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    • 45 negative comments (97.83%)
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Posted by Anonymous

Got brand new 2017 Range Rover sport with less than 13K miles now and has been in the shop/dealer more than 4 times already with 'transmission fault' defect that disables the entire engine and wont start until computer resets itself which could be 20-40 minutes later. At age 43 with several cars under my belt, have never paid so much for a vehicle that is so unreliable. thoroughly disappointing experience with Land Rover.

Posted by Kathy

NO GOOD service here! IMPOSSIBLE to reach an actual service adviser to get a price! Some Dealerships have actually outsourced customer service to another Company! Talk about the worst of bad idea's!

Posted by Landrover service Issues

Horrible service and certainly not what I expected. Was told a minimum 2 weeks for a service appointment. Then when I finally got one my car has been in the shop for more than a week to fix the air conditioning. BRUTAL. NEVER AGAIN

Posted by Test

Lied about having Satellite radio on the car, refurbished tires. Tried to work with the Sales Manager to find a resolution. After a dozen calls and emails, the sales manager never got back to me.

Posted by Red Merle

Not easy to get hold of, very slow to reply and shockingly bad "resolution" of problems. Once LRCS have decided that black is white, or that white is black, the subject is not open to debate - LRCS has spoken! Fortunately the car is actually quite good so, for my own sake, I try to have as little to do with them as possible!

Posted by Boolandrover

During August 2015, my 2008 Range Rover Supercharged was suddenly going into 'limp mode' (wouldn't get out of 3rd gear) periodically when I would travel at higher speeds. The easy solution was to turn the car off and turn it back on and the problem would go away . . . for a while.

I took my Range Rover to be serviced at Rosenthal Land Rover Tysons Corner, where I bought the vehicle new. Their diagnosis was that the rear differential motor needed to be replaced. Rosenthal also included other related and unrelated suggested repairs (new tires, new brakes, alignment, 90K mile service) for a total of $6,000!

Given that my vehicle was no longer on warranty and sticker shock of $6K for a car with less than 45,000 miles, I would seek a second opinion that the rear differential motor was the problem. The rear differential showed no leaking, oil was full and the sound of the rear differential motor seemed fine.

Rosenthal returned my car to me but in the meantime fixed a Land Rover recall issue - which I never authorized - and charged me $148.66.

We raised our concerns to the corporate office at Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC, given my vehicle had less than 45K miles, that I've been a loyal Range Rover owner for over 10 years and had never experienced any mechanical problems before. Land Rover is in the business of making money, so that didn't get me anywhere except added frustration.

I then took my vehicle to a well respected Land Rover specialist, who works solely on Land Rovers. They looked at the rear differential motor and agreed it was in tact. Instead they discovered that the Rear Differential Control Module (RDCM) was fried and needed to be replaced.By replacing the RDCM, this exposed the root cause problem: my vehicle was emitting diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) of P0729, P0730, P0734 and P0735.

These DTCs were documented in Land Rover Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) #LTB00514 from Jan 17, 2013 as an indication that internal lead free stator bush wear causing loss of pressure on E clutch.

The net? Either repairing the unit or replacing the ZF 6HP Automatic Transmission. I chose the latter and the vehicle now runs fine.

The folks at the repair shop were awesome: unlike many other service centers they were transparent, they kept me updated throughout the process and treated the car as if it were their own. They used Eriksson Industries that specialize and are authorized in building ZF transmissions which kept my costs at minimum and came with a two-year warranty that is transferrable which is important since I plan to sell my Range Rover and purchase a new vehicle.

If you have a Land Rover that is not on warranty and potentially needs service, I would strongly not taking your car to a Land Rover Dealer, and finding a reputable shop like we did!

Posted by JoeC

I Have Owned 4 New Range Rovers Since 2008 And Will Never Buy Another One Again

Their Customer Relations Group Is The Nastiest And Most Unresposive Group I Have Ever Dealt With

They Could Not Care Less About Their Loyal Customers

Posted by Jorge Quintero

I have bought a Range Rover Evoque around 3 months ago. The vehicle came with several details requiring warranty attention; one of the most critical is the driver door bent. The service has been the worst ever expected... Nobody returns phone calls at the Houston dealer.

