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Lifetime Fitness customer service is ranked #847 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 20.20 out of a possible 200 based upon 65 ratings. This score rates Lifetime Fitness customer service and customer support as Terrible.


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Posted by Anonymous

I was really disappointed that my Pilates class was cancelled on Thursday at 1 pm in Novi MI. Gone for years with same teacher..
Gave us a reason that there wasn't enough in the class it originally was on Fridays and it was packed and then they moved it to Thursdays there was no warning to tell us that if there wasn't more people in the class that would cancel just abruptly last Thursday they told us all it was canceled we went in to talk to a manager about it I have been a member at Novi lifetime since it opened I do so gone up the machine so stay the same and nothing has been updated our class is very upset we pay to go to our class please see if you can follow up on this for me. Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

Just canceled my membership after 15yrs. The Canton Mi mgr is useless. Since early December there has been an abandoned car near the front door. It has been dangerous cold and I have had to walk across the parking lot past it daily. I told her about it 3 times and she said it would be removed. As of today it's still there. I will not keep paying $125 while her friend stores their car for free. Also a member had 3 machines blocked off and ignored me when I told him I would like to use one of them. I advised a trainor and he said I should just fight the guy for it. I left without working out. Very sad but after being a member since 2002 I will spend my money where the employees respect their customers.

Posted by Lifetime Fitness Tempe, AZ

I have walked in most recently at lifetime fitness to a dismay of experience. I am a single father of two children ages 6 and 7. I recently lost my job, and cannot afford the expensive membership. Therefore, I tried being accommodating by dismissing the formal emails, at most every month of some issue or problem at the Tempe location. Such as hygiene problems, adults with no children coming in thru the family restrooms, while my kids and I exchange, going to the kids club care to find Iâm too late to be accomodated, although the club states it operates 24 7. In addition, I seen under age kids going outside, just after we got turn away many times. I felt as if it was a racist tactic then safety issue. I personally never step in the gym every month to benefit the cost, of paying for membership. For when I do, itâs always an unexpected experience of hardship. I wish to close this bad experience soon. Otherwise, I will change my account on file of pay. Also, seek legal counsel

Posted by Anonymous

I have never had a problem in any gym. the manager treated me poorly never really let me fully explain my case and made a bad decision in a harmful hateful way. I was encouraging many other members to join. I will completely discourage and bring the tax abatement they have up to discussion with our county and town . They should not be allowed to get away with property taxes and give this service.
it just costs us all even more.
such a poor way to handle problems.

Posted by Josh

This is the worst gym I have ever been too the hotshot sales guys are unprofessional and rude. I am cancelling and will tell everyone I know to never join

Posted by Sisca

Was a member at castle creek location, they changed new aquatic manager then every week it seems like the the rules changes. Before every thing was great, they adjust the rules to however it was convenient for them. Put in my notifications for canceling by 30 days like the requirements still being charged. The manager or the person who's in charge to do refund was so hard to get a hold of end email never got a response. They get me refund but the wrong amount so much hassle. They super nice when you first register after that no service. My friend have told me that they also having hard time to get their lifetime bucks. Will not recommend the castle creek location! Management team is not professional and courteous! They let everyone just walk by the family restroom to get a shorter route to the mans or woman's bathroom including the staff themselves, they don't follow their own rules but the aquatic manager was above n beyond to apply what it's supposed to be rules on member!

Posted by Anonymous

The facility is great and very clean. Managers specially in the Lifespa and Life cafe are very unprofessional and lack customer service skills.

Posted by Allison

Ridiculous! Lifetime fitness need to reevaluate the term "Customer Service"! They are rude & unprofessional- unless you are singing up. They provide absolutely zero accommodations, After being a member on & off for 10 years my family & I were planned on rejoining- until we were treated so horribly! Never again!

Posted by Anonymous

Very disappointed in the changes made to accommodate cycling classes. Zumba is no longer available and our Fit 4 Life class moved to 11:15 which is very inconvenient for most of us. I have noticed that the majority of group fitness is now paid for sessions . Jeff Mangen not asscessible to discuss any issues. This is the North Garland center on Garland Texas.

