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Posted by Former Customer

I've been a customer at Lord & Taylor for over 40 years, my mother before that. A few months ago the company's website started rejecting my credit card. I checked with my bank and there is no issue. After repeated phone calls, I was told I was blocked by their website because of a charge back and to contact my bank. My bank has no idea why. Lord and Taylor can't tell. A promised phone call within 30 minutes never came. Obviously this company no longer wants my business.

Posted by Anonymous

I called customer service for checking them if my previous order has been cancelled or not. The guy did not confirm what he understood and kept saying ok ok ok and went ahead and cancelled all my orders. Team of jerks sitting in customer service.

Posted by [email protected]

I Need A Return Label

Posted by Anonymous

1)returns with cash receipt require to show an id?
That would be outrageous, don't you think?

2) Lord & Taylor card Accounts opened way back many years ago, require to provide SS & Date of birth? Outrageous, again.Just because Capital Bank, now, wants it? How about before, none of the banks Lord and Taylor used requested it. Don't you realize how much id theft is going on that companies cannot handle? I would like an answer from the most higher up. Thanks

Posted by Comments

This is not a comment but a complaint, I purchased a pair of shoes on 7/14/2017 rom your Trumbull CT. The shoe fits terrible I wore the shoe to a wedding but wasn't there a hour with the shoe on and had to leave to change my shoe, so the Mgr. said I couldn't return them because of that but how would I know how they fit after half hour of wear? Please contact me Brenda Jernigan Thank you for your time and consideration in advance.


I Will Never Buy From Lord And Taylor Again. From Now On Only From Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus And All Other High End Companies.

Posted by Nmi

jacques is a nasty arrogant lazy spiteful employee who works in the Garden City women's shoe department. Trey and other employees in that department should be fired for their arrogant behavior. Not helpful and nasty. The store is going downhill because they are hiring low life kids

Posted by Disgusted & Disappointed

I see Lord n Taylor going down the drain. I called customer service to ask about technical support since your website for Lord n Taylor.com will not update my profile. I was told you have no technical support. If was a chore to understand your representative because her English is so poor. Then I called 3 stores regarding sales tax on clothing being sent to non sales tax states. All 3 stores customer service people were totally clueless. What a pity! Your stores are obviously on their way down the drain following Strawbridges, Macys, etc. Who wants to be botheted with reps who barely speak English and know nothing. Maybe bringing the business back to the USA may keep you in business. Perhaps you want to fold. I will just go to another business.

Posted by Anonymous

I returned some Tommy Bahama shirts given to my husband prior to our leaving CT at the end of December. I am still waiting to hear about a refund.Hilton Head, SC 29928

Posted by Anonymous

They cancelled my order twice without telling me the reason. It took forever to argue with them on the phone. It was a Valentine's gift and because of their worst customer service, I do not have a gift for my girlfriend this year.
The worst shopping experience ever!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I am happy to say I had a wonderful experience at the Lord and Taylor in Novi, Michigan. I purchased a watch for a family member, and I received wonderful customer service. Please note that Lord and Taylor employee Parisa Monavvari treated me well, and see went out of her way to assist me. Because of her excellent customer service, I will always come to Lord and Taylor to do my shopping. I mentioned her customer service to her supervisor, but I also want to let corporate headquarters know about Parisa.

thank you,


Posted by laurie fusco

Today it took my daughter & I 40 minutes to return 2 items, both of which were well within the return policy time frame.
Both items were unused, tags on and we had the receipt for both items. Both items purchased with cash.

Erika, the Manager at Trumbull Westfield Mall & her employees warranted my displeasure enough that I felt the need to write.

I handed Erika the receipt for the scarf my husband purchased & the first thing she asks, while staring at the receipt, is how did I pay. I politely say it indicates payment on the receipt as cash. She tells me, okay, I'll give you store credit. The scarf was purchased 12/14/16 & todays date is 1/18/17, clearly not past the 90 days expiration. I replied, no thank you, I would prefer how we paid, cash. To which she locks up her register (poor customers behind me had no clue what was happening) & proceed to walk across the store to men's department to get my $27.35. Also, since I had the receipt, item was in perfect condition with the tag on, I was baffled as to why I had to dig out my license...& all for a $27.35 return.

