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Lenovo customer service is ranked #668 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 26.47 out of a possible 200 based upon 802 ratings. This score rates Lenovo customer service and customer support as Terrible.


779 Negative Comments out of 802 Total Comments is 97.13%.


23 Positive Comments out of 802 Total Comments is 2.87%.

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    • 26.47 Overall Rating
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    • 779 negative comments (97.13%)
    • 23 positive comments (2.87%)
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Posted by UNHappy

LENOVO has the worst customer service.
I purchased a desktop ideacentre 310 in May 2018, had problems with it
and told to send it to Memphis, Tn for repair; it was received and signed for on
June 21, 2018. No updates or anything, have been calling weekly and today
clerk tells me they received my desktop for repair on July 12, 2018 and it will take
9 business day to repair. Again WORST customer service ever

Posted by Anonymous

I just bought my laptop with AMD spec about 2 weeks only. I didn't open much websites, it's mainly for typing words and doing assignments only but the window or the screen often shut down itself or not responding . What a WORST brand laptop I ever bought ...

Posted by GB RA

Lenovo Customer service is the worst contradiction in terms one can possibly imagine. I am a small business owner and I own no less than 7 Lenovo machines. I paid for a machine directly from Lenovo, M910SFF, over a month ago. It never powered on. I wait for customer service via telephone to go through the most ridiculous tests for a machine does not turn on.

Lenovo: Did you plug it in?

Me; yes

L; does the light go on?

Me; No

L; Can you press ctrl - alt - delete while it boots

Me; Sir, There is no Power.

This goes on and on.

1 week goes by.

Finally they determine the are going to switch out the power module.

I wait for the hardware then we wait for a tech. The tech shows up and switches the power module and smoke starts coming off the mother board. The tech says to me that the machine will probably not operate as expected and that the repair should be escalated to a replacement. Lenovo is supposed to get in touch with me about a replacement.

Two weeks go by.

Lenovo never gets in touch with me. I call, I call and I call finally I get through and the 'repair' has to be 'escalated' but in order to do that Lenovo needs to send me a SWAT box. Finally this SWAT box arrives after the man behind the green curtain.

Thee weeks go by.

The machine is now in Lenovos possession. They do not call me and I start calling them to inquire about the machine. I am told they are going to attempt a 'repair' but they make take 2-3 weeks. I respond that I want either be refunded or have another machine sent in place for the one I paid for and not working. This request has to be 'escalated'

Four weeks go by.

I call and the 'escalation' needs to be escalated by another supreme escalated Lenovo individual in the Escalation department. I am told that I will hear back by the Escalator Supreme in 1-3 days. Guess what?? Nothing

Five weeks go by and I am still waiting. I call again to follow up and they are in the process of escalation so I need to wait an additional 3-5 days.

I am done with the Lenovo company, if anyone at this once great company cares to verify my story see my case number below.

Posted by USER601070

Need To Return Thinkpad 65w Ultra Portable Ac Adapter, As The Thinkpad Will Not Allow Charging Of Battery. The Motherboard Is Fired.

Posted by Unsatified_customer

I bought a Lenovo brand new computer a few months ago. The first suprise was when I opened the box and the active pen was missing. I went straigh away to the store, and they were kind and changed the whole computer (I even did not start it up).

Then,in the first days, with this brand new computer, I noticed that the Wifi connection was continuously dropping, and I experienced some connection issues. After trying everything the technical assistance told me (from drivers update to reinstalling everything from the begining), I sent my computer to the technical assistance.

The reparation time was as they told me (around 15 days), and when it came back, Wifi was working. Then I noticed that they replaced the Wifi card with another older Wifi module with poorer specifications. When I asked for explanations, they told me that it was equivalent. After sending them the specifications of both Wifi components from the manufacturer, they asked me to send again the computer to check it again. I have been FOOLED by the customer service

Posted by fbellidopazos

All in all it was my very first time sending to repair a computer,I always have a working computer until I decided to buy Lenovo,which, in less than a year it started going the disk drive to 100% for no reason and after 4 repairs I still got the error even such was the stupidness of the company that they send me 2 computers and asked me to send it back,I obviously did and still I dont see a piece of "kindness" on the company.Las email they said they have been very kind to not make me pay the fee for sending the computer due to the fact that it wasnt broken

