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LabCorp customer service is ranked #532 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 30.33 out of a possible 200 based upon 262 ratings. This score rates LabCorp customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


247 Negative Comments out of 262 Total Comments is 94.27%.


15 Positive Comments out of 262 Total Comments is 5.73%.

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    • 30.33 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 247 negative comments (94.27%)
    • 15 positive comments (5.73%)
    • 3 employee comments
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    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Ldforbes

Had the most worst experience EVER walking into this facility in Abilene Tx...the "technician" they had working was beyond a pyscho..Jennifer Morton, pull up her fbook, see what she thinks of her J O B..stay totally away from this facility. I sat and listened to her literally SCREAM at sweet folks coming through her line..TOTAL NUT CASE!!!!!!

Posted by G

Unable to contact an actual person on the phone after system didn't recognize my Invoice #. Just a bad set up. Tried going online and that system was down. They need to hire more customer service reps and IT staff.

Posted by Anonymous

I went in to labcorp at 19016 Stone Oak Pkwy. When I walked in I told the two people at the from (Joseph Maldonando and "other person") that I was here for a drug screen. They stared at me for a few seconds without saying anything while looking me dead in eyes. That laughed and said "kiosk is right behind you." This is where the rudeness started. I didn't see the kiosk when I walked in. Then I get called back by Joseph Maldonado to take me screen. He had me empty my belongings and gave instruction on how to do the drug screen. He told me to wash my hand before and not flush. So I did. When i came out he told me to wash "again, " which I did. He said "that was a quick wash." I said, " I washed like you asked me to." He said, "that was a quick wash, would you use hand sanitizer before touching my pen." I told him "no, I would not because I wash my hands with soap and water like he asked. "He then said, "are you going to use your own pen?" I said "no i am not." He then kept asking me to sanitize, finally after arguing with him I I was going to make a complaint for harassing me on the sanitizer before touching his pen after I washed my hands. He made me feel "dirty" and announced to everyone in the lobby and front desk about how I was going to report him for harassment. I'm terribly disappointed with my treatment.

Posted by Raymond

I visited the Annapolis Rd location Glen Dale MD Saturday morning May 19 2018. My husband was having very bad tightness of the chest from Open Heart Surgery in March 2017. I asked at the receptionist desk how many people there were ahead of him. One of your personell told me that if his chest she told me why don't you take him to the ER then. We waited from 9.40 until 11.30 or after before he was registered. The lady at the desk got very smart with me.

Posted by Anonymous

Was just at Denville NJ location. Employees were busy watching the Royal wedding rather than wait on full room of people. I said something that no one is drawing blood and they got pissed for interrupting their fun. When it was my turn the woman hurt me and bruised me up. But I am sure nothing will happen and this type of customer service will just continue.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the LabCorp site on Township Line Road in Havertown PA this morning at 6:30AM. It was the worst experience I have ever had. Both women working there were extremely rude. They didn't acknowledge me when I walked in or while I was sitting there. I was finally spoken to with an attitude concerning my visit. I was unsure of a few things since this was my first time dropping off samples. The woman answered me very annoyed and seemed bothered by my questions. I was told to take my samples to the back counter, which I was unsure it's location. I was yelled at like a child and was provided no assistance. I left the office upset, angry, and I actually started crying. I was there to drop off samples for my six year old son hoping to find a cause for his illness. I did not need to be spoken or treated the way I was. If it wasn't for my insurance making me go to LabCorp I would choose some where else. The individuals working there clearly do not like their job or care about the patients coming to them. People go to LabCorp not because they want to, but because they need to, for medical answers. We should be treated with compassion and some kindness. It was an absolute disgrace the way I was treated and these women should be held accountable. I am reading nothing but bad reviews about LabCorp and their personal service. LabCorp should really start working on that very important skill.

