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Living Social customer service is ranked #340 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 37.35 out of a possible 200 based upon 153 ratings. This score rates Living Social customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


139 Negative Comments out of 153 Total Comments is 90.85%.


14 Positive Comments out of 153 Total Comments is 9.15%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Living Social

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 37.35 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 139 negative comments (90.85%)
    • 14 positive comments (9.15%)
    • 1 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.4 Issue Resolution
    • 2.4 Reachability
    • 1.8 Cancellation
    • 4.0 Friendliness
    • 3.5 Product Knowledge

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Posted by roblen

I need to contact living social I live in brisbane and cannot find a phone no. for them in australia i havernt received my voucher

Posted by Anonymous

First of all, I didn't recognize the name Living Social when it appeared on my credit card. The charge was just under $50 and I didn't know what it was! I went online and found Living Social. After searching a bit, a page appeared with a product name that I recognized. It was a Christmas gift I purchased for my son. I don't think I purchased it from Living Social but I do remember the site mentioning a Groupon (digital coupon I guess) I did check this out. I don't know why the charged on my credit card was from Living Social because that's not the company that manufactures the product I purchased. So now I'm wondering was the $48 charge for the product or was the charge or any part of it for Living Social Groupon? I used the chat option. They were very helpful. I tried calling the phone number listed and the recording said "This is a non-working number". Living Social should provide a working phone contact number, unless they just don't want to talk to anyone, which may be the case.

Posted by Anonymous

Why is there no way of contacting you, it keeps saying the number does not work. I'm trying to get a voucher that I have paid in full for, I haven't even received an email with the voucher code. Can somebody HELP I am getting really really annoyed at this stage. If I have not heard from your company within the next 2 hours I want a full refund and I will be reporting Living Social to consumer commission.

Posted by mike mckay

HELLO I have been with LivingSocial for some time this is the first time I've been on able to get through to you on your phone number I have a question and I am not able to get through your recording says you're open from 9 to 8 p.m. eastern time and there's no one answering the phone

Posted by [email protected]

I tried calling this number says it is a non working number and I have a 202 area code that I get the same voices and names when I call -- and no response or call backs--

Posted by Truly Disappointed

Living Social is not sociable. It is a scam of a company. I order the 72-hour emergency backpack kit on October 31, 2016 and have not received it. I called the customer service number and was told that if I didn't fill in the redemption code they would not know what address to sent it to, which I did fill out. I asked if there was a phone number where I could speak to someone else and was told this was the only number and they don't list a phone number on their website. I was given an email address to send an email stating my situation. I did a search and found and 877 number which was disconnected. Then I went online to my bank account and found a number from where they had deposited my debit card for payment. I called that number and spoke to a call center agent and she said that I was not the only one who had called with the same complaint. She said that she was going to escalate the matter and gave me a case number. She said that she would get in contact
with me on Friday 12-1-2016 by email with her findings whether they are back logged or refund back to my account. I personally will never do any business like this ever again.
Truly Disappointed.

Posted by Barbara Gray

I redeemed my living voucher for a total body exercise system on 30 October. The order should have been delivered within 5 working days. It has still not arrived.

I have now contacted the supplier twice and still no refund has been made. I am now concerned.,

Barbara Gray

I look forward to hearing from you.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi, I bought a one hour massage for $38 at One Accord Massage in West Bloomfield on May 27, 2016. I called about two weeks ago to cash in on the voucher, and was told by a voice recording on their phone number that the company is no longer in business. What can I do? Thanks, Carol Lalka

Posted by Sassy Sue

After being on the phone for maybe an hour I finally spoke with a Living Social rep wanting to resolve an unhappiness re wanting to gift a Sam's Club membership, but their system IMMEDIATELY purchased one for ME--and there is no Sam's Club on the Big Island of Hawaii where I live; AND their system said no refunds on that particular deal! After getting me to admit there are 2 places I go occasionally that do have Sam's Clubs, the rep told me she would get me a $10 gift card credit. That was maybe 6 wks ago and I have yet to see any sign of such a credit I can make use of--and I AM visiting family in Tucson, Arizona where there is a Sam's Club (for another week). NOT NICE. I feel so ripped off.

Posted by Sassy Sue

NOT HAPPY that I got an email offering me an extra 10% off of a deal I viewed yesterday--but have tried 3 times to make use of it and buy the deal and it doesn't work! NOT NICE. Each time I get a message saying I have exceeded my limit, when in fact I have not even purchased a deal from them for a while!

