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    • 45 negative comments (86.54%)
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Posted by Anonymous

To Whom it May Concern,

This letter comes to you with complete disappointment in your customer service. As an elementary school, we've thought nothing but great things about the Lego Company and what it produces.

In teaching at a low income, Title One school, it is not only our job but a top priority for us to provide high interest academics. As we prepare our students for the real world, hands on learning is most effective.

Opening opportunities for our students to build and program robots is critical to preparing them for career and academic success that they would otherwise not have. After researching different companies and extensive financial planning, choosing Lego Mindstorm EV3's was an easy decision to make for our STEM Fair project. It is a product most children are familiar with and were more than eager to give up their recess time to participate in the project.

Upon ordering the kits on January 26th, we were told the 6 kits would be delivered and ready to use within 5 - 7 business days. When the kits were not delivered, we made several attempts to contact the company, go to the post office to make sure we didn't miss a delivery, and with no other options, waited patiently.

You can imagine not only the teachers disappointment, but the disappointment of 32 students, when time after time the shipment did not come in. These students were prepared and willing to work hard, through their free time, to engage in a robotics project.

We were finally told there was an error made on the delivery side in which there was no tracking number put on the shipment. A shipment of 6 EV3 kits were out in the mail, somewhere, with no way to track and yet our credit card had been charged, in full. With an impending STEM Fair dead line and no real answer to this issue, we were set in to wait, again, for your company to correct this problem. No accommodation was made on your behalf to better the situation other than to overnight the new shipment.

We finally received the shipment 18 days later (2/13) only to find 5 of the 6 kits were delivered. Again, you can only imagine the disappointment of the 1 group of students who had already been patient with the process, and were not able to begin. Upon calling to check why only 5 were delivered your customer service told us we were wrong and that 6 kits were delivered. While this goes against all company policies "the customer is always right," I also couldn't help but think how unprofessional it was to state that we were lying to your company after spending $2300, of our students' school dollars, to provide this educational opportunity for our learners.

After many disappointing, ineffective phone calls, we were told it would take another week to get this 6th kit in, again no accommodations were made to better the situation. This final kit arrived on Feb. 21st, 26 days after our purchase agreement with your company.

We simply expected our order to show up in full and on time so our students would have a full month to prepare for the STEM Fair. However, our students were consistently let down and the excitement about this opportunity continued to dwindle. Our students do not have opportunities like this outside of school.

After the amount of money that was spent on these and the perpetual obstacles that we endured, it was disheartening that there was little to no effort from your company to right the wrong. Any small accommodations on your end would have made the situation much more positive.What had started with pure excitement, turned into coming to work each day to see continuous disappointment on the students' faces.

To add fuel to fire, one of our kits is dysfunctional. The power button does not work, making the robot run continuously once programmed. We have to take the battery out each day, which is not a simple or necessary task, in order to preserve the battery life.

This activity was meant to provide STEM opportunities to low income students further our students' education and engagement levels in the classroom. With each disappointment, your customer service had many opportunities to make it right. Our students were left with less than 2 weeks to complete their projects for the STEM Fair instead of a month due to your company's lack of customer service. The next time our school is considering a purchase of this value, we will be forced to chose a different company.

