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Linksys customer service is ranked #248 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 42.62 out of a possible 200 based upon 381 ratings. This score rates Linksys customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


339 Negative Comments out of 381 Total Comments is 88.98%.


42 Positive Comments out of 381 Total Comments is 11.02%.

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    • 42.62 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 339 negative comments (88.98%)
    • 42 positive comments (11.02%)
    • 3 employee comments
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    • 2.3 Issue Resolution
    • 3.9 Reachability
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    • 4.1 Friendliness
    • 3.4 Product Knowledge

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Posted by bob

I've tried calling their customer service line multiple times on different days and at different times, only to be left on hold for 30 mins or more every time, and even then I still never get through to an agent. I've tried the live chat, and after explaining my issue they just told me to call the help line. When I explained to the live chat agent that no one ever answers their customer support line, the agent told me to wait another 30min and then call, and when I explained that that would very likely not solve the problem of no one answering the phone, the agent apologized and then said she wasn't trained on my specific device, even though before I talked to an agent I specified what device I was using. Their products tend to work very well, but their customer support needs a LOT of work.

Posted by Anonymous

I called Linksys to get help with my router and was told I had to buy a plan by a person I could barely understand. I will not be buying from Linksys any more. Youâve lost a long time coustomer. Congratulations.

Posted by Jay

Over two hours on the phone with tech support today trouble-shooting a router that was only a few months old. After determining it needed to be replaced, they were challenging the warranty timing and insisted on seeing a receipt, which we have and can provide. Would not entertain me picking up a replacement from Best Buy nor would they commit to a turn-around time on delivery less than 7 days. For those of us working from home that need to be connected, it's unacceptable. Inferior product and customer service. Those reading this doing their due diligence, you've been warned.

Posted by Anonymous

Just got off phone with customer service in india. Cable provider trouble shoot problem to router. lyncsys representative would not work on any trouble shooting without me paying her. Router out of warrantee seems unreasonable that lyncsys would require firmware update and then they refuse to provide assistance so thier update can be upgraded to thier product. This company does not back thier product. I had heard they produced a good product but after my experience and reading other reviews, i will not buy thier product again. Huge waste of my money. Very disappointing.

Posted by Anonymous

After extended time obtaining my contact information, serial number, etc. was placed on hold for a few minutes, only to have the "support" tech come back on the line and demand $$$ to help any further. All I wanted was to verify firmware update. When I said I was not going to pay anything and that this was not my expectation of customer support, he said "let me tell you how this works..." NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY LINKSYS!

Posted by DPOWER42

Linksys support site is a rip off. I contacted site for help with my Linksys router and paid $29.99 for service that was demanded before technician would try to repair. Technician stated that money would be refunded immediately if he could not make repairs. Technician was unable to make repairs and recommended purchasing a new router from him with discounts. He also said he had made refund to my credit card. Now it has been almost 2 weeks and no credit has been issued to my credit card. I have a case number and have had conversations with Linksys customer service and still no refund. Linksys is a bunch of liars. I purchase another Linksys router but this will be my last one. CUSTOMERS BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I recently ordered a new router from linksys. When ordering I made the customer service rep aware that I had relocated from Oklahoma to Arkansas. The last thing I said before concluding the conversation was asking the rep to repeat the shipping address. They advised me I should receive it in 3 or 4 days. On the 5th day I received a call from my realtor that the router was delivered to my previous home. I called customer service and after 45 minutes of getting the run around was finally connected to a supervisor. I told her that as a result of their error I would have to travel 200 miles to retrieve the router. The best she could offer was either to have UPS pick it up and bring it to my new address. I told her this was not an option because I should have had it yesterday. Waiting another 3 days or more was not an option. The alternative was for me to send it back to get a refund, or they would refund $15.00 of my purchase price. When I told her that $15.00 was unacceptable as it would cost me at least $50.00 to go to oklahoma to retrieve it not to mention my time plus the 45 minutes of my time on the phone trying to resolve the issue. I worked in customer service for over 20 yrs. Apparently customer service deteriorates when the call center is in the Philippines. It's been a horrible experience and I would recommend to all to avoid linksys at all cost.

