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Posted by Anonymous

My flight got cancelled on 2nd March from Frankfurt to Boston.I had to stand for 8hrs to get Boarding Pass and then connecting flight to Montreal and then further Boston by Air Canada.Only water and Biscuits were served.I had Indian Passport where no hotel arrangements were made...I was not allowed to leave the Airport.Euro 5 was given where I could afford only MacDonalds Meal.Only 2 ladies were their at The Conter.Cannot handle Disaster Management.Vouch not to travel by Lufthansa any more.

Posted by Towne

If you'd like to know how unimpressive customer service can get, try flying Lufthansa. On a side note, security check point at this airport is hell. If you have only one hour time lag between your connecting flight, just prepare to ask your airline for the next available flight. Back to what happened, I just flew in from an 11 hour flight from Bangkok to Frankfurt and missed my connecting flight at 8.30am from Frankfurt to Poznan. I was then directed by the airline staff to their service counter in Frankfurt airport. Now, the boarding gate is in terminal B while the Lufthansa service counter is in terminal A. Takes another 10 minutes to walk (as in half walking and half running) which you can imagine how inconvenient this airport is. Now at service counter, I tell the staff giving out the queue number that we missed our flight and investigation begins..."why did you miss your flight," "Didn't you look at the boarding time," "You were supposed to be there well in advance"....what the hell I ask myself. Is this customer service or police interrogation? Now, we get the queue number and get to the counter. Once we told the staff at the counter our situation, to my amazement, she was the first person I found very helpful...the FIRST person at this airport to actually try to assist us and not act like a freaking robot. She said the next connecting flight was at 4pm and then another one at 7pm via Munich. Of course we asked her if she could help us get on the waiting list for the 4pm flight as we were on an official trip. She went to her supervisor and returned to us saying that her supervisor was not open to any negotiations as the flights were fully booked. Even if we said that we would pay for any upgrades or difference in our ticket class, no discussions can be made. Now, this type of "who cares in your face attitude" is the last thing that any weary and stressed traveler needs. Don't get me wrong, I truly commend Ms. Sereka, the staff who was trying to assist us as much as she could going through the needed extent to check every possible options for us. But if you are flying Lufthansa via Frankfurt and you have an emergency and need help while her supervisor, Ms. Nina PruBmeier is on duty, don't even hope for anything. This lady does not have the guts to confront and help her customers. So, you missed your flight, it's your fault so suck it up. I will sit here for another twelve hours and wait to be reroute to my destination. Thank you for the experience Lufthansa.

Posted by Mihai

I called the lost luggage department 24 hours after I files the claim. After a 20 minute wait on the line someone picked the phone. They told me my luggage was lost when I changed planes. When I asked what is their estimate time to find my bag based on previous experience and what they found out so far, the person on the phone answered with a rude and superior tone that they cannot possibly know. I will call back in 24 hours.

Posted by BRSY

On my 3 most recent long-haul international flights, Lufthansa has run out of meal choices. The last 10 rows of the plane were stuck with pasta.

Lufthansa, you're not even trying to be world-class if up to 80 people per flight are stuck with meals they wouldn't choose.

And, no, I won't book your horribly-designed business class just to get the meal right. Many airlines have substantially more comfortable business class.

Posted by Anonymous

Tried five times no Kept on hold for at least half an hour each time No response. Harjit

Posted by DAZZ415

I've called their customer service number and no one answers!!!! Phone rang ten times unti; I hung up. I will NEVER book with Lufthansa again EVER!!!!

Posted by traveler

Absolutely horrendous customer service in Frankfurt. Waiting an answer from the Lufthansa Service Team for over a month now regarding THEIR mistake on my booking that caused my a lot of trouble.

Posted by Customer relation is awful

My husband, my daughter and I arrived today at Minsk's airport to take the 6:40AM flight and we learnt that we couldn't fly because the airline made a mistake on my daughter's ticket travelling on my lap. So I had been told "Your husband and you can fly but your daughter cannot"... trying to be funny...

The person on site supposedly phoned lufthansa in Frankfurt but noone answered her, additionally her computer was down. So I used my US phone to call US customer service (which cost me a lot of money)

I don't know who made the mistake either the checkin or lufthansa but this was very STRESSFUL especially with an infant. Moreover the airport is 2 hours away from our home so we had fun driving back and forth...

Someone from lufthansa called us be back 30 minutes later to let me know that my husband, my daughter and I had been rebooked the day later. We had been proposed two departing flights from Minsk 6:40AM or 2:20PM. We picked the 6:40AM since the layover in Frankfurt is longer. We were supposed to receive a confirmation email and a phone call but NOTHING came 3 hrs later.

