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Kmart customer service is ranked #32 out of the 940 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 84.25 out of a possible 200 based upon 3107 ratings. This score rates Kmart customer service and customer support as Acceptable.


2,043 Negative Comments out of 3,107 Total Comments is 65.75%.


1,064 Positive Comments out of 3,107 Total Comments is 34.25%.

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    • 2,043 negative comments (65.75%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I have never seen such terrible customer service.I took my sister to exchange her pants.She had a receipt.tags were still on.she had been displaced due to wsprinklers in her building,she was not allowed in. she gets back in we take the pants and they would not give a refund past the 90 days.the membership girl was rude and never cracked a smile.the manager said that's not her problem. I can see why they are closing and good ridence.we will not shop at a kmart again.

Posted by Miss Arizona

I am never going back to Kmart they are rude I am very very dissatisfied with the return policy they gave me 30 days exactly to return it even though they did not mention that when I originally bought the item I had a receipt in hand it was 32 days exactly and they did not return it this is so inconvenient and this is so not right... The package was brand new never ever been used the only reason I never before it is cuz I simply forgot never did I ever think it was a strict 30-day not one day after or you do not get a refund total BS

Posted by Coco

Very Dissatisfied. Bought 2 pair of pants for my husband for Christmas at the local Silver Spring Kmart in Maryland. One pair fit and one did not. Bought them on Nov 30. He tried them on, after having received them, and we intended to return them. I have the receipt :-) We left on vacation for a week. Upon returning from vacation, I learned that my father died and I had to leave the country to attend his funeral. Finally, got back, got settled. And went out to Kmart to return the pants and buy a coffee maker. They flatly would not consider allowing a return of the Christmas gifted pants. We went elsewhere to purchase our new coffee maker. Will not return to Kmart in the future.

Posted by Anonymous

I went into you store on Bonanza and Nellis on Sat 1/20/18 and purchase clothing for 23.75. The cashier put the charge through and the cash register went out. I had to wait at least 15 minutes for the cash register to re-boot. The receipt said the 23.75 was void. I repaid for the clothing again with the addition of my 5.50 credit and charge 17.72 which went through. When I checked my bank charge I found both purchases when through. I checked my account with Bank of American three time and there was no void charge made to my account. Today I was told that the charge was void with K-Mart and no refund would be made. I don't understand where the money went, into the air I guess. I will not be shopping at your store again and I also will be sharing the incident with all my friends. Very disappointed.

Posted by Let down

Went to return a couple shirts that were too small for my grandson I got them before Christmas just recently found the receipt to come in and it's past 30 days I'm disappointed and we'll plan on shopping elsewhere

Posted by Jeff

Subject: Re: Order Please share this with Sears and understand this is not about Kmart.

The order has been handled as a return in the store. You should move that manager up to your department and allow her to teach your department how to handle such things. It might actually stop you from wasting the companies money on another 72 hours of looking into this issue. I have my money back but still should be paid for the time I spent on the phone talking to people that don't speak good English and waiting on a return call from their supervisor that I never received. Better yet just quit

Posted by Delores

Why did K mart refuse to take back a tree stand that was purchased Cmsd eve. They said no returns on Xmas items even though you have 90 day return policy???

Posted by Anonymous

I I did early Christmas shopping in October. Now when I try to return the items I can't. This has happened to me twice with Kmart. This is unacceptable as I have grandchildren, great nephews and other family members to shop for. Kmart is the only store that will not let me return or even get store credit to purchase something else. I bought items in Costa mesa ca. Then I went to Washington state for the holidays. Now I'm back to return and they will not let me.

Posted by Very ????

I just bought a tv from Kmart and the tv is defective. We latterly brought it home set it up and turned it on and theres little greenish lines on the sxreen. You even asked the guy if anything was wrong with it before I left. They are closing so all sales are final. I am so mad $400 down the drain.

