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Lexmark customer service is ranked #139 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 52.50 out of a possible 200 based upon 344 ratings. This score rates Lexmark customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


290 Negative Comments out of 344 Total Comments is 84.30%.


54 Positive Comments out of 344 Total Comments is 15.70%.

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  • Lexmark

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    • 52.50 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 290 negative comments (84.30%)
    • 54 positive comments (15.70%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 3.0 Issue Resolution
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    • 4.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

It is very sad Lexmark customer service and how misleading they are. I was pretty happy with my 5600/6600 series and how it function with very little issue. Recently when i did have an issue with my scanner I called in for tech help. What everyone previously said about the poor customer service is absolutely true. In the begining it was going ok even though i really could not understand the tech that i was speaking to. My tech after expllaining to me if my issue was a software issue there would be no charge, if it was a hard ware issue they/she could not take care of that. I would need to speak to someone else and there would be a charge. Since i did have some difficulty in understanding my tech who repeated what she said several times. I also repeated back to her letting her know that. I understood that if it were a software issue there will be no charge and if not she could not take care of the issue. I called back in 3 hours and suprise got the same tech which i thought this is great.
I gave her my information and she remembered me. First she said the system was not back up yet and after telling her that. This has to be unsual that Lexmark ewuipment would be out for 3 hours a mircale happened. She checked was able to take control of my computer so you could look at the issue. This is were things went bad, this is when you told me. I would be charged. I explain to her that is not what you said earlier, she said i must have miss-understood her and apologized lol. Then she told me it would be over $100. I stop listening then, we went back and forth a bit. I decided to end it, I know what she said and i know i repeated back to her so i would be clear. These techs do get testy with their attitude, so i cancelled our session. My luck was i saw where she went on my computer, did i mentioned that i am not at all computer savvy, anyhow. Something said try and figure it out, guess what i did and with one click my scanner began working. This is more than deceptive to me its criminal. She would have charge me over $100 for one click, REALLY! Lexmark should be ashamed. When ever i need another printer it will not be with Lexmark and that is a shame. Because i really liked my use experience of the product. This is not good business practice at all and at its worst cheating the customer of money.

Posted by AngryCustomer

AWFUL SUPPORT! I called in already aware of the issue as my company has had the same problem with all of our printers of this one model - The imaging unit is bad. So i called to address the issue and the employee after getting my serial numbers starts saying i can only use lexmark toner (which is what I am using, says lexmark on it). After I told him this numerous times he finally just shouted at me "ma'am you must use Lexmark Toner!!!" and then hung up. So i didn't get my printer fixed, and now i'm never calling back or buying a lexmark printer ever again. Horrible support and my printer still doesn't work.

Posted by Anonymous

I called today 01/14/17. I waited for an hour and a half to get someone on the line but nothing, so I hanged up.
Tried gain this evening and waited another hour and a half, but I hanged up.

No customer support, so neither I nor my husband nor my daughters will ever buy a Lexmark printer.


Sucks !!!!!! Throwing The Lexmark Out Buying Brother !!!! Lexmark Has No Customer Service

Posted by Robin

Lexmark CX510de. Thousand dollar color laser printer doesn't last a year before it paper jams on every sheet. Will not print one page. Lexmark wants hundreds of dollars to fix it.

I am throwing it in the garbage and buying HP from now on.

Lexmark sucks

Posted by Anonymous

I have a Lexmark Pro 915 and previously have been able to print from my mobile phone as well as my IPad. Now I can't print from either devices and have not been able to find anything online relative to this and very upset. I have read many negative comments relative to this problem with other people. Would not have another Lexmark even if someone were to give it to me.

Posted by timco

lexmark sucks u can never get anyone on the phone after u go through 10,000 prompts. we have 4 of the same copiers they all 4 suck mx410 is the model we will never buy another one

Posted by Anonymous

Lexmark is by far the hardest company to contact, do business with or deal with in general. After many phone calls and internet hours trying to resolve my problem with my 901 inkjet printer, I was sent a partial shipment. I have cartridges to return and the instructions are impossible to understand.

Posted by EkDor

Need to convert a Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 into a black and white printer only.

