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Kohl's customer service is ranked #138 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 52.67 out of a possible 200 based upon 258 ratings. This score rates Kohl's customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


215 Negative Comments out of 258 Total Comments is 83.33%.


43 Positive Comments out of 258 Total Comments is 16.67%.

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    • 52.67 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 215 negative comments (83.33%)
    • 43 positive comments (16.67%)
    • 3 employee comments
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    • 2.9 Issue Resolution
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    • 3.6 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

I am a Kohls mvp I have been calling for weeks now I am unable to pull my yes two rewards because I forgot my password they keep telling me that they will send one to reset my password and never do! Can u please send it to me [email protected] I am tired of calling them with no results

Posted by Anonymous

11/20/2017 Called Kohl's today to order bed sheets. My 1st question was "do you ship to Hawai'i?" and was told yes. I was so happy with the great service and price that I doubled my order. I miss a number for my charge card and said I'd have to call back. When I got the card I placed another call to Kohl's and asked that rep if they shipped to Hawai'i and again was told yes. They were wrong! By the time she had completed the order she then tells me (guess what) "they don't ship to Hawai'i. I got a run around after calling a 3rd time and asked for a supervisor. The person who answered that call had no reason why they don't ship to Hawai'i and kept repeating they don't ship to....... I wrote the main office an email telling them that we are the 50th state, we live in real houses and we drive cars and have real beds so why won't you mail to Hawai'i?
I don't think anyone should recommends Kohl's, think about Kohl's or tell friends on the mainland not to buy from them. Come on people, just one good reason why you won't ship to us. We know the postage will me more. You loose a sale and make the people here in Hawai'i feel like we don't count. Don't need my money, Good, I wouldn't buy anything from them if they changed and allowed shipping to Hawai'i.
Mrs. Nishihara

Posted by I want my MTV

How backwoods that I can't make a one time payment with my debit card, online, for my daughters account!! Her bank is in the process of a merge so her account is in limbo going through this(which then made this payment late). I had to go through an entirely needless nightmare to finally achieve this. Who in this day & age doesn't accept debit cards?!! After repeated ATTEMPTS on her online account, I felt like I was violated making an over the phone transaction....let alone the feeling of living in the 80's! This card is now in the shredder. Sad that customer service is in the past also.

Posted by madisonsnaldone

I frequently shop the Kohls in Loveland Co. The last couple times I've been in there I had a very dissatisfying experience. once when i was needing help finding out about a certain toy and the women was clearly annoyed about having to do her job. before I asked her for help I noticed she was complaining about her job to who I can only assume was another staff member. I let this go because i figured she may be just having a bad day. a came in a few weeks later with my husband to return something and she was working in customer service. again she was very rude when my husband asked her some questions on the Kohls cash and how it worked on returns. she was curt and short with her answers as if we were stupid. I know your company is suppose to be big on customer service and trying to make the customer happy but with those kind of people working for you is going to get you satisfied customers. i believe her name badge said "Sarah" I'm not the only one who has had a bad experience with her. most my friends and my family shop there. If I shop there again i will be sure to avoid having to deal with her. she is not pleasant.

Posted by anonymous

Trying to track down a missing order from the hell that is Kohl's.com is turning into a full-time job. Customer "service" reps hang up, lie, or just can't be understood because their English isn't so great. And calling Corporate is just as frustrating...they divert you to a voice mail to record your complaint. I'm SURE someone is just dying to call me back. I've never encountered such an incompetent company.

Posted by Dot

I am going around in circles trying to email customer service. I never get to where I can write what the problem is, so I will do it here and hope for a response as it is after the usual customer service hours. I received a notice that my package was delivered. I don't know where it was delivered to, but it certainly wasn't to my home. I checked everywhere and even down at the mailbox (we are a flag lot) and found nothing. Would like to know if it was misdelivered to another address or if there has been theft. Very upsetting.

