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    • 287 negative comments (81.30%)
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I recently contacted Logitech Support regarding a problem with my security camera app. They couldn't resolve the problem but since then the app has further failed on my cell and tablets. I can tell they vindictively effected my account because I can use the same cell to access my brothers account with his email address. I have been told level 2 support will contact me for 4 days but nothing. HORRIBLE COMPANY..

Posted by Anonymous

I recently submitted a photo and paperwork to get a replacement of keyboard that I purchased from your company

the product was under warranty, but haven't heard from you. The tab key fell off.

Rose Hunter

Posted by Anonymous

Logitech is making it difficult, if not impossible, to reach an employee who can offer instructions on how to return an item. Every extension on the corporte site hung up. Can't help wondering what's wrong with the company -- don't they want customer?

Posted by Bob

Called 3 times.
First time on hold for 17 min and then whoever answered the call juts hang up on me without saying anything.
Second time 14 min wait: this time a technician answered and asked for my personal information. I told him I have a quick technical question regarding a wireless keyboard K800. He hang up on me.
Third call: after 24 minutes on hold I gave up.
I guess it is their way or no way. I cannot justify their need for my personal information in order to answer simple question with "yes" or "no"

Posted by Anonymous

This number is no longer good. and I can find no number at all to reach a live human being at Logitech. Their Customer service has gone to hell in a hand basket.

Posted by cushcalc

Very frustrated trying to get a return/refund on M590 mouse just received from online order. Nearly impossible to find a number or email address that is concerned with returns. I have had many mice and keyboards from Logitech that were great, but this new one is awful, and now finding that the return process is like a non-process, I will probably never order direct from them again. I only ordered direct because this new mouse wasn't yet on Amazon. In future I will only order from Amazon or eBay, which are both very good about the return process.

Posted by Anonymous

Communicating with Logitech customer service is futile. They cannot seem to understand an issue, and take days to answer emails. When they do, there seems to be no real concern about how to resolve an issue.

Posted by Kutalmis

I received this Keyboard, buttons are not responding as expected. I want to return, but there is not way to return it. As far as I understand, only way is to contact (email or phone) customer service. It is really hard to find a contact address.

I sent an email, they responded that they opened a case, a few days, still no response.

I am not computer illiterate for sure, I have am a software engineer.

Posted by perry

horrible customer support 3 months been waiting for a replacement headset . still waiting

Posted by DUCK

Impossible To Make A Return...i Would Never Suggest This Co To Anyone. Very Poor Pr. And They Don't Want To Refund My $99.99. I Was Sent A Label And Returned A Speaker But They Have No Idea What Happened To It And Now Won't Refund My $$$ I Got The Return Label From Them...

Posted by duck

I've return a speaker that is not waht I was told it to be. Logitec refuses to refund my$99.99 So, be careful ordering direct from Logitec as they are rip off company. They don't keep accurate records and there is no phone # to talk to anyone about..

Posted by mike

also got the g810 keyboard for the promo game and didn't get the code sent a ticket got no reply so phoned them then got a email saying its out of date and ended on dec 31 so I asked then why still sell it with the game keys inside and no reply closed ticket said solved I wont be buying Logitech again useless support and don't email back

Posted by Emily Elizabeth

Their support is slow/non-existent and their agents are poorly trained and incapable of processing simple issues. I've had numerous horrible experiences with Logitech support over the years. Terrible service.

Most recently, I purchased the Logitech G810 keyboard because of their promotion for a free copy of The Division, but the box did not include the code like it was supposed to (and this apparently happened to many other customers).

When I opened a support ticket about it, I was asked for proof of purchase, which I supplied (a PDF receipt downloaded directly from the Amazon order page) and was told it was not a valid receipt. Upon requesting to have my ticket escalated, days later I was told that a code would be provided soon.

Days later again, I finally received a reply with instructions to obtain the code, except it was now beyond the promotional period and the process wouldn't let me continue (promo expired). When I replied to point out the problem, I was ignored and my ticket marked solved.

I received NO support on the issue and had my time completely wasted! Now I'm in contact with an "escalations manager" after I called the corporate office to complain about false advertising and lack of support-but this shouldn't have been necessary!