Posted by Alejandra Buntrock

I'm a diamond member in Henderson Nevada for a year now and wanted my husband to join but your management here say that he' not considered a new member even though he will be practically a new member. I was hoping that you could at least waive initiation fee, is a shame you can't be that flexible...

Posted by Anonymous

Lifetime Athletic Bergen What is going on??? How does lifetime decide who gets in the GM seat? Whats the process for vetting a perspective GM candidate?!? Does anyone care in Your corporate Headquarters? Who is representing the lifetime brand ???The GM George comes across as a Weak, Flacied, bipolar, cartoon character on drugs? This person is not qualified to manage a bathroom towel attendant! He should be terminated at once!And a real GM Who inspires and motivates his employees and members not some bafoon! Jackass. With tissue and clipboard in his hands gliding around pontificating and cleaning dust off exit signs. Demote this flunkey to dishwasher in the cafe. Stop wasting your money paying a smoch!!!! I come from the Corporate world. And I've seen my share of wheelspining Yourself and everyone a favor and flush this cumbersome terd!! Before you loose more members. I hope things change in 2017? Or I might just cancel my membership.

Posted by AJ

I would give this place negative stars if that was possible. The manager Eric Blick is one of the most incompetent person I've ever come across. I got a call from him one day falsely accusing me of harassing one of his employees. When I tried to explain my side of the story he simply wouldn't listen. He dismissed me stating 'that's just what you are saying' and 'I can't accept this kind of a behavior.' When I visited the club that day I was told I wasn't allowed to enter which was utterly humiliating and not something I had expected. Before I knew it, I was embroiled in a court case but had the resources to fight it and win the case. It goes to show the level of man management skill this imbecile possesses. Anyway I would say that most of the staff at this location is rude and self conceited. A lot of them act as if they own the place and the customer is totally irrelevant. This is especially true of the staff in the Spa section. Save your money and join a place where you don't have to deal with

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible customer service from the LifeTime Spa manager Jill Kunik, who is very rude, has very poor customer service skills, hangs up on customers. Ignorant General manager Gino Santia. I have left two messages with him two days ago and he has never responded. I would expect exceptional customer service from a club like LifeTime Fitness, but to my disappointment I came across just the opposite. They charge high price for the monthly membership, raising membership fees every year, but yet the club is dirty, some machines/equipment are not functional and not working. I had called the Corporate office for assistance and received zero support. I was told they support the clubs. What about the customers??? Very highly disappointed in LifeTime Fitness in Shelby Township location, MI.

Posted by Renee

I cannot express enough on how dissatisfied I am with the Sugar Land LifeTime location.

1.The dry sauna room has been converted into a lounge/workout station. Members eat, talk out loud, watch movies on their phone with the sound up, workout (while blaring their music/headset) disregarding others trying to relax. Management has done nothing to inform members of the correct use of a dry sauna room. Perhaps management can take notes from some of the other LifeTime locations where they specifically have Dry Sauna Etiquette Rules notices on the windows/walls where all can see and read.

2. I don�t believe the pool has been vacuumed/cleaned in over 6 months. You cannot see from one end to the other. The bottom of the pool is beyond dirty. There are unknown particles, hair, and objects throughout the entire pool both indoors and outdoors. As a city employee, I know how often a public pool should be cleaned and what the water should look like. Also, members do not rinse before entering the pool which probably adds to the water being dirty.

3.The women�s showers and dressing area floors are always dirty, not to mention mold on the shower curtains and tile. Hair all over the floors and the shower walls need to be disinfected on a regular basis. Towels are stained with unknown substances. You have members sleeping on the couch in the women�s lounge area using towels as blankets.

4.Numerous workout/treadmill machines are out of service or simply outdated. This is unreasonable since LifeTime continues to increase monthly dues on a yearly basis.

5. Basketball courts are now used for private birthday parties? This is just ridiculous.

Above are only some of the issues with your Sugar Land, TX location. This is no longer a gym. It has become a water park, party facility and social networking spot in the sauna. I have had the privilege of visiting other LifeTime facilities and they do not compare to Sugar Land. Sugar Land staff/management needs to be re-skilled on how to run a gym facility and be held to a higher standard considering the amount members are paying monthly. As a long time city employee, I hope to see changes made as I do not want to publicly shame the Sugar Land location. And, yes,I know that if I am not happy I can go elsewhere, which is what I plan to do. However, I believe the public should be protected from an unsafe/unhealthy environment, hence my reason for contacting your office in hopes something will be done.