Posted by Anonymous

No email address, only one phone number and no matter what you press you go on hold "due to large call volume".
I tried 3 times - all went well over 50 minutes before I gave up.

Posted by Anonymous

Just to note that I am so disappointed in my purchase and feel cheated. I purchased 2 x vouchers for the escape lounge through living social and end user trusted travel - I thought i was getting 25% off this is a swizz as when booking it states you are saving 6.25 and the cost is 18.75 when in fact you can purchase direct for 21.00 then you get charged a fee so total ends up being 21.24 + you 1.00 for you voucher - this is out of order and i feel that i have been cheated - wont be using this site again . I had an email to rate your services went through the whole process and then it wouldnt let me submit it

Posted by anonymous

Haven't purchased from Living Social for a while so a deal came up that caught my eye. i clicked on it and it said "if you buy in 4 minutes the price is xxx" discounted. I clicked and then it immediately went back to full price. I looked up customer service and called. it said it would be 30 minutes then it said it would be 10 minutes. after 30 minutes and the same two messages on hold over and over and over, i hung up. there is no way to email anyone for customer service. They lost a sale....wonder how many others they have lost because of poor customer service practices.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm a current merchant with Living social and have been dealing with the fact that they combined my account with another merchants account over a week ago. Someone else has access to all my private banking information. The money for the purchased vouchers has one knows where. I'm told that they will escalate the issue and call me back. No one ever called me back I had to call them. I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told there were none I could speak to. So current situation my account, my private information and my voucher that is not accurate are well....being worked on and someone will call me Monday. A horrible company with no ethics or sense of urgency.

Posted by Anonymous

Living Social customer service has provided no help, assistance or remorse for a vendor who is scamming its customers and not returning phone calls after the vouches is expired. I will be submitting this organization to BBB for thorough investigations of its fraudulent practicing in deceiving public by supporting business that go out of business as soon as their voucher date is expired.

Posted by Jan

IMPOSSIBLE to reach customer service by phone. I have called 8-10 times and am on hold for 18-47 min before I give up. There should be an email where I could voice my concerns. VERY frustrating.

Posted by Jamm10

I will never purchase a living social again. And I strongly advise you to do the same. If I could give below 1 I would!

Posted by Anonymous

877 customer service number not in service.
Need a refund for a voucher I purchased on 8-8-16 that is not good.
Will be contacting the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint.

Posted by LAZ

Tried the 877 number today to reach someone. That number is no longer in service. I was on the phone waiting for over one hour yesterday because a voucher I purchased just last week hasn't been offered by that vendor for a long time (according to the vendor himself. He doesn't know why livingsocial is still running his offer). I need a refund of my $43 and cannot get it without talking to a livingsocial rep. This is ridiculous!!

Posted by Anonymous

Living social must be going out of business customer service no listed in many google searches is DISCONNECTED!! Finally found 1 202 400 2100 living social cust service no called 3 times put on 1 HR hold yesterday.45 minute hold today. When I finally did get someone I told her about a massage deal where vendor says is temporarily out of business and relocating.I had both a Groupon Voucher and Living Social Voucher Groupon did the responsible business action and sent emails to all customers with vouchers for this Vendor telling them they were dropping this Vendor because of numerous problems with voucher redemption, and encouraged those with vouchers for this vendor to call Groupon to refund with Groupon bucks.After the long holds I finally got thru to living social cust service. When I explained situation and told her of Massage co. Owner Giving me run around when I tried to redeem voucher.(He kept telling me he was relocating). I told owner worried expiration dates coming up and told me he would redeem past expiration date ( another lie!) When I spoke with living social customer service. She told me that I needed to take up with Vendor because vouchers expired . I asked to be transferred to a supervisor and after all that waiting...SHE HUNG UP ON ME!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

have been trying to call and your telephone number is no longer in use. Please email your new telephone number as it is important for me to talk to customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Time for everyone to uninstall living social. They have NO customer service. Bad business!!

Posted by Anonymous

Pls leave a legit phone number as the numbers listed are no longer in service.
Some issues need to be discussed w/ human person by phone

Posted by Anonymous

How can I talk to someone at living social,real tired of being on hold several times es

Posted by Anonymous

Icannot contact livingsocial about the tablet i ordered on the 15th of june and i have not received it. Jane

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Posted by roxie62

I had a problem with one of heir products and they made things right. Shop them often and am always pleased! Great Customer Service!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to comment on the excellant customer service I received during my phone call today. The young lady from N.Y. who I spoke with today was not only efficient, knowledgeable and personable but was friendly, helpful and polite. Great asset to your company. John B.