Posted by UnknownKadath

I have a G700 gaming mouse and after less than a year of normal use one of the buttons broke off. It was still under warranty so contacted support to see if they would send me a new one or fix it. The first response email I got said it was a clear warranty issue and they needed my in don't get started. After that nothing for a few days. Then a follow up email asking how my service was. I explained how they never said if they were gonna refurbish or replace my mouse and that I haven't heard anything anything in days. Their solution was to start the process over with the same result. Just complete lack of follow up and communication. The worst part is, I love this mouse and not having that 4th side button feels like a handicapped from what I'm used to.

Posted by sh4rkfigh7er

I tried to return a refurbished remote that didn't work with all of my devices, it took days to get a response from logitech and when I did they would tell me that I would receive an email letting me know how to return my product (which didn't come). I ended up threatening to call my credit card company and file a claim with them which is how I ended up getting a UPS label to ship the remote back. They have not sent an email saying they've received it (even though my tracking number shows they have) and they have not returned my money yet. This has been going on for over a month.
Terrible customer service! Do not buy from the Logitech website, go through a retailer if you want to buy their products.

Posted by bad mamma

I had a basic question about a return policy, the guy told me that Logitek dont have a customer services manager (I think they need one) who wrote the policy if they dont have managers who drafted the policies? Anyway he then dropped the phone because i was asking too many questions, now I sit with a inferior product, suppose the rich will get richer and the poor poorer, i saved 6 months for this product. One day I want to be the CEO of logitek and change the company customer services staff. They are horrible 0/10

Posted by Vince C

I purchased this product and it is not working properly after a while. It's not connecting, even after the trouble shooting they asked me to do. It is still under warranty period. So I requested for a replacement based on their own warranty policy. However, I can't believe a big company like Logitech would do this... They just ignored my request after I sent them the information they need (receipt, S/N, and other product and purchase information). I really did not expect a big company like Logitech could be dishonest like this and refuse to fulfill their own warranty policy. Worst service ever!

Posted by George

I have not been able to get this company to tell me how to return or exchange an iPad keyboard for almost a month. I keep getting emails telling me my issue is important but no phone call or email has produced a solution. I can see here that most people have complaints. I intend to tell everyone I know and strangers to never purchase anything from Logitech. I don't think this business will survive with no customer service.

Posted by Val

Logitech support didn't bother to read the ticket I submitted to them and gave me instructions for something that has nothing to do with my issue. It also took 2 weeks before I even got a first response.

When finally (after 3 weeks) of not hearing from them, they finally said, deal with the problem.

Can't find worse customer support nowadays.

PS, it's a really minor issue that made me send the ticket to their support in the first place. It does not affect functionality, it's merely an aesthetic complaint. All they needed to do is to let me know that they acknowledge the fact that there is at least one person who doesn't like their aesthetic choice. Then it's case closed.

Posted by lockinhind

i have a g930 headset, new, well 6 months in, one of the wires were faulty and when I contacted support they claimed my pc was the route cause, so i did everything they said, still nothing. the guy insisted its just several bad pcs. finally after getting past that bs (one month in emails.) i was told i was to be given a return shipping label to get a replacement... that took a month just to get a reply to this again when i told him a week later i never got the label, he insisted they sent it out and he would send another one. instead of sending any out, i only got a mocking of an email stating [ please make sure you return the headset, if you already shipped it then please disregard this email. ] no attachment reminder to do something i cant.

Posted by LogNoMore

Logitech made a defective Bluetooth keyboard. This item was sold at my local Walmart on clearance. When I reported the item for a warranty claim I was given the run around only to be told that they no longer stock my item and my only option was to pick a $15 keyboard from their website or return it to the store so it can be sold again. I paid $15, yeah it's a steal for a $45 Bluetooth keyboard, but that doesn't mean that I wasn't entitled to an actual warranty claim. I spent 10 days working on this issue with a slowly responding CSR. I was told the warranty claim would be processed and only after that, after giving all of the product information multiple times, did the subpar CSR search the database for my product and then deny me the warranty claim due to a lack of inventory.

Logitech claims that they will replace a defective item with either an item of equal or greater value or exchange for the amount paid on the receipt. This choice is theirs to make. Obviously they didn't care to make a happy customer in this instance.

Posted by jizzle

stopped emailing after they "solved" the problem. Their solution was to click a non existent option in their software. Ive opened entirely new tickets with the same issue and screenshots of where they claim a drop down menu is and now they just wont say anything at all.

