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MSN customer service is ranked #797 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 22.49 out of a possible 200 based upon 334 ratings. This score rates MSN customer service and customer support as Terrible.


323 Negative Comments out of 334 Total Comments is 96.71%.


11 Positive Comments out of 334 Total Comments is 3.29%.

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    • 22.49 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 323 negative comments (96.71%)
    • 11 positive comments (3.29%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
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    • 2.8 Friendliness
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Posted by Anonymous

When playing MSN free games, ads come on OK and sometimes only a "black screen shows up and you are not able to continue with your game?

Posted by Anonymous

MSN is as bad as X-finity and they are the very worst. When they update this horrible site they screw up my whole system. Who do you complain to, certainly not MSN who doesn't get a rat about us.

Posted by NEWSMAN

MSN news is no longer unbias. By featuring the Washington Post they have eliminated any trust that reader had in their site. They have been unreponsive to complaints about using papers that are considers "rags" by educated individuals.

Posted by MSN homepage

Shame on you MSN homepage. The info on the front page talks about why one should not use cheap gas and when clicking on that link it takes you to an advertiser who solicits you for car insurance and NOWHERE does it give any information about cheap gas. Blatantly irresponsible.

Posted by Anonymous

I cannot get the support I need!! I'm trying to pay my man account that expires at the end of the month. Unfortunately the credit card that was being used, I no longer have. I have two other cards listed on my account and I would like to pay with one of them. But the system won't let me because the card that I was using is expired!! But I no longer have it. Please help!! I've been trying to get this taken care of for over a month. Thank you!

Posted by cmj1718

I have been with msn for almost 30 years now I forgot my password and can't check my email on any thing but my iPad I have tried 30 times over the past year answering all the questions except the 30 year old credit card I no longer have I have tried to pay for. A membership and msn sales won't sell me the prem package that would give me the credit card information I don't want to lose. please help me

Carl m joseph

Posted by Smiler

What as happened to MSN the site is totally crap I spent 30 minutes trying to get on MSN yesterday but all I got was messages from MSN saying MSN is not responding &windows is trying to find a solution one point I WAS TOLD I NEEDED A NEW COMPUTERE when I tried to download IE10 after that each time I tried to brows a Windows website popped up with a catalo0gue of new computers...okay but I am housebound & rely on my pc (the one I use is not really that old given by family after my pc was wrecked after I took the offer to try I believe IE9 ) I was left with a pc I couldn't use the new programme wiped all my restore dates prior to downloading the programme.The badly designed programme meant having to have security patch after patch for at one point I my PC now had a VIRUS which I was unable to remove so in the end it was unusable I had to throw it out ) I cannot afford a new pc I live on limited funds ... very limited so a new one is out of reach I am starting to think maybe I will have do without my pc, I get so angry with MSN/ Windows I usually end getting so angry and frustrated after trying to use the pc I end up feeling ill.

Posted by Anonymous

Suddenly saw charges on my bank account for MSN games...haven't subscribed in years and now I can't log into my "account" to cancel nor can I get any contact information to make a phone call. I am so mad

Posted by Got 5 codes none worked! Mad as

It has now been over a week that Microsoft Hotmail has blocked my email account for the umpteenth time and they sent me 5 codes to log in and none of the 5 codes worked! I spent over an hour with three "expert techs" from Microsoft who just sent me into one big circle and my email is still blocked! When I need to use my email in Europe in 2013, they blcoked me for using a computer overseas and it was when my father in law was dying! A week later when we returned to America, we discovered my father in law had died the day after Hotmail blocked my email account, so we could not communicate from overseas as phone service was non existent! Now our business, my VA medical, and our regular daily personal business is stuck in Hotmail's greedy big hands! And yes, we are being billed by AT&T and Comcast for internet service! What a scam American big business has become!

Posted by MIKE

I have a new acer laptop with the junk 8.1 windows installed,thought I would up grade to windows 10 after 14 calls to Windows and on the phone for hrs and getting the run around I finally got a supposed smart tech windows tech after 2 hrs he says he can't help me. SO DO NOT BUY WINDOWS BUY A APPLE YOU WILL NOT GET ANY HELP FROM WINDOWS,LIKE THEY TOLD ME THROW THE LAPTOP AWAY

Posted by lou21lou

I am in India with a new laptop - unable to get my email - asking me so many questions

my email address is and my password is lou21lou and the code I requested was on my husbands email which is phone # in India
in India I got a code says its not valid

please help

Posted by mkl imcza

played mns games for years now cant ever log on repeated online efforts don't work telephone assistance results in an attempt to sell me 200 dollar Norton program that should cot 50 blame my brand new computer when all the computers don't work pretty shabby

Posted by OIGLE

MSN is really BAD with continual break downs and outages on Hearts free on line games
No way to complain or to get it fixed.

Posted by Anonymous

I called customer support to reinstate my e-mail account and got Techsaviors. They said that they could take care of that. Instead, I wasted 2 1/2 hrs. on the phone with them going thru my computer and it was to sell me a fix for my computer. I WAS LIVID!!!!! This is BULL-S__T!!!!! That wasn't customer service. Just a bunch of foreigners trying to rip me off. When is MSN going to wake up and realize that if their customers want a security system, they'll ask for it. MSN should provide provide it with the premium service to begin with. I'm sick of MSN. No problem with Google!

Posted by Anonymous

MSN game such as Hearts On Line, is VERY frequently not working, impossible to complain or get any help that works.

