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15 Positive Comments out of 490 Total Comments is 3.06%.

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    • 475 negative comments (96.94%)
    • 15 positive comments (3.06%)
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Posted by Disappointed

Little Caesars, Grube St. Springfield,OHIO
Phoned order in and was told 20 minutes. Paid for and received order. Old, grease soaked, burnt crust. Was offered another pizza which was worse than the first. I asked for a refund and was told I could NOT have a refund. I had to wait 30 minutes more for another bad pizza! A waste of $8.00!

Posted by LamieleMcmillam

I just recently called in an order at the little ceasars pizza on flat shoals dr. In Decatur ga. I arrived about 15 min later only to realize that my order wasnt even put in. I waited an additional 15 min.
This wouldn't have been so bad if the crew would have apologized and my Uber driver wouldn't have been so upset for waiting.
Im totally appalled at the professionalism of the staff. This was an awful experience for such great food

Posted by Anonymous

Really nice of corporate office just now (1/11/2018) charging my account for a purchase made last fall. I report this as fraudulent charges on my account. start cancelling things and then call the Local franchise where the purchase was made. I find out from the Manager Ricky DeCassa about the change in cash registers and that there was a significant delay in processing payments from fall of 2017. We are battling enough trying to recover from Harvey damage. The $40 overdraft fee does not help. Bettye A. Marquez, former customer.

Posted by Michael

Ill admit with a 11 year old boy and two 14 year old girls with me and the wife working full time jobs the little ceasers in Laplace gets visited at least once a week.....easy dinner call ahead place an order and bamb 20 min later heading home with dinner.... the pizzas arent always perfect but it fills tummies.....until recently.....last week placed an order 20 minutes before pick up time go to get it? Not ready had to wait 15 minutes on it....they did apologize and I did let it slide.....tonight? My wife called several times then I called about a half hour later several times and it just rang and rang and rang.....we did pick up pizza but it wasn't little ceasers and at this point it's either the location gets it together or we will find a new pizza hot spot for our twice a week ritual!! Happy New Years thanks

Posted by Anonymous

After waiting for a half hour we couldn't get a cheese pizza at the steger Illinois location. I have a kid that can't eat meat so I had to go else where to buy food.

Posted by Anonymous

Went tout Little Caesar on Beach Blvd. in Jacksonville, Florida and was ignored. The manager as well as another coworker seen me and still didn't ask for my order. The one gentleman finally told his manager that I was at the window. This isn't the first time but it will be the last. I just took my business elsewhere.

Posted by Jon

I ordered cheesy bread in mt. VernonMount I’ll. I had one piece and I did not like it. I went in and asked the manager could he replace it with something else and he said no that I had ate off if it. I mean I didn’t ask for money back I just wanted something I looked ke and could eat. I do feel they should replace my food. That is poor costumer service

Posted by Anonymous

To file a complaint against Isabella at the Little ceasers in redlands California in the food 4 less shopping center I ordered my food my cheese pizza was ready she told me my crazy bread would take 5 to 10 mins she told me she would hold my cheese pizza in the warmer till my crazy bread was ready I told her thank you as I was waiting for my crazy bread 10 to 15 mins later a customer comes orders a cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza I see her grab cheese she was holding for me I say excuse me you said you would hold that cheese from me in there while I was waiting for my crazy bread she tells me I didn’t order cheese I ordered pepperoni I stated to her I did not so she put the cheese pizza back apologized to the customer asked him what else he wanted he said crazy bread she said let me check on that she said they just need to butter it let me get that for you sir she comes back with a crazy bread for him while I’m still standing there waiting for crazy bread I had ordered 15 mins prior I don’t believe that is very good customer service I had been waiting for the crazy bread and she gives it to the gentlemen that had just gotten there