Posted by Anonymous

I would gladly give my comments about return if I had an address to send it too as iv been one to try and talk to someone all night /mylenovo idea pad recently purchased has decided to do its own this and replace signs I'm trying to write for instance I press at,and I get commers if I want the pound sign I get the hash mark I could go on but its driving me mad it is fully insured but when I go on line they tell me I have to pay 47 pounds {I cant do the pound sign ]just to answer a question the guy is indian so I take it hes in india I'm not paying any more money out on this faulty item I would like to have some help susan whiting

Posted by Lenovo K6 Power

Sir, I have purchased gold coloured Lenovo K6 Power mobile set on 14 Jul 17 as a birthday gift to my wife.

Since begining there is a issue that, the out going voice is never clearly audible to the person on other hand.

I reported twice in the near by Lenovo service center. Both the time they repaired/replaced Mic. But, the matter is not solwed.

Even very low priced mobiles of other companies having very good and crystal clear out going voice from the Mic.

This was my first ever Lenovo purchasing & I am very disappointed with this. Now, I my not suggest my friends to purchase Lenovo mobile/products.

May be the mobile itself is defected piece.

If you can replace the mobile to me with good one, it will be better for our relations in future.
I am from Delhi. You can contact me any time. Your early response is required. Thanks.

Posted by shiwani

I recently found your page and so far I love it. Keep up the good work. You have done an excellent job with your writing.

Posted by Lenovo X1 Yoga

Purchased a Lenovo X1 Yoga, which worked for 3 months and then the screen dropped out completely. The rigmarole you have to go through to have the laptop collected and then sent back to them is unbelievable. They won't use a local repairer in the state I come from, it has to be sent back to Sydney. If it is not packed properly and it is damaged in transit, they told me they aren't liable for that and you will need to buy a new laptop. I have spoken to at least 5 different people in Lenovo customer service and I have never found an organisation that cared so little about their product or about the customer. It seemed to me, that if anything happened to my laptop, it was just too bad, like a zero care factor. I have purchased several Lenovo's in the past and never had an issue with them, but the first time that I have had an issue with them, i cannot say one good word about the company. Pays to do your research and find out if they can back up their product.

Posted by No service

Is a disaster. 2 weeks trying to contact with the customer service with no success.

Posted by nsprague

I have always loved Lenovo laptops, however their customer service is TERRIBLE. I spoke with a person by phone to order my laptop and told them everything I needed for my business and that I needed a lot of storage space. When it arrived it had the most minimal storage space and I couldn't even add the Adobe Elements 15 I had ordered with it! I called and they told me I'd have to pay for additional storage. I have the guys name and everything and they just said "well he isn't in right now" they should have given me the extra storage I originally asked from free or discounted! The guy tells me to buy it cheaper from Amazon. He says there are all kinds of videos on the Internet and it's easy to install myself, but if I need help I can call their tech support. I specifically ask him if this will void my warranty...he says no. I call back to say I don't know exactly what I am looking for and he sends me an e-mail. I call again to order it. I call tech support when I get it to put it in and they tell me I can't do that myself or it voids the warranty. I tell him what the other guy said and he says sorry it will void it. He tells me I can have a Lenovo authorized person do it for me...but there aren't any in my rural area! Even though I have an onsite service warranty he tells me I can't use it. So I decide to just pay for it myself and to hell with the warranty. Just to discover they sent me the wrong one any way! I did get my refund for it, but this has been a nightmare of bad service and obviously the people don't even know what they are talking about! I ask to speak with a manager or supervisor and they send me to a recording. It has been 2 weeks and no one has called me back! Unfortunately this has ruined my confidence in Lenovo. They should have tried their hardest to make things right with a customer and offer something for all of this mess and I should not lose my warranty for something someone who works for THEM told me to do!!

Posted by Juanan

Horrible customer service, absolute lack of information, tracking, or updating on your order or repair.
Bought a laptop (high-end), 4 months ago. Since then it's been 3 times already at their technical services, to be repaired (allegedly), but it has come all 3 times in the same status as it left: screen blinking, no response.
They promised a quick response and a priority reparation, but, as expected, no success: this time it's been at their technical service for 3 days, and haven't even registered the arrival of the laptop..

Posted by jotapece

Good afternoon,

I just received a Lenovo All-in-one C40-30 computer that has been under repair for a startup failure.

