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Lowe's customer service is ranked #122 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 54.57 out of a possible 200 based upon 1325 ratings. This score rates Lowe's customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


1,079 Negative Comments out of 1,325 Total Comments is 81.43%.


246 Positive Comments out of 1,325 Total Comments is 18.57%.

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    • 54.57 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 1,079 negative comments (81.43%)
    • 246 positive comments (18.57%)
    • 29 employee comments
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    • 2.6 Issue Resolution
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    • 4.3 Friendliness
    • 4.0 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Lowe's selling people the produc

I purchased a 33 boxes flooring product in Cross Iron Mills, Alberta location on 19 May, 2018. The next morning i was scheduled for a pick up. I checked with the store if it is ready for the pick up next morning, they said it should be all good to go. But just before entering Lowe's i got a call back saying that they no longer had the product, their inventory system was giving them the wrong information.
As a part of solution, i talked to the manager, who quoted me the price that would go at-least $600 for an alternative product of similar range. I complained to the customer service, they quoted me at-least $1500 additional cost of the similar product. At the end, i spent nearly 2 days to figure their whole system out.
1) I cannot imagine a multinational company with such a crappy supply chain system, they run on negative inventory and sell the products that they dont have on hand.
2) Really surprised to see they are not accountable for the mistakes they do, instead they would ask the customer to pay for their mistakes.
3) Such a mismatch between the store and the customer service, i cannot see them performing as a team while they keep the customer at the center.

Please do not go any buy any products through Lowe's. The capitalist organization who sells their products while they dont even have it, misguide the customer saying that they would match the price and the central customer service uses a different language. At the end of the day, everyone has to pay for their mistake!

Highly encourage you to go and buy at the local flooring places, they really care about you and take a customer centered approach.

Posted by Ian

I finished a small electrical project a few weeks ago and I had a few unopened parts left over - probably under $30 bucks worth. I (used) to shop at 3 stores & I was not sure which store I bought the parts from and of course no receipts. Store 1 says they can't accept the returns because they could not find the purchase on the credit card. Store 2 tells me the same thing and tells me to call the customer service number on the bottom of the "no refund ticket". Customer "service" turns out to be a message service telling me to leave a message and they will get to me in a few days "but for faster service send us an email". Of course there is no email address given on the phone message or anywhere on their website. I finally get a chat window and the nice women tells me essentially that Lowe's doesn't give a rats ass about anything and nobody cares about what I think. I could go on but I have wasted too much time with these idiots.

Meh, I am out $30, they are out a customer for a lifetime. I will probably go back to see what stuff they have when they go out of business.

Posted by catherine

February 2, 2018 - BEWARE MAYTAG WASHERS... bought a Maytag washer, it does not work properly. When the tech came out he was told by Maytag that the washer needs a dedicated circuit. MAYTAG WON'T HELP, LOWE'S BLAMES MAYTAG, MAYTAG BLAMES THE INSTALLER AND THE INSTALLERS ARE JUST 'hook up" guys... this is not acceptable. I WANT A REFUND. I WANT THE CONSUMER TO BE TOLD THAT THE NEW MACHINES NEED A DEDICATED CIRCUIT. this devious behavior of omitting important facts regarding the operation that a consumer would not, under normal circumstances, know abut is NOT ACCEPTABLE. I WANT A REFUND.

Posted by Squid Postie

We are shopping for double wall ovens. it has taken three weeks to get someone out to measure for the installation. now it is three days later and the information is not in the system so we cannot order and buy our new ovens. the store says they can not do anything and corporate puts me on hold for ever. i have never seen a company that does not wnt to take my money. I will never shop with them again.

Posted by Anonymous

Every time I shop Lowes, I usually have to ask 3 employees before someone know the location of the item I'm looking for. There is a general "don't care" demeanor from most of the employees. This is disappointing because it's a beautiful store.

Posted by Grumpy

And customer service. I followup call on measurements I had done for carpet install. Department never reachable by phone. Manager always busy. Cashier opens new line and waits on the people behind me instead of waiting on the next person in line So I left hundreds of dollars of merchandise just sitting. Just bad business.

Posted by DM

Online shoppers beware! If you use gift cards, once they have your money they don't care what happens. Customer service in store and online was worthless. 30 minute wait and never got through to their corporate website. There's a reason they get an abysmal 1 star for customer service - they try harder! lol

Posted by Bitter Burg

I had the best service at the lowes in Chilicohe, OH.Then I moved to Wheelersburg, OH.and I have had the worst experience at the lowes there. People don't know what they're doing at the stations there working at. Customer service people don't know what the salesthey are having. They don't give information up about delivery. Deliveries were made at times that we did not agree to. I have been completely disgusted with the way the Lowes is ran in Wheelersburgsburg, Ohio. To give a compliment with the bad complaint I have to accommodate Becky little. She assisted me greatly and gave me more confidence and the Very next Monday after I seen her on the earlier that Thursday I was let down again by the delivery man that brought my drywall. I was told it would be brought after 12 o'clock it was brought at 9:30. By the time I woke up and got outside they were getting ready to leaving and they had left my drywall in my driveway. I did catch them and they ]ut it in my garage but I do not appreciate things being changed without my knowledge or acceptance. I paid for a service I want the service as agreed upon.

Posted by Anonymous

25 minutes out door lighting not a single person to help. Asked 2 people 2 different times in other areas. Nada.

Posted by PK

I promised myself i would not buy a major purchase from Lowes again after a debacle over a fence. Well, i did. I bought a rug that i was supposed to have installed today. I am redoing my basement and was going to have a superbowl party down there I was trying for a week to reschedule to the following week(next week). After numerous calls, the installer finally called me back, to say that his guys were booked all next week. Unreal. Last time i buy from them. Well, superbowl party cancelled..thanks Lowes.

