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Kroger customer service is ranked #144 out of the 947 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 51.48 out of a possible 200 based upon 334 ratings. This score rates Kroger customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


293 Negative Comments out of 334 Total Comments is 87.72%.


41 Positive Comments out of 334 Total Comments is 12.28%.

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    • 51.48 Overall Rating
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    • 293 negative comments (87.72%)
    • 41 positive comments (12.28%)
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Posted by Webis27

I just read the comment on the man who tried to return things for his 96 year old mother. My story is similar in many ways.
I was over charged on many items that Kroger had advertised on sale. I called the store and was told the customer service counter closed at 8pm but the I could come in to speak with the manager before 11pm. I had someone to take to the airport, so I didn't get there until 10:30pm.

The two managers I had the horror of speaking to were so unbelievably disrespectful. Kroger did a bait and switch with advertising a product on sale and even though I caught them red handed with the over charge they refused to refund anything. They stole my money. The managers stood and bullied me. I too am a disabled person, and I think they liked beating up on a woman. I even offered to come back at a better hour of the day when the customer service counter was open. They stood there with arms crossed glaring at me. One of them even called me a liar when I advised them that I had issues with their digital coupons not working with my Kroger plus card. He told me it wasn't possible what I was describing and that OBVIOUSLY I did something wrong.
I've never had issues with Kroger in the past. But if they mark products like meat down by $3 and I bring them the evidence and they refuse to even look at it, or give a discount what recourse does the consumer have.
I wrote to corporate and heard nothing. When I called about not hearing anything I was advised it had been escalated to higher ups, but they still never sent me one response.
How can stores steal like this? How can they get away with price fixing and more, I thought it was all illegal in this country? It makes me so upset to see that these two men got off on picking on me. I'm in my 50's and I am on disability. I think this is horrible and Kroger should think enough about loyal customers to at least contact me. Shame, shame on Kroger.
You cheat disabled women out of money that is very limited. That means a meal I won't get to eat.

Posted by g.j.morales p.a

Posted by A civically rights violated customer but as a practicing Attorney I am very aware of my civil rights they have been severely violated at Krogers Ralph stores tonight by two nasty slanderous and libelous women who I am really not very happy with right now I came in this afternoon to buy my mother some supplements and some other things when she was in the hospital but it turns out that they decided to transfer her to a nursing home when I arrived at the nursing home they told me that these food supplements probiotics and Zyrtec were not able too be used there they were not able to use them there because the doctor has to prescribe whatever is in that nursing home from their pharmacy so with the original packaging and receipt I returned it to Kroger and it is 11 oclock at night now IN the middle of the night I have a broken leg and I on a walker and taking the bus because I cannot drive with this leg broken so I have just wasted three hours because it takes the bus very long time to get here at thisTime of the night any other night Besides Sunday it comes once an hour on Sunday night it comes once every two hours and because I did not want to lose work tomorrow I make the trip so instead of Being able to purchase another $60 worth of the cat food dryel and and other assorted items to be taken off of the $70 that they just stole from my 96-year-old mother . So now here in the middle the night and when I get instead of nice customer service is a bunch of nasty people telling me that theyRe not going to refund my mothers money instead I get some geniusbtelling me that theyRe not gonna take the probiotics back and that they are not now gonna take the cards I bought back either now because I was an angry now customer facing a civilLy liabelous brat. It really is not their business that now we are not going to be going to South Carolina to my daughters shower and then I no longer need the card because my mother is now in a nursing home so that not being their business and all of this combined really makes me not an angry customer but a of severely violated customer and the fact that I get to try rn there in the mornings by sleep deprived to yet another genius cashier telling me that it is their policy not to make refunds on food supplements which makes absolutely no sense because on the website in any public place that will probably have anywhere in the world that I or any other sane person has seen or been made aware of at the store aware of that they return everything except alcohol and cigarettes as long as it is in the original packaging unopened so if that is the case and I donT appreciate the fact that they told me As the first comment out of the kids mouth was I had other customers in here trying to return this stuff, what STUFF I now everyone in line is looking at me like I'm a crook insane that is solid grounds for a libel suit and slander I didnT go to law school for Kicks andI work at ACLU for 14 years so you tell me is this store

