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Posted by Anonymous

I recently returned two items in almost new condition. I was offered a fraction of what I payed for the items. I attempted to exchange 2 items for one new item and mentioned that I had a half off any new item coupon. I was told that if I wanted the new item that I would owe half the price of the new item. That's right basically I was offered nothing for the two items I returned. Terrible customer service. Will not shop with lands end in the future.

Posted by Please bring back the old system

I had the oddest time today trying to exchange an article that fell apart. They seem to have added a layer of poorly trained people who appear to be working from their home. They are not very good and I finally hung up and redialed hoping to get the wonderful Midwesterner that I have grown accustomed to. No go. Really a shame.

Posted by GAMom

I've been purchasing Lands' End swim wear for more than 20 years and was accustomed to high quality materials and workmanship that usually resulted in a swimsuit lasting several years. I began using a new swimsuit from LE in mid-Jan 2016, but was dismayed when in late Feb the fabric across the backside began disintegrating. I ordered a replacement on March 1, only to have the same thing happen again less than four weeks later. This time in addition to the backside, both side seams began losing their integrity. When I complained to Lands' End customer service I received the following: "Thank you for writing to Lands' End. The Industry standards for swim items are for three times a week pool use for three months. That's even with rinsing after each use as the chlorine will break down the Spandex while using and it's almost impossible to get it completely removed with rinsing." So basically, LE is selling swim wear that cannot be used for swimming. Using their industry standard formula, a suit can now be expected to last just 36 uses (3 times per week for 12 weeks, roughly one summer). Yet neither of the two suits I've used this year lasted this long, and the second one began to disintegrate after just 15 uses, less than half the so-called industry standard. Lands' End was once known for its high quality clothing and swimwear that could be counted on for several years of use, not just weeks. Those days appear to be long gone.

Posted by Topper

I've been a Canadian customer of Landsend for many years. A few years they changed their delivery system for Canadian orders to something called BorderFree. The new system is terrible. For instance (and here's something they DON'T reveal on their website) Canadians cannot exchange items that don't fit. You have to send them back (and pay the return shipping) and put in a whole new order. And yet, the order form sent out with your order has the same "exchange" area that's on the U.S. orders. So if you don't know you can't exchange an item, you would fill out this form and no one ever tells you that the requested item WON'T ARRIVE. The only reason I know this is because I just spent 10 minutes on the phone with two customer representatives trying to find out where my "re-order" was. Yes, that's how long it took to admit that Landsend WON'T exchange items for Canadians. Incredible.

Posted by Lisa

I am looking for a brand of swimwear called Swankini. Will you be carrying it?

Posted by laurieny

I returned a coat via UPS to Land's end 11 days ago and they still have not issued a credit to my debit card/checking account. I spoke with one of their customer service reps last night and they basically told me tough darts. It was recd by them and signed for at 10am on 1.2.14 - 3 days ago I called my congressman and left a msg re how they are able to hold on to my money. I will follow up tomorrow, too. Be careful ordering w/ them. Better yet, find another vendor.

Posted by FULOFJOY36

My son's school requires him to use your uniform necktie. $20.00 is a bit pricey for an elementary student's tie. I was only able to buy one at the beginning of the school year. He has since misplaced it by changing his clothes for an afterschool activity. Now I have to purchase another $20.00 tie. Please lower the price because I'm sure this wont be the last time I need to buy the same tie since he's only in the 4th grade.

Thank you

Posted by Unhappy Camper

When something is back ordered, they say that they do not bill until it is shipped. But, this is not necessarily the case. My items are not due for 2 weeks + and they submitted a charge to my card early. I did not have sufficient funds available so I was hit with bank fees. My plan was to put the money is just before the shipping date not 2 weeks + in advance. Spoke with 2 impatient customer reps before speaking to a 3rd who explained that this is what they do. One rep even called herself "stupid" sarchastically and then said she would transfer the call. I did not yell, curse, make threats to not shop there anymore or anything like that, but was still treated like a nasty customer. I patiently and thoroughly tried to explain my situation. I did raise my voice a little but it was still within professional limits. I love Lands End items but their customer service reps are insensitive, don't listen, defensive, don't always know what is going on, and are aggressive. Sorry, but it is what it is and that is how I am calling it.