Posted by Anonymous

Called in an order for 2 pizzas at Little Ceasars on Will Clayton Blvd in Humble, TX at 5:33 on 11/1/17. Arrived at 5:50pm (advised when ordering pizza would be ready in 20 minutes). Had a small sleeping child in a car seat with me, so went thru the drive thru window. There were 2 cars ahead of me and drive-thru constructed so that you cannot get out of line. After sitting in line for 30 minutes and only 1 car had moved, I was furious. When I got my pizza, I told the cashier there was a problem when the line is moving is slowly. She told me 'you should park and come inside if you have already called in an order' and that it was my fault for getting in the drive thru lane. I asked her what the issue was and were they making the pizzas as they were ordered in the drive thru. She stated 'That is exactly what they were doing and there was nothing that could be done about it' I told that was not exactly HOT AND READY and she said 'Well that is how it is'. I stated that I would be filing a complaint about their service and she said 'Do whatever you want to do, it is not my problem'. Now this happened at a time of day when they are well aware they are going to be/get very busy, so why would they not have pizzas READY TO GO as their entire marketing is based on this feature?

Posted by Pizza bob

Today I visited the little Caesars in Valley Alabama for the very first time
I was disappointed
I has a rough ordered two large pizzas with extra cheese
A one topping pizza was advertised at six dollars
I was charged $6.90 for each pizza
I questioned the cashier Tina why it was not six dollars each
She said they don't consider cheese a topping
And that's why the additional $.99 charge

I said that a basic pizza includes cheese so that ordering additional cheese should be considered one topping
She said that's what their manager told them to do Tina was pleasant young teenager and obviously not prepared to deal with customer issues

I asked for the manager's phone number and the owners phone number and will be in contact with them

When I order this item from Dominoes it is considered as a one topping pizza

I think you have some work to do in educating your counter personnel

It has been my experience that most young people are ill prepared to deal with customer service issues
Only from the standpoint of not knowing what to do

For the sake of $1.98 (2 x .99) Little Caesars could've won a customer

Unfortunately they did not

Best wishes

Bob Roberts

Posted by RMA

Went to get two pizzas at the Dale City, Woodbridge VA store, one was the one with extra pepperoni and the other one half cheese and half sausage. The one with extra pepperoni was so burnt and chewy, and the other pizza had half pepperoni and half cheese. I never bothered to check with I was there and figured it out when I got home to three hungry kids. This isn't the first time they give me burnt pizza.

Posted by Shankyyria

I latoshawhite visit this location on air port it was horrible I brought two six dollar pizza the cashier has no change for a twenty. I ask to speak with a manager. She started I am the manager. On the reciept her name is shankyria. She has a nasty attitude. I am a manager myself and that's not good customer service at all. This is ridiculous my kids wanted the pizza are I would've left. I was not happy at all.

Posted by ?

10/20/17 - I just bought a "Three Meat Treat" Pizza and it looks like it was cooked yesterday. This pizza was not just freshly cooked. It's not edible, it's going in the trash. And I just wasted $9.00.

Posted by Anonymous

I really don't think the commercial with the boy taking dad's number 1 of his hat is not sending a very good messages to kids nows days to disrespect there parents and down graderaid the parents

Posted by Judy

Went to Little Caesars at 1317 TP White Driver in Jacksonville, AR on 9/15/2017 to pick up supper. There were NO hot & ready pizza and there were 4-5 people inside waiting and several cars outside. Then tried to go back there again today 9/18/2017 for lunch pizza and once again, there was no pizza ready for pick up. They said it would take 20-25 minutes to prepare and once again there were several people waiting. Gave it once last try this evening 9/18/2017 and again NO pizza. Asked for the manager and was told that everyone there was new and there was no manager there.
I guess this location does not care about its customer base and stand by the "Hot & Ready" slogan. We are very disappointed that this location has gone downhill. So sad because this is a military town. Used to love eating Little Caesars, but do not plan on going anytime in the near future at all. So sad that management cannot train its employees to stand by the "hot & ready" pizza slogan and have that pizza ready. The advertisement is Hot & Ready, but they certainly are NOT!

