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    • 46.91 Overall Rating
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    • 49 negative comments (89.09%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I used to love my car. I have 2011 MKZ hybrid I bought at Gwinnett Lincoln

I have a 2011 mkz I started to have battery trouble 2 years ago.I took it to the dealer

Gwinnett Ford Lincoln Duluth Ga. They replaced the battery it lasted 2 years. In Feb of this year 2018 the car went dead. They told me nothing was wrong with the battery.I told them to check the cells. One was dead but the battery worked. 5 months later I parked at the airport for 2 weeks and the car was dead.3 weeks later I did not drive my car for 3 days the was dead.the dealership did not check the cells of the battery nor the fuses for a paracitic draw. the service is terrible they want me to pay for checking out my car with an incomplete service.


Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I purchased a new 2017 MKX in AZ in August. We had it a few months and we smelled exhaust that gave me a headache. Took it in and they said it was fixed. No, it was not the smell was there and we were afraid of our health. We had a 5000 mile road trip to take in early June and was scared to take this car. Took it in and they said they would fix it. We new how it would turn out and did not have time to screw around. We ended up having to buy a new car 2018 for our road trip to insure our health would be ok on the way. We contacted Lincoln Motors and they would not do anything about this matter. Had to shell out another 12,000 to them. What greedy people. We will never buy another Lincoln product in our lifetime. We then told them to take the old car off the lot so someone else would not get sick and they just laughed. Sounds like a good company, huh?? Both of these purchases were cash dealings too. Sooo sad to see this world is all greed and no help when you are honest.

Posted by Prestoj40

The Roseville, CA Future Lincoln dealership is costing me money, I recently sold my 2014 MKZ Hybrid which had an extended warranty, I need to recoup the balance due on the unused portion, but no one there will return my calls, Must I file a lawsuit to collect those funds?

Posted by Bostonx3

Today I reached out to Lincoln icorporate office concerning a problem Iâm having with my 2008 MKZ rims One tire has already started a corrosion process and one dealership could not het the tire to sent even after sanding the aedge, the second dealership sealed it and said it will hold for now I asked corporate being that they know they have a defect in some of those rims and Iâm not in warranty range could they offered me a discount on some riims I did not get a positive reply itâs bad when a company does not stand behind their products of manufacturing this makes me think hard about making another purchase from this manufacture

Posted by Anonymous

South hills lincoln in McMurray PA. Service is horrible. No return calls. Part supposedly ordered over 1 week ago now to find out may not have been ordered. No follow up at all

Posted by Anonymous

I live in Fort Worth Tx, I've been going to Hooks Lincoln Mercury since I moved here in 2017. The service is horrible, they rush you to give you the keys you don't have time to organize your belongings from one vehicle to the other before they start asking you to sign the invoice or make a payment, they made me feel very uncomfortable my last service in May. I went to get my car, I was rushed out of the rental I tried to let them know it ran poorly they blew me off they told me the amount and kept it moving I handed the guy my card in his hand instead of returning me my card in my he laid it on the for anyone could take it and or copy my numbers I was horrified! They told me I needed to have my wheels turned then the number grew to three. I tried to get information so that I could get tire on my on since I felt the service was so poor they told me they could give it to me because there was two types my car takes I spent over 500 at this pathetic dealership to be disrespected like this they are off of las Vegas trail in white settlement tx. I tried calling the owner he refused to respond to twice I left him multiple messages I'm glad I didn't get my car from them!

Posted by Michele

I was promised a vehicle during the installation of a handicap lift to my 2018 MKX. I was promised the lift would be installed in a week or less. I purchased the vehicle 2.23.2018. Today Adaptive Driving (the company used to install lifts by Lincoln) picked up my car and left me stranded. I do not have a vehicle during the 48 hour installation process. I've had to have ambulances to transport my mother over this extended time. Lincoln-Bayway has refused to honor their word to provide me with a vehicle. This is a poor way to begin a relationship with a consumer. The longer it takes to get me a vehicle, the more formal complaints I will be filing.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a new continental, black label series, in January 2018 and had for about two weeks. On January 31, 2018, car went in for some warranty service, rear light and dash cover. I have yet to receive car back. Dealer,, Sam Galloway in Fort Myers, Florida keeps telling me that dash cover is on backorder. I have been very patient with them but I think it is time for you people to step up their to the plate and help me.
I would like a new car and would consider a Navigator, even if it had very low mileage but was not a basic model. Will wait for your response.
After almost two months without my new car, I think you owe my that much.
Thank you. Neil Kenney

Posted by Nako

Tried several times, (on different days) to make an appointment for service at Al Packer's in W. Palm Beach.
Service doesn't answer the phone, and does not return calls after leaving messages!!!

Posted by Linda

Leased my 2017 MKZ since Feb.2017, and the car has been having some rattling noise since. Brought the car in to service for the same issue, and as soon as I brought the car home, the rattling nose happen again. I should not have to drive a brand new car and having to deal with hearing rattling noise every time I'm in my car. Not to mention other issues such as the windows will not stay up every time I roll it down & try to roll it back up. Bad experience with my 1st Lincoln car.