Posted by Theblokebarry

Range Rover Evoque engine blows up less than 25,000 miles. Vehicle recovered into a dealership by assist in October and still yet to be seen.
Keep getting fobbed off with flimsy excuses by the dealership, supplied with sub-standard courtesy vehicles and no-one seems to care about the cutomer service side. False promises and awful communications.
The vehicles may be fashionable and desirable, but the mechanicals are poor and the company does not give a hoot. Do not fall in to the same trap and buy one of their vehicles - you will be disappointed

Posted by Mary

In the new Range Rover Sport HST v6 engine model 2016, would there be options that can be added/purchase to the HST model like: Vision and Convenience Package, Climate Comfort and Visibility Package, Surround Camera System or Bose System.

Posted by do_not_go_to_land_rover_hunt_val

Land Rover Hunt Valley, MD. *****DO NOT GO THERE*****FRAUD DEALERSHIP*****RUN!*****

I dropped off my 2011 Range Rover Sport for them to install new tires, perform alignment, and oil change. Two days later, the service adviser left a message saying the car was finished and the technician who worked on it was test driving it. I went to pick up my car. When I started the car, it took a few seconds to fire up which was not normal. It would fire up right away before. In addition, there was a check engine light, triangle with exclamation point, and the message Restricted Performance. I immediately showed it to a car dealership personnel who said they have to look at it the next day and gave me a loaner.

The next day, I received a message from the service adviser that the dealer had check everything that it was nothing the dealership did that caused all the error messages, and they wanted me to authorize the dealer to diagnose the problem. I of course did not authorize the work and drove to the dealer. Upon arrival, I asked for the General Manager of the dealership but was told he was on vacation and was directed to Service and Parts Manager, Ron Johnston.

I explained that the second I dropped off the car up until the second I arrive and started the vehicle I did not hear anything about problems with the vehicle. You would think at some point when the dealership had my car something would have popped up, especially during the test drive by the technician. Immediately, he came off as arrogant and a jerk. The manager simply said, "Stuff happens" and asked me the question, "Have you ever gone into a room and turn on the lights but they didn't come on?". Personally no, but I guess theoretically it could happen if a bulb goes out. I told him I still believe the dealership had done something to my car. After 20 minutes, I knew the conversation wasn't going anywhere so I left and said they would be hearing from my attorney. He followed my and asked if I was going to drive the vehicle home cause I may not make it home and might need to get it towed. I simply said yes. When the technician delivered my car to drive home, again, he asked if I was going to drive home cause the car might not make it home.

When I started driving the vehicle, the car was extremely slow to accelerate and would not shift out of 3rd gear. I noticed that my digital settings were reset, my clock was now set 24 hrs instead of 12 hrs as I originally had, and my temperature setting was degrees Celsius instead of Fahrenheit. I thought that was strange, what did putting new tires, alignment, and oil change have to do with those settings being changed. I thought the only way was that the battery was disconnected and there was now power source. So I drove to an NTB and started talking to the manager. I asked him if there was anyway the digital settings could be reset and he said yes, if you disconnect the batter without backup.

It turns out that the dealership had disconnected the battery without power backup and the computer loss all the settings including the fuel injection/pump settings resulting in the car driving in limp/safe mode.

The theory is the dealership tried to get more "business" from me by disconnecting the battery so I could authorize them to diagnose the problem and fix the problem. It all came down to more $$$$$. DO NOT GO TO THIS DEALERSHIP, THEY ARE A FRAUD. RUN AND RUN FAST!

I have contacted Maryland's District Attorney for Consumer Complaints and they recommended that I file a complaint against the dealership. I WILL!

Posted by Dagwood Bumbstead

Having for some time become fed up with being overcharged by Land Rover main dealers for all my servicing and repair needs I recently decided to try the smaller family firms that does tend to specialise in Land Rover repairs and maintenance. With this in mind I recently visited B G Landrovers who are an Independent Land Rover specialist based in Whitchurch Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire. I explained to the proprietor the problem I was having with loss of power and occasionally slow to accelerate through the gears and he advised to book in for a fault diagnosis.