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a deep dish sausage and a regular cheese pizza. Also bread sticks. I was watching them take pizzas out of oven because it took 19 minutes to get my order. They were reaching into oven and pulling pizzas out before they went all the way through. Needless to say my two pizzas were not cooked. Making my grandson sick. And us throwing away our pizzas. And the bread sticks were smashed flat. Terrible place. Location is crestwood, I'll.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm Very upset I got a pizza today it didn't hardly have any meat on it. This is very sad. The only reason I couldn't take it back. No car. I called the place where I bought it she make like she didn't know the phone number for me to call.
That's bad business.

Posted by Annamay

It was late last night July 26th Little Caesars was open so I took my father-in-law and his wife there as we went in it was arguing in the back I could see the manager with the dark blue shirt on so I knew she was the manager next thing I see these girls punching their clock clock out and going out to the parking lot they have a fist fight with the manager all of them were out there fighting and screaming and yelling my father-in-law said Rockford was a tough place but he never seen anything like this before we turned around and left I was totally embarrassed I was proud of this town I was at the Little Caesars on 11th Street in Rockford Illinois my name is Ann Hunter

Posted by Anonymous

I called your store on Augusta Road in South Carolina while on my way there the dude put me on hold for 5 minutes I can hear them talking to each other so when I get to the store by the way I'm still on hold I go in and ask the dude what the number was to make sure I had the right one he said the number I called anyway it is like 6 workers in the store NO customer they all talking to each other with the phone laying down. I said really y'all had me on hold for 5 minutes and y'all standing here talk I'm very unhappy about this.

Posted by Anonymous

I have never ate at your franchise but on 04/20/17 I order 5 pizzas for my grandchildren at the Liverpool store in NY 13090. I called and was told will be ready in 10 minutes. Worked out great because I was about 10 minutes away. I arrived and I want to tell your corp. office that the young woman who gave me made me feel very special. I asked her "are they hot". She replied yes they are. I told her I was going to the parke with a bunch of small kids Not knowing what she did she put in a bag some cookies and plates and napkins and a extra bag for trash. This was over the top and o will in the future visit your business more often I promise that and the pizza were great and the small kids enjoyed them Her name I believe was Maria. Thank you

Posted by Akluv

Do not visit the little Ceasars on Stan Schulter in Killeen Texas the pizza is nasty, burnt and the customer service is nonexistent

Posted by Anonymous

Went to a Little Ceasars, every time you go they have a sign saying cash onl y, card machine is broke. Then while I was there waiting a woman came in did not pay for food but got some young woman. While I waited was told only 4 min. Another customer mentioned I must have had a special order because he got served before I did. My order was not not a special. I think you are being ripped off of money and so are customers. Tried to call but no one answered. What a shame. The person who did the things realized I caught on and would not wait on me made another person come up front to hand me my order.

Posted by Anonymous

I've never saw such idiocracy working in all of my entire 45 years on the face of this Earth. I had my boyfriend's mother call from Arizona to call in a pizza on her credit card because I'm stranded in Indiana so I can have some food tonight I got stopped by a red light therefore causing me to get the Little Caesars at 10:10 p.m. 10-10-10 11 give or take I know now that 60 seconds means a lot of these workers but anyhow long story short they take the money on my boyfriend's Mom's credit card they take the order and they feel my Pizza way because they don't want to stand there and sweep and mop while they them wait on me to come get my pizza is that not stupid at Big Chain like this guess what you just lost all of my business and all of my friends is business and I'll tell you what I have a big mouth

Posted by Anonymous

Waited 5 minutes Four Winds when I got them they were cold when I called and complained all I was told was sorry

Posted by Anonymous

My niece Chellye Gunter Gloss posted this to facebook yesterday evening:

Sophia wanted pizza tonight so I ran by little caesars and grabbed a pepperoni pizza and Italian cheese bread. I neglected to check them before I left (two little kids were wearing me out the fifteen minutes we had to wait!) and got home to find the Italian cheese bread had nothing on it!! So I call and tell the girl and she says " oh that's bc I'm out of the stuff that goes on it and am waiting on a truck to come". UMM WTF! So I ask if she thinks it would be beneficial to let the customers know that bc I wouldn't have bought it if I knew that to which she responds if I'd like to ride back up there she will replace it.... ummm what?? I asked her if she would have the stuff to go on top if I did that an she says no. OMG. then no!! Why would I do that when I'm complaining That it doesn't have that!!! I just can't with people today!

