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58 Positive Comments out of 1,869 Total Comments is 3.10%.

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    • 25.50 Overall Rating
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    • 1,811 negative comments (96.90%)
    • 58 positive comments (3.10%)
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Posted by Sachin

I have been facing so many technical issues with my lg washing machine
. The customer care centre is least bothered . The technician gave me a fraud product . ( A trolley for my washing machine ) that spoiled my machine . The customer care is least bothered to answer any query . They are just eager to charge money . Nothing else . The company is loosing it's authenticity . I would suggest not to buy lg washing machines. As I'm feeling really disappointed with the product

Posted by Anonymous

I returned my headset to LG after speaking to a representative and submitting all required documentation via email and internet. I returned my items in the original box with the charger as requested. That was 2 weeks ago. On 7/5/2018 I received my headset back, minus the box and charger. The packing slip state the proof of purchase was not received and the device was returned as is. I tried to get this resolved via phone to no avail. I will not buy another LG headset again. Their service is horrible and they do not back their devices.

Posted by J. Till

I was thrilled about the purchase of my gas stove. Until, I needed it repaired. I phoned LG to speak to customer service for help. I got ABSOLUTELY NO HELP. They told me it only had a 12 month warranty unless I purchased an extended warranty. I did not have original receipt.I purchased stove from Lowe's. I called Lowe's corporate office and they were AMAZING!!!! The woman that I spoke to wad extremely helpful, kind, polite and was wanting to reslove the problem.She took down all my information and and extended a courtsey warranty. I thought that was extremely kind. I was thrilled. After reading all the complaints on LG appliances and dealing with LG corporate and custoner service, o e would think that they would want to jump through hoops to make customers happy!! LG has no problem taking your hard earned money and they will not back up their products. God forbid LG in wanting to do the right thing!! Where is LG's integrity???!!! If I were a major corporation, like Lowe's who carries LG I would NOT want to do business with them based on the absolute HORRIBLE Customer Service LG gives, or should I say the lack of. Lowe's has impeccable customer service and well trained corporate employees and I would think they would want associated business that they represent to have the same impeccable customer service as they do. I am extremely disappointed with LG and will never buy another product from them. But, I will continue to be a loyal Lowe's customer. And next time I purchase a major appliance I will look at only AMERICAN MADE!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Worst experience ever with a company customer service. Hours on the phone on hold listening to the same song over and over and over. Trying to repair a recalled washer for six months now. In excess of 10 home visits by four different companies still not resolved and LG customer service does nothing. LG products may be good but you better hope you never need service on them because their techs are terrible and LG will not back up their product. They treat their customers awfully.

Posted by Fooled me once...

HORRENDOUS customer service! I have a top load washer less than one year old. On phone with them forever. (Not in US) I got a repair appointment 3 weeks from now. I will NEVER buy an LG anything ever again. THE WORST!

Posted by VSG

Lg Company Products Service Not Satisfactory At All.
Very Rude Call Centre, No Information Available With Service Centre.
Demo Of Washing Machine Not Given Properly. Call Centre Says Customer Need To Pay For Demo.
Never Buy Lg Products.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a lg commercial capacity washing machine and it’s less then 2 yrs. old and has and continues to smell like mildew. I’ve tried every customer service number available multiple times only to be hung up on and told they are unable to hear me. The one person I was able to speak with told me to run the clean cycle 3 times and if it doesn’t call someone for service. I am calling someone for service YOU, your the one who made and sold it, your the one that charge almost $1500.00 for it, YOU need to service it!!!

Posted by Rafal

Hi i have my lg g5 just over a year. From the begging the phone losing gps signal wile driving. The phone was 4 times in the repair centre, 1 be EE and 3 tmes by lg. My phone is still not working correctly. When i call. LG customer service they just said they cant do it anything else because is wasting of time and they don't gonna do nothing about it. When i ask for a manager the person said that there i no one i can speak to with. I never see so poor customer service as LG.

