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LA Fitness customer service is ranked #720 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 25.11 out of a possible 200 based upon 932 ratings. This score rates LA Fitness customer service and customer support as Terrible.


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29 Positive Comments out of 932 Total Comments is 3.11%.

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Posted by Kay

One of their personal trainers has held a grudge against my partner because she rejected his advances five years ago. Last week, he verbally attack her out of no where because she evidently "made eye contact" with him. No one at LA Fitness local, district or corporate has done anything except to say, 1) "I'm just embarrassed and frustrated", 2) "that is totally unacceptable", 3) "I'm far from okay with it", 4) "I agree, he should have been fired on the spot", and other similar, worthless comments. The attack was witnessed by three other club employees and several club members but evidently they need to get the trainer's side before deciding "if" they are going to reprimand the trainer. I'm getting an attorney to look into what I need to do to protect my family from further harassment. The trainer obviously has an ax to grind, has access to our personal information and now has the green light from LA Fitness that aggressive behavior is rewarded in their company.

Posted by Don’t have one

Once again another club that canât get it together and have an reliable opener on the weekend. At least 20 people standing outside to go in. I was thankful that this club opened an hour prior to the others so I could get my workout in prior to working my weekend shifts. There is never a âmanagerâ working on the weekends to help rectify the situation. Maybe they need to hire a weekend manager so that this doesnât happen? Or maybe I need to take my membership to another club that fits my needs? Obviously I would love to Sleep in, but when I make an effort to wake up and take care of my personal stuff so I can get to the gym on time. Then to show up and it not be open is frustrating. ABSOLUTELY SICK OF THIS HAPPENING!! I donât complain, but I expect the place to at least be open the hours listed.

Posted by Anonymous

I came LA fitness this morning Sunday Nov 26 at the location 22nd AveN Saint Petersburg Florida

The guide at help desk took my money $15 for the Yoga class at 11am, and there was few people in the room, a couple minute the guy at help desk, his name Chase Haltel came the room and said that All the Yoga class will be cancelled at the end of the year!!!

I requested to get the money back, he said that he can't give my money back because the money was put in the safe, he forced me to come the other day to get credit for the other class, I said that I am busy for working and traveling during end of the year

I asked to talk to Manager, his name Nate, he still said the same thing, I Can't Get My Money Back because the money in the safe!!!

Thought about that::

This Location is have a extremely BAD Service I never seen in my life

Even I live very ver far but I try to come to get the Yoga class

Manager want to steal the money from customer? Because they already know the schedule canceled still get the money and still scan the membership cards for all the customers come without informing the cancellation of the class

When I pay I still said that I want the Yoga class this morning,

Manager took the money easily but difficult to get the money back

Total lieing even $15 dollars already in the safe box????

Manager Nate didn't do anything on his duty except saying sorry

Just $15 on my money but I don't know how many people already scanned membership cards, they took all the money from Medicare

A lot of people complained a lot about this issues

Call me working day from 9am to 6 pm to let me know what is going on

I hope everyone don't be cheating like my case on Nove 26,2017

The bad service at LA fitness located at 22nd Ave North Saint Petersburg Florida

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible in Inglewood, California club...on Century Blvd. It is now 0632 hours, and the club is not open. Many have sped off in their cars due to what appears to be disgust. One young lady that I KNOW catches the bus up and back has just briskly walked off towards her bus stop....I mean, it doesn't make sense. We sign up for memberships, and have to follow all if the written by-laws and agree to all that is written. We pay our dues based on the hours the establishment advertises...yet the failure/s seem to be on your end. That's not an attraction bargain!!!

Posted by Anonymous

PLease! Will you PLEASE get some water pressure to come out of the women's showers so we can take a proper shower and rinse off all the stinky clorine from the pool? I am talking about Somerdale NJ pool and shower water pressure. Even taking 3 times as long to try and rinse off (which makes it so your company does NOT save any money from having poor water pressure!) even taking 3 times as long the chlorine doesn't wash off enough due to very very pathetic water pressure in the showers! We can't go to work after using the pool and the showers, we stink SOOOO bad!!! PLEASE increase the water pressure in the women's showers!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been coming to LA Fitness for over 15 years and I have been attending lately the Torrance Gym Delamo Mall and for the past 2 to 3 months the hot water seems to be off a lease once a week if not more it was working fine before 1 pm today cold water running fine please assist by keeping the hot water on more than cold in shower I hate to inform you of this matter but it is time never has this happened so much