Daffodil Valley Elementary

Posted by legogranny49

My daughter and I each placed an order for a $50 gift card on the Lego site, for her son's birthday. They live several states away. I got the email confirmation but about ten minutes later I got an email that the order was cancelled. I called their 800 number and was told they had no access to the reason the order was cancelled, but they could send the issue to another department and it would take two days for them to get back to me. That meant the gift would not reach my grandson in time for his birthday, so I said no thanks and I will try again. Same thing happened again. This time I looked at my bank account online and saw the blanketty-blanks had two pending charges against my account though they had cancelled both orders. This time I asked the customer service rep to put the order in for me. This time it appeared to work, because I got the confirmation email and no subsequent cancellation email. However, later I checked the stats of my order and learned that this order was also cancelled. Meanwhile my daughter realized they had done the same thing to her order. She runs her own busy company and she did talk to customer service and got the same answers about queries taking two days, blah, blah, etc. However, she had no more time to deal with it and as of now she has not checked to see if they were charging her account. Now I had three pending charges tying up $150 on my checking account, and at least four days until the pending debits would drop off. I called again and demanded they release my cash since they had cancelled orders after accepting them. All the person would do was take down the phone number on my debit card and say she would send my request to still another department that she had no idea how long it would be. Another call I placed next, and I was told the original order was now "in the warehouse" and would be shipped. Suddenly. Next day I got an email that my order had been shipped, but there is no tracking or anything to confirm this. However, I think the stuff about being in the warehouse and having shipped are lies because none of the three pendings have changed to actual charges. But the money is still tied up and I worry about about auto bill pays I have set up might bounce. I'm very much a penurious senior citizen and this is nothing but THEFT.

How about a class action suit against this company?

Posted by nik62es

I have bought quite a lot of Lego in my life and have been a happy customer of Lego online. However, i needed to cancel an order made less than 30 minutes before - and was prompty told via message that it was too late. This happened over the weekend and I have plenty of screenshots to proof that whilst Lego have recieved many more messages fom me, they simply ignored everything and today monday, after - yes AFTER yet another message from me, which goes unanswered, the order status is updated as being in the tracking system of the transport service. I find this totally appaling. They have simply lied and are now ignoring me. I will check with my lawyer if I should just keep the articles on the way as an unsolicited gift and cancel the credit card details with Lego..loosing quite a few VIP points on the way..or simply not accept the reciept. This has to be the worst customer service in the worls. PEOPLE BEWARE !

Posted by Peter-d-w

I emailed Lego 7 days ago about an order they had cancelled for no stated reason. I received an automated email to say that they would reply within 2 days but I still have not received a reply. I am extremely disappointed with their very poor customer service.

Posted by Getim4

Lego continuesly canceling my orders without any reason and explanation. I checked many times if there anything wrong on my end, but can't find anything that would decline an order from their website.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered the Palace Cinema 3 weeks ago. I received my order 3 weeks later than I expected! (Lego send me the tracking number and expected date, but it delayed and delayed) and also I received wrong item! (I got the star wars tie fighter)
Lego said, they gonna send me the free return label, and until they got the tie fighter, they can't ship my Palace Cinema.
what a waste of my time!

Posted by Betty

I emailed a store complaint that happen on Saturday February 27th and still no one called me. Very poor customer service guess they do not care what happens in the Beachwood ohio store.

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I went to the Beachwood mall in Ohio on saturday the 27th for the first time. I will never go in that store. They had a little dog lego it was from valentine's was marked down. Sales clerk went in the back to see if they had more and they didn't. She took it out of the plastic show box and said we can't sell it too you without a sku number. I asked several workers they said no. I had just lost my dog at valentine's day and I was so upset. I worked in retail and there was a sku number they could use. I was very disappointed and I will never go into another lego store they did this to a adult what will they do to a child. Poor customer service.

Posted by Lego Instructions

I am very disappointed in Lego.. We bought our son a Technic Racer set with working motor parts. One of the building instructions must be downloaded.. which I tried and tried. The file is damaged and can't be opened. I contacted Lego.. and after numerous computer generated mails from them.. and new emails from me.. and no further help.. I still don't have the building instructions I need. I did upgrade Adobe Reader to make sure the problem is not on my side. Now Lego is not answering me at all.

Posted by Anonymous

Tried to concact lego on a friday at 1030am CST and it's telling me that I called outside their business hours...

Posted by Gremlock

Customer service never replied back after 1 month duration. I've been forced to call them directly just to have my issues addressed. Still has not been fixed.

Posted by ex-LEGO site fan


I could list the detail as to why I use this word, but I'll let this suffice . . . multiple back & forth trying to get a refund for items THEY mistakenly sent & charged me for. They still owe us $5 but I've given in. I will NEVER buy direct from thm again, and will sorce my Son's LEGO from Amazon - who have GREAT customer service.