Employee has a right to treat me like a thief and steal my 96 year old Mothers money and make me injure my leg worse having to return to the store again tomorrow to probably hear the same crap. And to add injury to insult I also have noticed that on the boxes there a sticker that Ralphs has put on the label of the actual probiotic that says Ralph and you canTget the sticker off so even if I try to return it to the manufacture somewhere else it could not be returned to anybody what kind of bulicrap are they trying to pull I don't get paid if I donTwork 70 dollars is one tenth my mother total income for the month so tomorrow I gonna have to take a half-day off of work which will cost me 245.00 I am sure or in fact very sure they donT wanna pay me for that either and take my broken leg and on my walker take two more busses and walk two additional long downtown Los Angeles blocks up take this stuff back too the General Manager to them be made to stand and waits in the store be made to stand and wait on the manager and try to convince the manager and now apparently there store manager Unbeknownst to the corporate office his policy is that you cannot read turn food supplements or zyrtech to Kroger stores and his managerial. .areas. Just another ass in a long line of ases then to try to convince him that I need my 96 yo MotherS 70.00 of Security money because my mom needs her money I have to eat these peoples crap for dinner and breakfast. Because my Mom and other people need supplements they are ripped off by Kroger store and they had better like it or like maybe they too will be treated like a thief and escorted out by security which now the security force who I see every night in order to feed me every night thinks I am some piece of crap thief because of the way these people treated me tonight so now I can't go back in there without them looking at me like a piece of junk when really the right thing to do would be go to work tomorrow and then sue the crap out of this company but because my mother needs money I canT well maybe I can do that maybe I can even t

If my mother gets a refund. There must be others who want to stand up for their rights. I can check it out .I think I will thank you .The smart thing going to work tomorrow and suing this company and making a very public stink about it I have friends that write for the LA times and other places and of course social media is only for them to address the situation but since my mother needs her money immediately I dont know if IM anled be able to do that. They had best soon rectify the situation and I mean immediately or this will become something I really donT want To have it become.My friends over at the ACLU love to picket stores and bring attention to things that Violate peoples rights so Woe0Abe have to do is just and fair that means mom and everyone else who has been betrayed and violated by this corporately unknown and unique un published policy enacted by a gm and a couple of hs dropouts. I guess I will make it apparent to my associates and the courts that thatwhat happened to me and if that what Kroger wants they will get just that not a problem wehandle it. The LEGAL WAY. Tried in social media and in the papers and out in front of the store on a picket line . I demand a public apology from

The whole staff at night including my escort and it made clear to hm and then that I am not 0A thief a threat or a piece of trash they can kick around because they wear a plastic name plate. That when I return to that store as I have no other choices in Dtla that they will treat me with the respect I have given them every night I go in there. Of course there will some bs apology from the people on this site and some lame explainationabout a misunderstanding but at the end of the day do you want to buy anything from the pharmacy again there? I sure as hell wont if anyone else has hadThere rights trampled on and there reputation wrecked by the employees at Krogerstores please contact me ator leave a message as to abuses you have suffered. I will listen and if there are enough of us we can act as the public can in this country and stand up to these rude and self righteous people.

Posted by eusojjosue

I tried to return some items at the Richmond Hill, GA store and I was refused because my items were expired. I asked the "customer service" woman behind the counter, "what if i purchased them expired?" Her response was "I doubt that"...followed by "we would not be able to resell it." First, rude and unprofessional response; calling a customer a liar by saying you doubt that. Secondly, what a disgusting practice that when someone returns food items, Kroger would put it back on the shelf. I would not want to purchase something that's not expired but was sitting in someone else's possibly disgusting cabinets. Finally, when I asked about the return policy, she said to check the website. Shouldn't you have it in plain view? Very disappointed in Kroger.

Posted by Debbie Heck

Just purchased 10 packs of Marlboro cigarettes. Swiped debit card when cashier told me the carton price was lower. I took it straight to service desk and was told I could not exchange packs for a carton. I asked for a refund and was told I could not get one.

Posted by Angry shopper

I bought some items across town about three weeks ago. I didn't end up using them and decided to return them when I had time. I went this morning to the store nearest me, about 6 miles from the other store with my receipt. I was told they do not expect returns from that store locations. They were very rude and said I had to return them to the original store of purchase. This seems like BS to me. Where is that in the return policy? Kroger website states this...
"What if I wish to return something I purchased at a Kroger store?
Simply return the product, packaging and receipt to your nearest Kroger store. The customer service staff will assist with a refund, exchange, adjustment or credit to a Kroger Gift card."

Posted by Beachplease!

I have never been loyal to Kroger's. But since I moved to Murray, KY from Houston, TX I have had no choice but to shop here. Today I went into their store for the 7th time in 3 weeks looking for Essentia water. Once again it had a sale price of 2/$3 but was completely out of stock. I've had employees look for me in the back with no luck and telling me "A truck comes tonight so it should be on there." I had to drive 30 minutes away to Paris, TN to get the water for $1.99 each. I then drove back to Murray for them to make a price adjustment only for the sales associate behind guest care to have an attitude while calling the manager over the phone for a "2092." The assistant manager then comes to talk to me saying they can't do it. I spent the last 15 minutes on hold with customer service at 1-800-KROGERS for them to tell me that it is to the store manager's discretion whether to do a price adjustment and as of 1/25/17, this Murray Kroger's has stopped doing so.