Posted by Jaybird logitech X2 return

Almost two (2) months and still no reply from logitech/Jaybird

Were promised $100 credit against a new pair of bluetooth earphones but received a reply stating that the "new" logitech support system no longer support $ credit - replied that I expect them to honor whats been agreed upon where I provided evidence/transcript from discussion with jaybird support - Then I was caught up in the system migration (assume a transition to the new owner Logitech) where conversations simply ceased - Have lodge new claims under logitech support, but still no response - WTF????? This saga started with a pair of X2's that turned out to be too big for my daughters earlobes resulting in that jaybird created an RMI for me where I followed their instructions of cutting the cord on a pair of brand new earphones - photos were sent and the RMI were accepted - but then everything ceased in terms of being able to use the credit they offered me against a pair of new earphones - As it stands I cut the cord on a brand new AU $220 X2 earphones where I now don't seem to be able to get in touch with anyone (jaybird and/or logitech) - NOT acceptable big time !!!!

Posted by isushman

Second defective K800 Keyboard warranty request: replacement not received after email and phone calls. Complained on Twitter and still no replacement, just appologies. Almost 2 weeks after original request, still just receiving appology emails with vague assurances my issue is being resolved.

Posted by Ryan Solo

I called in to ask about my microphone problem, and instead of help the person other line started saying how my laptop was the problem and had viruses and people were hacking into the laptop, and completely disregarded my problem I was having with the mic.
Very awful, and people like that should be helping us, instead of SCAMMING. Very poor service.
Don't even know if they gave me their real name, but it was Ryan Solo.

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Posted by KBLOCK

Had a 650 set up problem. Issue was resolved quickly by a rep that was very knowledgeable - at least for my problem. Kudos to this guy.

Posted by Dr. Simith Yadav

i would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude towards the awesome service provided to me over the technical problem related to my MK220 product. your staff members at Redington Service, Address: are very cooperative and they take care of there customer realy very well. i am a doctor and i work at a government hospital, i usually don't get time before evening 6 pm and by that time usually most of the offices start getting closed. i reached above mentioned logitech customer service centre at off office hours of around 6:30pm but the staff not only listened to my problem very patiently but they even sorted my problem by replacing the product with the newer one. my thanks once again to logitech and their team an wishing them great buisness year ahead.

Posted by Alexia

Wonderful treatment. Mouse button stopped working and only required me to send a picture of the devide ID in order to send me a brand new one.

Posted by Jen

The Logitech customer service is probably one of the best I have ever received. I got my UE boom a couple of years back free with a promotion when I bought a new phone from Verizon. About a year later, something happened and the speaker had a lot of static. They sent me a replacement after giving them the product info and all I had to do was ship back the old one. About a week ago I noticed that now my charger stopped working. I emailed them about purchasing a new charger from them and they asked again for product model number and S/N, etc., and they said the charger was out of stock, however they could just ship me an upgraded UE Boom 2. I was really shocked, seeing as I just wanted a new charger and they decided to just replace my entire device with a new upgraded one. Though it takes some time to email back and forth with them they are awesome and definitely go out of their way to make their customers happy. Will probably always stick with this company!!

Posted by chas3wba0

I contacted Logitech support in regards to a cosmetic issue with a product. While response time was a bit lengthy, it only took 2 communications from them before I was offered a hassle-free resolution to the issue. Just be patient, and it certainly helps if you provide a detailed description (pictures/videos) of the issue as well as all the required documentation (proof of purchase).

Posted by NJS7x7

I have had very little issues with my Logitech items over the years. However every time one of their items begins to fail within warranty they have always promptly sent me a new one no questions asked and no return required. Logitech is the only company I've had experience with that operates like this. Everyone else wants you to at the very least send the old one back and usually make you pay for the damage item's shipping. They are a huge corporate company, but the level of service for a company this size is second to none.

Posted by HiGear

I have a G700s gaming mouse. It stopped working and was under warranty. I registered the mouse on their support site, and luckily I had bought it on Amazon so I was able to get the receipt and upload it. I started the support case and entered all the information for the hardware, a detailed description of the problem and the troubleshooting steps I had taken. 24 hours later I received a response asking for the same information I had given when registering the mouse and filling out the support case form. Whatever though, I gave the support guy all the requested information. 4 days later I still hadn't received a response, I called their support number and asked for an update. They told me the case was going through the approval process and I would receive a shipping notification when it was approved. I received a shipping notification from UPS as I am subscribed to their site, then a couple of days later I got an email from Logitech that it was approved and the replacement would be getting shipped out. When I got the replacement it was a brand new mouse, not even a refurb. Very happy with the end result, though their communication could have been way better.