Posted by michalle1989

After spending over $9,000 on a new kitchen appliance package I am sad to report that the Lowes extended service plan is absolutely ridiculous. Buy your appliances and get an extended service plan at a store where they are actually going to FIX things and honor a replacement policy. 11 weeks ago our dishwasher started stopping mid cycle and an error code appeared. It could not be used. This is a "nice" dishwasher, allegedly. We called for service under our extended warranty. A week later comes the first guy and 11 weeks and 7 service visits later here we are. Not fixed, not replaced. Whats the problem you ask? Lowes requires that your appliance be repaired three time and that the repair fail three times before they will declare it a lemon. How can anything be declared a lemon if it can not be fixed even once? The warranty company cant figure out whats leaking and have guessed at what parts to order. Parts have arrived used, with hard water stains on them in the same location where the tech believes our dishwasher is leaking. The mysterious leak has shorted out other parts. Still no one can see where its leaking from even after my husband and I took turns laying on the floor during the cycle with a flash light taking pictures of anything that looked remotely wet. The service company keeps tickets open returning to the house more than once on the same call so in Lowes warranty system 7 trips to my house appears to be only 3.

Seven half days off work, Seven tech appointments each at least an hour. Five parts ordered to the house. What does that cost? How much is a new Dishwasher?

Ill be going to another store tomorrow to buy something new. I cant take the run around anymore. Then Ill spend 77 days on social media telling everyone who will listen about Lowes, their "extended service plan" and crappy customer service. Thats one day for every day Ive been waiting for my dishwasher to be fixed. Small claims court here we come.............

Enough is enough!

Posted by Della Ragland

My name is Della Ragland and I posted the 1\15\17 post at 10:43. And I also wanted to say that my issue with Lowe's gets even better. My mom is having surgery on 1/17/17 for home dialysis with no refrigerator.Another long story. And a manager has still not called me back since Friday. So onto my next calls and letters, so disappointed. Just looking at some of Lowe's complaints and someone needs to do something about it

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a Lowe's customer for between 8-10 years. And I have not had any real issues until I purchased a stove and refrigerator online from the West Ashley Store in Charleston S.C. First of all I never received a call to inform me of my delivery time. And after I called the store, I was told that they did not have the stove in stock. Now I'm pissed because we were having Christmas dinner at our house. To make a long story short I had to get a floor model. And even though I received a good deal it never should have had to come to that. We were also suppose to receive our refrigerator also, but I said that I could wait on that. And the refrigerator was suppose to be delivered on 12/26/16 and again I did not receive a call that it was not going to be delivered. I again called the store and now I am passed pissed of ( I am trying to refrain from cursing). I spoke with a manager and again got a good deal. But what I told him is that I have a disabled sister and a mother that's on dialysis. And they have a lot of appointments that I have to change after being told of an appointment date. I have enough to do and deal with and I don't need anything else on my plate. So now when I called today, guess what? Now it won't be delivered until 1/26 after I received an email confirmation for 1/25/17 delivery date. I can't believe that I am going through this and it does not seem to bother Lowe's managers that this has happened three times. So if you order anything from Lowe's to be delivered. You better keep up with your delivery date. Again I am so disappointed on the customer service that I have received.ð¤☹️ð¡ -0 on customer service and delivery service for Lowe's and I will never again recommend Lowe's to anyone

Posted by Barb

Spent $ 10,000 for a new kitchen. Granite counter top cracked in 24 hours. Took 3 months to get it replaced as Lowe's wanted to patch it. Repairman said this was not possible as granite was broken and repaired BEFORE arriving at my home. This was the most expensive granite they carried. Also bought back splash and insulated curtains. Installer broke 1st 2 sets of curtains. Now on 3rd set but they only lasted a year before falling apart.

Posted by Anonymous

Did not come to help us with carpet then customer service socks I had knee replacement surgery and had to exchange a bit fold door and they couldn't even bring the exchange door to the front I had to get it myself after I told them I had knee surgery and it's hard for me to walk back again to grab the door.

Posted by your worst enemy

Worst place ever!

I've ordered windows, I wasn't advised to go into a show room, I was given a catalogue [who picks there windows from a catalogue?] was guaranteed excellent quality. The installation was poor, water leaks on the ground and ledge- I sent over ten complaints, no management or leadership called to acknowledge or confirm a resolution. I spent over ten thousand dollars on windows and its completely rubbish- I rather hire a contractor than these coons
Best of luck, there completely a waste of time

Fat lards

Posted by Disgusted

Ordered Kitchenaid dishwasher for christmas changing out kitchen appliances.
Bought online, could have bought same dishwasher at Home Depot or Sears for same price but we have a lowes business acct. so we bought from lowes, said it would be delivered on 22nd of Dec. sale is over now product jumped 200.00 in price they are now telling me Jan 13th 2017. Total B. S. service thanks for ruining Christmas surprise. We do roughly 10,000.00 to 15,000.00 yearly with lowes. We will start doing business with Home Depot from now on.
P.S. Don't sell something you can't supply, you have lost our business.

Posted by Anonymous

I will never ever order or purchase a single thing from Lowes again. Ordered a stove and it was supposed to deliver 2 weeks ago. Got a call the night before that said it was out of stock. I received notice that it was back in stock and would deliver today between 11 and 1. I finally called after 1 when nobody showed up only to find out it's not delivering today but will deliver Friday. I'm so beyond ticked right now and this is so not ok. Just wasted an entire Saturday for absolutely nothing. This place is a complete joke.

Posted by Pres

Comments :I have been buying materials for the restoration of my old Farmhouse in Abingdon, Virginia for the last 7 years and am a frequent customer at Lowes. You lumber department is almost intolerable, i.e., you have to beg for help even if there are 3 or 4 you men standing around staring at their I-Phones and the contractor sales personnel are staring at the computer. I asked one young man to help me get to some lumber that was stacked so high that I could not reach it. He jumped up, pulled the lumber down and walked off. Talking with a manager is totally futile since they too are too busy to be bothered. It is not just ME. Standing in line (many times) to be checked out and you can hear the anger being reflected. You need for someone from Corporate to just come in and take a look for yourself. You have to beg for a cart to be brought in from outside at times. Lumber is scattered, crooked and warped. I was once told to take the treated 5/4 decking home and powerwash it to get rid of the black mold. You need help in this store and I do know that you have had more managers than I can count.

Posted by disappointed

Ordered a lawn mower on October 15th lawn mower was expected to be delivered on the 2oth. It never arrived so I called and they said it was a computer glitch and it would be arriving on the 27th and at the absolute latest the 28th. Its the 29th and it has not arrived so I called and the item has not even been shipped from the store that is only 15 miles away. They obviously do not care about service or their customers enough to even handle a simple order. Since I want to mow my lawn before it snows I will take my business elsewhere.

