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    • 36.17 Overall Rating
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    • 194 negative comments (94.63%)
    • 11 positive comments (5.37%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I visited LensCrafters at Cielo Vista mall in El Paso, Texas. I was picking up an order and the worker was very hostile with me. I felt very threatened as she grabbed the receipt out of my hand and shouted at me. She was very belligerent with me and treated me very badly. I paid good money for these glasses and no customer should be treated this way. This type of business brings bad reputation and I wanted to let you know how people are being treated at this establishment.

Posted by Anonymous

purchased glasses on 4/6 the sales person talked me into a second pair which i made into sunglasses, was very helpful also was told by doing this i would get 12 months free fiancé. got my first bill had only 6 months free fianice,called cr co they said i had to call lenz crafter i did hey said i need to come in they would cr and re ring it up, did that, but they couldn't re ring it had to wait 3 days but was told i could put it in care cr which is same bank did that but found out they don't do 12 months free fiancé had t return that and put it back on lenz cr acct my problem is they never gave me full cr the first time on lenz cr acct so i'm paying twice for my sunglasses and seems like no one can get this fixed.my fist bill was for $981.98 only got a cr for $668.94 was billed the second time on lenz cr for $961.94. i made 4 trips to lenz crafters to get this fixed and all i get is no help and the cr co tells me it will take up to 60 days to infestigate the matter when clearly the receipt is showing only $668.94 cr to lenz crafters acct why can't they just refund the sunglasses and be done with it .this is so frustrating and i shouldn't have to keep running to the store the glasses were purchased in the greenfield store, Milwaukee wi

Posted by Bill

What's you refund policy for frames that haven't been receieved yet?

I purchased one pair of new frames and lenses in the your Valley Stream NY on Sunday March 25 and was told they would ready a week from the next day, April 2.
I've called multiple times only to be given new dates or told they would be in soon, and I would be called when ready.
The last time I called was Monday April 9, and I haven't been called back yet.

I had asked for a pair of clear lenses. I use the prescription for near distances, particularly for viewing laptop and iphone monitors.
The frames I was wearing held together by scotch tape, and the right lense is badly scratched.
My order was made for your 'blue tint' lenses which I'm told now take longer to receive.
They're not what I asked for and I was told they would be ready on April 2.

The frames I chose were $288, and after what I was told was a 40% lense discount the total bill was $567 which was charged against my credit card.

I need the new frames and lenses, and if the frames aren't ready today I would like a refund so I can get them elsewhere.

Posted by Anonymous

Lenscrafters return policy is 30 days. Please contact your store for clarification

Posted by skihall

I contacted a store in Sherman Oaks California regarding their return policy and was told 30 days? Their website says 90 days. So folks please be aware of the policy or you will be stuck with glasses that you cannot return.

Posted by Hoping to See Clearly

LensCrafters is exhibiting a great absence of training of their corporate office customer service office, as well as Store 172 in Wichita, Kansas.
The store insisted the exchange warranty is 30 days from date of purchase, even if as this store did, not give the ordered glasses to the customer for 28 days from two re-works required, they having the first new pair made from the OLD prescription rather than the new prescription.
The corporate office customer service insisted the warranty is 30 days from date of customer picking up the glasses at the store. It seems from the exchange policy on this LensCrafters Corporate page they are all completely misinformed, with the exchange policy being 90 days, from date of purchase.
Neither the store nor Corporate customer service was able to provide to me hard copy or an emailed copy of the exchange policy!!! I have requested a company representative to telephone me to explain why so much incompetency might exist and what they might be able to do to correct it in their training of store personnel. We shall see if they have an interest in such matters.

Posted by cant see in FL

wish i read these comments first i cant see anymore!

Posted by Dmastur777

arizona mills mall location was awful, another "get used to them". i went to another place to check the lenses and they were way off. so now im getting two correctly made pair fir less than the one pair of bent scratched snd messed up pair i waited two weeks for. never again. the people were rude and not knowledgeable at all. im hoping for a refund even though the glasses are messed up from them

Posted by nope

So what I'm hearing so far is that Lenscrafters are terrible, and IT'S TRUE. The glasses were way to strong and they kept telling me to get used to it and use it only at home, how does that make any sense? I really hope refund is possible, because this places sucks.