Posted by His Name was Paul

I just spent an hour and a half on the phone with Linksys customer service, after waiting another 25 minutes for the call to be connected. The representative apparently could neither hear nor understand me during the call. He didn't know what to do, but instead of telling me he was looking information up, he would just be silent. Meanwhile I could hear myriad other reps through the phone line. All we did was update the firmware on my router, but he was simply terrible. What should have taken 10 minutes at the most wasted two hours of my weekend.

Posted by Dan

Where do I send my Ac1200+at . to see if it can be repaired it is under warrenty

bough it in 9/11/2015 quit working so went out and got another. need this one fix and send back to me.

thank you

Daniel Baillie

Posted by T

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! We purchased a very expensive Router (WRT 1900ACS) After 3 months started having connectivity issues. After several attempts at contacting customer support, the phone disconnects, or they cannot hear me. This is after waiting for 10 to 15 minutes each time, with very static and annoying music playing. Luckily we purchased through Amazon and they are letting us return it for a full refund, we will never purchase a Linksys or Belkin product again.

Posted by Roy

I have had very concerning advice from the technical chat line rather than resolving the issues on more than one occasion I was told the issue is with the hardware and should return it for a replacement, I have had 2 (Ea4500, Ea6100) routers replaced within 2 weeks from 1st contacting Linksys tech chat line.
now I was informed again that the third router EA6350 appears to be faulty.
I have sent emails stating my concerns and have had no reply, also tried the UK technical phone line to be put on hold for more than 10min costing me £1.00 plus and still none of the wiser.
I have all the case number from day one so if you feel you should need them let me know. The worst advice I got was the agent told me that the EA63500 could not cope with high speed broadband especially having fibre Optic cable as the linksys was not tested for? very strange as no mention from any other agents. I was informed that somebody with call me within 24/48 hrs and they advise me to replace the faulty router. I am not prepared at this stage to replace anything until I have spoken to somebody, all of these router's where brand new form Amazon UK and all items in a sealed box.
I would like somebody to respond as I feel this is very disturbing events.
Unhappy Customer

Posted by Anonymous

The worst company in the world to deal with....customer service is non existent

Posted by new customer

Really? I bought a EA6350 Router and could not finish the set-up. Called linksys and spent almost 2 hours talking to the same rep twice. She did not understand what an ADSL service meant, kept trying to set it up as a DSL service. She kept going through the same process then she needed to disconnect for 15-30 minutes. Then after I finished the set-up she called me back and had me do a factory reset which screwed up the set-up and I had to spend another 45 minutes on the phone with her. Finally I went through the set-up as I had before, to her satisfaction, and FINALLY after almost 2 hours, I have my router working! That's what I call on-the-job training. BTW, after she called back I could hear her supervisor talking to her throughout most of the phone conversation...... The reachability rating I gave reflected the fact that after I registered on-line using my smartphones 4G, because I didn't have any internet, the 'Thank You for Registering' e-mail had a link to a site with a 9 DIGIT PHONE NUMBER TO CALL FOR HELP. Another REALLY!

Posted by Anonymous

I am TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED WITH LINKSYS CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPT. ON SUNDAY 5/29/16 I SPENT about 1 hour because the wifi connection to my laptop was NOT working. Before the tech would go further, she insisted that I purchase 'remote-in' service at $19.99, however, she NEVER remoted in!!!! Today I call customer service who has given me a rash of 'you know what'; I requested a supervisor and left on hold for 12 mins; so this is my next step. I DO NOT WISH TO MAKE THIS A LEGAL ISSUE BUT THIS TYPE OF SERVICE IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. JUST GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!

Posted by Felix

I bought a linksys product for $69 and told it would work in my home. Loaded it
correctly. I then found out it needed financial support beyond log in, plus after a few months it was no longer supported by the system and needed to be upgraded for just a lot more money. While the support help are very polite, GREED does not replace good really good product value and really good service. Sorry, I am
so disappointed in a brand name company and wish it were as good as its adds.

Posted by applebee

Contacted Linksys support in a few occasions, none of the problems were resolved, most recent one is this:

I had EA6350, and wanted to configure it to use openDNS instead of ISP's DNS. However, due to a firmware bug, the DNS setting was not in effect. Asking Linksys support for a solution or at least a workaround.