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to compliment Justin in customer service for helping me with my order of Baby things this Evening! He really put me at Ease! I was going to do the survey, but got Disconnected! Called back, but got another agent who told me I could do survey this way!Thank you Donna Good.

Posted by Naomi mays matthews

My name is Naomi Mays-Matthews, I am writing this letter due to my experience I'm receiving from Kohl's. On December 04, 2016 I walked into kohl's, Mind you the day before, I had just spent $186.00 in the store. I walked into THE establishment with my seven year old son. As I'm walking through the aisles of the Nike department to pick out my little brother a sweater I immediately felt an excruciating pain. That is when I screamed and looked down to see where the pain was coming from and it was my right foot. At the time I had on house shoes but they could pass as shoes due to the way it looked with no socks. The pain grew so I lifted my foot up and notice a red circle stuck to my shoe. I then pulled the red circle out and let out another scream. This is when I notice it was a nail that went straight through my foot. I advise the lady standing next to me to watch her child as its nails laying face up on the floors. I then limped to the checkout desk. I asked your associate what is this and she advised me this was their sensor that they stick on the clothes. I asked her why is it laying out on the aisle face up, she advised an associate had to drop it and didn't notice. Then she asked me was that me screaming, I advised yes. Still to this day I'm wondering if they heard me scream why they would not come see what wrong to help. Then I stated I was bleeding and I stepped on that face needle sticking straight up. The needle went through my shoe into my foot. She called for green oaks I'm assuming this is code for manager. A lady then came and I advised to her what had happened, she never said she was sorry all she stated was wow. She then went and got band aids and alcohol wipes. I whipped the blood up and bandage my foot and she gave me an incident report to fill out. No one helped me carry my bags no one offered to walk with me nothing. The customer service I received was an believable. Checking my thing out my total was around $250.00, no one offered any kind of discount it was like this never happened, Your associates failed to keep the environment clean and safe for their customers. I'm baffled from the lack of empathy from their associates. This was negligence on kohl's behalf. It was your sensor lying in the isle needle face up where your customers are walking and shopping. The area was not clean or safe my son could have fell on the sensor. I went to the ER to seek medical attention, I received a TB shot, pain MEDS and anti-biotic. My claims rep JILL from corporate stated she was sorry. I advised her kohl's needs to pay the medical bill, She stated that they will take care of the bill once I receive IT, then I send her the bill and Jill (my examiner) proceeds to ask me "do you think you could apply for some assistance to get the bill lowered NO! In my head I'm thinking this has to be a joke, so she ask for my medical recorders I gave her that then she then offers me a $50 kohl's gift card and she wants to speak to the hospital on possibly lowering the bill, meaning they might not pay it all, or in time so it would not affect my credit negatively. Even though I have emails saying they would. This place is a joke and their all about money not safety of their customers! They don't keep their establishment clean nor do they care that you are stuck with a dirty needle that was made there! I cancelled my credit card and hired an attorney.

SO BE AWARE IF YOU CATCH AN INFECTION FROM KOHLS FROM STEPPING ON THEIR PRODUCTS THEY DO NOT CARE!! I WROTE THE PRESIDENT AND HE READ IT AND DIDN'T EVEN RESPOND, my claims representative (Jill) told me he read it but I have yet to hear from him. So I'll be perusing this further. I'm spreading the word to all my family my BLOG family an FB and Instagram friends DO NOT SHOP AT KOHLS IF YOU WANT TO STAY IN GOOD HEALTH AND STRESS FREE. One day of shopping there can cause you months of legal pain so BE AWARE

Posted by marty

This is how the executive office treats customers. They are over-stressed and take it out on customers because they can afford to lose more than a few. At the point when an issue reaches their level, they assume the customer is not worth having anymore. Most people say to take your money elsewhere. That might save you time and anguish, but it doesn't hurt Kohl's and won't make them change. Even employees at the store level know and understand how insensitive and rude their corporate office can be. The worst part is despite a 1-star rating from thousands of customer reviews, the BBB still gives them an "A+" rating. The BBB is just as corrupt in supporting this business.