Posted by Glenn

Worst customer service I have ever encounted in 62 years ! Spend more time on hold that you do actually talking to someone . I can honestly say its the last LG product I ever buy and I plan on make sure eveyone I know is aware the poor quality of LG products and the even poorer customer service that they provide !!

Posted by Tony

I bought an LG dishwasher about 3 months ago.I started having problems with it,it lost power, called the company and they gave me the case #CNN 180126338946 AND send Calos the technician out to fix it.He told me that he needed to order a part for it it would take 1 week for the part to come in. After a week he came back to fix it then he said the part was not good that he needed to order another part .It would take another week or week and a half for it to come in. After 2 weeks he came back and installed the part and again the part was not good.So he was going to order it again but this time he didn't say how long it would take for it to come in.I keept calling the customer center and I finally asked to have the diswasher replaced after almost 1 month from when the problem started.They say they could't do that because they had already send out the parts for the dishwasher.Now we don't know what to do I want a dishwasher but now I can't afford it I spend lots of money and time.Please don't buy any of their products they have very bad experiences with them.

Posted by kaybe

I have been without a 2 1/2 yr. old LG refrigerator for one month because no service people want to do warrantee work for LG in Ct. They say that they don't get paid or can't get the parts. I have gotten nothing but run around from LG. BUYER BEWARE!

Posted by Anonymous

I assume it is possible to receive worse customer service, however a company would really have to try to perform worse than the LG customer support that I received for my LG washer. Beware.... they pay their vendors so poorly that it is difficult to get anyone to honor their warranty. The one's that do deserve the one star reviews that they earn on web rating systems. Difficult to contact, don't show for appointments, refuse to take the job unless the washer is moved and disconnected before arrival.

The call center for LG is a waiting nightmare. I finally had to pay out of pocket for repairs it took so long and I couldn't go without a functioning washer any longer. Perhaps that was LG's plan all along? I will follow the advice of the independent repair individual and stay far away from LG and Samsung appliances in the future.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear: Lg support staff I have been greatly wounded by the lose of my LgG4, I understand from many others who have suffered the same lose that this is a common problem with the g4 a problem called the (boot loop) syndrome, while others are complaining I on the other hand would like to say that the Lg-G4 was an unmatched phone until I myself encountered the boot loop problem, I will not complain to you more will I bash the company over this issue however I will appeal to whome so every it may concern to please help, I understand that models come and go and that it could be that there is a phone made by LG that is as good or better that my favored g4, I've spoke with many providers and I've even spoke with my Att provider and it only seems they want me to switch to apple or Samsung but it will never happen I'm loyal to LG ever appliance in my home is LG, currently the cost of phones are a bit pricey please help. Thanks for listening ( Clyde Wilson)

Posted by Anonymous

My experience with the one price plan has been absolutely terrible. The work got subbed out to a completely useless company that tried cancelling my appointment 3 times, didn't show up, didn't call and when they actually showed to fix my dishwasher the brought the wrong part, so had to take another day off work. It's been over three weeks and it's still not fixed. I call LG to ask them to take care of it and send a different company and get put on hold constantly., I've have waited on hold for over two and a half hours in total. When I ask for a supervisor to speak to I get the run around, and when I finally get to speak to one he said he would look into the problem and call me back within 48 hours, and of course did not. So in total I've had to take 4 days off work which is worth a lot more than just the dishwasher, they won't even refund my money or do anything about the situation except pass you around in circles until you get pissed off enough to give up. I'm not giving up I want my dishwasher fixed or my money back.

Posted by Anonymous

Ordered a LG OLED55C7P from Dell, shipped via Pilot. Typical Dell transaction, as of now although it shows shipped, it wasn't ready for pick up last Friday when it should've been. No answer from Dell via email to CSR and TWO supervisors. Need a wall mount for TV, apparently, this particular model, doesn't always fit the specs shown. LG customer service, an oxymoron, spoke such terrible English that when she phonetically spelled the name of a company that could give me info on the wall mounts available. Of course this company directed me back to LG. Obviously, no management oversight. Someone in LG's upper management needs to care.