But I was told to contact openDNS instead. I guess if I told them it didn;t work with my ISP's DNS, they'd tell me to contact my ISP!

In short, Linksys support sucks!!

Posted by Anonymous

Have a router of theirs and I only needed them to put in a code to activate my Roku to their router. I was told it was out of warranty but could buy a new warranty and they would put the activation code (which I already had)in their system. Are they kidding me!!!All they have to do is put it in their system. I am not asking for them to fix something!!!!

Posted by sendmail

Linksys sucks. They keep you on hold and waste 20 to 40 minutes of your time with nonsense technical help. When you can't solve the problem they immediately tell you about their support plan where they will charge you money to help you fix the problem. Is this not a scam? How can they not stand behind their product? When I said I will return the router they refused me to return the product because it was outside their 30 day policy.

Posted by Big Al

Purchased a few months ago an extender RE 6500. This is an absolute piece of crap. How they sell this garbage is beyond me. Was on the phone for over an hour with a tech on the chat service they provide. Total waste of time. Management better get a grip on the merchandise they are selling and the total lack of customer service. This company isn't worth a dam.

Posted by KS

Utterly sucks. The chat person was nice enough, but wasted nearly 25 minutes asking questions before hitting me with a pitch for a support plan. If they had told me up front I could have moved on and spent that time on internet research. Also, can't find a link to email customer service. And I still have no idea how to make this thing work with my cable modem; there appears to be an incompatibility, which might be solvable if only they provided... support. Which they don't. Boo.

Posted by Myself

I was on the chat today. the guy couldn't answer my questions.
He couldn't give me a solution...

Really disappointed....

Posted by Anonymous

I am registered. When I type in the Router IP address I get your page that asks for my router password. I have not changed the original password. I use it at home and for work and I have no problems but when your site asks for the password I get "Invalid password every time. Bad service. I think I'll look for another router.

Posted by dreemsnake

I would like to be able to contact customer service by email but they have no email addresses. Some of it is regarding feedback but I also have some problems with my account since I've been ordering Linksys products for years but there's nothing in my order history.

Linksys tech-support is the worst of any company I know. I recently purchased a Linksys EA6500 Smart WiFi Wireless Router AC1750 Dual Band 802.11ac from them. I had trouble with the set up so I had to call them. The first guy couldn't figure it out so we hung up on me. The second person I gave her my phone number so she could call me back in case we got disconnected. She also put me on hold and never came back and I was disconnected.

The next person walked me through something that worked temporarily, then failed after I was off the phone. The next guy said that everything the first guy did was wrong so he put me through something else and when it didn't work he put me on hold and then disconnected me. At that point I gave up and shipped It back.

The worst part was that every time I called the customer service reps went through a big long spiel about purchasing tech-support for a year. This took several minutes and then finally I could ask my question. This was so annoying.

I talk to tech-support with other companies and they are nothing like this. Most companies have email addresses in case it's something that needs to be addressed that way. But I don't know of any other company that spends the first several minutes selling you something that you don't want. And it was almost like a threat...they said that after my tech-support time is up there is no way they will ever help me again. This does not give you very much confidence in their products.

Posted by not impress

I talked to 2 tech person did what they told me and still wont give me the replacement when it defective. They just keep telling me to do the same thing over and over

Posted by Marie

Called customer service yesterday because my week old AC2400 quit working. After some time I was told that my router was not the problem that it was my modem and I would have to pay $120.00 to have them fix my modem. I, of course refused and called Costo concerige service that managed to fix the problem in short order. Apparently their installation wizard assigned 2 different passwords for the two bands. Needless to say they are not willing to support their devices without trying to get the customer to pay for a service contract.

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Posted by ?

I would like to thank for technician very much for her support today. It was under case . It was a complex problem, but she never ran out of ideas as to what to do to fix it, and my network is running just fine with high speed now. She was also invariably polite and showed a lot of empathy. I worked for decades in technical customer service myself, and recognize a professional when I call. Thanks!

