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    • 74 negative comments (100.00%)
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Posted by Angry veteran

I have a Kyocera duraforce Pro I dropped it and I'm not sure what kind of milspec ratings these are but the screen cracked immediately. Software glitches and phone gets really hot, I had to pay $35 for FedEx to send me a 2-day mail replacement and I got it in 4 days, I received the phone and it had no back casing on it if I wants a full assembled phone for a full assemble phone, I write the company tell him they did not send me a back casing on my phone and they give me a link so I can spend $20 for another phone case back to cover the battery and SIM card and all the guts. So pain on the phone that doesn't hold calls and now I get a partial refurbished phone for a brand new phone that I haven't even had half a year, why am I paying the full price for a phone when you can't even give me a brand new phone under warranty you got to give me somebody else's burnt-out phone. Never going with Kyocera I had it in my gut not to do it and yet that's what I get for not following my gut, Kyocera just kill off your brand you have no business claiming mil-spec on any product.

Posted by Anonymous

Six months ago I bought an Kyocera telephone at the Verizon office in Oceanside, CA. I was told it was a reliable phone but I still bought replacemnent insurance on it. A month later the screen went blank and it only worked sporadically. I asked Verizon for support and they had Kyocera send me a "refurbished" replacement. The phone worked OK for about a month and I experienced the same problem. Verizon again had Kyocera send me another "refurbished" replacement. About a month later the same problem happened and they offered to have it replaced agai. I refused and purchased an LG telephone that has been working fine. Verizon said I still had to pay for the Kyocera phone or get another "Refurbished" phone because the replacement insurance only covered replacement. Your Kyocera phone is not good and I would like to have my money back instead of having to still make monthly payments for a phone that does not work. If you stand behind your product what is my alternative.

Posted by hydra phone

worst phone support said I cant get pictures if phone wont power up.It wont.agent couldnt care other help offered.

Posted by MSFOSTER

I Brought My Son A Hydro Reach C6743 In March 2017. July 2017 Phone Just Stopped Working I Sent It To Kyocera. They Detected The Phone Was Unrepairable And Sent Me A New Phone 7/21/17. I Received The Phone The Replacement Phone I Was Sent I Can Not Activate Because Its Already Activated Under Another Number. I Been Going Back & Forward With Them For Weeks & My Son Still Do Not Have A Phone That I'm Paying A Bill For. I Will Never Buy Another Kyocera Phone & They Have The Worst Customer Date Is 8/11/17 And They Telling Me They Waiting On Corporate To Fix The Matter.

Posted by Anonymous

Called Kyocera twice. Both times the recorded prompts were so garbled that it was very hard to understand. Then upon reaching a person ...the persons voice was also garbled and he talked so fast that I had to tell him to slow down and speak clearly because he was impossible to understand. NOT a very good advertisement for their phones.

Posted by Anonymous

I am on my 5th duraforce phone,the phone gets so hot I cannot have it in my pocket. All the previous phones,and this one,freezes up, seems to have a mind of its own,makes loud crackling noises. I am not pleased at all with this phone.i am asking to be contacted to try and get this

Posted by Anonymous

I hate this phone i just received another replacement phone my third. The phone just cuts in and out when i am talking. I just activated this new phone yesterday and received my first phone call this morning from my daughter and the same thing as the last two phones the call cuts In and out even though I have full bars for service. Verizon would only replace with the same phone. I want a phone that i can talk on. Is this to much to ask this phone was purchased for its durability but I still need to be able to talk on it. I am hoping you can either find way to fix this problem or replace it with a similar phone

Posted by Anonymous

Case spoke with representative said he was going to send an email, i have not received one as of yet

Posted by Kevin

These guys are so stupid. I buy my son a phone from Walmart. They are the "reseller" and hold a 15 day return policy. Fine no problem it is the kids furst phone and I spend $45. Boost mobile is the carrier. Again no issue. 4 months later the earpiece fails and every other aspect of the phone works 100% correctly. So..................... 1-yr manufactures warranty. Great all sounds fine. I called Boost they tried over the phone to fix issue and say harware issue. Kyocera does the same thing. Ok so what is the RMA to return the phone to have it fixed or replaced. Non until you pay $39 and they have a credit card on file for other repairs. Wait I thought it is under warranty? Wow why bother non of it makes any sense. Best part when questioned no one would answer. Good job morons.