Posted by LauraG68

My LG PH300 Projector broke a few months after warranty expired. Your company wants to charge $169 to repair their faulty projector! This is almost 50% of cost of original. I am so disappointed in this response and based on this decision on your company's part, would never buy an LG projector or any other appliance again. You have just lost a previously loyal customer. I have an LG projector, washer/dryer and fridge. I have already posted about this on social media and plan to share my experience as widely as I can.

Posted by Lindylou

This company doesn't seem familiar with the term "Customer" They will try to get out of a repair under the manufacturers guarantee by any means they can.
I have just had a shocking experience with LG refusing to mend my fridge door seal within the guarantee period. Their call centre staff are unsympathetic and arrogant and have only been trained to repeat their spiel over and over again.
I will never buy an LG product again and I am telling everyone I know of my recent experience.

Shame on LG for hiding behind a brick wall of unhelpful customer service.

Posted by Gadgets514

am writing in reference to a bluetooth headset that was sent in for repair on October 5, 2017. The headset was deemed to be under warranty and therefor would be replaced in the event it could not be fixed. Unfortunately the headset which is model LG HBS-1100 in Black had to be replaced since it could not be fixed. I was contacted to advise me that the color i had could not be replaced and therefore offered a gold color. I explained to the rep that black or silver were the color i wanted as i do not like wearing gold. She offered me the LG HBS-F110 which was a nice gesture but did not meet my needs as i tend to lose those kind of bluetooth. I asked if I could go to the store and repurchase my headset and send the bill to LG and was told that this was not possible. I asked if I could requested the LG HBS-W120 but was denied that request and told that there is nothing else that can be done. Now i do understand that the model i asked for is $20 more expensive and i offered to pay for the difference but i do not want to get a model that i am not comfortable with. I have repeatedly called to get a solution but it seems that nothing was tried. It is like buying a black sneaker only to be exchanged for a pink one or downgraded. This is not acceptable and i feel cheated as a customer.

If i cant be given the same color of headset then a suitable options should be given.

Posted by Neeta Dadhwal

Complaint for a defective LG 528 GL 466 Ltrs Refrigerator lodged in end Jul and still pending resolution. Complete LG Staff giving false assurances of solving the problem with new dead lines every week.

Extremely poor after sales service. Think before you by any LG Product

Posted by Salem Shouhan

Dear Concern,

Kindly note that I have purchased washing dishes having following details,

Date of Purchase: 05.08.2017

Place of Purchase: Cairo, Egypt

I purchased this LG washing dishes set keeping in mind that LG Electronics is a market leader and the products are of very good quality and work for years and years without any trouble. But, I think I was wrong, my experience is so bad about such most trusted brand. I call LG Cairo office and they sent a technician to install the washing dishes on 28 August 2017; even the washing dishes was bran new the technician found more than 1 cm difference between the top and the bottom of the door and we asked him is this normal? He said no problem. After few days the washing dishes start leaking a lot of water and also sign of HE appears. We called again LG for this problem and they sent other technician and said there is problem with the door that more than 1 cm difference between the top and the bottom of the door. He told us that the first technician should not install the washing dishes and he should advice you to replace it. The LG took the washing dishes to their store and now told us that no problems with washing dishes and asked us to bring dishes, pan, etc. to their store to try the washing dishes machine!

LG in Cairo now refuse to change the washing dishes machines even the problems of the1 cm difference between the top and the bottom of the door which considered manufactured problems. We have report from LG Cairo that there is 1 cm difference between the top and the bottom of the door that lead to water leaking. We ask the mother LG to take action and we keep all our legal rights. We can send you copy of this report written by LG Cairo.

Posted by Aswin

Don't buy any product's of LG.I bought a LG air conditioner 3 months before its not working and I am fed up with the product.
No service.I am going to complaint it in the consumer court bcoz I am also using a washig mechine of this same company new I have spent 10000/- for its complaint for spare parts.