Posted by Truly PO

Their facility was a small, fully packed, crowded waiting room, with no available chairs,and some patients standing. Post the requisite kiosk signing in, I noticed there was another quasi waiting room of minuscule dimensions, located by the areas where the specimens are taken, to accommodate the overflow of clients. After waiting about an hour and noticing those who came after me were served and not me, I inquired and was told my name had been called .. NOPE..NEGATIVE...NAE...FUNNY thing I heard every name of the other people that were also sitting in the back room with me. I would have heard my name. When FINALLY serviced, it took a minute for my blood work.. Also not easy parking, TRULY PO!

Posted by Sandra

Checked in early, told to sign in on sheet where everyone's name was in view....violates HIPPA regulations, then check in on kiosk where there may be a line and no privacy because everyone is right behind you. One lab tech (male) is very friendly and helpful. The female tech (no name tag) is curt and announces your whole name, again violating HIPPA.she told me I couldn't have my book drawn until I gave a urine sample AFTER she called me back to draw blood. Out I go to the lobby. Once I gave a sample, I asked the front desk staff and sat for another 15 minutes. Lab tech finally calls me back only to go too deep into my very prominent vein and when I complain she barely brought the needle back out. Rude and unprofessional front desk staff, HIPPA VILOATIONS GALORE, no name tags, hate the TUCSON VALENCIA site.

Posted by Anonymous

Mu husband went with my daughter to ger blood work and they are askimg for prescription and we handle them the paper they said they need a real prescription he said this is what they give us all time i call the dr she said the same thing they just dont want to work .This is the lap corb in Jewish center in Perth Amboy NJ..

Posted by Joek

Test results not sent to the Dr 6 times now. It's automated and is supposed to happen around 3 am. It simply dosent happen. I get a load of rude comments from them that it must be on the Drs end but it's not. They are the worst in the business!

Posted by Anonymous

I used the Lab Corp facility in Festus Missouri. Their hours are 7:30 to 4pm. I showed up at 3:20 and heard the crabby hag in the white coat reply, "this close the 4:00, really?" I was shocked. She was upset. Let me tell you, the only reason I used Lab Corp was because of my insurance, not to mention I had to drive an hour just to get this blood work done. The more I thought about it the more it makes me mad. I'm sorry, if you wanted out of there so bad, the crab should have left. IS that any way to treat a client. I don't work for her, nor do I need her attitude.

Posted by Lhianna

Lab Corp sucks everything people say about it with bad reviews is correct. One of my experience is one of these Idiots drawing blood is clueless YOU don't go into the side of a vein and probe around you go with the vein . My veins are very prominent and I have never had a problem before with this particular issue but have other problems but this is the one that made me say NEVER AGAIN . What Idiots they are all rude. Just think about the children this idiot is hurting lab Corp north Macon ga.

Posted by [email protected]

the sign in procedure really sucks! why have a computer sign in when the info is already in your computer? and the person at the desk asks the same questions again and they ask for your insurance cards again. I will never go to LabCorp again

Posted by Arlexia88

The front desk people are rude. No customer service and they need to watch their body language and facial expressions. As a healthcare professional, they need to have more patience and not look so pissed off or look like they hate their job. Location at 13555 W McDowell Rd in Goodyear, AZ.

Posted by Anonymous

The Lab Corp on Blackwood in Ocoee Fl sucks. Their customer service needs a lot of work. I went for a pre employment drug screen test and waited over an hour before I finally ask what the hold up was. They were rude stating I didn’t have an appointment and had to wait in between everyone who did to be seen. I explained I had to be to work and that they needed to go on the website and call the automated number that states no appointments necessary. I took my paperwork and left. Someone needs to retrain that office it’s customer service is lacking. I’ll never go back. I’ve never had a problem at Quest they make sure all customers feel welcome and get service with a smile.

Posted by dbreport

Absolutely terrible about getting the results to the doctors or onto the patient portal. Have to call EVERY TIME!

