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    • 227 negative comments (97.01%)
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Posted by Call it Trash coat not clear coa

Had my 2005 BMW 325Ci convertible completely repainted with Premium Macco Paint job at the Fort Walton Beach Florida Macco. Car went in on May 5-21-18. Was told 8 to 10 days. I checked on vehicle status after 10 days and found it had just been painted. I reviewed it with the Shop Managger and observed trash in the clear coat over the entire surface. Additionally, the door dings on the right side quarter panel had not been repaired. I was told the would correct it. Another week goes by and I call to find out thay have not touched the vehicle. Then I get a call to say it is ready. When I look at the vehicle it still has the same trash in the clear coat and the quarter panel is not fixed. They said they will correct. Another week goes by and I call and the Manager tells me they were going to reshoot the clear coat. I was told it would be done by the next morning. I went to pick up the car and it was outside in the rain. I asked for a towel to dry it off so I could inspect the finish. The exact same defects are still there. The Manager said that was normal and he would not repair because I did not get the platinum package. Unbelievable. I contacted Macco Corporate but they said I would have to deal with the Local Franchisee. I took the car to another body shop and the said it would have to be completely stripped and repainted to fix the defects caused by Macco. My car actually looked better when I took it in then it did when I picked it up. I am working with my credit card company now but if this fails I have all the paper work ready to file a small claim in court.

Posted by 1995 Buick LaSabre

I took my sons car 1995 Buick LaSabre to have it painted on May 22, 2018 to MAACO in West Ashley SC. The young lady that gave the estimate told me that the rear bumper had to be stripped because it had cracks in the paint I agreed. When we got to the side she made comments about the paint condition, I pointed to the paint damage right below the side windows and said what about this she said it was sun damage and it would be find once they sanded the car since she was the expert I said ok. The only repairs she noted was the rear bumper. When I went to inspect the car on Friday May 25 the paint under the side window and the back window was trouble I could see all the damage through the paint. There was also a paint run near the rear right side and spotted paint on the left rear side. When I brought this to her attention she said they only surface sand and I did not ask for the door to be repaired. Then I repeated what she had told me, when I wrote these comments on the certificate of completion she became angry and said she would write up an estimate for the repairs. I am not about to pay for repairs that was caused by the shop or herself. Then I talked with the manager and showed him the bad paint and stated what she had told me. He said she had been working there for a long time and she did not tell me that I told him my wife heard her also he then said I don't believe you. Then he said he would charge me to repair the damage but he would not charge me for the paint. My wife became very upset and was ready to leave and said we cannot trust these people. If we leave the car they might cause more damage because the manager and the lady that did the estimate had negative nasty attitude to us. Then my wife told him if we wanted the car to look like crap we would have gotten cheapest paint. He than offered to give us $50.00 refund, All we were doing was betting our gums and was not about to pay for something that we were told that would be corrected with the sanding. So we took the $50.00 and left disappointed and unsatisfied with the attitude and the paint job. I have had four other cars painted at MAACO two in North Charleston SC (the $299.00 special) and two in Summerville SC (out of business now)(priced above the special) and all four make this last on look like

Posted by Anonymous

Maaco - Riviera Beach, FL has 3 vehicles of ours.All that were to get full body work & painting done. The vehicles that have some work done look horrendous. I honestly believe my 8 year old son could have done a better job. Also, the Owner Carlos put liens on our vehicles without even doing work on them or completing them which is illegal. I have never seen such horrible work done before and will never bring another vehicle back to ANY Maaco and will advise others the same. The owner doesn't return phone calls and is always in a "do not disturb" meeting.