Posted by JustWantMyDoor

If you are ever considering shopping at Lowe's (specifically, the Lowe's of Grandville), DON'T do it! Save yourself the hassle! My husband and I ordered a door in July and now we won't be getting it until October 27th because Lowe's doesn't understand customer service or:

*How to contract competent installers (installer refuses to call us until 8pm or later after repeated requests to contact during NORMAL business hours).

Or even how to contract their own brand of entry door manufacturers for that matter (purchased a custom Reliabilt door only to have it come in so warped it would not seal against the frame). We had to wait 2 weeks for an additional frame, only to have it sit at the store because the installer could not be reached

So, beyond frustrsted with this place.

The only reason we have an install date is because I had to call the installer and nag them myself, even though they have a whole department for that.

We have an incident open, but we keep getting bounced around from one department to a CPO, then back again. So far, no resolution.

It is very evident that not ONE person involved in our order cares to resolve this matter.

Posted by Mike

Spent my lunch at Lowes in Warner Robins GA with the intention of buying an above the range microwave and couldn't get any service. Even after going to customer service and asking for assistance. Wow, an unbelievably negative experience.

Posted by Anonymous

I ask an employee for help about a dryer connection and she told me to go to aisle 4 not knowing what to look for. Its sad that a customer was better than she was and he explain what I needed to do.

Posted by KATTY

I went to order custom shades, knew what sizes I needed and exactly which one I wanted. It took me 15 mins to find someone then that person had to call to find someone else to help me in the shade department. After this agent called I was told another agent was on the way to help me. I waited around 36 mins and nobody ever showed up. On my way out I approached 3 managers that were standing around talking and told them what happened and I got absolutely nothing out of them. They just starred at me, I am just so tempted to go back today just to get their names to make a formal complaint. It amazes me how these places care so much about the customer yet because they are giants they get to do whatever they want and not even provide assistance. I much rather show from small local friendly business than Lowes. They are AWFUL!

Posted by Police Officer Moses Walker Jr.

The purpose of this letter is to invite you and your organization, Lowe's, as a public service, to our P/O Moses Walker Jr. Community Job October 8th, 2016 at Harrison Community Center 1240 N.10th Street from 12 p.m. until 4 p.m.

Police Officer Moses Walker Jr. was shot and killed while coming home from his early morning shift, Saturday August 18th 2012. Moses entered the Philadelphia Police Academy in March of 1993 as a Police Recruit. In August of that year, he was promoted to the rank of Police Officer and like many rookie officers, was assigned to foot patrol in the Department's Center City District. After walking the beat in Center City for several months, he was assigned to the 23rd District on March 31, 1994.

Moses would find a home patrolling the streets of North Central for the next 18 years. He was known by both his fellow officers and the residents he served as a courteous, polite and humble man. His service extended past the Police Department. He was also an active member of the Deliverance Evangelist Church, located at 2001 West Lehigh Avenue. There he served as a Deacon and was known as an optimistic man who always saw the good in people. He shined in his church role, teaching benevolence through his actions as well as his words. Officer Moses Walker Jr. was 40 years old, and served with the Philadelphia Police Department for 19 years.

Our goal is to provide a job fair to help the community.


The Police Officer Moses Walker Jr. Foundation

Executive Director,

Wayne Walker

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Posted by Contractor

Good store, decent customer service IF you can find a qualified person.

The website sucks! terrible search engine, glitchy navigation, and poor store finding/matching to pricing.

Posted by Anonymous

My experience at Lowes in Rockford, Il was exceptional! I was there to order Bali blinds for my windows. The customer service I received from salesperson Dakotah Gorsuch was extremely satisfying. He was very knowledgeable and conscientious. He was very nice and just a pleasant young man. I would hope that if I ever need assistance in that department that I would be lucky enough to have Kakotah again!

Posted by Olivia

Great service from Olivia,store located at warden and Eglinton. Without his help, I won't buy the glass trimmer. I'm very happy with his service.

Posted by ddrahota

Went to Lowes store on West Maple St. in Omaha Ne., I broke a part on a ceiling fan and the gentleman replaced it immediately at no charge. What great service, although I shop there often I now tell my friends to due to their great service. Thank you Lowes for going beyond great service.
Don Drahota NE.

Posted by Anonymous

I visited store #0629 in Nashville, TN. We had a wonderful experience with one of your employees named DENNIS. We were looking for a new light for the kitchen. Didn't know a thing about LED, but Dennis explained everything to us and we purchased a light plus bulbs for other parts of the house. He was very informative and answered all the questions we had. You should be very proud of this gentleman. AND he did not seem like he was in a hurry. He helped two OLD people to understand about this new lighting.

Posted by Anonymous

Great service!

Posted by Trundle

We shopped Lowes in Fort Oglethorpe GA today where a Lady by the name of Lynda W was our cashier,she was the best at her job that we have met...Not only was she informative with the information we needed we feel she went beyond what she had to with her position.So Thank you again Lynda W for your great help with our purchase.

Marilyn Trundle

Posted by DRHarris

We recently purchased full replacement windows for our entire home. The service we received was fabulous. From start to finish, everyone was professional, especially the sales representative (Steven) who came to our home and completed all the measurements needed to order the correct windows. Also, the installation guy (Daniel) did an A+ job; everything looked perfect before he left. He was one of the most knowledgeable workers we've experienced from dealing with Lowes. My husband and I are extremely happy with our window replacement experience.

Posted by John

Needed to buy a washing machine as the other broke. The average wait for delivery was two weeks. For critical applances that are needed daily I would recommend two day delivery, if not you loose customers.......

Luckily you had a good employee that saw us leaving and was able to make a quicker delivery happen to secure a $700 sale.

Posted by Impressed!

Very Impressed!
Im very impressed and grateful with the service I received today for the second time by the same employee Piotr Golabek from closet and doors dept from the store at Brickyard. He was so servicial in both ocasions! My closet didnt bring any hardware, but he helpmed me solve the problem inmediately. Employees like this you dont find in this kind of stores..that is if you find one employee!

Posted by Ronnie

I would like to comment on the excellent customer service on that I received on 3/11/2016 at the Warner Robins,Ga store. I assistant's I received from Nick in the plumbing department was beyond anything I expected. His professionalism and care was over and beyond anything I was expecting.