I received it in good working order, second hand, with a load of unopened XL black cartridges. I have never had a printer in my office. But the few times I need one it's to scan or print black and white text documents which I have just used my partners photographic printer in her office. But since this landed in my lap with it's fancy Wi-Fi, scanner and touch screen I decided to look into it as a possible reused; since it was on it's way to the tip because the previous owner didn't want to pay any more for the C,M,Y cartridges. This thing looks like it just came out of the box and so far everything I can test works perfectly except the C,M,Y cartridges are stone cold empty. Would be a shame to strip it for gears and motors and dump the rest. Would have to mark this with a very low reusability/recyclability rating. All the resources gone into building this printer written off so easily.

Posted by geisabrek

I have gone form loving my printer to totally hating it, trouble is I think this is what is meant to happen, so I buy a new one. I can tell you this it won't be Lexmark, never again.

Posted by DougMashher

By far the worst company ever. Please file BBB report so they can help with these horrible issues. No English speaking techs at all.

Posted by Chaz

Lexmark Prospect Pro 205 is a joke to get it to communicate with your Windows 7 PC. I bought it because of the 5 yr warranty and sure enough, the printhead kept malfunctioning. Took several calls / e-mails with Lexmark Tech Support to get them to finally approve a warranty replacement. Thought this would be the end of it but when the "New / Refurbished" model arrived... it took several days to get the printer to communicate with the office PCs. Had to download different drivers / patches...finally got it to work with some of the Windows 8 machines...but Windows 7 machines were a different story. On top of all this...the printer won't print docs from SD or Flashdrives when inserted in the designated slot. Docs & Pics show up on the LCD but when you select one to print... it goes on for several minutes "Preparing the Document for Printing" and then ... stops and goes back to the prompt file screen.

Tech support from Lexmark is a joke. I will never buy another device from Lexmark again. What a sorry excuse of a product and tech support.

Posted by Anonymous

Will never buy another Lexmark Printer again. Customer Service was horrbile. Ink drys out fast. Printer is used not very often. But when I want to use have to go buy more ink. Bought ink in May used this printer about twice. Now saying that the ink to to low need to get ink. Called and asked about. He told he me to go buy more ink. Explained to him that I should not have to buy ink again. Have not used. He told me that they dry up. I can see if you have not used it in a year. We have HP printers also with cartridges and they do not dry up. NO HELP AT ALL. They could at least offered to send ink cartridges . NO GO BUY MORE INK. I WILL NOT PAY ANOTHER $90 FOR INK. I will go buy a new printer and it will NOT BE A LEXMARK.

Posted by ann.

I purchase the lexmark s305 and called customer service about resolving some issues. My printer ended up needing a new printer head and apparently my warranty had expired. They offered me 30% off, but wouldn't even offer to sell me a new printer head or new printer because they don't make this printer/ product anymore. Which is ridiculous. Why make something and put warranty on something you're not going to make. Or why make it at all and not continue to make it. Horrible experience. I will never buy a lexmark again and I am not surprised on all the bad ratings it has.

Posted by bean

Could you guys possibly find someone who speaks English to work for you? Because it is honestly getting to be tiring always having to try to translate what the guy is saying when he doesnt even know what he is doing. Also, a followup call at 7:30am on a holiday Monday???? Who in their right mind is awake at that time and wants to deal with a phone call about their printer? Like really people. Terrible. And one voice mail that I assume was accidentally left on my phone all I could hear was your workers speaking in their language, not English. Really your an English and French based company, why not hire Canadians who actually speak our language?

Posted by pro901 lexmarx

i have lexmark printer that i cant use.i cant locake tech support for help. my computer tech tell me my printer drive need updating.i have window 8.1 printer not drive wont work.need someone to call me.i cant get tech support. and i need my printer.#216-561-2208.
tommy whitlow.

Posted by gillag

Calling the Lexmark UK telephone number to get support on a printer problem with the S405 which I have had since I bought it, I used 0207 365 249 612. On EVERY option of this phone service, it reverts to telling you that there is electronic support online. There is NO access to the technical support promised at all.

I am horrified! Lexmark used to be a good company and I bought a couple of printers on the strength of it. What happened?

So - now I have a few boxes of unopened costly cartridges, a completely useless printer, and a complete loss of faith in the company! Time to go and buy a competitor printer I think!

