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Koodo customer service is ranked #527 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 30.49 out of a possible 200 based upon 154 ratings. This score rates Koodo customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


144 Negative Comments out of 154 Total Comments is 93.51%.


10 Positive Comments out of 154 Total Comments is 6.49%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Koodo

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 30.49 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 144 negative comments (93.51%)
    • 10 positive comments (6.49%)
    • 0 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.1 Issue Resolution
    • 2.1 Reachability
    • 1.9 Cancellation
    • 3.2 Friendliness
    • 2.7 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Ramnath

I am waiting for 2 days to speak to a manager or customer service.
I am now stranded without phone service in a foreign country and no one can reach me. I am a medical out patient and I was told that a manager will call me 2 days ago. What should i do.

Posted by biteme

Wow.. I just spent over an hour waiting on hold. "were sorry your wait time is 30 minutes" ..... 60 minutes later I hung up, with nothing but background music. I know these tactics. I'm in customer service, they only do this to not deal with the customer. Its absolute garbage.

Posted by Anonymous

By the way am the guy that advertise about the koodoo that ripped me off and charge me for toll free calls I would like to add up that at the beginning I never asked for internet by mistake a button has been pressed later I found out I was using data which I don't want to begin with than they charged me for data blocking it' like am gonna push u something u don't want and charge every month cause u don't wanna it terrible company avoid it like the plauge almost worse as Rogers but Rogers still the worse but Koodo is on the way to pass them

Posted by Anonymous

This the first time anything like that ever happened to me with a cellphone company I've been charged for long distance calls that were actually a toll free numbers am appalled and shocked after waiting 40 min the agent answered and after I expressed my frustrations in a nice way gotta mentioned they were willing to take 50 dollars off this is a broad light robbery this is disgrace

Posted by Anonymous

I've had a plan with koodo for 2 years and in those two years I've gone through 2 phones...not because of my fault but because the phoen they sold me kept braking (broken charger on phone) I pay for a phone replacement plan and when I went I they told me I had to pay another 100 to get it fixed. I called to have my plan cancelled as I'm not dealing with this any longer. Its going to cost me 600 to get out of it even though this is not my fault. DO NOT USE KOODO

Posted by TRIPPER

It Is Friday June 15th, During The Last Week,as Of Monday I Have Been Trying To Reach Anyone And I Mean Anyone...30 To 40 Minute Wait Times,then The Call Is Dropped.....bar None Koodo Is Rated Halfway Down The List In General Standings,in My Opinion It Is Completely Off The List,they Dont Even Make It To The Mens Room For A Meeting Or Womans B Athroom I Don T Care..bar None They Are The Worst On The Planet ....end Of

Posted by Anonymous

I phoned your number and was asked to wait 1 hour. Terrible! Then I left my cell number for them to contact me. No call back to me. My bill is higher than it should be. I went to Florida and had long distance calling and texting for two months. These 2 months have been paid in full. My bill should be $92.00 for the end of May and not $148.75. Please look at my account and correct this. Thank you in advance. Belinda Hoffman

Posted by Anonymous

You're customer service is terrible! And why would you charge $10 to have my billing changed to the proper amount? And why cancel paper billing when this is the only way and I'm sure there are a lot of other customers that will only conduct payment transactions this way? I've been a loyal customer for many years and now I'm going to have to take my business elsewhere! I'm very unsatisfied with your service and will probably have to go with another carrier. Darren Purvis account - Don't phone me because you'll probably charge me even more usage fees! email My billing is wrong check previous bills!

Posted by Anonymous

I m a Koodo customer in Canada. I just arrive in Malaysia and try to use the SIM card here. The unlock code Koodo gave me does not work. I m really frustrated. I need direction or can you unlock my phone.

Posted by Anonymous

I am highly unimpressed with the service at the koodoo store located in Chinook mall, Calgary Ab. I went to inquire about getting my screen protector replaced,as I had been given false information regarding the warranty, and the employee who talked with me was highly rude and unprofessional, telling me I should just " learn to be careful and not drop my phone." Not only do I still have a cracked screen protector, but I will never recommend that store.

