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Posted by robnunn

I am in the UK. Peter at CS UK was useless. Quoted rules at me. Offered 30% disc for returned broken screen leappad3. £89.99 is retail on their site minus discount is around £64. Tesco, Amazon etc selling for that to Anyone. So customer loyalty, Repairs etc worth nothing. They choose not to sell spares, as could just change glass. Apple do it, sell it, why not? I will go to the Press with this and try to stop kids buying from this company as they are a disgrace!

Posted by Anonymous

Leapfrog should update their name selections! I have one my pal scout and one my pal Violet for my two kids and my daughter is extremely upset because "Violet" won't say her name. What is the point of spelling the name if she doesn't know "Violet" is actually spelling her name. I brought both of these my pals 2 to help my kids with learning their names. FYI. My daughters name is Bellatrix. Your original my pal Violet said her name. I got her a new one and now it won't!!

Posted by ccox63

Bought a epic tablet which is less then a year old. The epic now won't take a charge at all and getting answers with customer service is a joke.

Posted by Seashorehunter

Bought a leapfrog epic on December 10, 2016. My 5 year old has the screen cracked by January 1, 2017
It states to contact their consumer service to tell you where you can have it fixed, however an answering service in another country tells you nothing can be done. Never another leappad

Posted by Tom

I will never again buy from LeapFrog I purchased a LeapPad 2 well over $100 and the screen cracked my daughter is unhappy and they don't have any replacement parts and just told me to buy a new one at a price like that you should be able to buy a replacement screen that so easily cracked

Posted by Aimesmom

Poor customer service. They couldn't answer a basic question about a Leapfrog touch magic toy. How disappointing.

Posted by Anonymous

Harry van de linde (Leapfrog Moreleta) is the most rude and obnoxious person I have ever delt with.I will never deal with Leapfrog again when doing a rental.

Posted by Anonymous

My granddaughter loves playing with the alphabet but and has learned all her letters and sounds. Unfortunately, some of the letters have been misplaced. Is there anyway that I could purchase a new set of letters?

Thank you,

Posted by Jules

Trying to replace a My Pal Scout that didn't work right out of the package and they refuse to offer any help because I don't have a receipt. They claim the product is an older version so they have no way of knowing when it was purchased. However the My Pal's need to be registered to their site to set up the functions. This didn't happen until a day after it was opened. It was a Christmas gift and the person that bought it doesn't have a receipt. They refuse to help in anyway. I agree with other comments on here that they just seem to ignore you until you give up or go away. Terrible Company, will never buy a leapfrog product again.

Posted by Anonymous

Be aware! Bad language is used in the discovery kids,dinosaur puzzle and play videos found in the leap search on my 6 yr old daughters leapfrog epic. Unfortunately there is no way to flag this and make them aware. So disappointing

Posted by OctApril

I had a simple exchange request and requested it through Leapfrog Support via email. The initial reply was courteous and in a timely manner, HOWEVER; they did not receive my email reply. 6 days went by and I called to follow up. It sounds like the call center is in India where everyone is over-trained to use courteous language, but they dont seem to really be listening to the problem or come up with any real problem solving. The 1st person and his supervisor had the exact same statements, saying that they have not heard back from me via email yet and to try another email. What the hell??? This is problem solving??? I felt like I was talking to a robot.

Posted by Mommytanner

My son's LeapPad Ultra is 6 months out of warranty. I bought the more expensive LeapPad tablet because it is geared toward younger children. However they offer NO repairs or replacement parts!!! I am very dissatisfied with their policy. If you make a product for children,over a repair service or parts! Never EVER buying LeapPad again!

Posted by No more leapfrog

Leapfrog is a complete rip off. I purchased one for my daughter for Christmas. It worked for two months and will not charge or cut on. I tried the suggestions of holding down both the power on button and home simultaneously to no avail. I wouldn't recommend this product to ANYONE!