Posted by Anonymous

I got paint my car at maaco.(10981 boatmen ave)they didn't do good job and i went back to show them.manager name is Juan Rodriguez and he said "we not not repaint your car.also I paid them to install right rear mirror. But he put it local mirror.I said I don't want this mirror. He said he's not take it back he not refund. I couldn't go to pick up my car because what is the date he gave me they couldn't finish it .Next day I have to go work and my wife pick it up.she doesn't have good knowledge about vehicles.she didn't check before she pick it up.finally after nagivshif he tall me if you don't leaving right now" we are going to kick your but".I called to the ccustomes services. They said with in 48 hours they going call me back.I was waiting one week they didn't call me back..I'm so sad about them customers services

Posted by leesh

Maaco has been the biggest rip off. I would never recommend them to anyone. The quality of work is pathetic. We had a car painted and w/in a year it was peeling off in sheets. Took it to a different maaco and was told the car was ready. Went to pick up car and they hadn't even started painting it. This caused us to have to get a rental car. Tried to call customer service multiple times and was on hold for 10 mins several times and then was hung up on each time. Never could reach anyone.

Posted by Anonymous

The manager at your location on 6850 Buford Highway in Doraville Once he came out to look at my truck he refused to give me an estimate and said he was booked for three months. I guess he did not want to bother since I did not have significant damage. He was very short and rude and even said he did not want my business. Dont waste your time and go somewhere where you are appreciated

Posted by AP

06 Mazda Tribute Paint Code

I have a 2006 Mazda Tribute that was painted at Masco in SC. They painted using Paint Code G2 which is a generic for RED in general. I questioned this and they would not listen as if I was an idiot. I told them that the year of Mazda Tribute had 1 Red color known as Paint Code Number 25W/G2 this was painted on all 06 Red Tributes and it is not a General Red it is known as Red Fire Metallic. Now I have a Mazda SUV that has right color Door Jams and Wrong Color Exterior. any suggests?

Posted by Anonymous

Poor Quality, poor workmanship, poor attention to details, massive over spray problems, rear bumper guard, tire rims, muffler painted, passenger side door area received no paint, had to hide it with a red sharper pen. Also drilled a hole in my front bumper and tried to hide it by attaching my license plate back on incorrectly. License plate bracket gone. Customer Service department works for the franchises so I was told by Corp Maaco Warranty department.

Posted by Anonymous

I took my car to Maaco in South Jersey for a raar bumper replacement, and told them to be sure each end was secured. A price was given and paid in full before the work was started. Then I get a call that it was to cost an extra $100. I refused. Got a call back that they got another bumper. After 4 days, replacement done, each side of the bumper was loose, worse on the driver side. They kept the car for 45 minutes and was to put a bolt in it. It seemed ok. When I got home and rechecked, the bumper was back to being loose. Went back again, the manager said he did all that he could do. So I must say this is bad business. He said he would have to keep it another three days. I work!! I feel jerked arount.

Posted by jfl9899

I honestly thought Maaco had become at least a semi-professional shop after all the years in service. After almost a YEAR of and FOUR trips to the paint shop...THREE complete staff changes I STILL have yet to have a customer service rep contact me back...and I call them almost weekly....I"ve never seen a business like this. I had my truck painted there...the paint started blistering..they took it back...claimed to have put new metal in it...which they LIED month later it was blistering again..they rescheduled me and had my truck TWO weeks and said "sorry everyone got fired you need to come get your truck"....I then called them a month or so later and scheduled my truck back in....again was told they welded new metal in the truck again a LIE...and the as you would guess the paint is blistering after only a week...if Anyone knows of any way to sue these people..I would love to find out...they got overspray all over my truck and a BRAND new set of wheels I purchased prior to bringing it to them...someone really needs to do something

Posted by Anonymous

I took my car on to get painted and received a car back with a cracked windshield. I contacted corporate and they said I would get a call back in 24 to 48 hours. it has been 4 days and nothing.