Posted by Renee

I belong to Lifetime Fitness Centre City, Houston, Texas. I have complained to management, but there is never any return contact. This am., there were kids in the leisure pool before 10:00. A pool instructor at 9:30 began teaching children. No where on the website that I can find, no signs in the building, say swim lessons will be taught starting at 9:30 on Sunday morning. FAmily time starts at 12:00. When I asked the instructor why he is starting so early, he responded that he could and if I didn't like it, I should go swim in the other adult pool, that was not heated. No one is in the swim office on Sunday. Three out of four Sunday's, children go into the leisure pool, by 8:30, sometimes without adult supervision and NOT ONE PERSON ON THE STAFF says a word. Why have rules of you are not going to enforce them? Three other ladies in the locker room were commenting on this.

Also, the floor on the indoor pool deck is filthy. There is mold and mildew around the pool. Does anyone ever steam clean that floor? They used to with a large riding steam cleaner. The same piece of trash ( someone's ear plug) has been in the same place for more than a week. There is rust on the steps going down and on the life guard station. The bottom of the pool has lots of sand and trash. Today I stepped on a broken toy. It's very frustrating when there is no pool equipment in the box and the pool equipment room is locked, like this morning. Not a relaxing day there today!!!! Renee Kariv.

Posted by IrishMPOT

Lifetime Fitness has every conceivable opportunity to take your money and when you want to LEAVE the organization because you have moved away, they make it the most unrealistic and difficult process. I will not ever join this fitness center again.! I find their business practices to be borderline fraudulent.

Posted by Matthewslocationajoke

Your Matthews, NC location has so many issues, corporate should be concerned about the impact on the LifeTime brand. First, the club is so hot in the cardio area, it's amazing that members are not passing out. When I asked to speak with the manager about this, I was told to leave a note because he was "busy speaking with a staff member." The reality is he was too busy flirting with the female salesperson, which is unique because he usually just hides in his office, never walks around the club or engages with members. I left a note and never received a call back. When I mentioned this to the front desk, the response was, "he probably didn't call back because he gets so many complaints about the air conditioning." The insufficient AC in North Carolina in the summer is unacceptable as is no return call from the Manager. I don't know if the AC issue is due to LifeTime being cheap, or the Manager not picking up the phone to schedule repairs. Over the course of my 18 month membership, this club has deteriorated quickly; cardio machines are broken and outdated, and the repair time is slow. This club is far more concerned with bringing in new members than keeping up the club and caring about the satisfaction of current members. Maybe this is due to pressure from corporate to increase profits? Another branding issue is the "meathead" members and the fact that young children (13 and under) are using equipment, clearly not consistent with club policy. I joined this gym to get away from the "meatheads" at my last gym down the road - they're loud, curse, grunt, and are disrespectful. One day, a staff member asked a man to put his gym bag in a locker (it was on the gym floor) and he rudely refused; he said the only way he'd do it is if she kicked him out and cancelled his membership. She just walked away. Again, this is unacceptable. The management turns a blind eye and let's these guys act and speak as they wish. If that's the branding you're striving for, then Matthews is right on point. Since our old gym is under new membership, we're going there today to possibly re-join. The Matthews location is a real blemish on the LifeTime brand.

Posted by anotheronegone

I thought that Lifetime was a good club to belong to but after 15 years being a member my eyes have been opened to this jacked up place. They put a lady (Beth) in charge of the club and she has decided that the club needs more energy so she turns the music up so loud that you feel like you're at a bar. Forget trying to have a conversation with anyone. It's so annoying and everytime you ask someone to turn it down the response is that they can't. She is the only one. Even corporate can't do anything about it. They are well aware of what's going on and they say they are going to call the club and get it resolved. It's been 2 weeks since this all started and hasn't been taken care of yet. Beth doesn't even work out!! Ha - she needs to get her fat ass into gear and know what it feels like to have music blasting in your ear while working out. People can make their own energy - they don't need someone to do it for them. Now the club is losing some key employees because of her. I hope it all goes down. Someone needs to get some balls and take care of the situation.