Posted by TAN

I purchased 8 shirts online but returned 3 of them at Sears. They never gave me any credit for those three shirts but instead they claimed that a gift card was issued. When notified that the gift card had never been delivered to me, Lands' End gave me back the credit which happened three months later and I didn't notice it on my statement. This means that I got credited back to my account twice instead of once. Therefore, Lands'End presumed that I was trying to get away with it. The representative was rude and raised her voice at me and threatened with a collection. if she had been more patient with me while I was going through my statements online, I would have solved the problem by paying them back one of the two credits. I resolved the whole issue by calling back and talked to another person. I will NEVER order anything from them again.

Posted by MurkyBusiness

Well, I've been waiting an hour for a human being to come onto the phone line at Land's End. I am calling on a Saturday evening from California. will both get you through to their automated robot answering machine. The initial voice recording states that a customer service representative would be with you 'in just a minute'. Yeah right. I also tried their online chat. That wasn't working either. If Lands End cannot man their phone lines or chat service adequately, then they are not providing any quality of customer service.

Posted by 1968Chick

I bought a bathing suit online at Land's End (I'm from Ontario, Canada). They "proudly ship to Canada" with $7.95 shipping! Yeah, right. That's BOTH ways if it doesn't fit or look right on you!
They also charge your credit card right away (I think it was within 2 days) but tell you that you have to wait 4-6 WEEKS for your return to be credited back to your card.

FOUR to SIX WEEKS??? That's unacceptable. As well - I paid $12.95 for shipping to my house (right across the border from Detroit - I could've drove there cheaper) and I now have to pay $7.95 to return it and wait 4-6 weeks. Their shipping labels were difficult to read - you can't just ship it back to the company, it has to go through some brokerage in Ontario

That's terrible customer service and excessive shipping fees. I won't be buying another stitch of clothing from Land's End - ever.

Posted by Fifi

I find the company's double charging for delivery and returns unacceptable. Most other online companies will either offer free delivery or free returns, in some cases both! I will therefore not order from Lands End again.

Posted by Areukiddinme

I have been through such a saga it is too much to write. Just know that tomorrow I am going to look up the CEO and write a letter. I am going to try to reach a supervisor and complain about the nasty woman I had to deal with from customer service. The very sad part is that the very nice woman at Sears Lands End store had to deal with her for 10 minutes and I could see she was horrified by this woman. Then I was on the phone in the store for another 15 min. ATROCIOUS. It is all due to numerous returns Ive had to make on the same item because of terrible quality. And because this woman was so nasty, I have decided I am done. No coat is worth this. So I told her to forget the whole thing...they are losing a customer.

Posted by evergreentony2

I bought a pair of children shoes, 93084 897, size1M. For the life of me, I have to throw the shoes out. These awere not made for human feet. The shoes are IMPOSSIBLE to wear. My son cannot get his foot inside. Who in this world approved the fitting of these? I always considered Land's end to be a good, reliable brand, but I have my doubts now. Your Commercialization department needs a complete overall, meanwhile, I will have to suffer the loss.
I would like to send them to you so you can see what lousy product you allowed to be on the market.
Sincerely, T. Matos

Posted by Anonymous

I tried for over an hour to order a robe online and no way could I get through it. Also it was claimed orders of $50.00 or more had free shipping so I was going to order 2 robes. I got far enough to realize this was not true. I know there's usually some catches to free shipping but nothing like that was claimed, just indicated the shipping charge. While I've liked shopping at Lands End when Oshkosh had a store people w/o transportation could get to public transportation is no longer available. Liked the store, online awful.