Posted by PEG

this was a nightmare. it started off that kyle seemed like such a sweet person only to find out how he lied upon lie. i was so surprised at how he turned out to be. he made my husband and i deals if we would bring our van, truck, trailer and golf cart in he would give us a good price on painting them. in the meantime my tahoe got side swiped so he said he would talke care of that also. we trusted him cause we thought he was a good person. well as it turns out. the horse trailer took forever as did everything else he did. they would tell you it would be done in 4 days and it wouldnt be done for 3 weeks. the trailer came back pitted as you can see in the pictures and now rust is coming through. kyle said he would take care of it and then told us he wouldnt at the end of all the mess. told us it wasnt under warranty . the van had to be painted twice due to runs in the paint, over spray and numerous missed spots that i dont know how anyone could miss. then to top it off the rose color had numerous scratches, and bubble in the paint and they cracked the spoiler. again he promised to repaint all the rose trim and back out on his promise. the van took a good 4 weeks and was suppose to be done in a week. and came back a mess. and we had problems with it running after we got it back. the one employee named ray is rude and has no idea how to treat customers. we had it out with him a few times. we feel he might have tampered with our vehicle. cant prove it, but it ran well until something was put in our gas tank to try and mess up our engine. luckily we could have it fixed. then the golf cart which they never even sanded down before they painted it and had to be gone over 4 times. he waived the fee he was going to charge us for the golf cart cause it was horrible and there was no way to lie his way out of it. it too is rusting due to the fact that the paint job was not done right. our dually took 4 weeks because they kept missing spots on it, the paint bubble in different spots and they forgot to paint in between the be and the cab. then to top it off when i questioned about what they were going to do about the stuff that wasnt taken care of they kept telling me they were going to take care of it and then months later told me they werent. i was also told that the reason they could do a good price on some it was they made the estimate to the insurance company from my tahoe, higher so they could put the overage towards the golf cart and van. and when all of this was going on. kyle gave me his cellphone number so i could contact him personally because of all the way things were being handled by ray. well then he stopped taking my calls cause his wife thought we were messing around. REALLY ?????? so he wasnt allowed to talk to me until i messaged her and told her i was a happily married woman and i didnt appreicate being accused of messing around with her husband. i thought he was just being nice giving me the number. i have all the conversations and never was there anything to make her believe that. no real conversations other then business. and nothing at all suggestive. when i told his wife what was going on with him not going through with the promises she said she doesnt get involved with the business. but she made him stop responding to me cause she thought he was messing around on her . then i also had to deal with ray who would hang up or use vulgar language and was totally rude and disrespectful. i have more pictures and all my bill of sales for anyone to see. i will be going to the insurance company and reporting him for fraud and possibly taking this to court. word to the wise dont deal with this business. there is so much more i could put here, but i think you will get the just of it. i just called kyle and tried to give him one more chance to make it right, before i give my review and he still refuses to do so. 10 min later ray called me back and threatened me told me not to do this review. or i will be sorry

Posted by feed back

I james rankin just got my 1993 dodge Dakota truck from your shop in Saraland al. I could not see the job done until I got it home and washed it the top had a circle like the moon front grill was to be black its green and black the back bumper was to be black I found that before I left I think they used a can if spray paint poor job right back corner was a split of paint. this truck is seen by a lot people every day be honest I could recomond this shop to anybody if you would like to call me feel free to so.251 504 3292 I donot want any contact with the people from that shop.

Posted by Minnie Duron

I dropped my car of March 4 it's 24th & still my car is not ready, I was called 10 days after dropped off and was shocked was charged $600 more than quoted,they charged me for new bumper, but didn't replace till I notched it was still cracked. They have had 2 managers, since I have been there, that's there excuse. Then find out work not been done at shop I dropped it off at. I am 57 widow taken advantage of!! God please help me!

Posted by Anonymous

I used the Maaco in Independence Mo. They were supposed to fix the top of my truck. After I picked it up I looked and there was still dents in it. And they had filled the body grooves with putty. I took it back to them and the owners son's said they gave me a discount. I told him the doesn't make a difference in the quality of work. He said they would fix it but I would be responsible for my own rental car again. I don't feel like I should pay for anything out of pocket for there mistake and CRAPPY work!!!!! I have filed a complaint and 3 weeks later I still haven't heard anything.

