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Lyft customer service is ranked #806 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 22.15 out of a possible 200 based upon 148 ratings. This score rates Lyft customer service and customer support as Terrible.


146 Negative Comments out of 148 Total Comments is 98.65%.


2 Positive Comments out of 148 Total Comments is 1.35%.

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    • 22.15 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 146 negative comments (98.65%)
    • 2 positive comments (1.35%)
    • 6 employee comments
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    • 1.3 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Alexander

I was with a friend of mine going from San Jose CA to SF CA. Using Lyft driver name AMAN Noori. We start conversation Aman confessed that the night before he had picked up a yang girl who was intoxicated and he had stoped his car for few minutes and he had touched her everywhere. He said she was so drunk she did not know what was going on, I parked my car and reach back and rubbed her.... I asked Lyft cant tell that you are stoped at random location for few minutes? no they might thing I am stuck in traffic, I pick up lots of hot girls and some drunk I touch them anywhere I want and they dont know anything, they are Bs anyway I could not what I was hearing. I hope that Lyft looks at this guys background one more time. He made comments that was very disturbing. I do not have Lyft account it was my friends account that we were using. I asked my friend for The drivers information he could not only give me his name. Mohammad Noori but the driver said his name is Aman Noori.

Posted by Knightress13

Taking a deposit without being able to check or talk to anyone feels really unkind. Please fix this...

Posted by Anonymous

Lyft customer support is nonexistent. I have emailed them multiple times since they don't have phone support and every email was replied to with silence.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a problem I have been over charged for quite a few rides that I haven't even taken will Will someone please look into this

Posted by Anonymous

an 82 year old customer called for Lyft who picked her up and drove her to the wrong location for Kaiser then got in a verbal argument with her accusing her of putting in the wrong address which she did not and then left her there. And charges her too.

Thank goodness She spoke with a women coming out of Kaiser who was kind enough to drive her to where she needed to go. This driver should be fired. Toyota Prius

Posted by Icerlyn stephenson

Hello my name is icerlyn I had caught a lyft friday night and his name is victor and I had told him the adress he put me out around the corner and he told me to get out and I had my son with me I need my money back because he didn't take me to my locattio please call me at thank you

Posted by Anonymous

the website is crap and the contact number hangs up on you. someone has charged 16 rides to my account and there is no way to get a hold of anyone to stop it. going back to uber or taxi. this is awful

Posted by theatrecats1

Waiting for 13.11 credit on ride with crazy drug addled driver, still have not received and and have gone through 6 reps, sent emails to corporate, been lied too and told credit was applied to no avail. Finaally filed complaint with The Better Business Bureau. 0 stars.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been billed on two c cards for one ride need to speak with billing dept asap

Posted by Anonymous

I gave them a$250 deposit for their rental car. They still don't have any available.
I have requested my money back. I am getting ignore and all communication with them is lost.
Have I been scammed?

Posted by Anonymous

for the past five days I have set in the early hours to only average one request per evening how am I expected to reach my 250 riders if I am not getting any requests. I accidently pressed a destination limit button I am open to any and all rides whenever and where ever available, I am not afraid of working so please don't push me on to uber

Posted by Jay

Good Afternoon,

Lyft is an excellent car service, however, tipping is up to the customer. You should inform and or have a method that an automatic taking of a tip from credit card etc is not done. Explain how tipping occurs to all.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello my name is Eva Cochran I picked up my first ride the CALLEr name was Victoria I picked her boyfriend up at Camron APARTMENT 55th Avenue and Indian School I took him to a hotel in North Scottsdale name Courtyard Hotel Pima and Chaparral and he did not pay me and when he got in the car and we took off it looks like she cancel the call my name is Eva Cochran my cell phone number

Posted by Anonymous

Your customer service sucks their is no one to talk to so how do you even call yourself customer service

Posted by Maria

I keep trying the phone is only a recording and does not allow you to push #2 it keeps hanging up.I would like to talk to a person over the phone to explain what I need not on the website..

Posted by Anonymous

System is screwed up aand leaves passenge r needs immediate help - your phone number hangs up versus answer the call after pressing 2
And I get no fate estimate!!

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Damian Calmett. Between myself and my husband we use Lyft about 5-6 times weekly. We have exclusively used Lyft rather than Uber for the past 2 1/2yrs. I always have my SERVICE DOG with me. She weights about 15 lbs. She always has her marked SERVICE DOG VEST as well as her leash. Tonight Jeremy in a red chev.Equinox 7UVK012 was suppose to pick me up at 815 N. La Brea in Los Angeles. The time was 9:07. We got in the car at which time in a loud yelling manner told me to get out of the car that he didn't take dogs. I showed him the leash saying SERVICE DOG. I told him that I was going to have to make a report of the ACLU for discrimination regarding handicap passengers. I was able to walk about a block away to 915 La Brea, sit down and I called another lyft who came in about 4 min.

Posted by Anonymous

I,m a LYFT driver who has the APP/web site which will not let me send a msg due to the problem. Unable to reach anyone for help. Have tried all remedies in help section. Web site is treating me like a new applicant for Driver. If I could reach a customer service agt it would be nice. ASAP I have been since 4/24/2017 THX for your help......I'm desperate! Forrest Davis

Posted by Anonymous

My credit card has been hacked by a lyft customer. Please screen your customers more thoroughly. It is not fair that I have to go through the trouble and inconvenience of changing my account because your company does not have the technology to prevent these things from happening.

