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351 Negative Comments out of 369 Total Comments is 95.12%.


18 Positive Comments out of 369 Total Comments is 4.88%.

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    • 31.28 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 351 negative comments (95.12%)
    • 18 positive comments (4.88%)
    • 2 employee comments
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Posted by Anonymous

Palm Springs again. After numerous calls to numerous robotic customer "service" reps and one customer "advocate" I finally got a missing paper two days later, also promises for it to not happen again. Four days later, a shredded copy of the local Sunday paper is delivered, not the Times. ??

Posted by Anonymous

Palm Springs. Customer for approx. 5 yrs. From the beginning, frequent non-deliveries, but following a complaint, the paper was hand delivered, usually within 2 hrs. However, since the subscription was increased (doubled) in January 2018,4 no-shows. Most recently: Monday 2/12. Inre that, I have spoken with 5 cs reps (Shula, James, Troy, William, Meg) all claiming to be supervisors and 1 customer advocate Jeffrey, all promising to expedite a request for delivery on Tuesday, then on Wednesday. As of Wed 1:30 nothing. Most of these people speak marginal English; all continually interrupt with their prepared script about "understanding", being "very sorry for (my) problem", and assuring me the paper will be delivered the same day. Anybody out there have a number for a competent, effective Times employee that can get a paper on my porch? Trying really hard to continue to support solid journalism.

Posted by [email protected]

i received a notice that my newspaper subscription was having a price increase. i have already pre-paid for a whole year, what is going on. The delivery service is sporadic, and we never know if the paper is coming or not. We are loyal subscribers at this address for over forty years and before another twenty years, total 60 years, if that's not loyalty what is? Please rectify this horrible service.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been receiving the LA Times for 49 years, the last 6 months the service has been horrendous. The paper arrives a half hour to an hour late or not at all. Sometimes the local paper the Desert Sun is delivered instead. I have spoken to customer service reps, but nothing has changed. Please advise me.

Posted by Mike S.

Where is my paper? For the second time in two weeks, I have not received my L.A. Times newspaper (last week it was Saturday and this week is it the Sunday edition!). Their call-in system only promises to contact the person that did not deliver the newspaper in the first place, with no call back delivery confirmation or emailed confirmation of the delivery problem. Print newspaper is probably a losing business for the L.A. Times. I suggest that they refund all of the subscription monies, stop their print business, and go to online only, if this is the quality of their newspaper delivery system, which is very poor.

Posted by Jen

I am a Sunday only New Subscriber to the LA Times. I have yet to receive an issue and paid 3 weeks ago!

Posted by Zissel

Am having horrendous time trying to resolve 2 week old non-delivery issue... 5 or more phone calls...5 or more emial exchangrs.... the system seems to be broken in the Oxnard area.

Posted by c Hernandez

Just changed from a sat & Sunday subscription to Sunday only... Second week no Sunday paper yet...will try by phone after7pm

Posted by Former Times subscriber

After paying a one year subscription in advance i received a bill after nine months saying my subscription was shortened because special editions where printed at additional cost to me.good by forever crooks.

Posted by LA needs better

Trying to cancel: rep, then supv. did not want my acct#, just phone number- said accts are inactive. So why you charging my card?! Had to FAX bank statement (who faxes anymore? esp. for digital subscription?) NO response. Called again,rep ccouldn't tell me if they'd recd fax. Email bank statement. Last supv said I couldn't, this guy said sorry and that I was given 'misinformation'-by the 'supv.', mind you. WTF! So frustrated. Bank can't cancel it, I have to handle it via asenine customer svc. That is so wrong. Also, nothing against Filipinos generally, but of the three reps, all three needed me to repeat info, despite sincere effort to speak clearly and slowly and use more understandable vocab. My mom is ESL, that is personally important to me. These reps need more training-and less reliance on scripted responses that have nothing to do with convo. Very frustrating to have to spend an unreasonable and exorbitant amount of time just to cancel a subscription.