Again - truly, truly pathetic.

Posted by Disappointed Lego Fan

I placed several orders over the last few weeks in order to get the Gingerbread House set promotions. Every promo set that I received was damaged - most with knife cuts along the box bottom where the case had been carelessly opened in the warehouse.

The last one had been crushed - it was wedged between the shipping box and the Lego set I had ordered with it. I sent an email to customer service and asked that the damaged one be replaced. 3 days later I receive a robo-response saying that they were "sorry I missed out on the promotion", but their "terms and conditions were very transparent".

I placed another order that included items from their "Sales and Deals" section. When that packaged arrived, it contained the receipt and items for someone in another state. I called to report the error and request my correct order - I was told that my items were out of stock. They told me I could get a refund, but was expected to package up and return the items that they had sent me by mistake.

Always been a lego fan, but their shipping department and now customer service leaves a LOT to be desired.

Posted by AngryDad

I was on the Lego site at midnight to be one of the first ones there for the Cyber Monday sale. I was going for the Darkseid set that my son wanted for Xmas, since it was 40% off. I placed the item in my "bag" and ordered a couple more things to hit the $99 mark for the free Gingerbread House set. I completed the transaction and received a confirmation email less than 1/2 hr later, and everything said we were good to go. I get an email the next morning around 10:30 saying that due to demand, the Darkseid set was cancelled from my order. I tried to call and cancel the rest of the order, but was told that it was in the warehouse and they couldn't cancel at that point. The order had not left the building, but they couldn't be bothered to have someone grab it and stop it from shipping. Seems like a waste of time and money to ship it just to turn around and ship it back.
I noticed that since the one item was cancelled I was being charged for the free set now. After a couple emails I've noticed that the charge is gone, but they didn't mention correcting it, and have not addressed any of my questions or complaints about how they can complete an order and then turn around and say that they ran out of stock. I was one of the first people online for the sale. Unless the stock was incredibly low for this popular item, I don't see how they could run out that fast. And if they did run out that fast, they should not have allowed my order to go through as complete. To turn around 10 hours later and say that they ran out screams inefficiency and incompetence. They have not tried to rectify this, and so far have just given the pat, scripted apologies with no real explanation of how this happened.

Posted by Paul

I've ordered from in the past, and my stuff did arrive, but I'm quite unimpressed with the process.

I have an order in process right now. I got an email saying it shipped, and indeed a label had been created on FedEx's site - but 4 business days later, the product still hadn't actually shipped. It took them almost a week to actually give the package to FedEx. Really? A week? In today's world? That's complete garbage. There's no excuse for it taking a week to pick and ship an order. A day, tops, is the norm. Most places will ship the SAME DAY, if the order is in early enough.

Worse, I emailed about the issue on business day 3, and got zero response. Nothing. Their website says they're doing great, that calls and emails are being answered quickly. That's obviously not the case - so why say it? It just makes the company look slow AND dishonest.

In future, if I want Lego, I'll be just going down to the local Lego store. Screw their website. I have no faith in it anymore - especially after reading all the comments on this site. I think I've been lucky that my orders have all arrived (eventually) so far. I don't want to push my luck.

Posted by James

The whole process just sucks it takes five weeoks for a package to come they never reply I just hate there website they suck don't order crap.

Posted by Nguyen Dang Khoi

Do Not Order Any Big Thing From Lego Shop, Try Amazon Or Target Or Anything Else. Lego Haves Hugh Problem With Cancelled Order, Your Orders Will Be Cancelled Without Any Notification, And You Can't Contact Their Customer Service, They Simply Won't Reply. My Money Is Being Stucked Just Just Because Lego Cancelled My Order, I Email Them 5 Times Without And Reply. I Give Up, Just Don't Order Things From Lego Shop.