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the LA Fitness in Fort Lauderdale and had an unusual experience. The girl working the front desk made an announcement saying "if anyone is still in the building after 8:00, you are considered trespassing and your membership may be revoked." It was 8:01pm and I purposely walked out at that time just to see how she would handle the situation. So I told her that I never heard of that from any LA Fitness ever and I have been with you guys for 26 years (former Ballys Total Fitness member). She told me that the reason that everyone has to be out by 8:00 sharp is because they only get paid up until 8:00pm and no later (this was a Saturday). I told her that is a labor violation and that your company could be in major trouble for not paying employees for all hours worked. I told her that I will notify you all about the labor violation and she said please do. I'm really notifying you about the lack of customer service that was given to many members. I told her that sometime members can run late and there should be some kind of grace period, like most clubs who do not have any issues. She said " the grace period is from 7:55pm to 8:00pm that why I make the announcement." I'm looking at her like she is crazy. She didn't realize that I have been a member for 26 years and been to many LAFitness across the country. Bottom line, employees like this need more training and should not make up her own rules. Secondly, guest should not be threatened that their membership will be revoked for walking out at 8:01pm. Did I mention that it was 8:01 when we were having this conversation? By the way, about a month ago, another employee at this same location told me that the whirlpool closes at 7:45pm ( this was a Saturday also). I politely told her that the club closes at 8pm and all equipment and facilities should be open until 8pm just like your hours of operation say. She said someone told her that the manager told her to do this. So I coached the employee and told her if she don't hear it from the manager, don't do it. She said ok and allowed me to stay without harassment. I really think you need more training to follow policies and procedures at this location. This is the location that is close to my home and I would like to go to a club without threats and harassment. By the way, this happened on Saturday, August 12, 2017 between 7:30pm and 8:01pm and the employee was a caucasian female in her early 20s. I didn't get her name. And the exact location is 6501 N. Andrew Avenue in Fort Lauderdale. Thank you for your attention to this serious matter.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a member of the la fitness club in Elmhurst, Il. Since January 2017. I believe the club open in December. About two months ago they clean that there was a water leak on the roof and they claim to have been working on it since. To this day none of the classes have taken place. I joined this club because it was five minutes from my home. I do not feel I should have to drive three times further to get another club. I have called three times The first time the customer service manager, Cynthia was supposed to call me back, never heard. The second and third time I have been given stupid excuses for why they're not having classes. I made a suggestion to hold the classes and the basketball court, since there's hardly ever any one in there. Would I be able to get a straight answer from anyone at corporate?

Posted by Anonymous

First of all I would like to say overall I'm very satisfied with LA Fitness. But I have one major complaint that has gone on deaf ears--The Center at 4240 N First Ave. in Tucson AZ. runs the AC 24/7 very cold in the pool area. Everyone has complained and we all get the same BS response we are working on it. I've been complaining for over 30 days..I've talked to the centers GM and the new Corporate GM there with NO help!
Please Assist

Posted by Anonymous

I'm a member at 1565forest Ave in Staten island New York. This facility has been open for two months waiting for the health Dept to open the pool up. Just wondering what's the hold up. This pool is very much needed and is not open yet please find out what's the problem. Thank you.

Posted by Jacqueline Danner

I am trying to cancel a personal training membership that I was locked into without given the information. In November 2016, I went to your Clifton NJ office to sign up my daughter for Personal Training as she was required to train by her school when not in school. I told them I only needed the services until mid January 2017 as she would be back in school then. They told me that was fine and I would be able to use the rest of her service for that month. Unbeknown to me the contract I signed was given is a 1 year contract. I did not get a copy of the contract. I have been trying to cancel the service as I do not need it and kept getting told I have to pay $500.00 to get out. I also currently have 23 unused sessions and I asked why can't they use the unused sessions as a write off for the $500.00 and they will not do this. As it stands I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau if this is not resolved as this was not what was told to me. I requested personal training for 2 months and was given a 12 month contract which I have not used since January and which they will not terminate. I want this contract terminated as it was unfair and the 23 unused sessions should be able to go towards the ending it.