Posted by Margie burgardt

I ordered your Sunday times only delivery about two wedks ski. I have good memories oh just relaxing and catching . I paid my 99 cent special,but, the only thing special about it is it nonexistaence. Non one paper yet! Thur is bd!

Posted by Anonymous

Why hasnt my paper been delivered today?

Marilyn Ruth

9329 Robinson Lane,

Posted by Anne Derfer

I missed my Sunday paper for the second time in three weeks. Please deliver a paper to 228 Carver Circle, Redlands. I hope you can do a better job of Sunday deliveries!

Anne Derfer

Posted by Anonymous


I would like to talk to a rep from the true LA Times in Los Angeles or the USA not from the Phillipines. I am having problems with reps in the Phillipines understanding my issues. HELP

Posted by [email protected]

I have not received my newspaper for two days.I called twice yesterday and twice today - no newspaper and no call or e-mail to explain what is happening. In this time of diminishing newspaper readership I am shocked that a loyal reader has been treated in this manner.
Sandra Banner

Posted by Anonymous

We did not receive our paper this morning. Spoke to customer service. 2 hours ago Still mo paper.
Customer service is closed for the day now.
Need the paper.
This has happened before too. No paper was delivered on Jan 1st 2017.
Not a happy customer

Posted by Kam

8.30am call for delivery,your rep.told me will have Sunday newspaper,but it's not,and after 10.30am nobody answer the phone
,bad service on Sunday.

Posted by Anonymous

My Sunday Jan 22, 2017, Times newspaper arrived soaking wet. I called at 7:50am to request a replacement newspaper. The representative stated that she would put in my request and that I should expect the replacement newspaper within 4 1/2 hours! I asked why should it take so long? She stated she could not give me an earlier approximate time and that I will receive my newspaper within 4 1/2 hours. I called again about 9:10am. A gentleman gave me the same answer. I explained to him that I paid a year in advance for my subscription, I do not want a "credit" if my newspaper never comes, and I want today's Sunday L.A. Times. He could not give me any other answer. He stated he was in the Philippines. I worked for the L.A. Times for 20 years. I cannot believe this is how the citizens of the U.S. are being treated now that, it seems, that most or all of the services, etc. are being outsourced. I am very upset.

Posted by Anonymous

My stop and start request was not properly done! Paper was to stop on Jan 18 and start on Jan 22, 2017. Just got home and there is a

soaked wet paper dated Jan 18!! Hopefully it will start tomorrow!

Posted by Anonymous

I pay for delivery on week-ends I did not get any paper today and your office is
closed today (saturday) for this kind of problem. Don"t you plan to correct this
problem? Also why keep changing the digital paper from the original way since the
new procedures tried bring problems.

Posted by Anonymous

for several months I have been calling customer service about my newspaper not being delivered by my doorstep. Every single time I call customer service they don't understand why it is not delivered where it is indicated when it is clearly stated on my acccount. Each time they say we will take it to the next level but I still have the same problem. Who can I bring this to? OC Register has no problem with this and I tip them for it but even if I tip LA times they simply don't care. Please advise!! This has gone on for so long.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Cornelius George, address Glendale. Called beginning 7am today sunday 8th, 2017 informing sunday times not delivered. 9am no paper, called 10am and 11am complained to head man Mario, who expressed apologies twicw and promised paper within 10 mimutes. called 12pm. to be informed, I should call monday for paper...How does LA times manager tolerate such ineptitude. I am very angry and upset. Kindly give me a curtsy call on sitiuation.

Posted by Anonymous

I subscribed at a store kiosk. Was told that it was an 8-week subscription. My first issue arrived Dec 31, 2016, next issue was New Years Day 2017. End of story. I phoned Jan 2 and was informed that my subscription was only Sat And Sun. Reply offered to change it to an 8 week subscription for the same price and told me that my subscription would be extended til Feb 21. Dec 3, my issue didn't arrive. I called again, was told my subscription would be extended another day. I questioned why the LA times thought 53 days subscription amounted to 8 weeks. Mathematics in the Philipines (where the customer service is based) is obviously taught differently than in the US. I asked to cancel my subscrition and for return of my $$.Was told, "well, we extended your subscription." For third 3rd time in 2 days I requested to speak with a manager in the US. Instead rec'd a call from phone sales asking me to subscribe to the LA Times.