Posted by Anonymous

On 3/6/16 I walked into Lowes of upper west side just browsing. First thing that caught my eye was a sign that says ... "We'll pot for free" I nearly lost my mind of excitement. I ran into an employee on the floor who knew nothing about plants but suggested that I speak to someone named Lindsey who works in the plant area. Lindsey was walking out the door with her coat on, and she told me she would answer any questions I had. I insisted that she go home but she let me know she would find someone who knew the section well. She came back with a manager who soon followed, and a man who knows everything by the name of Ed Walsh who did an amazing job on my palm tree. Without being asked Lindsey jumped right in she took off her coat and put her bags down to help where Ed took off. She anwered all my questions in a professional way and not only were they moving at a great pace but both their humors together had me laughing all the way home. I have had bad experiences customer service at Upper West side in the short time I've visited but people like Lindsey and Ed are for customers like me that the neighborhood needs. I will definitely be back for Mr. Ed Walsh who knows everything but I will also be back for Ms. Lindsey who is amazing with plants and personality.

Thank you upper West side for people like them. I will be back again.

Posted by Bill

The good Customer Service attitude that used to be prevalent at the Lowes on North Nevada in Colorado Springs seems to have recently changed course considerably, at least in the Plumbing Department. I am remodeling the bathroom in an apartment and am stopping in about every day or two for something. The Plumbing Department personnel (with one exception, so far), are really not very cordial or helpful. I'm seriously thinging of switching to Home Depot, though it is farther away.

Posted by Anonymous

I just purchased a washer and dryer at a great price at the Selinsgrove Lowe's. Brandon in appliances was very helpful, let me know what I needed and how I could make all the arrangements for purchase, delivery and installation over the phone. I called and he did make the arrangements for me by phone. I was transferred to customer service and Meg was extremely kind and made it easy to complete my purchase. Thank you, Meg, Brandon and Lowe's.

Posted by shopper

We had an outstanding shopping experience with Cristine in appliances at the Williamsville NY Lowes. She is the best, we would drive from Rochester to work with her.

Posted by BMills

I would just like to sincerely thank Brianna Oliver for being so kind and thoughtful. She did nothing but smile and help my husband and I try to find the correct mirror online to match our decor in our bathroom.

Posted by Dr. C

What started off as a bad experience at the Farmingdale, NY (Price Ave) store, turned into a really good experience after a gentleman named Phillip came to assist us. The first three people we asked to help us either walked away or had no information or answers. This man was familiar with the stock, understood what we wanted and gave helpful suggestions for working out our DIY project. He was polite, personable, and very helpful. We would have left the store in frustration had he not taken it upon himself to assist us. Clone him/put him in charge of training. This is guy's an asset to your store.

Posted by L

any calls). I emailed to their customer service and they confirmed 90 day return policy on air compressors. I went back to the store.....and the same old lady, the same story :( ....talked to the manager in charge L....(sorry, don't remember name) Thank you to him, solved everything in a minute.

Posted by N/A

I would like someone to pass on my thanks to the dave Sullivan the department manager in helping us choose the best door for our home we first went to a different lowe's but they were not much help in short terrible service. We almost went to home depot but we like lowe's and now we are glad we did Dave Sullivan was not only frendley but was so knowledgeable of the doors it blew me and my wife away.after we picked out our door he went way above and beyond and thanked me for my military service. Now that's respect which is becoming uncommon today sorry for making this so long but just wanted to let your company know what a great employee you have in him thanks again. Mr.Ellis

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, I shopped the Garden department on Saturday the 12th and was overwhelmed with the courteous helpful service from Bryan and Kris. From offering to help on this for me struggling to get bags of mulch off the shelf and loading them onto the dolly to loading them into my car and thanking me for shopping there.Kris seems like such a nice boy and I let him know that his parents should be very proud. Thank you for taking the time to hire him he's an asset to your store it was such a pleasurable experience the whole time I was there made my daunting task of buying mulch into a nice memory

Posted by Anonymous

We recently purchased a kitchen from lowes store 1168 from Debra in cabinets! We are pleased with the service she provided! She was very kind, professional, and personable!

Posted by Ljubo

Paul from the outside garden was very helpful and he helped us choose our plants with great devotion. Thank you Paul and Good Luck!

Posted by ALUZ

We would like to say what wonderful customer service we have received from Tricia Metz when remodeling our kitchen at the Lowe's in Carlsbad.

Tricia is the kind of person who goes above and beyond what is required for her job. Her knowlege, professionalism & outstanding customer service is exactly what we had hoped for.

We will certainly recommend her to our friends and we are very satisfied with our experience there.

Tricia is a gem and she is a great example of the kinds of people your company hires.

Marcia and Dean Krum

Posted by takmac

I generally like shopping at Lowes, but their after-purchase support stinks..
If YOU need to contact THEM for information on deliveries or installs, Something is Wrong. If you wait until the next millenia for Customer Service or a Dept inquiry to respond, Something is Wrong. If you need to have a Supervisor find
out why no one answers their phones mid-afternoon, Something is Wrong! I would think that Management would check out their own phone system and customer service response once in awhile - a multitude of issues would be revealed and hopefully corrected.

Posted by Kent Loehr

On July 21, 2015 we had the Fort Collins, Colorado Lowes Store deliver a upright Freezer which had to be disassembled and taken to our basement and then reassembled. I just want to Thank You for the exceptional gentlemen (Steve & Duane) who made every effort to deliver this new Freezer. They were phenominal! They were so careful and patient while moving this item down our staircase. Please let them know, how Thankful we are and will continue to put Lowes at the very top of our list when considering all appliance and future product purchases.
Kent & Nancy Loehr

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Posted by Anonymous

I work for Lowe's #2405 in Avondale, PA. The management team is horrible and treats the original hires pretty bad and are trying to weed us out. I got written up for something that every upper manager and our LP should've gotten written up for. The management team is totally bias and our human resources manager cannot speak respectfully when associates go to her. Our store manager screams and uses profanity with associates on the sales floor. VERY unprofessional. Wonder why the employee moral is horrible at this store. I may be receiving a write up/termination for a note that I didn't write. You can't contact a corporate HR about employee relations. What company doesn't have a number? Lowe's. Ever since my previous store manager was terminated, our new store manager is weeding through employees like it's out of style! This is THE WORST company I've EVER worked for. I hope someone from corporate sees this and contacts me. Because I WILL get a lawyer and sue for a BIAS store that I worked at.