Posted by Anonymous

Most Terrible Service On The Planet. Try Getting A Phone Unlocked By Them, It Wont Happen. On Hold Last Night For 5 Hours. This Morning Been On Hold Another 2 Hours And Counting. Cant Unlock Phone In Store Have To Call

Posted by Solarstormz

paid them balance owing $50.30 through their website by using my debit card. They debited my bank acct $50.30 however bill still reads OWING $50.30 24 hrs later ! Spent 3 hours trying to get through on customer service only to be disconnected twice and third time they failed to answer after 45 min wait. WORST company to do business with.. Find a better service provider !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Phoned 2xs today
Trying upgrade phone and change number 😞☹️
I don’t know 40 on hold 2xs....trying again. Not impressed

Posted by Anonymous

Koodo is the most horrendous phone company to deal with. Undisclosed information, and rude,unhelpful customer service employees. I don't recommend them to anyone will make sure everyone knows the sour taste they just left in my mouth 😌

Posted by Livid

I have been DM'ing and tweeting at them all day to no response. They have my money and don't care about their customers.

Posted by Eddie

I wanted to cancel my service. Service support took very long time to reach and we you finally connect they need to transfer you to cancellations adding another 30 minutes of waiting time. Terrible service

Posted by Anonymous

OMG. I have had my phone disconnected. And have been on the phone with customer service for 3 hours. And haven't had any one response. Not a happy customer.

Posted by NikkiDee

Since it seems there is no way to reach head office and speak to anyone that can do something about complaints, I am going to contact the consumer advocates for each local TV provider in the Vancouver area. My beef: the new wireless telephone service is an unholy mess!! First the folks in the Park Royal S. Kiosk, once I got the attentions of the lads that were busy with one another, did not have much knowledge about this service. That was Oct. 6/17. I left believing I would have phone service right after the Thanksgiving weekend. It is Oct. 13 and it has been one debacle after another....AND.... I still don't have phone service and was informed today that I would not have it until Oct. 17. ARE YOU KIDDING!!! This borders on consumer fraud and negligence. I have a Koodo cell phone... have had it for years with no problem. Think they are now in over their technological heads and are not prepared to service this new product. Going to cancel all accounts with Koodo.

Posted by Montreal

Extremely annoyed: spent 1.5 hours in a Koodo store in Montreal to try to purchase a SIM so that visiting parents would have coverage for 5 days. Customer service didn't know that their SIM wouldn't work in my phone (which has space for 2 SIM cards -and which I showed her before buying to SIM) - finally I asked her to contact tech services who told her that was the problem. Then her manager refuses to refund me the SIM stating 'it's not our SIM problem' - well it's a compatibility problem that their tech service knew about, so a) why didn't the customer service in the store know before I paid for the SIM? and b) you technically sold me a product that your company knew wouldn't work- that's pretty rude. It would have also saved me 1.5 hours. Koodo-train your staff properly and how hard would it be to refund me $10 so that I am not a very annoyed EX-customer?

Posted by Barfy

Absolutely abysmal prepaid customer service. Locked out of self serve for no reason, CANNOT reach a live person. The self serve menu fails in endless dead end loops "call back during business hours" which are, apparently, NEVER!

Posted by Anonymous

The customer service department would be better named customer "non-service" department. After a typical 1 hour wait, the humans responding to calls are not able to comprehend or speak in either of Canada's 2 official languages. The information they provide is wrong and the customer has to sort the problem out later... good luck. There is no complaint mechanism/process. MY ADVICE... CHOOSE ANOTHER PROVIDER.

Posted by Anonymous

I am currently Koodo mobile customer. I want to tell to any body who has a desire to any body is this is the worst company I have ever seen in mobile industry in Canada. Their customer service is very bad. they don't have respect for their customer. they charge you for every thing if they get a chance. they don't provide detail information when you change a plan so that they may get an opportunity to charge you additional money. I suggest to every body that don't think to go to koodo unless they want to loose their money for nothing.

Posted by Bill

after 1 hour and 45 minutes on hold to update credit card info, koodo finally connects to next stage in the call process. Then the call is dropped!