Supposedly the Sata cable and the HDD have been changed.

When I just plugged in a few minutes ago it turns out it's the same HDD but formatted ..... I HAVE BEEN FOOLED !!! I do not know if it was the technician or the person who has attended me, but I have been deceived !!

I have asked to know who has treated me but has refused to identify me. He calls himself Daniel. He has refused to contact anyone responsible, nor even to identify the name of any person in charge of the company.

Please solve this robbery I just suffered.

Posted by Lenovo k6 power (32 GB)

I brought Lenovo k6 power before 5 days.
In this mobile lots of Mic and sound problems, voice are not clear.
And vary helpless service centre.
In this mobile clear voice is big issue.
Please don't buy this product.
Use your money for good mobile

Posted by Sahu

Poor Service most of the numbers are not reachable.
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Posted by Anonymous

I bought Lenovo k6 power .it is hanging hanging and hanging. I buy this 30 may. Mobile Shop do not refund my money

Posted by MUALI

The worst ever service I experienced with. I did a blunder and purchased and computer from Lenovo on May 31, 2017. The order shows that the computer was supposed to be delivered on June 13, 2017. However, today is June 18 and still I have not received the computer. The UPS number provided to track the order is not functioning and the order is not traceable. I contacted the sale reps and everyone is advising me, not my job, contact the ABC. I just want to bring on the record that in over 2 dozen of my computer and accessories' orders from various companies, this is my worst ever experience. This experience I will surely share with my friends and my blogs/reviews.

Posted by László Reiter


I bought this week a lenovo Y700 (17) and i love it :) but i had problems with shipping. The problem was that 2 times in a row (28.02.2017 and 01.03.2017) the uk mail driver just did not show up, i just received a message that i was not home so the driver couldn't deliver my laptop but i was home, their driver just didn't come. After all this i decided to go for my laptop myself, otherwise i would have never received it. So the thing is that i would like to apply for a refund for my travel costs but i can't find the page where i could do that, only found the page where i could apply to return my laptop but i don't want to do that, because the laptop is good i only want to apply for a refund wich cover my travel costs.

Best regards,

Posted by It you want a Lenovo, avoid onli

If you read no further know this: my dissatisfaction with Lenovo is not about their product (I never received it) but about their customer service and how a technology company can be so bad about using technology to communicate among themselves about orders and returns and their stubborn commitment to following their own flawed ordering and support system. There is apparently no human being there who is not a slave to policy and process.

So in early December I ordered a laptop for my daughter (who lives at another address) and even registered Klarna as recommended by Lenovo for payment.
Several days after placing the order, am informed shipping will not happen until after the holidays, so I cancel the order. A few days later, I am informed the order has shipped (have already purchased another laptop by now). I have to wait until the item is delivered before I can get a return authorization number. I get someone to authorize a return just before Christmas; however, the email did not include a shipping label. Getting a shipping label took anther phone call and another email, but one arrive. Lenovo receives the return on January 5. By this time, my Klarna account has been charged because an item was shipped. From January 5, I am told, it will be 7-10 business days before a credit will be made to my account. (So you know, you'll hear 7-10 business days a lot when talking with their customer support people and WHY so long for a technology company to update another company with whom they should have a very close relationship?)

January 15 rolls around and the Klarna account still shows a balance due. I contact Lenovo again. Seems someone processed the return in the wrong way and it has to be done again. January 24 arrives and I receive a message from Klarna that a payment is due in two days. I contact Lenovo again and still the return has not been correctly processed. This time when they claim they are waiting for Klarna to acknowledge something the customer rep AND a Klarna rep are on the phone at the same time with me Surely this will get results. All I heard was return/credit process gone wrong and no one seemed to know what to do about it but something will be done. Great.

Then, silence.

Today, I am told they are still working on the ticket from last week, it will be fixed and my account will be updated within 7-10 business days.

So, to summarize: Week 1 -- computer ordered; Week 2-- order cancelled; Week 3 -- order shipped and billed; Week 4 -- order returned (Lenovo acknowledges they have had the computer since January 5); Weeks 5-10 -- trying to get Lenovo to tell Klarna that the computer has been returned and I owe no money.