Posted by Mrs P

I need to know how to get assistance replacing or fixing my washer that’s nearly 3 yrs old and the bleach pour area rusted so bad ....the rest of washer fine this is a MANUFACTURED problem ...very disappointed
I have pictures etc

Posted by Anonymous

Really sucks. Chat agent dropped me ten minutes after taking my question and then "I'll be right back". Second time no response at all with "1 customer in front of you" after ten minutes.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a brand new LG washer that I have had since june. I had a part go out in aug and as of now still have not received the part from LG. I have been in contact with the appliance service and they have contacted LG abiut the part and have still not received word on when they will get it. I will never buy another appliance from them again. This is the worst service I have ever received on anything major that I have purchased.

Posted by Anonymous

Very dissatisfied with service. My fridge stopped working and even though it was under warranty, they asked us to pay 40 thousand for replacing it with new fridge. Even the higher officers do not respond well.

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Posted by suresh

LG trivandrum, NCC road service team was really good especially Mr Deepesh, Mr jayan .
I am suresh from Aruvikkara went with LED TV yesterday to NCC road service center trivandrum Kerala both are very good, helpful, and no word to describe. Thanks Mr deepesh and Mr Jayan I worte a letter to lg board of directors to congratulate them.

Posted by Thelma

I spoke to a customer support person, female, called Lexi. She was very helpful, understanding, respectful and solved by LG TV problem. The have had this TV for 9 years without a problem and expect another 9 years now. Thank you for training Lexi well and give her several stars.

Thelma Dixon

Posted by Anonymous

Just purchased the LG Aristo, It is great... I think serves all pf my basic needs perfectly. I couldn't be more satisfied wow!

Posted by Michael

In Cape Town, South Africa. TV six months old deteriorating at the bottom of the screen. Told LG that my wife is on Chemo and there's "no we'll take it away for evaluation or any such rubbish" Within a couple of days a very competent techy Paulo came to the house. Agreed with the defect and found one we had not noticed. Parts ordered, appointment made, kept in touch the whole time. All done within a week or so. You don't get better than that, BUT you must be firm and clear.

Posted by JD

Mike Kitchen, Windsor Electronics, Windsor VA provided great LG service.

A quick note to again thank you for your prompt and excellent service, repairing our LGTV 10/28/2016.

Posted by fred

For "Jasper" -
thank you for your instructions on how to find my TV's WPS PIN.
My el cheapo remote does not have a "home" buttion on it.
I ended up getting a TWC WIFI modem and hooked it up and now all's well as I'm connected to a WIFI network which is the reason I asked about that PIN.
Thank you for you help and mention to your management that I'm very happy with your support.

Posted by Anonymous

Excellent customer service. Resolved washing machine issue ( Replacement of motor) under warranty with in 24 hours. Great company. Keep it up. Request number

Posted by Abhijeet

I have purchased nexus 5 from sahivalue website, the cell was secondhand but it was in waranty, after purchasing i came to know that they have cheated me, the cell used to restart after starting camera or any other inbuilt app, i have contact to andheri lg service center,they came to quick decision of changing the motherboard of mobile and replacing it with new one, they returned my mobile within 2 days with new motherboard, inshort to say the service was too good, fast and smooth, LG AT THE BEST......

Posted by Buck

This is not a complaint I recently purchased my lg v10 phone.
I was a loyal Samsung note user (thought they were the best).
I was wrong this hands down the absolute best phone I have ever put in my hands.
The only thing I would like to see is a set of ear buds designed for this phone I purchased one for my wife and mother is getting one this Friday

Posted by Dr, Phil

called lg about electric range recall, they told me it would be two week before they could fix it. when i asked Theresa at LG how i was going to feed my family for two weeks she basically said that it wasn't their problem. They would not switch out the whole unit, pay me back for eating out or pay me back for a new unit that i pay for. Very poor service, I will never but another LG appliance, ever

Posted by JohnCap523

It's great that they have advanced diagnostics for remote troubleshooting but they rely a bit too much on that. The first tech I reached wasn't very knowledgable. The second was good. And today the third was excellent and scheduled an actual service call.