Posted by Anonymous

can someone advise chris hayes to shut the hell up for just a few seconds during an interview with guests, if he asks the questions and gives the answers then lets the guest respond for 15 seconds why have a guest, he needs to take a college course in interviewing 101, it is call ask question, let the guest respond, and not let the interviewer be the focus but the guest (this is why one has guests)

Posted by har


we are user your email account last years ago,

we have problem that our all email leak with your plat form,

Some one seen our transaction detail and when transaction

ready for made then make other account like similar our account,

and get money own accounts .

we lost much money and very dishard with msn accounts .

so please let me know matter of this how can we be secure our

privacy ?

hakers email : [email protected]

So please reply as soon we are in problem ?

awating yur promt reply ?




Posted by Anonymous

MSN is using some kind of third party tech support called Elegance Solutions, DO NOT USE THEM, they will rip you off, as they did to my elderly mother, MSN SUCKS!!!!!!

Posted by westernyank

I am traveling in germany with no phone service (thanks Verizon) and after multiple attempts I still cannot unlock my account using my friend's email address.I need to speak to a real person and ask me any question question. Ridiculous!

Posted by Anonymous

Why is it that if i ever leave my home computer i cannopt access my email account????????????I am fed up with MSN Microsoft. If i have a "secret" password and i type it in, i expect to enter my personal inbox every time i try. It is not rocket science and i never asked for msn to deny me access ini the name of security. I do not carry my cell phone with me all the time. I shouldn't have to for you convenience. You had better explain this and change it for ever for me. I am at the last micro of patience. I have business to conduct in spite of your stupid security. Pam Weilenmann. the following stuff is a bunch of sci fi assinine busy work too.

Posted by nancy J Davis

since early October I hv not been able to receive my emails over my phone or send any emails! My address is an old msm address when I was with Century Link and they ran out of standard msm email addresses so gave me the letter 'q'. something has not been updated this is the reason I was told I cld not see my internet or send an internet message! Help I need to resolve this, please.

Posted by Anonymous

I am Frederick James email is I am in Brazil and have been locked out of my email with no phone service. Please unblock my email. I need to have access. You can contact me through my friend or through her phone

Posted by Paula

Why did you have to add videos to the side bar of email?? Take it off!!! There are people in my family struggling seriously with cyber additions and this is not helping.

The temptation to look at some of your videos has just exacerbated. Please remove this. It is not the choice of anyone. I know of several other people who are very angry about this. Ads are one thing but videos with poor taste, not fair and hurting families!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by BlueBlackBells


this is such tarty behavior, i try an access my account and an SMS doesn't even reach me with a code nor does it allow me to add a recovery email address that is not a Microsoft account.

whatever closing my account i am done with you!

Posted by ROBCIN

MSN website is beyond awful, how long will it take for ratings to reveal this fact. This is the most user unfriendly site out there.
Changing to a new website.

Add your review!

Posted by busdriver

I get online and play your free card games. I play Hearts and Texas holdem. I have no problem getting on. But for two days I can't get on Spades. It tells me to try relaunching and that my problem is with my firewall. I just got on spades 3 days ago without a problem and I'm playing the other games now. So it's not my firewall. Please fix your spades. This has happen many times. Usually when there are so many people playing. That's not the case now. Thank you,

Posted by Anonymous

I have used your investment portfolio program ever since I retired from the investment business. I have been very satisfied with its flexability and reliability, up until last week. I have not been able to get a complete set of quotes on my portfolio since the market started its slide. Flying blind is not my favorite thing to do. Are you working on it? If so, is there an estimate of when it will be fixed? Please let me know

Posted by GoYanks34

I got right through to a live person who was very helpful! I was actually surprised that I was able to get to an agent so quickly that resolved my problem with hardly any effort!

Posted by Anonymous

Very short waiting time. CSR a little difficult to understand (foreign accent, soft spoken) but got the job done after I had to ask her to repeat some things and speak up.

Posted by Anonymous

I just spoke to a gentleman who was in another country but spoke the most perfect ENGLISH with no accent. Yes, great to have a job but not at the expense of the customer who can't make customer service understand what I am trying to fix. My problem was fixed in a matter of just a few minutes. Too bad there are not more with his attributes.

Posted by Ronald

21 July 2011

Respectfully, i was very well pleased with
my Customer Service expedience with MSN.
The Representative was very patent with me,
and very knowledge. Thank you very much for
offering such superb service.

Posted by Anonymous

I found them quite helpful. Easy to contact. Solved my problem fast and the rep was most pleasent and helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

While the irritating voice mail loop is still in place & not a human operator, I was able to rather quickly (60 sec) get a support tech who was able to answer my questions quickly. He was very helpful...

Posted by Suzettewas my contact

Actually, I had a good experience the second time I called. the first was a waste of time. A lady named Suzette who spoke English with only a slight accent was extremely helpful. I called to change my account which was originally through Qwest which I discontinued(Qwest that is due to slow DSL speeds) Suzette attempted to keep my e-mail address and was told I could not. I said I needed to due to business contacts. I explained the problem it caused and asked her to check with management to see whether I could keep my e-mail address even though it was not "policy" and call me back. I have several providers and could use one of the others and not pay MSN (which I have done since 1991). This made more sense to me than changing my e-mail address with all of my business and personal contacts.

She called back about 30 minutes later and was able to convince management to do the right thing. Bravo for Suzette!! i must add, management made the right decision as well because they would have lost an 18 year customer. Every now and then things work out well.


Posted by Optimist

Tried this phone number and it worked. The key to getting through to a human was the voice-activated menu not understanding one of my responses. I needed my password reset, probably because someone had been trying unsuccessfully to log in using my ID, and locked me out of the system. Once the voice menu sent me to a live support person, it took less then 5 minutes of Muzak to get to him. Worked pretty well. I'll be saving this number.

Posted by Anonymous

I was able to get the information I needed by asking for Tech Support. Just say that you do not have an account and listen to the menu. Tech support gave me someone live who helped forward spam. Send all suspicous spam to [email protected]

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