Posted by Ricmarroquin

I was grand-fathered into LA finess in chicago when ballys was bought out years ago. An employee by the name of Christian Lara sold me a membership renewal and offered guesst privilages added to my current membership with my renewal. He lied about adding the service and lied about the conversation he had with me to he manager Trish Williams. Trish williams talked to me about what happened, still she stated she could not do amything about her employee laying to sell me a menbership renewal. Laying to sell a service is wrong and iligal. My membership has been active since 1992 always payed in full and in good standing. The next person in the chain of comand is David Broome ill see how concerned he is about LA Fitness customers.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a member at LA Fitness in Denton, TX. They have the worst customer service ever and no one is doing anything about it!!! There's a trainer there named Larry M. who has continued to harass me during every visit. I was told I couldn't use the training section or any of the equipment in that section. The first encounter he yelled and cursed at me and called me disrespectful names. The VICE PRESIDENT of the company was in that day and didn't do anything about it. He just sent him home early!!! The VP told me the only time I'm allowed to use the equipment is if no one is using it. I have a messed up shoulder so I can only use lower weight dumbbells that you can't typically find in the weight room. I grabbed the weight and walked away for a second to re-rack the heavier weight. Larry just came and grabbed the weight as I was about to lift it. I told him I wasn't done using it and since there was a second set of same weight in the training section it was okay for me to use. It wasn't even being used in the first place! As I addressed him, he ignored me and continued to walk. I tapped his shoulder to let him know I wasn't done and he looked over at me and started yelling at me and insulting me in front of all the gym clients. He stares me down or lingers where I'm working out to see if I'm close to the training section. It's shocking to me that him yelling at me is completely normal at this gym. He was very disrespectful and unprofessional. He never targets any other clients at the gym who try to use the gym equipment or workout in the "training" section. I asked the girl at the front desk to call the manager in charge and Larry came to bother me and made a big scene again by yelling. I spoke to the operations manager, super kind and professional guy, and he said he would take care of it. I called corporate and they said they would fix it but corporate didn't sound convincing. What kind of service are you running? A company who can't stand behind their company values! A company that is okay with unprofessionalism! A company who isn't concerned about their clients safety! A company who hires prejudice staff! A company who doesn't care about their clients! A company with terrible customer service! A company who doesn't care about equality! Make this right, LA Fitness!

Posted by Anonymous

I was at Crossroads this morning for the 8:30 Zumba class. I found spits on the floor in the classroom. I went up to front desk and I spoke with Amando the manager and told him about the spits. He was very dismissive and told me that the room was cleaned every morning. I waited for 20 minutes and nobody came. I already had a feeling that he wouldn't take care of it because of his dismissive attitude. I went to the front desk again and spoke with a woman and she immediately called for housekeeping and they came right away.first of all it was disgusting to find spits on the floor and secondly I didn't have to ask twice and Amando's attitude was very disrespectful and unhelpful. I have been a member for over 15 years and I never once made a complaint. This is unacceptable.

Posted by [email protected]

I have used the Hollywood location on El Centro for over 30 years. You took it over a few years ago from Bally's. I have 1 hr for lunch to go to the gym, shower and then back to work. It is frustrating when gym members just sit on the machines and check their emails, text, etc. I have ask the manager Pricilla to contact the corporate office and to put up signs restricting the use of cell phones while on the machines. I don't mind cell phone use but not on my time or I will find another gym that will. Please, please fix this problem. Please have Kevin Sugg who is someone in corporte call me as Pricilla gave me his name to contact. I can be reached Cell. Pricilla told me they get at least two complaints a week on this and something needs to be done. Mr. Sugg's name was given to me by Pricilla.

Posted by Anonymous

I canceled my membership over the phone on February 13th. The employee assured me I would not be charged for February. However, I check my account today and not only have I've been charged for February I have been charged for March as well. When I called to have the situation corrected I was basically told I was lying because they don't cancel over the phone, however, they would cancel my membership over the phone as a courtesy today. Really?? Horrible customer service to steal money from a customer because your staff failed to do their job correctly. I was a member from 11/2014 until 2/2017 and may have went 5 times. So if i didn't have an issue with paying a membership fee for a facility i didn't use for that long of a time then why would i call and lie about cancelling my membership? An organization this size refusing to refund a customer $64 due to their employees error is an organization that does not care about their customers. I will never use their facilities again and I will be sure to tell everyone i know about my horrible experience.

This was the Mt. Laurel, NJ facility. Manager name Andrew.

Posted by Anonymous

I've been a member of the Bristol Connecticut club for a year now. Several cable machines went off line in mid November and are still off line. The club manager stated this is a corporate issue and should be corrected by months end. Is this correct as I feel the equipment is not properly maintained.

Posted by Anonymous

Your club at coral ridge Florida has not kept up to your reputation as an elit club.

The equipment isn't maintained the ceiling is leaking and overall very unsanitary as to the equipment and restrooms .

Planet fitness is cleaner than your operation.

I really in the past enjoyed your club but now my not renew my yearly contract for my family

Posted by Anonymous

The worst experience in the Altamesa location in Fort Worth Texas I need someone to contact me ASAP !!!!! I feel like LA Fitness just wants the money and doesn't care about the customer service !! customer service is the first priority please!