Posted by employee

Lowes is the worst company to work for. They are liars and will find excuses to fire you for stupid reasons. That's why you can't find good service in the stores. However people will buy, but hope most will stay away as much as possible.

Posted by Anonymous

Lowe's is a rotten place to work. The wages are low, medical insurance is sky high, and management makes you feel like a piece of crap because the voice of the customer scores are low. They are low due to management/corporate​ constantly cutting hours. If you don't have enough employees to run the store and check people out, customers tend to get angry about that.

Posted by Anonymous

This is now what is called (LOF) Lowes of the future. Bring in the young with NO experience and we can train them. Lowes is slowly weeding out the salespeople with the experience one way or another. The management in lots of there stores just don't care and most of them really do not know the departments and really how to sell. They like setting in the back office out of the way and talk about how to get someone to quit. You can walk into Lowes and ready to work and hoping you still have a job. Upper management is creating a hostile work environment there. Yes I did work foe them till they force me out. The CEO of Lowes is just as bad they stop paying all commission to the sales associate and they took a big pay cut some up to 250.00-350.00 a paycheck try to live off of that kind of pay cut but the CEO still gets his million dollars of bonuses. They even took our 25.00 Christmas bonuses away, so I ask you thing next time you all go into a Lowes store and wonder why the salesperson really don't care or don't know what there are selling. They just take take take there pride there soul and there pay and what's left not a damn thing. That's why I don't shop there. Remember this this is the Lowes OF The Future (LOF) WHAT A JOKE

Posted by Anonymous

This is what is called (LOF) Lowes of the future. Bring in the young with NO experience and we can train them. Lowes is slowly weeding out the salespeople with the experience one way or another. The management in lots of there stores just don't care and most of them really do not know the departments and really how to sell. They like setting in the back office out of the way and talk about how to get someone to quit. You can walk into Lowes and ready to work and hoping you still have a job. Upper management is creating a hostile work environment there. Yes I did work foe them till they force me out. The CEO of Lowes is just as bad they stop paying all commission to the sales associate and they took a big pay cut some up to 250.00-350.00 a paycheck try to live off of that kind of pay cut but the CEO still gets his million dollars of bonuses. They even took our 25.00 Christmas bonuses away, so I ask you thing next time you all go into a Lowes store and wonder why the salesperson really don't care or don't know what there are selling. They just take take take there pride there soul and there pay and what's left not a damn thing. That's why I don't shop there. Remember this this is the Lowes OF The Future (LOF) WHAT A JOKE

Posted by Not Happy!

I started working at store 1761 in Alamogordo NM. a few weeks ago.The abuse I have seen is horrible! My co- worker who is a women has been treated like dirt, even hearing our departtment manager telling her to just go away when she asked him for help. She is a hard worker and has alot of knowledge on products and services. He offen talks to her in a belittling tone and acts like she is a waste of anyone's time. She has received many compliments from other co-workers and customers on her customer service skills and willingness to help other's..Did some research and found out he only got the manager's job because he is best friends with the area manager. Several complaints have been filed with our HR dept with no results.

Posted by Anonymous

I worked for Lowes and it seemed like it was going to be a fun job. Instead they would put you in different departments you had no previous knowledge about and when a customer would ask you a question about the department you would feel like an idiot. Human Resources was not very professional either. They never followed through on any benefit questions. They would blow you off making you feel you didn't matter.

Posted by LowesBoPeep

Ive worked at Lowes for over 8 years and since I moved from one store in Florida to a store closer to corporate.. I am almost ashamed to be associated with Lowes.

I love the company it's the management in my store I abhore. I just can't understand why, why, why this store keeps employing lazy good for-things that will walk in circles all day long take 1/2 hour 15 minute breaks up to 4 times a day. Ignore customers and MANAGEMENT allowes this.

I believe with all my heart that to help Lowes I need to provide excellent customer service, keep shelves stocked and "zone recovered shelves" at all times. I'm at my wits end..

When I walk thru the doors at Lowes I begin customer service.. zone recovery, and making my day a pleasant one. I'm furious that I have an ASM that is so lazy, I'm a famale and taking care of a department that demands a lot of attention. YET.. when I was placing 7 air compressors onto their shelves.. MY so called ASM asked if I was helping a customer I told him No.. I was putting product on the shelf.. His "grrr" answer was "Oh, ok" turned away and left me with NO help at all. What a slap in the face.. as a result of moving 9 air compressors by hand, 5 miter saws, 8 4 4-tool Porter Cable tool kits, and 4 Dewalt 4-tool kits.. with no help.. I now have a pulled muscle in my back.. I called in to let him know and his response was.. "Well call in tomorrow if you can't show up." All it would have taken was for him to show one minute bit of concern for an employee and give a helping hand.

I'm appalled at my ASM's lack of help. We have other ASM's that work with their people under them.. I pray that some day, I will too.

I'm ashamed at the stupidity that Lowe's allows it's so called ASM's to become. There are a few that warrant respect but the others are trash and should be thrown out with the garbage.

Posted by XRS5

I have worked for Lowe's now for over 5 years. Let me just start by saying that it has changed a whole lot since I started. First on the employee end. It used to be that hard work = recognition, raises, and chances to move up in the company. However, now, Lowe's has a new theory on how to get work done. First, they assign a particular job to the person actually responsible for the area the job is located in. Then, when that person screws up the job, instead of going back and making said person or people do the job right, they go and find the hardest working 3 or 4 people in the store to do the job correctly. It is always the same 3 or 4 people. These people, of course, are expected to also be able to perform their daily assigned tasks in a timely manner as well. They have also cut hours bigtime. On any given day, I may have to cover 5 areas of the store or more. One time, my co-worker was covering 6 departments at once while a staff meeting was going on.