Posted by Anonymous

I have talked to customer service reps every week for the past month, and NOTHING has changed! I have NOT received order confirmations, rewards, or any communication on my email since I changed my phone number, which should not have affected anything except taken me off of my mom's land line number. I have EARNED reward points, and was guaranteed last week that someone would MAIL them to me via USPS since I was not able to receive emails. Talked to customer service AGAIN today, and he gave me a nonexistent email address for technical service. I don't have time to continue this runaround!

Posted by Anonymous

I am having a problem with Kohl's website. I can access the website, but as soon as I try to filter the information that section of the page goes blank. I have reset both Google Chrome and Firefox and run Spybot. This is still happening. Plus check out is not working either and it will not allow coupon codes to be entered. You can check out by going through 'Wallet', but should not need to.

First trying to find a phone number on Kohl's website is quite a hunt. Then the first customer service person gave me a telephone number for tech support which turned out to be a fax number. The next person said that you can only email tech support, there is no phone number for customers to call.

I do shop quite a lot on Kohls.com because my work location is far from shopping. I may have to shop elsewhere this holiday season.

Posted by Anonymous

I visited the local store in a fitting room trying on clothes with my five year old daughter. I'm just taking off my clothes give me to put away the clothes I'm going to try on and the lights to go out. My five year old stop screaming she's crying and hysterical because she's scared to death. Nobody comes nobody's in there I put my clothes back on in the dark calm down my daughter. However at this point I'm getting a little scared. After getting up enough nerve we walk out of the fitting room to find all the lights on and everybody's walking around about the normal business. With all the workers at Kohl's and someone stationed in every Department how come no one heard her screams? How come no one came into the fitting room to find out why the lights were off? Or how come no one heard me yelling for someone? When I went to the manager and told him about what just he proceeded to make excuses about why it might have happened. Never once said I'm sorry he never wants asked if we were okay he only made excuses. I'm so disappointed I thought Kohl's cared about its customers.

Posted by Anonymous

Went to the Kohl's in Arlington Heights IL. I asked an associate for help in the shoe department.She told me she couldn't help me because she was new and walked away
I then told the manager what happened. He said he would call someone else. I asked if he could help me he said no. The second associate was just as bad. She refused to check stock to see if they had the item in the stock room. Walked out of the store a very unhappy ex customer of that store.

Posted by pkjw

So disappointed in my shopping experience coupon question was not answered no one asked about opening charge card I like the layout and merchandise but clerk was not helpful

Posted by Anonymous


Today, 11/9/16, I had a very dissapointing and humiliting experience at your Kohl,s store in Irvine located on Jeffrey Rd.
I was rudely refused a Kohls cash voucher redemption without any consideration and harsh dismissal of any explanation, in front of other customers by a store manager. The voucher expired on 10/29/16. I was confined to my home due to illness and unable to cash the voucher before it expired. I understand there are rules but also allowances for certain situations . As humans, life is never that rigid or simple. Thing happen to people which are out of our control and allowances can be made. Not only was I not able to explain my circumstance, redeem the voucher but was treated extremely rude in front of other customers. I was in tears when I left your store. Not asking for special treatment but a little human kindness. Hopefully this can be remedied. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous


I am contacting you regarding the dismissal of the double charge on my debit card account when I made a purchase at your Woodhaven, MI store. I am beyond tired of dealing with this issue and no progress from your corporation along the way. I have called, I have emailed, I have contacted the BBB, I have faxed. With NO and I mean NO contact from your corporation except the 1 phone call stating on October 13, 2016 that this issue has been resolved and I would receiver my refund of the double charge you took out of my bank account. attached your will find the phone call from Nancy at your corporation, along with the fax of my bank statement that was sent both October 17th and 19th that I confirmed was received and sent again 10 times today to ensure it was received this time because whom ever is replying to the BBB has not even bothered to check. Also you will find the messages from the BBB both from me and your corporations responses. Along with a letter that I wrote that was included in the fax I made 10/29/2016. I have included every email address that I could find on the internet. I have worked daily for a month trying to obtain a refund that is owed to me.