Posted by Anonymous

I belong to la fitness i workout at the location on cicero in oaklawn on 88th Cicero, we have had 2 machines that have been broke for almost a month now and the answer is we a fixing them. They are the only 2 cable machines for triceps in the building, i feel i am not getting my mo eys worth which i taken out mo thly with no problem. Maybe next time my payment is due is should say its getting fixed!!

Posted by Casey7

I went to LA Fitness with my 82 year mother cuz she wanted to see it, and possible sign her up for classes with people her age.
When we walked in there' were two girls at the counter and I asked her what she needed. She came accoss very impatient and asked if I had my card I told her I didn't have it and she said very snotty I need to see your license. Once she verified me I told her my mother wanted to see the place and she said again very snotty " she cannot workout." I said we be a few minutes. After my mother and I walked thru the gym we standied watching an aerobic class outside the window of the class. The girl at the counter came up and said my mother is not allowed on the floor . I told her we are not on the floor we are outside of the class. She said we had to leave without any type of concern. I asked her name and she said Martha, she insisted we speak to her manager He was sitting on the phone when we walked up. I began to explain what happened and she told us as long as she didnt work out my mother could go in and see the gym. She denied she said that. Then the manager said rudely it's liability reasons she's not allowed on the floor. I explained to him we were thinking of having her sign up for membership. He kept repeating this is a liability as we were walking towards the door he yelled at us to get out . "Real nice customer service with my 82 year old mother getting kicked out of a gym". I go to different LA Fitness in Phoenix and at the other gyms the customer service is great. I have been at this gym at 16st and Greeneway, more than the once the customer service at the desk was non existent . Very rude people that work there. . With How we were treated today I will never return to that LA Fitness t 16 st and Greenway again. I have been a member with 24 Hour Fitness which is now LA Fitness for twenty years.

Posted by Anonymous

I am Richard Piper, a member for 8 years now. In the last several months the pools and the hot tubs for the Rockville and the Gaithersburg (Clopper Road) clubs have been in and out of service. This is important to me because I have a pinched nerve in my back that I have been rehabbing and the pool and hot tub have been two important parts of that rehab. For a while I was calling the clubs to see if the pools were in service. Then they got fixed and I stopped calling ahead, only to find that they were out of service again. Frustrating.

I don't like to complain. Running a fitness club like you do is complex and things break or wear out. But this last period has been over the top as far as I am concerned. I really would like to get a one month refund of my dues for the hassle, inconvenience, and just plain not being able to use the facilities that I am paying for.

I hope you will consider this. It is fair. Richard Piper,

Posted by Anonymous

Hello there! I'm hoping someone can answer a question for me? Is La Fitness planning to ever open another gym or at least expand and remodel the old one that's located in Doral, Florida? I'm not sure if you guys are aware of the overcrowding in that gym and that city keeps growing with all the construction going on around there so the population will grow along with it. If the west Flagler location wasn't so far away from me, I would much rather go there since aside from it being a brand new gym, it is also very spacious. I used to live in Tampa, Fl and I remember having 2 gyms close to me and there was always availability of equipment, meaning I didn't have to wait to the point that my training got affected. Ever since I moved to Doral, I have been very frustrated with the limited locations. This area screams for another LA Fitness. The other "closest" gyms to me are located in areas where I have to spend more time in traffic than in the actual gym. PLEASE please please make your necessary surveys to analyze this frustrating situation. I have even considered switching gyms because of this overcrowding.

Posted by Pam

I can not stand anymore to come to this gym and 40%of matchine was broken and been broken sine September 2016 then constanly broken almost every single thing. The problem is They are just been ignored .Im not sure if the manager what is un his mind.

Posted by Anonymous

Our pool has been shut down since December 2016! We keep getting the runaround on its reopening. 1st it was 2 weeks then it was another week now it's they are waiting for a part to be Approved! This club is failing we h a very already lost our women's steam room.what the hell is going on! THIS IS THE NORRIDGE LA FITNESS LOCATION in Niles, Illinois. We have not had Tus. Thurs.Sat. classes for over 6 weeks!! Managers really don't care about us.

Add your review!

Posted by Al

Received Excellent customer service from Mallery- CA members mgr who help resolve a visit issue to Chicago club. I have been a 15 yr LAF member and Mallery proactively called the Chicago club to assist me. Greatly Appreciated. Good to know loyal members have this kind of management team behind the LAF brand.

