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Krispy Kreme customer service is ranked #827 out of the 947 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 21.40 out of a possible 200 based upon 12 ratings. This score rates Krispy Kreme customer service and customer support as Terrible.


12 Negative Comments out of 12 Total Comments is 100.00%.


0 Positive Comments out of 12 Total Comments is 0.00%.

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    • 21.40 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 12 negative comments (100.00%)
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Posted by Jet

Branch SM calamba
Perfect together caffe amerikano too much strong
Crew male tall( dont know d name) the service is not commendable, maybe not happy for his job rendered. Waited for too long for the coffee to serve.

Posted by Sharon Turner

I am an unsatified customer. I went to your Krispy Kreme establishment on Saturday, August 19,2017 in Augusta, Georgia on Peach Orchard Road. I had a coupon for 1 dozen of assorted donuts for have off. My order contained six glazed donuts, three glazed sour cream and the remainder was chocolate . I admittedly ate a glazed donut to only realize that it was old and stale. The manager was waiting on me and she got upset because I told her the were not fresh. She said that yes they were old and they were not supposed to be sold, however; some customers see they and insist on buying them. I told her that they young lady that packed my box did not tell me that the donuts were old. I have never been treated so rudely in Krispy Kreme before. I paid for the first transaction with my debit card and commented that now she had to do a refund and re run the card. I told her that was fine and she said that might ok for you but not for some of our other customers. Her attitude was awful. When I went to the car with my new order, I started eating one of the glazed donuts and it was stale. I took the order back and got my money. I love Krispy Kreme and this was one night it was not right. The manager in duty was Kimberly Smith and she obviously had gone through a long and tiring day because she was not very nice.

Posted by marathon village .com

who is the owners name that owns Krispy Kreme on church st nashville tenn . he needs to work on good people working for him ! we will find out and post at a later date. they called the police on me and i had nothing to drink or anything its bad they don't care and the bad things they are saying .WoW . ps. don't not go to krispy kreme !!! bad company.Barry Walker

Posted by marathon village .com

i just went to Krispy Kreme on elliston pl nashville .bad bad, it was about 11.00 pm and i was at the drive in pull up and they said can i help you i order a coffee .than no word so i said hello over and over no said nothing and then there speaker was on and they were saying very bad respect . they need to be fried . i was so mad i honked my horn over and over, it would have beed nice if they would have said sorry we are closed . but no they called the police . i own marathon village in nashville tenn no. 2 tourist destination in nashville tenn because we give people ( respect ) the people should be fired and get people that have a good way.not sorry low life employee that don't care.the date is february 11 pm . this is thr1 st time i have done this email. so i talked to the police in the parking lot about customer services and respect. Barry Walker p.s if there is nothing done w me and my group will keep the internet busy about respect . and do not go to any Krispy Kreme in the use. ( stop going to Krispy Kreme ) they don't care!

Posted by ANGELLIS

If You Are A Donut Place And That's What U Do. Don't Run Out Of Donuts. Got Up Way Too Early To Get Them For My Workers And When I Get There You Have The Nerve To Tell Me That You Don't Have Any. Then The Lady Was Rude On Top Of That... Really

Posted by Lou

Just went to the drive in window of the krispy kream near eliston place in nashville tn and when we got to the window the cost was a dollar more than expected... Response was yes our sign is wrong?! What?! Isnt that illegal? To say hay for this amount this is what you can get then say whoops our sign is wrong.. Really urked me!

Posted by Gary

August 31 2016 I went to the store on 120th in Thornton Co and bought 15 Donuts and 2 Donuts hole cups they were the worse Donuts I have ever ate. The Donuts I get at Walmart are 100 times better.the lady that rang me up tried to over charge me,and they tasted should ashamed of your self

Posted by Anonymous

We waited 15 minutes to be served, with 4 clerks talking within eyesight! Finally received our product, person left and we waited for 19 minutes for the drive thru clerk to take our money... All the while personal stood by doing nothing, by this time a line of 6 people formed and ALSO stood with no help. Got home and found donuts to be either coated with glaze and very little donut, crime filled donuts were not fried correctly and crime was running out...donuts should have been in steamer longer as not raised sufficiently,,,,, as a past bakery owner and past Krispy Crene customer, I suggest you hire more efficient managers, sales people, bakers...... In other words our dealing with your company today was a disaster! I would be ashamed to have my name associated with this store!!!! Are all Kk stores as ad? After restructuring, I would hope you would have corrected any and all problems....Dunjin Donuts across the street will be getting all our future business!

Posted by Anonymous

Used the drive thru and was told it was going to be a minute because of "shift change" ???? Waited 5 ... then proceeded to give my order..I was asked to be more specific with my choice. OK... so I began to specify. As I completed my order of assorted dozen.. I was asked to repeat myself???? Twice. Spoke with the manager ...he did not care. I'll NEVER buy krispy Kreme again.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to inform u about the location in Gadsden Alabama in the past week I have went there to order an they have no dough nuts just the variety I pass our other location cothrans because u have a drive thru an after workin 12 hours its easier I will be glad to send u copy of my receipt just don't know why they r always out of doughnuts thank u mary reese

Posted by Roxie

I went out of my way to get up early, dress like a pirate for pirate day and go to my local Kryspie Kreme for doughnuts, especially your pumpkin spice cakes. But I expected my free dozen! Instead, I am greeted by an employee telling me they don't have any and aren't serving?! No comp, no explanations, nothing! I am very disappointed in your company, not to mention my family, who expected treats this morning! This store is on Merrill Rd. in Jacksonville, Fla. Really left a bad taste in my mouth.

Posted by teeterfinest

Went inside the krispy kreme on Savannah hwy Charleston sc. Ordered a dozen donuts approximately around 3:45pm on Monday 2/23/15. At that time the hot donuts weren't ready. So we agreed to wait fot the hot donuts since the cashier told me that I would only have to wait 10minutes. We waited almost 20mins still no donuts to only find out that it was gonna be another hour because they had to change the grease. No one apologized for the inconvenience. I traveled almost 30mins to get these donuts. The manager clarisse Saunders didn't acknowledge me didn't apologize nor smiled or tryed to make sure that I was happy leaving the store. I asked for my money back. I then called mr tony ashe the store manager. No luck with him either. No apology nothing was done to ensure that I was satisfied leaving. I dont understand where is the outstanding customer service. Thanks

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