This is irritating to be in a small town and with not many options. I refuse to buy another item out of this Kroger's and any Kroger for that matter. Can't wait To go back to Texas for my well missed Southern Hospitality!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by TNmom

My husband and I bought several cans of Similac Soy formula for our son. $100 worth to be exact. I tried to take them back to exchange them and was told it was against the law to return or exchange formula. This is concerning the Kroger in Gallatin, TN. I tried googling to see if she was right, but I can't find anything about it being against the law. This was a lot of money we spent. I am so incredibly angry that I can't exchange for the correct formula my baby needs. It is odd how Walmart will exchange formula in the same town but she tells me it's against the law. I feel like I threw away over $100, when I have two kids to care for this enrages me.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to Kroger to return 2 shirts probs ky a month ago, or so. I had the receipt, but I had taken off the tags assuming they would fit the the first one did, they did not. She told me that they are not supposed to return items without the tags. I told her I returned stuff to Kroger all the time andbecsuse I had the receipt she did except it, but she also said "that Kroger was getting stricter with returns. I don't know if it's true and I'd like to see their policy, but this sites link to it is broke. I tried searching and couldn't find it either.

FOR EVERYONE- if u have the Kroger app and a Kroger plus card (not positive the plus cards required), log in to the mobile app and there is an order history or purchase history menu. If you go in there u can get your receipt from quite a ways back. The store customer service can do this for u, but most of them won't tell u.

Posted by Cam0216

Kroger store #395 off FM1960 BEWARE! One of the Co-managers there Mr.Russell is without question the most disrespectgul,condescending arrogant. In his mind he things he is manager and runs the show by speaking down to customers. He quickly found out he was wrong. Managers like this is why more and more people have gone to HEB!

Posted by jhug

I was in I used my EBT card on a self chechout. I had diffuclty with the machine and the attendant arrived to offer assistance. My initial attempt to pay resulted in my card being accepted but I failed to hit the "card" selection first. The attendant assured me I was not charged and that my transaction was not conpleted. I had to go to another register to check out but my EBT card was charged double/ twice for my single transaction and now my EBT card is over $20 short. Basically I was charged twice but only have a receipt for the second transaction. I was given the number for the Dillons Check Department but have unable to get through. The automated system says "they are experiencing high call volume and to call back 24 hours later" then the call is terminated. How do I get a refund for my basically "stolen" $20.08?

Posted by Anonymous

I purchase a pack of cigars from Kroger's on February 9th 2018, the same day 1 hour after my purchase, I realized that the product wasn't what I needed. I attempt to return the product for a refund and was notified that there was no refund on tobacco products. I did not see any indication of no refunds of tobacco products before I bought the product or on my receipt. At least it should be on the receipt that there is no refund for tobacco and any other products when you purchase it. This will save people time and gas!

Posted by Discouraged Kroger Shopper

I was informed by a customer service rep. at Kroger, that I could return anything without a receipt I purchased there, as long as I used my Kroger card, when I purchased it so it could be tracked that I bought it at Kroger. But, I could only receive a store credit for the merchandise purchased without a receipt. I was able to obtain a few store credits in the past on some of the returned items I brought back on separate visits there. When I attempted to return something else again for $2.99, I was informed by a different customer service representative, that I had been informed by the manager on a prior visit I that needed to have my receipt before I could return anything else. I know the manager did not inform me this, and told him so, as I denied it the customer service rep. came back with a response to me 3 different times, that "You were told you needed a receipt before you could return anything else". This was humiliating and rude to me, because I had received conflicting informed to me by Kroger's customer service rep.'s.

I have bought a lot of groceries there in the past, but now I feel discouraged from ever wanting to business at Kroger again because of this.

Posted by Anonymous

I never bought prepaid card ever before so I really didn't know what I was doing,so this lady came over with a Kroger supervisor jacket on and she assistant me later to find out she didn't even work at Kroger's she was just there selling prepaid cards I told her what I needed the card for and she said oh this one will be good so I bought that plus four more totaling $2,000 to help my son out of a jam by making his car payments that were totally way late, she had me buy a debit card with no cash value I needed the one with the cash value so of course I couldn't use it so couple hours later I try to take them back and they would not take them my credit card company said they can't do that they have to return them I even called the corporate number and they said no

Posted by Dw

I went to EXCHANGE a few packs of diapers for another size without a receipt. I was told I couldn't exchange because the amount was large. The diapers were only $8. I'm like I don't want to refund them I want to exchange for another size !! Never opened or used and I said someone's had bought the wrong size and didn't have the receipt

