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226 Negative Comments out of 232 Total Comments is 97.41%.


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  • Kodak

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    • 26.39 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 226 negative comments (97.41%)
    • 6 positive comments (2.59%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 1.4 Issue Resolution
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    • 3.8 Friendliness
    • 2.4 Product Knowledge

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Why is it so 'friggin' hard to talk with someone that can speak English and understand what is needed ?? This company really sucks in regards to customer service. How the hell do you stay in business ?


I purchased the Kodak ESP7 All in One 08/16/09 and it's performance has been 'outstanding' until 2 days ago. I went through the checks and it came out I needed a new printer head. I tried doing the 'live chat', that was a 'friggin' waste of 20 minutes !! I get sent to India and can't understand the damn towel heads. I try telling the idiot I need the part number and a phone number for the part. No luck.. I call, same crap. I'm in India again and the woman doesn't have a clue, I hang up. I try to find a Kodak store on line for the part, same no parts store. How does this company stay in business ???

Posted by Landy Man

I had a problem with my Kodak ESP 3.2 All in One, it would not switch on.Customer support said they would replace the power cord. It never arrived. After much communication they just renaigued on the promise. What sort of CUSTOMER SERVICE does that? I will never ever buy a Kodak product again, and will try and persuade everyone I know to do the same.

Posted by Anonymous

I made the mistake of accepting the printer upgrade when my All-in-one 5800 print head went bad. I called to order another and was told the print heads when no longer available, that's a lie, I was offer a ESPC315 for $60 which seemed like a good deal. It was not. I received the printer with cable sto attach it to the computer, no power supply and ink cartridges. So I was charged 60$ plus 15$ for shipping and 7$ for tax. Costing me 90$, I had to buy ink 35$ and a cable 25$, all in all I could of bought a NEW one at Staples for less money, What a rip off. By the way I did get a print head for my old printer and it prints fine, so I didn't need to go through this. This is the worst deal I have ver got my self into, I will trash Kodak in the future. I have never seen such a bait and switch in my life and while your at it, we here in America can not understand what theses Indians are say. At least I can't. For two cents I trash this crappy print. Thanks for making a fool of me

Lost Customer forever

Posted by Kodak smart tv

My name is G.Hanumantha rao.i had bought three television sets of your company.one of them is facing display problem.No one is responding to our complaint.we trusted your company,but it is going to be ruined.please clear the problem by providing service technician.please look into the Matter immediately.my order

Posted by JenA020726

While I am not surprised by the customer service I received after seeing this. I felt the need to share. I was chatting with a rep in regards to my Kodak Verite 55 that I just got. It wouldn't sync with my PC. Below is the convo. At the end.... the customer service rep ended the session without notifying me. RIDICULOUS. However, I expect nothing to happen at this point.

4:11 PM Jlo: Hello, Jennifer Appleton. Can I help you with anything today?
4:11 PM Jennifer Appleton: Yeah I can't get my printer to work
4:11 PM Jennifer Appleton: It shows on my PC but when I try to print it doesn't work
4:11 PM Jennifer Appleton: And I can't get the wireless setup to work. I have done it manually and automatically
4:12 PM Jlo: I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with your Kodak printer. Let me go ahead and assist you.
4:13 PM Jlo: May I please have the model and serial number of the machine?
4:13 PM Jennifer Appleton: its a verite 55
4:13 PM Jennifer Appleton: where is the serial number
4:14 PM Jennifer Appleton: SJF12056QJ012980
4:14 PM Jlo: The serial number is located at the back of the printer on a whit sticker.
4:14 PM Jennifer Appleton: yeah I got it
4:15 PM Jlo: May I have it please?
4:15 PM Jennifer Appleton: I gave it to you above
4:15 PM Jennifer Appleton: SJF12056QJ012980
4:15 PM Jennifer Appleton: verite 55
4:15 PM Jlo: Thank you.
4:16 PM Jlo: Are you using a PC, Mac, or a Mobile Device?
4:16 PM Jennifer Appleton: PC
4:16 PM Jennifer Appleton: it works from my phone
4:16 PM Jlo: What Operating System does it run with?
4:17 PM Jennifer Appleton: Windows 7
4:17 PM Jennifer Appleton: 64-bit
4:17 PM Jlo: I see. Can you tell me how is the light of the Wi-Fi icon on your printer?
4:17 PM Jennifer Appleton: static
4:18 PM Jlo: Is it blinking or solid light?
4:18 PM Jennifer Appleton: solid light
4:18 PM Jlo: It means that the printer is not connected to your network.
4:19 PM Jennifer Appleton: a solid light means that it's not connected?
4:19 PM Jennifer Appleton: I thought a blinking light did
4:19 PM Jlo: I am sorry! Yes you are right.
4:20 PM Jlo: Anyway, how about your PC is it connected to the same network?
4:20 PM Jennifer Appleton: The Wi-Fi light blinks when the printer is searching for a connection or when the existing signal is too weak to transmit.
4:20 PM Jlo: How far is your router to your printer?
4:20 PM Jennifer Appleton: yes
4:20 PM Jennifer Appleton: it's upstairs in the bonus room
4:20 PM Jennifer Appleton: not far
4:21 PM Jennifer Appleton: it worked for my husband last night on his PC
4:21 PM Jennifer Appleton: but it will not work on mine
4:21 PM Jlo: The printer requires at least not more than 15 feet for it to have a stable network connection.
4:21 PM Jennifer Appleton: Again, it was in the same spot last night and worked just fine on my husbands computer and the Green light on Wi-Fi is stable
4:21 PM Jennifer Appleton: ??
4:22 PM Jennifer Appleton: So... it's not the wi-fi connection
4:22 PM Jlo: Just try to reboot your router then.
4:22 PM Jennifer Appleton: umm... no I don't think I need to do that
4:23 PM Jennifer Appleton: again, its not a wi-fi issue
4:23 PM Jennifer Appleton: Wow... can I get some help here??
4:23 PM Jennifer Appleton: I feel like I am helping you more than you are helping me
4:26 PM Jennifer Appleton: hello?
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5 Days Ago, Recieved A Response To My Asking For Assistance . Party In Europe Said They'd Get Back To Me. It Appears, Based Upon The Complaints About Kodak On This Website, Kodak Customer Service Has Gone Down The Crapper When The Analog Photography Business Went Down The Crapper Or Did It Happen In Reverse, Their 800 Numbers Are Only For Retail Outlets To Contact Kodak