Posted by Anonymous

Receptionist was very rude (*with a smile). For some reason made me sign in twice m, taking people before me who were actually after me. The 2nd time I signed in, SHE called me back to put the pen back in the cup because I placed it on the sign in sheet. I told her my orders were stat, SHE said it doesn't make a any difference.

Posted by Anonymous

I'd like to advise you that the woman tech Lisa at the McKinney medical Center suite 390 is one of the nastiest unkind unempathetic people I have ever met.
She uses her power like a weapon, always threatening me that Medicare and my private insurance will not pay for my tests, and requesting payment which I cannot afford.
Even my thyroid tests are questioned by her and I have never had a test refused as I have had Graves disease for 44 years!
Everyone in this Medical center is so kind and compassionate and this woman should be fired as she does not fit in there. She is an angry mean unsmiling individual who I do not trust to give me my blood tests anymore as I am nervous to begin with and she scares me even more.

Posted by Sick of it

Called today and it said closed. All day on a weekday. How can things be straightened out if they dont answer their phone. The message seems to me to be: Send money. Question nothing. Quit complaining. Yeah? You and what army? Verufication code? What verification code?

Posted by Ronald

You have 3 woman working at Lab Corp in New Iberia la an ignoring the people in the lobby this is why your stocks are down.never again.

Posted by topcop

Just came from Lab Corp in Philadelphia Pa this lady said no you do not have to fast ans let do it baby lady at the desk.
I asked for a supervisor and was given a list of other places to go to get my lab work done.
They would not give me the corp phone as they do not kow it

Posted by Angry mother -to say athe least

Brought my two year old daughter to Lab Corp on Sherman Ave in Vineland NJ. The technician proceeded to take her unwashed finger out of her glove to feel for my daughter's vein after she had already used the alcohol wipe on my daughter's arm! I asked her if this was something she regularly does and she said "Yes, when I can't find the vein." This is unacceptable, unprofessional and disgusting to say at the least esp. from a "trained" technician. I am now making a doctor's appointment for what looks like an infection at the site of the withdrawal. I have filed a complaint with Labcorp as well. This was completely preventable by the simplest of hygienic means.

Posted by Anonymous

Yesterday went to lab Corp office in Boynton Beach Fl. on Jog for blood work. Upon arrival signed in ( no other individuals at desk) and attempted to hand script to desk person who irritatedly told me that I was not to give it to her then. When called up was berated because I wrote in when I arrived but didn�t also write in when my appointment was scheduled (sorry, only 87 years old and didn�t have proper glasses on...and didn�t realize one was open to being angrily spoken to because omitted one step). Then the person took the Dr. orders and loudly claimed that she couldn�t read what was to be done so she�d have to call Dr.�s office which was O.K. with me but she handed it to me and asked if I could read it which I did to the best of my ability ( ? Patient�s job? and Dr. head of medical society for a fairly large geographical area). She never did call medical office and then asked for my insurance card whic I tossed under glass partition separating her and she threw a fit about my �throwing� it at I took my paperwork and left....and later made an appointment at another lab. I, as a retired psychiatric social worker who has worked in many settings and TRAINED many people (and currently volunteers in school) was appalled....will note to Dr. and all who will listen about my competent, pleasant visit to lab Corp (I also have two children who are doctors). I forgot to mention that while I was sitting the technician waved for woman sitting next to me to come in...she was standing behind the desk person. I said (crime!) that I think you are being called to lady next to me..cause for yelling at me from desk. Really some serious issues.

Posted by Maria

Carsinq was really rude with my kid, she was not nice to us it appear she was in a bad mood. My doughters arm turned purple after she took blood of her....

Posted by Anonymous

I have been sitting in labcorp office for 1 hour and counting. Other people before me have been here 3 hours. This is my first time here. They only have two people here working. I am normally patient. But this is crazy, when people have things to do or need to eat if fasting. Please hire more people if needed. When making appointments the phone rings and rings witj no answer. What is the problem? St cloud fla office.

