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Posted by Anonymous

I sent an email several weeks ago regarding an issue with the return policy. I have not received a response. I guess customer service no longer exists at ll be an. My son purchased the leather messenger bag under the old policy and tried to exchange it because the the liner has torn. He was told to take it to a shoe repair shop to have it "fixed". He has not contacted your company regarding this because because he is very angry and disappointed in your new customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

My son purchased a leather mailbag in Dec 2016. The lining has ripped. We went to the 'LL Bean here in Cleveland and we were told the the ripped lining is "normal" wear and tear and they refused to do anything about it. The manager did not "work with us". The "fix" was to take it to a shoe repair shop. Why should he put more money into it? The new policy supposedly does not cover items purchased before Feb 2018. He purchase the bag thinking he would have the return policy at the time of the purchase. We are disappointed in your company. The bag was not cheap and he could have gone elsewhere and gotten a similar item for less. But he thought your company would have stood behind your products.

Posted by Cathy

I purchased a flannel shirt for my son for Christmas who lives in Arizona. It's too large. I had it
monogrammed. Is is too late to return? I live in MA.

Posted by PISSED

I Returned A Jacket The Same Day It Was Delivered. Has Been 2 Weeks And I Was Told It Can Take Up To 3 Weeks To Receive My Refund. No More Bean For Me!!
Way Too Long To Wait For My Money.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased an 850 down coat on december 30, 2017, at the Marlton, NJ store. The sales person advised me to check for the item going on sale in the next 30 days if I wanted an adjustment for the sale price. The item was on sale two weeks later, I contacted the store by phone, was told the item was eligible for the adjustment and just to bring the receipt. When I arrived at the store, I was told it would only have been eligible during a 7 day period, not 30. When I insisted that I was told differently (twice!), I was eventually issued the discount, grudgingly and certainly not gracefully. I did not appreciate being embarrassed and humiliated, and portrayed as trying to get something I was not entitled to. Will not shop there again, and will share my experience.

Posted by miggpa

Wrote a one star feedback on L. L. Bean and they emailed me back and told they will not publish it. All I said was I ordered Xmass gifts on the 1st week in December & one week before Xmas they email me and tell me they may not be able to make the delivery. They had the product but not the help. I called Customer service and was treat so horrible by a customer service rep I hung up on her because she told me I was lucky I was going to even get it. I called back and spoke to management and they agreed that the customer service rep was very wrong. But they still won't allow the truth to be put on there feedback. So watch out Buyers of L. L. Bean the feedback is being selected by L.L. Bean so you are not reading the truth about whats going on. Remember Customers have always been #1 with L.L. Bean but now customer service is just horrible. Next will be their product. I will keep buying but keep a close eye on quality. I will never buy Xmas presents there again. I just can't trust there service anymore. I t is not the first time.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible customer service,like talking to robots
At first I was told tee tops would take one week to be delivered, now it's changed to 2 weeks and all they offer is a $15 gift card towards my next purchase. THERE WILL BE NO NEXT PURCHASE

Posted by Bill

The best place to order merchandise because of their return policy. Have been shopping here for over 40 years.

Posted by MattC

I have been a long term customer with LL Bean, and have recently experienced several problems with this company over the past 6 months. LL Bean seems to have completely fallen apart in their commitment to service.

The exchange/return dept and order dept either have no policies to follow, or choose to not follow policy and make procedures up as they proceed. The resulting frustration and demands on my time to fix overcharges, mis-applied credits, and insulting overtures have resulted in my no longer conducting business with this supposedly "customer driven" company.

I've experienced 3 commitments by supervisors to return my call on 3 separate issues, and all 3 failed to call. Two matters were elevated to the President of LL Bean prior to being addressed, with one issue still outstanding. The prevailing theme is always "we're LL Bean, and we don't make mistakes," even when confronted with irrefutable evidence.

Well, you can celebrate your greatness without my purchases moving forward. I'll shop elsewhere.

Posted by I am not a movie star

I am only too happy to write this review. Like many others, I confronted a customer service person who didn't have a clue about my longtime agreement with ll bean that since I have to buy two sizes of shoes as a result of having polio as a child. The founder's philosophy of what was once a wonderful company guaranteed that for a person such as I that one of the two sizes should carry a 50 percent discount. Last night I spent an hour and a half trying to explain this to a .woman who just couldn't get this through her head or didn't want to. She said I had not received this privilege, but, as she looked at myy purchase history, she did see that I had received a 25 % discount on each pair. Wouldn't that be the same as 50% on one pair? Honestly! She also said the company also considers this a split pair and sends only one shoe of each size. This is not true, either. I have always received both pairs. What planet is this woman from and why is she an employee of LL BEAN? Check out who was working in the "special" customer service for cases such as mine on the evening of February 8. She needs to be fired!