Posted by Anonymous

Our store in Show Low is closing, we do not like to shop Walmart, my husbands printer cartridge ran out of ink. We went to our Show Low Kmart to replace it. Of course all sales are final. We were informed of that, but as things in life go, my husband picked up the wrong cartridge. He picked up a 60XL and needed a 61XL. We returned to the store which is about a 20 mile round trip. The customer Service person could not make a decision, she had to call someone else that looked at us like we were trying to rip them off. They hesitated in deciding to do anything. We asked if we could just exchange it for the correct one. They hesitantly agreed. On searching they did not have the one we need. So now there is nothing they can do. We live on Social Security, my husband is 100% disabled Veteran. 34.99 regular price plus tax is a lot of money. Plus the gas to go back and forth. One of the Security guys at the door suggested we come back the next day and talk to the store Manager Susane, We did that this morning. What a joke that was. Yesterday I felt like I was being ripped off. Today I am sure I was ripped off. All I want was my money back on a cartridge I paid full price for. What if it was defective??? We would be out in the cold just like we are today. We have shopped Kmart stores for over 50 years and you show this amount of concern for your regular customers. No wonder you are closing stores. The only thing I needed was that printer cartridge, but I could have found 34.99 in other things I could have used if they would have done the exchange. So I have a printer cartridge I can not use, I am out 34.99 plus tax and I still need a printer cartridge. I gave my Kmart key card to your assistant manager to throw away. Our store is closing in our town but I will never set foot in another Kmart any where. I feel better already. We worked hard for our money and your policies tell us you do not care about your customers or the money they spend in your stores. Unhappy in Show Low.

Posted by Shelley

I received 2 shirts for my birthday, tags still on. I could not exchange them because I didn't have a receipt. I think your policy is stupid. You assume everyone is a thief...they aren't. I was told every customer gets a gift receipt. .they do not. The employees need to tell EVERY customer give the gift receipt even if they are buying soap tampons.. EVERY purchase. I told the manager no wonder there was no customers in the store because customer service sucks. I WILL NOT shop at Kmart ever again!!!

Posted by Anonymous

After being transferred back to general call center 3 times and spending 1hour and 20+ minutes on the phone with woman who barely spoke English i was told my package could not be tracked and they investigate. Obviously you lost it and need to resend i should not be punished Tracking does not exist as per UPS it was to deliver on 01/15/2018. 6 days ago. This was a birthday gift. Just reship. You've already been paid. Hire some English speaking service reps 1 hour and 20 minutes on hold creates bitterness

Posted by Anonymous

I have shopped at the local K Mart in Cambridge, Ohio. I needed a new paper shredder. I went last night on January 20 about 6:00 P. M. purchased it and came home to use. The first few papers went thru with no difficulty. The motor worked but it would not shred the papers after that. Now I am running into the problem as the store here is closing much to the communities in the area hate!!! We wanted to see it kept open and was very sad to lose the grocery part of the store a bit back. Now the store is telling me that they can't take it back. I checked at the Marietta, Ohio store and they tell me they can't take it back as the receipt stated "No returns" well if had not planned to return it if it had worked!!!! Now I can understand why your business is in trouble if this is how you treat loyal customers!!! Now I won't shop at Walmart but it won't be KMart if there was one built new here. A Former Loyal Customer, Roberta wasted $23.00 plus of our money!!!

Posted by unhappyme

i ordered flannel sheets from Sears and they were shipped from Kmart. They were inferior quality. Sears store could not accept the returns so they spoke with Kmart directly. Sears rep was told they would send me a shipping label within 24 hours. it is now four days later and i have yet to receive the labels. The return policy expires 1 20 18. Tried to do it myself online but system would not allow me to print the labels. No wonder the company is losing money

Posted by Ktbc

We tried to return Christmas gifts today to K Mart. We did not have a receipt. The woman said because we did not have a receipt they would not even give us credit or an exchange. She said they would have to look it up. Well, it was a gift, so we did not know how it was purchased. I just want to tell you how mad I am, that I an stuck with these earrings and necklace. It is a bad policy to treat your customers like they are theirs..Also, the woman was not even nice about it. She did not even look to the jewelry to see that you carried the items. This K Mart is the worst managed K Mart I have ever been in. When I read about K Mart being in trouble, itâs things like this that make you look bad. I would think that you would stand behind the items that you sell.