That's another great example. They have call buttons in various areas. Each time a customer pushes that button, we are timed on how long it takes us to respond and turn it off. One would think that this would be in place to ensure a customer is actually taken care of in a certain amount of time, however, with badly understaffed departments by design, this is not the case. They preach that we don't have to know what we are talking about, just that we simply must go to the customer, turn off the button, and tell them that we are finding someone for them. Customers are not looking for someone to tell them that help is on the way in who knows how long, they are looking for help now. The reason we have to run to turn off the buttons in a certain amount of time, eventhough we don't know how to help, is that the button times are used to show how well a store is staffed. If the times are lengthy, then the store management is expected to find more staffing for the said departments. If the times are low, they don't have to find more help. This is how they manage to keep staffing low, and at the same time, present the appearance that they are staffed well enough to provide good customer service. If they don't have to provide the extra payroll, they have a better chance of opening the door to bonus land.

Finally, this year, they cut commissions to all employees. We used to make something extra for selling certain products. Now, we make nothing. Sure, they took half of what we made last year, and split it up over our 26 pays to compensate us for our losses, but, if you are like me, and spent copious amounts of time away from your department covering other areas, then your commission totals last year weren't that much. So, now, like me, you are making about 7k less than you were a few years ago, even with several raises. Some people are making well over ten thousand dollars less now and being expected to do more work.

Also, if they want you gone, you are gone. With the amount of policies they drum up in corporate, stating that you may be terminated for almost any of them, the store manager has an open book to throw at virtually anyone. Especially since they make you break the rules themselves by going to customer's houses etc. With the amount of rules one may be fired for, you are always just a boot push away from heading off the cliff. I've seen several people that either turned store managers or pets in for doing something very wrong get terminated themselves in a short amount of time for stupid reasons. They are only a page turn in the rule book away from being able to fire anyone they want. I've had senior managers lie to me about someone saying something bad about me in order to try to get me to spill some beans on said person. I had another senior manager ask me once if I thought that same person was "getting too old for the job". Funny that in both instances, though a few years apart, it was the same store manager over both of the senior managers trying to play games with me. That certainly rubbed me the wrong way. I also saw that same person get written up for something that no-one can ever remember anyone else being written up for. Petty S**t that you don't write people up for. That person has a target on their head for sure, however, they are a completely capable and knowledgable manager. I've never had a better manager anywhere at any job in my life. It just so happens that this person is nearing retirement age and makes a pretty good salary. They want him gone to be replaced with a new, fresh, yes man at a much lower salary.

Now to the customer end. Think, if you were treated this way at your job, would you perform well? Would you be able to talk to customers trying to sell them something, answer 2,3,4 requests for service at call buttons, and answer telephones, in three different departments, all at the same time? This is why you can't find service. It's not our fault. We cannot help that departments are understaffed or not staffed at all for hours at a time by design of our management. We try our best to service you, but it gets tiresome, and we frequently burn out from all of the BS. We hardly even know what is going on from day to day in our own departments. We don't know why so many things are so frequently out of stock. We wish we could do a better job, we wish we could be more helpful, we wish we would be able to help all of you, but we can't. It's out of our hands, it is corporate and management. My suggestion would be to find what you want somewhere else. Go back to mom and pop stores. Support your local hardware, green house/nursery, or flooring store. Chances are you will find better products faster, and they may not be made in China. Plus, you will find that customer service will be much better there and you will be helping out a neighbor, not a corporation that doesn't give a crap about you.

Posted by anon

As an employee of Lowes this is what happened to customer service.When the economy took a downturn the payrolls were cut.This is really the only controllable expense the store has.When you are asked to cover two and sometimes three depts. by yourself you get mad.They do not pay you to do the work of three(14.00 an hour)but you are expected to take one for the team.You are on the frontline while upper management is playing on I-phones.The customer is not mad at them, they hate you.So day after day you get grief,you get tired of the grief.So you get your resume updated and start interviewing and hope you can work somewhere better.Lowes at one time took very good care of emplyees,those days are gone.By the way, I worked for Home Depot also-same thing different store.

Posted by jonmako

Dealing with the public is always rough.Add on to that Lowes hires cheap labor,many p/t and seasonal workers and you have a mixture for constant foul ups.Also the management is trying to cut payroll as much as they can to improve the numbers and qualify for a bonus so Lowes is putting tremendous pressure on its employees to do the job of 2-3 people.Most of the customers I have dealt with are fine decent people and our a pleasure.Then there is that nasty lazy American entitled cancer that just spreads misery where ever it wanders.The ignorance and arrogance is why I leftthe company and the company will cater to this vermin because it does not want anything bad said about it.Lowes has no balls,contractors would buy a generator and return it when the job was done. Shoplifting is rampant and you will be fired if you stop anyone.This encourages thieves to come to the store time after time as they know nothing will happen to them. They stopped all employee incentives and the healthcare costs are insane.I could go on but I will close in saying you are asked to do work that any non retail company would pay you three times what Lowes pays and you take constant abuse by customers because you can not count on others in the store to do thier jobs.One thing though,the employees have your names and addresses so be careful how tough you are in the store,I know of two incidents where customers have been visited at home.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst company to ever work for. They don't care about employees, they don't care about anything but numbers. Disrespectful, arrogance, horrible management, and its not just my store, its the whole company. Everyone is rude. I've worked a lot of customer service in my life and Lowes by far has the worst.

I should probably find a new job.

Posted by Lowesguy

As a Customer Service Rep for Lowes Consumer Credit Cards, I just want to say the majority of you are idiots. You call us because you don't know how to add or subtract. Your statements confuse you, even though they are easy to read.

You cry because you got a late fee when your payment posted A WEEK LATE. What did you expect to happen?

Your 18 month promotion was accidentally put on as a 6 month promotion, and it expired 6 MONTHS AGO, and NOW you wanna complain about it? READ you statement. If you find any errors, call us THEN. Not far after the fact. We can't help you if you're too lazy to read your statements.

And, you... the wife, the husband, daughter, son, whatever. I don't care if you are the one who handles all the bills. If you are NOT the Primary Card Holder, we CAN NOT work with you. Even if you are an Authorized User. All that means is you are authorized to USE the card. You cannot make changes to the account. If it's not in YOUR NAME, it's not YOUR CARD. Accept it. It's the LAW. Not Lowes, the LAW.

The majority of our callers waste their time and ours with stupid questions that they could answer themselves if they took 5 minutes to read their statements.