Posted by Dhanraj

I returned 13 ink cartridges last month and called to follow up on the status. Lexmark customer service claims that they do not see any items returned for my account. With the recycle rewards program, they were to send one cartridge for every 5 returned. This program is now closed and customer service is not offering any assistance. Program appears to be a scam. Cartridges were returned in envelopes that were initially provided by Lexmark. This was a waste on my time.

Posted by Anonymous

I attempted to have a issue with my printer fixed 4 times. The first time I was transferred 7 different times, then put on hold and then hung up on. The second time I was told they are not sure what to do, transferred and hung up on. The after an hour of being on the call the customer service representative told me to go back to Staples and have them resolve my issue. I went to Staples and was told it is a manufacturing problem and Lexmark should have handled my problem. I called the forth time and was transferred to 3 different people the final representative asked me the problem, I had to tell him the same information over ten times. Finally after almost an hour I said "Thanks for NOT helping me" I am just going to trash my Lexmark printer and purchase and new one....NOT a Lexmark model" and to have a good day.

Posted by js

I am ASTOUNDED at the Lexmark "business model" that obviously does NOT encourage any form of customer loyalty to the brand AT ALL.

1. I have recently purchased a new laptop running Windows 8.1.
2. installed my printer disc to connect a perfectly good P4350 model Lexmark ink-jet printer to it.
3. For about a week or so it worked fine - one or two glitches in formatting but nothing bad.
4. After getting a few automatic Windows updates for my laptop the printer functionality no longer worked - most bizarre but kept getting error message that the "printer port" was not correct and needed re-configuring and Lexmark's printer prompt solution was to download & install new driver. THIS WAS THE BEGINNING OF THE END.!!
5. After about 20 attempts to download & install new driver - the printer still didn't work.
6. Eventually rang - yes rang Lexmark (big mistake) and was told that:
(a) Lexmark don't have a driver that makes their printer compatible with Windows 8.1.
(b) Lexmark don't make ink-jet printers any more.
(c) There is no simple "fix" to connect my printer and get it to run - even though the downloaded driver shows all the functionality etc.

So WHY does Lexmark's system not tell customers that Windows 8.1 is not compatible instead of offering a driver fix - which then doesn't work.

The conclusion is that:
I am now going to have to either buy a new printer when I already have a good and practical one, or connect my printer to my old laptop and email everything I want to print to that HOW STUPID. when I am sure Lexmark must have a plethora of IT gurus' who could write a quick "fix" programme to remedy the connectivity to Windows latest update.

If anyone knows of an IT "fix" out there PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

Posted by Anonymous

I was surprised to find you have no record of the cartridges I have returned to your rewards program. To date, I have sent at least 30 cartridges for recycling, which would have awarded me at least 3 ink cartridges.
I have a Pro715 and have been surprised at the amount of ink I have used. Please advise as to what I need to do to have you record my returned cartridges.

Posted by ydarish

Mr. Rooke:
You induce to be ashamed of yourself leading a Company that disappoints the clientele.
Worst printer (I have had two of different series) I ever owned- no wonder you got out of the printer business. It worked well for a few days and it was nothing but trouble ever since, after troubleshooting, cartridge replacements (original ones), etc. I made my final call TO CUSTOMER SERVICE since then with no satisfaction. I've tried calling them on several occasions and no matter what they give you the run-a-round ( I'm a customer, not a stupid one. You represent the Company to take my money for the printer I bought). When I requested that you replace the printer with one of equal value and style and replace the ink for the type needed by the new printer, you refused, after several contacts I made to you.

Do you like that your new suit from Gucci had a big mess? Then when you complain about it they tell you "Wait Mr. Rooke, I get right now a dressmaker to solve the trouble". No, I believe you won't want the courtship. is the same problem with, I buy a new product not a refurbished one.

I will never buy another Lexmark product and tell people the same thing.