Margo she

Posted by Anonymous

I can not get anyone on your it's a recording then it hangs up, so with that being said I would like someone to please call me when done reading this. Thank you and have a Bless day

Posted by Anonymous

This company is a scam! Some how got my card number and put charges on it. I don't even live in San Francisco! I live in Ohio, have never been to San Francisco!! Call the support number and you get a freaking answering service and it hangs up on you! This isn't the last time you will hear from me lyft!! Bunch of scammers!!

Posted by Guadalupe

I need someone to call me, I was over charged today 04/08/2017 I am a passenger with and this has never happened to me., please someone call me.

Posted by Anonymous not one live person is available to answer a question when its most important that the question gets answered asap..this online info doesn't help in time of true need...

Posted by nana.joyce @i

Have tried for 5 days too get someone from LYFT ON PHONE WITH NO ONE TOO HELP ME !!! This is the most difficult company I have EVER DELT WITH IN ALL OF MY 76 years !!!!! You need some kind of customer support !!!!

Posted by Anonymous

My kids catch a lyft to their school and job which both is under a 5 minute drive away from my home. How is it that I am being charged $15 for each ride they take. And to top it off today my daughter took the LYFT home from school ( Mind you a 5 minute drive away from my Home) I was NOT ONLY HIT WITH THE $15 FEE BUT ALSO AN ADDITIONAL $9.13 FEE ON MY DAMN CARD. YOU GUYS ARE A RIP OFF AND WHEN YOU CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER ALL YOU GET IS AN AUTOMATED SERVICE RECORDING AND THEN IT HANGS UP ON YOU ... I'M BEYOND PISSED RIGHT NOW.......

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Posted by Anonymous

Mr. Joey Everett picked up my husband and me at the John Wayne airport from Austin, Texas and our destination was about 40 minutes away at about 4:15pm on Fri January 6th. We waited about 4 minutes after he accepted to pick us up. Mr. Everett was courteous, helpful, and the perfect conversationalist. He was a bright light for the beginning of our weekend for a 60th birthday celebration in San Clemente with family and friends. I would highly recommend Lyft based on our pleasant and easy ride to our destination. Thank you so much for getting us to our destination, Me. Joey Everett!

Posted by Anonymous

Wasnt sure who to contact in my case. I want to commend the company, Lyft, on their good samaritan ways. There is one Lyft driver that I want to make a comment on, his name is Tim Baxter. I was stranded In Del Paso Heights, CA, and Tim saw that I needed help. He picked me up as a passenger, and drove me home, so that I could get friends to help me to also get my car home, which was broke down. I read the web page for Lyft and saw that drivers are rated. I want to rate Tim as a 5 star driver. He was very friendly, and drove me safely home. Lyft should be proud of having Tim on their team. If I should ever need a ride, I will be sure to get in touch with Lyft, and also recommend Lyft to my friends and family. Skyelar Smith

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Posted by Damion

I did a ride about 2 weeks ago an Lyft still haven't paid me or told me what I did wrong

Posted by Unhappy

Warning when you attempt to apply for LYFT as driver and need to rent a car. It was necessary to rent I car because I own a 2-door convertible. On 5/27/17, I applied and passed the DMV and background check. As of 7/12/17, I still wasn't approved. Numerous times, I received text message asking me to upload the same information, i.e. Driver's Licenses and Car Insurance. Every time, I followed-up with Customer Service and was told to be patient because it is manual process. In the day of technology, it does not take over 6 weeks. Frustrated, I WITHDREW my application. In less than 3-hours, I received an email from Customer Service that I was rejected (without a reason) with the 3rd sentence stating "If you want to move foward to please let them know." This confusion and unprofessional is the reason I WITHDREW my application. It makes absolutely no logical sense. I sent another email requesting for my interaction to be recorded as WITHDREW and not REJECTED because it is misleading. Of course, I haven't received a response. It's my opinion that Lyft really doesn't want persons to rent a vehicle thru them and take advantage of their program to lower the weekly rental cost by the amount of trips you make. If you drive 75 trips per week the rental cost is $0 versus $200. I recently left Corporate America to launch an online business, and wanted to use the flexibility of driving for Lyft to supplement my income; therefore, making 75 trip in a metropolitan area was highly feasible. For a 25-years, I've worked in Management for 3 of the top 30 Fortune 500 Companies but the unprofessionalism and unorganization is the worst I have ever experienced. This is my 1st and hopefully last low-ranking review I will make on business. I have always been a Lyft rider but I will change and refer others to Uber, even in the midst of their current turmoil.

Posted by Georgia Pullom

Applied as a driver with Lyft. Mentor appointment was arranged for Saturday Jan 7th at 11am. I waited for 45 minutes and the mentor did not show up. There was no call, message, nor text. I am very disappointed. So what should I do at this point?

Posted by Anonymous

I logged on to pick up customers and my phone stopped working in am still logged on line how do I fix it is done want to lose my job

Posted by Anonymous

I'm a driver in Cincinnati OH for a little over a month. I have given over 150 rides and I have not seen my $500 bonus or any new driver bonus. Was wondering when should I recieve it

Posted by Anonymous

I apply for to drive for your company couple of months ago, and someone was sent to inspect my car and documents, and everything was fine with my car. I thought your office was going to contact me and let me know when to start work. However, to my surprise, no one contacted me. I waited for months and still had no response from your office. I made an effort to contact your office without much result. I am still interested. Please call me. My name is John, and my number is 919-649-9191. Thanks


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