Posted by Ellen

I bought a package of nicotine gum from Kroger grocery store off Highland Rd in Waterford Michigan. It was on sale for 21.89. I changed my mind the next day and went back to return it...unopened and with my receipt. Was told that its against store policy to return tobacco products. Well..I understand that. If it were in fact a pack of cigarettes/alcohol. Called the manager up front and he continues to tell me that because it's tobacco they cannot do a return. I tell him I understand about a pack of cigarettes or alcohol. But this is nicotine gum, not a tobacco product. He says they are the same thing. No...if he even googled it, he would find that nicotine is def not the same as tobacco. It is in fact an ingredient in tobacco. I spend between $500.00-$700.00 there a month. And what about the customer is always right?? I eventually got my money back only because I put up a stink. I've been shopping there for 16 YEARS!! Really gets my goat...not sure if I'll be going back. I'll take my 500-700 a month in groceries elsewhere. Oh...and I did call headquarters and spoke to a Tracie who was very nice and helpful. She said there is no policy regarding the return of nicotine products such as the gum/patches etc. Only alcohol and cigarettes. Thanks for letting me vent! Sinerely, Ellen DeAngelo

Posted by Nunya

Just returned a gift that was meant for my mother and unfortunately she passed before it could be given. I know it was purchased at Kroger. They treated me like I was a thief.. I used to work for Kroger!! Customer service!! I know how and why they do things. If they had not intended on treating me as they did, they would have just entered the UPC into the register, saw it was theirs and gave the refund but, instead, he called up the GM Dept and had them check to see if it was theirs.. Then said since they couldn't find it in the system, they could only give me 10 bucks.. For a $40 item!! So much for their no Hassel return policy!!

Posted by Sammy

Your store has went south with the unprofessional team that has taken over the last 10 years,I was so embarrassed along with many other loyal customers who now switched to other local grocery stores;It all started over trying to return an item,They made me feel like a thief and liar.At that time is when I found out that many other people were done the same exact way!I just wanted to return an item and was told that It will not be done and spoke to me like a child and I will never spend my 1,000 dollar monthly shopping routine with kroger's again

Posted by Anonymous

I attempted to return 3 unopened bottles of wine to s Krogerbstire in Memphis. I had the receipt and went to the Customer Service Counter. Iced red tovexcgsne the 3 bottles for three different bottles of wine. The clerk told me that a state law prohibited me from exchanging alcohol or tobacco in any retail establishment . I cannot find anything to confirm this decision .

Posted by Me

Make sure you want your gift cards when you buy them. Apparently they won't even let you exchange them for the same price even. Is there a policy by the gift cards that says that? Do the employees let you know? So if you buy the wrong ones or decide you need different ones that same day mind you (not ten minutes after purchasing) you are screwed.

Posted by Anonymous

I returned something someone gave me for my birthday and no o did not have the reciept,but was told by person at the service desk to get what I wanted when I got to the service desks the same person was at the sd but now he had someone else help me he basically acusesd me or said the item was stolen and I needed the name of person and recoept or he could not help me .I gave him the name of person who by the way works for kroger,still wasn't good enough he embrassed me and my daughter so bad she walked out of the store I want something done about this kroger states satisfaction and priority is important when it comes to customers,I was embrassed and certainly there was no satisfaction, and I am someone who shops at Kroger spending hundreds of dollars weekly,but I was so upset not only could I not enjoy my dinner at longhorns my daughter took me to for my birthday after leaving krogers I could not eat.i not sure I will cont to kroger anymore.

Posted by Schwanhilda

I just try to return some laundry detergent that my husband bought 2 months ago. I do have the receipt. Detergent just sat in our garage. Store manager at Food 4 Less (Kroger affiliated) says returns are only accepted within a week. I couldn't find nything to that in their policies. Can someone confirm that as official Kroger policy?

Posted by caNtn

Accidentally bought Enfamil Toddler Formula instead of Similac. Immediately tried to return it with the receipt and was told formula is not returnable due to HIPAA. I am a RN who specializes in regulatory matters for a large healthcare company and very familiar with HIPAA. Nothing in HIPAA addressed baby formula. Perhaps it is an FAD reg due to tampering but the manager demonstrated her ignorance!

Posted by Anonymous

My mom recently sent my daughter a few sports bras and pants she purchased at Kroger. I was very thankful as this is my first foster child and we started off with just the small bag of things they dropped her off with. The pants are too short and Kroger will not let me return them without a receipt. I spend at least $500 a month at Kroger on groceries if not more. The manager was not friendly with me at all. I have seen them let others return clothes without receipts. Why am I being treated differently? The Kroger in Knoxville at Brooklawn will no longer be getting my business. I did not read anything in the return policy where clothes are non returnable!

Posted by Amber

My in laws recently purchased a $38 package of huggies diapers from our local Kroger in Harrisburg Illinois .they bought a size 5 and we need a size 6 so I went in to exchange them for the correct size . I was told that the diapers could not be exchanged even with a receipt . Not only is there not a sign in the store stating that baby products can not be exchanged or returned the manager In the store was extremely rude to me and the cashier told me that because I told them they have exchanged diapers for me in the recent past that they would investigate who it was and fire them since I asked about it . I have spent thousand of dollars in this store and hundreds of that have been on baby products . I would like this problem corrected ASAP or they will be loosing my family and I as costumers

Posted by

I bought some earbuds that were like 5 dollars. but one side is quieter than the other. like, one side would be painfully loud and the other side i can barely even here. do you think I would be able to get either a refund or, switch it out for another?