Posted by Unhappy customer

Bought Lenovo yoga at Best Buy, after sixmonths the system failed and requested bestbuy to fix it with the warranty that I bought too. Then after three months system failed again and had to send it out, after two months the battery failed to charge, so I had to return again. Then, the system failed after two months again and by that time I had already missed a day to renew the warranty at geek squad, so they refused to fix it. Basically, I only used the laptop for 9 months while the other 3 months it was under repair. This is Anna's quality laptop!!! It's a waste of money and effort to buy and keep something like this!

Posted by what is a screen name?

I have been trying for an hour to contact Lenovo so that I can find out how to download the manual for Lenovo Yoga 710. I can't even get the website to accept my serial number. Is this typical of Lenovo? Neither your phone numbers nor your website cooperate.

Posted by Anita

M really upset.i got a Lenovo for Christmas and I have not had it 3weeks. She was getting of her bed and and it fell on her tablet fell on her carpet and cracked . I don't understand why they make them so cheap . They target a certain age group but dont make them age friendly. Honestly I bought a case for it. I could see if it hit the tile or the ground or even if it fell from high place. But my baby is 6 years old sleeps on a kid bed. If you have kids then you know there beds are far from the ground.i called they said they waranty dose not apply to that and I would have to pay for another screen.wow I couldn't believe it. I asked for the corporate number they said they don't have one they said they send emails. These big companies make these items is cheap then have the nerve charge you again to fix an item that showed not have cracked in the first place. Now my baby doesn't have her tablet .

Posted by ghilzet

A year ago I bought a protatil ideapad y700 less than half a year used began to have problems and to this day I have them already I am very tired of this problem, and the worst thing is that nobody from lenovo is interested that I spent 1400 On a laptop that does not work, please wait for someone from Lenovo to contact me, although so many calls to their technical service were obviously recorded.

Posted by Sadhanandan .MG.

After sales support is very bad . Suffered lot. Mail after mail no response. My LAPTOP had a problem. Simply they are washing hands . Never expected such a bad service from a MNC . After confirming parts availability only I approved the quote for repairing Laptop. From July 2016 till date no answer. After 6 months delay now they are telling no parts available

Purchaser has to think twice before buy Lenovo Laptop. My rating is 1 out of 5.

Add your review!

Posted by FargoUT

Lenovo's website is one of those "flourish" sites which offer a lot of seemingly useful information but mostly doesn't help at all. I found their customer support line which oddly cannot be found on their "Contact Us" page. However, once I was able to call and get ahold of a customer service agent, the person helping me was able to guide me through steps to correct a "ghost cursor" (my cursor kept sliding towards one corner or another) problem by disabling the TrackPoint nub. Not an ideal solutions, but since I rarely if ever use it, not too disappointed.

Posted by +1

I bought a lenovo yoga 3 in January from a Best Buy open box option. When we tried to get help from Best Buy they were less than helpful. We called lenovo and got through to the wrong person, who kindly provided the correct number and options. I called and got a hold of Arnold who helped fix Ghost Touching and a bad camera driver. He was so pleasant during the entire call! I feel very comfortable calling back in the future. They also confirmed other information that helped to prevent a problem with the manufacture warranty.

I hope more people can have the great experience that I had! Good luck! Computer problems are the worst.

Posted by Poor college student

I've heard a lot of bad service reviews about lenovo so I was a little nervous when my laptop screen hinge broke 3 months after my warranty expired. I'm a college student so I brought it into my campus laptop service for an estimate and they told me it was a $210 fix because they would need to replace my whole screen and I could NOT afford that, so I decided to try calling lenovo customer support. I was really surprised to find that they had approved my fix even though I was off warranty--they covered EVERYTHING (shipping, parts, service) and I got my laptop back in less than a week! Just goes to show you shouldn't believe everything on the internet and give lenovo a chance! It worked for me :)

Posted by Anonymous

Sidney was very helpful with my laptop issues. She walked me through step by step and was very patient with me when I missed something or made a wrong step. She was able to help me get my computer up and running again and was able to explain the reasoning for what might have happened. She kept notes so if I have issues in the future they would know what has happened. She was extremely nice and polite and was able to keep me from getting more frustrated than I already was with my new laptop. When I made the callback request it was a quick response and she was able to understand my problem quickly. I had a great experience with Sidney and I'm glad I was able to get with her to fix my problems!

Posted by Mac

I don't under stand the negative reviews. I shipped it to them on Thursday and go it back on Monday. This my friends is amazing customer service! The touchpad and motherboard were replaced.

