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Kraft customer service is ranked #492 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 31.60 out of a possible 200 based upon 17 ratings. This score rates Kraft customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


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Posted by Tip

Concerning your Kraft Real Mayo in the 22 fl. oz squeeze bottle: This bottle is really not user friend, even being a nice squeeze bottle as it is. One cannot access all of the product by squeezing the bottle or removing the cap from the small mouth opening. Even the wide mouth jar is too tall for easy removal of the Mayo, but that is a different story. Have you considered a butter tub type container so that the Mayo could be more easily spooned out for use? No complaints against a fine food we have used for years. We appreciate your consistency and care in its production, but something more user friendly might be a consideration. Thank you and God bless.

Posted by Anonymous

I was making grilled cheese sandwiches and Every time I tried to unwrap a slice of cheese the plastic tore and I had to pick of the plastic.
I was making several sandwiches and this happened every single time.
Apparently I missed a piece of plastic that I didn’t find until I was almost choking on it.
Thankful it was in my sandwich and not my 7 year old nephew’s. This a brand new package of cheese with an expiration date of 13 June 18. So I guess that every other piece of cheese out of this package will need careful scrutiny before using. The plastic feels very cheap and flimsy.

Posted by Jack

Dear Kraft-foods
I’m not one to complain much; but what has happen to Velveeta cheese? It looks different and taste different. I’ve purchased several different boxes at different locations in the last few months, to have the same disappointing product. It has changed and not for the better. I will not be purchasing this product any more until I know it has returned to the original taste and texture.
I believe Coke Cola tried to change their product years ago and regretted. Please Please return to the original receipe or have the person or persons responsible brought to the carpet and brawl bet them, for a nasty tasting Velveeta.
Sincerely: former Life Long Consumer of Velveeta

Posted by Calyhdez78

Hi! I would just like you to know how my family and me enjoy your products and would love for you guys to keep us in mind and on your mailing list when you have coupons and special promotions, thank you in advance .

Posted by Alice

Winn Dixie now does not carry thr Pimento Cheese jars any more! Publix does not care it at all!
Where can I buy it? I will order a case if i have to.


Posted by Anonymous

To Whom It May Concern:
Like most Americans, I have been a long time consumer of many Kraft food products. Today, I have a couple of complaints about the lesser quality of some of your products.
The first one I want to address is your Kraft Jar Old English cheese spread. It used to be smooth and very easy to spread with a strong cheddar taste. Now, (and for the past couple of years)you have changed something in it and the texture is almost crumbly and hard to spread with a very blah taste!
The second product is the Kraft Miracle Whip. My husband grew up enjoying the taste, but for the past few years, you have changed the ingredients, and NOT for the better. The use of HFCS and the soybean oil, as well as some other ingredients that the original never had, has made it taste BAD! He now uses my Best Foods Mayonnaise. He truly misses the ORIGINAL.
The third two products that I have a complaint about is your American Cheese and the Velveeta. The original American cheese tasted nice and "cheesy", the new stuff has no flavor other than a "plastic" taste. I buy the Deli Deluxe in order to get the ORIGINAL American cheese flavor, but it is very pricey. The Velveeta tastes like oil, with very little cheese flavor.
If you are trying to save money by using cheaper ingredients, fillers and chemicals, it won't work, as consumers aren't stupid and we will just stop buying the products, so you actually end up LOSING money!
PLEASE, on behalf of ALL American consumers, bring back the ORIGINAL ingredients in your products!
One last request: I have noticed that many companies are using the word "original" on their products, when in fact, they are NOT the original ingredients in the product. I consider that "false advertising", and I'm sure the legal system might also feel the same way.
Please consider my request, as I am sure there are thousands who feel as I do.