Posted by [email protected]

We took our Lincoln MKC 2016 for just, I repeat just and oil change to your Tideland Ford and Lincoln dealer in Pawley's Island SC. They put oil spatters all over the engine cover, they didn't fill the washer fluid,the oil cap was not put on correctly,there were leaves in the corner of the firewall,and sand all over the engine. Wendy the service manage just dismissed our complaints and stated she not getting anywhere withus and ended the call.

Posted by Kmam61

I've been a lincoln owner for years and I am h aving a big problem with my
MKX. The car experienced a leak through the glass roof and has a mold and mildew odor we can't get rid of.
The dealer has replaced carpeting and odor still remains. I insist something be done to remedy this issue. I refuse to pay over $500 monthly for a car that my children refuse to ride in and
I am quite upset about lincoln not being able to fix this.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Lincoln, I bought a set of tires in July for my MKZ. The very next day the front driver tire was going down, I took the car back and they put something in it to make it he ok. Last week I had a flat on the back driver side and had to drive to a safe place. I took that tire back and they replaced the stem but it keeps going down. Now, the front right tire is going down every week I have to put air in it. Help!!!!!


I purchased a 2013 Lincoln MKX in December 2016. When I went in for my 2nd oil change was advised needed tires all around only had the car for 6 months at this point. These were the same tires at the time of purchase. I was told I needed a brake arm and hose $700. Two later rear wheel bears $800 and now 8 months of owning the car I need a TRANSFER CASE - $1800.00 I was told I had 100,000 miles warranty and this car should be covered by the Lincoln. Called Lincoln said warranty ended December, 2016 - the same month I purchased the car. My car has been sitting at the dealership for over 3 weeks because I can't drive it. Even if I pay to fix the TRANSFER CASE - I still will need to buy 4 new tires for my 4WD.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 2017 Lincoln MKC Reserve. It is the worst vechicle we have ever had. The rattles in the dashboard are awful. Cannot stand to drive it. Car had a little over 4,000 miles on it. We traded a car in for it and took the Lincoln out on a lease.Now we are stuck with a car we cannot stand to drive. Took car to Sil Thar Har ford in Westminster Co about the rattles in the dash. They said they could not hear anything. Its because the had turned on the radio and were listening to hip hop music so no wonder they did not hear the LOUD RATTLES.We are DISGUSTED and don't know what to do. The MXC IS NOT A LUXURY VEHICLE BUT A PIECE OF JUNK

Posted by LH

I have sent emails, phone calls still not called with a fix. I have 2016 MKX that has inflatable seat belts. The seatbelt buckels in back seat are down so far in the seat that almost impossible to buckle. Need an extension. Tired of fighting trying to buckle up for safety. Can't get baby car seat buckeled in. No one even offers us a fix. I would rather have regular seatbelts that can be used with extender than what is in my car.

Posted by Popcorn

I have had my car in the Lincoln shop for 21 days for a repair I was promised would take 3-4 days. But worst of all I haven't received phone calls updating me and when asked about status was only given excuses. Then they replaced 2 very expensive things before they realized what was really broken. I don't think they know what they're doing besides they have no courtesy where communication is involved. Talk about lack of customer service!! I am NOT impressed and would like someone to answer my concerns. I've never bought a Lincoln and now will never buy a Lincoln (or Ford) again!!

Posted by LH

I have a 2016 Lincoln MKX that had inflatable backseat seatbelts. They are next to impossible to buckle. The buckle is so far down in seat can't reach them. Called Lincoln and was told that free extensions was available for safety for front but no extensions available for INFLATABLE
belts in back. I would rather my family be able to buckle up than not be able to use seatbelts. Inflatable belts are worthless for safety if you can't buckle them. Hope that this matter is address ASAP. I have emailed prior with no response.

Posted by Anonymous

I am very unhappy with Lincoln ford service Leif Johnson Austin TX. I have a 2006 Lincoln Mark Lt 90000 mi.I took it in for a low RPM miss.I was charged 270.00 for full tune up.Took it to work it was doing the same thing.Took it back to service they charged me 5000.00 for 2 catalytic converter's plus 260.00 for new tuneup injectors-plugs.Now it runs like it should after 5530.00.Lincoln it's very hard not to use profanity on my next vist.2 months later.I had the same idiots replace the front end.Was charged 2000.00 for ball joints etc.I had to be in Salt Lake in 3days.I got it on the freeway and it made a noise on drivers side clang like a bushing and pulled to the right.That's what I got for 7530.00.So I'm taking it to Larry H Miller Lincoln Ford in SLC on 7-22-17 to see if I can get to drive straight and stop making noise.???????.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a Mercury/Lincoln owner since 1988. I purchased a new MKC in January, and it has had 4 service calls for the same safety issue (error messages, dashboard goes blank, and no directional signals). I have had a loaner car since May 16th, now July 12th. Within a few days it was agreed that I will get a replacement vehicle. I am still waiting. Ms. Sharp states that the Worksheet for the replacement car I signed 2 weeks was wrong and she returned it. I get no updates from her and no idea when I will get my replacement car. When I call all she says is that when she gets the new worksheet she will forward it to me. I get more courteous treatment from the dealer.