Posted by Torjan Fan

My paper was not delivered on Sun., Jan 1, 20017. I spent over 30 minutes trying to find a phone number where I could leave a message with no luck. I really couldn't find anyway to notify you of your failure to delivery my paper.

Posted by Gene

Delivery Issue. No response from phone calls. It just keeps ringing. Tried 4 different numbers.

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Posted by Disgusted Fred

For about four months now I have been receiving a newspaper without a rubber band around it and no bag either. The paper is dropped at the foot of my driveway, really in the street, and it blows all over the neighborhood day after day. I have called Customer Service at least a dozen times and it does absolutely no good whatsoever. I have been repeatedly told that the district manager will call me within 48 hours and it has never happened. I am sick to death of this ridiculously shoddy delivery and so are my neighbors. My only recourse is to cancel my subscription. WISH there was someone to talk to to resolve this problem, a lousy rubber band would do it!!! I have been a customer for many years but that is about to end. VERY sad indeed.

Posted by L

Our papers arrive by 5 am every morning. We requested that the paper be put inside our narrow gate so it won't be stolen. They do it, even though they probably have to get out of the car to do it. Vacation hold was no problem. We send $20 to our carrier every Christmas. My dad gets the LA Times in his retirement home each morning. It comes. It has his room number written on it and is in has room to read when he gets up. I have no complaints about their delivery. Their billing is a tad confusing, though.

Posted by jurlene johns

I am a 88 years old lady and I am on a fixed income. I get your paper on Sunday only, but I never read it. I am canceling my subscription. My name is Alice Nash, my acct # is . Thank you for your cooperation.Alice Nash

Posted by Anonymous

The young man who delivers the L.A. Times to my door is outstanding (unfortunately I don't know his name, but I live at 190 Arroyo Terrace, Pasadena, 91103)!
Today, Sunday, at 6:30 a.m., he was dropping off the paper as I opened the door. Note that the required time for delivery is not until 8 a.m. Every morning he delivers the paper earlier than expected. I asked when he gets up and he replied 1:30 a.m.
This is one dedicated young man. Please leet him know he is appreciated. Perhaps he could train others.

Posted by carol6483

I started sending the delivery person a gift card each Christmas and have had no problems with delivery since. Hey only a $25.00 Target card...amounts to 50 cents per week. Try it.

Posted by claraxyz

I didn't.receive my Sunday paper so I called at 9:am. I called again at 11:45 am. It.s now after 2 pm., still no paper. I heard the time is cutting back. Is this the way it is going 2 b now?

Posted by K2crew

Sandy with the LA Times Membership Services responded to my email regarding a couple of issues including non-delivery and auto-payments. Sandy was very positive, professional and resolved all the issues within 2-3 business days.

Posted by equipoise

This paper is superb, as is my deliveryperson. Couldn't be happier and hope emergence from bankruptcy doesn't negatively affect the quality.

Posted by AsiansensationET

I was approached at a Starbucks on my way to school by a girl, she gave me some story about helping her with a program and that she was offering a special trial for the Times newspaper.. Im a college student so i dont have much money but this chick was "cute" so I was sold. I gave her the last of my money and she signed me up. I had no delivery issues and most days i would walk past the paper on my way out. My dad seemed to like it. I also received a notice that looked like a bill.. I called the number and i had to double check it, since it sounded like I called another country. I told them that i wanted to stop my special trial and that i only signed up because the girl was "cute" and i wanted to help her out.. I repeated that a few more times and it was done! Its been a few weeks since i stopped it and i havent received any other papers.. But if i run into that girl again i will be happy to give her whatever money i have and live off of Top Ramen!