Little Ceasars Pizza

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Posted by Anonymous

We had the opportunity to visit your Little Ceasars in Norwood Oh. Just wanted to compliment on how awesome your representative by the name of Loretta was. Even though it was extremely busy she greeted us with a smile and was very polite and the food was hot and tasted awesome. Also spoke with General manager and expressed our appreciation for great customer service.

Posted by ??

So I'm coming out of Walmart and call to have a pizza ready. Little Caesars on Oracle in Tucson, Az was on my way home. The phone rings, rings and rings. Finally someone picks up. Expecting to hear a grumpy employee answers this guy with the most cheerful voice saying Little Ceaser, I'm so sorry you had to wait so no hold tell me what you'd like. I ordered the deep dish cause I wanted to try it. Any special items to add. Matter of fact I want alot of sauce. Ok,give me a min. I usually make the pizza so the register is new to me. I use to get pan at pizza hut but it changed and I don't like it. Yes,its sad when a company takes away something you like so I'm going to make your pizza myself. I asked his name. He said Michael. When I arrived I asked for this Michael and he came from around the corner with a box and proud look. My pizza was perfect but honestly I don't know what I enjoyed more, the pizza or this kids attitude.

Posted by Anonymous

Went into the little caesars in inman today at lunch time 8-29-16. Best service everyone pleasant and was great

Posted by Pam

Angie is a very polite lady. She is always smiling and always in a good mode. She is always trying to get me to buy more food and I have even heard her with other guess that come in to get their order. All of the Little Caesars need to have note people like her. I just want to tell very one that she is doing a great job. Thank you so much Angie.

Posted by Jjackson821

I wanted to let you guys know about an employee that you have in the Dahlonega, GA location. I believe his name is Jonathon. His customer service is exceptional. I came in late one evening after running my kids around for various ball practices. He opened the box for me to see the pizza before I left and he noticed before I did that the pizza was slightly burned. He was very apologetic and quickly got me abother pizza without hesitation. I didn't have to say anything. He was quick, efficient, and very polite. Just the smile and anticipation of his customer's needs was something I haven't seen at this location. We grab a pizza here at least twice a week because of the value and ease. This kid is great!

Posted by Anonymous

I went to Little Ceasers 5417 Reisterstown Rd Baltimore the service was horrible it took 30 minutes for my call in order it wasn't ready when i got there because they never put the order in the cashier was terrible this is my ticket number i have been going there since it opened and u have never experienced this please make improvements or hire new staff. Thank You.

Posted by Roberta Parnell

I was at da lil ceasars store on hwy 48 Gulfport mississippi..da manager Jason was outstanding way beyond da call of duty explaining da different types of pizzas an bacon reached frm here to london an etc..i was impressed..need more like him...thanks

Posted by no glove. no love

I ordered 3 pizza 2 pep 1 chz. And Italian chz brd. And as I was waiting for the food. I noticed a girl messing with her long hair and making the food. I got up and saw all three people had no freakin gloves on. I'm sorry but I gave my food to the homeless man outside. FORGET THAT!!!

Posted by mike

This guy Chris at little ceasars pizza on galloway and town east in mesquite texas is the most humble and loyal guy in the world..He curb side delivered my pizza.Im super glad you have this guy as a represent of your company..
Super pleased with the pizza and the service...
Give this guy a raise please.
Because if he worked for me id make dang sure i payed and pampered him.
Thanks again.
A loyal customer of Little Ceasars.

Posted by Nik Nak

Mgr at west Bloomfield store is so accommodating and professional. He took my order a day early. And had it ready for me to be picked up on time. Very generous with gift bags for my party of 28. Kudos job well done!