Posted by GOLD LEAF

Leap Frog Advertises That There Products Are Child Proof... Which They Are Not They Say The Ages Are For Toddlers ... You Purchase A Product And You Expect It To Last Within Three Months The Screen On The Leap Pad Ultra Has Broken Twice... You Are Better Off Buying A Tablet And Getting The Free Apps Then Purchasing The Leap Frog Products Buying The Initial Product And Then To Purchase There Apps... The Free Apps On The Android Or Apple Store Are Just As Educational As Leap Frog.. And Cheaper....the Customer Service At Leap Frog Is Horrible.some Of Te People Working For Them You Can Not Understand What They Are Saying To You....when You Ask For The Corporate Office All They Give You Is An Address When You Want A Phone Number To Speak To Someone At The Corporate Office You Are Told That There Is No Number.... When They Tell You You Will Hear Back From Someone With Regard To Your Complaint They Forward A Email With No Number.

Posted by dkm2754

This company has NO customer service. They do not have any answers for the questions that are asked. They just keep saying buy a new unit( or in my case three).
I purchased the battery packs they made and they worked for less that 8 months. Run from these faulty units.

Posted by argh!

lets be clear, we love this learning system (tag)

i do not love the shipping policy or communication (which can no longer happen as of last sunday)

i was able to successfully submit a mailing address with a PO box and complete my order, through tracking (UPS) i noted it was stuck at a delivery station.

i called UPS to let them know where they could deliver it if the POB was a problem. The wouldn't direct it to the pick up outlet sighting liability if lost. they would, for $6 US change the address label to my home address; which when the driver tried to deliver it here would just drop it off at the pick up outlet.

thinking this cost (a mistake) was for leapfrog; i called them and explained, the agent said she would investigate. i asked her clearly to let me know if there was a prob and i would pay for the address change from UPS myself. 10 minutes later i get an email stating they can't ship it to my physiscal address knowing i will be at work and it will be sent to the pick up place (argh?). and that my order is cancelled and i will get a refund (???).

after all that i have asked for a feedback form and get this weak reply

"We apologize for any difficulty you may have experienced with LeapFrog. We have carefully read all of your comments, and take them seriously. We will do our best to make as many improvements as we can so that you can have a positive experience in the future"

unreal. mind boggling. and no wonder they cancelled the online order store. a SIMPLE filter; preventing acceptance of PO Boxes would have prevented this whole mess.

-1 hour of my life trying to buy a product they have no interest in selling me.

Posted by pissedoffdad

Their credit card system does not work. I've been back and forth with customer service for over a month and a half. I am trying to make an online purchase for an app. My daughters birthday has come and gone now, so I am very disappointed. Absolutely worthless. I give up!

Posted by VT

My son (3 years old) received a Leap Pad Ultra for his birthday last year. He absolutely loves it even though I think the touch screen is a bit off and without buying apps or cartridges there isn't much to do with it. So for this past Christmas he received 6 new cartridge games for the Leap Pad. Yesterday, the Leap Pad just stopped working. I've fully charged it (I tried in 2 different outlets and through the USB). And it just won't turn on. I contacted support (in India) by phone. But I had trouble conveying the problem to the customer service rep. He didn't seem to understand what I was saying. So I send an email to customer service explaining the problem. I just received their response:
"Thank you for the information that you sent us.
Based on our system, this device is already more than a year old.
And we apologize for we don't have a repair center to get it fixed.
You have to replace the unit, however even though it's out of warranty, we would like to offer you a one time courtesy of 25% discount code for your next purchase of LeapPad 2 at our web site leapfrog.com.

Let us know if you want to take advantage of the offer."

The LeapPad 2 is a downgrade from the LeapPad Ultra. It's bad enough that a product that costs over $100 didn't last for a full year but then they can't even offer a discount for the SAME product or an upgraded product? (The LeapPad Ultra XDi is the upgrade available.) Now I have 6 useless cartridges and a disappointed 3 year old.

Posted by ammy

I brought my daughter a leap pad 2 for Christmas last year and after 2 months the team no longer comes on. What I contacted customer service she really didn't want to hear the issue. Wanted me to do all these different things to the battery department. The customer service person was no help. I will no longer be buying any leapfrog devices.