Sincerely, Maribel Diaz

Posted by ydarish

Mr. Rooke:
You induce to be ashamed of yourself leading a Company that disappoints the clientele.
Worst printer (I have had two of different series) I ever owned- no wonder you got out of the printer business. It worked well for a few days and it was nothing but trouble ever since, after troubleshooting, cartridge replacements (original ones), etc. I made my final call TO CUSTOMER SERVICE since then with no satisfaction. I’ve tried calling them on several occasions and no matter what they give you the run-a-round ( I’m a customer, not a stupid one. You represent the Company to take my money for the printer I bought). When I requested that you replace the printer with one of equal value and style and replace the ink for the type needed by the new printer, you refused, after several contacts I made to you.

Do you like that your new suit from Gucci had a big mess? Then when you complain about it, they tell you “Wait Mr. Rooke, I get right now a dressmaker to solve the trouble”. No, I believe you won’t want the courtship, is the same problem with, I buy a new product not a refurbished one.

I will never buy another Lexmark product and tell people the same thing.

Sincerely, Maribel Diaz

Posted by Anonymous

I have a Lexmark printer. I was having trouble printing and called customer support. After being on hold for 40minutes they told me there would be a fee for there assistance. I will be buying a new printer instead of giving them more money and will never buy lexmark product again. Also will never recommend their products to anyone. TERRIBLE SERVICE AND BAD PRODUCTS!

Posted by Anonymous

I was put on hold for over 45 minutes for a yes/no question.

Add your review!

Posted by Larry

I have a Lexmark Pro205 All-In-One printer that I purchased from OfficeMax 1.5 years ago. I run a small business and use this printer along with two others, (HP & Cannon), quite often. I tend to use the Lexmark more because it is wireless and thus more convenient and the ink cartridges are less expensive than the other two printers. I recently started having issues printing in color with the Lexmark. It would not print yellow. I verified this by printing a test page. I first checked the ink levels of the cartridges and replaced the yellow cartridge just to be sure that the ink level was not the issue. I next performed a clean and deep clean of the print head but the printer still would not print yellow. I removed the print cartridges and print head, cleaned the contacts for the print head with an alcohol wipe, reassembled, printed a second test page and the result was the same; no yellow color printed out. I called Lexmark support and only waited a couple minutes before speaking with a representative. I explained what I had already done to troubleshoot the printer. The representative agreed with me that the print head was defective and sent me a new print head along with 3 new XL color cartridges and 1 new black XL cartridge via FedEx. I received the new parts from Lexmark within two days along with a prepaid postage label and clear instructions for returning the defective print head. I simply had to ship the defective parts back to Lexmark in the box I had received my new parts in. I installed the new print head and the new color cartridges and printed a third test page. This time the test page looked great, all colors are printing normally. I want to thank Lexmark for a wonderful support experience. I was very impressed with your high level of professionalism and expertise.

L. Enright, Columbus, OH USA

Posted by kingda

Accidentally broke the hinges on my 4 year old Lexmark X7675 AIO Inkjet Printer. I called their customer service and they promptly stated that they would be sending me another unit (not sure if refurbished or not). All I have to do is ship the broken one back. But anyway, I didn't expect them to send me another unit at all. I was just calling to see what the successor in that line of products was. I have to wait another 3-5 business days for the new unit. Then I'll see how that one works.

Posted by misjudgedinall

Their operating system on their devices are the same across the board. I like consistency.

Their drivers work well, the global driver is actually global.

They have great representatives who are knowledgeable and willing to come onsite.

They even gave me two free toners and two free drums just so I could test the machine out.

This company will actually work with 3rd party companies to insure compatibility.

Lexmark is awesome.. so far

Posted by Anonymous

Wonderful service excellent support your staff are as good as your printers many thanks for resolving my problem.

Posted by Anonymous

I was so excited when I found the pro905 as affordable and the $5 black ink cartridge. Recently inbetween documents in my queue I got the dreaded printhead error. I sat down and surfed the internet and tried anything because everyone knows how calling support is usually worthless. When I couldnt solve my own problem I finally called Lexmark Support before spending money to replace the printhead. I sat down for a long wait and grabbed a glass of tea. Before I got settled in my seat, support answered. I spoke with someone names Ian. I must say that despite an accent that at times was difficult to understand, he was very pleasant and helpful. He explained each step of the process of verification. Then in the end they are replacing my printhead. It wasn't torturous, it wasnt rude, it didnt leave me needing anything else. I wanted to take a survey... but there wasnt one. So here I am!