Posted by JaydenBay

I cannot believe how careless was my local lifetime in the incident. Nobody even bothered telling any members what just happened 23weeks back.

When it comes to raising rates, I get emails, mails, when trainers is looking for new people they would even call you on your phone but when it comes to such an incident just 2 page info at the entrance and nobody would tell anything.

I am glad people heard through various channels and parking lot was almost empty. I already signed the petition for credit on my account that nobody used the facilities for 2 weeks.

I will also take this to the investor platform, this is not acceptable!!!

Posted by kathia

My name is Kathia Johnson been a member of lifetime since it opened in Centreville VA. I never have a bad experience at the club in all this yrs. until today, We are a military family put my membership on hold more than one time do to being moved around, never used my LT bucks, last month i decided to put myself and husband on hold, because with my husband being gone in a deployment i have to run everything on my own,but i left my son membership active. My LT bucks expired when i went overseas for my grandpas funeral,but when i returned i went and spoke to one of the representatives and she put my LT bucks back, which i was grateful i made a hair appointment and when i tried to pay and use my LT bucks were gone. I was told i couldn't use the LT bucks because my membership expired i day ago,i was told by this lady that i could still use my bucks and that i have have 90 days to use them and she swears she had to say 30 days, i have no reason to make up 90 days . But the lady that helped me, denied saying that i have 90 days to use them i tried to explain but i felt like we were going back and forth and she wasn't friendly or compassionate, i think her name was Stephanie or Michelle there was another representative also, his name is Daniel Davis i got so helpless that i started to cry and he didn't even asked me if i was ok, i always love the club but after this experience i decided to place my whole family on hold .Costumer service representatives like this make you won't want to come back even though you love the fitness center. They rather loose a entire family as members for 200 LT bucks. They weren't compassionate or understanding, I'm upset with myself for crying in front of these people that didn't even care of my feelings.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a current member at lifetime and I have never had a complaint. Yesterday, I went to the outdoor pool and decided to order from the outside cafe. I decided to get the chicken tenders and fruit and I was pretty excited to get my food because all the tvs while working out talk about how great the pool cafe is, so I decided to try it out. Granted, I know this cafe is a pool cafe and I was definitely not expecting anything gormet, however, I did not expect what I received. There were about 4 small chicken nuggets that were very greasy and mushy and looked like they were just popped into a microwave, not crispy at all. The "side of fruit" included about 3 grapes and 4 cantaloupe that did not look fresh and were also mushy. I am not looking for a refund for the high price I had to pay for the Food that I did not eat, but I wanted to voice my disappointment. Lifetime is such a nice facility that should have better quality food for its customers.... Especially a fitness place. Thank you for reading about my experience and I hope there will be a change.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a member of Lifetime in Romeoville ill and I have a complaint against a woman who works at that location She works in the locker room and everyday she puts on her makeup and does her hair She brings in her Daughter lays towels on the floor for her Daughter to nap they watch tv and eat lunch. I would like to know how this woman can bring in her Daughter everyday and how can she possibly do her job correctly when shes watching her Daughter? She sits most of the time and watches tv and when another employee comes in she jumps up and makes off like shes doing something thanks so much for your time

Posted by Anonymous

Yesterday the health department showed up to our lifetime fitness in flower mound Texas and closed the outdoor pool due to chemicals being off. Amazing. I would have fired the engineer right there. Throw club has done nothing but gone downhill. Dirty and very poorly managed. Slides not operating food windows closed. The sana torn apart. I'm leaving this club.

Posted by Anonymous

Why can't the fitness instructors with their large group sessions---this being Mon, Wed, Fri mornings(especially Teri at the White Bear Lake Lifetime) use the gym for her sessions instead of taking up all the fitness space that individual members like myself would like to utilize?

Posted by carol

this was suppose to be month to month with no contract. after 8 months, i moved and they refuse to cancel my membership even tho i haven't stepped foot in there for 10 months now. I've gone in, i've called and i'ved written and mailed letters. that's nearly a year of payments for something i don't use. i finally cancelled my credit card and now SETH, won't leave me alone about the "unpaid balance" of 2 months, since i cancelled the card. everyday he contacts me. This place was nothing but a money pit. i thought it seemed nice, but everywhere you turned there was money to spend. this is for wealthy who want to throw away their money.

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