After checking my booking online I realised that my husband was booked for the 6:40am flight but my daughter and I were booked for the 2:20pm flight from Minsk. Was the person on the first call not listening?! Wasn't it logical to book the whole family on the same flight especially if there were available spots?!

AGAIN I had to call the customer service. The first person I talked to told me she could not change my daughter's and my ticket. And that having 1h00 layover in Frankfurt to catch the international flight to NYC is not a problem... REALLY has she already travelled with an infant?!! And to the USA with stricter security measures?!

I called again and after 59 minutes the problem was finally solved!! (first I was asked to pay about $1000 to have my daughter's ticket and mine changed, but after reading the notes the agent understood the situation). I DID pay initially an extra fee for my husband and I to have an assigned seat with a bassinet. After this call a request has been placed and while boarding we realized we had NO bassinet. I had to complain again!

To finish, this is UNACCEPTABLE to experience such problem with an infant and moreover travelling on lap. This day has been VERY stressful for the whole family and I now realised that "noone is sorry for the inconvenience" because I haven't heard back from the customer uncaring relations for over a month.

Posted by Anonymous

Lufthansa Website Sucks! When I login from Saudi Arabia, it comes up in english and then changes to German! There is no icon to change it back to English. So I have to traverse the menu to get English selections and continue. Now I have to pay for seat selection ... So I select my seats, pay with my credit card, but don't get an acknowledgement or receipt. It's 2015 and this airline can't get their website to be customer friendly!

Posted by Marvin

Dear Customer Feedback,

I am writing because of the neglectful treatment we received from your representatives. The flight was routed to Munich,because of bad weather and we missed our connecting flight to Budapest. My wife needs a wheelchair and rather than arranging a new connecting flight and transporting us to the connecting flight or al least helping us with ticketing, the Lufthansa representative left us to wait for airport support. Our German speaking friends were wheeled to their transfer point. They had the people and were going towards our destination.
We waited a half an hour and a vehicle picked us up and drove us about 500 feet to security, which was next to the bathroom we used while waiting. We had to go in and out of security where they fine checked all of our carry on luggage.
We then took an elevator and waited for the airport support people to pick us up.
As a contrast airport support people booked the next Lufthansa connecting flight to Budapest for tickets and luggage. They helped us contact our tour pick up contacts.
After passport check we had to walk several blocks to gate A38 without a wheel chair.
We were jockyed around waited on the third floor A64 location, went in and out of security because your agents did not feel like moving my wife's wheel chair. Our German speaking friends seemed to get good service.
Although everyone was polite we feel the Lufthansa were lazy or incompetent or both.

Posted by Piyush

Yesterday, I have boarded a Lufthansa flights(LH761 and LH440) from New Delhi (India) to Houston (USA).

I was mentally harassed at New Delhi airport due to cabin bag and laptop bag. The lufthansa employee first asked me to put my cabin bag at weigh machine which was weighed 7.8 KG (17.1961lbs) and then he asked me to put my Laptop bag along with cabin bag (which has my 15.6" Dell Laptop, Charger, Important documents, Medicines, Tooth Paste and Tooth Brush) and Both bags which include cabin + laptop bag weighed around 13kg (28.6601lbs) and then lufthansa employee also open my laptop bag and told me to take out my Important documents, Medicines, Tooth Paste and Tooth Brush from the laptop bag because laptop bags only for laptops and he asked me to put it into cabin bag and then Lufthansa has charged me $210.27 (INR13100) for checked in my cabin bag.

I really disappointed from the Lufthana the way they behaved and cost me $210.27 and mental harassing me at the Delhi Airport for arguing to put my Important Documents, Medicines, Tooth Paste and Tooth Brush in the cabin bag and when I argued on this, Lufthansa employee told me he would not allowed me to board the flight or checked in your laptop bag also if you do not take out all these items from your bag and he thoroughly inspected my bag at the checking counter for anything else.

I am really feeling bad to travel through Lufthansa. Please avoid mental traumatizing your customers which has no mistake and carrying the weighs under a limit and take some strict action against those employees which creating a problem for lufthansa also.

Posted by Errama

On Sunday 12th April Lufthansa from London to Frankfurt (LH903) delayed causing me to miss my connecting flight to Accra.The Lufthansa agent at Frankfurt was rude and told me she was doing me a favor just because she had offered me alternative options which I had said were unsuitable, in a middle of a conversation she walked out on me and told me she didn't have to deal with me only because i insisted she did the right thing by giving me an option to return to Accra that was suitable. She had a very unprofessional and indifferent attitude to my situation.