Posted by brewguy

Stick with it and keep asking your question if you don't like the answer. I asked for a refund and was offered nothing, then a $10 credit, finally a $25 credit, which was equal to the refund I was asking for. So, ultimately I didn't get a full cash refund, but with a 15 minute phone call (and ultimately asking to talk to a supervisor) I did get a 'deal bucks' credit.

Posted by happy customer

just got off the phone with LISA and was so pleased for so many reasons. within one minute I was connected with a person to share my concerns, LISA. next, within one minute I was able to reach a satisfying answer. Yes, I could use the voucher immediately rather than the next day as originally stated. finally, printing the voucher and knowing our granddaughters would enjoy their pumpkin farm visit TODAY was the best result of all. Thank you LISA for knowing the answers to my concerns.

Posted by Chuck

I just had a great experience with living Social. I called the # provided by Contact Help (and bookmarking the web site), got a fast answer and refund for a service not performed.

Thank You

Posted by 3ipka

I had a voucher that I asked for a refund for within hours after purchasing it. Waited 5 days for the request to be processed (the average period as defined in Living Social policy), but never got a refund. Contacted their Customer Service by email and got in a long and, as it turned out, useless discussions regarding policies and refunds. At some point they told me they couldn't find my original refund request number AND my account email. Huh? I was getting very frustrated. Luckily, found this website with the number to call the live person (by the way, they start working 9 am EST.) Anyway, the lady on the phone (Irene?) was VERY nice and VERY helpful. I was about to give up on Living Social altogether but I guess I'll continue being their customer after all ;-)

Posted by Alikatt

I would like to give kudos to Joshua. Not only was he kind, listened to my issue with a voucher not being honored, resolved the problem quickly and didn't keep me on hold for very long. Living social is a great company and a fun way to experience things I other wise couldn't afford. Thank you for the kindness and GREAT customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Had a problem with a refund..was immediately routed to a rep, named Martha who was extremely helpful Would definitely use Living Social again!

Posted by Daveebner

I had a satisfactory customer service experience by calling this number that negated the bad deals I purchased in Living Social. The bad deals were for car detailing that advertised one service and gave me another, less inclusive service that was more of a car wash than an auto-detail.
I called the number listed and talked with Nancy, who refunded my money. This gave me faith in LS. Other vouchers I have bought have worked out better, but this one seed like a bait and switch from the car-cleaning compeny - hoping noone would notice their car had not actually been waxed...

As a result I will continue to do business with LS. BUT I'll be more careful about the deals.

Posted by Anonymous

We purchased the ZEN bed and did not receive the email from them confirming our order so I contacted Living Social at I had to hold a short time but I was greeted by Chloe, who was SO nice.She provided the information I needed, follow-up email as well as complete follow through with what she said she would do!

You go girl! We need more customer service reps that like their jobs!! :)

Posted by BaltimoreFoodie

I am sure that all those negative experiences have had to have some level of effect because I had no wait time, the person I spoke to was very helpful, and the issue I had was resolved. They even reversed my voucher so I could use it else where. I say A+ service.

Posted by Gin

Had an issue with a purchase I called on a Sun. I did not have a long wait time. My issue was handled politely and efficiently by Damon. Good job, thanks Damon.

Posted by Joshvanderpuyl

I had to call today I pressed 0 right away then had to hold for a few min but got thru and was given ok service

Posted by Anonymous

I have only ordered from them once but they sent what they said they would and it was timely.

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Posted by goombamario

Hello all. Yes I agree they are not a good business. They are even no good to work for. They give 10+ hours of mandatory overtime per week. And they are shisty. They recently let me go for some petty bs and they always run deals with merchants who don't know jack didly or are in responsive. If you have had this issue. No worries almost 99% of the deals massages house cleanings yard vleaninhs car details (pretty much any thing that has to do with an appointment) stay clear of. And any deal for live it nexus dot zilla and any of those deals as well because you will either not get your product or they will simply blow you off. The reps talk crap about how hard it is for you all to get that you have to contact the merchant blah blah blah. As I say good riddens to living social. I can honestly say that the only deals that are half way decent are the food deals. Make sure to always read the fine print and call the merchant before you purchase it. :) hope this helps some one in some way.


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