Posted by DeDe

You need to make it easier to check out on line for older people. When and you call in and order you end up having 2 when order one then they can't fix.I live a hour away questions. a Kohl's.My health is quite bad so I'm stuck and mail it back.Don't get me wrong, theeople are nice when you call and I LOVE what you have. Just make a few changes. I can't keep shopping unless I can get to a Kohl's near me,

Posted by Anonymous

I am a khols credit card customer, I have always paid my account in full. I am very upset with their decision on my Khols cash. I made a 170.00 purchase on Sept 24, and earned 30 khols cash. I left for vacation out of the country got back on Tuesday 11th. Checked my Khols it had expired on the 10th. I called store, to ask if I could still use it, they said I could not. Is there anyway you could give me an extension on this. Please

Posted by Kimberly Hall

There is a coupon for 75$ off an 80 $ purchase or more on Facebook it states share comment thanks for my gift share with 15 friends wait to analyze n click to get ur gift card lots of people r sending this n trying it but it freezes up n won't let u finish is this fake we would like to know n if it is that's a real bummer would of loved this as my kids birthday is end of month and that would of helped so much please advise to the public on face book n to me if this is a scam

Posted by Anonymous

Worst service ever tonight. 1 cashier, long line. I had kohl's cash and 5 dollars in my wallet. I was rushed as I was showing her this on your app on my phone..she scanned ..I asked did you get it all..I quoted the amount and she said yes and as I was rushed through th e line.took her word. Got home ..looked at my Receipt and lo and behold I still have money in my kohl's wallet..she messed up if she wasn't so rude and in a rush she would have reviewed and I would have to. Riverdale.Coon Rapids store...rude wnd worst service ever

Posted by Anonymous

I have an on going dispute with Kohl's concerning expired Kohl's cash. I have contacted two people in the corporate office Renee Sorin and Lisa shull and have asked that their supervisors call me to avoid litigation and perhaps solve my concerns. I have renee via email at least 13 times with no reposonse, I have called her supervisor at least 5 times with no response, I have called Lisa 5 times with no response. Is that how Kohl's treats what was once a loyal MVP customer ?

Posted by [email protected] aol.com

I shop at the Kohls store in Marlboro on New Jersey. I have returned the last small appliance I'm ever going to buy in Kohls.
I have purchased many items in the last year I have had to return a Kurig coffee maker, a dust buster, an electric toothbrush and the latest a toaster. This is outrageous once is an accident an item gets returned and is repacked and put back on the floor. The fact that I had to return 4 items is just plain poor work ethics on someone's part. I asked to speak to the manager and his response was sorry, it was no ones fault they don't check to see if a returned item is okay or broken that is plain crazy. I ran 2 successful business in my time and I know the value of customer service I was not made to feel that business was important what a waste of time to have to go back and firth exchanging items I had just bought thru no fault of mine it's not like it was my mistake so no I'm not a happy Kohls customer.

Posted by cdomanico

The purpose of this comment is to express the first time I am really dissatisfied with Kohl's at Colonie,New York. I have been a shopper from day one and enjoyed the associates,variety of products, and excellant customer service at the front desk. ON September 9,2016 at 6:15pm everything changed. I ordered 511 slim Levi's on line and had to return them because they were tight for my nephew. My goal was to buy five more pair at the store. Well I did return them and tried to get assistance at the men's Levi section. The gentleman at that area could not understand I needed 511 NOT slim. It was not a pleasant experience. I returned back to the customer service counter to ask for help in the Levi section and Michael said " well I don't know who can help you ". I said "really ?" No one can assist me ? Can someone help me possible on line ? Well he said he had no one to help. So, I returned over $200.00 worth of merchandise and lost my $20.00 worth of Kohl's cash which was charged to my account. So I did not get the Levi's and lost the $20.00. I find this very sad. Customer Service is just that...to assist me the customer. So, with all that being said. What are you going to do to solve this concern ? Training ? Resolution for me ? Regards, Cheri Domanico

