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11 Positive Comments out of 174 Total Comments is 6.32%.

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    • 163 negative comments (93.68%)
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Posted by MSI Laptop - Pathetic support in

Purchased Laptop on September 2017 in Bangalore from Ankit Infotech, gaming Laptop Model MSI Gp62MVR 7RFX we found rare issue in display we written a complaint and visited service station to check even they were failed locate the issue. we found the issue and proofed it asked for replacement now punting 7 days term and condition to it. Even had proof to it we are written complainant to help desk. still no one support either replacement is done. every day we are writing the email to them ignoring our email giving us the reason of travailing. They cheated by giving us defective product to us which they are willing to accept it. When had all the proof they are accepting to it. Now they saying after taking huge to go for service.....This how MSI product after purchasing to it. Trust and fact to it. After there when we ask for justice there are very rudely replies to us.

Posted by Anonymous

I trust you will stop sending me your popup offering me the "new help desk."

Please note that your offer of the download of this item DOES NOT WORK.

David Schultz

Posted by Mikemo

Sent in my GTX 970 Golden Gaming Edition graphics card after it died. They offered to replace it with an entry level budget card stating that the specs on the replacement card were higher. My limited edition enthusiast card that was 400 dollars for a budget card that costs 260? Not to mention the 40 dollars I paid to ship the card back? I would have just kept the 970 as a wall ornament if I knew this was the treatment I'd be receiving. Add in the fact that we have a dying gaming laptop from MSI and I'm absolutely done with MSI products.

Posted by Trojen

Worst service iv ever seen in my life. I have given motherboard for repair 3-4 weeks ago and till now they dont have any clarification on what to do its just geting delayed nothing else. This the worst company i dont advice anyone to take msi product.

Posted by Gery

Very, very bad customer service!

Bought an already broken motherboard. The won't take responsibility on the motherboard and send me to the reseller. Although the reseller got bankrupt.
Several times explained but they won't understand.

Can't do anything with the motherboard.

Chances are *** big won't get guarantee.

Posted by Erika

Worst customer support ever! I sent my computer away for repair 6 weeks ago, I am still waiting for it to be returned. 2 weeks ago I was told that they will send it out and have it delivered within 1-1.5 weeks. The person on the phone is unprofessional and rude, and it takes time to get through to their support sometimes. I tried to call this previous Friday morning after 9am, they were meant to be open at 9am, their call center wasn´t open until 9.40.... Very unprofessional! I am never gonna buy a product from them again!

Posted by MSI SUCKS

I'll make it short and sweet; MSI customer support is by far the WORST!! I called in on six times on an issue and their lack of customer service and product knowledge is beyond words. I was disconnected 3 out of the 6 times twice treated awful, one time the rep simply told me he just did not know!
I'm returning this piece of ??? comp and of course, let everyone know NOT to go NEAR MSI products!!!!


Posted by reeve1

Absolute WORST customer support I've ever seen!! They hide behind one-way emails that you can't reply to and an annoying telephone system that tells you everyone is busy every 10 seconds (no joke!). It's pathetic, like it's run by 18-year olds who are operating a business out of their garage. REALLY BAD! My PC had numerous problems and it's newly released this year. Some programs would not respond after the laptop went to sleep and caused it to lockup. Immediately, I'm told I needed a BIOS upgrade. The Bios setup instructions are so bad, originally in Chinese, and there are multiple sets of the same instructions that are different from each other. You cannot follow and complete any of these because some very important steps are missing (like which File System to Select and other steps). To make matters worse, MSI Marketing thinks it's a great idea to load up tons of bloatware and crap on the small SSD drive that will annoy you by popping up ads for new MSI PCs (I just bought one you morons, why do you hate your customers? Stop using MY PC as your SPAM tool). The support people are just clueless. It took me 30 minutes to update Bios because instructions were missing and the technician was clueless about some simple steps. I ended up fixing it while on the phone with Support, and all he could say was "I thought you already did that?" or "you refused to give me that information", blaming me for his ignorance after I read the screen many times and asked what option to select. Everything about the company is out in left field, clueless, and not conducive to creating good customer relations. They just don't seem to care and it shows. Stay away! There's better companies out there that offer better laptops (they are NOT notebooks, notebooks are smaller). These people are so clueless and inept they will have you talking to yourself.