Posted by Anonymous

to whom it may concern. I'm a member at your goldenrod gym.i just wanted to say thank you for the new front desk person Leah Hanson. I'm part of the 5:00 am workout people.we all enjoy friendly greeting and good byes we see her doing things that sandy never did. but we also like that she on guys might want to keep this one.the morning cruel want to thank you.she does a good job.thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to commend the General Manager Valentino Reid at the new Sandy Springs GA Location. I have been a member of a view la fitness gyms and I have to say this location is by far the best. The staff is great and attentive. Valentino signed me up with the best program that suits me and my family. He was very nice and efficient. If all of your locations held a staff was like this one I think the business will continue to grow. -Happy Customer

Posted by Ali Griggs

I work in the gym industry myself and also have a membership at LA FITNRSS in Atlanta GA. I'm very aware that some gyms are slimy about cancelling memberships. When I called today to cancel my membership I was expecting the run around, etc. I was pleasantly surprised, however, buy the friendly representative, Justin. When the phone call was dropped, he actually called me back within seconds and apologized. He gave me no hassles and cancelled my membership right away. This kind of customer service is what creates raving fans. Sales representatives, especially in gyms, should be more like Justin.

Thanks Justin!
-Raving Fan-

Posted by Anonymous

New member, location need some work. Indoor tracks needs to be replaced. Does not look like it's been updated in 10 yrs. Racketball courts, walls needs a coat of paint. Staff is very pleasant. The facility should be updated. Dempster St in Niles, Il.

Posted by fralee

/la fitness at warrington is kept clean i go to aqua fit and the pool is always clean .. saturday when i arrived sasha the boy at the front desk is always so helpful the best thanks so much


I Want To Thank And Congratulate You For Having Such Good Professionals In Janitor Services, Elza And Engel, At Your Unit At 1540 State Road 436, In Winter Park Florida. These Persons Have Made A Very Good Job In Maintained That Store In Very Good Shape. Besides That They Are A Very Good People To Communicate With.
I Had A Chance To Use Another Gym (24 Hours Fitness) While Visiting My Daughter In Texas, And Could Very Well Compare The Cleanness Of Both Places. Yours Is 100% Better.

Posted by Janitor yong ladie morning staff

My name is Adriana, and I we like to comment that Secaucus NJ has a beatyfull and helpfull person. She work as Janitor in the morning. I see this yong ladie always bucy and focus in her responsabilities. She so nice with everybody and one day I have a personal problem and I am crynn and she so me and she ask me if I am ok and i said no and she tell me everything is goin to be find and she ask me if she can hug me and I said yes and that is the sweet hug i ever had. another day I vomiting and she said to me is ok i cleaned, seat down and relax. and she cleaned. I see that very nice, and also not only me she helps I so that this woman try to help every one she can help. Thank u yong ladie I never forget u.

Posted by Anonymous

Your plantation location is a new branch. We've been going there often but lately we been noticing the equipment is dirty. The racket ball court has not been clean at all dust balls everywhere. Black marks on the floor and wall. It's too bad it's not being taken care of. I've complain before and they told me it's their budget. Please try to fix this.

Your Sheridan location is very clean. They do a excellent job. They are very pleasant too. We don't go there because the plantation one is closer.
Thank you and hope you can clean your plantation location soon!

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to compliment one of your employees, Roberta Kagno. Her body works and kick boxing classes are excellent. Each week, she does different things certainly making for fun and interesting workouts. She is very professional and her form exceptional. I have been to many gyms and she is one of the best. She is an instructor at LA Fitnes on Arizona Av in Chandler Az.You are fortunate to have her in your employment, and we are ever so lucky to have her as instructor!

Posted by Anonymous

We found one of your members keys in a parking lot which had a la fitness key tag with bar code. I called spoke with Maria. She went the extra mile, contacted youur member, gave your member my phone number. we were able to reunite him with his keys. Thank you Maria for your assistance. may you always be blessed.

Posted by Anonymous

What a great team you have at the bradenton centre. James as manager and his team have made us very welcome on our vacation from the uk. They couldn't do enough for us. The equipment is great and there's plenty of it. The centre is clean. I would recommend this gym to anyone. Thank you james and team.

Posted by Anonymous

Matt Costello, a member of your staff based in HQ, solved a problem that I had with a professional and understanding mannerism. What a great asset Matt is to LA FITNESS. If possible please thank Matt again for me, Tom Salerno,

Posted by sher

Just called corporate . Number above. Chris helped me. He was very helpful. Thank you Chris ;)

Posted by Anonymous

I had a special request and asked the Assistant General Manager Joe Gonzalez at the Coconut Creek Florida location. He was absolutely wonderful. He went over and beyond for me, and I just want LA Fitness to know. Managing hundreds of people myself, I know that we often get complaints when the smallest thing goes wrong. I also know how grateful I am when someone takes the time to say THANK YOU when things go right, so here you go! I am always looking for talent and would hire Joe in a minute. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a 365 day member at the Bradenton florida on state road 70 I just wanted to let you know your club Manager Jameel Smith has been professional and has helped me with all my membership needs and billing changes

Posted by hman

Talked to two different reps on this line today. Both of them were VERY helpful and courteous. When I hung up the phone we had come to a decision that was mutually agreed upon and I was happy.