Posted by Froggy

Good Day Everyone,
I was a manager at a Lowes in Florida for several years before I was wrongfully terminated because I caught the store manager performing a transaction that constituted embezzlement. I thought about it for a while then brought it to the attention of the HR Manager in the store. Another brought it to the attention of the District HR Manager also.
They briefly investigated and when he found out I went to HR I was fired six weeks later under a false and pretextual set of facts. Which brings me to how Lowes operates its stores. They have a flawed business model.
The reason there are so many complaints about inept customer service is because there is no training at their stores. That would cost money. You see the problem with Lowes is the way they have structured the way senior level management in the stores earn their bonuses. Their bonuses are based on their ability to control costs and earn profit based on total sales dollars. Not profit dollars just total store sales. Lowes as a corporation does not absorbed training costs that are effective at the store level. They only provide computer based training modules that employees forget moments after walking onto the floor.
The only thing store management can control at the store level are costs directly associated with labor costs. By keeping labor costs down it helps ensure their bonus. So when there are very few employees on the floor it is because it is close to bonus time and they are striving to keep costs down, or they have evaluated a targeted goal and ate striving to meet it. I assure you senior management does not give a damn about the level of customer service you receive, or how much of your time they waste. They only care about their bonuses period. With fewer people on the floor it means lower operating costs. In addition, when smart, hardworking employees start making too much money hourly they look for a reason to get rid of them also to keep costs down. I know because they bragged about their methods in meetings and on the sales floor with other managers.
So when you walk into a Lowes store and can't find a competent employee to help you it is likely because of good old greed by your local store management team trying to obtain their bonuses.
More specific instances to come as I am tired of being quiet about this. Just simply shop somewhere else if you want good customer service, because I assure you they don't care about your complaints. They only care about their bonuses.

Posted by FedUP

Where do I start,Canadian Lowe's:Lets go back to the day of hire,We all had hopes dreams and they fed into that.Some no most left H.D. to come here I am not one of them.It,s funny how after a few months you realize every one knows each other,And if H.R.does not like you well you stay where you are no matter your knowledge,Postings for jobs are done external and internal,Hire with in first before you take someone off the street or before you hire that friend of yours look whith in, Also having to ask to apply for a job where u have worked for years and submitt a resume is crazy really people You have seen what we can do .Or no sorry you are to worried about yourself I have been thier a few years,I bet you they no nothing about me.I have tried applying for diff areas of the store and been told no, no reason just no.My big regret is leaving the job I was at for nothing but empty promises.We need a Undercover boss to come in Hint hint, easy to do store transfer they start the next day.Cmon in and see what really goes on.High School is great, but I left there many moons ago.Fed Up

Posted by Anonymous

Up until recently I was a Lowes flooring installer for the past six years. The flooring products sold are the worst in the industry. Your told to install it but if it is defective you will have to eat the job. The laughable lack of management and inter-department communication within is a joke. They recently cut all flooring sales commissions and fired most of its professional installers to consolidate. Bottom line, if you forget those who made you successful and get too greedy, you will eventually loose your customers. Maybe its already started. How many store closures was that last year? 50 and counting!

Posted by firebush


Most of the negative comments look to be coming from ex-employees (most likely fired) or bottom-tier employees (soon to be fired). "Bottom-tier" is my own definition. It is an employee that generally sucks...not dependable, poor attitude, low IQ, openly complains about wages ($8.10/hr...seriously? Cashiers are starting at my store a minimum of $2 higher) and finally they might be really ugly. These are the employees that are 1/2 warning from being fired. They were probably hired during the seasonal push and are considered vest fillers until someone more qualified comes along.

Myself...? this is my second tour as a part-time CSA and I could not be happier. The first time was about 5 yrs ago while I was unemployed. It was a descent wage (well higher than $10/hr) and the only reason I quit was I relocated. This time around I needed to supplement my income for something and they rehired me @ $1 over my last wage...5 years later. I certainly was not expecting that.

I will admit that I do not know everything about every department...no store can cross train for that. But I do know where most things are and I know how to get my hands on most information. For the folks I cannot help, I call the dept. specialist, mgr or CSA who can usually help. Of the four depts. I worked in, I worked diligently to learn all I could so the I could provide accurate information.

I will admit that a management team can make or break a store. I might feel differently if I were working in a store that was running in the red and did not bonus on a regular basis.

Just say'in

Posted by none

The employees for the most part try and focus on the customers as much as they can but when there are so many tasks to be done Lowes make cycle counts seem more important then sales. Managment needs to be restructured!

Posted by Just... A guy...

Ok, so I work part time at Lowes, and I hate them. Every thing I have ever order has been late. Don't bother with ordering SOS lights as the 2 weeks is really when it shows up. My last purchase was a stove and who knows when that will show up as I can't get a straight answer. Problem is, the people in the position to verify where you item is, are lazy and would rather chat with each other about they terrible decisions they have made that got them to where they are in life currently. you need to remember Lowes is like a High School for morons, everyone is dating everyone else and they don't care about the customer. They work on commission as well so they always push the higher priced item. go to Home Deopt, they cross train departments and don't sell on commission.

Posted by redvest

Being a former Lowe's employee I can attest to the fact that most every day was issues dealing with customer complaints. Legitimate complaints too. The workforce is so small at any given Lowe's store that there is no way all the tasks can be accomplished during your shift. Everyone is being written up for not accomplishing their tasks and even fired.
Management is the biggest problem. No concern for anyone except themselves. It goes all the way back to lack of experience at the corporate level. We all know what runs downhill and I can tell you there is a huge pile at the bottom of this one.
I was told by management to lie to customers and hide the truth whenever possible. When management was confronted by it by district management the managers would lie so the employee had to take the wrap.
If people knew and understood what goes on behind the scenes at Lowe's they would not shop there.
Managers also do not talk to customers. We were always told to take care of the customer, but when something went wrong or the customer reported it to corporate the employee would be written up.
All managers go through extensive training for months. This is a learned thing. They are told to act this way.
Lowe's is wrong in so many ways! I could tell you hundreds of stories that you wouldn't believe. The most unethical place I have ever worked!