Posted by Luc Dupuis

I Just Picked Up My 2012 F 250 From Your Location 983 Wall Street Winnipeg Manitoba . I Have To Tell You That I'm Very Disappointed In The Job. I Got The Lower Rocks Painted, They Should Repair The Dents Before Painting And The Paint Doesn't Match . This Job Looks Like It Was Done In A Backyard . They Had The Truck For Over A Week And Look Terrible . I Can Send You Pictures If You Would Like Too See .

Posted by Not happy

I had my vehicle painted by Maaco in Port Richey Florida, truck lid started to flake off, took it in again, repainted, then other areas started to flake off, they painted it again, again it started to flake off, Manager blamed it on poor prep, and decided this time to use a better paint, again painted the entire thing, I picked up the truck, looked great, but in the sun and at night you could see striping on entire thing. I took it back, Manager said that its hard to do a perfect job, and its hard to get it right, and during this painting, and prep they left a one inch line around my bumper system that the paint seemed to be removed. Again Manager said can't fix everything and it I wanted the bumper system painted he would go in half but only if I paid with cash. Well MY BAD, I took the truck to them, and had them paint the bumper system, it looked good, but there was debris under the paint and overspray on my wheels and areas of the truck. I took my truck back to them and had the ASST. Manager look it and he used lacquer thinner to try to get it off, and then could not do a detail, or anything about the debris under the paint, and told me that if the bumper system peeled off its too bad. I hope that Corporate Management gets this message and wants to talk to me. This location had my truck off and on for over a month and it still not write, and for them to tell me to pay with cash so they would not have to do a ticket for it is wrong. Call me I wrote a check and did not fill in the name.

Posted by Jkline

I am looking for a direct email to the CEO of MAACO that appeared on under cover boss! After watching the program, I chose to take my automobile to a Maaco shop after a woman backed in to me at a car wash...... the shop repeatedly called me trying to add on another $1400 here and $400 there. When I finally got my car from the shop, there was an awful rumbling! The insurance company had me take it to the dealership! Once there,, they informed me that a major bar that was to be replaced in front of my engine had not been replaced! They said it was the shottiest work they had ever seen done. Parts that had been paid for were not replaced, tape remained all inside the engine area and basically driving the car was a hazard. I was shocked!!! After watching Me. Acosta on the show, I was impressed with the standards he expected. That however is not the service I received!!!! The insurance company taking care of my repairs is progressive! They are not happy, I am not happy and I will go any place online or elsewhere I need to, to get attentions focused on the awful service and possibly damaged vehicle I own! I expect some sort of compensation as Progressive and I both now have this shop and Maaco in general on our radar!!!!!!

Posted by buda

I was quoted a price of $1476.68 to repair my car. It was quoted on November18 2016. Then I was called by phone to tell me that their will be another $20.00 charge for something I said ok fine. They called me to come and pick up my car said it was ready. I had my grandpa to drop me off to pick up my car. When I get to the office to get my car they have added $100.00 to my bill with out authorization I did not have the money to pay the $100.00 I told them that they would not release my car. The painter that worked there paid the $100.00 for me and told them that they should not have did that and that I had to go to work and that it was the holidays and you do not treat customers that way. I gave my grandpa the $100.00 to pay the painter back when I got paid. I would like my $100.00 back the total price was $1593.98. A very unhappy customer.

Posted by Anonymous

You should really, really tell people BEFORE they spend $1681.00. On a paint job that they should EXPECT trash in the paint.

The manager's words. "What the hell do you expect for that kind of money? I dealt with another gentleman when I brought it in. I believe his name was Nare. He was very helpful. This vehicle had been sanded before bringing it in. It had been sanded and primed. (with no runs or orange peel)
All I ask was for the vehicle to be lightly sanded and sprayed. I paid for what I was told was the Maaco PRIEMER PAINT JOB.

Base coat, and paint. And I quote, "Just like factory job".