Definitely didn't get that level of service from the front line folks at my local club.

Posted by Betsy Kromidas

I recently joined LA Fitness and had an unfortunate accident and fractures a rib. I went back and forth with several people until I finally reached Kristen Athanas at membership support services. She was tremendously helpful to me and I wanted to let her supervisors know what a great person they have working for the.

A satisfied customer,

Betsy Kromidas

Posted by Lulu41

We always complain about customer service and L.A. Fitness but it is important to mention when something good happens like today .....
I just called the customer service number found on this site, and I was greately help by Amanda, who resolved our problem in a madder of minutes.
My husband offered me a 1 year with a personal trainer for $800, paid in full. Unfortunately, i had to have a knee surgery and couldn't continue. So we were told at the time no problem, we will transfer the remaining sessions to your husband account. Well, it was never done. Now we are two years later and so 3 weeks ago we both walked in the L.A gym and talked with the assistant manager who explained that the manager would look into it. We contacted them the following week and still nothing. So today, my husband walked in and was given the run around. So I called this number 949-255-7200 and this young lady Amanda took care of us.
So thank you Amanda for your prompt response and customer service.
We really appreciate it.
The gym n question is in Deerfield Beach, FL.
My husband Is going to use the remaininng seesion at the different location since this one doesn't care for his memebers.

Posted by Anonymous

Today, I visited your Boynton Beach, FL facility to make changes to my membership. I wanted the Corporate Office to know that "Susan", the Operations Manager is a very capable and kind person. She seems to be doing the work of two people, and she does is very well. She is a pleasant person, and I feel you are extremely lucky to have her on your staff.

Posted by Rojo522

LESSON: Send your cancelation by certified mail with return-receipt requested.

This company almost made me pay a $1,050 penalty (50% of the value of the agreement) for trying to cancel my contract.

I didn't end up liking the trainers or the gym, so I wanted to cancel the cotract after 10 days. The club insisted that I couldn't cancel my contract, despite the document clearly stating in the first line that "You have the right to cancel this contract during the first fifteen days after the contract is made" (pg. 1). After speaking with the gym manager the first time, I decided to document my intent to cancel by sending a certified letter to the gym.

After arguing with the manager (on an off) for nearly a week, I decided to call the corporate office(949) 255-7200 and complained about how I was being treated. After reading my contract and asking me to fax them a copy of the certified mail receipt (which had the manager's signature), the corporate office processed a full refund. The corporate office apologized for the location manager's behavior and even had him call me to apologize.

The manager should be ashamed, but I was ultimately pleased with how the corporate office resolved the matter. In the end, I think the certified mail receipt won the day.

Posted by Anonymous

Regional Director from the Southeast Phoenix, AZ area - Rhonda fired Kimberly a Zumba instructor today. Kimberly had emailed her friends regarding a festival at a dance studio. Yet other LA Fitness instuctors have pasted out flyers advertising outside studios classes before and after our LA Fitness zumba class. I don't feel that Kimberly did anything wrong. Yet if it's wrong and she got fired - then the others should NOT be employed at LA Fitness. Kimberly is a well liked and a terrific Zumba instuctor. I have a 3 year membership because of instuctors like Kimberly. I would hope that she could be reinstated!

Posted by caligrl

I'm a member of La Fitness in Orlando Fl.I'm pleased to say the staff at the East Colonial Center are excellent.When you open then door your welcomed with a smile and the manager Steve Anderson is very friendly.He is a great manager and keeps the facility clean.I look forward to my workouts cause I know I will be greeted froma nice manager or a friendly staff.

Posted by caligrl

Hi my name is Rebecca from OrlandoFl. Steve Anderson The Manager at your Colonial Club is a great asset to your company.He is a hard worker,and Has a great personality. He's definitely a keeper.