Posted by ArtieP

I ordered from from the telephone, since I did not have access to a computer at the moment. The item I ordered was $134.99 for a 420 Piece Mechanics tool set. The representative Tyler, then proceeded to order it from where it is $229.99 Without telling me!!! Almost $100 difference!! I did not notice until i got back to my computer. I called back and asked to speak to a manager. The person said I could not speak to a manager, they can change the price after the order, when charging your CC, because they are must be updating the price. I had the option to cancel the order, or accept it. TO THIS DAY, 4 DAYS LATER IT IS THE SAME PRICE! I did not even order from, I called the number! They wont even honor the price guarantee, nor the Price Match! I called back yet again, and the only option they gave me was to not accept the order!

Posted by Anonymous

Hi.. my name is Kahdijah Pearsall and I shop at the Kmart on the Roosevelt Blvd. in Philadelphia Pa.. and I shop there often when I can.. so on two occasions that I was there your customer service reps were not very very polite.. one occasion right before thanksgiving I was shopping for my tree items and the young lady who was ringing my items up proceeded to say that she donât understand why someone would spend 200 in a Kmart! And told me I should have went to Walmart.. now that to me is bad service.. another occasion the service rep would not look up my rewards and had a complete attitude nor did she look up and item that me and my daughters thought was 9.99 but actually came up 14.99. I asked her to check and she told me she couldnât find nobody at that time.. This Kmart is unorganized and the service is not good at all.. I love going there Bcuz itâs close to my home.. I would appreciate if the service there can get a little better than what it is now. ð

Posted by Anonymous

Worst return policy.....purchased Christmas decor the day after Christmas, they won't return. There were no and still aren't any final sales signs. The receipt does not state sales were final... just refers to customer service, isn't it a done deal after I've paid my money. No wondering they are going out of business

Posted by Jesselopez88

Hello I went to Kmart today and this guy gave me a big issue. I was trying to return a Christmas gifts that was too small for my daughter. And the guy said I couldn't exchange the item for anything other than the item that was purchased. How can I do that when my daughter wears a big girls size 5 and a toddler size was bought that only stopped at a 12 really someone needs to check the policy's because not only are you turning customers off but your pushing them in the hands of another retailer that will gladly accept a return without a gift now I have to donate the item or find someone that can use these 4 pairs of shoes...thanks alot Kmart hello Target.

Posted by Katie

Local store would not exchange a pair of pajamas my son got for Christmas for a different size of the exact same thing because the purchaser didn't have rewards and didn't give me a receipt. This is absolutely ridiculous to me as the store would not be put anything, this should've been an even exchange! No wonder stores are closing, terrible return policy. Your competitors are very easy to complete exchanges with, ensuring that as the customer I am getting exactly what I want without any hassle. You don't have to worry about me causing a stink over this, I won't be back! Ever! Thanks for nothing.

Posted by Mia

I drove an hour to exchange my childs bike that he got for Christmas from his grandparents. Kmart would not exchange the item my parents brought the wrong character and they would not let us exchange the bike. We were not asking for a refund or store credit just an even exchange. Because my parents do not have a rewards number they would not exchange it.

Posted by Whatever

My daughter had gotten her dad a shirt for Christmas and it was the wrong size and had got me curtains for one of the rooms in our home. The curtains were the wrong size and I went to exchange for the correct size at Kmart and the correct size shirt for her father I was told without a receipt I could not exchange them and they clearly had Kmart's tags on them as far as I'm concerned I will never return to Kmart now I'm stuck with curtains that don't fit anything in my home and her father's stuck with an oversized shirt

Posted by Anonymous

Return policy on Christmas stuff should be clearly visible in Christmas department. Unused purchase on 12-24-17 would not be refunded on 12-29-17. Your loss, not mine, want shop there any more. And this was an $8.00 purchase!