Posted by noodles

I just visited the Kohl's store at 4265 Grand Canyon in Las Vegas to pay a bill for my mother. I didn't have the statement just a check for payment. They required her SS which I provided, then they wanted a drivers lic. number, she is 92 doesn't drive so they refused the payment. I was not trying to buy something, but was trying to give them a payment. I left the store and we will not be shopping at any Kohl's in the future. If anyone asks me or other members of my family about Kohl's I will just say go to JC Penny instead.

Posted by Anonymous

I shopped at Kohl's the other day and purchased school clothes for my two grandchildren. I spent over $180. And because I would not and have not opened up Kohl's charge card I got nothing off of that bill. I feel being badgered to get a Kohl's charge card every time I go into Kohl's and purchase something is a form of extortion! I will no longer shop at Kohl's. I am a Kohl's Rewards member and receive no perks for ut. Times are still hard people money is tight. I shouldn't have to be forced to get a store credit card to save money. You still get my money until now!

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Posted by Anonymous

I had to tell you about my online order experience. My discount would not work on my order so I called the customer service line. A gentleman by the name of William explained to me they were upgrading the system and that was the reason for my problem, he in turn took my order and the discount and finalized my payment. He was one of the most polite people I have EVER dealt with. He thanked me MANY times for being a good Kohls customer, and also told me how he likes to make customers happy, as he loves his job! I was so impressed by William ( I wish I had gotten his last name). He should be commended for excellent Customer Service!!!
Donna Wagner

Posted by Anonymous

I hope this letter finds its way to the corporate office! I am Paulette Hill and I live in Beckley, WV and I wanted to tell you about a very Special employee you have at your Beckley, WV Kohls Store! Her name is Cheryl Moore! She is amazing! She is the nicest and sweetest person I have ever met! She has helped me so many times in kohls that I have lost count! She always has a smile to greet you with! She makes shopping at Kohls so worth it! I have seen her help others in the same way as myself! ! She is always smiling, efficient, and ready to get you checked, as she knows we customers value our time, as well as she does her!! I think she deserves to be Congratulated from you guys for always going the extra mile to make the customers satisfied! ! Hats off to you Cheryl Moore of Beckley, WV! !!!!�����5 star employee!

Posted by Anonymous

I was helped at the service counter at Kohl's in Viera, Florida, by Susan B. Her intense love for people and helping them was amazing! Not only was I properly helped, but I was also inspired for living with others in mind. Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous

After trying to change my e mail for the past 3 months to my home e mail from my defunct work e mail address I FINALLY did it today with the help of a girl named Jessica it took her all of 3 minutes to figure out the problem. I have talked to SEVERAL people who assured me it was fixed when it wasn't. The last lady got a little snippy with me and said it had to be my provider but I called and talked to them and they ASSURED me it wasn't them. It all boiled down to one letter that they had listed as M and should have been N.I clearly spelled it out to all the people I talked to but Jessica was the only one who figured it out. Kudo's to Jessica....

Posted by Anonymous

I want to give a word of praise for Lina, an employee at the Kohl's department store located at Fair Lakes in Fairfax, VA. I had been trying to find a particular Sonicare
electric toothbrush head. At last I saw her because,I could not find the model for my toothbrush and neither could she. With my direction pamphlet in hand she went to a kiosk that finally was available and ordered the merchandise that I could not. I just wanted her employer to know that this senior was very satisfied and thankful for her assistance and persistence.