Posted by Noor

I took a 10 hours flight from Frankfurt to Vancouver with a dog in the cabin. Everything was going so smoothly till one of the hostesses was surprisingly rude.
I was getting on board, when she saw me with my dog in the carrier and she did not ask me to zip the carrier, she told me angrily to zip the carrier and that it has to remain zipped and if I tried to open it, she will make sure to bring me the authorities. I smiled back and told her "sure I can do that". Then she asked me to wait, and she called the security on board and told them to make sure that I will not open the carrier. I was taken by surprise by this rude manner. I did not ask her to speak nicely because I was already nervous of the flight and was astonished of her behavior although I was agreeing with the rules and I intended to follow them. Silly me I told her at the end "Thank you". I was more nervous during the flight because of that. As it was my first flight with Lufthansa, I think I will reconsider any flight with it again.

Posted by Arinna Weisman


I bought a ticket on Expedia for economy plus to Cape Town, South Africa from San Francisco, USA. I called twice to choose a seat and both times I was told there was no economy plus seating. When I returned from Munich to San Francisco there was economy plus seating and I was put in general economy.

Dec 3, 2014 - Dec 18, 2014, 1 round trip ticket $2,253.58


Posted by Me

Flew from USA to Kiev, Ukraine on 8/6/14 on Lufthansa. When I arrived Kiev my suitcase was not there. Went to Lost and Found and filed report. I had some questions and they directed me to the Lufthansa office, The Lufthansa employee said they did not know how to answer my questions and could not help. In 5 days my suitcase was delivered to me. Driver told me it would have been there sooner but Lufthansa gave them the wrong address. When I opened the suitcase I found some items were stolen and some broken items. I am asking for $1800 for lost and damaged items, replacement items

Posted by Anonymous

El día 5 viajé a Praga haciendo escala en Munich.No llegó la maleta.Me dieron este nº de Referencia prglh49770/ 05feb14/1202gmt a nombre de Alberto Gómez-Comino Bañuelos.Me la trajeron al día siguiente.A parte de las molestias ocasionadas,me estropearon la maleta que estaba en perfectas condiciones porque era nueva.Rota la cremallera,rozada por todas partes,y llena de arañazos.Me dicen que la lleve a una dirección y me la arreglan.Peeo esto no tiene arreglo .

Posted by Mahendra

Lufthansa German air lines is not worth travelling.we were to travel from Atlanta to Bombay via Frankfurt to Bombay on 23rd November 2013 but due to technical snag flight was called off.Note we are senior citizen.they put us on next day flight from Charlotte to Munich and from Munich to Bombay.Since there was delay in charllotte flight we were once again transfered to flight which would take us to Philadelphia and from Philadelphia to Munich and from Munich to Bombay.Note during leg flight from Atlanta to Philadelphia we did not get Asian Vegetarian food.We have to forego since there was no veg on board.We have to fill our belly with bread and soft drinks only.36 hours of flight for senior citizen and for first leg of journey no Asian veg food.Now that we are asking for compensation Bombay office is giving vague /lollipop reply by issuing us 5000 miles award points is it justifiable?

Posted by Anonymous

I Am Anne Moran A Oap Dob 09/11/43 I Travelled Last Evening From Frankfurt To Lhr On A Flight At 21.30

Not The One I Should Have Been On For Some Unknown Reason I Miss The Eairer Flight At 20.05 To

The Only Reason I Can Give Is That I Was Visiting My Daughter In Frankfurt And Her Little Girl ( My Granddaughter ) Had A Eye

Operation A Few Days Before My Mind Was Not In A Good Place

I Take Full Responsiblity Howerer, I Would Appreciate If You Could Look Into This For Me And See If You Could Refund Me Some Of The Money Maybe The Air Tax On The 20.05 Flight As There Were Some Free Seat Where I Was Seated (25e 25 B )

I Did Pay 257.49 E For The Return Flight And That Is A Lot Of Money For A Oap

As I Said It Was My Own Fault

I Will Be Flying Again In April With Luf And Will Continue To Do So As My Some Of My Family Live There

Thank You Anne Moran

Posted by harryvz2

Still waiting for reply

Complaint form filled in got automated reply

Posted by beirut to Canada

I lost 5 bags with all my belongings - not one single bag is found and the customer services in Canada are doing nothing or could not be bothered- is there a contact at a higher level in the HO- does anyone have it.