I know, its Maaco. I was not expecting a flawless show quality perfectly smooth paint job. I knew there were some wrinkles on the vehicle. It had not been glazed and smoothed.
I did however expect no runs and not trash. Or orange peel. It had all 3.
When pointed it out to Bruce. His response, very rudely was

"What the hell do you expect for that price. Its gonna have some trash in it."

I said. "Well then you should have that on your web site or at least tell people that before they plunk down 1700 dollars. Had I know that I would have gotten the cheaper job."

His response to that was. "well there would have been a hell of a lot more trash in that than this one.

Finally, he agreed to have the runs buffed out and when they scratched off the bugs on the hood. They touched it up with a different color paint.
At this point I had enough. Nare got me a little of the paint in a water bottle and I am going to repair the wrong color touch up myself.

Folks, I did not expect perfection. But I did expect the manager to at least to have a little more pride in the work than to say these things to a customer. I am in a service position for a living. If I EVER said things like that to a customer, I WOULD BE FIRED. Even if the statement was true.

If these things are as he said to be expected in Maaco's work. They should be stated to customers before they give you the work. This was not customer service. Not even in the neighborhood.

Posted by very upset

Horrible job done on our 2009 Honda. I would like a Maaco representative to look at the paint job. Is there a rep. in Texas? I am very disappointed in the customer service I received. I live in Texas and the person I spoke to is located in North Carolina. How can she help when she can't see the horrible job they did?

Posted by Mrs.H

My husband took his 87 Jeep to the Maaco facility in Springfield Mo. He was told when he dropped it off on Tuesday that he would get it back the first part of the next week. Well, he had been driving by to check the progress and nothing had been done. And now it has been a week. He stopped and talked to the guy in the office and was told that they had a couple of guys that didn't show up for work that week so it was a little behind. He drove by yesterday morning and it wasn't in the parking lot. He stopped and went in. Nobody knew he was there, he even walked in the back and his Jeep was not there. He left as he had to get to work. He went back after work and it was setting out front. He went back inside and was told they had gotten really busy and didn't have time to do his vehicle. When he got in his car they had put 4 miles on it. Guess they needed a car to go get lunch or whatever. I am disgusted that a business with such a well known name would treat people this way. Guess we should have done a lot more research. BEWARE!!!! DON'T TRUST MACCO IN SPRINGFIELD MO!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

After watching Undercover Boss, I took my truck for repairs and paint to Maaco. Depending on the outcome of the truck, I was going to have my 84' Jeep painted by Maaco, won't happen! The damages repaired that I requested were completed, but after inspection of the vehicle I realized there was damage to the vehicle that Maaco caused and didn't repair. I was told if I brought the vehicle back they would double tape the parts, Unexceptionable! I am not mad, disappointed! There is more, just not taking up your time.

Posted by nicheren

I was told I would maybe get my truck back on Thursday. I dropped it off Monday morning before 8am. I called Thursday and was told it was in the body shop. There was not a lot of bodywork to be done. Ithe had been in the body shop 4 days. I asked when my truck would be ready and was told Saturday. I called today and was told that they were waiting on parts. Why wasn't the one part a grill ordered Monday or the week before when I made an appointment to bring my truck Monday morning. The manager seems to have a bad attitude when I have called.

Posted by Hbaskin

We got an $1800 dollar paint job. Had a blister on the front of the car. Have areas on the drivers side of the car that are not from usual wear and tear that have paint coming off. 5 year warranty. Well, the crappy way they painted the car was disgusting! It wasn't worth $200! The painting and base coat were so totally lame it was pathetic. We had to rent a stinking car for a week before we could get our car back. There is no way I will ever go to Maaco again, and I will encourage anyone who wants to have their car painted at Maaco to avoid going thete. Just an FYI.... I am all over Social Media and I will make sure you never touch my vehicle again!