Posted by fsmith

I have to give Lenovo tech support high marks. My laptop which is less than 2years old, wouldn't start. Lenovo overnighted a box, I UPSd it to them, and they had it fixed and returned to me promptly. I highly recommend purchasing the 3year warranty, which made this white glove service possible. Good on lenovo for excellent customer care

Posted by skw

I have had numerous positive experiences with Lenovo customer service, and rate them highly

Posted by YashM

My flex 2 14 ( 6 months old ) started showing issues with keyboard which ultimately made keyboard unusable. I live in a very remote area. My nearest dealer told me to call Lenovo and said they would resolve the issue.
I called and told them the problem. The guy on phone was calm. The service was better than dell's which I have experienced many a times.
He did not sound promising and told me that I will be contacted again within 3-4 days. I called him on Monday morning 10 am. Next day in morning, my dealer calls me to tell that he received a keyboard from Lenovo which he replaced free of cost under warranty.
Only problem with Lenovo is to find the right contact for your support.
PS: I told the person on phone that I had to go out of state and have a very very important project to type.( which I had to )

Posted by HappyCamper

I ended having an issue with my labtop Levono P500 getting a Restore Error File /Bcd missing and search all over google to find out how to recover without having to go out and spend more money to fix it and after a day of reboot after reboot and playing with DOS commands I ended up calling tech support and of course I was expecting that since warranty is over to just find a small button on the side and he walked me through the entire process of restore and rebooting my computer. Yes I find this to be excellent service, Can't complain, my next labtop will have to be a Levono, the NOVO buttom is a must.

Posted by Anonymous

I was very surprised to see such a low rating for Lenovo. It's the only brand I'll buy for my work specifically because of their service. I use Thinkpads, and the in-home service plan. Every time I've had a hardware issue, it was fixed within 2 days. That's the TOTAL time from me calling to having a fixed unit, and the longest down time I had to endure was 3 hours. Additionally, this is the only company I know of that lets you replace components yourself if you don't want to schedule a tech. No shipping the unit back and forth, the parts are overnighted directly.
So, If you are technically savvy this is absolutely the best company to deal with.
Their service plans are not cheap, but they've been worth it for me.

Posted by RLP2

Bought the Lenovo Y510. Excellent build quality and very reliable. Customer service is excellent compared to what I experienced at DELL. I recommend Lenovo.

Posted by DERFSON

My Comment Is On The Ordering And Delivery Of A Desktop Computer. I Orderedthe Computer On The 16th Of The Month For Shipment On The 19th. The 19th Came And The Shipment Changed To 22nd. The 22nd Passed And I Received An Email Telling Me It Would Be Shipped Within 30 Days. I Continued To Watch Shipping Status. On The 24th It Stated Will Be Shipped On 25th. Now Up To This Time No Money Had Been Charged To My Account Until The 24th Which Was The Day Before Shipping. On The 25th Received Ups Notification Of Computer Being Shipped. So It Took 9 Days Before Shipment. I Know Most People Seem To Think All Should Come Between 3-5. I Did Not Find 9 Days Unacceptable. What I Did Find Unacceptable Is The Number Of Times The Shipping Date Was Changed. If They Would Just Tell A Person 5-10 Or 10-15 That Would Be Fine For Me As Long As It Was Shipped In That Time Period. Later As To How It Operates.

Posted by Andrew

I think the T/support is top notch for "Think Pads" now on Idea pads its another story. You get what you pay for. You went the cheap route to begin with so why shouldn't the service be a lesser quality also. A bad thinkpad is better than good HP or Dell in my book. I have owned 10+ though. I have only ever had to get 2 serviced by them. Now IdeaP i have owned 2 and have had to have both serviced by them, also paid less for them. As far as ordering, i get the email confirm of my order shipped and usually have next day about 4-5 days total. The whse is like 5 miles away though. I ordered a Toshi for the wife, no special options and took 5 weeks, and another with U/Grade mem & pro and it took 8 weeks

Posted by ThinkPad_Fan0101

I have a Thinkpad. Their warranty service was excellent when I needed my screen replaced.