Then at the Bobbi Brown counter we again handed our receipt for an unused item that was purchased 12/14/16 & are received with a look of annoynace from the salesgirl who proceeded to ask twice if items were used as she inspected them. My daughter & I politely reiterate that no, she is returning the $103.50 Bobbi Brown make-up set because her dad purchased it as a Christmas present & she did not want it. We were again told we'd have to follow not 1, but 2 Bobbi Brown/Lord & Taylor's associates over to first one register & then over to shoes. (Meanwhile their counter has no salesgirls to help potential customer's because they both apparently need to do the return).

This is where it gets almost comical if our time wasn't important to us. The annoyed salesgirl, wish I got her name, tells us that since the original receipt, through no fault of our own, somehow printed out the receipt with part of the whole left side missing, we couldn't return it. Her reason?, we didn't have a receipt!!!? A receipt she was holding & staring at. When we said we DO have the receipt she mumbled something about since the "old register" messed up the receipt, she could refund the money, but is deducting $20.00 because we'd have to take the lowest price they last sold the item for. Crazy? Yes, it is. My daughter politely shook her head & said, "no, it is not our fault the salesgirl didn't look at the receipt at time of purchase or that you can't punch in the sku number to find what is obviously the item that came from this store & it's wouldn't be fair for her dad to lose $20.00 for no reason"
So after both these salegirls failed to help us we asked for a manager. The manager, again Erika, took us to a 4th (!) register in cosmetics with the original associate tailing behind & then we finished our long, drawn out, transaction.

I calmly told Erika ( I was not calm inside, I was baffled, frustrated & annoyed) that it shouldn't be this hard, 40 minutes!, to return 2 items & the whole going from register to register. I am still recovering from a hysterectomy & the back & forth seemed very unnecessary.

But the absolute worse experience out of all of this, and the reason I'm writing this, NO apology, no explanations as to why this took such a chunk of our day. They all acted as if us returning 2 items was bothering them.. 1:00 on a slow Wednesday after all the rush of holidays. The store was not at all busy.

My sweet, hardworking husband buys my daughter & myself Bobbi Brown cosmetics/gift sets every single Christmas. Spending well over $200.00. Not this year, we will go to Sephora which is exactly where we went after leaving Lord & Taylor to purchase the 1 eye shadow my daughter wanted. No need to take our annoyance out on Bobbi Brown due to Lord & Taylor's policies.

Also, Erika, if you are the manager you should make sure your customer in the store you are representing leaves happy. Especially to 2 customers that were patient, polite, & not at all offensive to you in any way. I even tried telling you I was dissatisfied, but when you ignored me & went to the register as I was still talking, I realized you couldn't care less.

In case anyone in the higher up change cares, that's my review of today's shopping experience. Thank you.

Posted by Island Girl

I ordered two identical handbags in November that I intended to give as gifts. I did not like the bag. It was small and poorly made--looked like Walmart quality. Because they arrived in two separate packages with two separate return labels, I returned them separately, mailing both packages at the same time and the same place. I only got credit for one return, and now I am getting the runaround with customer service. I have made 4 phone calls and sent one email. I got no response to the email and have spent hours on hold only to get no help or to be cut off. I just spent another hour on the phone while someone FINALLY confirmed that they did, indeed, receive both of my returns. I now at least have a case number to refer to if the money does not show up in my bank account. Of course, I still lost the shipping money on both packages, which sucks. At Nordstrom, shipping and returns are always free. This would never happen at Nordstrom, king of customer service, and I will never shop at Lord & Taylor again.

Posted by Sira

I have been trying to reach the corporate office for the past five days.I purchased four pairs of boots and two were incorrect. Customer doesn't really care at all. I need someone to contact me.

Posted by Anonymous

On Nov 27, 2016 I purchased a pair of shoes from Lord and Taylor. When the (expensive) shoes arrived, the wrapping inside the box was wrinkled and I soon found that one of the shoe's stitching was ripped. I contacted customer service and was given a prepaid label to return the shoes. Since this purchase was a gift, I had to reorder another pair of shoes in order to get them on time by resubmitting my payment after happily being given a 10% discount. The second pair of shoes arrived in time, and my credit card now with 2 charges for one pair of shoes. The returned shoes arrived at L&T on Dec 14. On Dec 21 I called to see when I would receive a credit and after waiting approximately 30 min I was told not to worry, that I would reeieve the refund on Dec 23. I called again on Dec 26 and spoke at some length with Beyonce who told me not to worry, that refunds are processed in 5-8 business days and I should receive it on Dec 27. Today, on Dec 27 I still had not received a refund and so called again and spoke with Alvin. This customer rep told me not to worry, that refunds would take 15 business days and so I should expect the refund on Jan 2 or Jan 3. I then requested to speak with a supervisor. Alvin put me on hold and after waiting 15, came back to say that a supervisor was not available. This call with Alvin lasted 26 min in total. Apparently L&T customer service reps have no idea when refunds are credited to an account and merely make statements to get off the phone and on to the next call. My only thought is that these poor workers in the Philippines are only trying to do their jobs but the real problem is poor training and a pitiful accounting department that is no hurry to make credit adjustments, possible so that year end sales look higher than they really are.