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Posted by Anonymous

good customer service. Milk often rotten & spoiled early before exp. date; always willing to refund or exchange, especially location on S. SMithville Rd. Dayton 45410. This is BOTH HOrizon organic $4.50 per half gallon & kroger brand milk (Simple Truth organic is THE worst for rotting early before printed expiration) . I really like the screen displays at register that shoe price for each item rang, & how a display line turns yellow to verify to customer that the kroger card swipe has registered for discount.

Posted by sydbid

ok thanks

Posted by Anonymous

On Friday,the supplier for my catering company failed on the quality of product that had been ordered for a top paying client. I was told there was a small Kroger around the corner from the conference.I am used to the bigger stores near my home and was very hesitant about this small store on Byrne in Toledo Oh. Desperate as I was I went in and was blown away by the color and quality of your produce, by Megan in your delicatessen and by a particularly knowledgeable young lady in the produce whose name has been lost but she had short blonde hair. You guys saved the day for me and I just wanted to say thank you from myself and my staff.
Karen Holtz

Posted by Anonymous

Sarah, cashier at self checkout, was so kind and patient as she assisted me with an item that I needed to exchange.
6430 west Saginaw
Lansing, Michigan

Posted by Dave

I just want to compliment the Pharmacy Tech at the Centerville Kroger in Snellville Georgia.. Cassie Mann has the absolute best customer service that I've ever seen from a Kroger Associate & this is coming from a former Associate of Publix Super Markets of 14 years service as a Customer Service Team Member/ Cashier Trainer.. You should be very proud to have such an amazing Team Member that represents your company so exceptionally... Thanks Cassie for going above & beyond the call of duty to make my health your priority... You're one in a million... God Bless... David Brumlow

Posted by Tolo

I shop at the Fry's at Golf Links and Kolb in Tucson. I shop weekly, each time being an order of over 100 dollars.
I want to know why I have to go to Safeway EVERY time I finish shopping at my Fry's to buy my bread. I have been there on the day that the Roman Meal guy delivers "Sun Grain" and "Roman Meal". He brings 4 to 6 loaves of Roman meal, and they are always gone all that day. I went in on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and today (july 4th) and there was no Roman Meal. Today I went in twice to look before I had to take a taxi to Safeway to buy my bread.
Why is it so difficult for them to order a couple of extra loaves?
They only have two slots on Bakery aisle for Roman Meal, while every other brand gets 4-5 slots.
This is a topic that comes up EVERY week at the neighborhood association meeting. All of us (35+ regular attendees) eat Roman Meal, and ALL of us whine about it, and joke about Fry's inability to have Roman Meal in stock.
I am almost done wasting my time shopping at Fry's, even though I live across the street. If I am going to have to take a cab anyway to get my bread, I may as well give Safeway all of my business!

Posted by Anonymous

Amber at the desk at your Union kroger store was extremely helpful, I needed a procedure which required no milk. I was so hungry, she directed me to the exact spot for that product. She was very friendly and understood my plight. Thanks, Amber

Posted by Anonymous

Miss Dianne Irby is one of the nicest person at Kroger, u is an outstanding person, she care so much about, u as a customer, she's always smiling, and make u feel so welcome, I wish she was there every day, I hate when she is off every one else is so so love this lady,god bless her keep up the great work

Posted by Andrew

Cutsomer Service employee Andrew is a first class 5 star customer service represenative at your Acworth Georgia on Cobb Pky. I just wanted to take the liberty to let you know that he is highly recommended to the productivity of your Coporation

Posted by Anonymous

I go to the Kroger at 4901 Maple Ave Dallas TX and am always pleased. The pharmacy manager Dien Vu is the absolute best there is. I have had my prescriptions filled there ever since they opend and continue to this day and I have several pharmacies that are much closer to where I live.

Posted by Anonymous

my name is marilyn williams. my husband david, and i live in gresham, oregon. times are very hard all over the country. here in the portland metro area, rents have been increased to outrageous proportions. we must choose between rent, food heat, and

medicine. it is not any easy decision. in fact, it is often very heartbreaking.