Posted by eec1101

I realized in April that LeapFrog was overcharging my sales tax. I emailed and called, and was continuously told by customer service reps (and supervisors!) that I was mistaken, talked down to like a child, and basically treated as though I don't know what the sales tax should be where I live. Finally, in late May, someone acknowledged that I was correct, and I was told that the correct department was "taking care of it" and that I would be kept in the loop. Here we are, nearly 4 months after my initial contact, and I have not received any correspondence since May... And I'm STILL being overcharged when I add items to my online cart. I will never again buy LeapFrog products. After being treated so poorly by customer service (with no means of recourse, as they are the end of the line for customer contact), and the failure of the billing department to correct this ongoing issue, I have very little respect for this company. I would advise others whose zip codes cross sales tax borders to check their statements, as well.

Posted by Anonymous

Very disappointed with leap pad ultra. The unit has no sound after very little use. These units are quite expensive and should be much better than they are.

Posted by Anonymous

Written to their customer support:
My mother spend an insane amount of money buying my children the leappad ultra in order to help my 4 year old catch up to a pre k level and to help my 6 year old with his first grade skills.
While setting it up for me, she was going to purchase 5 apps to get them started. The first problem was that your system rejected her credit card the entire "buy within 2 hours to receive 30% off" period.
I called. They said she had a different name from mine and she needed to call to add her information to the billing information. She called and did this, I was to receive an email within an hour confirming this had been done. 3 hours later, I had no email but attempted to purchase the apps through the leappad as instructed.
There was no billing information on the account. It rejected MY credit card. I called again. They claimed all the errors were due to the CVV number being wrong. Neither of us have EVER had a problem with this on any other online purchases, anywhere. They told me to try again, as I finally received that first email confirming the billing changes were made.
Again, the leapfrog account showed NO billing information in it's records. I tried putting my mother's credit card and mine into the account information and directly into the checkout page. Again nothing but errors.
Called again and was rudely told it was on our end and asked had we checked the bank. Again we told them we had never had trouble with our CVV numbers.
The rep offered to send a report "to determine if the error was on our end or theirs". He told me it would be Monday before we heard back from them. Keep in mind the 30% offer is only good the first day of registration. Keep in mind I have a 4 year old and a 6 year old that will be super excited to have their own tablet but nothing (other than 3 simple apps) to do with it until Monday. I HAVE TO DEAL WITH THEIR DISAPPOINTMENT.
The rep was kind enough to supposedly add a note so that we will eventually get our 30% off, only after I insisted.
My mother called back. There were no supervisors available (naturally). The most she could get out of their indifference was to put a rush on the request. Supposedly we will hear from them this evening instead of Monday. Considering how long the 1 hour email took, I am not holding my breath.
We have already decided that if this situation is not corrected quickly, we will return your product and proceed to spread the word to all of our friend and social networks. It seems ridiculous that your company would disappoint children and cause this much trouble just to RECEIVE money.

5/2/14 : so far they tell me they are 'looking into why my mother's card won't work' and gave me a 20% off coupon for future purchases... not sure how to use it since I can freaking make a first purchase... Also no mention on why MY card won't work on their system. No mention on customer service's indifference to our problem.

5/3/14 : No word. The 30% off offer is no longer showing on our cart. My CC is still not being accepted. My children still don't have the apps they were promised
to play and learn with. I am SO upset with Leap Frog.

5/5/14: Got an email claiming no more problems and to send them a screen or step we are stuck on. Of course the 30% off deal is expired by now and the thing still won't take either of our credit cards. So we get to decide whether to disappoint the kids by taking the stupid thing away and returning it or let them keep an overpriced tablet that we can't add anything to.

Posted by Peggy

I am having difficulty downloading what I need for the Leap Reader Junior. None of the information is helpful because I am not a computer expert. Can you have someone available who can answer a question about downloading what is needed. I will refrain from purchasing other items and tell all of my friends not to purchase Leap Frog items if this can't be resolved. This is for my Great-grand daughter and I don't want to have to take a class in learning how to operate the inner parts of my computer to down load leap frog. P. Walls

Posted by LeapFrog

Have been trying to reach LeapFrog pertaining to the My Pal Violet toy which will not work. The website will not respond...says unable to go through. It's a runaround to get results as well as a phone # to reach someone. I am really disappointed & have a grandchild who is as well. No more toys from this company unless this gets resolved & will pass on to friends. Please, someone respond.