Posted by Anonymous

The remote control for my speakers wouldn't work. I called, gave some information about my product, and i received another one three days later, no questions asked. Great service, i definately recommend !

Posted by Doc Spratley

Regarding the MK320...the worst combo I have every used. I have had Logitech as my product since the late 80's (remember the Trackball and Scanner?) The product was a great disappointment. The mouse is very noisy, and the keyboard "skipped". I have taken it back to the point of sale and will look for a different product. It is unfortunate that my faith in your products has suffered.

Posted by Anonymous

Multiple times requested a prepaid return label for NEW item I did not want. Got an email stating my case number but no label. On hold 10 plus minutes. Would never purchase from them again.

Posted by COREY

Called To Ask How To Buy A New Enter Key And They Offered To Replace Entire Keyboard. When I Told Them I Had No Receipt They Worked It Out And Still Helped. They Even Stayed On Phone While We Emailed Back And Forth. Great Experience

Posted by Satisfied

I bought a G500 mouse a little over a year ago and noticed in FPS games that the right mouse button wouldn't register a continuous click, so I could not look down the sites. I called logitech about the situation, and they took me through several steps to see if it was the mouse or the computer/driver that was the issue, ended up being a slightly defective mouse. Shortly afterwards, I got an email offering to replace the mouse, but as the G500 was discontinued, they offered to send an upgraded G500s free of charge. I didn't even have to send in my old mouse, and I received the new one quickly in the mail. 10/10 would recommend

Posted by bincuser

I'm very happy with the replacement of my speakerset. Even though I bought it in another country four months earlier, Logitech replaced it without hassle.
Communication was clear and questions were answered promptly. Kudos!

Posted by Calcasieu

I rate my experience as a 10. It took some time, but that was my fault due to lack of experience.

Thank you for your service.
Jackie Murphey

Posted by Pau124

My experience with Logitech was super! They replaced my mouse and were very helpful and generous. They care about keeping customers happy and loyal.

Posted by ysawaneh1028

I browsed the internet and found one of your (Logitech) products that I am very much interested in. I asked my favourite computer shop in Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) they were not able to get it from the overseas' supplier. The product is: "Logitech Alto Portable Laptop Notebook Stand with Keyboard".

Please confirm it availability, in order to reach the next stage (how to purchase it).

Thanks in advance for your assistance. My contact is:


Posted by Rob

It was impossible to get someone on the phone. The system would say "due to a technical error we cannot complete your call at this time" after selecting all the options. I gave up on that and contacted email support, after which the issue was resolved almost immediately and to my satisfaction. The UPS label arrived quickly and they have kept me up to date throughout the RMA process. Overall, it was hard to get through to them but once I did the experience was more positive.

Posted by aburden02

I called Logitech Customer Service today and the guy I spoke with was exceptionally helpful. My left click on my mouse didn't work and he trouble shoot everything on the computer end and it still didn't work but so they're sending me a FREE replacement because my 30 day warranty had past at BestBuy. Great Experience with Logitech. I will always buy their products!

-Aaron, Bismarck, ND

Posted by Min

I had this m315 wireless mouse which was refurbished from Newegg.com
It didn't even worked, well it was below 7 dollar, but I gave a try to the logitech.
What a surprise, they asked me some questions about troubleshooting, and they sent me a replacement within 5 days.
Another day, I had this logitech microphone from newegg again, wasn't working.
I contacted them again, they agreed to send me a replacement but upgraded version!
Logitech customer service is excellent!!!
anytime, i can reach them without any delays.

Posted by mbeau88

I purchased a Logitech MK520 Wireless Keyboard/Mouse combo...
Yesterday the "2" key on the keyboard failed.
I didn't have my receipt, my sale date or anything.
I called Logitech and got a rep in under 1 minute.
He took down the info on the back of my keyboard, and my personal information.
After being on hold for 1 minute, he got back on and said that they're sending me a brand new replacement, no need to return my original equipment, and that I can keep it and at least use the mouse, and see if I can fix the keyboard. I love Logitech!!

Posted by Albert

OK guys just keep in mind that with all voluntary response data collection there is going to be a bias in that generally only people who had a very negative or positive response will bother providing data.

This is why I deliberately try to review things no matter the experience.

I bought a wireless mouse from Logitech and the thing never really worked properly. Anyway, I contacted customer support, heard back the next day with steps to troubleshoot the problem. Tried those, didn't fix the issue so I relayed those details. The next day I hear back saying there must have been a defect and they will ship me a replacement.