Posted by Very unhappy traveler

The worst airline in the industry and they wonder why they are losing market share. Case in point. I booked a flight from the US to UK in early April (flight is in November), paying in full for the flight. By August 10th Lufthansa had made 5 changes to my schedule, each adding time to the trip. I am to receive a total refund because of unacceptable connections but was told it would be 6-8 weeks to receive the refund. Beware!!!

Posted by ellen rennie

I need some assistance. We arrived in PHL flight from Naples Italy LH337 to FRA Germany flight LH426 to PHI on 21 July 2013. One piece of our luggage did not arrive. We completed a property irregularity Report #PHLLH 26336 with Agent Genevieve K. at PHI. We received a call that our bag was found and it would be delivered on 24July. Today is 26 July and we still have not received our luggage. When I call the Lufthansa phone 215-937-9732 I just get a message that I will be called back, but I do not get a call back and am becoming very frustrated with the lack of customer service. We would appreciate it if someone would let us know the status of our property.

Thanks you, Thomas Rennie

Posted by BILJANA

Dear Airline
I Just Wanted To Let You Know About The Worse Expiriance That We Had At The Airport.your Agents Were Very Unfriendly.
We Have Both Tkts Back I April And Had Aour Seats Asigned At The Time Of Ticket Purchase . When We Arived To Check In One Agent Told Us That We Are On A Stand By Basis And That We Do Not Have Seats . They Have Asigned One Saet Which Was Not The Same I Had. The Other 2 Seats They Said That They Could Not Asigned. When We Showed Thet The E-tkts With Seat Numbers They Would Not Eve Look At Those. Rudly They Send Us To The Gate. At The Gate We Were Told That It Is Not True That We Do Not Have Seats Asigned And That They Would Print Boarding Passes When The Boarding Starts.all This Time We Were Not Sure If We Are Getting On The Plain Or Not.
I Aproched Another Agent Just Tyo Ask What Is Going On . Rudly He Answerd That We Do Have Seats Asigned But The Problem Is We Did Not Reconfirm Them.and I Remember When We Called To Reconfirm We Were Told There Is No Need To Reconfirm . I Wissh You People Would Put Your Act Together And When You Are Lyiong To Your Passengers At List All Of You Should Tell The Same Story.
This Is Just Not Write To Treat Passengers Like This.we Are Paying Your Salery And We Expect To Be Trated Like Human Being.
Plse Send Explanation What Happend Today At The Airport.
Our Pnr Numbers Are
Surjancev/katarina 4ne9k8
Pavlovic/ Gojko 4m8xrx
Pavlovic/olga 4nfgf8

Thank You.

Posted by Anonymous

My flight from Frankfort to Budapest 2/22/13 could not have been better: great food & attendants, comfy, pretty interior, far superior to any other airline. On arrival in
Frankfort, Lufthansa was striking, causing a missed flight to Budapest & a day of prepaid entertainment plus a miserable nightmare night in Frankfort with expensive, dirty accommodations. My thinking is that Lufthansa would want to make restitution for the $384 the strike cost me, an 80-year-old on her once in-a-lifetime trip to paternal grandparents' European stomping grounds. Thank you. Jean

Posted by Irena

The most horrible experience ever ! I changed a flight booking and the agent changed it for a wrong date ! I paid $335 in fees. When I saw the mistake and called back. Lufthansa not only did not apologize but they charged me another $69 to change to the original date I wanted. I would never recommed Lufthansa to anybody! If you ever use Lufthansa make sure you check what the agents are doing. They have hard times listening to the customer. At the end customers service will tell you: 'We are all humans. We make misatkes' and will charge you for THEIR mistake !!! Good luck with Lufthansa.

Add your review!

Posted by Abdala Junior

Dear Lufthansa administrators, greetings!

I was on the flight that left Barcelona to São Paulo, with connection in Frankfurt on May 28, which was to leave from Barcelona at 18:50, on flight number 1133.
At the time I was very well attended by his Costumer Relation Contakte, a gentleman who helped me greatly, whose name I think is Ernest.
Go to him and the whole company with my sincere compliments and thanks.

Roberto Abdala Jr.