Posted by Long time customer

Returning all of your LL Bean merchandise is a great way to kick off your lifetime boycott of Trump's favored retailer. Thanks for the heads up, Donald!

Posted by lesliemichelson1959

Parents bought in the 1960s

And 70s because of great

Costumer service fast foward

Me last 2 calls one month

Ago told 2 .com

What happened to you


I no longer want to

But from you it is so

Sad my parents bought

From you 50 yrs ago

And I have been for

30 yrs and I know my

Mom would be very upset

If she were alive

Knowing your costumer

Service went from an A to


Please please

Stop sending catalogs

Leslie Michelson

Posted by Anonymous

I received 2 pair of pants too long so went to store to return to avoid xmas rush. Reordered pants and still have not received 1st refund ending up paying twice for same order and it's over a week

Posted by bp

I am on my 3rd pair of Womens Kennebec waders with the 'new seam technology ' ??.... all have leaked in the right foot/leg.
I paid $4 for the 1st pair, when they leaked I gave it a 2nd chance, then when those leaked I gave it a 3rd chance. Well 3 strikes & they are out !! I am done... BUT, now I am stuck with a $254 gift card that I will NOT use....& they refuse to give me a full refund. Is everybody aware of this ?? I should be stuck with a company that I no longer wish to do business with ? Great return policy but too bad if you want your money back.

Posted by PTMickey

I have been trying so hard not to give up on LLBean but they are making it easier and easier to consider. They have given up on those of us who have been with them for years relying on the consistency of size and quality. They have given up on us middle age to older women who don't necessarily like our clothes "slightly fitted" and have been able to buy "relaxed fit" from LLBean for years..... until recently. They added new styles but kept the old tried and true ones....until recently. If you bought something you liked last year, do not be surprised if you can't find it again this year (Men's ripstop cargo pants). Quality control appears to be down the tubes. The fact that I can buy 4 pairs of the same pants in 4 different colors and get 4 different fits is just plain wrong. Yes, they take items back, but they can't keep relying on their easy return policy to keep people happy. I HATE having to return things. And what's with this new exceptionally high/long rise in women's pants?? I can pull some of them up to my rib cage. I would expect these types of clothes from KMart or Walmart, but not from a place that sells simple knit pants for $50. Go back to less fitted clothes. Keep the styles that people buy year after year, Offer more fits for each item, offer more color choices than black, navy, stone and khaki...and sometimes olive. Make some of the shirt choices a little longer (as an option maybe) offer real relaxed fit along with your fitted options for the same garment, and remember, just because some of us need a little more room in the upper body area does NOT mean that we have necks like linebackers...snug them up a bit. I WANT to be able to rely on LLBean choices again. I want to know that once I find a garment I like I can just keep ordering it over and over again. They just aren't listening and the only reason I can think of is because they have given in to the greed mantra of big business.

Posted by Anonymous

Mine is just a general observation of the last few years after having done business with LL Bean for more than 30 years. The quality of your men's clothing products has been on a steady decline. I refer to all shirts mostly. Given the steady decline in quality and the steady increase in prices, it seems LL Beans has chosen the GREED IS GOOD mindset subscribed to by so many people and corporations these days. Also given that they pay very little for the creation of their clothing products, from Asia mostly, LL Beans profits are clearly astronomical. Seems sad to see such an esteemed Maine icon lose their way. Any company/corporation anywhere should be content to make a "fair profit" and not succumb to this excessively greedy WHATEVER THE MARKET WILL BEAR philosophy which sadly pervades our country these days.

Posted by Grace

Dear, Ma'am and Sir.

Hello I am 14 years old and I have a exciting new ideas for your awesome company. LL Bean snow boots for your amazing pets IE. Dogs and cats! I am excited about sending you my idea. Please let me know if I can design for your company. I have a very deep desire to design,anything my heart has passion for! Thank you for your help and time. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Grace. My mom has to send this from her email address because you see there are some very different people in this world, and you have to be careful! Grace L.