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Posted by Anonymous

The staff in the office on Henry Orange,NJ are excellent and on a scale from 1 to 10 I'd give them a 10! Satisfied consumer!

Posted by Rolla Matheny

Almost three weeks ago I went to LabCorp for tests ordered by my primary care physician prior to my annual physical. Last Thursday I went to my doctor for my physical and he did not have any results from the tests. He called LabCorp and they told him that they had not results on file.
This morning at approximately 10:30 a.m. (Monday, December 11) I went to the LabCorp facility on Bloomingdale Avenue, Valrico, FL 33596, and explained the problem of the missing test results. The attendant at the registration desk asked for my name looked it up on her computer. After a few minutes she called me up and said that my tests had not been processed. I asked "what does that mean?" She said that the tests had never been done. I said "Why is that? It's been over two weeks." She said "You never came in for the blood draw."
She looked at her computer and said we have the order from your doctor but you have never come in for the test. I insisted that I had been there and that the blood had been drawn. She said that there were no records of that in their "system."
I said "Then you guys screwed up somehow." She said "I'm not going to argue with you about whether we made a mistake."
I asked "What do you suggest I do?"
She said go back to your doctor.
I left and thought why couldn't she just admit that somewhere in the process, either my blood samples were misplace or lost or that results were not entered. But to insist that I had not come in for the blood draw is beyond my comprehension.

Posted by Anonymous

I Want To Thank Labcorp In Dorsey Search, Columbia Md For Fitting Me In Immediately On Tuesday 11/14 Due To Them Thinking I Had A Blot Clot In My Leg. I Am Fine But They Acting Quickly. Thank You!!!

Posted by GO MS. TESSE!!!

This Is Definitely A Compliment To Tesse At Lab Corp!! A Whole Lot Of Women Work For A Pediatricians Office In Columbia And We Were On The Line Holding To Ask About A Test That Could Be Performed And We Were Holding For A Few Minutes And Got Disconnected! Guess What, She Called Us Back!!! Im Sure Your Time Is Valuable But Ours Is Too!!!! She Actually Called Us Back! Do Not Be Surprised If We Forever Request Our Name Ms. Tesse!

Posted by Anonymous

I want to express my positive experience during my visit to the Kingsley branch LabCorp location, on Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017. I was greeted with courtesy, professionalism, and concern by all personnel, especially Shanika(Nikki)Stampler, who provided me with knowledge, experience, and care. I was pleasantly surprised, despite the posted negative comments, and left the office with a smile. Thank you, all.

Posted by Jodi Kiss

I have standing orders for the next 3 years with your amazing company! The girls who take care of me each and every month have truly become my extended family! Thank each and everyone of you!I love you all! LabCorp truly rocks!

Posted by Jason

I had the need today to go to your Labcorp offices in Bluffton,SC. My lab tests were somewhat complicated as the results had to go to numerous doctors and each doctor requested different Lab tests. The receptionist, upon my arrival was wonderful, professional and very accommodating. Some orders were missing, no problem she contacted the doctor's office and got what was needed. Some coding and contact information for the Mayo Clinic were missing. She handled it professionally. The technician that drew my blood was equally as efficient and professional. I am very difficult to draw blood from. No problem, first try and never felt a thing.
Labcorp is probably the best lab I have ever been to. I know because I have had blood drawn over 50 times in the past year. Please pass my comments on to your Bluffton lab people and Thank you.

Posted by KJS of Harlem, NYC

I had my blood drawn by Ellen Huang at the LabCorp location at 139 Centre Street in Manhattan, New York City. She can best be described as a magically gifted stealth vampire. While she tied the rubber strap I looked away and nervously chattered and pumped my fist, all the while explaining that I had always been a "difficult stick". When I turned back to see when she would be ready to start I noticed that she was already filling the 3rd vial of blood. I am 67 years old and THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME I NEVER FELT ANYTHING.