Posted by Anonymous

I have never experienced such poor customer service at any department store. I have spent over 4 hours on the phone trying to get in touch with the correct person to unfreeze a gift card and I get passed along from employee to employee until I get hung up on or told to leave a voicemail. My online purchase never went through but still incorrectly took away money from my gift card and it has now been months that I have not been able to use my gift card. Local and corporate offices are both unhelpful.

Do not ever order a virtual gift card from Lord and Taylor. Customer service is horrific.

Posted by Anonymous

on Dec 3 I ordered a sweater to be sent to Albert Glinsky. It went to the wrong address. I phoned L&T many times, no results. Please send the sweater to the correct address.

Thank you, Edith Kobler, my email

Posted by Diane

It's been over a month and still waiting for a credit. Called at least 5 times to no avail. You have the return I am so discussed.

Posted by Cando

Nov 28 I ordered a Christmas gift for my grandson. I called today, the 14th, and was on hold for over thirty minutes only to be told they had no record of my order even though I gave them a reference number I obtained from PayPal account. Thoroughly disgusted, I hung up and spent hours searching out all information on my order. After locating, order number, item number, and tracking info, it states it was returned! NO notification to me and now I have no gift for my grandson for this Saturday. I decided to call customer again with all of my information to see if they could overnight it. After being on hold for over 2 HOURS, I get cut off! I do NOT EVER intend to do business with this company again!

Posted by Anonymous

Just visited the L&T store in Danbury shopping for Joy Perfume as a Christmas gift. Advertising pointed me to L&T only to be told that it in not carried N stock & to order it on line. After driving a fair distance I'm disappointed & frankly very annoyed at the advertising. It won't happen again.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to let management know that Customer Care Specialist, Elisa Hunt, is the BEST. She reaffirmed my regard for Lord and Taylor with her knowledge of store policy, and I will continue to shop there and recommend others do so, as well.

Sincerely, Doreen McAvoy

Posted by manzanjos44

In October I returned an item purchased using the pre-paid label. A few days later my account was debited $9.50 instead of $6.95 as stated on the label.When I called customer service the rep.who handled the complaint told me she would submit a claim for price adjustment. A week later in November I called again to find out the status of my complaint,the rep said there was no record of the incident, even though I gave her the case #.This rep.who acted as though I was trying to extort money from L&T, asked me to email the pre-paid attachment to prove which label I used, and I did. A week later,with no response I sent an email to L&T head office with my complaint.I also cc the email to the CEO. To date, no one has responded. It is not about $2.55, it is the principle. Customer service is truly dying.I used to think L&T was a cut above the rest, now I know they are in the same murky pool.

Posted by Ana

What costumer service? For two days now I have been trying to contact L & T to buy a gift card and no one answers the phone. I have sent them my home number for them to call and still no call. I also have a question on another order and no one is "minding the store">

Posted by PKA

I purchased 4 cashmere sweaters from L&T Ridge Hill Yonkers NY location. I did not wear one of them for over 90 days. It still had tags original wrapping etc on it. When I tried it on, I found it had a big hole in it. I returned it to the store 11/14/16 as a defective item looking for an exact even exchange. Unfortunately I did not have my receipt. The original cost was $199. However I did not pay that much for it.. I believe I paid around $70 being it was on clearance and then a coupon applied. The sales girl scanned the tag and said it was an over 90 day item. She called the manager over and that person said you can call store manager on duty to do an override. The sales girl told me that I cannot do an even exchange, I need to pick a sweater that is $70 and exchange it for that. Not sure of the rationale behind that, but o.k. I brought a $69.99 sweater back to the cashier/sales girl. there was another extremely rude store manager there that said, "I'm sorry we cannot exchange for $69.99 because it is over 90 days" The best we can do is give you $17 on a new purchase. I said "you just told me I can exchange for a $69.99 item" She said "we are retracting that". "It's $17 or nothing". I told her that this is a $200 defective sweater and you're offering me $17? She said "you can take it or leave it". Then she asked me if I wanted my defective sweater back. I said "are you serious? youre asking me if I want my merchandise back that I paid for" I told her I do!!! I paid for it!!! She said "we don't know that either do we?"
Never before have I been so humiliated by anyone ever in the retail business world. I told her "you have lost me and my family as great customers of L&T forever" "I will never buy another thing from L&T" she said "thank you, have a great day"
L&T is the worst run company I have ever dealt with. The L&T staff in the stores severely lack training, professionalism, politeness. It is apparent that they totally don't care about what kind of experience their customers are having. This all starts at the top with the senior management of the company. Elizabeth Rodbell needs to get in touch with what is happening in the stores. It's not enough to have a nice product to sell. The customer experience has to be good as well. Otherwise people will not return.