Posted by Chris

Disgustingly poor customer service from MSI with my graphics card. Bought a GTX 970 couple months back, had a defective HDMI port. After a strenuous time trying to figure out how to RMA the card, it took them well over a month to fully repair and return the graphics card. When I got it back, it started to artifact with any slightly intensive programs, and now even just logging in causes it to artifact. Never purchasing from MSI again; this is ridiculous.

Posted by RLahuerta

I will never buy again any product from MSI. I bought a GS70 that came with a defective RAM memory and I spent US$ 500,00 to send the product back to MSI for repair and took almost 1 month to repair it.

They don't respect the customer at all!

Posted by ho

long story short, say NO to Msi service, send laptop for repair and it took 1 month to send back as unrepair because of their overcharge price. what i thought ram is a lifetime warranty product, but msi deny it. next time, i rather paid more for a better service like asus and steelseries. asus can replace a new/upgrade laptop without arguing. even thought the product is out of warranty, steelseries still care about customer feelings and send me a total 100€ shopping point as a compensate.

but Msi just refuse to care about customer. guys remember, paid more and get good service.

this is ho from malaysia.

Posted by Sureshot

MSI's website, BIOS and manual for the B150 PC Mate motherboard all indicate support for PCI-e in the M.2 slot. I purchased a mother board based on this info. Called tech support, went through a lot of steps, no luck Board RMA'd at my expense, new board arrives same problem. Call tech support and am no told the B150 chip does not support PCI-e in the M.2. MSI uses the same manual for 2 versions of the board and its only the other version that has the necessary support. This is not stated ANYWHERE! Even the detailed specs for the B150 wrongly indicate support. Effectively MSI is making false claims regarding this boards capabilities and refuse to acknowledge it by replacing it with a proper board.
Just by having to RMA it once, I've spent more than the price difference between the two boards.
While their tech support people were (moderately) knowledgeable, I find their lack of accountability for misleading information to be disappointing. Will not buy from MSI again.

Posted by Worst MSI service

I had given MSI my motherboard for repair under warranty about 50 days back . It haven't get repaired yet. Still they are saying don't know when it is going to get repaired . this is the worst service by any company in the field . I will never recommend any one to buy MSI products .

Posted by Tebogo

I'm Tebogo from south Africa in pretoria, I submitted a faulty gpu r9 390 for warranty repair that I have been using for a year, msi keeps returning it and lying that it's not faulty, I re submitted it again because I tested it on different motherboards, no display,and the shop also tested it before receiving it, no display, plz help, [email protected]

Posted by syn

Bought a GT72 laptop from them 6 months ago.

I have had problems with the AC adapter since the first weeks. Sent it for RMA. Came back one month later. They changed everything but the AC adapter and of course the problem has not been fixed.

Now they refuse to send a new AC adapter and they want me to send the laptop for RMA all over again. Complete lack of customer support when sending support tickets as well.

Worst customer support I have had with such an expensive purchase...