Posted by Anonymous

Good day
Earlier on I wrote to you without reading comments of other unsatisfied people first.
I did not use such strong language as I was hoping that you might reply to my emails.
Your WOGs should have the decency to reply. On the other hand why should they as the have no idea what they are talking about.

Also it was mentioned in one of your complaint letters that the ink cartridges only last a very short time. I fully agree with this. I used to get more than double the amount of prints from the ink cartridges.

You are the worst company I ever had to deal with.

Ingrid Bancroft

Posted by Anonymous

Yes - your customer service is TERRIBLE. I lost count of how many emails I sent regarding a error message on my printer.

Posted by DON BDD

Kodak Printer Help Used To Be Good 2 Years Ago, But Now They Employ Foreigners That Couldn't Find Their Arsh With Both Hands. So Many Companies Use Foreigners For Customer Help Simply Because Then They Don't Have To Employ An American. I'm So Sick And Tired Of Not Being Able To Understand Their "tongue" "dialect"!~ Kodak I've Owned This Hero 4.2 For 2 Years Now And It Is The Biggest Piece Of Junk Ever. Always Has Problems. Now The Dam Thing Won't Print Anything By Wireless Or Direct From Computer. Now It Says I Have To Hook Up Fax In Order To Send A Message. Well Duh I'm Not Trying To Send A Message I'm Trying To Copy A Document. It Does No Good To Download Any Drivers Or Fixes! I'm So Sick Of It That I Went Out And Bought A Hp Printer. I Never Really Had Any Problems With Hp And They Have Good Cust. Service If Needed. Think I'm Going To Post On 'you Tube' The Utter Destruction Of A Piece Of Crap Kodak Printer Like Some Other X Owner Did. It Was Enjoyable To Watch The Piece Kodak Printer Destroyed. Kodak Why Don't You Just Close Up Shop? Won't Be Long Anyway!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Kodak charges for phone customer support. Kodak will not provide support for products earlier than 2012. Email for general questions was not available on the website. This is America. Most companies this size do much better than this for customer service. Kodak has just lost a customer for life. Hope it was worth it, Kodak.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm not sure this is the right way to ask for help but my problem with kodak 5n printeer does not print. I've replaced the ink cartriges (10 B&C} but to no avail. I've followed the instructions to clean the heads and calibrate the printer and still not working. Can you help or advise as to what needs to done?

Your response is appreciated.
Ron Balawender

Posted by Frustrated

I am so frustrated and disappointed with Kodak printer customer service. I have contacted service via phone first on 4-25-2016, again on 4-27-16, and again 4-28-2016. After spending good money to buy a MAC Book I cannot print from my Kodak ESP 7 printer. I was told that there is a known problem with printer drivers and that my problem would be escalated. My last call to them got me an empty promise that a tech support person would contact me via phone 4-29-2016. To date nobody has called or emailed me. This printer worked with my old Mac. What has happened to CUSTOMER SERVICE in this country.