Posted by Serenity

Opened a Lord & Taylor credit card account, placed my first order and then I received someone else's order. Sent it back expecting to receive the correct one, but that didn't happen. I received only a partial refund on the credit card when the whole order should have been refunded as nothing was right. I called customer service which is totally useless since they cannot resolve anything over the phone instead you get a "Case Number" with a promise for a follow up which never comes. So far I have a "Case number" for the remaining refund due and a "Case number" because I cannot sign on to my shopping account either. I cannot wait to close out the L&T credit card which was only opened a week ago when they finally get around to all my "cases". Wish I could have looked at their reviews sooner, might have saved me a whole lot of trouble. Please people avoid dealing with this corporate mess at all costs as there are plenty of places to shop.

Add your review!

Posted by MIKE

I Was In The Men's Shoe Department And I Had A Employee Name Eugene Help Me Out The Whole Time. Eugene Was Very Nice And Patient And Helped Me Find The Best Shoe For Me. He Was Very Quick In Getting Me The Shoes And He Made Shoe Shopping For Me A Lot Easier!

Posted by Anonymous

I always shop at Lord & Taylor store in NYC. on 04/30/2016 at the Charity event, I decided to participate in this event...and it was great. Great experience at the Clarins products the sales person was great... I just went to buy make-up and I ended buying a lot!! I gave charity and I received many things..clarins' gift, flowers, Yankee tickets...and good discount!! This is what we call Give to Receive... and this case it was a good event for the Habitat for Hummanity.

Posted by Anonymous

I was shopping with a friend in the shoe department at the 5th Ave, NYC store where we were helped by one of the nicest salesman..Rich Usera..he was very pleasant, patient and knew the brand we were shopping for. It was a truly a great experience.

Posted by Sandra Friday

Last Thursday, 8/20, I was shopping with a friend at Lord and Taylor in West Farms Mall in Farmington, CT. We wandered into the shoe department where Stephen Michelsson was so very helpful and patient as we requested the mate to pair of shoes that were on sale. Not only was he helpful but when we discovered that I had not used my Lord and Taylor charge card, he set me up with a new card and made sure that I got the coupon discount on the shoes that I was buying.
He was cheerful and resourceful, and I want to give him "props" for his great public relations with this customer and her friend. I will definitely shop there again and hope Stephen is there.
Sandra Friday

Posted by Anonymous

I shopped at Lord & Taylor in Manhasset, Long Island yesterday and had a wonderful sales woman, Diana. She was extremely helpful, and made my shopping a very pleasant experience. I have only been in that store a few times but definitely look forward to going back soon because of this experience.

Posted by Susan

Faith Restored! I have been a long time L&T customer. The excellent service I was use to has diminished in recent years to the point where I have had bad experiences with staff and the store management not being helpful and in some cases ...rude and/or non-responsive. I am delighted to report that a woman by the name of Tanesha who works in Store #3 in the Woman's Department has given me hope that the L&T brand of outstanding customer service may still exist. I was searching for two items and within minutes she located them for me and processed my order. To L&T corporate...you may want to hire more associates and managers like Tanesha if you want to keep long time customers happy and returning. Thanks for your help Tanesha!

Posted by Cathy

I just wanted to reach out to let you know the experiences I have had visiting and shopping in Lord and Taylor Westfarms Mall, Ct. I often shop in the Fashion Jewelry Department and there is a Sales Associate by the name of Eliza I just wanted to say she is one of the most helpful and pleasant person you ever wanted to work with, I always look forward to working with her when I am shopping, she is a great asset to you Lord and Taylor!. Thanks,

Posted by Anonymous

Dee Smith, shoe department at King of Prussia, PA store was extremely helpful. She did her best to try to track down a certain pair of shoes for my son, who lives in another country. She was very sweet and caring!