Posted by Hargough

So in Late 2012 - 13, I purchased the MSI GX60 3BE from PC Case Gear. And I'll admit I was stupid for not researching the laptop very thoroughly as I was in a hurry to get one. Nor did I know at the time how much of a degenerate company AMD usually is, particularly how bad every single core they ever made was. I was only about 16 at the time. So I ended up paying $1600 AUD for this 'Gaming Laptop' with all AMD core and GPU. It soon became apparent that the laptop could not 'game' at all. The only game it has ever run well was Final Fantasy on high with no AA, with more than 30 fps constant. Every Single other game I have ever tried on it, particularly Team Fortress 2 and all source games(known for being easy to run) could not manage to get at least 30 fps ON LOW, and the settings were as low as it was humanly possible to conceive. So I did some research and found very little on the laptop in general; One site that said it was supposedly bottle-necked by its pathetic AMD CPU. So I tried to contact customer support, and they could not and would not try to make it game better. Eventually I asked for a refund on the allegation that it was 'false advertising' to call this computer 'gaming series' or a 'gaming laptop' when it runs games literally worse than a normal computer and the extra price was a rip-off. They refused this and said apparently it can get 60 fps in League of Legends and World of Warcraft, games that even the weakest computers can run easily, 2D, very non-graphically intensive games. So apparently that constitutes a gaming laptop in MSI's opinion.

I'll also mention for a computer it puts out a ridiculous amount of heat, I suspect it alone is responsible for melting the arctic ice-caps. And the fan can still not even get close to keeping the computer cool. My friends and anyone in the room have a running joke that the fans are so load it sounds like a jet passing overhead.

What's more, it broke immediately as soon as its warranty period was up. The case is amazingly huge. The power brick is pretty much as big as a desktop power supply. And the BIOS is more simplistic than a neanderthal could have managed.

I only have one other PC component that went wrong and incidentally that was a MSI motherboard. The one thing they were supposed to be good at. And it was the cpu pins bent out of alignment with sure as hell wasn't me, so I took a full refund and went and bought an ASUS motherboad that has treated me well so far.

Degenerate inbred of a company.

Posted by Sapp

Horrible horrible horrible.

Motherboard (MSI z97I AC) broke less than a year after i bought it. First time taking out the graphics card the PCIE port came off. I've worked with computers for years, have built and upgraded multiple PCs, have never had this happen.

Contacted MSI, was told the warranty wouldn't cover it. I wrote back and asked why and was just sent a copy and pasted section of the warranty that effectively said "our warranty will cover it if it breaks, but our stuff never breaks so it will be your fault" After I complained, they said they would fix it as a "special case" but later told me its a european model so they won't.

Every email has been short, full of misspelled words, and somewhat rude. There's no attempt to actually help or value the customer. At one point the guy (wayne) made so many mistakes in his communication, and just ultimately, I feel this company doesn't value customers even slightly.

I'll never buy MSI anything again. I shouldn't of in the first place, should have stuck with gigabyte or ASUS.......

Posted by Grey

They answered the phone so that was a plus, then they opened their mouth and that's when things got bad. MSI Technical support via the phone through their California office was horrid. They're trained to lie when you ask for a supervisor and you'll never, ever, get to talk with him (he's always on the phone and his name is always "John" and they promise you he'll call you back within an hour). I'm still waiting for John to call me back, two weeks and still waiting (Blow me John!)

MSI does answer support first. If you ask them more then one question at a time do not expect to get more then one answer back in the response (as anything over one simple question is just too difficult for them to handle), and that answer will be totally ridiculous, like directing the customer to the product advertisement page which lists only the bare minimum of the functions of the product (in my case it was a motherboard), not to mention most customers have already read the marketing before they bought their MSI product.

Long story short, MSI has the worst customer support I've ever experienced. There's a reason people are snapping and shooting each other dead. It's because the world has gone completely mad and if you want good service you have to go to church or an Oriental Massage Parlor that offer happy endings.

Posted by Majestic8705

TL;DR -- within 9 months of my MSI purchase, I have had to send it out for RMA twice for the EXACT same issue. Buy an Asus instead.


So I had to RMA my GT72 6QD laptop for the second time today for, pretty much, the exact same issue.

First time I RMA'd my laptop, it was not taking a charge from the AC adapter. Despite being plugged in, the laptop would continue to drop. But it also seems like the laptop only recognized power going to the battery -- i.e. if the battery was zero, despite being plugged in, the laptop would not take power. I called in and got the absolutely worst customer service rep I have ever had. Took an hour for him to just check the serial number to verify it was in warranty (I had bought it just over six months before hand). It was only down hill from there.

