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LinkedIn customer service is ranked #817 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 21.79 out of a possible 200 based upon 909 ratings. This score rates LinkedIn customer service and customer support as Terrible.


880 Negative Comments out of 909 Total Comments is 96.81%.


29 Positive Comments out of 909 Total Comments is 3.19%.

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    • 21.79 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 880 negative comments (96.81%)
    • 29 positive comments (3.19%)
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Posted by Steve Schoenecker, CRC

I was permanently banned from LinkedIn after 8 years as an 'All Star User' for making 5 new contacts per week. I was accused if using automated software or scalpers on the site, of which I did neither. Obviously, if you are TOO SUCCESSFUL in adding contacts on LinkedIn without paying for their Premium LinkedIn sales revenue generation tool, you will be permanently banned. They have no telephone support line.....really??? And every week I got hit with fake spam from India or Russia. And they promote and sell the ability to scrape their web site for data for a profit. I guess Facebook is not the only social media giant which will be hauled before Congress to address their faulty system and corrupt revenue generation tactics.

Posted by user

Had used my account for the last 10 years, had business deals with connection +13k, because of their very poor abusive customer service they blocked my account.

Who the hell are they? Stealing my data, and my business... it costs me now millions of US. Dollars. They blacklisted me email and cannot reach them in any alive way!

I do now know what to do... But somebody has to sue them, so they know that it is not fair to provide a poor customer support who are real haters!

Posted by Anonymous

Let me start by saying that I think LinkedIn is an amazing tool! I have absolutely nothing but very positive things to say about it. However, I am frustrated and angry because I signed up for a 30-day trial of Premiere, and canceled within the week because I didn't want to spend the extra money for it. I cancelled again several days later just to be sure -- and when I got my credit card bill, a month's charge $59.95) was on it! I have emailed customer service, asked for assistance, told my story -- I have gotten not one response. The irony is that LinkedIn knew I had cancelled because it soon started sending me teasers about what I was missing because I wasn't with Premiere any more. I am disappointed by the nonhandling of this issue. My bank is now trying to get the refund for me but it is having trouble, too!

Posted by Anonymous

Why Is It That You Cant Reach Customer Service For Linkedin? They Take Your Money When You Dont Want To Auto Renew And Its Trying To Reach Them To Get It Back. They Send You Adds Constantly To Try Their Look Whos Looking At Your Profile And Than When You Sign Up Its From Months Prior. I Want My Money Back You Thieves!!!! Give Me A Number To Reach You!!

Posted by Unknown

I have been trying to call customer service, when you press 1 it gives an address You cannot get a person I have received several messages that some one has tried to get in my LinkedIn acct. which I have been trying to delete. It is an old acct and I no longer have the password and want to delete all info including my Denali.

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible experience, same robotic answer on each email "Our records show that we have notified you about the permanent restriction on the account. As stated in our previous notification, we are unable to lift the restriction due to violations of our User Agreement."

Posted by Anonymous

Permanently banned me and are extremely unhelpful in resolving the issue or providing any evidence as to why my account has been "permanently restricted"...

Posted by Boo

LinkedIn Corporation

Posted by April

Horrible experience. You cannot reach a human being. no phone number, no chat service I received an email from a "LinkedIn Expert" who directed me to a forum of BS answers by other "LinkedIn Experts" OY VEY.... Who has time for this crap? a "LinkedIn Expert" is likely your only answer and a link to a forum full of other "experts" God forbid they actually manage customer service by taking care of customers. WASTE OF TIME.

Posted by Anonymous

Account blocked and sufficient explanation not given. After my first email in which I was very unbelieving how this happened, they sent another one saying it was permanently shut down. Worst customer service. EVER.

Posted by Who knows

There is no way to call anyone live at this company. I would think twice about putting my career information into a company that is so inaccessible. I have been trying to close an account for over 2 years. I can't verify my identity due to an old email and phone so there the account sits with misinformation. From what I have found on Google, I'm fairly sure the company is aware that they are miserable to contact and hasn't made any improvements in this area.

Good luck!

Posted by Vladimir Usoltsev

Have been on Linkedin for more than 5 years, had more than 500 contacts. But smth has happened to my account and I cannot sign in for the second day. It is blocked. And I don't know the reason.

I've sent them the scan of my passport 27 hours ago via web form... And nothing happens. No reaction at all...