Posted by Not Ok-mart

Bought 3 sets of LED Christmas lights before Christmas. Just tried returning the unopened boxes yesterday and was told "we don't allow returns of holiday items after the holiday has passed". What kind of messed up policy is that!!! You should be able to return ANYTHING within a reasonable amount of time! Sounds to me like they know they are going out of business and are trying to get rid of stock.

Posted by mxs610

I totally agree. Worst policy ever. Thought I would get a jump on Christmas Shopping. Bought a toy late in October. Had the receipt and went to return it the day after Christmas. Because the same toy was already gifted to my niece. If I had bought the toy 4 days later in November it would have been covered by the "extra" allowable return time of 60 days instead of usual 30. I was willing to take store credit - anything! Nope not able to return it at all. They could do nothing.

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Posted by Anonymous

Kmart customer service handled a complaint situation with so much professional care. Thank you Kmart, I will continue to shop at your santa fe store.

Posted by Anonymous

Excellent service from Dominique,she was impressive. I came in to cash my paycheck and buy a couple of things she cashed my check then rang up my items. I was done less than 3 minutes. The store is located in Gainesville Florida.

Posted by freebo

love k-mart! my store in waterford, mi. is well stocked, neat, clean and has great employees. will not shop at other stores, only k-mart. 5 stars out of 5

Posted by Anonymous

I went to pick up a outside bar and chair set that would not fit in my SUV. I had three young men go above and beyond trying to help me. They were trying to get the bar to break down smaller so it would fit and it was really a pain for them. Between the three of them it took over an hour before I was able to get a hold of my nephew with a truck. However Anthony, Jesse, and Charles were AMAZING. Very professional, courteous, and went above and beyond to assist me. I have to say, I have not experienced this kind of service at this location before. Also, the manager I wish I remembered her name, very short hair and was working 06/12/2017. Anyway, she too was very helpful. This all transpired on the same date. Even though it was a pain dealing with, they all made it much better.


NEVER shopping at a Kmart again. Bought a couple of shirts on February 20th that I decided to return, just didnt fit right. Kept tags on and kept the receipt. Its April 5th and just now get the time to be around a Kmart to return them... since Kmart stores are very few and far between nowadays (i wonder why, hah!) Anyways, I went in filled up a cart with a bunch of home stuff, ironing board, towels and a new shirt. Go to customer services to return/exchange the shirts and purchase my cart of items. Lady tells me I cannot return or exchange the shirts so I ask for a manager who then comes and aggressively points to the "30 return policy" and says there is nothing he can so. Basically I'm SOL and stuck with the shirts. So i ask you would rather me walk away right now from giving you money for all these items and lose a customer for life than just do the exchange. (Also these shirts are still on the shelves, tons of them). He could care less about losing a sale and a customer. I took my two shirts and promptly left the store and left them with a counter full of stuff and an ironing board to put away. Crap service. I have never had a problem returning something anywhere before and if it did not fit within a stores "policy" they worked something out with me to make I or the customer happy. Goodbye Kmart.

Posted by Tap40

I shopped this morning at the Kmart in Grand Forks, North Dakota. I was blown away by the customer service I received from an employee named Ann! She was friendly, had a genuine smile, and actually made me feel like she was happy to help me. I have had negative experiences with this store in the past, and I almost decided to stop shopping at Kmart altogether. Ann has changed my mind. I was really impressed with the excellent customer service I received, and I told her so. The best part was when she said "Have a wonderful day!." as she handed me the receipt.

Posted by Anonymous

My Kmart pharmacy staff is the best!!! They are so informative about the medicine and what is best for me and my family. They are quick and convenient Everytime I go. I recommend this Pharmacy to all my family and friends.