Posted by Anonymous

Ordered an item by phone on December 21st. Was promised delivery before Chistmas.
Although I live in Pownal and was planning to go to the store to pick up the item my wife had pointed out she wanted for Christmas I was relieved to order it as I was somewhat immobile because of a knee operation three days ago.
When checking on the order today on line it showed they were out of the item. A follow up phone call confirmed this. They also checked the store to make sure they were indeed out. I wonder why I was not notified until today (12/23)
Very disappointed. We are good regular customers and this is a bad time to be let down.

Posted by kymom

I returned a pair of boots on October 31st via UPS. Tracking showed LL Bean received the boots Nov 5th.it is now Nov 19th,and still no refund. I called customer service and was told refunds could take 1-2 weeks. Well,it's been 2 over 2 weeks,and still no sign of a refund.No e-mail,no money returned to my paypal, and no satisfactory explanation as to why. Very displeased!

Posted by Really now?

UNBELIEVABLE! LL Beans guarantee policy is a joke. Approximately five years ago, my now ex bought me a long winter coat. It was a beautiful color, fit perfectly and was very warm. The only problem I had from the get go was the zipper. I called customer service to see if they had the same coat for a replacement and if they didn't have the same size or color, we'd go with a different color. Well they didn't have either, so I kept the coat. As time went on, I disliked the coat more and more. When it was time to wash the coat and mind you, I followed the instructions to the "T" and I ended up with a flat coat that was no longer warm. Called LL Bean and still no coat that would fit my needs. Here it is five years later and I find the coat on LL Bean's website. I call and explain the situation and guess what? Remember the guarantee, that they will replace it. Well they won't unless I pay the difference from the price then to what it is now. THEY DON'T TELL YOU THAT ANYWHERE ON THEIR SITE! So in order, to get a replacement I HAVE to pay more. That's crazy. I won't even get into the problem I have with their winter boots. If their NOT going to honor their "GUARANTEE" they should remove it from their site and remove it from their stores. Oh and one more thing, the employee's at the LL Bean location in Nashua NH really do need to brush up on their customer service skills, their lacking big time.

Posted by Anonymous

The Newcastle henley I bought has to be one of the worst I've gotten. It is flimsy, poorly made, and came out of the dryer wrinkled and out of shape. I followed the washing instructions c are fully to no avail. I am totally disappointed in the quality of this top. I doubt that I will even try to wear it.

Posted by Anonymous

Visited the Freeport store on 7/13/2015 looking for a kayak carrier...1 employee there with multiple people waiting to get assistance..very disappointed and left after waiting 30 minutes.. downstairs where the bikes were there were 3 employees standing around. Again..very disappointed with the lack of service.

Posted by Ye Olde Yankee

I hate to be negative as I really like LL Bean and their products, but it seems their gift card issues continue and the lack of assistance from the customer service department in quickly resolving the issue is very disappointing (Ol' Leonard Bean must be turning in his grave).
If you want to give gift cards to your family and friends that don't work and have LL Bean require them to tell the purchaser to call LL Bean directly and fix it, by all means this is the perfect gift path for you.
I'll never pursue gift cards from this company again. It is 2015- you'd think they would have it figured out by now.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer Service, L.L. Bean
After a third, frustrating phone call with L.L. Bean this week, I am writing to explain why I will no longer purchase your products for holiday gifts, nor will I recommend your company and products favorably to others. A family member for whom a Christmas gift had been purchased received the order of another L.L. Bean customer. When the family member contacted me about the error, I contacted the company and the correct product was then sent to this family member. He, the recipient, was provided with a return label, and, per his report, the incorrectly shipped package was sent back to L.L. Bean. Approximately one week ago, I received an invoice from L.L. Bean stating that I was responsible for the cost of the INCORRECTLY SHIPPED item, because, L.L. Bean was unable to document that the item had been returned. In this and the subsequent conversation, I was asked by a customer service representative, and a member of the research department, if I would provide L.L. Bean with my family member’s contact phone number so that they could inquire about the manner in which the missing return item was shipped. It is absolutely inappropriate to request that a customer provide another person’s phone number! I would never provide another person’s private information to help solve a company’s shipping error! I was also told that it is L.L. Bean’s policy to bill the recipient for the cost of the item that the company erroneously ships, thus placing the financial and inconvenience burden on the customer who was unfortunate enough to be the recipient of a gift from L.L. Bean. A letter and invoice stating this was then mailed to the unfortunate recipient of my gift. This is simply unacceptable.
While I can appreciate L.L. Bean’s interest in determining the nature of the order/shipment error so that process corrections can be made, I do not understand how L.L. Bean’s mistakes become the financial responsibility of the person who receives their incorrectly shipped orders! When did it become more important for L.L. Bean to recover missing merchandise than to ensure that its customers do not feel anything but satisfied and confident in the products and customer service that L.L. Bean was, heretofore, noted for? Instead, after 3 phone calls, I felt “challenged”, “argued with”, and was made to feel that my position of not providing another’s personal information was interfering with what was portrayed as a reasonable attempt to recover erroneously mailed property. Needless to say, I will no longer purchase anything, for my own use or as gifts for others, from L.L. Bean as dealing with this shipping/tracking error, and customer service/research department has proven to require more time and frustration than I am willing to accept or repeat. That is my “100% Guarantee.”
Sincerely and with Great Disappointment,