Carolyn Bacich

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to give a commendation to a store manager in Lady Lake Florida on how US 441. My name is Holly long I attend church at Wildwood United Methodist Church. One of your store employees Betty Bradley helped a ministry at our church it's called the Matthew 25 clothing closet. We take donations all the time and once a month we give away free clothes. To anyone as many as they want. Your employee Betty her and her husband brought the racks to us every month for five months but this week your store manager Scott gifted the clothing racks to our church. I have never met him personally I did try to meet him personally but I want to make sure you know what a wonderful difference they have made in our community. I myself have been on my Facebook page 3 times urging my friends and family to shop Kohls I have told everyone that I know at my church and my family know what he has done for our ministry and I want to thank you very very much. Not all stores support Christian values and I really admire that. My whole church thanks you

Posted by erikvon

I shop at the Kohl's store in Woodridge, Il. I would like to recognise three of the associates for their wonderful attitude and help in making my shopping experience so fabulous. The three young ladies are Nafisa, Sammy And Jan A. These associates have gone out of their way for me time and again while shopping in the men's dept. I would like for them to be recognised on the highest lever possible and documentation to go into personnel their file

Posted by Joan

I would like to pass on my good experience with one of your managers Scott at #03 Kohls in Flowery Branch Ga. Yesterday I had an unfortunate incident where I lost my keys in the ladies restroom. Scott went above and beyond in contacting the proper person and I was able to have my keys back later that day! I would just like to pass along my compliments to Scott and his managers above him at corporate. I have always had good experiences with all the staff at Kohl's Gratefully Joan

Posted by Anonymous

Kohl's at Northland Square in Cedar Rapids Iowa is always a pleasure to shop. With a sales associate named Stacy in the shoe department who helped me pick out just the right boots for my Christmas party.SHe went above and beyond to find the right size. Diane, a manager in the POS department who opened up a register during a busy time to ring me up. Diane is always helpful.

Posted by jbr3rd

My wife's Kohl's account got hacked just before Christmas. The unknown culprit changed her account profile's email address, then purchased a couple grand worth of merchandise using her Kohl's private label credit card already saved on the account. The merchandise (5 expensive/fancy kitchen appliances) all arrived here at our home, but the Kohl's cash apparently got emailed to the culprit. One presumes the culprit used the Kohl's cash to get free Christmas presents. We got stuck with headache and aggravation of receiving and returning all the merchandise for full credit. Ultimately the fraud hurts Kohl's, but we were also inconvenienced, plus from a security standpoint we have discovered it's not safe to safe our Kohl's car on the Kohl's dot com web site and have less confidence about shopping there again.

Posted by AK

I went to Southport store in Indianapolis Indiana on 12-23.I purchased many items, one being a cooling pillow. I was in a rush and I left the store quickly and left the pillow in the store. On Christmas day I realized I didn't have the pillow and searched everywhere for the pillow. I realized I must of left it at the store. I called the store on 12-28 to see if there was anything they could do for me(I knew it was a long shot). I spoke with a manager Charolette. Expecting a brush off, I was pleasantly surprised when she so kindly said let me see what I can do. She asked for a series of numbers from the top of my receipt and said that they would look at the secruity tape to see if I left it there in the store. She took my phone number and said she would call me when she found out. I truly thought that was the last time I would here from the store. The next day, I got a call saying they had the pillow. The pillow was put down behind the counter after it was rung up, and I quickly left not realizing the pillow was behind the counter. I went to the store and Charolette, greeted me and gave me my pillow. Mind you this is the busiest time at the store with returns and shoppers, yet this wonder lady Charolette went out of her way to give me incredible customer service. I felt she went out of her way to help me, by looking at the tape, making the call to me and greeting me at the store. If all your stores have managers like Charolette at the Southport store, then you are in strong hands. While I'm at it; I was shopping two days before Christmas and the store was packed. I was looking lost and a young girl in another department asked if I needed help. I said do you sale bubble bath, and she dropped what she was doing and smiling the whole time, took me right to the bubble bath. She smiled and said there you go sir and left back to her department before I got her name. At check out the cashier was very friendly and made me feel like I was the most important person in the store. The store was packed and I'm sure not every customer was in a joyful mood, yet these associates were as friendly and out going as ever. The management at that store has done a fantastic job at training the employees at customer service. I wish I knew the two girls name so they could get credit, but I know that the manager Charolette does an amazing job. My hats off to your Southport store. They made me a very happy costumer and definitely made me a returning costumer.