Posted by Anonymous

I had the privilege of receiving some of the best tech support ever! My Linksys WRT54GL had been purchased at Amazon and it replaced my WRT54G router. EarthLink would not help me ensure a solid installation. I first spoke with "Joan" from Tech Support, who walked me through the entire process, staying with me until all was installed, up and running. However, I began to have problems with my Amazon Fire HD8 tablet as my password needed changing. Amazon connected with "Nathan", who helped me get that tablet back to full operating status. Both of these techs hung in there with me (as I am hardly a Guru of any sort) and worked with me until everything worked the exact way it should! I applaud them both! Not too many companies these days do anything to help you as efficiently as they used to.
I sincerely hope that you are aware of their work ethics, their friendliness and their commitment to the customer (in this case, ME)! It was a pleasure to have people stay the course and make things right for the customer. Joan and Nathan are the best! Don't ever lose them! Kudos to them both! I will never forget their kindness and definitely their patience in working with me to resolve ALL of my issues! Marie Wicks

Posted by Anonymous

I just bought a router from amazon its a linksys wrt 1900. I tried to install the router by myself but was unsuccessful. So I called linksys and was able to contact one of the tech agents. The agents name was pete, his english was natural and was very fluent and was also very knowledgeable of the product. The call took about 20 minutes and I was able to go online. I was impressed of the quick step by step procedure the agent did. He also instructed me took note of some stuffs like the physical and ip address. After he informed me of the entitlement status which was the warranty status of my device, right of the bat he instructed me to connect my modem to a laptop and took note of some stuffs which i mentioned earlier. So as instructions went by, I was able to go online and he still assisted me in the features of the router. He also helped me setup our ps4. I was very impressed! looking forward to call you guys back! Thanks linksys and to the agent that assisted me!

Posted by Ghufran

I had a problem with my E1000 router and for 02:28:00 this technician lady whom is also a school teacher named Jenny was super nice, patient and just really helpful
thank you Jenny, and thank you Linksys for hiring awesome thoughtful people like her!
thumbs up.

from Ghufran Aldawood

Posted by Anonymous

Very friendly staff, made some changes on the router setting which seem to have helped with download speeds. His ID is 2497 I believe, and it was at a call centre. Would recommend.

Posted by lioncub

Hi Linksys,
I am a linksys router user from Singapore. First I must say Thank you for your great support. I contacted your support officer named Karen with batch Id 29466 on 14-Sep-2013 from Singapore. She provided me great support even though the equipment is out of warranty. She was able to resolve the technical difficulty which I was facing with my old router. Now I can connect to internet using the Linksys router through her guidelines. She was willing to help me out the window. I must say there was a real care for the customer and humanity in her service. She is one of gem of person which your company has and must proud off. I thankyou and Salute to Karen for her service provided.Its one of the unforgettable experience for me with Karen as a person. With such a support person, I would always reply upon Linksys products.

Posted by Anonymous

I called linksys tech support regarding my router issue. It took 30 to 45 minutes to resolved the case. Agent is very cool and he explained me everything while he changed any settings. There is no issue with that router actually issue with my system. he identified and finally resolved. he never raised his voice. he is knowledgeable person.

Posted by boquer

I'd like to recommend the technician Maria Cassandra Deveza who is a smart and patient and kind person.

Posted by Linksyscustomer

At first, my initial communication with the linksys customer service representative was distasteful. And...even after having to wait to speak with a supervisor for approximately 20 issue was resolved. The Supervisor,Jeff, was very very supportive and apologetic on behalf of his employee. He resolved my issue ad was very pleasant.

Posted by Bala

Case no. 120709-00-7783
Name: Mr Shirvin
Batch No: 29188

Shirvin is a knowledgeable and helpful staff who assisted me in resolving my connection issue with the router. I wish to commend him for being helpful and patient.

Posted by Nilablue

I have had consistently great service from Linksys's technical support over the telephone. The most recent assistance I received was from Audi (ID: 18765). He was most patient, courteous, pleasant, and highly knowledgeable. He also undertook to explain to me in plain English exactly what he was doing and why. This kept me engaged in the troubleshooting process. Thanks so much, Audi!

Linksys is doing an excellent job in training technical service staff, not only in technical know-how, but customer-management. Well done!

24 April 2012

Posted by Ayuni

I received excellent assistant from John (11625?). He was patient and clear in his instructions. My previous encounters with Linksys' tech support agents were awful, one of them even put down the phone on my sister so I'm pleasantly surprised. Thank you for your help!