Posted by disgusted

I ordered black chiffon slim leg pants for a wedding. I tried them on once at home with a twinset that had a thread of gold throughout. I noted some glitter particles on the pants when I took them right off. I brushed them off with my hand, then also went and got a lint brush and cleaned the pants. I sent the pants back for a refund as they were a little tight, and very static-y. I just received a box back from them with those same pants in it saying they refused to give me a refund ($76.00) because the pants were "soiled"
I sent them an email about this and they just gave me the "generic response" polite nothing reply with a phone number to call. I told them I would Never shop from them again and will burn the pants or put in goodwill before I will ever wear them. VERY POOR SERVICE. Any other store has accepted my returns. Macys, Bonton. I can't say enough good things about........

Posted by Anonymous

I wish to compliment the services from Lord & Taylor in Syracuse, NY.
I had purchased a gift card for a colleague. Unfortunately, she lost the gift card and asked if there was a way to track and replace the gift.
I contacted Joanne Gabriel at the L&T store at Destiny Mall for help. Joanne was very gracious, knowledgeable, and communicated with me throughout the process. I was delighted when she confirmed that L&T was able to replace the card.

Many thanks to Lord & Taylor and Joanne.

Posted by JAG

I want to commend Ms. Tyesha Jackson for her professional, patient, kind service to me April 28th, Copley Centre Boston Lord and Taylor Store.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried calling the customer service number but could not get past a product endorsement. When I did not accept the purchase offer, I was cut off. It would be nice if one could reach a human being on a phone call without having to be slammed with a purchase offer and then being cut off if you don't go along with it.

I merely wanted to give praise to employees of the Lakeforest Lord & Taylor store in Gaithersburg, MD. My 95-year-old mother-in-law and I were shopping at the mall two weekends ago and decided to see if we could find what we wanted at Lord & Taylor before giving up and going home. We had excellent service from every sales associate we encountered, from the moment we walked through the door by the cosmetics counter until we left with our purchases. The sales associate in the lingerie department was exceptionally helpful and extremely pleasant, which made the experience wonderful in light of the fact that we could not find what we wanted at the other mall stores--nor could we find sales associates without going on a hunting expedition! Lord & Taylor was such a contrast, and I wanted to let someone know about our experience.

Some days earlier, my husband also experienced the same situation when he was at Lord & Taylor, and so we feel that the employees at this particular store should be commended for being so outstanding in their availability and their pleasant, helpful approach to customer service.

Posted by Lady D

Congratulations on the wonderful selection of coats and wraps that you have out for this Winter Season. Thank you for responding to my Letter of Non-Service Complaint dated September 11, 2013 from the White Flint Mall, Rockville, MD Store. I shop at Lord & Taylor very frequently and have for the past 15 years, so I was quiet upset with the horrible disrespect of non-service that I received during my last visit that words cannot truly express how I felt during that visit. I purchased some items on the 1st floor but could not get assistance yet all of the other shoppers around me was receiving service. I went to the upper level and the same thing happened. I returned my purchase and hobbled out of the store (On my one crutch).
In your letter of response, the Regional Manger did contact me via telephone. She informed me that she was sorry and inquired who the Associates that did not perform the service were. I informed her that it is on the receipt that I attached to the letter to corporate. She then informed me that she will chat with those two Associates and there was no follow-up with me.
This prompted me to want to contact Corporate of these procedures and how unfair as a Consumer it was to me. After praying about this, I went to the store and was able to speak with Manager Ms. Jackie who apologized profusely for those incidents and went to her Manager to see what else could be done. She returned with another Manager Ms. Karen who also apologized and they presented me with a $25 Gift Card. Any time something like this or similar please contact a Manager to rectify it right then is what they said to me.
Although I did not purchase my Wrap, Thank You Ms. Jackie & Ms. Karen for Wrapping your Compassion and Customer Concern around me! Being a young black handicapped female, I am so appreciative for the level of Customer Service that I received. This was what I was accustomed to receiving while shopping at Lord & Taylor. Kudos to Ms. Jackie/Ms. Karen once again!


I Would Like To Take The Time Out To Tell You What A Great Sale Person You Have In Your Victor, Ny Store Her Name Is Sharon Condon She Works In Fragrants, She Was The Best I Ended Up Spending Over 200.00 And So Did My Sister
This Sale Lady Should Be Commended For Her Out
Standing Sale Skill, We Will Never Shop Any Where Else... Thank You Lord And Taylor...
Vivian Miller

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