Now, I don't know how long it will take to get a replacement and I don't particularly care because they are owning up to their faulty product and getting me a new one. Didn't ask me to take it back to a retailer, didn't want a receipt, etc. Simple.

Overall pretty decent customer service. I can't say it was excellent because any reasonable company would do what they did, replace a defective product. What I can say, is I got prompt responses and it wasn't a hassle.

Posted by JCB

Had to contact Logitech when my PC speaker system developed a fault and after emailing proof of purchase a new replacement of better specification was dispatched to me on the very same day. I am very happy with the speed of their service to resolve my problem.

Posted by Bigguy

Harmony 700 Receptacle for USB and recharging too flimsy for repeated use, simply disconnected from innards and fell out. It should have a dock, not just a plug. 700 is essentially a rechargeable 650, and the higher priced model with a dock controls three times the number of devices I require. Customer Service slow to answer but very polite. What she did not know she looked up, demonstrating real desire to help.

Posted by Anonymous

Had an issue with a broken Logitech product, got the best service of any tech company I've ever experienced. Those I spoke with through email were competent, precise, and helpful. Got my replacement, and Logitech can expect my business for as long as I'm alive.

Posted by JohnP

I bought a item from Amazon about a year ago. I started having issues with it last week. I reached out to Logitech and just a few emails later they sent me a UPS label and the item is now on the way to them. I received a full refund due to them not having the item in stock.

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Posted by logitechfan

I have worked for Logitech customer support for long enough to know how it works. We do get paid just over the minimum wage and we all have a really passionate drive to help people out. Sometimes things happen because at the end of the day you're working with human beings that make mistakes. Although this is not an excuse, it is a reality. As a customer service rep you can only work in the realm of the procedures that we are given. Sometimes we encounter customers that give us a hard time because we are the first line of service they encounter. We don't even work for Logitech but for a company that Logitech hires to do their support for them. So if you really have a complaint about the customer support, you should think twice about who you are complaining too... go here... logitech.com/ithink and thell them really wht you think. Just think twice about the men and women that are willing to help you. Sometimes we get just as frustrated about the product we support. We are just numbers to Logitech, but we still take pride in our jobs.

And Maybe if you talk to our non english speaking support workers, try to have a little patience and get of that american high horse that EVERYONE should speak English.... you're just another country on this big planet that just happens to have the money to buy all these products... as the previous commenter said, these people make about as much a month then you make in a day.

I just think that most customers here think that we are just an automated service that does everything perfectly. and out of the hundreds of calls we get a day, there are more satisfied customers then not. Thing is... when everything goes great you will never hear from these people again, but when a tiny detail goes wrong you all are there to complain and say negative comments.

Posted by yooper91

For starters, shame on you people for all the negative comments. I was in a position for 2 years similar to tech support, so I know enough to run tests when equipment of mine is failing. Also, I've had to deal with customer service and support quite often for replacements/returns. Logitech is by far one of the best I've had to contact. I had a ClearChat Premium PC headset that failed on the left side, and after a short talk with a rep, I got it replaced, and they didn't even have me return the defective headset. I actually called them again to check! In about a week I got my replacement. After a few months, I'm calling them up again cause my replacement broke. They said it was still under warranty from the previous headset, but they're sending me the Stereo headset h250 as a replacement, seeing as the model is no longer made. The whole process took around 20 minutes, the first two calls got dropped for whatever reason, but that didn't bother me much. The rep was very sweet, and while she asked me some basic questions to see if there actually was an issue, she was far from annoying about it, unlike Dell for instance. Should I ever have an issue again, I will gladly call Logitech customer service and support again!

Posted by LogitechEmployee

Guy's I work for Logitech, I am not sure what everyone is complaining about here. I speak English and English is my First language. Please find a company as big as Logitech that offers English Speaking Support ? We are over worked and way under paid, some of the Queues here are supporting 4 different major Products that have 300 Item's that we need to know at any given time. We do our best to help each person, but when YOU flip a lid on us why should we help you? Sorry we don't have or know the Answer to something there are over 1,200 Products to know! Give us a break people, Your English Speaking Rep's are just making over Minimum Wage! The Agents in the Philippines They bust there ass's off for you people! They get paid a fraction of what we English Speaking Rep's when I say a fraction... we are talking $3000.00 a year!

So the next time you think the Agent is bad, think of what YOUR putting them through!


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