Posted by Bad customer service or No custo

Bad phone same as below and kyocera people no help.

Posted by Phoenix

Dear kyocera my husband's phoe has been searching for 3 days now I need help to get the phone going again his number is thanks for your help

Posted by Igot fuked

The phone SUCKS it will not stay connected to a 2014 f150 blue tooth. verizon said warranty is over in 15 days this is totally unfair and BS


To Whom It May Concern:
WE bought a Kyocera TASK ALFA 1800 because of all the information given by the dealer near by MR SAI RAM When he sold the product he says it is awesome now says that there is no support no spare parts available we have purchased one year back ( TINY TOTS HIGH SCHOOL) after one complaints started one solved and this is a second complaint within a week Gap kindly Send your support to Us We really unhappy using your product


Posted by Anonymous

September 27, 201620
SUBJECT: Kyocera Dura Force Pro – Model E6820
To Whom It May Concern:
I recently (9/18/2016) bought a Kyocera Dura Force Pro – Model E6820 because of all the information that I saw online about how durable and dependable it’s supposed to be.
This phone didn’t even last 24 hours. It slipped out of my husband’s pocket and cracked.
I cannot believe that a $400 phone could be so flimsy! I definitely consider this phone to be a big scam.
I was able to get a refurbished one from the insurance company, after paying so much money. This will be my last time buying your brand.

Posted by Anonymous

September 27, 201620
SUBJECT: Kyocera Dura Force Pro – Model E6820
To Whom It May Concern:
I recently (9/18/2016) bought a Kyocera Dura Force Pro – Model E6820 because of all the information that I saw online about how durable and dependable it’s supposed to be.
This phone didn’t even last 24 hours. It slipped out of my husband’s pocket and cracked.
I cannot believe that a $400 phone could be so flimsy! I definitely consider this phone to be a big scam.
I was able to get a refurbished one from the insurance company, after paying so much money. This will be my last time buying your brand.

Posted by Don't know

This has to be the second worst phone I've ever owned and I've had the same cel. phone number since 1991. I can't open my emails, I'm always having to relocate the apps on my screens because one only has to hold the screen for a couple seconds and does not lock the entire phone screens. Besides all these problems, Everytime I plug in the speaker jack or even press the hotspot button to on, a screen always pops up saying it's dangerous to listen to high volumes for extended periods....ugh, I know this, I don't need to be reminded EVERY time, the hotspot option always reminds me it incurs extra data charges......I know this too. STUPID SMART PHONE.

Posted by Tony

This company phones are awful, I purchased this phone with Verizon and had too use the insurance once as already, the glass is more fragile then ice on a hot day. I pay another 150 plus the original 600 dollars for this.two weeks after the new one arrives my phone is in my pocket as I stand up I here a crunch. The sapphire weak as ice screen broke again. So I say okay fine I go 8 months and now the head phone jack disintegrated in my pocket. I'm done your company is not interested in working with me on this. I'm telling everyone I know never to purchase your products. Please go fly a kit in a lighting storm.

Posted by Shelby

This the most ridiculous company I have dealt with! I called them and explained that my phone had caught on fire during the night, set off my smoke detectors, filled my house with smoke, burnt my carpet, matting and had started to burn the wood floor. I also explained the phone was being used by an 80 year old man with medical conditions and i needed a replacement. First I needed to answer a bunch of questions, next day they called requesting pictures, Next day when i called they said corporate would call within 24 to 48 hours. 2 days later I get a call from a person who had trouble giving me his name and was programmed to say we need you to ship the phone back. After minutes of getting nowhere I said " Email me with all the requirements I need to do and in that email please add that for the past 4 days I have been telling your company this phone was being used by an elderly man with medical conditions who needs a phone 24/7. Needless to say I never received an email. This company is so full of fraud it is ridiculous! They have not one person there to help or really care about your problems there defective equipment or the damage it causes to you or your possessions. My lawyer burst out laughing at the statement they gave me about shipping the phone back. That way they can lose the phone and say it wasn't there problem. They do not want to do a recall on there defective phones. All this company wants to do is toot here horn about there new phones they are coming out with. I say we all lawyer up with the same lawyer and sue them!