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased a squall jacket for my husband approximately 3 years ago. Unfortunately he put it away after 2 wearings due to the zipper splitting. He didn't tell me about it until this year when I took it out and questioned why he wouldn't wear it. I called Lands End, hoping they would honor a request for a new jacket based on their Guaranteed Period statement on their website., as quoted below. Was told by customer service that without proof of purchase price, I would get the last known price, perhaps $5.00 or whatever it last sold for. They searched their computers and couldn't find a record of my purchase; I asked for a after holiday sale jacket which was similar and with the discount would be reasonable . After 3 calls and speaking to a supervisor, they continued to state they could only give me the last known price, ( a fraction of what I paid) and would not exchange for even a sale jacket. The best I could get was "possibly "a new zipper sent, if they have one. and $15.00 toward installing it. I don't live in an area where a seamstress is easy to find, and I don't sew, so this isn't very helpful. Too bad they couldn't give better service and live up to their "guaranteed period " statement Does Not say you have to keep your proof of purchase receipt. The jacket is basically new, worn 2x and useless unless I can go to the trouble to find someone to repair it, and find time to fax a repair statement etc. How does this meet the guaranteed period statement?

It appears to me that it is false representation and they clearly do not have the intent to make the customer happy. Their answer makes more work for me, it doesn't make me want to buy from them again.
I have done business with a competitor whose name also begins with L and had excellent service.NO questions asked. Recently returned a backpack that fell apart after several years. I expected and would have accepted a 'sorry' nothing we can do.......however, they responded with the full purchase price gift card for the return. That is customer service, no questions asked. Lands End needs to take note, in this economy, savvy customers do not expect quality items to fall apart and do not take risks with shady guarantees; when we pay for an item, we expect quality and guarantees of service; we have options, and will seek to buy from those who stand behind their products and their words.
If my husband had even one season's use of this, I wouldn't complain, but 2 wearings? Not reasonable. Also, if their guarantee stated a time period for returns, I would honor it, or if it stated proof of purchase needed, I would honor that, fair and square. . However, it doesn't make these statements: It clearly says exchange at any time........etc.

Here is a cut/paste taken from the website:
"The Lands' End guarantee has always been an unconditional one. It reads: "If you're not satisfied with any item, simply return it to us at any time for an exchange or refund of its purchase price." We mean every word of it. Whatever. Whenever. Always. But to make sure this is perfectly clear, we've decided to simplify it further. Guaranteed. Period.®"

If Lands End really means "Guaranteed Period" they would send a fair exchange replacement jacket; otherwise, they need to rewrite their web page and state their limitations, and that customers need to save receipts, and perhaps pay attention to time limits too.

Personally, I will buy from others who take better care of customers. For the purchase price of a sale jacket, less than $100.00, they have lost all of my future business, as well as many of my friends, co workers and family members who want to know that a company stands behind their words. Period.

Posted by beetle48

I must say I was very very dissapointed in the service I received from Lands End. I ordered Christmas gifts on Tuesday, December 18th and ASSURED EXPIDITED SHIPPING and I would reveice it by Chistmas. Not so!!!! as a matte rof fact I still have not received it as of today 12/27/12. The cust. service supervisor apologized and said she would creit me the shipping charge, but failed to mentioned that it would be in the form of a CHECK...WHAT!!!! That is not how I paid!!!NEVER EVER again would I order from them!

Posted by Anonymous

The other thing that's really dumb about their customer service methodology is that there is never one person that consistently deals with your issue: If you send them a request, a rep replies, usually towing the company line and doesn't address your issue completely. So when you follow up, a brand new rep deals with your request. The inconsistency is really tiresome to deal with. And their reps are getting ruder and ruder to deal with. It's also laughable how you have to keep following up to get a status update on your refunds all the time.

Posted by Anonymous

The serive has REALLY gone downhill in the past year or so. Each time I send an inquiry t I usually get a half answer, that is, they respond to half of my question. Sometimes they don't respond to my requests at all and I even get yelled at - I once had a rep tell me that I "MUST" format an email a certain way in order to receive a response(seriously). The latest one was where I requested a price adjustment...they applied it all right, but in this case, the shipping cost (which they reapplied) was higher, making my order total higher. Not sure why they wouldn't run this by me first. I asked them to reverse it and am still waiting for a response. Plus it takes nearly a month after they actually receive a refund from me for them to actually provide me a credit for the refund. A month!