Posted by b hammond

wonderful assoc at andorra named JACKIE goes out of her way t assist you. beyond the call of duty

Posted by Anonymous

Today my shopping at the North-town Mall Kohl's of Spokane was especially satisfactory due to an employee whom had positively impacted the experience of myself and my family. I have never had such a positive and fun encounter with an employee as with Kim. My family would agree that she is one of the best employees of Kohl's, and we had the privilege to have met her at the check-out. Kim showed great personality, character, and work ethic. Her customer service was likewise highly satisfactory. We felt positively welcomed and accepted, and because of which, we would gladly come back again. We appreciate the human resources management for the good choice of employees and especially for Kim! Thank you!

Posted by Heather

While I was shopping at my local kohl's, I ran into a few children from different families throwing clothing and merchandise on the floor. I looked around for parents...I guess I was the new babysitter. I am completely appalled by parents that take their children shopping and do not watch them. I felt so bad for the woman trying to clean up after them. I wish I had a few minutes to help her. My husband stayed in the car with the kids so I could run in and grab a shirt for my youngest. Please do not bring your kids shopping if you are not going to watch them and clean up after them. When we go out to eat I clean their mess and tip...just a thought!!!

Posted by Cris

Today I went shopping for a carpet cleaner at the Janesville WI store. The store number is 0142 and my very helpful associate was named Sue.she is from the shoe department but came to help me. She not only helped me.choose a cleaner but she checked me out and helped me out to my car with this large purchase. Please note that due to people like Sue I will be shopping at Kohls more often. And I will tell my friends about my great experience! Way to go Sue!

Posted by Anonymous

We were at the Kohl's in Cottage Grove MN yesterday and I never leave a comment, but I must. Kohl's didn't have any little girl baptism dresses, so when we checked out we asked for help finding a store that might. "Sammi" at check out was quick to get someone to help us. "Susan" led us back to the machine and led us thru the procedure to order it from Kohl's, it come to the house. She was so quick, efficient, patient and kind!! We found a little dress and it will be delivered next week! (Also, when we were in the women's department a Kohl's clerk was handling disgruntled customer very patiently.)

Posted by Regina Hall

The employee who helped me at the Livermore Kohls store was Rosemary. GREAT employee!

Posted by kohls123

Terri the surpervisor at store 0072, peoria, IL, imply the cashier don't give me the survey slip for I try to use the $10 gift postcard and the $10 off $30 coupon which she said they can't combine.

Posted by lubin

Hi my name is Abby James and I had recently visited the kohla store in Linden New Jersey for the first time, which I received help by a young man by the name lubin, the services that I received was beyond excellent an I just wanted to take the time n say thank you so much, and we need more ppl like him working in today society thank u.

Posted by Roxy

I would like to tell you how happy I am with the customer service I got from two of your employees Diego and Melvin from store #614 in Mesa AZ. Melvin was in the shoe dept on a very busy Saturday afternoon and Diego checked me out. Both young men deserve a hand shake or lunch or what ever Kohl's does to reward there employees. Once again they were great

Roxanna Price

Posted by Anonymous

I visited the Kohls in Flower Mound, TX on Feb. 8, 2015. My cashier was Kavita. She was undoubtedly the most pleasant cashier I have ever encountered. She actually seemed happy to help me. I just wanted someone to know this. I will look for her when I visit Kohls. I did the survey but there was no place for comments.