Posted by bemcmill

I called Kyocera for support of a phone that was suppose to be waterproof to 30 meters, but couldn't withstand being dropped in a toilet. I was told that they would replace the phone, but it would take 16 business days. I waited a over a month, called them back only to find out that I had to send my phone to them first, and be without a phone longer, so that they could decide if it was broken or not. I had to pay for shipping on a warranty claim. The man on the phone was very rude, and said he was sorry I had to be so long with out a phone but there was nothing he could do about it.

Posted by Anonymous

I called Kyocera Singapore to ask for toner supply and talked to this lady who gave her name as Jas and she told me she can only send the toner in 2 days time!! I told her this is unacceptable and asked her to do the delivery by today then I requested a call back.

Later, I received 2 missed calls and when I call back it is Kyocera's no., I asked to speak to Jas and this lady who came to the phone claimed that she is Jas but did not speak to me this morning and there is no toner supply department when I asked her to re-direct since she claimed she did not speak to me!!!

What kind of a dysfunctional supplier is this!!

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service is a joke! Could not get pre-purchase information, couldn't get any real questions answered at all! All I could get anyone to do was read out of a script book, giving me information that was not even relevant to the question. First representative, when asked to escalate the call to his supervisor, simply hung up. The second was trying, but disconnected in the middle of her sentence. I am so NOT impressed! But I did decide. I will not buy a Kyocera phone!

Posted by Anonymous

cant contact LIVE person.worst WORST customer ask how I like the product BUT NEVER SENT IT.

Posted by Anonymous

I am very disappointed on my Hydra wave phone. I bough it for the durability & there's been one problem after another. I'm a responsible adult so I'm very careful with my handling & care of my phone in spite of that I have a cracked screen, the outer case is cracking & falling apart. All of this & the phone is less than a year old. Customer service offered very little help. I'm at a loss as to how to resolve these issues!
R Qu

Posted by 521460

Worst Customer Service Ever!!! Supervisor John Employee Id: 521460. He Said He Was Not Allowed To Give Last Name (wtf). Anywho, I Sent Them My Phone In For Repair In Jan And Its May I Still Don't Have My Phone. I've Been Calling Them For Last 5 Months But No Solution. They Do Not Care About Customer Satisfaction. Worst Supervisor Ever! He Was Blaming Me For This, He Kept Talking Over Me And Was Very Very Rude! Everytime I Called They Are Telling Different Story. I Asked John To Send Me A Confirmation Email He Straight Up Said No He Won't Im Was In Shocked!!!! This Is Just Unbelieveable!

Posted by DaveNTx

I purchased a new Kyocera DuraXE cell phone on March 7th, I received it at my home on March 12th and immediately called AT&T tech services to establish a wireless account and set up the phone. We got everything working except the USB tethering feature - the phone was not prompting the tethered laptop to install the required driver software. All other functions and features seemed to work OK so, I told the AT&T tech that I'd contact Kyocera and see about obtaining the driver.

The next day, I talked to technical reps of both, Kyocera & AT&T, multiple times and no one could provide information on the driver or how to locate one. Finally, one AT&T rep contacted Kyocera, explained the situation, and patched me through to them. The Kyocera rep sent me an email with instructions on how to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number, a shipping label, and instructions on how to ship the phone to their repair/warranty facility in El Paso, Texas. The Kyocera rep said that they check out the phone, get the USB tethering to work, and get the phone back to me within 10 days of their receipt.

On March 15th, I shipped the phone via UPS and it arrived at Kyocera's facility on March 17th - it has been there ever since; it is now coming up on 6 weeks since they received the phone.

Two Kyocera reps advised the vendor from whom I purchased the phone that it was not repairable and they were going to send me a new, replacement phone. But, nothing has happened. Somebody who said he was a manager got involved, saying he needed to find out what was going on with the phone (notwithstanding the comments of the earlier service reps) - that is the last I've heard from them.

The vendor has bowed out, saying that their responsibility ended 30 days after the initial purchase and now, Kyocera no longer responds to my emails. Calling Kyocera at their customer service number is useless, if my question isn't found on their pre-defined list responses then the standard reply is "our technicians are working very hard on your phone" and "we will send you an email when we return your phone."

It appears that my phone, emails, and any usable inquiries have fallen into a black hole at Kyocera ... nothing is happening. In the mean time, AT&T is still billing me for cell phone and data service.

I have read comments on other web sites saying that Kyocera failed to return phones that were sent to their warranty & repair. What are they doing? Just stealing the phones?

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