that is why i am writing about our local fred meyer store on burnside ave. in gresham. the employees at this store make all the difference, as to where we will shop. produce goods are most important. the staff there make sure everything is fresh, clean and attractive. that also goes for the meat and

fish dept. the deli, the bakery and non produce depts and the pharmacy are just as worthy for praise. a super helpful manager is patrick. he knows exactly what we need. also, another lady manager. i don't know her name. i watched her help a young child, whose mother was no where to found. the manager took the time and care, to be sure the child was safe and attended to. all this, while customers were asking her for information. words are not enough to express our appreciation to all of the checkers. i don't know all of their names. christian, lucy, kathy and brenda. thank you for not smashing my bread and eggs! thank you for your patience while i fumble around with my checkbook and coupons. lastly, i want to thank all of the young people that

collect all of the shopping carts outdoors. in freezing weather, snow, 100 degree heat, and constant pouring rain, these kids are out there. rushing around, always courteous and never complaining! you are an example to all of us. so mr. kroger, please recognize all of the employees at the fred meyer store on burnside avenue, in gresham, oregon. thanks for making these difficult financial times, better for my family and all the other shoppers at

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to say that Mrs Gail Burns at the Kroger on Third An belts is a warm hearted person greets you with respect and like she is your mom Beautiful Lady she brings out the best in Kroger make me feel good everytime I see and hear her voice she is one of kind. Love you Mrs Gail Burns From Deshay Smith

Posted by Anonymous

My Houston, Texas Kroger Store is located at the intersection of West Little York and North Eldridge. I have been attempting to purchase tenderized steak(cubed steak)for over two weeks without success. I finally had a chance to speak with an Asst Manager yesterday to find out that the store's tenderizer has been broken for about three weeks. I had to go to a competing store to purchase the steak......lost business for you and an inconvenience for me. I have found that I have been shopping at FOOD TOWN more and more in the last six months. Something's up! Maybe the store needs a new manager? The old manager used to make it a point to ask my wife or myself if we were finding everything allright. This hasn't happened in awhile.

Posted by Anonymous

It was totally awesome to have ice cold bottled water in a cooler at the exit door as a thank you for being a customer. This was at 930 Barnes Crossing store in Tupelo, Ms.Thank You Kroger!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Why is Kroger no longer carrying Hoffman super hot pepper cheese in Louisville, Ky stores this is one of the best cheese they have in the deli. Please bring it back.

Posted by Jimmyrich7

My experience was much better today than yesterday. Why, because of Breia Respert. She was professional, sweet, and was able to help me with by issues instantly. I would not recommand anyone ever to use Matty at the Kroger on Townelake Woodstock Ga. If you are ever in Woodstock and need help from the Customer Service desk ask for Breia Respect.

Posted by M & D

To extend the curb at the Abbott Martin Rd. entrance was a much needed project and greatly appreciated by many customers. Also, the floor certainly looks nice, such an improvement.
As always, a pleasant experience to shop the well managed Green Hills Kroger.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to commend Ms. Shirley Wynn at Store #324 on the excellent customer service experience I had with her on March 28, 2015. She was friendly, and addressed each of my questions with reasonable explanations.

Posted by grandma43

i shop at kroger and the fuel center. i shop in terre haute indiana at the north end layferre and front harrison. i love the lady that works there. her name is liz reiber. she is so nice and make me always feel welcome. i never get a number on my reciept and i cant hear very well on the phone so please give me my 50 points. again i want you know i really do enjoy shopping at kroger even more there fuel center!my card number

Posted by Anonymous

I shop at the Kroger at 23675 Greenfield Rd. Southfield, Michigan. One of your cashiers always goes above and beyond to offer customer service. Her name is Jessie Tikes. She is very small, but her knowledge, friendliness and service is outstanding. Today she saved me over $30.00. When I cashed out, I knew something was not right. I was on my way out of the store, and ran into her, I told her I believed something was wrong. She took the time to go over my receipt, and realized the scanner had not scanned my Kroger Card. She immediately took care of me. This is not the first time she had gone above and beyond with customer service.

Posted by dcwired

Kroger 509 Maple Ave., Dallas, TX. will not allow customers to bring in competitor's bags even though they charge for theirs as per city ordinance. The point of the city ordanance was to reuse, but Kroger is fighting that like all corporations. Anti-environmentalists.

Posted by Anonymous

Wanted to let you know your employee in the meat department (Bubba) went out of his way to help me on November 4, 2014. The department had closed and display items had been removed; but Bubba went into the back and wrapped up something for me. I knew Bubba's efforts were above and beyond the call of duty. Please thank him for me.

Posted by Dennis


....Not mad just disappointed. Bought a pumpkin pie the 2nd week of October,2014 at Kroger in Lake City Ga. Very bland and not very sweet. Bought another at Sam's Club. It was great ! Like I said ..not mad but I know where to buy my bakery products from now on. Still shop some at Kroger but not for bakery items.

Posted by kay cee

Thank you Kroger for changing your business practices: lowering prices, no-wait lines, fresh/organic fruits/veggies. I detest Walmart and am glad that Kroger has finally made positive changes. I am a frequent customer and more and more people in my neighborhood are going back to Kroger-to friendly faces, great customer service, available products. Something the big Walmart lacks completely. Keep up good work. Proud Kroger shopper in Indianapolis, IN.