Posted by Anonymous

On October 2nd We flu to Slovenia through Munich. The flight from Tel Aviv left an hour late so We missed the connection. You nasty agent in the airport gave us seats in row 38 although we were quiet early and there were at least 120 people after us. We couldn't (as you know) tilt our chairs, There was a long line to the bathroom all the flight without a quiet moment. When the food cart arrived we had no choices of the main dishes and we had to settle for the leftovers. As I said we missed the flight to Ljubljana and had to spend the night in Munich. The next flight was at noon the day after so we lost the money of the hotel in lake Bohin and of course the rented car that was given to somebody else because of no show + we lost a day of our vacation. On our flight today We had a vonderful stuardess ( Katrin Wonneberger -who treated us cordially, made us feel at home & catered us (and the others of course) as VIP's. We highly recommend her, as she made us leave with a better feeling than we came in.

Posted by Sai

I was very impressed with the service provided by Ms V.Singh on flight LH758 to Chennai on Dec 23 2013. Her service was delivered with a smile and was sincere and genuine. I commend you for employing a person like her.

Posted by dsiedsch

I wanted to extend my greatest appreciation to the Gate crew on Z23 in Frankfurt on 27 August 2013 flight to Newark. I was connecting from another airline and my checked back had been improperly tagged. I apologize I did not request the name of the helpful woman who gave me my boarding pass. (2-toned eye shadow, long brown hair) She set her ci-workers on the hunt for my bag, and it arrived with me in the States!
Please accept my many thanks, I was coming out of Afghanistan and had been traveling over 36 hrs by that time. To know someone cared that much to look after me is truly a great credit to your company.
I live your company and experiences like that will lead me to continue to!

Posted by Buzzbay

I see a lot of complaints. Here is a different story: some time in mid-2012, I forgot my iPod on the plane. Since I know from previous experiences that it is difficult to trace small lost items, I didn't bother to pursue it. About four weeks ago, I get an e-mail from someone at Lufthansa that they had found an iPod with my e-mail address. A week or so later, FedEx dropped off my iPod with the earphones.

That is why I will always prefer to fly Lufthansa from Boston to Europe.

Ulrich F.W. Ernst, Ph.D.

Posted by [email protected]

On 21 September I flew from Pristina and was faced with a strike that meant I would not make my planned connection to London. Your staff at the Frankfurt office and in particular Bulent Somak and M/s Yuko Yabe were nothing short of excellent in finding an alternative and provide a level of customer care I have rarely experienced. Please pass on my specfic thanks to them.

Posted by Anonymous

I just returned to Colorado from a 9 day visit to Germany. When I made my reservations in July I requested low-salt meals. (I flew Economy)

All of the meals served to me were delicious, well seasoned (without salt!) and pleasing to the eye. Lufthansa earns 5 stars out of 5 for the excellent meals served to me.

Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

REFERENCE: Confirmation LHS2HQ

I just returned from the Czech Republic. I would like to tell you how impressed I was with the personal assistance I received from Lufthansa. I had a wheelchair waiting for me every step of the way! I would not have been able to make this trip without your assistance. Furthermore, the meals served were excellent, hot,and very tasty. Red wine was complimentary. To top it off, brandy was served after the meal.
I have travelled a lot in my lifetime, but I have never been served like I was on my last trip to Europe. I am 86 years old. I dont know how much more travelling by plane I will do. However, If I do make another trip to Europe, I most certainly will choose Lufthansa. Thank you again and again.

Sincerely, Frank Chudoba

Posted by Anonymous

I called to reserve seats on my flight and the customer service agent was very polite and helpful (and there was no wait after I pressed 0 to speak with her!).

Posted by Anonymous

travelled from tel aviv to manchester with a connecting flight from Frankfurt, staff were very helpful and polite plane was on time.
simply put the best airline ive ever travelled with i shall only use lufthansa from now on.

Posted by Anonymous

When i missed my connecting flight due to weather conditions, i was given a phone to reach my family back home. i was checked into a very nice hotel, given three meal vouchers, had dinner at the hotel as well as breakfast all these at their expense.

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to get my United Air Miles Plus number entered and Lufthansa Customer Service was very helpful and curteous.


Posted by Anonymous

I escaped out of Tripoli on 23-Feb-2011.
Lufthansa brought in a jumbo 747....their usual plane into Tripoli is an A319. They remained on the tarmac till the last possible
After arriving in Frankfurt they booked us in the Sheraton hotel at their expense. In a difficult went that extra mile.

Thanks so much
Peter Kostelnyk

Posted by Anonymous

I traveled from Rome to Boston recently, the service was amazing, we lost the connection to our flight to Boston in Frankfurt, however, the Lufthansa staff was very helpful with a positive atitud willing to help customers. They paid for the hotel, dinner and breakfast, all the service at Lufthansa was great. I recommend this airline 100%.

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