While on that call, I distinctly remember mentioning that my charge port seemed to be the issue in that the AC adapter, when plugged in, wasn't a 'tight' fit, but rather it was really loose. At any rate, they gave me the RMA and I drove out to the repair center (because I happen to live in the same city). And I left the laptop with them.

First of all, they do their diagnosis. They claim it is a battery issue -- fair enough. But of course that battery isn't in stock. So I have to wait 6-8 weeks for the part to get delivered. All with no updates on their part. I had to call in repeatedly and complain about the lack of communication on their part. After two months, my laptop is finally shipped back to me with the repair notes saying they replaced the battery. Something I easily could have done myself except for their 'warranty void' nonsense, and because of their absolutely pain in the ass build that makes it difficult to replace components.

Whatever. I have my laptop back, and I resume my gaming...but within a month -- A MONTH -- of me getting the new laptop battery, I'm getting THE EXACT SAME POWER ISSUES. The battery randomly decides to unplug itself from the adapter and not recognize that power is getting to the device. I've also, of late, been getting notifications that my battery is down to 20% of the original charge -- THE VERY NEW BATTERY THAT THEY GAVE ME. Whatever. I remove the battery from the device manager, and all of a sudden power flows just fine it seems.

But this has now climaxed. Been playing Civ VI lately and last night, during my game, it just cuts the power. Initially, I thought 'maybe it's overheating?' since I was running the game at max settings and I only just meet the 8GB recommended setting for RAM. Was also playing on a huge map, with max AIs with most of the map explored so everything had to be animated. I've also only ever had laptops shut down on me without warning because of heat issues. If it switches to battery power, after all, my screen flickers to the different settings to let me know. And I don't remember that flicker.

Here's the bottom line, I started playing again today (didn't check the battery SINCE IT IS PLUGGED IN) and all of a sudden, my laptop shuts off the power again. But this time, it isn't taking power at all. It is essentially a brick at this point. So I get to send it in for ANOTHER MONTH + FOR THE EXACT SAME ISSUES.

I get lemons happen...but only an absolutely, completely, and utterly useless company lets them happen twice. I will never NEVER under any circumstance buy another MSI product ever again. Avoid this company like the plague. Pay the extra hundred or two for the Asus model with similar specks. 'Cause my Asus is well over five years old now and still going like a tank. My MSI will be replaced as soon as my finances allow me to.

Because there's no point in having an unreliable laptop.

Posted by J

Repair service is shockingly bad. Laptop went away to be repaired, was not repaired, when I raised a new ticket they started the whole fault finding process from the start!

Posted by What

MSI service sucks real time.
You know why?You would grieve if you were in my position.
I sent my MSI motherboard for service(guess how many days?) freaking 5 months ago and it hasn't yet been repaired?
What the actual heck is going on in here?
Never ever choose MSI.It's one big decision I regret making.
A complete clusterbug(profanity not allowed) with prententious stuff going on here.

Posted by NBW

Laptop was picked up courier instructed by MSI for warranty problem with HDD. I pacaged in the original box packaging and added an extra covering the laptop with bubble wrap. There terms of transit said if its damaged due to incorrect packaging then this would not be covered. I had it returned just over 2 weeks later in the saem box and packaging with the HDD repaired but could not use due to screen not working. It had a dent in lid and they said this needs to be paid for due to incorrect packaging!!!! If the packaging they sell the products and ship them in is not good enough then what are you supposed to do. They are makinmg me pay or they will just return as it is. Really dissapointed in them as it was damaged when they sent it back to me. Will be the last product I ever buy from them

Posted by Elbistan

Worst customer service ever seen.
Got a MB used for two weeks developed a fault. Contacted MSI told to ship to Netherlands at my cost. Was told out of stock and wanted to send a a different MB refused. A week later received the MB I refused to swap with. Contacted them sent it back. Apologised for the mistake said the correct MB will be sent. Week later got the refused MB back again. Sent emails and emails no number to call been 2 weeks no replies. Absolutely rubbish service.