Posted by elydon04

We visited UT Family Practice, Chattanooga, TN. Our lab tech was Linda Sanders. She had a calming and nice personality. It took her 1 stick to draw blood, which normally takes multiple sticks from other. Great job!

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to give kudos to the woman who drew my blood on August 10 at the Emory Crawford Long location. Her name is Yolanda. She was extremely professional and efficient. She has taken my blood on several occasionsuch and afterwards there is never any bruising. I hope that you recognize and appreciate the excellent employee you have. I told her she did a great job, but she needs to hear it from her employer as well.

Posted by Alan

I go to the Labcorp in Palm Coast, FL> They are extremely nice and helpful, especially Wanda Williams. She knows every situation and handles everything great.

Posted by Good4me

I understand from comments listed that LabCorp locations are generally understaffed and I suspect that the 'front office' is probably staffed by people working for less than adequate salary. However, I have never yet had a negative experience with my LabCorp location since I go in without a 'hurry-hurry' attitude and am very well treated, not only by the front staff but by the techs in back. I have never had a long wait and I have never been treated in a dismissive manner.
Kudos to LabCorp employees who have a thankless task and probably are not earning the big $$$ - they ALWAYS take very good care of me and I have nothing to complain about.

Posted by Anonymous

Jay in Uniondale NY location was extremely helpful in getting a fax of my results to my provider's office after 3 other failed fax attempts. Great follow through Jay!

Posted by Anonymous

Today I had a good experience at your Lab in Apopka, Florida.. This is the second time going to this location. Previously I had blood drawn at hospitals, Quest and other places.. Most have trouble finding my vein as they are deep and roll is what I understand. I dread going to have this done. Suzette Collins proved to be very efficient in taking care of me. Each time she is able to do this in one attempt. I found her to be very effecient and professional. Thank you Suzette.

Posted by Anonymous

I had to have blood drawn today. I went to you lab at 2100 Webster st. I was seen by Patrick. He was very professional going about the business of drawing my blood. He put me at ease, the stick I could barely feel, went over all the paper work with me.Patrick is definitely an asset to your company.

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Posted by Larue

Having been a former employee of LabCorp I was very uncomfortable with my pediatrician sending me there to have my Daughters blood work performed. I balked and asked to go somewhere else, ie. Quest or local lab, and was told my insurance (BCBS) only used LabCorp in my area. I took my daughter to Quest and paid for the lab testing out of my pocket. You are taking an awful risk with your life allowing them to do your lab work. I left LabCorp on my own and went to work for a biomedical engineering company. The straw that broke the camels back was when I reported a co-worker making up results and throwing the samples away. I went to my supervisor and was told if I made an issue out of this I would be fired and she would make sure I never worked in a local lab again. The next morning I gave my notice to leave. The whole issue was "can you imagine having to redo 3 months of tests, the embarrassment it would cause the company". What I can't imagine is the risk of not re-testing. These tests were on all age groups from babies to geriatrics. Be careful with your lab choice, it really can make a difference.

Posted by Anonymous

I have applied for several positions with Lab Corp. I have worked in phlebotomy for 6 years. Ran a satellite office for 2 years and they say that I do not qualify. I don't know what more I need to do to get a position with Lab Corp. I have applied in Florida and NC.

Posted by Pissed OFF

My name is Travis A Crabtree I live in Kingston Tn. I worked for Lab Corp for 2.5 years as a service rep in the Knoxville Tn area.

I always did a good job got along well with my co workers. and my clients on my route. I have above good evaluations by my supervisor. Then one day I had a run in with Norman Crowe Supervisor at knoxville. And he fired me due to RETALIATION. I was always told that lab corp frowned on supervisor who RETALIATED against employees who tried to do the right thing .

But this must not pertain to NORMAN . Trust me when I say Norman Crowe

is NO Supervisor. And lacks the skills for this.


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