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service not very courteous. I exchanged a pair of boots because first pair too big. Prior to the return, I contacted customer service to clarify return shipping charge policy with returns. I was told to write on return slip that customer service said no charge, which I did. However, I was charged for shipping so called customer service and was told shipping charges would be refunded. However, the customer service rep made a point of lecturing me to be sure I understood their policy is to charge return shipping for future reference. He was somewhat rude. The boots were good, but I'm not sure I would do business in the future with a company whose customer service reps feel it's appropriate to lecture what would have been a return customer.

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Posted by No Hurry

Last year me and my wife thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail. About 1/2 way through one of our tent poles broke that I was able to jury-rig until we made it to a trailhead. In Waynesboro we came down and spent the night in a Hostel where I immediately contacted LL Bean and explained the situation. They sent me a replacement set for my tent next day delivery. The only bad thing is that we were "forced" to spend another day in the hostel, take two showers in a row, and eat food besides Mountain House Meals. I was really happy and impressed with the service provided. You can find gear cheaper elsewhere but you can't beat the service.

Posted by Richard

Two days ago I ordered a fireplace rug. It arrived today! Thanks, LL Bean!

Posted by bluedog

I'm very liberal when I return things to LL Bean they have always given completed the return. People on this site complain too much. If you want the price you paid for the item keep your receipt. I keep all of my receipts just for this purpose. Why should LL Bean take your word that you paid full price when you have no proof. You may very well had gotten it half off.


LL Bean has been exceptional with customer service and standing behind their products. I can easily reach them by phone and what more actually speak with someone here...in the good old USA. Refreshingly easy to understand and helpful. Thank you LL Bean!

Posted by L & A

Very positive! Had a 15 year old watch which began to not tell time properly. Within minutes, got a sizeable credit and looked at the watches but opted to buy a very nice bass fishing rod/reel and carrying case package as well as two pairs of pants in a small waist size which is hard to find in most stores. Very pleasant experience working with all the LL Bean staff - about four that afternoon. Much kudos. A and L Libby

Posted by Ozark Lady

I've shopped their catalog for 40 years and I've never had a problem with an item that they didn't fix, and usually there aren't any problems. Their sheets fit better and last longer than any others I've found, same with their t-shirts. I called once to get a bathing suit and gave the lady my measurements, told her I would prefer a sale item as I wouldn't use it much, and I wanted shorts or a cover-up to go with it. She picked out something that she could actually look at where she was, sent it to me, and it was perfect. If I'd gone to a store I would have tried on 20 and not found anything. I really like shopping with a company that I know will stand behind their product.

Posted by [email protected]

I placed an order on 4/10/13 for several items the shipping was very fast however UPS left the package at the wrong address.The address on the package was correct. Its a good thing I have honest neighbors

Posted by Jimbo

Ordered a blanket 4 days before Christmas. They got it to me in 2 two days without asking. the lady I talked to on the phone was very friendly. Their prices was very low for what I got. OUTSTANDING SERVICE!!!!!!

Posted by bea alonzo

i really appreciate LLOyd that is feeling john lloyd he did everything to make sure that everything should be working. He really did a great JOB in letting me powercycle the rice cooker.