Posted by Anonymous

On Monday Dec 19 My husband and I went to the service desk at the Kmart on
100 Tarentum Rd
New Kensington, PA 15068. The young lady who helped us was a treasure. Her name is Jakaya Settles. She was so full of holiday cheer she turned a hectic day into something memorable. If Kmart had more employees like her I would shop there all the time. She went above and beyond.Please let this young woman know that her work is appreciated.

Posted by Tina

Good afternoon I had to make a recommendation for employee of the month to Ms. Jenna G, she displayed on several occasions excellent, professional courteous friendly customer service at the Peachtree City Store #3978, layaway department. She has so much patience, was kind and friendly. Because of representatives like her who work at Kmart, she makes you want to continue to shop there. Thank you so much for all that you hav done to help me with my layaways.

Posted by Anonymous

Wednesday, October 5 I placed an online order for storage bins. There was a mix up when I went to pick up the order from the Saint Clair Shore store on Harper, the next day. The ladies helping me displayed great customer service attributes while remaining purely professional in their trying resolve my problem. I felt the need to make you aware of their service. I was upset and a little confused at first. But after speaking with these ladies and watching them genuinely try to to resolve the issue, I left the store fully impressed by KMart's customer service. I have said many times that good customer service was a thing of the past. I no longer will group all customer service representatives in that way. The ladies helping me that morning were: Tracy, Patricia and Debbie. Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Thomas Van at the 7000 veterans in Metairie, LA went beyond his job to help us out. Need more employees like Thomas. Thanks.

Posted by Loyal Customer.

I want to make sure the work Of "Bill" better know as "Mr. Bill " at the K-Mart store in Salisbury, MD. Rt. 50 and Tilghman Rd. is recognized. Mr. Bill has been there for many years as an assistant manager. He's always busy. Always has a smile and hello for everyone when you com in. He knows the store as good as anyone ever has. And trains people or helps customers really well. He makes shopping at K-mart here a pleasant experience. I've shopped there for 23 years. The store lost about 30 people to retiring or quiting in the past 5 months. But "Mr. Bill" keeps things going on his projects very well.

Posted by fearfakter

First I cant help but think the kmart system was hacked and It made a mess. My order through kmart was sent to the wrong city and delivered. I drove there and picked it up and brought home. I spoke to customer support about it and they refunded the price of the order for the inconvience but billed the shipping. I called bake again and questioned the refund and they were all consistant on the what was done. im very happy. Nice group to deal with. I called local support and corperate support both and they were very together on this.

Posted by Sara

I would like to take the opportunity to fraise a Kmart employee at the Palmetto Park store on Boca Raton, Florida. I'm sorry I don't have the correct spelling but I believe her name is Analeen.

She was so pleasant and opened up a new register so as not to csuse a long line to form. and she went way out of her way to help me find the number my email address was attached to because the numbers I gave would not work for my rewards points.

Her patience and kindness are definately an asset to Kmart.

Posted by may

I was at the Burbank, Calif K-Mart and Ana Monge in customer service helped me order a pair of shoes, before placing the order she told me about the promotion, which is buy one and pay a $1.00 for the second one. She was very patient with me when I asked her questions.

Posted by [email protected]

I would really like to praise employee Shoshana. Truly a pleasurable experience with her. Very customer oriented and very cheerful. A Ray of Sunshine for your company. I am happy you have her working for you. Will look for her again to checkout as I generally am in the Atascadero store on a daily basis. Thank-you Shoshana for your great service.

Posted by Aubrey

Peach tree Kmart is so nice everyone is great I know u never seem to contact anyone w a good review please email so I know u got it send me coupons I love them n I will shop the more u give me thanks.

Posted by Anonymous

On June 7, 2016 I was locked out of my car at KMart store in
Bennington VT with my dog and pocketbook inside. It was 8 pm and I could get not get any help. Your night manager Lynn called AAA and found a garage to unlock my car. It was starting to get dark and the stores in the complex close at 9 pm. Lynn told me that if the person did not arrive before stores closed she would wait with me.

I live in MA, about 35 minutes away from KMart, and my friends and I like your store so we go frequently.

After Lynn was so nice to help me you will be getting even more business from us.