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Posted by Maaco gainesville ga

Joe Anderson the owner was very helpful he helped me save money and my car looks great

Posted by Tim

I wanted to thank Bob Johnston and his technicians that did work my daughters Toyota Camry and did a fantastic job.
Bob and his crew knew that we were in a crunch to have the repairs completed as soon as possible due to the car being unsafe of being on the road. They went out of their way to have the car brought into the shop and to have the repairs completed in a timely manner and a job professionally done.. I would highly recommend going to Bob and his crew at #59 Rochester Road in Ross Township.
When my daughter went to pick up the car at Maaco she actually started to cry and said to me, they did a awesome job dad and it looks like a brand new car and she could not be any happier. I want to thank Bob and his crew for a great job !! ð

Posted by Anonymous

I took my car to the Maaco at 3560 Old Spanish Trail in Houston Texas. I dealt with Ali and he was amazing in the way I was treated, he nade me feel comfortable and assured me that they would take good care of my Car with the repairs and paint job

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the maaco shop at 1915 Lincoln Rd Hattiesburg ms 39402 on Feb 15th to have my car painted.barry russell could not have been nicer.he gave me the best customer service I have received in a long time. He made absolutely sure I was satisfied.he kept me up to date with the progress on my car.when I picked up my car,it was beautiful. A high quality job.I couldn't be happier. Barry did an outstanding job and wanted to let the company know how much of an asset he is. I will definitely recommend maaco to anyone who needs a high quality paint job and fantastic customer service.

Posted by Tom

I apologize to Mr. Rudy Melo!
I just posted bad comments about Maaco in Stanton
Yesterday but that was my mistake.
I took the my car beautifully done painting promosed time and body
Job with such a low price.
The manager(Rudy Melo) is professional and Mr. Mike was great
Service and paper work
I came here 8years ago and this is best experience ever.
I really appreciate and apologize, I was trying delete below bad comments
Yesterday posted but I couldn't.
Please delete yesterday one and remain today one.
Thank you so much!

Posted by shesacamaro11

This is a positive review. I am surprised at the negative reviews. I recently had my car painted at Maaco at 510 South Mason Road
Suite S-1 Katy Texas 77450 and can say I am more than pleased! The paint job was done excellent,customer service superb I would recommend taking your car to this location Monica and her team have excellent customer service skills including the painters and collision repair personnel. Thankyou I am very pleased and have a beautiful red Camaro again

Posted by rolandomota420

i dont like maaco but i do like the one in moreno valley ca theyre the bomb they hookit up and they do tights shizznit .People need to understand you want a show car pay the show car price dont think youll get a show car for 500.00 bucks get real people.apples for apples plus the people up front are very professional.Very clean job on my volvo.

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Posted by john baines

Worked at maaco n pearland wasnt paid for overtime n didnt paided my week n d hole check

Posted by Anonymous

Employee of Menomonee falls Maaco in Wisconsin. Owner is a thief and a liar. He has stoled money from me since first week i started. I have all my hours and jobs from every week and they never match up. When he is confronted on this every other week he makes excusses . Also his payroll does not show hours or jobs for week on it. I will file a civil suit and better busniess has ben called to investigate along with wis labor board.

Posted by Anonymous

I was an employee at the bradenton fl branch maaco .
I was let go september 2013 . My problem is Richard Weisgold
branch owner is refusing to give me my last paycheck, he says
not till close of business the day of friday the 13th payday
but if im no longer employed there why should i have to wait.
Its my money i earned.

Posted by JC

I Inspect Vehicles That Have Been Or Are Still At Maaco And They Are The Absolute Bottom Of The Barrel, They Commit Insurance Fraud On Almost Every Veh That They Repair On An Insurance Claim.they Are A No Talent Piece Of Garbage Company And They Need To Just Stick To Doing The Crappy Paint Jobs They Initially Went Into Business To Do.stay Out Of The Collision Repair Busines, Dont Know What They Are Not Use This Company Unles You Have Some Crap Box Car You Dont Care About The Quality.


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