Posted by Cj

We purchased glasses for my granddaughter 2016. So impressed with service,quality of employees we had been customers of Sterling and of course not having to wait 2 weeks for glasses,and courteous employees. This year everything aS good except the employees the girl was rude,talked down to us an apparently hated children. Needed to adjust frames had to wait over 30 minutes while people who just walked in we attended to. Now we need to return they just aren't right,we are within 30 days,but confused cause your website says 90 days return but elsewhere says 30 days. Also again dealt with a rude employee called to check and asked why it was different in 2 places she just yelled in the phone 30 days is a very demeaning manner. This was Deptford mall store. Since your service is so good maybe someone's needs to train I. Customer service and hire people who like their job instead of this insulting young lady. We are pretty sure the last call was the same young lady.

Posted by Anonymous

My son went there today to exchange glasses purchased yesterday. Since their policy is if you don't like them you can return them. Was told he could rerun the glasses were purchased under the protection plan but the plan never mentions and exclusion from LensCrafters return policy. They ended up charging an additional $60 on top of the charges paid yesterday. I guess, although our receipt didn't have the fine print return exception it exist someone hidden. Last purchase from LensCrafters. Hopefully with service like this they won't stay in business much longer.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm done with llenshackers too. Customer service is terrible. I called two days after the 30 day warranty and they said there was nothing they could do. I'm sure not going back to where I purchased them and talk to the rude manager who's hardly old enough to drive a car. Oh yea, On the web sight it says 90 days? Customer service knew nothing of this? Hellooo Costco!

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Lenscrafeters,
I purchased computer glasses and sun glasses from you - both of which were great. Then I just bought reading glasses - omg - they are terrible - I cannot see at all with them. Hope I will be able to return them -. Thanks, Anne f. Connecticut

Posted by Anonymous

I went to get the scratches fix on my sun glasses they try to charge me for new lenses and i had the insurance the service person didn't even tell i had it. I had to look up my receipt to see that i had and return to the store to make them fix it and on pay 25.00

Posted by gaucho

This visit to LensCrafters was my eleventh visit because of many problem starting from mid 2015 to July 5,2017. I have been purchasing lens and frame from LensCrafters for over twenty years from my wife and my self. This last purchase has been a disaster. One lens has a high correction and the other a low correction. The lens wwith the high correction is very thick and pops out almost every three weeks or four weeks. Both the left and right lens were also heavily scratched. I brought the scratches to the attention of LensCrafters tech and he showed me that the problem was that the temples were too short for the frame I had purchased. The short temple ends were rubbing the lens and were causing the the scratches. I asked him is there anything he could do had he suggested I get a thicker carrying case. This eleventh time, the frame broke while I was taking the glasses from the carrying case. My wife and I went to LensCrafter where the Manager Ms Blanca Ruiz said because I did not purchase insurance, she could not do anything. Finally she said I could purchase a new frame and glasses for the 40% on lens when I bought the frame or 30 % off both. Although we had been a customer for over 20 years and had purchased over $1000 in 2015 when I got my two glass and my wife got her sun glasses Ms Ruiz kept repeating that since I did not purchase insurance, she could not help.. She even suggested I could try elsewhere. I had to do a lot of talking to get her to agree to ask Corp if they could come up with a better solution. LensCrafters used to have good products and they lasted. The quality was there and we never had to purchase insurance. Now, Ms Ruiz and her associates indicated that the LensCrafters warranty was 30 days and then you needed insurance if you had a problem. I took that to mean, you no longer care to have a quality products and are making up the difference by selling insurance. Your lack of interest in helping a long terms customer shows me that loyalty to a company is not longer appreciated. I may take her advice about where I purchase my next glasses.