Please thank Lynn for her kindness.

Posted by seal

In Auburn maine store 3021 I went to return and exchange some stuff. The guy named ben helped me with a smile and had all my stuff accomplished in no time. Even with all the stuff he had to do for others he still made my experience extremely satisfying!

Posted by reno6621

I purchased an Ematic 10in HD Quad-Core tablet as a birthday gift for my wife from the local Kmart store in Ontario, California. It was an online order and the in store personnel were very helpful at getting my order ready to go. They were polite and professional which is appreciated. The tablet 's display is great making it easy to view movies from Netflix, emails and video conference. We have not had any problems and would recommend Ematic products.

Posted by Missyd

The little girl that works in the jewelry department is just so sweet and so helpful.Just wanted to make sure she received a good complimentð

Posted by Lodo

Excellent service at the store in Costa Mesa, CA. Floor associates were available to answer questions and the greeter was so friendly! I have no complaints. Easily found a parking spot on a Satuday afternoon and checkout lines weren't long at all. Totally changed my opinion of Kmart.

Posted by Anonymous

Just like to acknowledge the store manager in Brownsburg Indiana and a AWESOME associate Angela.D who gave me great customer service after experiencing not good service. Because of those two I was able to continue shopping and made to feel like I was not a inconvenience.

Posted by Anonymous

The highest commendation to a most helpfull staff member at K Mart (photo) section) Tues 16th Feb 2016. This guy helped me to develop old films on my smart phone. Being computer illiterate, he set my phone to bluetooth and transferred all my photo's to their system and l selected photo's. Before l knew it, a receipt popped out with the amount l had to pay and he led me to the counter and told me, that my photo's are developing.
There are so many in my age bracket, where we are left behind with new tech. But its good and a peace of mind where the young today assist in a proffessional manner with excellent customer service as this young staff member displayed. I will definitely be returning to his department and he will be talked about in my home and my job. This young lad does not know what l do for a living. But he will be well known and he's taught me something l will practice in my line of work. And that is to give that extra bit further. Thank you. I now sit and enjoy looking at my photos.

Posted by Anonymous

thanksgiving 2015 large crowd, computers went down, you had two lady's working behind the service desk. the is my second letter I want to tell you again what a great job they did with handling everything since I'm older and we buy for 180 families our baskets were full. I was also laughing. but Lindsey D and I don't have the other girls name went above and beyond. we were first in line when the computers no problem we were allowed to put our stuff in a closet and come back. there were a few complaints for for the most part your girl handled it great . I'm one that believes when you do a good job ell a higher up
so thank you so much
Gloria Perkins, great falls met

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Posted by Shorty

Yes I would like to leave a message about the store manager inforce 4782 he likes people to lie to do auditors and also HR will tell you anything about any employee and so does loss prevention her name is keto and she had an affair with one of the employees in Kmart and Jenny Paulsen is actually dating and having sexual conduct with one of the employees there and she is a Asm please figure this out and take care of it I will not show up there ever again due to the employees lie to you and HR lies to you Deborah the Asm is mean and cruel and Rowell the store manager just don't care about his people


I really hate to see the K-Mart store closings; I worked at K-Mart in Zanesville for 20 plus years and when ours closed, people are so rude and inconsiderate of the employees; we are losing are jobs; you want to ask " how would you feel if it was yourself; I realize it was a happening, but to close so many in one close area, just doesn't make sense. Some people still would like to have it. I always stopped to check other K-Mart stores out when we would travel. I think their products were as good as Walmart. Now that's basic what we have. Now we'll wait in line more than ever there. Again I really feel bad for the employees; VERY STRESSFUL TIME AHEAD.