Carrie Rechel

Posted by Marilyn

What is going on with Kraft Old English Cheese Spread? I have purchased and returned 4 jars in the past two months due to it being dry and crumbly, like dried up playdoh and a bitter smell. I believe the first three jars were purchased at Meijer in Traverse City Michigan and the fourth from Meijer in Saginaw Michigan. All four jars have had good expiration dates. Has there been a change in the ingredients that would cause this? I've wasted alot of time, not to mention other ingredients that had to be thrown out due to this problem. You can respond to my concern at email address Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

Can't get ahold of anyone concerning your bad product if you could call me at I greatly would appreciate it that's Christina Painter concerning your product

Posted by LibraryLinda

I was promised Kraft coupons after trying to make strawberry jam this summer. Your sure jell product had a mistake in the directions that resulted in the loss of 4 quarts of strawberries, cost of your product and my considerable time. This product should have been recalled as you had the same problem the year before. I checked with my grocery store and they could not find a recall for it. The date printed on the box indicated that the product should have been good for several more months. The directions were wrong! The girl I talked to promised me at least $30 worth of Kraft coupons that I have not received. I am very disappointed in your customer service.

Linda Brown

Posted by [email protected]

I would like to know if you have sent out fall or the holiday magazine. They took my check and it was cash in . I would like my magazine and also one for Cindy Carroll .you have me on record I been getting the magazine for years My Address is Thank you Margaret Gries

Posted by Anonymous

I have not been able to talk to anyone about my complaint with the cheese recall and the issues i have had. Like the wrapper sticking and not seeing it,so it gets cooked and runs a grilled cheese sandwich,and i have actually chocked on a piece before because the clear plastic is hard to get off sometimes,and easy to miss some and leave it on and choke or ruin your food. Who can I inform about that? Thanks michelle

Posted by diddylynn1

I am a diabetic and can't enjoy frozen marguerita's etc. You Crystal lite mixes for daiquiri's, appletini's and especially marguerita's made it possible for me to celebrate and enjoy. In fact on one cruise ship i brought my own and they made a pitcher with their slush mix for me.
I cannot find it anywhere, except Amazon where they want $50 . PLEASE tell me where I and others can find our favorite treat. I have given up trying to navigate your sites there is no where I can find for a consumer to ask questions so I'll give it a shot here.

Posted by Close 1

The insolence Kraft exhibits towards their customers stems from their highest officers. Try to reach them about non food matters and you will find the art of stonewalling practiced to perfection. If you somehow get through to a live person, you will be issued a case number. The purpose of this number seems to be to alert anyone receiving a call, a voicemail or an email to ignore you.

Posted by tindew

I have been a member of Kraft foods and have had a recipe box for many years I have made hundreds of Kraft recipes and am also a subscriber to Kraft Food & Family Today I went into my recipe box and all my categories are GONE everything is either A-z or Z-A and would take forever to find a favorite recipe I want to make if not impossible appetizers, cheesecakes, jello molds layered desserts, ground beef, chicken, casseroles,, soups & stews,, pumpkin recipes, cakes, cookies they are GONE What is happening to Kraft???

Posted by Wilma

I couldn't even find customer service to comment about my Kraft Miracle Whip experience. Disappointed that my egg salad is watery. My tuna was too. But I thought that perhaps I hadn't drained the water off well enough. I use the regular because I had this problem with the light and was happy with that. Only code I could find was best when used by 02 JUN 20:15 C 0:39

Posted by holli sinay

my name is holli sinay was watching a clip on the mold in your juice boxes and that happened to me before. its gross and I cant believe a large company cant maintain better standard. you have the money use it. I am going to share the video and expose you for what you are. you made no attempt to contact me or make things right nothing. you must get complaints way to many to handle. BAD BAD business. I am so upset and disappointed in your customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Kraft must bring back the Draft American Deluxe cheese in the Blue Box - AND using the same recipe that was originally used many, many years ago. Your wrapped american cheese slices are atrocious and i simply cannot and will not use that cheese in my kitchen. The taste of all of those sliced products is way off. THE ORIGINAL RECIPE IS THE ONLY ONE I WILL USE.
PLEASE BRING IT BACK. WE COOKS OF AMERICAN WANT IT BACK!. Why are you not bringing it back when the demand is so high?

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