Posted by LMR

I have two children with Autism and many sets are limited to one per order or household. Many sets my children like the same item and on the ones that are limited we buy one on and another usually elsewhere. With Easter fast approaching we tried to order a second set of the limit one to an order and the order was placed. The credit card charged and then four days later I go to track the order and come to find it was canceled. No email no response in fact the order is still pending on my credit card which holds the funds that you charged for a few days until they drop off. I checked Ebay for the same item to buy the second one there and have found some of the sellers to be priced with one seller close to the price of Lego and the rest approx 15 sellers that are close to $100.00 over the asking price on SUCKS FOR SURE. These sellers have several of these sets in stock so what gives to one per person or household. Totally BS for sure. Anyway found the same item on and it was same price as and I used my Target credit card and saved myself money. Very sad that you hold items on your site Lego. If customers are abusing the system then flag them not honest people who work hard to pay for these items for their children. I also called and talk with a rep who told me that she did not know why I did not get an email to may order being canceled and having to wait 20 mins for a rep stinks to!

Posted by Dee

Furious. Ordered £100 e gift card on Thursday for a child's birthday on Saturday. When it had not arrived by Friday afternoon I called customer services to be assured it would arrive that afternoon. When it still hadn't arrived by Saturday lunch time I phoned again to be told it would arrive that afternoon and that she would be there until 4:30. When it had not arrived by 4:00 I phoned yet again to find that the offices were closed. The staff are all very polite and sympathetic on the phone but don't actually do anything to resolve the situation. I was extremely embarrassed turning up to a party without a gift for the birthday child and the birthday boy was very disappointed to say the least. NOT GOOD ENOUGH LEGO. As a teacher I would give you 0/10

Posted by Anonymous

I have placed an order on 26th December 2014 for a Batman Tumbler, hoping to be able to track it all the way up to Australia. However, their provided means of tracking gone "This Tracking Number could not be displayed. Therefore I made a few contacts with their customer service via phone. First of all, the phone waits too long, and when it finally reaches there, I was so disappointed to receive the worst customer service from an ARROGANT and UNFRIENDLY representative who did not bother to provide me with further information, just to muck me around saying that YES THERE IS A BLACK PERIOD FOR TRACKING. I am surprised to find that for Lego Company it has such poor logistics and customer service. If I order even the smallest electronic part from overseas supplier, I can expect to receive it in 3 days! Lego puts no effort at all to keep their customers. I will not buy it again from their online store.

Posted by angela

I just went to buy some lego Star Wars for my daughter's birthday. Naturally it needs to have a female character in it. Anyway the only thing I could find released in the last 3 years was either the Death Star £274 or the Ewok village £199 which had Princess Lea.

There was 2 smaller things from Lego Rebels but she doens't watch that. Though all the same only 2 things.

I am very disappointed. They were my only options. I so want my daughter to be interested in Lego - for it's building and engineering properties. Lego friends doesn't compare. It is totally girly and in this day and age I shouldn't have to go there.

I know this is a old argument. But there are so many lego Star Wars sets and all they need to do is chuck Lea in a few and that's a whole lot of new fans. My daughter needs a little role model otherwise she won't play with it.

Posted by Anonymous

I've had the worst experience buying from December 2, 2014 I ordered a Lego Train for my grandson's Christmas gift and I still haven't received it (January 2) and customer service phone is ALWAYS busy and emails are answered just by automated responses promising a call that you never receive. It's really impossible to get in touch with a representative from Lego, not by a call, not by an email.... All I have from them is the charge of my credit card and no toy or explanation.

Posted by professor

What a crummy company. I ordered the Lego Research Institute Set for my grandchild for Christmas on 12.12.14. My confirmation said it was out of stock, but a shipping date of 12/21/14 was given. One 12/28 I tried to track my package and found the my ordered was "CANCELLED". I have no idea why. My email to them got the standard "thanks for contacting us" junk. If these chislers bill me for this order, I will be in their offices in Enfield CT on the next day. Do not...I repeat do not ever order from these crooks.

Posted by FEDUP

I Ordered On Dec. 4th A Lego Product, Racer, For About $129.00. It Never Got To My Great Nephew For Christmas. I Was Never Notified By Phone Or Any Other Method About This Order After The Order Was Placed And My Credit Card Given. I Have Heard Nothing About A Cancellation Or Any Other Problem. I Will Never Order From Lego Company Again.