Posted by ON HOLD

Don't bother trying to get a hold of a person at thier HQ. All you get is an answering machine and stay on hold for ever. After that they came on and said "we're sorry you're having difficulties, GOODBYE". WTF is this a way to run a large scale corporation ???? No it is not


I purchased glasses at LensCrafters; acquired an exam, and purchased lenses through them. They were the new line of invisible bi-focal that are supposed to cover a wider range of view. SADLY DISSAPOINTED! Eyes burn, have to find 'sweet spot' to see anything (both for far sightedness and near sightedness. In addition, I'm trying to work with the establishment to reconcile the issue. They keep telling me that I have to discuss with management and give me the hours of availability...but no manager is available. I'm still within the 30 day guarantee timeframe. Feels like lawyer time!

Posted by Leatella14

Terrible experience with Lense Crafters in Orlando, Florida, at the Loop. Too many young people work there that do not know what they are doing. After four visits (4 weekends wasted), I cancelled my order of two pairs of glasses and received a refund. I have been going to this store for many years and this was just a horrible experience. They have lost our business.

Posted by Anonymous

I went into LensCrafters had to come back 4 hours later. Paid $500 plus was not happy with the glasses nstill waiting for My refund

Posted by Complaint

On July 4, 2016, I visited your local office(Lens crafters in Anderson, S ) because I failed my eye exam when I went to get a Driver's License at SC DMV. I was informed at your location there that I would have to pay for the exam which I did with cash - $120. and the receipt showed two items, a Routine eye exam new pt. for $84, and Optomap Retina Photos for $36. for a total of $120. The printed receipt I received showed "Payment Applied by Cash at Anderson Eye Associates" with a balance due as $0.00. August the 15th, I got a notice from Tricare for Life that indicated this office had filed a claim to both Medicare and Tricare for reimbursement that was paid by them.

I went to your office the 16th of august and reported this and the secretary/receptionist or whoever said that they returned the cash to me per a memo. I did not get or sign any receipt for the $120. that they said they refunded me nor did they provide me a copy of this memo from their office. They printed copies of what they indicated were on file as of the 15th of August. One indicated a credit memo with the same info basically as above but indicated it was a CREDIT MEMO for the Eye Exam and a credit memo in the description on the statement at the bottom it showed "NO PAYMENT NECESSARY". The second statement (dated 8/15) showed the same info as on original receipt but failed to show the cash payment I made.

Since these claims were submitted to my insurance providers after I had already paid them, they were submitted as fraudulent claims to both MEDICARE and TRICARE. I do nor remember signing any authorization for them to file claims from my insurance. It appears that there was a theft within this office that someone tried to cover-up by filing claims against my insurance providers because I had earlier had cataract surgery in March when I resided in Al.

I do not want to cause anyone any trouble, but I do want to have these claims against my insurance reversed. I am not even concerned about what I had to pay out for this visit on the 4th of July because I knew I would have to pay for the visit.

I submitted a fraudulent claim report to customer help on 16 Aug

Posted by Anonymous

Bought glasses, waited a week for the lens. When picked up the focal point of the lens were over 1/2" from center in my left eye. Salisbury md lab tech scoped the lens told me that it was correct.
I worked in an eye lab for years grinding lens, I know what the problem was.
Then a call to Lens Crafter corp office I get to hang on line with recordings for ever. No more lens crafters for my family

Posted by Jamie

This is the 10 time since purchase to have a screw put back in .. my glasses in less than two months old .. I mostly come at night and the Manger said she has never seen me.. I informed her again this is the 10 time .. the other manager came out from the back that has helped me mutibile times. I asked her to inform the manager that I have been here multiple times in the last month-and-a-half. She informed me that she did .. so the first manager did not believe me very upsetting. I paid for my glasses $187 with private insurance I should not be treated this way at all. I'm very upset over the comments today and that I have to come back 10 m time with last 6 weeks

