,designer clothes plus sizes I would not come here.let your security people know I plan to come back. With a tablet and a smart phone if necessary.which is stupid to me. I plan to make a complaint to the better business Bureau have a great store your staff suck.

Posted by Macystinks

Avoid Macy's at all costs. As a former employee, I saw the sorry way they conduct business. They are really big on slogans that sound good but mean nothing at all. In my last 7 years there, we did not receive any cost of living pay increases, even though the company has shown a profit year after year. If you want to know why you get such a lousy attitude from the sales staff and customer service people on the phone, this is one of the reasons why. The internal attitude is that Macy's is an American icon and because of that people will just automatically want to shop there. You can get the exact same merchandise at their competitors for a lot lower prices and get better customer service to boot.

Posted by Anonymous

I am an associate at Macy's, and already had a Macy's card when I got the job. I have always had trouble with the credit card "customer service", but since I didn't need to call them much it wasn't such a big deal. Until now, when I called to see if my employee status had been updated on my card so I could get my employee discount. The Indian guy on the other end(big surprise they started outsourcing-sarcasm) informed me that he couldn't tell me anything until I made a payment. I told him I'm not calling about anything to do with my line of credit, I just want to know if my card status has been updated to "employee". He again pushed me to make a payment. So finally I said, "so what you're telling me is, I have to make a payment just for you to tell me if my employee status has been updated?" He proceeded to stammer, probably because he realized he was being an imbecile, and I hung up. I'll be calling today to speak with a manager.

Posted by Anonymous

Do not work at Macy's!!! By far the most unpleasant job I have ever had. The women I worked with were extremely rude and didn't want to help. There was NO decent training either.. pretty much just here you go, good luck! Everyone there pretended to be strict about policies but I didn't see them being put into place. All they care about is money, money, money. I understand that the company wants to turn a profit, but not at the expense of the worker. I was making $8.00 which was not matching up to the work I was doing. The bosses were rude and they only want you to open new credit cards. If you don't, they are going to talk to you and be rude (even though most of the people I rang up already had credit cards, so what are you supposed to do?) It is obnoxious to upsell and you can tell the customers do not enjoy it. I know I don't as a consumer! If I want something, I will ask you for it. The last day I was there someone stole my coat from the break room. I decided I didn't want to work at such a sleazy, downer place! I quit on the spot. If you want a job where you have enjoyable coworkers, friendly customers, respectable bosses and like your job- I would recommend NOT working here!!

Posted by Anonymous

the people who work for macy's corp, have a hard time. if they don't get credit apps. they do not get a pay increaes. the increase is 30cents to 40cents. the only interested in making money for them not the people who really do the work. the public take their anger out on the people who work there. they are only doing what is told to them what to do. they are over worked and under paid. never get time off, only 1 weekend off a month, for all the work that they do. cleaning up after the public whom destroy the store. they have too!!!! clean up behind these people at night when the store close. there are no littles elfs or folding teams to do that these people whom u complain about dose it all!!!! standing on their feet 10 to 11 hours a day. so i ask the public please do not judge them too harshely. the public need to call the corp. office and let them know they are not pleased with what the MANGER IS DOING AT THAT STORE. MY MOM work for macy's i miss her alot we my family only get to spend a family outing once a month.

Posted by Shrek

Worst store ever to work for Macys Southglenn.... The only place I know that associates can get caught stealing and the Manager just acts like it never happened. Also associates come to work all doped up and Mgr ignores it.Since when is it ok to be on commission and the counter mgrs. in cosmetics will literally rip your sales out of your hands and the Mgr. does nothing.. This is a store where the employees will actually gather around you and threaten you if you don't give them your sales... Exact words to another associate were (you will not have peace here if you don't ring under our numbers... when reported this to management nothing was done.. you call HR and leave a message and they never call you back.... I worked for an excellent company Dress barn and JC penneys, two amazing companys to work for.... In my opinion the employees run that store, No managing going on whatsoever everything is swept under the rug.... Absolutley most hostile work environment...

Posted by taylor50

After spending an hour on the phone with Macy's customer service, being disconnected twice, put on hold for 20 mins. twice, I cancelled my card after 30 years. They didn't care that they would lose me as a customer, plus my 2 daughters. Noone spoke English, there was so much background noise. After I told them I was cancelling my card (no apology) they told me that they would take my payment over the phone and charge me $14.00. Disgusting!

Posted by Anonymous

I work for Macys and have a great respect to my workplace. As a selling associate I know my responsibilities and Company Policies perfectly well, better then most of the managers. Enough is enough, to be blamed and accused unfairly by the store manager, for what? Doing a great job, being devoted and loyal, I do not like how my store manager treats me, actually how she Threatens, Downgrades and Discriminates me. Does Macys Headquarters know how some of their store managers differentiate and discriminate between their employees based on their personal motives? That is very unprofessional, and unacceptable. I have a great work performance, and a great work ethics, if she DOES NOT like me too bad, although she is a store manager, and she thinks she can treat me anyway she wants. I would like the Corporate HR to be aware what is going on with some of theirs manages. It is unbelievable.

Posted by Anonymous

As a very good employee of Macys, I am very disappointed, and upset of being HARASSED and DOWNGRADED by the Store Manager numerous times.


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