Posted by Anonymous

I'd like Kodak to return my email.... i purchased a 20pk AA battery from my local shoprite, in woodbridge, NJ, and not one single battery worked in my camera.......and the sadder point to all of this, i was using my camera for my granson's first birthday... so can you imagine how i felt.......... Shoprite of Woodbridge, NJ suggested i contact Kodak.......i personally feel they were expired and the store still put them out for purchase. i bought the "kodak" name because of who and what KODAK means. cheryl tarrant

Posted by brg961

i called a number listed online. my call was answered by a person with a heavy accent after telling him my problem with my printer he took control of my computer. after i hung up i could see he was still conneced, i asked him to disconnect. this does not appear to be a rep from the Kodak co. i would like to speak to someone about my hero 4.2 not printing. if there is an authentic kodak rep that would call me and help me i would appreciate it.

Posted by Anonymous

VERY disappointed with Kodak!!! Their customer service is in india and I couldn't understand a word he was saying! Used to love our printer, now am very disappointed I bought one!

Posted by Anonymous

i have bought two Kodak all in one printers. Both were used about twice before they tore up. I will never purchase Kodak again.


I have contacted Kodak X 3 regarding a printer I just bought that is not functioning properly. I told them that I am getting numerous error messages, the first one being that there is a paper jam -No paper jam, next error Ink needed, next error ink cartridge damaged. I was told they would send me new ink cartridges within 3-4 days, nothing has been received it has been 2 weeks. They are unprofessional on the phone, they could not even tell if the item was shipped they were suppose to call me back and let me know if it was shipped and they never did. I called them again today and the man identifying himself as Paul, was not professional and disconnected me. I will never purchase another Kodak product!!! I have never had such poor customer service. I am not even sure who to contact next because finding another ph. number is almost impossible!!!

Posted by Neenie79

So basically I have spent $120.00 on a camera Easy Share 14 MP camera and took major pics of my fathers funeral in June. Family. And I have nothing but a joke from KODAK. I am so pissed off at your company that I cannot load those pics to my lap top, let alone work on a meager budget and bought a new camera from your company. It is the most and biggest slap in my face. I want my monies back from KODAK. Simple as that. I am so HURT that I went out of my way only to get this piece of crap camera. Oh yes, I am a country girl on a budget, trying to make a life. You all destroy it. Get it right. I want my monies back on what I spent initially. I want my pictures I can initially send to my family that are not around me. That is not a print. That is an e-mail. So GET IT RIGHT I have never been so pissed off in my life. I lost 14 people this year and my father's were the most precious I can't send. Screw KODAK. Will never buy your product again unless you make it right!

Posted by Anonymous

I have attempted to use your system to obtain assistance first by contacting the repair facility revealed to me "United Camera Repair" at ph# only to be told by them that they no longer have an association with your company and would not do any repair on any Kodak camera... My further attempts to find a ph# at your company where i might speak to a live person were also fruitless. Such a large company with this inability to be contacted problem is losing customers. Perhaps you don't care and do not need the business. I expended at lot of time looking and will not ever repeat my efforts using your system trying to obtain accurate information. William Winn

Posted by Anonymous

Kodak Verite 55 SUCKS, I have had nothing but problem with it since I opened the box when I paid cash for it and brought it home! It is cheap plastic and does not work, it is the worst Printer I have ever purchased! and will never purchase Kodak again! I have called and called over and over to get a new printer and they tell me I can have a refurbished one, HELL NO! I paid for a new one that is what I want I had to buy ink cartridges after printing about 5 B&W copies of doc's. I was told Kodak would send me Ink because I had to replace cartridges before it should have been time, I NEVER got them!!!! LIES after LIES after LIES from KODAK! NO one ever answers my questions, they never do what they say they will do completely discusted, Reporting to the BBB. I am so upset I will never recommend KODAK for anything!

Posted by Anonymous

i recently purchased a kodak ESP office 2170 online. I spoke to Monica She said I had a 90 day warranty. There was a delay in my hooking up the printer because my computer crashed and I purchased a new one from Best Buy. When the Geek Squad went to hook up the printer, they noticed that the printhead would not fit. I called Kodak back again & spoke to Karin who informed me that Monica ordered the printhead from my old printer and not the new one. So then I had to wait another week for the correct printhead. When I ordered the ESP office 2170, Monica informed me that my ink cartridges from my previous printer would fit. WRONG. Today I went to hook up the printer with a new cartridge I recently purchased and they were the wrong cartridges I had previously owned a ESP 9 printer and had to continually purchase printhead. I think that I purchased about 6. So there had to be a defect in that printer and also I was misinformed about he ESP office 2170 printer that I purchased I have had nothing but problems from your company and I think that I should somehow be compensated for all of the lost time that I could not print and the constant purchasing of the prinheads. I can tell you now, if I need another printer, it would never be a KODAK.