Posted by CAROLANN

I went in for a glasses and contact lens eye exam on Friday. The Dr sent me home with a trial pair of contact lenses and I ordered a pair of progressive glasses. I kept noticing that my right eye was blurry so I tried all the normal things - cleaned the contact lens, made sure it was in correctly, etc. I looked up my past several years eye exams and compared it to my new prescription. On my new prescription I noticed what must have been a typo because everything besides the BC was correct. My BC in my right eye is much different than my left eye, but on my new rx it was listed as the same. I immediately called the store and asked to come in for a rx check. I went in on Saturday and the dr basically brushed me off and acted like it was no big deal. I was offended because blurry vision is a big deal. In addition, I told her that I had ordered glasses and wanted to make sure that it was noted before they got made so that they would be corrected. The dr told me it was too late and that the order had already been sent off to the lab, but I have 30 days once they come in to change them if I am not happy with them. I informed her I had just ordered them the day before, and spent $600 in the store and expected my glasses to be right the first time, not have to send them back, especially when I caught the error the very next day. She changed my contact lens rx, but not my glasses rx and told me it was too late, that I would just have to wait until they came in and then send them back?!?! This is ridiculous! I may just ask for a total and full refund and go somewhere else, somewhere that actually cares about their customers vision and eye health. Wearing incorrect contacts and glasses can damage your eyes and cause strain, dryness, and other potentially long term problems.

Posted by Anonymous

Your Livingston, NJ store gives the worst customer service. My money was taken upfront for a change of the left lense for my glasses that had been damaged by my dog. An African American gentlemen waited on me and got angry because he could not get the measurements. Why weren't these measurements stored in my file? Subsequently, I was told to come back at 1:30 p.m. at which time the lense would be ready. At 1:30 p.m. the lense was not only not ready but the tech stated he would need more time because he was not ready yet. Since I had another appointment we agreed that I would stop back after my other appointment. When I came back to pick it up, I was grufly told to sit over there as we have to wait on these customers first, you should have made an appointment, etc., and "only we can wait on you." Another person tried to help but was unable because they could not find the lense. The gentlemen who was supposed to be making the lense wandered around emptying baskets and no one did anything. Finally, a young man waited on me and was able to find the lense but he neglected to tighten the ear pieces. I asked if this could be done and he grugingly did it.

I have bought three pair of glasses from this store. All were not fitted incorrectly, including the above. My doctor even commented about the poor fitting and sent me back to have them fitted correctly. Of course, they were not corrected. Finally, today, someone fitted one pair properly.

Why is there so much trouble getting customer service in this store?? I paid upfront and all your people did was give me a hard time. Why???

Posted by Anonymous

It's been 2 months and I still didn't get my glasses yet. I posted my comments since June 1st and now it's June 24th and I'm still waiting for my glasses. I get the same excuse all the time. this is the 5th time they are sending it back. I just don't understand how the upper management does not get involved! or they just don't care!!!!

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Posted by Suzanne

I wanted to praise one of your associates who works at the Lenox Mall location #0252 in Atlanta GA. Raven. She is fantastic. Probably one of the best associates I have ever encountered in retail! She knows the eye business, makes complex insurance easily understood and has a fabulous personality. I drive a further distance just to have her take care of my eyeglass needs. I am in the retail business (HR) and it is difficult to retain talent. You have a real gem with Raven!

Posted by Happy Traveler!

We had the most amazing experience at LensCrafters in St. Augustine, Florida. My wife, my granddaughter, and I were at the World of Golf Resort in St. Augustine when a hinge broke on her glasses. My granddaughter can barely see without her glasses, and we were in a panic! Judy met us at the door, instantly recognized the problem, and Jamie happened to be there that day from the regional office and took over. Soon the entire team was searching for a suitable frame for our granddaughter's strong lenses. After a lot of searching and fitting, they found the perfect frames, and still cute for a 9 year old girl, and much more sturdy than her old ones.

Heartfelt thanks to the entire team at St. Augustine LensCrafters!