Posted by lyk

Lego showed the promotional items in the confirmation email. But eventually promotional items were not shipped. And customer service had the audacity to tell me I am lucky some of my orders were fulfilled.

Do they really care about their customers? Maybe not? Don't they know that some customers choose to pay premium retail price just for the sake of getting some promotional items?

Reply from LEGO CS as below.

"Thanks for getting in touch with us again.

The confirmation you receive straight after placing an order is just a summary of the ordered items. The order shall not be accepted by us until you receive a shipping confirmation email confirming the details of the ordered goods, your online payment and delivery. In other words and with regards to your orders, the automatic confirmation does not reflect the availability of the ordered items yet.

Also, the promotional items, that you can sometimes get with an order you place in the LEGO® shop, are always just available in a limited quantity and as long as stock lasts. Therefore, when the promotional items are out of stock we cannot send them anymore. But as we still assume that our customers want to get the rest of their oder, we do ship all available items of course.

Still, you were lucky enough to receive more than just one promotional item. Lucky you! I hope you understand, that we cannot compensate you for the cancelled promotional items.

We do care about what customers think and I assure you that I will capture your feedback so that it gets passed on internally.

We want to make sure we're doing a good job for you, so you’ll always find the link to a four-question survey in our emails. Please tell us how we did today:"

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

called customer service-had a very helpful rep-Sierra-who was such a pleasure to speak with and so very helpful and happy to be at work on a Saturday...good lego for picking such a lovely rep ;)

Posted by DQSLegofan

I ordered the Big Bang Theory Set as a present on Saturday (Today is now Wednesday). Last night I got an email to say here is your tracking number. So I put it in the system but they said it could not be found. Strange I though but I will give the system over night to update. So I checked again this morning and still the same thing. I called Lego CS in the UK and got a really nice guy. He was confused and said he would have to check a few things out with other departments and get back to me. So sure enough within the time he said he called me back. He said he could not find out what was going on so in order to make sure I got the item in time he was going to send another today on express delivery. No mention of anything about sending one back (which I will do if I end up with 2 of them) or anything. Chatted about my little boy and he gave me loads of info on the lego club. Called ended and I thought great customer service, but they became even more awesome after that. Lego do a free mag here in the UK so Richard when I was talking to him signed my little boy Jack up for the mag and was going to send us the last 2 issues as well. I got an email saying they where out of stock on the mag and cancelling the order (but I only placed it 2 mins ago) so what is going on. I called them again on their free phone number and got a different gentleman who said that the March mag was out of stock now but he had one on his desk so would parcel it up and send it out, he also said we signed up to late to get the Sept one automatically so he has put in his calendar that when they get some in the office he will send that out as well. Now I have to say I teach Disney Quality Service (Disney Customer Service) so it takes a lot as you can imagine to impress me, but my goodness these guys are good. WELL DONE LEGO!!!!

Posted by BenM

I've spoken to Lego customer service on several occasions placing and following up some large orders and every time I've gotten through in a reasonable time and the person has been very helpful. All my Lego experiences are great.

Posted by Anna

Called because a headpiece and head didn't fit together properly. Very fast to get through to a person, very friendly and easy to solve the problem.

Posted by Anonymous

Rang to complain about their outsourced courier delivery. They bent over backwards to put it right and it wasn't even their fault. Awesome.

Posted by lego mom

I absolutely Love LEGO! They were by far the best ever with customer service. I ordered my son a calendar for Christmas and the darn thing was missing 6 months! He was sad, but when I called to complain, again, the nicest ever! The lady was humiliated and shipped one out free of charge the following day! Thanks, LEGO, for doing a great job!

Posted by sondun2001

The best costumer service I ever experienced! I purchased an expensive Lego Mindstorms NXT set, and the LCD gave out over a year after purchasing the set, and they sent me a new NXT CPU brick!

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