Posted by sandra

I purchases a new phone on December 8 at your center at Cebra mall. customer service was not so good. Now I am trying to set up my self service account, it work for a few minutes and now I cannot log in. I am so tried of all the lack of service |I am getting. all I need is to pay my bill. Can some please text me whey my bill is due. I am retired most of the time I am out of the country.

Posted by Allura

I am NOT happy with the replacement process. My husband bought me my first cell phone for my 20th birthday last year, and he got the extended warranty under the impression by the sales rep that sold him the insurance that it would completely cover the replacement by paying $7/month for the extended warranty. We were not advised that physical damage would cost $49 to replace my phone. I slipped on the ice and my phone's screen got cracked and my camera lens was cracked. We called to get the replacement process started, and this very rude woman Ashley kept throwing all these fees in our face that we were not informed of when we applied for the insurance. The rude agent was really snobby and was basically saying "my way or the highway". She was rude, pushy, and didn't even sound sincere when she was apologizing. Over all I am not impressed and even ashamed to admit I used to love koodo and would promote them to the others as a good honest phone company. But it was all a lie. I will never give a positive service rating via text again, or recommend kodoo to anyone.

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Posted by WolfGal

thank you so much Koodo you are the best at helping and a great BIG thanks to Claudia she has so much patients and so kind she is a keeper great job

Posted by GRACY

I am very pleased with the service I received from Koodo they are polite and they resolved all issues on the telephone. Going to their outlets is another thing. I sent my mom to get a phone and all they did was talk and ignore her finally when she saw a phone she liked she asked how to use it and was told everyone knows how to use this my mom never bought her phone and all those young kids went back to talking about their weekend, One lost customer . My mom would still like a phone for SENIORS BUT DOES NOT WISH TO GO TO kOODO TOO BAD.

Posted by Kat

I switched to Koodo from Fido a few months ago. I've been pretty happy so far. It has better reception than Fido did, which is surprising. The over-the-phone help is pretty useful and friendly, too. Even though I'd read some complaints below, Koodo is still SO MUCH BETTER THAN FIDO or ROGERS!!!

Posted by Jacqueline

I have been with Koodo for over 12 years and they have been nothing but excellent with me every time there is an issue they go out of their way to help me if there's any misunderstanding with data or roaming they will credit me I recently ported over to Rogers as a bundle because the rep there told me I would save money he has a lying I had to write to the Ombudsman to cancel and port back to Kudo Kudo reduced my monthly from 50 to 45 whereas Rogers was trying to bundle me at $85 I love Kudo and they are a great company from people on the phone to the people at the kiosk in the Oshawa centre I highly highly recommend them

Posted by crentj

Very understanding trying to get best for my dollar but found not add dated to my plan. I have an old plan if we changed my plan i will lose my plan would have be paying more money. So it was get the i was informed because they could of change it and not tell me plan rate would change . Very great for because I'm a single mom disability and with two kids. And dont get very much money. X does not pay child support so every penny counts. Thank to oood and your staff are very understanding .when i talk you your company they are very understanding. I make payment every mouth but it when I get my checks . I always pay the amount that will make my service on. Because my son as a disability as well he needs a phone and be able to get a hold of me if he panic . Koodoo is a very very outstanding teriffic understanding company . I wish other company's not to name shaw,tbaytel. NEED to some point, and manners from your staff

Posted by E. Fakeh

The supervisor I had deal with was very nice and he understood my situation. Thank you for the best service.

Posted by Anonymous

Just talked to Koodo customer service about a roaming add on charge. He took it off,and gave me new amount to pay. Spoke perfect english. Whole call took under 10 minutes. Hardest part was finding the phone number. I had to call the store where I bought it and ask them for the number.

Posted by justme

I have always been very please with Koodo customer service, but have had a very hard time getting through on the phone lately to activate my husband's phone. I stayed on hold this time for over 35 min. until my cordless phone died.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service always has very long wait times, I could eat my monthly minutes up just trying to contact them.

That aside, they have some very skilled support people (If you are lucky enough to get someone who knows what they are doing)

Talking to their support, a lot of problems they have are tied up in red tape with their parent company Telus hindering Koodos efforts.

The website is not horrible, but definitly needs work done.

Posted by hoserdude

Very good refund policy customer service friendly and fast. No prblems here.

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