Posted by csungirl25

I purchased an LA Times subscription a few weeks ago on campus from a student. The student told me that it is basically free because all I have to do is pay $20 for the delivery. The only issue is that the student was trying to sell me on the Sunday Coupons when all I needed the paper for was for my Poli Sci class. Overall I am happy with the service and loved how all I had to do is pay for shipping and get the paper for free!

The only thing I am scared of is that a lot of my classmates are telling me that when they try to cancel the LA Times cancels their order but keeps sending them the paper and then sends them a bill a few months later. I hope that doesn't happen to me since I don't want to pay for it.

Posted by Gage

Customer service representatives of latimes are very friendly and patience however, the website and the service of delivery sucks...

Posted by HollyO

After reading these reviews I didn't have much hope. I decided not to wait for a live operator and go w/ the automated "missing paper" prompt. I entered my info and, voila... less than 1 hour later my paper was sitting in my driveway. it worked for me, good luck!

holly o

Official company reply

Hi Holly-

I'm happy to hear that you had a great experience. Please let me know if you ever need anything.

[email protected] Times 12/13/11 11:55AM

Posted by Anonymous

The automated customer service generally works very well. Our paper always arrives by early morning.Occasionally our paper is wet by the time we go out to pick it up, but if we call the automated phone system in time a new paper is dispatched within a couple of hours. We have used the online vacation hold request effectively. I think people who have complaints are more likely to post them that people who are satisfied with the service.

Posted by Anonymous

We have been loyal Los Angeles Times readers for years. I receive my paper before 5 am every morning. The service is great. Love the Spots page, editorials and Steve Lopez.
Keep up the good work. I read the paper before work and can discuss news events with confidence.

Posted by Fair Paul

In short, it's quite a surprise that their customer services are very good.

It seems that in general, calls from them haven't left positive impressions on me. I had a similar situation to some of the complaints listed at this site. I put on vacation hold for quite a while and recently got billed for those papers. I called a couple of days ago and was surprised and happy that it went very smoothly. The wait is less than a minute. Jane (I think that is her name) explained to me that they changed their policy to not credit those papers while my vacation hold was in effect, and credited back those charges and now I have some credit in my account. And I went along to cancel my subscription without hassle. She thanked me politely in the end. That's quite a nice experience.

In conclusion, it appears that those that call us weren't so great, but those we call have been very nice.

Posted by Betty

Thank you to Amber who posted an employee comment here with an email address to address complaints to.

They were so quick in resolving my issue and explaining my bill to me. I got a response right away. Really fantastic customer service!

Posted by FU

Just a moment ago, I called customer service of the Times, people overseas, they are so considerate that they would really help you out.

Posted by FF

I just called to withhold home delivery while out of town...the services was great : prompt response..& job done painless and easy..

Thank you so much, we greatly appreciate your kind care.


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Posted by Amber

I would like to apologize to all of our valued readers who have had a negative experience. We strive to provide excellent customer service at all times and it is unacceptable that you were not provided with that level of customer service.

I have read through all of the comments on this site and all of these are incidents that are easily resolved. If you would like to give us a chance to solve any issues you are experiencing, I invite you to please send us an email at [email protected]

I hope you will give us a chance to address your issue or concern and demonstrate the level of customer service we strive for every day. After all, there is no "us" without you.

Posted by Wahii

Actually, I once worked as a Customer Rep in the LATIMES and I agree that the system is very poor. You know what we do in the Center? We process your complaints using the computer and supposedly, the message will be forwarded to your carriers. But it seems that the system we use is not working because the messages were not being forwarded to you carriers. No wonder why there are no redeliveries. I agree with you americans that the LA TIMES has a real big problem. That's why I already resigned in the Call Center because I get irate and frustrated callers who keeps on cursing me but in fact we're just trying to help you out. San Diego delivery sucks because of new Distributor. Vacation Hold but not being held. Goodness! I came from the Philippines and I'm telling you that the Customer Service is being outsourced here. But don't worry guys, I already resigned because the system of the Los Angeles Times is poor!


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