Posted by The Gangster of Boats

I had a faulty MB made by MSI. I had to pay for shipping both ways for the initial RMA (Why?) The replacement lasted less than a week. I shipped that one back (they paid this time after I waited an hour for a supervisor to authorize). They are now saying that the MB is good. They did not tell me what tests they ran, or what they connected to the board to test it. I'm not a n00b here! I have worked at a computer store, back when they were real businesses. I have done IT and PC repair since the early 90's. These guys are not worth the cheap silicon they build boards with.

Posted by Mark

MSI Customer agent provided the incorrect information due to which my rebate got rejected.

Add your review!

Posted by marxtinus

My mtb was waratied for 3yold. I didn't have my invoce. but it dosen't matter MSI did what need to be done to solve my problem. Got an exchange in less than 2 weeks with a new revision of my faulty board. Great thanks to all MSI staff. you did a great job. My next hardware will be MSI for sure.

Posted by Gryphos

LCD Frame broke one day when i opened my laptop, read these horrible reviews on this website and had a picture painted that MSI were horrible. Actually considered going else where and for some reason I passed up on the negative reviews and called them, the phone call got answered as quick as it ended. MSI directed me to a website with a form, to which i filled out and received and email almost instantly. The email contained a information about a collection via UPS, I dropped my laptop off at an UPS collection point the same day. It got picked up by UPS the next day, and delivered to MSI within the next 4-5 days. I received email of completion to the MSI warehouse and it also informed me if anything other than the detailed problem was current they would contact me further, which they never, often i thought "its weird they haven't contacted me". Or was it? 7th day came and my doorbell went, my MSI baby was home. In perfect condition, actually the lid opens so much better than before.

This is my 5th laptop in a year, 4 laptops prior were Alienware, the 4 broke on me and the support was hellish, MSI have not only crushed them with the specs of my MSI DE, their support crushes them also.

After having both companies experience, MSI for the win.

Don't be brainwashed with these negative reviews, it is absolutely true that only time people have something to say is when its negetive.

Now i have absolute 100% faith in my MSI support and warranty that im gonna extend it every year.

If you've had a good experience always review, let people know ! I wouldve ruined my warranty if i believed these negatives.

Posted by Erickjohn K.

I see a lot of Negative reviews for MSI RMA service and wanted to share a positive experience. My MSI GS70 Laptop died on me one day and I had an idea why so tested what I could on my end and was about to open it up to find out if the DC Jack solder had come loose when I realized I could still be under warranty.

I contacted MSI and they said that I was still under warranty and they would issue me an RMA. They were very upfront about how the situation would go. They stated that it would take between 10-15 business days once they laptop was received and depending on the problem could take up to 20 business days. They also stated that according to the symptoms that I was having it very well could be the battery which was not under warranty. If it was they battery, they would let me know and I would then have to pay for the battery.

I gave them my e-mail and they said they sent the RMA. 2 days later I had not received the RMA so called back and they once again resent the RMA. I waited and although I did not receive the RMA I did not think it was anything they were doing. I called once again, each time they were helpful and understanding, they reissued a new RMA. I again did not receive it and came to the conclusion that it was my e-mail host - - as there have been a number of times I have not received e-mails from that host. I contacted them once again now being over a week since my first contact and asked if I could have the RMA sent to a new e-mail address. They were happy to oblige since they understood my issue.

I received the RMA, sent the computer back and after reading all the bad reviews regarding their RMA procedures kept telling myself that everything would work out and I needed to be patient and reminded myself that they did tell me originally that it could be up to 20 business days. If you think about that, that is roughly a month. They did not lie to me about that and they told me up front.