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I would like to make some comments about the rebate service and to make compliments about the two store employees who were very gracious to me and handled the situation for me in the store. I was a Thanksgiving day shopper and took advantage of some rebates. Problem is that when the rebate ship was printed, it did not include all the info necessary. A note was sent to me by the rebate tracking system saying I needed to submit more information. I will advise that I was busy at the time the e-mails came & did not read it correctly. Today, I was cleaning out my old e-mails & discovered there was a problem. I sent a note to the rebate center requesting more information & received a note stating "ERROR in the mail delivery & was advised that the rebate email address did not exist. I went to your Kohls Store #1431, access code 9897-9409-2072-5008 and your associates Josh & Ebone were very helpful in researching the problem & then to handle the rebate process on line to our charge account. The ID # on the original receipt is 999-8872-8580-4595-8568-9895-2916. My last comment is about your survey web site. It has been a while since I wanted to comment about Kohls services, at that time I was able to include the associates name in the survey. I just did a Kohls periscope survey and unless I missed something, I did not see a blank space where I could include the names of the associates who helped me today. That being said, would you please be sure that Josh & Ebone are recognized for their excellent assistance to me today.
Thank You!
Nancy Papcke

Posted by Sapphire

I experienced great cusyomer service at Kohls yesterday. A sales associate helped me & a friend pick out candles. She scanned the candles for prices & helped me & a friend of mine carry them to the front registers. She was very nice & very helpful. The clerk at the register was very nice & knowledgeable too. I have their names & will let Kohls know they were very helpful.

Posted by ohdee

I've been going to Kohls for the past six months. I've never had a problem - in fact, the staff have been friendlier than Sears, JC Pennys and (at times) Macys & Nordies. (The latter two have had a habit of looking through me to help someone else).

I've asked questions about finding items and the staff actually came with me to help. I've been given ways I could save money right then. When I needed to return an item, it was hassle-free. I do have a few suggestions which can apply to other stores as well - they need chairs or small backless couches in areas for people to sit on, especially the disabled. In the clothing section, people are told to go sit in the dressing room which is a distance when you're already in extreme pain. And the other is why in the world do designers of large sizes make blouses/dresses with horizontal lines?

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I've never visited a Kohls store. Not many where I live... I was hesitant to shop online, cause of my past experiences w/online shopping... I must say, my online shopping experience w/kohls has been pleasurable... I had to call customer service a few times. I wasn't sure if I had placed my orders correctly..the representatives were so polite & guided me through each & everyone of my orders... My best part was the Kohls cash I earned..lol... I was able to treat myself to a pair of Sketchers memory foam walking shoes, that I really couldn't afford on my own! All my stuff came within a weeks time as promised & I'm extremely satisfied.... Christmas will be great this year.. Thank you, Kohls

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I'm an associate of kohls for 5 years I'm proud to say I am I have 2 beautiful granddaughters age 13 and 15 although they love a few things in juniors they would be over excited if we carried Pink Hollister and Abecrombe as these are what this age group currently wears wow the sales would jump if any or all were offered and oh gee id be spending an awful lot of money because I love them with all my heart so this is a suggestion from me worth looking into thank you much Marie Langlois emp

Posted by Yvette

So I had an interview at kohl's a couple weeks ago and I gotta say I was exited cause I love to shop there, customer service is great... but what a dissapontment when I walked into their back lunch room... there was "Hot Pokets"wrappers trash in the floor it looked like they haven't mopped in weeks omg I never would of imagine that's how the back Looked . But even wroSt was their office it was messy and I was just thinking in my mind how much I wanted to get out of there. I mean come on I worked at casinos and maan they always kept a clean back and front of the house. It was kinda like Disney clean. Lol ... I mean come on, who wants to work in a dirty place only mechanics and places like that is acceptable. And then the interview was in group I think that's straight out lazy... There was like 15 people in one interview... theres nothing better then an individual interview that way u get to pay attention on the person your hiring.. no wonder that place is a mess... I am so disappointed

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ok I went to Kohls in san valley today, the service and the prices were great but theres one problem it was very hot in there, they didn't have air conditioning. That was just redicilous I left my stuff and left because I was sweating I couldn't take it no more. I think that's just redicilous that a company like Kohls doesn't have air conditioning because even Target, Walmart...... have it!


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