I am seriously considering cancelling my account with them, based solely on their crappy service.

Posted by yucca13

Was shopping and using my 30% off code when it the site rudely told me that the code was invalid and charged me full price.

I cancelled my order,

Posted by twis1680

Bad shopping experience on line to say the lease - have been a Lands End customer for years and thought this year I would take them up on their door buster deals. A very early riser here so no problem with logging in to the start of their Door Busters by 5 am CST.
Got few item on the door busters in my cart, they even congratulated me on getting them - continued to do some shopping for other items - took all of 15 minutes to complete up to 12 items in my cart. Went to check out and they removed the Door Busters from my cart and told me they were now out of stock, basically they sold the items in my cart to another customer - kind of like going to Best Buy for great deal and having a clerk walk up to you and remove it from your cart because someone else who did not take the time to get up early to get their on time to get a limited qauntity item was at the check out ready to buy the item they could not get.
Contacted Lands End customer service and was basically told - oh well so sorry. They do not see anything wrong with removing items from a customers cart I guess
THey have lost a 20 year customer over this and they do not seem at all phased or concerned about this -
What a bad online retailer - don't believe all online retailers are like this but none the less I am gone for good

Posted by ABLN

I have contacted the company's 800 number several times, asked for a supervisor and my request keeps on being ignored.
My request was to stop sending catalogues to my Vancouver address, one of two given, as I do visit rarely. I mentioned that my box is far too smal for unwanted catalogues to take up space. They still clog up all space and keep on being sent through Canada Post. It may be a good way to catch new customers but it is utterly selfish to ignore old cutomers' requests! Cleverly a return address is omitted. The socalled
CURRENT RESIDENT cannot be caught but my anger is being spread to everyone around me.

Posted by [email protected]

I live in Closter, NJ in BergenCounty.I have been a Lands End customer for years. Imagine my dismay tofind that your company would not extend the deadline on your winter catalogue offer that expired on Nov. 13 to people like myself who had no power from Nov. 5 through Nov. 12.So many companies have stepped up to assist consumers like myself who were unable to consider shopping until they and their family members were secure. Shame on you! Rest assured that I will no longer shop with you and will do my utmost to let other consumers know of your selfishness.

Posted by NoLandsEnd

I have been purchasing product from Lands End for over 3 years. I sent back a defective item and they were replaced. One year later I sent back another defective item for replacement. They tell me the item I sent back a year ago was never received and they will not replace the item they just received. I have spent hundreds of dollars with this company and they totally ruined a relationship over 29.95. Very bad customer service. They make you feel like you are stelaing from them because of their error.

Posted by Anonymous

My tall down coat was HORRIBLY sized. It looks like I ordered it from the maternity section. And it took a week for it to arrive (I placed the order hoping it would get to me by the weekend) I went online to their customer service live chat and the customer service rep was no help whatsoever. Said they would upgrade the shipping to 2 day for an additional $5, which I did not think an unhappy customer should pay for. She told me it was a great deal and normally they charge $21. I called and the woman couldn't even give me the measurements for the next size down and she also said they would charge me the additional $5 for upgraded shipping. This WOULD have been my first purchase from Land's End, but I will be returning my jacket. Too bad too because not many places have tall length clothing for women.

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Posted by Anonymous

I had a large mail order return. I took the order to the Sears store at Towne Center Mall in Kennesaw, Georgia. The clerk's name was Tori and she was phenomenal. She made the chore pleasant.