Posted by Rick Hedlund

Hello my name is Rick Hedlund and I live in Kamloops British Columbia. I just wanted to tell you my experiences with LG first I bought my LG fridge 12 years ago and recently replaced it with a 27 cubic foot stainless steel one. I also own a LG dishwasher and an LG microwave in a couple months I will have my new LG slide in range. I recently bought a 55 inch LG Smart TV and have four other flat screen LG TVs in my house I just bought my daughter an LG 42 inch TV as well, also I have a fairly new LG washer and dryer I did have an LG Air Conditioner stand up unit but I sold it. So if you need a spokesperson for LG I would be your guy, lol... I have had good luck with all my LG products and will continue to go LG like they say life's good with LG thank you Rick Hedlund

Posted by LG Product Suggestion


My self Dhaval Joshi from Gandhinagar Gujarat, I had purchased an LG washing Machine (Top Load) in the Month of April 2015.Since then the product is excellent and I am very much happy about the service too.The one thing which I would like to suggest to LG team that the protection about rat tray which is provided at bottom of the machine, since it is made of plastic the rat can easily damage and make entry inside the machine and damage the harness, i had suffered the problem twice, at last i had ordered an shed sheet on my cost and fixed it.

It would be good if this point can be noted, rest everything is perfect and I am very much happy with the LG products too.

Dhaval Joshi

Posted by Baps

I couldn't get my netflix & youtube to work on my new LG smart tv. Customer service was so nice & patient to slowly walk through what might be wrong. When she finished everything was working fine. This has never happen this great for me before but first time for everything. When I read the reviews people were saying a lot of them couldn't get netflix to work and was not happy with the purschase of lg because of the suck service. Happy to say and please post this, kodos to andrea she was great and easy to talk to and work with. Thank you so much for andrea and her help. If it never happens again I appreciate this first. Again andrea,YOU GO GIRL!

Posted by Anonymous

I am very pleased that you backed up your product and made the appropriate repairs free of charge. I will be a lifetime customer. Thank you. Robert Vanlanen.

Posted by Anonymous

Our dishwasher crashed on the exact expiry date of our five year warranty, and it was some days later before we realised that fact, yet we had no problems with LG honouring the claim.
And the serviceman Uday was fantastic - polite, prompt and kept us informed all the way through (one of the best we have experienced).
Has restored some faith in LG that had been waining.
Well done

Posted by Jake900

My LG experience has been very good, as I own the LG G2 mobile phone which is the best mobile device I have ever owned. I originally purchased my G2 after reading a review for it at http://thorntonreviews.com/lg-g2/, and I must say that it was the best choice in smartphone purchasing I have ever made. I was originally unsure on how to run some applications on my G2 so I contacted LG, whom gave me a swift, reliable response.

Posted by Lea1987

I just wanted to share with you, that my g2 got ran over by a car in full speed, but it survived. Not the screen obviously, but the phone works perfectly after i fixed the screen. So... good phone:)

Posted by Vinod Sharma (9899240739)

I am a working lady from Ghaziabad and I would like to express my thanks to MR. Vinod sharma(mobile no :9899240739 ) for his awesome service as my fridge part was not available in the store but he went to another store which was not in his route and was able to deliver his service before time.

I would like to express my gratitude for such kind of seriousness in the work and would wish Mr Vinod for his bright future ahead.

At last thanks LG for keeping such a great service.

Mohan Nagar

(I am writing mobile number as I dont know the Mr Vinod sharma employee id.....but i really want to thank him)

Posted by alec melbourne

Exceptional quality assistance from young LG lady (chris) talked me through repair to my large screen TV that I thought had "perished" 5 stars & success!

Posted by andy

HI, I have a lot of appliances I purchased from LG and its just my 1st time to experience problem with my refrigerator... I call tech supp hotline number and vola !! they help me to ressolve it over the phone.. very good cust servc. LIfe's good. I've been working to cust sevc also before and there r rules that I need to follow or else I will be get terminated..but LG tech support really help me even I know that they r not following already there rules as long as they can help me coz they feel my frustrations.. they still make a lot of ways. i lov LG!! so LG should love there employee's..