Posted by Anonymous

I couldnt believe my eyes when i firstwalked in, this health club is immaculate! All i can really say is go see for yourself as for the hateful comments below mine theyre probably representatives at a different gym because the staff is professional gave me a phenomenal price, in all reality te club should go for 70+ a month to keep the trash out

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Posted by anonymous

I am a new hire at one of the LA Fitness chains in the Kids Klub Department and I am very disappointed in the lack of training (little to none that I have received). Having been a stay at home Mother for 17 years, I would not leave my child there if I was a member unless things drastically change. Attendants leave the toddlers/waddlers/crawlers unattended while coloring (not minding that the kids are chewing on the crayons.) Biters are allowed even though policy says they are not. Lack of daily cleaning of toys etc. When I clean the towel is black. I am the only one who cleans the Jungle Gym areas where the kids play. Attendants eat in front of the kids in the play area. To name a few.

Posted by Anonymous

This is the saddest excuse for customer service. I've been trying to reach corporate for months. I worked at LA fitness and NEVER GOT PAID. I just want my Fing money. How is it legal for you to withhold my paycheck??????? Impossible to reach. Worst company I have ever worked for.

Posted by MEMBER

The Work Out At The Club In Hollywood Fl 5591 Sheridan St. Upside: I Like The Variety Of Machines And That It Is A Very Large Club. Downside: The Womens Locker Rooms Are Always Very Dirty,they Obviously Dont Clean The Floor, It Has Makeup Spilled On It And The Mess Has Been There For ..3 Weeks Now. The Counters Have Makeup And Stains On Them That Have Been There For A Few Days Now, Im Going To See How Long It Takes To Get Cleaned Up, I Cant Even Put Anything Down. I Have Not Brought It To The Attention Of The Mgr Because I Dont Think I Should Have To. The Female Employees Use The Facilities Too. They Dont See It?

Posted by Marie

Love LA Fitness Great place to work out with plenty of choices.
I would however like to switch to Lifetime because of only one reason. The women's sauna is virtually nonexistent as it is chronically broke down.
Is the company having financial difficulties?

Posted by Anonymous 25

So I worked for this company for a short period. I put my two weeks in like animal person does. It was a little before Christmas time that I had put my two weeks notice in. That being said I would have received my last paycheck right before Christmas, which was perfect bc I could buy Christmas gifts. When I called to see if my paycheck was there I was told no. I have a friend that also worked at the same location as me and she received her paycheck and also didn't have direct deposit as me. The manager told me that because I no longer work for the company that it will be sent to my house and corporate office will be sending it themselves. She said she called cooperate herself and they were going to mail it to me and it will take a couple of days. So I said ok. After she spoke to corporate and got off the phone with them she then asked me for my address. I didn't think anything of it. The very next day I received my paycheck in the mail. Red flag: 1. I live in Buffalo, New York, corporate office couldn't have mailed my check that fast 2. My phone number was on the outside of my paycheck, pretty sure corporate isn't unprofessional like that to write someone's phone number on the outside of there paycheck 3. There was no stamp on my paycheck, so how did it get thru the post office? So I had texted the manager of the front desk at the location I worked at and said who came to my house and dropped my paycheck off? Stayed she had no idea what I was talking about. What makes me very upset about this whole situation is, is that she had lied to me about having my paycheck and held it so I couldn't cash it knowing I needed the money. Inthinknkts very rude and unprofessional. Who would do such a thing. And I know for a fact corporate doesn't mail out the paycheck a bc my friend has tongi and pick up her last paycheck unlike what the manager told me that corporate mails your last paycheck.

Posted by Anonymous

Can your Operational Manager change your schedule without asking and say,if you cant work it they'll find someone else..

Posted by Anonymous

Hi, I teach spin at the Abington PA location, and I have been. There for 5 years since it opened, and I am still making the $15.00 and hour class. I think I should be getting compensated (merit increase) every year. You people should automatically do that

Posted by Anonymous

I need help. I worked for one of your employees,for about 3 weeks. I never received a,1099 so put note in taxes that I did not receive one from him. He reported i made 10255 in that 3 weeks. I called him at your facilities and he told me I'd have new 1099 before the 8th. I called him 3 times today but he won't call me back.i understand this is not your problem but don't believe you are where you are without having a little humanity. I am divorced. Husband left while I was in hospital having brain surgery. I have fought my way back to where i could work and get off assistance. I stopped working for him because he had us lying to callers. (Read reviews in American dream bad debt recersal) in Richardson tx. If you can help me please let me know. I do not have the 3000 the irs is trying to charge me with.