Posted by Anonymous

I am very upset., I just hank up with Lincoln Representative, who told me that because I pick up my car against Lincoln Dealership advisor, who told me that car was not fix. I told them its not true and dealership called me and told me to pick up the car, because it was fix. In a last 8 months, after dealership put a new engine in my Lincoln MKT, my car was out of service for 52 days. And I reported this information to Lincoln. The car is a LEMON . The Lincoln Representative was very rude to me and told me that she will do nothing to help me with my problem. This car was used for Limousine Service and I will never buy Lincoln Cars.

Posted by Diane

I read a Lincoln motor company post about repairs on Facebook. I own a Lincoln Navigator. I posted a few honest, factual sentences about what happened when I took my Navigator to the dealership for a repair. Now Lincoln motor company has blocked me from their site on Facebook. Is this how Lincoln Motor Company deals with an unsatisfied customer?

Posted by Restro

IN July I bought a 2016 Lincoln MKX. with in a week i discovered fibre glass all over the vehicle.
I took it to the dealer and after several weeks found it to be coming out of the exhaust.
Seems the 2.7 lite engine all have this problem.
I was told by my VA doctor to stay away from it due to my health conditions, i was developing coughing problems from this fibreglass seeping into the vehicle.
Lincoln installed a new exhaust on the vehicle and now it's worst than before.

Today I will loose 18,000 dollars and trade it in because Lincoln will take no efforts to repair it, after 3 months I have to do some thing and get rid of this automobile.
I will do a utube video so all can see this problem, the whole rear is covered in glass.
I am truly not a happy camper who wants to loose all this cash in only 3 months and 2800 miles. I need a good vehicle not one thats going to put me in the hospital.

I have been shut out of customer support and have to deal with the dealer.

I'ts a shame a V Nam vet on disability has to take such a loss.
I can now see why lots of a\Americans are buying foreign vehicles.

Thank you
R MIller

Posted by Anonymous

I Have An Issue With Lincoln And Its So Called Idea Of Replacement Parts For My 2007 Mkx ! Why Cant You Make It Easier And More Convenient And Afford For Ppl To Replace Small Minor Parts For Their Cars/suv ????? I Need To Replace The Latch On My Center Console, But Lincoln/ford Doesnt Sell The Latch ! You Have To Buy The Whole Top Console Which Cost Over $100.00 For A $10.00 Part!! I Also Need To Replace The Weather Stripping/gasket At The Rear Of The Roof Line Where It Meets With The Wing! Cant Buy This Piece Separate And You Have To Buy A New Rear Wing. Even If The Wing On Your Car Is Good. The Wing Cost $700.00 Before Paint At Ford And $999.00 Before Paint At Lincoln ! And This Part Is Only Worth $20.00 This Is Truly B.S. And A Ripoff!!! Dont Think I Will Buy A Ford Or Lincoln Again! Will Go Back To My Dodge!

Posted by Memee

I received the notice yesterday about the airbag fragments in my 2007 MKZ. What alarms me is the fact I have to wait for the parts to come in before it can be repaired. The reason this scares me so much is I live in the area where the guy died from the fragment hitting him. What am I suppose to do, I am scared to drive my car with just me in it, and I definitely refuse to drive it with my 2 year old grandson or any other passengers in it. I have to park it but still pay the insurance because it is not paid for. I am thinking of getting rid of this car because of this and the problem with the rims and tires(I know you know about this because I found numerous complaints and I really thought I was the only one with this problem, duh). I have driven Lincolns for years but the problems with this one causing me to think about trading. What Am I suppose to do??

Add your review!

Posted by Char

Tonight I picked up my new MKZ.....The product sells it's the service that was a bonus....North Florida Lincoln was wonderful......They went beyond our expectations in getting the color we wanted,in the time frame we needed...made us feel like we were royalty and really are important.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a good experience here. I was given the help I needed and my car was finished in a timely manner. The people were polite and helpful as well. Thanks!

Posted by Anonymous

Lincoln has resolved my problem and has advised that they are replacing my rims on my 2012 MKS, thanks to my Lincoln dealer that resolved my problem

Posted by HNTX

After waiting over 2 hrs for a tow truck to arrive and getting to the dealership after closing,I would have been without transportation over 3hrs from home,luckily I had a grand daughter living near by.All we recieved from Lincoln roadside assistance was so sorry.Totally unacceptable service.Very,very disappointed in service.This complaint is for roadside service ONLY.Dealership gave us outstanding service.Date 3/11/15,time 5p.m in Dayton,Ohio area.Thank you.

Posted by Ron Girard

napilton park ridge il lincoln dealership is the best this is the 3rd ca we purchased with this dealership. Bruno the manager recently help us out with a problem we had with our rims on our mks. they we helpful, took our concerns to heart and fix the problem and now we our very satisfied with the results. My husband is very happy, their service and kindness is unsupasted. thanks Bruno for your help. Ron Girard

Posted by Anonymous

I spoke to a lady, Tatiana, who was very nice and helpful. I appreciated her help.

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