Posted by Lindseyk

Lands end is outstanding with customer service and returns. I always go to the lands in in the harford mall In Maryland. The sales people are always so helpful. Right when I walk in the door they are greeting me and asking if I need help. They always look out for their customers and do the best they can for them. I have never had a bad expierence. EVERY store should have employees like these girls. They deserved to be recognized. They always do the best they can to help me find the right item that best suits my needs!They know everything about all their products.I have never had issues with a return. Even if its an issue with an item from years ago that ripped. They return it and help me find a new one. LOVE LANDS END

Posted by BettieLou

I think it is worth mentioning that Free Shipping is offered very rarely now, which is a shame. We used to buy a few things here & there, and with the free shipping it was worth it. But now it seems to only be offered for purchases over $50 - that is too high for Canadians also paying duty & taxes. I suspect there are many more people out there who feel the same way. Paying $6 shipping + duty for a $12 t-shirt is silly. So we don't even look at LE anymore.

LL Bean offers free shipping 24/7 so we are now buying exclusively from them. So far their customer service has been excellent.

Posted by Anonymous

Very good customer service. Friendly US reps. Products, though not cheap, are good quality.

Posted by don't have one

A word of thanks to Land's End is long overdue. Over the years I've purchased a variety of items. Obviously I like your products but what really impresses is the quality of your service especially for making adjustments and/or returns. Whether a problem is handled by mail return, drop-off at Sears or phone call with your friendly, well-trained customer service personnel--I've consistently experienced efficient, no-hassle help. That feeling of trust with Land's End keeps me one of the customers interested in your next catalogs.

Posted by gvhparkridge

I placed 3 orders with Lands End 0n-line. I needed some questions about delivery. When you call the 800 number for customer service "You get a live person" that person does NOT transfer you to someone else, they pull up your order and give you the answers. You don't have to hit 1 or 2 or 3 for ANYTHING. You talk to pleasant people. I'll put them up against any other company for great service. Tell who or how they could be any better. Jerry

Posted by jody

Zappos is one of the three top companies I order from. Consistently SUPERIOR customer service, followup, communication, etc. etc. I wish my son could get a job with them.

Posted by jody

Lands End is one of 3 companies I recommend for superior customer service. They are the benchmark as far as I am concerned.

Posted by ruski_e

Great prices and great products. Coupons and pet gear are an added bonus! I've only ever had 1 issue - bought from home and shipped to vacation house via fedex. Order arrived 6 days later cuz Land's End was calling house phone to verify that it's 'okay' to ship to another address. The verification is fine - it's that I wasn't warned to expect it otherwise I obviously would have checked voicemail while out of town. Other then that, showing my love...

Posted by puretexan07

Very good customer service. The representative was very kind and knew what she was doing. Order correction was completed with ease. I am very impressed with Lands End customer service.

Posted by Raving Fan

I have been buying from Lands' End for over 20 years. I used to enjoy placing phone orders because the customer service people where always so pleasant and helpful. Now with on-line ordering I only call if I have a problem and they always handle it promptly and efficiently with a voice that smiles, no matter who I talk to or the time of day I call. One of my favorite companies for quality and consistency.

Posted by Anonymous

I have never had a problem with Lands End customer service. I've been satisfied with most of the things I've ordered and the couple of items I was dissatisfied with were returned/exchanged with no hassles. Customer service persons were very polite and friendly.

Posted by tschuh

Lands' End customer service is GREAT! I have spoken to many individuals at their customer service and every single one of them are outstanding and extremely helpful. I work for a nonprofit and we had a problem getting our tax exempt status go through so we were not charged tax (which happens ALL the time), so I continually have to speak with customer service reps from companies. I am blown away with how great their response rate and professionalism is! Keep up the good work!

Posted by Anonymous

Picked up phone immediately and solved my issues easily.

Excellent customer service experience

Posted by kanstein

Land'sEnd Germany-best experienc!

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Posted by Evelyn C

I work for Lands' End Business Outfitters. I have to say they are the best company I have ever worked for. They seem to genuinely care for all of us: employees and customers. We receive frequent training and coaching, with customer service always being the priority. How can we serve our customers better? That is our constant goal. We love our customers... just call us and see for yourself...

Posted by Bubbles

I am an employee at lands' end in the uk, and just wanted to say quickly that it is the best company i have worked for and have a genuine interest in your well being. i am proud to say that i work here and we all appreciate your business.


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