Posted by Bia

I had THE BEST ever customer experience with Ley!! She helped me tremendously. OMG I can't believe how thrilled I am she solved my problem and was VERY patient with me and my difficulties trying to figure things out.. WOOHOO!! THANKS LEY!!!

Posted by katie

I called the number. And they were very helpful. They stayed on the phone with us until our internet got fixed. We weren't charged anything, the guy spoke perfect English, and he was very helpful.

Posted by Dkny

After reading this board, i called and I braced for the worst but was pleasantly surprised. The tech, who spoke perfect English, helped fix my (admittedly small) problem and clearly warned me when we were about to enter paid help territory. I feel for the folks that were put in bad positions having to pay for assistance as that has happened to me before with Dell customer support. But I also felt like some praise was due once in a while here too.

Posted by Texas Hillcountry

I have had a reoccurring problem with my new Linksys E2500. I called this center and received prompt and competent help. The technician identified that the problem is with the ISP, not the router.

Good service over all.

Posted by VIKCY

I was really annoyed to seee the negative comments
HEY we live in 21st century
And here nothing is for free
If they are charging fee and which is nominal
that is really worth when they make u up and running
Ecr tried to call any other tech support

Posted by Savio

I don't know what you guys are talking about. They have a record of the times you call and your product info. They cant help you with things which are outside of the policies. They wont give you work around until you ask them... I enjoy calling them every time cos they have an answer and a work around for me... I love their products too. Yes, they are in India... the problem is not that... Its that you have something in your head about other countries. Get used to the world... its moving on.

Posted by anonymous

i love linksys devices i have e4200,wet610n and wap610n andit works perfeclty fine. i called the technical support overseas, my call was misrouted to the philippines and the tech that help me was very intelegent and she's very friendly. i am very satisfied with their technical support. my problem is i need to open a ports for my xbox and in just 15 minutes my xbox works.

Posted by amanda

Hello!!! I just spent around 1h on the phone with a REALLY GREAT TECH SUPPORT AGENT JAMES. He was very patient and clear with his instructions. Even when I was not sure which wire he was referring to, he slowly and patiently directed me to it and thanks to him, my internet connection is now ok! THANK YOU SO MUCH JAMES!!!! :D :D :D

Posted by iciel

After reading the comments here I was a little skeptical calling for support from Linksys. Yes, we have to pay a fee, and I do think it's a little expensive ($30) but since I'm technologically challenged we had no choice. The girl who helped me was named Jean, I believed. She was so nice and helpful. I kept messing up but she was very patient and guided me through each steps. I think I kept her on the line for more than 2 hours.

And I don't think they just want your money like some people had claimed. She spent about 30 minutes with me just checking to see if all my devices are working before she helped me with my problem, just in case it's because something is malfunctioned.

I also didn't have to wait at all before she picks up, which was a good experience.

Posted by Anonymous

i find all these comments funny, whaaaaaaaaaay my product was out of warranty and they wanted to charge me for support.

alot of companies if you are out of warranty thats it, they wont even talk to you.

which is perfectly within thier right either way.

bottom line is you wanted to not have to do any of the work to finding a soulution for YOUR problem, just just wanted the fairy wand waved and problem fixed and service free of charge.

guess what the world doesnt work that way, linksys's site isnt the only resource out there. search enignies can find you complete walkthroughs with click thrus for your specific model of device.

learn how your device works or if you are too lazy buy another one even though your current one is perfectly servicable.

above all quit blaiming companies and other people for Your laziness and lack of responsibility.

Posted by IPcam

I wanted to let you know that after 2 years, I got Cisco/Syslink to replace my power supply for the IP cam. Not only that they replace it, they have sent me 2 power cords. Since then the IP cam has been running 24x7.

Posted by Anonymous

its a beautiful service, i call it all the time whenever i need help on my Linksys E-2000 router...i even dropped it one time and they were able to replace it for no cost at all!