Posted by FrustratedMama

My daughter's Leapster GS started having problems just 2 months after it was purchased. Apps that I purchased from the LeapFrog website would stop working properly or just completely disappear from the menu! The first time it happened,I spent a considerable amount of time talking to customer service and troubleshooting. Then they would email me these "fixes" or "repairs" that would take forever to download only to have it happen all over again every couple of months! The final straw came this week when her game just stopped responding to the stylus taps so I called customer service AGAIN. We troubleshooted AGAIN and then was finally told to email them my name, address, date of purchase, color of product, and number from inside the battery compartment and they would send me a replacement. I did this only to receive an email that unfortunately the product was out of warranty. It was purchased 13 MONTHS AGO. How convenient that the replacement wasn't offered until immediately after the warranty ended. I feel like standing in the LeapFrog isle in Walmart, Target, & Toys R Us and warning poor unsuspecting customers about this shoddy product. I am currently out the cost of the leapster, 4 apps @ $25 each, plus a 4 year old who loves this thing and doesn't understand why it doesn't work right. So disappointed. Will NEVER buy another LeapFrog product and will tell everyone I know with kids about my experience.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous44

I think any company who is open on Christmas Day to help their customers deserves a pat on the back. I've had nothing but positive experiences with LeapFrog's customer service!

Posted by SingleMommaof2

Wonderful Customer Service. I spoke to them Via phone last Tues regargind a cracked screen on a Leappad 1 my daughter recieved as a christmas gift. I was informed that this was not cover under warrenty, However, the incident would be foward to tech/damage dept.I would then recieve a email with what needs to be down to recieve a one time replacement. I followed the steps. On Weds, I got a email saying our replacement was shipped. I recieved the in 4 business days recieved today. Not only was it replaced but we got a upgrade to the leappad 2. V-tech did not do this when we had there system and only offered a 20% off a new one.

Posted by epk22

My daughter received a LeapPad2 for christmas. It fell through our recliner, and the outter plastic was marred but not the underlying screen. However the touchscreen stopped working and I called and after following their instructions they sent a replacement.

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you for the great customer service I received about my sons leappad2. The screen cracked when he pointed to a letter. They exchanged it with no problem and he is playing it now. Thank you for making his day and ours!!!! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!
The Murphy's

Posted by Anonymous

My experience with Leapfrog has been a good one. My son had a leap pad that didn't work properly...I wrote to them and explained and the sent him a new one.

Posted by maylew

My daughters tag reading pen stopped playing the games in her books. After unsuceessfuly trying myself to fix it I contacted leapfrog customer service via email. I recieved a response that night with a suggestion of what the problem may be and how to fix it. Well I tried their suggestion and it didn't work so I replied to the email and once again got a reaponse righ back within a few hours with another suggestion to try. When that didn't work. I again let them know via email and got a quick reply. Since they couldn't help me resolve the issue they asked for my info and shipped me out a brand new tag readinf pen! I even told them that we had had it over a year and they still sent me a brand new one! I have never been so happy with the any customer service as I am with leapfrog. It was so easy and so fast! What a great company. I will now for sure be buying more leapfrog products for my children! I am now a leapfrog customer for life!

Posted by BillyD44

We've only had good experiences with LeapFrog.
I think if people (parents) actually read the instructions and took the same patience they are trying to teach their children (if they even are) they would learn a little themselves.

Posted by Whitney

I just contacted Leapfrog through email yesterday and told them about my daughters leappad that had a minor crack in the screen. I have to say I was a little skeptical on if it would be replaced after seeing everyones negative comments but after 2 days of communicating through email, We will receive a new leappad in 7-10 days. They instructed me on sending the a photo of the cracked screen then another photo with a RMA? number wrote on the screen. I also had to tell them where it was purchased and My shipping address Name and number. Overall I am very pleased with them. I will up date as to when I actually receive our new item.

Posted by NCMamaTo2

We bought a leappad at Christmas this year for my daughter. A few weeks ago it stopped working(it froze as soon as it was turned on) I called customer service who was very helpful. At first they sent me an email with a list of lots of trouble shooting things. Nothing worked. I emailed customer service back and they offered a replacement and said I would receive it in 7-10 business days. VERY pleased with the customer service of leap frog. Highly recommended.