Posted by [email protected]

hi my name is jason brown. i bought a set of your bluetooth headsets that i absolutly love and even brag about. i own all lg devices from phone to tv to lap top even some appliances. i prefer lg over any other high tech co. i suggest it to all i know that the price is half the quality. how ever the buttons on my lg bluetooth headset have stopped working. i would hope that you could make things right for me. thank you much

Jason Brown

Posted by i don't know

Hi I'm arash i come from Thailand but i live in Iran.
On May 2014 i buy one LG smart phone and after afew months my phone get small problem and when i go to the Iranian LG customer service for clear problem my phone they said we can repair for you.
But when i said my phone is new phone and i don't like repair my phone and i like to change it they said we can't change it for you and when i complain to the manager of LG customer service he get angry me and talk to me to bad and said up to you You can't do nothing with us.
So if manager of LG company buy other products from other companies and get problem same like me what he can do and really that answer it's good.
Thanks with warm regards hope can clear it problem with Iranian LG customer service

Posted by Rick M

Everyone knows that most people don't take the time to provide positive feedback, which is why any tally of positive vs negative comments is generally pretty useless. However, I'm going to buck the trend a little, and provide some positive feedback.

We just today had a very positive experience with the LG service technician who came to our home to check out our LG refrigerator. The two problems we were experiencing with our 3+ year old refrigerator were minor, but we have an extended warranty from Home Depot that will be expiring soon, so we figured we should find out if we had something that might get worse with time.

The problems were the crushed ice dispenser sometimes getting jammed and no longer able to turn (when it had not done this for three years) and the water dispenser dripping 6-10 times over a period of several seconds after shutting it off. Minor, but still a little annoying. The technician checked things over, and to make a long story short, the problems were from hard water and from leaving the freezer side door open too long.

For the dripping: Hard water causes calcium to build up around/in the water outlet. The valve is in the back of the refrigerator, so the dispenser tube is always open and water stops when pressure is removed. The calcium build-up in effect "pulls" water from the dispenser. Cleaned it with white vinegar and problem solved.

For the crushed ice, when the freezer side door is open, air enters a little vent port in the ice maker section right at the bottom of the ice storage container. Leave it open a long time, and the warmer air entering starts to melt the ice right above the crushing blades, causing a more solid block of ice to form. Turns out this problem started to occur when my mother came to stay with us for a while, and I have noticed she tends to leave the doors open for a long time. Keep that door closed or open for shorter periods and the problem is solved.

The tech was arrived on time, was friendly and courteous, and took the time to test, explain and clean things up. There was no charge for this. This is the right way to do business. And, by the way, we really like this refrigerator.

Posted by 49UB850T

I am using 49UB850T as a computer monitor
each time computer starting up,
a low definition display mode was crossed through,
This TV will response warning to user to connect to other low definition INPUT,
and hold there waiting user to response;
this is quite annoying, there should be a method to inhibit this unnecessary warning.

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Posted by Paulasee

I worked for sears,I had my own company I am a consumer and have problems also,Im a LG technician,Ive been to so many homes,Ive been authorized to work on every manufactures products at one time or another,, LG really tries to take care of their customers,I know, They do it harder than anyother Manufactur Ive seen,,
Problem is most of you wine bags are so out of touch with todays CS business,Its not 1950 anymore you call and screem and name call and threaten to call a lawyer or tell everyone you know or ever meet not to buy their products,,You know you lying, Blowing off steam,,
Just call be polite, Document every contact.keep in contact dont yell, dont make threats, If after several attemps call your consumer division of the AGs office and file a complaint this works, you might not like it but thats what you have to do..
Believe me, Today evry big company is the same,,The handle alot of calls and the ones that fall thru the cracks dont like it..Its not personal, just hang in there


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