Posted by Anonymous

I called Linksys for assistance and after reading all these posts was not looking forward to talking to them about my problem. I was VERY SATISFIED with the help I received. I could not have asked for better service. Maybe I was just lucky, but absolutley NO complaints here

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Posted by Robbie

hi im also a linksys tech agent. we agents understand that clients call with frustration because they need help to resolve their networking problem. we are always willing to help our customers but certain scenarios limit our capability to help them since we are also following guidelines and procedures. all we ask is a good treatment because we also have feelings like our clients do. let's understand both sides so and we'll meet in the middle. being human we also have limitations and we are not trained for everything. bear in mind we are giving our best just to give the best resolutions to all networking problems thrown to us. we salute our customers and we have high respect to all of them.

Posted by Mac

Good day.

I am a Cisco-Linksys level 1 product support representative for almost 10 months now.

I'll be working tonight without getting some sleep this morning, since I can't stop myself reading. (I think you've figured we're in a different time zone, and yes I work from dusk 'til dawn) .

For purposes of knowing what common issues make people dissatisfied of support and for me to improve my quality of service, I spent more than an hour reading through both sides. Apparently here's what I figured:

Dissat sources: paid support after limited warranty expires, rude agents, long call resolution, bad ENGLISH, and more. Whoa!

Anyway, I'm not here to provide a rebuttal to complaints, consider my presence here as an ally giving you tips (of some sort)

When calling linksys tech support (800-326-7114) please allow the attending tech to do his stuff. Most of us (TRUST ME) wants to just ask you, "what's your name, your device and how may i help u?" BUT we are not "advised" to do that. Process requires us to follow guidelines in call handling and a slight DEVIATION will affect our "scores".

I personally believe that you would rarely encounter a RUDE agent, provided that you also treat the agent with respect and courtesy no matter how bad he speaks english (haha! i said it). Most agents adjust to how customers treat them, so if you start off shouting and calling the agent an idiot, then most certainly you'll be treated like a moron and with disrespect.

Second, the stupid SALES pitch. I called in for help, I explained my problem well, the agent offered a resolution, but it has a price tag: $29.99, $39.99, $19.99, $9.99 or be transferred to a partner company that will present even more expensive options for out of scope concerns.

Free support scope even if out of complimentary support period:
software related issues
in warranty- possible defective hardware
network key retrieval
inquiry calls

We recognize that you called in for help, and please bear in mind that the money you pay is because your device is out of the complimentary support. I would personally say that if you have issues with that, blame the company, treat the agent nicely ( I know it's frustrating!). He's there to deliver the bad news, the money doesn't go to him, and you'd be surprised to know how much salary he receives (Don't ask me).

Now if an agent tries to HARD SELL the service, it is because the agent is receiving incentives based on units sold so he's trying really hard, he's morally down from the pressure of a supervisor beside him shouting, and his job depends on it.

If in any case the agent becomes rude when you decline, ASK FOR A SUPERVISOR and address a formal CUSTOMER COMPLAINT. I personally hate rude techs.

Reasons for long calls:
Complex Scenario, Issue not well defined by customer, possible defective device, or you may be speaking with a trainee.
How to deal with it: Ask for a second level tech, you may be placed on hold for another 15-20 minutes at most, but it is your right to ask for a senior tech when necessary.

Language barrier has always been an issue. Yes, English is only our second language (I'm from the Philippines) believe it or not. And we do apologize for the sometimes heavy accent.

Bottom line is, we (most of us maybe) would really want to help and we just need a little bit of understanding. We work for the company, not exactly "with" the company. We abide by the policies laid out to us. And we do love being appreciated!

Call tonight (today)! I just might answer your call or e-mail me: [email protected], I might take time to respond but I will.

Posted by Whistel Blower

i am a linksys tech support agent ... been workin for a few months ....
i too feel that the company is cheating it customers by charging for tech support ... if device is out of warranty .. even giving simple info like security key is forbidden without charging the customer .....
dont blame the agents for hard selling the services since their performance incentive"read salary " is tied to sales
i think it is unethical and immoral to charge customers for support of your own device ....
now if you have been out on hold for too long thats mainly because your issue is pretty complex or you havent explained the issue properly .... and agents arent allowed to disconnect calls as it leads to termination .... so if calls get disconnected .... thats due to sumthin wrong with network ....
so all you customers should be agitating against linksys for charging you for tech support


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