Posted by Anonymous

I go to the Kroger in Ann Arbor and Stadium. There is a Cashier named Andrew who is the reason I always go back. Everytime I encounter this guy he always goes the extra mile to help me out.

Andrew Rocks!

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Posted by Smith's 706 450

I work for Kroger (Smith's) @ customer service. After reading most of these comments, It's clear these associates were not properly trained. You need to return something? Fine. Have a receipt? Even better. I blame management more so than the clerks themselves. These CS people (including myself) are often given mixed messages from different managers. We can always check movement if you don't have a receipt. But if there is no receipt presented, it's going on store credit. If you have one, then it will (SHOULD) be returned to the original form of payment.

I just stumbled upon this page researching if it's against my state's law to perform returns on alcohol sales. Didn't find an exact answer..

Posted by Anonymous

I work at a krogers right now as a bagger, planning on changing this soon, and I have to say, after reading a few comments here, I understand why people are frustrated, let me explain this from an employee's point of view:

1) We don't seem to care about the customers because we aren't payed enough. As a bagger I am expected not only to bag peoples groceries, but get carts, run items to the damaged sections across the store, get new items for customers, bring orders out for customers that need them, clean spills and the restrooms, and be kind and friendly. I get payed a whole... $8.00 an hour, with a maximum of $9.25, vs the cashiers who stand behind the register all day and start at $8.00 an hour, max of about $15.00... and I am supposed to care about the customers? I don't get payed enough to care about myself.
2) Management. Don't even get me started on my boss. She is the worst micro-manager around. We switch cart duty every 30 minutes. She expects us to have the lobby full of carts when we switch, which when we are busy... is IMPOSSIBLE. If we leave 1 minute early, we are in the wrong, no matter how early we get there, if we do 1 thing wrong, we are yelled at, if we are talking to the customer too much(which we are supposed to do as part of our job of being friendly to the customer) we get yelled at, need I continue?
3) HR issues. Not so much issues with HR itself, as with accessing HR. My manager had told me repeatedly that I don't need to talk with HR about any issues I may have(as I do have medical issues that I am working on with my doctor) because "it may effect the schedule" so its the managers job to handle it(even though the wonderful HR rep that hired me said specifically they have an open door policy and I can talk with her anytime I need).
4) Sick policy. So krogers is a grocery store, right? So if an employee is actually sick, they should be able to call off to not spread the sickness to the customers, right? WRONG. You need a doctors note to call off, and with the company not paying for any sort of insurance, that is at least 1 days work to see the doctor to have the note that you need. If you don't have the note, you are counted absent without an excuse, and after 3 days absent without excuse, your fired. Also, if you start feeling sick at work, or vomit or something, you should go home right? Again, WRONG. If you leave before your shift is over, even if you truthfully aren't feeling well(not the crap teenagers pull to get out of work/school) you are leaving your post, and are considered quitting. So the company would rather get the customers sick, as long as you are still working? Really?

So yeah, there are issues with employees seeming to not care at krogers because we aren't payed enough to really care. If I had to be honest, never EVER get a job at krogers. It really isn't worth it to get screwed so much. Even unemployment would probably be better then a job at krogers, simply because if you are unemployed you have some freedom.

Sorry about the wall of text, needed to get some of this off my chest, and some explanations to some of the people complaining about the company.

Posted by Anonymous

I've been with the Kroger Co. for over 20 years. In the beginning the company WAS all about family, today the company is all about the ole mighty $$$ and the managers/co-managers/district managers and so on's bonuses. Management plays a lot of games with the employee's; With their job positions, hours, and their pay....(they took $4.00 per hour away from one employee just a few weeks ago. The explanation management gave the employee was; she shouldn't have been offered the pay grade 11 years ago) ARE YOU SERIOUS? What company does this? If you anger management (have an opinion), you will be targeted, and this means that they will find a way to demote you any way they can. They promote some interesting individuals to say the very least. I've seen store managers having affairs with associates, and the next month they are promoted to Cincinnati for a corporate position.

Posted by CHOSEN

this comment is not about a shopping experience, it is about management and I am a former employee. I loved working at Kroger and I mostly loved the customer. I reently left Kroger. I left because the management team at 520 are unprofessional. the store management does not have a voice. she walks around all day leaning on a cart. she only speaks to you when company comes and she does no work. Patricia Vaughn.. she is very ViNDICTIVE AND SPITEFUL, if you don't kiss her ass, she plays with your money,,she will cut your schedule..she plays games. I was there for a little over a year and she chose others who were there later to promote, call in for more hours. she asked me to pick up a piece of paper one day that she was standing over. Why didn't the hussy pick it up she was right there,,,,I was behind the register. she sits on her ass up stairs and thinks of manipulation tactics...She is a very unhappy lady who needs much prayer..if you look at her, she has an upside down smile. That speaks for itself...Maybe if she would go get a makeover, she might feel better...I am praying for Debbie Pat and Author....Corporate should look into the three of them. THEY ARE THE REASON THE TURNOVER RATE IS SO HIGH. NOBODY LIKES THEM!....I LEFT KROGER BY CHOICE!