However, when it comes to ordering a new computer, Lenovo extremely frustrating to deal with. Their automated order status update system doesn't seem to have a good handle on how long it's going to take to manufacture your machine. If it gives you an estimated ship date of tomorrow, it may be that it's already shipped, or it may be that they're about to change the estimated ship date to a month from now. Calling doesn't necessarily get you more accurate information than you get from the automated system.

That said, once you get your ThinkPad, you have an excellent product.

Posted by britt8

I thought my Lenovo had caught a nasty virus as I was unable to open any of the options in the Control Panel. Before calling Lenovo customer support, I spent about a day downloading malware removal programs and trying to fix the problem myself as I knew my warranty had expired a little over a year ago.

Not having any luck at all fixing the problem, I called Lenovo. The lady helping was very nice and explained to me that it would be $179 (for a year service) or an $89 one-time fee. I knew there was no guarantee that they could fix the problem, so I asked for a back up Windows 7 cd (never got one with purchase) to which she informed me it would be $59 to send the disk or I could purchase the $179 service protection and get the disk for free.

She then offered to do a remote session to see what the problem was. I agreed and she quickly informed me that it was not a virus but that a windows file was corrupt. She explained to me that it was really easy to fix and they could do it now for the agreed price. Hmm...an easy fix, maybe I should try this on my own,I thought. So, I turned down the service, did a GOOGLE search of corrupt files in the control panel and found my fix in 10 minutes.

All-in-all, I was pleased with how the tech agent handled the call. Without her doing a remote service session, I would have never known it was a corrupt file. Only downfall, when I explained to her that I would try it myself as it was an "easy fix," she tried repeatedly to get me to purchase a repair session. She did not want me to hang up without a purchase. That seemed pretty pushy to me, but she was just doing her job.

Even though the sales tactics are a little strong, I would rate their customer service as an A and would use them again if needed.

Posted by ccwilliamsut

I am now on my 5th Thinkpad product (I have been using the line since the late 1990s), and I have to say that I'm still rather impressed with both the customer service and the products. No doubt there has been a drop in quality as compared to the older models that I have used (A30, T23, T40, T61p, now x200 Tablet), but that was expected since IBM used to make them specifically for their employees to have solid machines that were durable and powerful enough for traveling. That was almost 15 years ago, and the A30 that I bought then cost almost $3000! This x200 is lighter, a billion times more powerful, and does a million more things that that A30 for a quater of the price.

Times have changed, and Lenovo's purchase of the company definitley shifted the focus to a profit model (as opposed to a ROI model for employees). As a result of this shift, they have tried to produce, with varying success, powerful machines that don't weigh a ton or cost 1/2 a month's salary to buy. Most of the lines are still mil-spec tested, have numerous protection features (i.e. roll cage) not even considered by most other laptop manufacturers, and it is done at a cost of under $1000 for their newest machines.

Maybe it's just me, but seeing as how fast technology moves these days, I would rather have a laptop with those specs for $1000 than a solid tank that cost 3x as much and will be outdated in the same time frame. just my 2 cents!

Also, it should be noted that the reason I'm on this website right now is because I was looking for Lenovo's warranty service line. When I couldn't readily find it (the number above didn't work), I called the first number that I found. They connected me instantly with the warranty service line who, in turn, took care of everything in 5 minutes. I'm sure that there are horror stories out there, but it's been my experience that each horror story you read has at least 5 "good" stories that you never hear (because few people take the time to lavish praise for something that is expected). I'm sorry to those who have been mistreated in this forum, but people should know that it's not the whole story.

Best of luck to all!

Posted by Anonymous

I had a terrible experience with Lenovo.

My experience is like this:
1. I placed an order on a Thursday for an IdeaPad laptop. The web-site promised it was in-stock and would ship out in a few days.
2. On Sunday they sent an email saying that it would be upto 30 days delayed and if I wanted to cancel, I could call an 800# or send an email indicating such. So I sent an email with the exact requested info and I never got a response. I have learned that having a paper trail, rather than a phone conversation, is always best. So, I opted for the email.
3. I called monday to follow up, they said it may have already shipped! they said that, if it had, we could re-direct UPS shipment back to the factory. Or, wost-case, if they couldn't re-direct, I could send back for a full refund.
4. I got an email 1 hour later with the tracking info. I called back *immediately* again, they said it was too late to change the shipment. Huh?
5. So, the unit came. I called lenovo and explained all of this and said that the unit was not even opened and I wanted a refund. They actually had me re-send the email I sent and the original email from them saying that it would be delayed. They had no record of either event. I did, I sent them while I was on the phone with them. They read it to me out-loud over the phone and couldn't provide an explanation.
6. They agreed to take it back, but with a re-stocking fee. I would not accept that and asked to speak to a manager. They then agreed to take it back with a full-refund.