On arrival on the agreed date the proprietor met me immediately with a lap top computer in hand and set about finding the fault codes. This took all of three minutes to diagnose a problem with the turbo. He then spent the next ten minutes explaining the technicalities of his diagnosis. He then set about spraying oil into the activators and gave me some Forte Turbo Cleaner and advised me not to use diesel from any supermarket because all their fuel does not contain any lubricating additives.

For this 'so called specialist information' and simply a diagnosis I was presented with a bill for £55.00 diagnostic charge, £3.00 for lubricants used, £10.00 for turbo cleaner and an hour labour charge at £55.00 all plus VAT making a total of £155.00 simply for a diagnosis. If this doesn't work (which he advised he didn't think would) it would cost me around £2500 or thereabouts to replace the turbo charger. So much for using the small independent specialists compared to a main agent.

I will naturally not be going back to this place nor will I be recommending them to anyone. I also have a maxim that if ever I am ripped off by these unscrupulous merchants it NEVER happens twice. Good luck to B G Landover's but if they treat all their clientele like I have been treated the main dealers will never have any worries about losing business to these kind of operators.

Posted by Pretending to be a royal

As a multiple Range Rover owner, I continue to be amazed at the absolute arrogance and ignorance displayed by Land Rover dealers as they rake in $10,000. profit per car. The cars are absolute junk, but since they carry a poser image that so many think is great, they will have a few more years of success before everyone gets tired of being pushed around by the dealers and manufacturer. The vehicles are substandard build quality and nearly every one has electrical or mechanical issues. What a joke of a company, as the indians at Tata and the dealers laugh at the buyers all the way to the bank. Try calling a dealer or the customer service line with any question oe problem, and you will see what i mean.

Posted by cc_sea

Dear Land Rover - Your recent ad of having a Land Rover driving up a stream bed is offensive and irresponsible. You are simultaneously bragging that your vehicle can handle wilderness travel while actively destroying the environment and killing any water-based wild life at the same time. I encourage you to tout an ad where you show more enlightenment towards the environment. My two friends who own Land Rovers are disgusted with your message. I hope to see a sequel where perhaps you can show environmentalists using the land rover in tough terrain to support the environment. Thank you for your consideration. I will be sending similar communication to Kim McCullough and large/small scale conservation organizations.

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased a 2014 Range Rover Autobiography from Princeton Land Rover for over $150,000. I've had multiple problems in just a few months - the latest one being an issue where the gas tank randomly "trips" and you can't fill up your gas tank beyond 1/2 a tank. The service people told me it was a known issue and they are hoping Land Rover eventually finds a fix. Until then, more than 1/2 of the gas stations I go to apparently have the type of pump that can't fill up my car. Seems incredible to believe that I have to live with this problem and they simply shrugged their shoulders.

Posted by Upset

I found this website by looking for the cooperate offices of Land Rover because my 2008 Range Rover has been at the Greenville SC Land Rover dealership for 4 months getting a DVD player installed can someone please give me the number please. ..

Posted by Almahaieri Fadi

Your location in Hanover, MA is not only profiling (an illegal practice) but also are quite verse in lying, specifically "Mellyssa Coutinho", who not only lied and profiled me after I was in the market for a gift to my recent Fiancee', but also received my credit card number for a deposit and although I had my name on the car with her promise, she sold it to someone else and wasted a week of my time and has kept my private credit card information, all while knowing that she will not sell a $100,000 car to us.

Look into the practices of this dealership, they are providing the Land Rover name brand with a horrid reputation. Shame on you for employing someone of "Mellyssa Coutinho's" reputation and shame on Land Rover corporate for allowing their franchises to profile potential customers.