Posted by Anonymous

Whenever I've called and a man or woman from the Republic of the Philippines helps me, its always been fruitfull. They are
hard working people and I applaud them as
a person and a rep for LEXMARK. Perhaps
you had a bad day.

Posted by MrJimbo

They were awesome! I had rebuilt my computer and downloaded the latest software for my printer from their site - and trashed my cd because I thought it was useless. A month later I realized the OCR software was on that CD! I called tech support and they remoted into my machine, downloaded and then installed the software for me. Then they waited while I performed a couple of tests to verify everything was working correctly. No hassles, they were helpful and I got what I needed in less than 30 minutes from start to finish.

Posted by Love Lexmark!!!

Had a problem with my color printer. Called Lexmark, they troubleshot it, sent me the replacement part next day plus new ink and everything works great. Thank You So Much Lexmark!!! I recommend them to everyone!

Posted by Tony

Just had an issue with my Prevail Pro705. Lexmark has resolved the problem in a quick, friendly and professional manner. I recommend their products to anyone.

Posted by A Happy Customer - ATL

My printer (Platinum Pro905) stopped printing with an error message regarding the printhead. I called customer service and within one day I received a new printhead and ink, free of charge. I love great customer service. I'm back up and printing.

Posted by Skip

Had a problem with the printhead on my Prospect Pro205. Spoke with a "Chris" at tech support. On line with him in less than 1 minute. Chris clealry gave me instructions as to how to troubleshoot the problem. He "took control" of my computer and loaded new software for me. Determined the problem was hardware and is sending me a new printhead with ink cartridges. Great service! Waiting to see if a new printhead will fix my problem.

Posted by STV

called lexmark tech support yesterday and talked to Dan, His very polite and easy to deal with, His accent is very good, i can easyly understand him..had my printer working with my 2 MAC and 3 Win7 computers.

I can deal with their accent coz in the first place they are not americans and they have different language, credits to them they know 2 languages...

I for sure buy another lexmark again.

Posted by Joevesco

I've only had one experience with customer service and it was outstanding. I had an issue with print jobs not registering. The customer service tech logged on remotely, solved the problem quickly and also noted that the print quality was not what it should be. A new printhead was Fedexed the next day with new print cartridges included. Amazing service!

Posted by William

I called Lexmark today after about 13 months of owning the Lexmark Prospect 205S All in One printer/scanner/fax/copier. I had an issue with it after 6 months that was quickly resolved by chat. Fax would reset the printer some how. This last issue was a firmware update gone wrong. I tried to do it via wireless and had connectivity issues. I think that caused wireless radio within the 205s to disable. Poof! No more wireless functionality. Print functions are still great and the copier/scanner/fax all work via USB. Printing of course works. I did the chat again and within 15 minutes of troubleshooting, customer service decided to send me a replacement! That's pretty cool. They will pay shipping and I don't have to be without a printer. When their box gets here, I will send the defective unit back to them at their cost. I have liked the photo quality on the printer, but I must say, you should carefully chose your photo paper. I hope the lexmark printer app for iphone works as well as the ability to send faxes via computer. Things like this can happen, so in my book, I rate them positive and would consider them again.

Posted by dotburross

If your techs are so good then why do i see the registration box all day long? when i registered it a year are 2 ago. I bought a new computer but not a printer and i have already put in the registration at least 6 times since i bought my new computer. Im looking at the stupid register box right now. I have decided the only way to get rid of it is to buy a new printer, It for sure want be a LEXMARK.Once upon a time it was a positive experience not anymore.

Posted by EFVY

Actually I always found Lexmark Tech support to be very helpful and accessible. They replaced my printer twice while under warranty. When it broke they offered 20% on a replacement unit (out of warranty). My problem is with their equipment itself which I had all kinds of problems with. But tech support always helped me trouble shoot.

On the other hand just bought a new HP printer. They don't have tech support available on weekends (at least not Sundays) - Lexmark does. And the guy who just helped me from HP solved my issues but he was surly and impatient. I actually had to tell him that on the phone to get him to stop being a jackxxx.

Posted by Anonymous

We have a S405 and purchased a 100XL ink cartridge from Staples. We only printed maybe 30 pages and it stopped working, printer did not say low ink. We called Lexmark and asked for a refund and they are sending a new ink cartridge. Customer service was good enough. We would NOT buy another Lexmark though, because of the ink costs and printer slowness.