Tried via different e-mails even via twitter. Nothing. No person alive at all.

Posted by Anonymous

Just sent them a message via email provided on this page. It came back to me stating that this email is not longer supported and refers you to the main page, which does not have an option I am needing. This is terrible service.
I tried 800 number a couple of days ago, an irate woman answered the phone and started arguing with me when I asked her if I was calling Linkedin. She was annoyed that I could not her what she said because of the background noise she had when she answered the phone. I had to hang up.

Posted by BAD

Very bad website, very bad customer service & very bad experience
You can take many years building your profile & they can suspend it forever without any warning or explaining, just because you were too active, having great number of connections & followers.

Posted by emilyfichera

When I dialed the number and pressed, "1" all I was able to reach was a voice recording telling the address of Linkedin. When I pressed, "0" the recording looped back to the message, "thank you for calling linkedin, press 1 for our campus location."

Posted by Anonymous

I found it impossible to sign in. The process is fristrat

I find it impossible to sign in. The process is utterly frustrating.unable to reach a real person for help. I give up.

Posted by Paula Butler

I need to speak to a real person my linked in account has been hat no one's answering my emails or my help questions and there is no phone number to talk to a real person. Please call me back thank you

Posted by rybarakat

what a stupid survey to have when you have no customer service and NO Customer support to speak with. Please cancel my subscription I demand credit for the last 36 month I am trying to cancel my subscription.

I am demanding t hat you give me credit for the last 36 month that I have been trying to cancel my premium subscription with LinkedIn, you system make it very difficult tot cancel and misleading, I though it was canceled on several occasion to find out that I am still being billed and Bullied with billing from LinkedIn. Please call me I do not want the membership and I believe that LinkedIn way of making it difficult to cancel is unethical and immoral.

We appreciate you reaching out to us again, but your original case has been transferred to a different team within LinkedIn for more accurate handling. We apologize for any inconvenience but you should have received an updated auto-response with your new case number as a reference. Please respond to that message if you wish to update your case. Thank you for your understanding!

Posted by LinkedInDifficulty

That *hit doesn't work. BOTH Number or email is inaccurate. If they are charging anyone unwillingly go to your bank and claim FRAUD! This is essentially what it is. No way people can change without consent. Your bank should support you in taking care of this issue. If they don't drop your bank. They are not worth watermark logo that is in the backdrop of their emails.

Posted by Meghan

I feel scammed. I just got charged over 600 dollars for a subscription service I DO NOT WANT. I did the premium service TRIAL (or what I thought was a trial). When I went to cancel it before the month was up I saw that they did not have any payment information on hand and they listed that if I did not give them one then my service would be cancelled. So I forgot about the whole thing because how could they charge me? Well... they charged me via paypal. I don't remember giving them any payment information. Furthermore, when I go to check what payment type they have on hand it says that they have none. So I have no idea how this happened. Even if I did lazily hit the paypal button to sign up for their trial, that's pretty damn sneaky of them since I can't find it listed anywhere. Is this how they get money? They just trick people? The worst part is that there is almost no way to contact them! I'm so annoyed right now. It's not like I got a 25 dollar charge. I got a 626.99 dollar charge! I had better get my money back or I'm going to report them to the Better Business Bureau and whoever else I can complain to.

Posted by DocRAF30

Your service is pathetic. Please let me talk with a live person. Thanks

Dr. Richard A. Finkelstein

Posted by Anonymous

I opened a LinkedIn Account because i needed to find someone really important. I upgraded to the premium account. Now i have found the person and i don't need my LinkedIn Account any more.
''You can't close your account - You have a Premium membership. Youâll need to convert it to a Basic membership, then return to settings to close your account''
The above message is what i keep getting when i try to close my account.
I do not understand how you would tell me i am the boss of my account and then go ahead to make it difficult for me to close my account. I no longer need this account or the services. i have cancelled the premium subscription but it says i still have the premium fatures for 2 weeks more, i honestly don't care.
Please how can i close the account NOW.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible customer service. No response. Provides wrong information about subscription fees and takes money from customers unaware. Extremely unhappy.