They said it would take 2 days to "validate the unit" (it was never even opened, it's still sealed) and 9 days to post the refund.

Here's the funniest part of this whole thing:
7. the day I sent it back (I never even opened the box), I got an email from lenovo saying that the unit was shipped with a DVD burner instead of a blu-ray combo drive that I ordered. I have a feeling that they will open it and tell me that I swapped the optical drive, and this will not end here, but we shall see.

Absolutely amazing.

I would never even think of buying a lenovo product again.

I bought an HP, actually, their web-site allowed me to finely customize the unit and I basically got the same laptop with a bigger screen for the same cost, and some minor upgrades like a 9-cell battery.

Posted by Adam

Lenovo..... No1 laptop in the world.... Proven time and time again..... all you moron computer illetrate...... its you against Millions of people out there who made Lenovo the best computer company and the No1 company when it comes to note book.
P.S: Best customer service.... I don't know about technical dept as I have never had any issues with my laptop.

Posted by anu_birthare

Hello Lenovo Support Team,
I am well pleased with the products & services of the brand Lenovo. I am using G450 Laptop since last year but recently I have an issue regarding Dual Operating System installation. The contact number of support team is out of existence. It will be great if you may pride me the appropriate contact number so that I may reach you.
Anurag Birthare

Posted by who

I read the negative comments about lenovo's customer service and have to comment on the excellent service i received with a laptop problem. I called, they had me run a test and when I called back with the results. They next dayed a box and label and sent it back to me in 72 hours just like new. Oh and I had 3 weeks left on my one year warrantee.
One of the best customer service experiences ever...

Posted by Tomjeb

I cannot believe what I am reading here. I own 3 Lenovo computers, 2 are laptops and the 3rd one is a Netbook. Why do I own them? Because of the great Customer and Tech Support. Their 2 Tech Support centers are in Raleigh, NC and Atlanta, GA. The support people all speak gringo English. I have never had a problem getting to a tech, usually within 1 minute, never more than 3 minutes.

I think some of you have confused Lenovo with Dell. Dell is without a debt the sorriest computer company in the world. I despise them. My previous 3 laptops were all Dell.....very catchy marketing company. Their customer Service is simply unbearable and their computers are poor quality with many problems.

Lenovo has the best customer/tech support by Sony. All the rest cannot compare...and Dell is the absolute worst.

Posted by VamsiG

The Bad: I find it odd that such a big company like Lenovo would have customer service only from Mon-Fri 9-9. Also the time you spend on hold is almost unbearable
The Good: After you get to talk to someone, though things do move forward well. Customer service guys were friendly and helped me quite well.

My issue was that I wanted a change to my order but they ended up shipping it without making the change. They processed my return (did not charge me the 15% refund fee) and placed an order for the new one. (They even found me a better deal). Be patient and polite and you should get what you need with no trouble at all.

Posted by BobKing

I have had a lot of trouble with a Thinkpad T43 which was purchased well before Lenovo bought the brand. Lenovo's service has been exemplary and never questioned the three motherboard replacements. Always had my system back in 2-3 days. Based on this T43 I'm glad IBM is not making PCs anymore.

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Posted by X-Lenovian

I have worked with Lenovo for along time, and I can tell you that majority of the managers there have no idea what there doing. lenovo's crap customer service is because they do not communicate internally properly.. emails get passed around through so many branches of management because no one knows how to fix the issues, hence the delay, I can keep going on and on......

The company has so much potential, but the managers there are liars/deceptive, literally making bad decisions and wasting companies money.

I quit 1year ago because of that and now working with one of there competitors, never been so happier now working in a professional environment

Posted by htrc102

I worked for the company that was in charge of the warranty support for "Renovo". I was fired for not pushing sales of the warranty upgrades. I had the highest customer satisfaction rating in the program. When I accepted the jot I was told it was non-sales position. Then they started hiring people who had no real tech skills and made selling the warranty upgrades the most important part of the job. No surprise to me that the customer support sucks.


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