I received an e-mail when my RMA arrived and started counting down the days. I received the laptop back with amazing packaging to protect it and within less than 10 business days. They could have easily fixed the problem and told me that it was the battery and had me pay for a new battery but instead they fixed the problem and the only thing I paid was the shipping expenses back to the company.

I think people need to step back and understand patience when it comes to RMAs and keep a positive outlook on the situation. This whole situation tells me this company is Honest and Provides Great Customer Service.

Posted by Anonymous

Sent a laptop in to replace a fan that was going out. These guys did a thorough job and in a very timely fashion. Thank you MSI RMA Dept.

Posted by Luca

The monitor of my GS60 2PE broke when I was abroad. When I returned back to Italy, I contacted the support service and they easily sent the notebook to their repair customer service. The notebook returned with Microphone and Webcam not working. I pretended a new one, since my notebook was almost new and they were not competent enough to repair it. They made me send the notebook to Poland and after 3 weeks I received not my notebook but a refurbished one. Of course I complained, since they stated that they would have sent me a new notebook not a new one. After several email, I was able to get a new notebook and they have been so kind to upgrade it to a GS60 2QE. Overall a difficult experience but I cannot say I am unsatisfied in the end and their notebooks are amazing.

Posted by mikro

Bought a new high end PC. Everything worked fine for 3 weeks till one morning it wouldn't fire up. Took it back to Cheltenham MSI. Sales person identified the problem and installed a new Graphics card ( GTX 750, I think) All without fuss. It is a 'cheap' shop, but the gentleman in Cheltenham is always trying his hardest to please all his customers.

Posted by Aunty Edna

I was intending to join in the chorus of complaints here, but MSI came good. My hardworking and abused CX640 has been undoubtedly the best laptop I've owned in 15 years but the battery conked after only 18 months, and I spent a fruitless five months trying to find a replacement - at MSI shops, distributors and after-market suppliers. I actually ordered one on three occasions, once here in Thailand and twice in Hong Kong, only to be later told that it was "unobtainable".

I then sent an email to MSI Thailand HQ extolling the virtues of their kit, but politely suggesting that they must surely be able to supply batteries for their own computers and asking where I could get one anywhere in the region. MSI got on the plot straight away and had one ready for me to pick up in Bangkok within a week. They have since done similar with a replacement keyboard.

As the Scoreboard clearly shows, all computer companies perform abysmally, but in my experience, MSI are streets ahead of Toshiba, Compaq, HP in terms of quality of kit and service.

Posted by kootraveller

I needed to replace the touchpad on my MSI U100 netbook, after 5 years of heavy use, but I couldn't find a supplier here in Bangkok who stocked the spare part as it had become fairly old. I had almost given up, then I decided to call MSI and ask them.

They were so kind in fact, that two of their staff members and two technicians arranged to meet me during a demonstration event in Pantip Plaza and they replaced the touchpad with another one from a demo model they had. They did that free of charge and even treated me to a nice cup of ice coffee. WOW, where can you get such service and customer care (emphasis on the word "care") these days ?.
Thanks MSI, and it would be my pleasure to continue to support your wonderful products.

Posted by Babington

Called 2 times today after my MSI A6400 had problems with booting. Both times I only waited less than a minute and spoke to John. This was the by far the fastest response I have ever had with any computer company. I have had 15 or so computers over the years (my wife and I have 4 now). I would definately buy MSI products again.

(and NO i am not an MSI employee or in any way affiliated with the company)

Posted by papatuzz

We have 4 MSI laptops. My mother's had a problem and needed to be sent to them. When it was repaired and on it's way back to her, I was tracking the progress through the tracking number. The day it said it was on the truck for delivery, I told her to watch for it. The next thing I knew It said the item was returned to the shipper. I immediately called MSI to find out what happened. They said someone in shipping accidentally sent her the wrong laptop. I was not happy, but was reassured that they would do what they could to rectify the mix up. The laptop showed up the next day. They sent it overnight. Very happy with MSI!

Posted by marie72

very good and easy to understand.

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