Posted by Kodak Alarms

Bought a 'Mac-compatible' Kodak i3450 scanner. Turns out not be Mac compatible at all. A dozen phone calls to a friendly tech supervisor named 'Kelly' has led to a plethora of downloads, uploads, driver substitutions, log file transfers, a drop box flurry but the scanner's software does not work on a Mac.

Now I am stuck with a $4,000 paper weight and no way to return it (PCRush is not returning my messages) and Kelly sent me more scanners that also do not have software the runs on a Mac. I also learned that this equipment does not run on Windows 10.

Stay away from Kodak. Let them keep exiting from bankruptcy and leave them alone to do it. DO not buy anything Kodak. It's your grandmother's camera company.

Posted by Anonymous

I have had my Kodak all-in-one printer for a few years. My husband bought it for me for Christmas, as I do a significant amount of scrapbooking, and all his research pointed to the Kodak to print both pictures and documents. I have loved it. Great print quality and the cost of the ink is reasonable.

I am highly disappointed, though, over the last year. My ink does not last. I recently purchased new cartridges in both black and color, and they are already gone. I have only printed 2 pictures and less than 10 pages of documents. I always print documents on the draft setting, which uses less ink. This less expensive ink is now becoming cheap ink. I am most likely going to purchase a new printer, and it won't be a Kodak. I understand costs go up in companies, but don't make a sub-standard product to seem like yours are not impacting the consumer.

Secondly, put some actual contact information on your website. I don't need technical support, I wanted an address to send a letter. (I would have to print it on some other printer, though, as I am out of ink.)

Very disappointed consumer, who used to love her Kodak.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi Regarding your Kodak Photo Processor in CVS Store located 2100 West Charleston Las Vegas Nv Please note: Both of your computers to input our photo disks are NOT working and I had put my disk into your machine and it would not give it back.

I spoke to the store manager Frank Beedle and he said that other peoples disks are also inside your computer but that KNODAK is not sending anyone over to replace or fix the machine. PLEASE send someone ASAP on that disk are my daughters Graduation pictures and Family memories I want back. HELP

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Posted by Anne Graves

Incident No:

I was in contact with Kurilla yesterday and although he told me my Kodak Printer was past it, my husband managed to have a look and I am pleased to say he has got it working. All it needed was a bit of oil, therefore I will nit be purchasing another printer at this time but should I have problems in the future I will certainly buy a Kodak printer from you, they are the best. Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Very low yield of prints from ESP7 ink cartridges, black & colour. My guess is thers a lack of production control in your Chinesed based unit,resulting in the the cartridges being only partly filled.

Posted by Anonymous

my experience with kodak customer service was great very helpful didn't take more than 10 min

Posted by Ashley

I LOVE Tech support. Even though, there phone number can be difficult to find, they are must pleasent to work with you and help you! Great products and services!!! Just wish my camera wouldn't eat batteries.

Posted by VENKAT

awesone phone support, 1-800 ONLY TREANSFERRED ONCE QUICK PICK UP OF LINE we bought a black cartridge and it was empty they did not hesitate at all to send us one. the phone rep was very friendly and helpful and did not question that we were telling the truTh, unlike the store walmart in carlisle that refused to exchange it and they never have enough in stock anytime. KODAK they are replacing our printer too wow KODAK ROCKS

Posted by Anonymous

I had received a camera as a gift and there was a problem and it was fixed without any problems. I have to admit that I absolutely loved their Polaroid cameras and it's a shame that they don't make anymore film for that.

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Posted by Kodak's Customer Exec

Hello guys !!!! I am working for Kodak as Customer care executive. I understand that the printer could be faulty or defective but its not we who are manufacturing the products. right? And yes, we are Indians and we have proved that we have a lot patience than any others and we feel proud talking with others in the world. Coming to the issues, it is the process which says to replace things or repair. NOT WE. We are here to follow the process and are bound within our limits which we cannot cross. It is the management that sets all these things and provides us with the answers. Do you know our job roles?? It is to follow the process that is given and replace after troubleshooting if the issue persists. Come on friends, we are not your enemies to deny all your requests and we are neither process makers. We strictly follow the rules.. rules.. rules.... We always feel bad whenever our customer is not happy. Service denial make us too unhapy. Finally, I want to say, our theme is to make you guys happy and if we were given a chance, we will give our company to you as you are the rulers and our business makers. We love you guys and we feel much more happy than you guys when you are satisfied.... plz forgive me if I ve hurt any of you...


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