Posted by Nickels

Your manager josh at the Gulfport last action was amazing. I've worked as a manager at chick file a. And steps up to the plate. I've never posted about someone doing a good job till now. Really great manager!!

Posted by tanya

I went this friday 09/04/15, to little Cesar in beaver pa, and the store look a lot better, clean and the workers were a lot better and nicer, good job guys

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Jaime my family goes to 38th an Columbus in Anderson I went in there and there were rude customers to your employees but they were very professional and nice and apologetic for the wait I want you to know that Emma simer,erial Pena,Alexis mields are the reason my family and I will never go yo another pizza place again.thank you

Posted by Reymundo Luna

Daneal Salazar did a great job in assisting me in right away.Piza came out just the way i want it. The best person who can help you. The best

Posted by ?

Zavier at Store 003 Has a very fun/nice/great personality, puts a smile on your face from being such a nice person interacting with customers even if customers don't interact back he still stays positive and friendly. Feel he needs to be recognized for that.

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Posted by Anonymous

I used to work for a franchise little caesars in ballwin mo. And went through 2 mgrs in less than 2 weeks. Then they promoted someone to store mgr. Sorry big mistake. This person doesn't have people skills and communication either. He has a tendency to let people go and not inform them. The last time he did this to 3 reliable people including myself. Not to mention getting played less than minimum wage and didn't want to fix. Just don't understand how you can run a business and no one is happy or likes to work there.. thank you for your time

Posted by Keith

Very disappointed in the manager Roxanne at your store on S.Shelby in Indianapolis. She doesn't treat her employees well or fair and doesn't schedule enough employees to handle the shifts. There are many of us who have had extended waiting.

Posted by Barbara brown

i am an employee for little Caesars and have been mistreated by the boss many times. hes told me i am not doing things right, not working hard enough, and hes gotten mad at me because i cant do things he has asked me to do because he has not been training and showing me how to do something.

Posted by Anonymous

I have worked for the business in boardman, Campbell, austintown, and Niles all of Ohio and I know the locations I worked at and many more have been making the dough wrong. Instead of throwing away old dough that has sat for more than 2 days or sheet out outs from the night not being used, they remix it into the next day new batch. It causes the dough to have an odor and is really hard to make decent pizzas. Also I have seen the supervisor take the cheese that fell onto makline and dump back into the cheese bin, even if it's crusty and has been sitting there for more than 2-3 hours

Posted by Anonymous

I got fired from little caesars because I told the boss Michael hollis that it wasn't right that the guys were in the back eating pizza and I'm not aloud to take a cigarette break i have not had break in 6 hours and i was working a double shift

Posted by Holli

hi I'm from Barstow California and a friend of mine works at the Little Caesars here he has been working there Faithfully every single day starting at 7 a.m. he works on his days off he covers other people shifts he's never called and I missed today he is the only white person that works in the place they do not hire black people and he has never got a promotion other people that just start or getting managers positions he is a wonderful dedicated reliable employee.I believe that he deserves a promotion if you check his record he is dedicated the only one and ever since he's worked there everybody that just starts passes him up it's not cool this little city deserves somebody that's as dedicated as him to become a manager thank you for your time his name is Benjamin Morse from Barstow California

Posted by leslie

I need someone to contact me, I was treed very badleyfrom my previous Boss in owosso mi, I don't no who to contact thank you leslie Flagg

Posted by demarcus

My name is Marcus and I was working for little Caesar's and they let me go for no reason I always came in there and do my job I was a good worker every body talked about how good I was its managers on day shift all they do is stand around don't do no work in then want to go tell lies on you and I always did my job Alicia just take the side because they are black shirts arlicia and frazell shows a lot a favratism against other people Alicia sister fights up there call her family to fight at lil ceasars people tires been flat but the other girl for fired but not her arlicia sister she leaves the store for 5 hours still clocked in and come back five ours later still and fired yet arlicia got have of her family working in the store they fired me for no reason


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