Posted by Annoyed by LA Fitness

I workout in Goodyear Arizona at an LA Fitness. I not only agree with all the complaints on this website, most of the same thing happens at this gym! I am so annoyed by machines being broken and it takes 3+ weeks to fix it!!!!! How is that showing that the customer is important???? They have 2, yes 2!!!!!!, stair masters and I is ALWAYS broken...for weeks at a time!!! How do you only have 2 stairmasters?????? there is always a wait for them, you'd think they would figure that out and put more in to satisfy the customers. I have been a member for years and only because I got a huge discount from my employer, but I might just have to go somewhere else if this continues. To top it off...this is a fairly new club. Customer service is ALWAYS horrible. My kids hate going because of the lack of entertainment in the kids care. I honestly don't know why I'm still's just so close to my house!!

Posted by Anonymous

I am a Former LA Fitness employees, I don't know which one is more to blame, the company or the employees. LA Fitness puts a lot of pressure on the employees on hit there membership goals (by the way seem ridiculously higher every year). Coming from the upper management VPs down tow the Sales Persons, district Manager will put on a front with raw raw speeches about doing the right thing to get a membership, but when a Manager is doing well in "NEW MEMBERSHIPS" they will look the other way even if it "illegal" or unethical membership that are get pass through, Until it is brought to their attention. The company is full of double standards and that is the reason I personally decided to leave the organization. I believe that there is good money and bad money (blood diamond) and I will not bend my ethics for another mans gain. LA Fitness thrives on finding and hiring sales people that will do anything for a quick dollar.

Posted by Anonymous

I was an employee at LA fitness and they were very unprofessional.My interview day I waited two hours after the scheduled time for the manager to interview me.. ridiculous! Once i was hired, they didnt train me on anything, they kept saying sorry but we are so busy just re-rack weights and talk to people. I was hired as a personal training counselor, which basically mean i make people feel like they are fat, worthless and are going to die..pressure them into buying training and dont let them leave their seat until they buy it. I quit because i started to realize that the people that the only people that are made for that are A$$HOLES!! I quit and they tried to convince me to come back lol! I rather work some where else where i can treat people nicely.

Posted by Seek another Gym

I was a Personal Trainer at LA Fitness in Farmingdale, NY location from Dec-May of 2012. I was let go by the V.P. of the area who's name is Al only because one of my clients asked to have his sessions frozen. Another client who I saw once a month asked to switch trainers that same week. I train around 20 people a week and all of my clients are very happy with me. When I notified them I was fired I got nothing but support and kind words from everyone (ages 17-62 both Male and Female). Al did not bother to check to see if any other client had a complaint, which is not the case. I have text messages, phone numbers of my clients, and their names to prove it. Al took the word of one client who was upset to have to pay $15 to have his account frozen, that I was a bad trainer. Which again is not the case because this client told me how much he liked me, told his friends about me, and I believe only said what he said in the heat of the moment.

LA Fitness is a poor choice to seek employment because you are severely underpaid, bad treatment, and let go for circumstantial reasons. The company lies to it's members, staff, and does not care about anyone but themselves. They do not want to hear your complaints. They will not look to rectify a situation. This company just does not care. LA Fitness is not a good place to join. I would seek out other gyms in your areas. I think the reviews on this site and other sites supports that. I hope what i'm saying as a former employee convinces you.

Posted by Kevin Byrne

My name is Kevin Byrne and I am a former member of the Traditions La Fitness. I have been complaining to the Management of the club that the pool was not correct and in fact cloudy with a slimy coating on the pools bottom.

After many complaints I took a sample of the water and tested it to find NONE of the test were in acceptable limits according to the industry standards. I brought this information to the club manager Michelle. She was so busy defending the club and gave no notice to the test results that was in January. In face they were discarded.

I and several of the people taking the aqua fitness classes complained on a daily basis. I cancelled my membership due to the lack of action take by the club in fact I was almost hospitalized after getting a vey severe lung infection that my doctor said was from the pool.

After much discussion with my friends they assured me the conditions had improved in fact the pool seemed cleaner and the slim which was prevalent before is gone.
I decided to attend a class on Monday and by the following morning I had some cough or infection. I thought it must be in my head, I went on Wednesday and took the class it got worse. I went on Friday with a simple pool test strip and tested the pool to find a similar condition to those in January.

I again brought it again to the manager and received the same treatment as previously stated. The strip was destroyed before even looking at it. I was told that maybe I should cancelled my membership that I was the only one complaining.

My feeling is that a lot of elderly and those that have physical limitation use the pool as a low impact for of exercise and those that are extremely sensitive to the poor conditions of the water. The club in mention services the community of many elderly people.

The pool is serviced by an outside vendor and I don't understand why they would not use the information as a way to check the vendor instead they dismissed me. This is a dangerous business practice when the same industry that is there to promote health is in fact creating conditions for the opposite.


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