Posted by staysea319

everyone was really nice! i lost the grean battery cover to the leap pad, and they are sending me 1 free. no long wait on the phone

Posted by RebeccaSnow85

I've had nothing but great experience with LeapFrog's Customer Service and Support team. I've only contacted them via Email and I've always gotten a response on the same day. I first had to contact them after I bought the LeapPad in November because I could not set up and download the free apps that came with it. They fixed the problem within 2 days, no hassle. I have just contacted them today because the screen on the LeapPad has turned white, has a gray-ish bar across the screen and does nothing else. I was highly upset because I paid over $200 buying their bundle off their website and was upset that something that expensive should last longer than 6 months of use (and its been light use considering a 5 year old is using it). After I tried the repair option in the LeapFrog Connect program with no success, I emailed their Tech/Support team and within 30 minutes received an email stating they received my email. About 30 minutes later I received another email instructing me to send them a picture of the blank screen and some information off the device. They also requested where I purchased the device, date and amount paid and my billing address. I did this and about an hour or 2 later received instructions to "deface" my device and send a picture of that(they gave me a number to write on the screen with a permanent marker) and I would have a new device in the mail and it would be delivered within 2-3 weeks. So now I am waiting for the new toy. FREE OF CHARGE. I see most people are calling, but I feel in my experience, emailing their Customer Support is much easier and you get faster results. Hope this helps!!

Posted by Anonymous

I just contacted LeapFrog because all of the apps we downloaded vanished from my sons LeapPad. The wait time was very short maybe 2 minutes and the total call was 23 minutes. During the call the lady who answered walked me through step by step what to do and solved the problem. When I was looking for the right number to call I read all the other reviews and was a little worried that my problem wouldn't be solved but not the case at all!! I'm very pleased! :)

Posted by jenny

My son's LeapPad suddenly started acting up and then quit working all together. I called the customer service number, and the man who I spoke to was very nice. He asked me to clean the battery connections to see if that would help. It did not. He said he would send me an email with information on how to get a replacement. I got the email immediately with simple instructions and a request for my mailing address. The email stated a replacement would be sent within 7 - 10 business days. So far, a very easy and friendly transaction. Hopefully the new LeapPad will arrive in working order with no further issues. I will update if/when the new LeapPad arrives.

Posted by cjjssw

I've had great customer service from LeapFrog. I had a Tag Jr that stopped functioning after my computer forced it into an update. I emailed them and explained that it was working properly until the update. They emailed me back and asked for a little more info. I supplied it. They emailed back again (it did take a few days between emails) and gave me a few things to try. When those didn't work, I emailed back again. They asked me to deface the product, take a picture of it and send it in. They promptley mailed me a replacement even though I was way out of warranty. I love this company and so do my toddlers!

Posted by ava

They were exceptional with me, they did say they'd have to email the information, but I've already responded with the information necessary to process a product replacement on a Tag Pen. Will stay a loyal customer Leap Frog customer.

Posted by JennScott

I've been using LeapFrog products for years. Wonderful educational products! Also well made and fun. Had trouble once or twice in 6 years and the company completely replaced the product. I've owned Leapsters, SmartCycles, Turbo Twists, and LeapPads...love them all!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I tried about 11:30 am eastern, and was on hold a while... had to hang up due to call-waiting. Called again at about 12:45 pm. I got thru in about 5 mins. The person on the phone was polite, in the "reading a script" type way. Seemed to be from overseas but I could understand her clearly. She was able to talk me thru the tech support quickly and accurately, and I am glad to say the Leapster is working properly. My daughter will be happy! I am frequently skeptical of overseas-robotic-flow-chart tech support, but in this particular case it worked out! ;)

Posted by Anonymous

Fast, professional service

Posted by astevens4297

I admit that I was quite skeptical after reading some of the posted reviews. My issue was resolved quickly, my hold time was minimal, and the representative was friendly and knowledgeable. My entire call from start to finish was 6 minutes and 5 seconds.

Excellent service!!

Posted by Anonymous

GREAT advice!!! so glad I searched "leapfrog phone number"...like last comment, pressed # 2X and spoke to a live person in about 3 seconds. had my questions answered and was off the phone in 5 minutes. Yay!

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