Posted by Anonymous

When Hurricane Sandy was on its way, I decided to get my llbean backpack out and get ready to leave. It was from the 1980s, old but looked like new; had been all over with me, camping, college, travel. When I opened it this time, the inside was all sandy and the lining was deteriorating. What a mess. Oh well..I had certainly gotten my $29.00 from it. I called LLBean to order a new one. While on the phone I commented on having to trash the old one and missing it. Surprise! The CS rep suggested I return the old one for a refund. I was a bit embarrassed to even think of mailing it back.. They didn't owe me anything as this product had served well, was very old and had been used in wet, hot, damp etc. conditions. I figured it was normal to deteriorate after all that use. I sent it back anyway, postage paid. A few weeks later, a gift card arrived, for the full refund of the purchase price and tax I had paid way back years ago. Amazing. When the cs rep said they will guarantee their products, they meant it.
I have bought many things from LLBean, and will continue to do so. They sell quality items and stand behind them. I don't know any other business that would have refunded that old backpack.

Posted by tomatorice45

PRODUCT #TC272499 Blue Night Finder IV Travel Alarm Clock. The first clock - up/down arrow to set time worked intermittently. I called customer service and was advised that they had a new and improved model. The new model had the same problem as the first. LL Bean is now sending me a third alarm clock.

Posted by Doc

As an LL Bean customer I must say that reading the negative comments especially the ones about returning everything and that we are humans and not pows are very inflated statements.

I have never experienced a problem with Beans. They take pride and care in all of the work that we do. They take responsibility for their actions whether they were caused by Vendors, UPS, USPS does not matter, they represent LL Beans.

There are many customers that do abuse the system. It does not take Rocket Science to know when items are returned as to whether or not the customer was truthful.

Posted by Lori

The customer service reps are friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, ordering is a breeze, returning and other issues always resolved beautifully. I can't help but keep ordering from them because it is always such a good experience.

Posted by Man of Substance



Posted by ruth smith

Cutomer service is excellent.I have never had a bad complaint about their service..Excellent merchandise-too bad they are not made in the USA !!!

I wanted to make a comment about their merchandise. I just purchased bermuda shorts #TA262447. I would recommend these shorts -they wash well and are so comfortable, my only complaint is that they were't on sale !!

Posted by Brian

I like that their customer service folk are friendly, cheerful and understandable.

I purchased a pair of jeans and a hole ripped in a rear pocket within a few months. I folded the jeans and put them on a shelf intending to send them back to Bean. 6 years later they were still on the shelf. I finally sent them back and received a new pair of jeans within a week. No questions asked.

I bought a pair of Cresta Hiker hiking boots and the rand started peeling off after a year. I meant to send them back but they were still usable so I used them for another year until they eventually became unusable. They sat in the closet for another year, then I called customer service and they said to send them back. Received a brand new pair of Cresta Hikers even though the old pair was three years old.

Their customer service is among the best I've encountered.

Posted by winger25

Superb company with friendly knowledgeable people. They are also empowered to make decision to resolve any issues. As a reult thyey are fun to deal with and worth the miner cost increase for some of their product. By the way many of their product are of superior quality when compared to others of the same type.

Posted by Scruff

As a new customer of LL Bean, I was really satisfied with the service received. The item I needed was not on the shelf and the associate checked the warehouse for availability. Having sourced my item in the warehouse, she advised me that she's have in in the store the next day. I received a call that same evening to either pick up my item or have it shipped to my house for free. Since I only lived about 20 minutes from the store, I opted to go to the store and get the item. Great customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a pair of trail model hiking shoes and a fitness fleece pullover. When i called to place the order they were very friendly. When i recieved the items, I tried them on and the fleece was a little too big, so i called and they were very helpful explaining how to return it and get the right size. I give them 5 stars. 100% satisfaction guarentee, you cannot beat that.

Posted by terto

Wonderful Customer Service!

Posted by Kathleen West

Its pleasure to deal with LL Bean. I have been a customer and a fan for almost 20 years. Their products and employees are of the highest quality, so I rarely shop anywhere else for items they carry. Their credit card that gives me bonuses I can use to buy stuff, free shipping, free returns, and free monogramming are a real deal, which is hard to find nowadays.

Posted by jaques

Love the fact one can call up and get a person in three rings. Always friendly, even at 3AM, and will work hard to fix things when problems happen with the merchandise.

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Posted by Buddydog

I work for LLBean and their management in Freeport and my store simply DO NOT know what they are doing. Morale in our store is rock bottom and no one is happy there. They are trying to fire the highest paid ($11.00 an hr ! )with trumped up charges. Everyone is miserable. All of their merchandise is made in third world countries and it is literally crap, it falls apart so easily.
You can reture ANYTHING and you can ask for a CHECK, not a credit. They must give it to you !


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