Posted by Somebeach

I have purchased 2 Lexmark Pro905's for our company a few months ago. I have had a few problems, however... We have tried HP, Brother and Lexmark and the service of all of them has been best with Lexmark and the worst with Brother. We have had problems and issues with them all, but... At least Lexmark does not hesitate after attempting to resolve issues to no avail to send at no charge a replacement.

Posted by toptechx6

I can't complain about my customer service from Lexmark but I am very disappointed with the X7675 all in one printer. Purchased March of 2010 the first one made a loud pop noise one day and the left side of the top bulged up in July of 2011, it quit working at that time.
The customer representative would not believe me that something inside had physically broken and insisted on me replacing the print cartridge and doing several other nonsense checks of communication with my computer before finally agreeing to send a replacement. The process took about 5 days but was fairly painless, they sent a return shipping label to return the old one.
Unfortunately less than 2 months later the replacement has done the exact same thing. The representative did not have me jump through hoops this time, hopefully the third one will last a little longer. This printer clearly has an internal weakness, my confidence in Lexmark is shot.

Posted by Anonymous

When I bought my lexmark 5400 I got it off a shopping channel at $100. plus shipping after useing it for a few months I accidently dropped something into paper feed area and couldn't find what fell in but it began to put lines in my pics so finally called tech support and got all the help I needed and it worked great. belive me it printed awesome pics for two years more but the lines came back and now need a new head which I was told to go to walmart to get hope so. The ink is spendy but I got 10 pages of 9 prints each for color cartridge I really enjoyed my printer sorry so many of you had problems and yes the reps should speak a little better english if they want to live an work here

Posted by smb12321

Had problems with Windows 7 Drivers. The lady (in the Philippines) took my computer, installed everything quickly & all is well!!

From now on, accents & second languages will be a part of all cultures. Say you can't understand (politely) & usually you can get someone to help.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a Lexmark Platinum Pro905 from Fry's two years ago. Even though it took a long time, I succesfully downloaded and upgraded the firmware/software on the computer.

I had occasional issues where the printer will only print blac&white, even during the "test page" printing (note: I used only genuine cartridges). I called Lexmark support. After about 20 minut3es of waiting on the phone, I finally got someone on the phone. They figured out quickly that I had a problem with the printer head. They sent me a new print head plus a full set of ink for free (which arrived in two days). This fixed the problem.

I still use the printer today, as I print a lot of B/W sheets and the black ink ink cost per page is pretty good.

Posted by Curt Barnett

I felt that Jane went above and beyond the call of duty in trying to solve the communication between my computor and my new pro901 She was very courteous and knowledgable about the problem. Lexmark sent a new replacement printer, but I still have the same problem, and another call connected me to Grace. the same pleasant attitude and helpfulness and perseverance to solve the problem as Jane.My problem has been past to a tech3.I greatly appreciate Lexmark for helping with this problem, and I believe that Jane and Grace should be recognized for thier contribution to the company.

Posted by Busy Controller

Can't say enough about the service our dealership received from LexMark. We bought a printer from staples, didn't have the receipt, and we didn't have the box. I called customer service and the repairman was here the next day!! The repairman, William M. even called me 2 times. Once to verify he would be there the next day and the second time to tell me he was on his way... this was a great experience.

Posted by Anonymous

Excellent,efficient & polite customer service!Thank you Vie!

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Posted by Onyot

I was a former LEXMARK Technical Support... and the Management sucks!!! they spend a lot trying to train idiot Level 3 agents.. and never get to drill down to the basics... I very well understand your concerns unsatisfied customers... Lexmark is a very expensive product, boasting their quality and not the customer's convenience. If you call them up guyz the fist thing they will ever concern is if your printer is still under warranty..if they know it isnt.. then the tech. support agent wouldnt care solving your problem!!!! They have some outsourced agents and some in-sourced to their Philippine site, but agents there are from other callcenters that perform poorly in their previous callcenters... Managers began to recruit old agent friends from their previous callcenter... and bringing with them to Lexmark are POOR performing agents. So please be adviced!


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