Posted by Anonymous

I work at Kroger Store #562 in Texas. I have worked for Kroger for 29yrs. I am now working as a checker. We were told that we can no longer have a bottle of water at our register or we will be written up. Employee's in other areas of the store walk around with their drinks but yet the front end is being singled out. I give excellent customer service and engage with my customer's all day that gives me dry mouth and it tells me that the manager doesn't really care about their employee's. Please respond to my complaint before I loose my job.
Thank You

Posted by Maddog

I work at a Kroger store, for 8 years, would like to know, why dont we put our associates in the right positions, that might make them happy Kroger has and has lost a lot of talent in the wrong jobs thanks

Posted by ms.msr smith

managment at kroger 16 myrtle beach sc, favorize two employee than the others in the deli even that those favorized employees dont speak english at all and taking days off they wants and fixed (weekend off) we complaind to the co-manager over deli/bakery but no action has been taken so far and this happening since a year now

Posted by Anonymous

Why do you have two standards for your employees at Kroger. the health department states that all employees working in the DELI or FOOD COURT most wear hair nets when
working behind counter. Your employees that do resets and manager seem to feel that the rule concerning hair nets does not apply to people in MANAGEMENT OR FROM THE OFFICE. This has been going on for years and no body seems to care as long as they do not get caught not following health department gudie lines. MANAGEMENT AND EMPLOYEES COMING BEHIND THE COUNTER ARE SUPPOSE TO SET THE EXAMPLE FOR OTHERS.


Posted by Ellie

I am a former Kroger employee and shopper. All I have to do is buy a product and that product will be discontinued. Kroger formerly carried Bon Ami products which work great and are low on chemical content - discontinued. I love to bake and used Betty Crocker fluffy white icing mix several times a year (superior to my homemade Seven Minute frosting) - discontinued. My husband will only eat Webber's sausage - discontinued. We purchased two pound bags of Spotlight French Roast bean coffee regularly - discontinued. I used to purchase one pound bags of frozen vegetables - discontinued. I could go on and on which I did by writing to Kroger's corporate office. They apologized and said that would "miss my business." I now shop GFS for coffee and vegetables in package sizes worth taking home. I buy Bon Ami products on-line. I purchase Webber sausage products at Remke-Biggs.

I guess that Kroger thinks that customers will take whatever Kroger's throws at them. But I work too hard for my money to buy inferior products and costly teeny packages. Yes, Kroger, I the Customer, have options, even in the Greater Cincinnati market.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been an employee for almost 2 decades, and have worked in 4 stores. as the years go by, i can see employees unhappy more and more. management does not seem to care about the people that help to make thier store profitable. i used to enjoy what i did, and to be quite honest because of the favoratism that i see it makes me sick. I also get tired of having to tell customers im sorry, for not having a product, or because of the lack of employees due to hrs. being cut. Kroger needs to open their eyes.. and the yearly surveys,what a joke. management tries to be nice to you a month before and during, then right back to the same hard fisted way of doing things. you want to see your stores clean, well stocked and profitable... well help by making your employees feel like they are worth something to you... and not just a few select ones either.. happy employees make happy customers.

Posted by tres35cowgirl8

I work for the company in GM last month they had spend 100.00 get 10.00 in dec to spend in King soopers Market place well closes one near me is 30 miles away. I call to verify my point 46 something dollars is 40.00 so I drive there spend an hr looking and desiding and even buy some extra only to get to check out to be told I have no points someone used them. (thats not possible). Then to have customers behind me not understand whats going on say if your short 6.00 Ill give it to you so youll get out of line!! last week they gave me a birthday card with a scratcher I win, i use it to buy a power ball ticket only to find out it's expired! 3 months ago get a gift card with 5.00 for my hard work only to find out the next month it was never pd for. big slap in the face with King soopers- plus all this CAO wave 5 stuff more and more demands lass help but more work then threats to write you up!!

Posted by Anonymous

Iwork in Kroger 694. I do not want to write my name because i am afraid actions agains me.We had a bad comment from customer about our floor supervisor Terresa. She yelled at him, called him names. We had 5 employees who saw it and our manager Ray Ann saw video tape. All employees was waiting for punishment for Terresa but everything is queit.Our union representive talked to store manager and she said she does not have proof what happend. Even though 5 employees saw it and union guy saw a tape. Employees would like to see that manager written up for not doing anything about it and Terresa schould be susspended from her position. Manager the store written up some employess for a little things like not smile or customer survice is durty. But she did not do anything about this case. I want to bring attention to it distric manager and see some punishment.
thank you


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