Posted by LensCrafters Awesome Customer Se

This week I had an appointment with LensCrafters at Capitola Mall, Capitola CA for an eye exam and fitting for glasses. I received excellent Customer Service! The staff was very professional,knowledgeable and very customer friendly. Bethany Fabrygel D.O. who examined my eyes was extremely knowledgeable,and personable. She was able to answer all the questions that I asked. I was really impressed with the amount of time the Doctor and Staff spent with me. My glasses were delivered as promised and fit perfectly. Thank you for a very pleasant experience.

C. Blair

Posted by sandra snow

My husband and I want to recognize Tomi, General Manager of store #2330 at Woodbury Commons in Central Valley NY.

She is very professional, extremely knowledgeable, and a pleasure to do business with. She is a fantastic salesperson and amply delivered the promise of customer satisfaction.

She is an exemplary employee and we hope that she is with your company for a longtime.

Posted by JO ANNE

I Went To Lenscrafters This Morning And Was Greeted With A Smile.i Was Treated With Respect And Took Time To Help Me Decide What I Wanted Which Took Quite Some Time, But Jo Jo Anne Who Waited On Me Was Very Nice And Understanding. I Don't Think I Have Ever Had Anyoone Be So Patience With Me. Thank You So Much Jo Anne In The Greenville Mall Store.

Posted by Joe Watts

As a former businessman who knows the value of employees I want the management of Lenscrafters to know that they have a very special employee by the name of Irfan at the store in Fashion Place Mall in Murray, Utah.

If I owned a business today I would try to hire him. No matter what the business he would learn it fast, but his specialty is the attitude he has toward people.

He has gone the extra mile for me on two different occasions and it was obvious to me that he was making every effort to take care of my needs.

My glasses were bent from playing basketball, and they were a mess. Most salespeople would have told me to buy some new ones, but thinking of me he took the time to straighten them out and made them useable again.

He saved me an enormous cost for which I am grateful, and in doing so he earned a customer for life for me and my family.

When we need glasses we will be looking for Irfan at Lenscrafters.

And yes, our loyalty is with Irfan first, and Lenscrafter second. Your employees are your business.

Best wishes,

Joe Watts

Posted by Tom H Phillps

I would like to thank Todd Snyderman GM of the store on 685 Market Street in San Francisco, along with Justin for their great customer service. They helped resolve an issue where no one was at fault.and did everything they could to make it right.In a world where good customer service is hard to find these guys are rare indeed.You can be sure I will always recommend LensCrafters to friends and family.

Posted by jehlen

To Whom it May Concern,

I just wanted to let you know of my Excellent experience at one of your stores, at The Avenue Webb Ginn located at The Shoppes. An associate named Michelle assisted my son and I in the purchase of contact lens, a pr of glasses and sunglasses. She was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and patient as we made our decisions and navigated insurance. I wish all companies can offer such professional service! Thank-you, J. Ehlen

Posted by Jennifer

I Am an Australian who visited Lens Crafers at Ala Moana 4 weeks ago.
The staff were friendly and helpful, and although they promised to send my glasses after 2 weeks they came faithfully after 3 weeks. They are fabulous, I love them.

Nikki from Enquires was also helpful, friendly and timely.

Looking forward to my next trip to Waikiki for my next beautiful pair of glasses.

Posted by Anonymous

I love your Customer Service in Myrtle Beach SC office. I was hesitant to return newly purchase sunglasses and I did and was treated so good ..They said "let's fix them"!!! Thank you, Thank you for standing my your promise to exchange or fix the problem within 90days ..I WILL BE A REPEAT CUSTOMER...

Posted by jwrightorlando

I went to LensCrafters, and thought their prices were more than I expected, but I do have a positive comment for Neil, he went above and beyond the meaning of excellent customer service! (407)894-4552, (Orlando,Florida). Thanks Neil!!!

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Posted by Anonymous

I work for Lenscrafters. Severe understaffing makes it near impossible to do a good job. Corporate greed has resulted in constant cuts in hours & very high pressure working conditions. We want to provide excellent service but normal human beings cannot wait on 7 people at once. The executives simply don't want to invest in the business.


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