Dear Representative,

I had created a premium account a month ago and upon creation I had
received an email saying that I would be sent a reminder before my free
trial period ends so that I might be able to cancel the subscription if I
wanted to. I however did not receive any such reminder email and have been
charged for the next month. I have checked every where in my inbox to make
sure I did not miss the email (it is not even in my spam folder). I am not
at all happy with this. I have cancelled the subscription and would like an
immediate refund, otherwise I will deactivate my linked in account and
report a complaint. I would like assistance for this issue to be resolved
ASAP. Please find attached the receipt for the subscription fee.

Thank you,

Posted by Anonymous

What Customer Service? You haven't any. Be clear about how to cancel your ridiculous monthly charges--we do not want this so called service.

Posted by Anonymous

Had a free military job seeker account. Linked-in started charging me 29.95 out of the blue. OK, no problem, so I cancelled the premium membership. They charged me again after I cancelled. You cant talk to anyone to get it fixed. Way to support the troops.

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Posted by claudiacorzato

I had an excellent experience with LinkedIn Customer Service and Support.

Posted by Gdhart

Today at the Nebraska Human Society in Omaha Nebraska, a group of LinkedIn employees said were doing random acts of kindness. They handed us a gift card toward the cost of adopting. They took a picture with us and our new family member Louie. I didn't know how to pass on a big thank you from our family. I hope this thank you gets to all LinkedIn employees.

Posted by Raj

"Unfortunately, due to multiple User Agreement violations and the nature of the inappropriate content associated with these violations, this account has been permanently restricted."
I got this from "LinkedIn Trust and Safety"

Can you you guys please let me know how can i get back my Account?

Posted by KDG

I received a response and solution within 6 hours. Thanks LinkedIn for the help.

Posted by stuscfc

well contrary to others issues with LinkedIn, they have refunded my £71 in full, so on the face of it, I would like to thank them for their actions . . .

Posted by Anonymous

I belong to a number of LinkedIn groups. I recently joined the Human Resource Professional Worldwide group. At some point I discovered I was blocked from posting. Having read the group's rules I'm not sure why. When I tried to contact the group owner I was blocked from that too. I would be inclined to just leave the group but I sense that others have the same issue and the group's membership may be seriously inflated. That is less of a concern than the apparent arrogance of the owner. Most other LinkedIn groups are supportive and interactive. This one gives LinkedIn a bad name. Investigate. Thanks.

Posted by Msoo Dio

My linkedin page has recently stopped allowing me from attaching my publications.

It also is no longer showing to me how my posts are by viewed.

Posted by Najam, Farid

Hi, few minutes ago, I received an invitation for acceptance to my Linkedin Professional network. The subscriber used picture of General Frank Gorenc (US Army /Air Force). The message seems to be generated by some guy who is involved in cybercrime activities. I feel it important to bring this into the notice of Linkedin Administration so they would look into and adopt necessary measures in safeguarding Linkedin social network. Thank you and please acknowledge this e mail

Posted by N.Z

Hi, I want to launch a complain against one of the connection, who keep bothering me on every post. When I asked him to stop doing so. He sent me a private message which is a proof of his abusive, harassing, and discriminating language. I want to show his message to linkedin authorities and want to ensure he is banned. First he begged me to find him job and when I told him I m HR Officer at software house (consulting and outsourcing services) it is not job consultancy services. He has attacked on my personal character. Use highly disgusting and unethical sentences I want a serious action against this person.

Official company reply

Hi NZ!

Thanks for reaching out about this. We're sorry that you're having a bad experience with a member. Could you please contact us directly with some more information such as a screenshot of the message so we could research this further for you? The best way to contact us directly is to reach us via our Help Center at: and we would be more than happy to assist!

LinkedIn Customer Support

LinkedInHelp 9/4/13 2:27PM

Posted by Anonymous

I signed up for the trial period (1 month) on November 28th, and today, when I went to cancel it, they had already charged my credit card.

This is what I did:

- Called my credit card company (Discover) and told them to cancel the charge. They told me they would.
- E-mailed Linkedin telling them that, if they didn't cancel the charge, my credit card company would.
- Received a reply from them less than 15 minutes after my e-mail was sent. They refunded me.

Honestly, I was very satisfied with their customer service.

Posted by AtlScooter

I was really worried after reading all the negative comments about LinkedIn, however, I was fortunate to have this one be a happy ending.

I canceled my Executive subscription a week before it was supposed to end. However, I was charged for the service (99.95).