Posted by Employee

As an employee of Lowe's, I could tell you stories that would make you cringe. The training sucks. We sit in front of computers and take lots of courses and quizzes depending on where we will be working. However, the computer training doesn't really make a dent in all the stuff we should/need to know. Paint people don't get specialized paint training right off the bat--it's offered maybe twice a year. I had to unlock the floor sander once, and had to guess at the combo because dept. manager was off and I was the ONLY one in the department. I also had to cover for another department, as someone called off. Customers need to know the reason why we can't get to everyone at once is sometimes we are covering two/three departments at once, and several of us probably closed the night before, then had to open. This makes you very tired when you get off at 10:30 p.m. (or later) then have to be back in at 6 a.m. or so. It's a little hard to smile when you are dead-tired and you have some condescending customer ask you a barrage of questions, then, before you get a word in edgewise, they say, "it's okay if you don't know the answers--just say so." If you shut the f--- up, and let me think, I'll be able to answer your questions!

Lowe's is just out to make money--they won't spend a cent on anything, especially training. We have rickety ladders, and just basic office supplies seem to be short on hand. The reason no one seems to know anything is because we DON'T. If you're lucky, you'll get an employee who used to be a former plumber, or electrician or really knows lumber, and knows their stuff. The majority of the rest of the employees (especially the ones who have been there maybe three years or less) won't have a clue if you ask them some really technical question.

Some words of advice/warning:
Do not order something over the Internet and expect to have it delivered. The system is messed up and every time there is an Internet order, it gets messed up.

Weeknights are better to come in and shop. We are not as crowded.

Lowe's drivers sometimes put in 12-15 hour days and they don't get to take a lunch or break. Why? Because management wants to schedule as many deliveries as possible in a day's time. So don't plan on having them drop by during your lunch hour at home and be able to get everything all hooked up. If the drivers run into a problem at the previous stop, it throws them off for the rest of the day.

Don't grab paint off the shelf and bring it to us and say, "I want it this color." The computer will tell us which base we need--if you want a dark color, we'll need a base 4 or 5. There's enough room in these cans for us to add tint. We cannot add a bunch of tint to ultra whites or base ones. Let us do our job.

Realize if you want the cheapest possible blinds/hoses/faucets/lawn furniture, that doesn't mean it's going to last forever. And if you really need to have $4 blinds to decorate your lake house, because that's all you can afford, perhaps you really can't afford that lake house.

If you need a custom match, bring in a paint sample that is as flat as possible. We cannot match round or odd-shaped items.

Realize YOU are NOT the only customer in the store. I wish we could have three people in each department, but blame it on Lowe's. The managers are desperate for their bonuses, and their job is to keep costs down. That means one person (or nobody) in a department. Unfortunately, you cannot get blood from a stone.

I've worked there a few years, and I only took the job because I needed something full time with insurance. I am not cut out for retail, and in the past year and a half, I've been hit twice by customers. One I was helping, the other hit me as I came around a corner, and no, I didn't startle her. I've never been treated like this at any job in my entire life. And yes, I have a bachelor's degree. Sad state of affairs when your education won't get you anything except a retail job. Hopefully, I'll escape someday. However, realize if you the customer are unhappy, so are we, as employees.

Posted by bobbyjoe

I work for Lowe's and LOVE IT. I am a cashier and think that I have one of the best jobs out there. I like the people I work with and the Head Cashiers and Department Managers are nice and easy going as long as I do my job. I have no complaints about my job.

Posted by Corporate America

Employees of large corporations can only do as good as a job as the company will allow. Please remember most of these employees are overworked and underpaid. With hours being cut to save money and the general public wanting everything for free with excellent customer this is what you get. Who is to blame? The sales associate ? I don't think so.

Posted by Jenny42

I work at the customer service desk at a very busy store. We have a lot of issues that always needs resolving. I liked the comment from the other person below that said they work at a store in Ohio, as do I. (Store 42).
Like they pointed out, make sure you are asking the correct person your questions. For example, a cashier that you grab when they're heading to the front knows nothing about a pilot light. Every employee in the store has a different specialty.
Things I wish people realized more about the customer service desk itself:
1. I have a phone ringing off the hook. Please please please realize this, and don't get mad when I answer my phone, it was your choice to pass up the 3 open registers on my line and come to my busy desk.
2. If you have an issue to resolve, most of the time a cashier is not where to start, come to the customer service desk.
3. Asking for a manager right off the bat usually does not get the job done. 90% of the time I myself can resolve manager requests.
4. If you don't want a merchandise card for your return, keep your receipt or make sure you can track it back. When you are making a big purchase, (my biggest issue is always outside power equipment like weed eaters) try to remember how you at least paid for it, because you not having your receipt directly correlates to the lack of service I can provide to you.
5. The Extended Protection Plans and Replacement Plans are not a scam. I'm not saying this because I work for Lowes. They are a good idea on ANY purchase in ANY store on and item you are going to be using a lot. Another example would be a computer, always a good idea to be covered. For the extra money, just get the plan. So when you bring me back your weed eater in a year, I can do something about it.
6. If you're calling to speak to a department, just say it. The person working the customer service desk (where the phone calls go), usually does not have time to listen to your issue, just say which department you need because you're going to be transferred anyways.
7. I WISH I HAD A 12 ITEMS OR LESS SIGN. Bringing big orders through the customer service desk is just asking for it. Your order will get interrupted by something, even if it is just a phone call. Again, you can't get mad because I have to answer my 5 lit up phone lines.

Just a few things that make YOUR experience worse, because of limitations that are placed on people on the front end. Most of this can go for cashiers as well, they are not the experts.

Also, stay off the cell phones during check out :) It's rude!

Posted by busted

i work for lowes in n.c.after reviewing the negative comments.thought i would also comment for our delivery driversi know there are some drivers that do not care about how they respond to your comments or questions.but it is how you ask the question. that gets you the response you want.even when a salesperson makes you a promise. the delivery crew does not know this.i went to a call about a machine moving to the middle of the floor.when in use.he said the delivery team said it would not move.i was the delivery man.and neither said no such thing.this machine has been there for 6 months.this came from being used like it was built for. i,ll bet sears and home depot also has this problem.in fact i know they do because i worked for sears.now for the service at stores.most of this is controlled by the managers.they let this happen.i have seen some of the sorriest customer service.GO SEE THE STORE MANAGER AND LET THEM KNOW.AS for the mdse you buy lowes does not make it.they only try to sell it, deliver it,and you will not find a store that will honor a one year warranty product as good as lowes.appliances are like cars if you buy enough of them. you will get a bad one.all stores sell the same wp,maytag,frigidaire,samsung,etc.you are subject to get a lemon.again if you have problem with lowes service.call the store managers


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