Posted by DONNA

I ordered a 2014 RR HSE on 01/27/14 from San Antonio LR and was told it would arrive in 5-6 months. Now 6 months later, I was told that it will be another 6-7 month wait. The salesman said due to "back up". We'll I have never heard of such thing of having to wait so long for any vehicle. When I called him back 2 days later and unexpectedly requested a Vista form, a form that details order date, build date, ship date and my name. He pretended not to know what I was talking about. He then wanted to know how did I know about the vista form. I believe my RR came in and they sold it and ordered me another one.

The reason I had to order this one in the first place is because the first 2014 I ordered on 10/13 and received it 4 months later was what I considered a Lemon. The day it was delivered and test driven the check engine light was on and Supposedly it was fixed that day, but the next morning I was driving to work and the engine light was back on I took it back and the kept it for 5 business days. At this point I decided I did not want to pay $100,000 bucks for a brand new vehicle that is already having problems. So as I was complaining to others, I found someone that said they didn't care about the engine light being on and bought it from me, so I foolishly ordered another one. Now I'm having to wait a total of 13 months if I'm lucky to get this RR. But I doubt if I want it at this point, but i would still like to know what happened to my vehicle that I ordered on 1/27/14. I do believe they sold my vehicle to the highest bidder and put me on the back burner.

Posted by Andy

Your land rover dealership in Columbia SC lend credence to the term car dealer and definitely reinforces the negative opinion most people have. They have repeatedly submitted us for financing on a car despite the fact that we never agreed to purchase a car. I am going file complaints with the credit agencies and explore any legal remedies we may have. Definitely will not do business with your organization.

Posted by Anonymous

I believe I have been the victim of racial profiling by the Land Rover dealership in San Diego, CA. I think it would be prudent that someone from the Land Rover Corporate office contact me.

Posted by Mohsin

Very very disappointed with Land Rover post sales services. I bought Discover 4 last year and have some technical issue. i gave my car for service and they said one of the part is faulty and will be replaced as the car has guarantee. I have been chasing the customer services for last one month no reply and they even didn't bother to return call as well.

Posted by Anonymous

On March 16th my 2012 Land Rover Evoque with 6,000 miles stopped DEAD in the middle of a busy street, I had NO time to pull off the road and could not immediately get out of my vehicle due to traffic. It is now May 30th and I still do not have a car and today the dealer wants to return this defect to me. Clearly a dangerous model with no care for the customer safety. I was told the fuel line became disengaged! I have videos of this situation and will be posting them soon via all social media to warn everyone about the dangers of the 2012 Evoque.

Posted by Anonymous

Thoroughly Disgusted By Jaguar Land Rover Of Chantilly. Come In For Engine Light And Parts Aren't Available For A Month. So To Suggest That I Drive This Vehicle For A Month With The Engine Light On Floors Me! Who Will Be Paying For The New Engine When It Blows Up! My Vehicle Is Less Than 6 Months Old And I Paid Cash!

Posted by david

I have a Landrover Discover. 108,000 . The frame is rusted out by the front struts making the car in operable Unless I spent $10,000 for an off the frame weld-That's Crap. Seriously.

I have tried to speak to someone in customer service at the corp level, not chance in getting through. I left my telephone number 4 times, no call back. I have bought 3 Discoveries, this is the last one. 100,000 miles and the car is inoperable, seriously. Im in Philadelphia, not Alaska. Im very very disappointed.

Posted by Law4U

I have experienced a total crash of my system and a body control failure. I have 36k miles original miles on this vehicle. Luckily this happened before I went Into an 11 hour trip thru the mountains.
I experienced a total lock up of my vehicle's electrical system, wouldn't start, flasher kept coming on, steering wheel locked up,could not put into neutral,key would not come out of ignition, lights would not turn off, could not brake and could not lock or unlock doors. I was stranded 700 miles from home. I had to pay for a flight back home to DC. I did report to NTSB. after lots of research these vehicles are being produced stateside by GM. Yes the people being grilled about lack of transparency on Capitol Hill.

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Posted by Anonymous

I can honestly say that Derek Alore at Jaguar Land Rover Lakeside was a phenomenal sales person. He did everything in his power to get me the car I wanted. I am super excited and definitely will refer him and his team to anybody I know. Thank you guys for being so awesome and helpful. You guys ROCK!!!!!

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