When I found this out, I sent a message to the Help Center this morning. I didn't hear anything so I tried to call but hit a dead end so by the afternoon I was really upset by what I was encountering.

However, around 3:00, I received an email with a full refund, as well as my account being listed correctly on my LinkedIn page.

Despite the negative reviews, I was very satisfied with the outcome.

Posted by JohnHelpedKristine

I have a different experience with them. They are quiet really helpful and friendly and I am satisfied how quick they fixed the issue.

Kudos to John of Customer Support and also to Jordan of linkedin.

You can send them an email and once you sent your request, questions or concerns you can update right away the ticket number. I did it and after a few hours they help and solved my problem.

I guess you have to write a complete info so they can address you and help you easily.

Posted by Betzka

I was extremely impressed by the customer service experience I had when the premium membership trial had expired but yet my cancellation I had made to the subscription one week prior still resulted in charges that were reversed. I feel badly as it appears most posts on here reflect great frustration with LinkedIn.

Posted by Rahul

Really really good service and very professional. When I was having trouble deleting my account the response was excellent both in quality and turn-around time

Posted by Anonymous

Stephanie with Linedin Customer Service LIVE ASSISTANCE is great! She is patient and VERY knowledgeable. It is 2:23 EST on May 4, 2012. Our Live Assistance ended a few minutes ago!

Posted by Anonymous

I had a very good experience with a customer service representative named Eric. My Ticket #: [120501-003675]

Ticket# included in case this site is watched by management. Eric helped me revive a deleted account and save it. He was professional, intelligent and trustworthy. It is for this reason I am contemplating an upgrade.

Posted by Anonymous

After reading all the negative comments here I was very worried things wouldn't work out so well with my Linkedin problem. I was pleasantly surprised.

My son had gotten bad advice and had purchased a $480 premium package when all he needed was the free service.

I wrote to Linkedin and explained the situation. They wrote back in 24 hours and agreed to cancel the charge.

Very satisfied!

Posted by Aussie guy

My experience with Linked IN has actually been a positive one.
I trialled their free service for a month, then emailed their customer service to cancel this, about 7 days prior to the billing date, so I would not get charged, and they have actioned my request within minutes.
Hopefully my credit card will not get charged.
So at this stage, I am very happy with linkedin.

Posted by Anonymous

I sent linked in a request to correct my subscription details from annual to monthly, I called their customer service too...and to be honest the reply was so prompt it took them less than an hour to reply and do the refund..linked in customer service is WOW

Posted by sv567

I thought I purchased a monthly premium account, but was charged a yearly account. I called and emailed LinkedIn, got a response in less that 12 hours. They had refunded the money to my account!

Perhaps they are getting better!

I was pleased with my experience!!

Posted by rav

Had a pleasant experience today trying to cancel Business Plus account. Left a message on the phone number but no one has responded yet. Went to the Help Center link, clicked on the Manage Account Settings link, clicked on the Contact us tab and sent a form email asking to cancel Premium Account. Got an email confirmation immediately, and then a mail from customer service in 30 minutes indicating that i will revert back to Basic Account upon expiry of this months subscription date.

Posted by Anonymous

While I was not impressed with their online customer support, I was thrilled when their phone support did not keep me waiting and had my answer in seconds.

Posted by LisaSea

I just got off the phone with Jennifer in Customer Service who was GREAT! She helped me in two seconds flat and was super cool! I called the Customer service number and then dialed one when the recording started and then zero for an operator and said I needed "emergency customer service"!

Posted by madfixr

I had an upgraded account (paid by employer) that was automatically renewed by charging my personal credit card. ($250) i only noticed after I received my CC statement a month later. I read online that LinkedIn does not allow pro-rated cancellations, but I sent them a mail to ask for a cancellation/refund and received a confirmation of cancellation/refund the next business day.

In my case, I am quite satisfied with the email-only support, which is fortunate as I am a big fan of LinkedIn. I was worried that they wouldn't refund knowing that their stated policy was no refunds and that I really didn't have a choice since I likely wouldn't stop using the free service.

Posted by World Traveler

At first, like many others I called customer service and got that dreaded recording but after reviewing one of the positive comments, I called customer service and requested to speak to a live person to help me rectify my issue.

The original problem was part a coworker of mine and part mistake by LinkedIn customer service.

The end result was the rep promptly fixing the problem while I was on the phone and now everything is great! Disaster averted!!!

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