Posted by Anonymous

I was in the tacoma store on 72nd street on Sunday the 11th I have never seen a supervisor mistreat an employee so terribly,t he way this supervisor spoke down to this employee like she was a child,im a regular shopper at this store and I feel terrible for this young lady being yelled at theres no sense in it,and if I come in and see it happen again I will confront the person

Posted by Leonard White

This is a complaint I have about the Eureka CA k-mart on broadway street. The store manager is Aubrey Johnson. I worked at that kmart location for a period of time and due to the nature of small towns would like to remain anonymous. My first complaint is that I was not drug tested by jeans the hr rep - nor was ANYBODY else for that matter as far as I am aware who was hired at this eureka location (managers having parties with coworkers and talking about how easy it is to get hired because of no drug test at that location even smoking different drugs during breaks and lunch periods) again, I did work at the location, left with no I'll will, but have always felt it was unfair... Not everybody is on drugs there but many are. Some get drunk when they are off their shifts and would come in which was a distraction and being drunk in public in their place of work it was disrespectful. I think I even technically have proof through one of their social media accounts where a store lead detailed a couple of incidents that happened with customers. Having gotten to know some of the coworkers i can say that I felt relatively unsafe working at the location. I had to leave. Another point is that I have never once actually heard someone being offered or have been offered a sears card to anyone for any reason. Only when corporate was coming by would the team members "shape up" as the managers would always tell us when corporate was coming so we took the normally unkempt store and fixed it up in a day. The bathrooms are often disgusting and whenever possible extra things are thrown into the industrial cardboard bail-maker. Some of the coworkers have brought weapons which were stored in their lockers (along with drugs on occasion) - I had to get out of there. Every kmart I have ever been to was better than this one... I'm just sad I worked at this particular one and would recommend it to nobody.

Posted by Tarzansgirl

I started work at kmart, and came in to do online training for 3 hrs, but their website kept freezing up where you couldnt scroll down to get to other tasks to get your points and continue, so i asked a guy to help, he couldnt seem to fix problem, and when my supervisor came in, we told her about the problem, and she was very selfish and uncaring to help me. She just made the guy go with her to set up blue light special, and told me, oh well, you just wont finish all the courses, will ya?, and left me there. Sorry, but this was so unprofessional, and does not look good for kmart, london, ky, thats probably why so many leave....

Posted by Pancho

IWork as a cashier at Lakeport can store always under staffed.can't get change in prompt fashion no wonder people won't stay here

Posted by 1992

I used to work there. I remember going to kmart when I was a little girl and everyone was so friendly. They have piss poor service. Their customer service freaking sucks. Good thing they do not work in a calling center. The Hr lady is a rude to me. They would not even give me a work vertification for my apartment place. This is the n
Nampa Idaho one.

Posted by Anonymous

I work at Kmart. I am complaining about my store manager and I WILL be contacting corporate. On more than one occasion, I have called my store manager for help with something at the service desk. The manager's response? Oh, call another store, I'm not sure. YOU ARE THE STORE MANAGER, SHOULDN'T YOU KNOW???? Store manager will be scheduled to close and leaves at 8, (there is an evening supervisor closing those nights too) closing shifts end at 9:30. Sits in office ALL day on phone. I have walked in multiple times to ask questions and just see manager on phone, the office computer isn't even signed on to pretend like work is being done. Terrible manager, rude, and doesn't know how to do most things a store manager should do. A store manager is there to help associates, however when you call this store manager you are just told to call another store or call the 1800 number. I actually had a customer try to refill a green dot card today (i was covering a call off at the desk) and I wasn't sure how to do it so I called the store manager and I was told to call the number on the back of the green dot card because he wasn't sure how to do it???? the customer was absolutely furious( not with me, but because my store manager couldn't help or didn't even try to help) he wanted me to spend 10 minutes on the phone calling a number because he was too lazy to actually act like a manager and help.

Posted by Anonymous

the manager at 1405 South Grand Charles City Iowa 50616, Katie uses her power to take advantage of good employees and let's the new ones get away with whatever, she will pull employees away from customers when they are trying to help customers, she makes employees work and not allowed them to take breaks if they have to, she will find a way to punish employees if something happens that she does not like. She will make the long term employees work and let the newbies off whenever they want. It's abuse of power and I don't think it's fair. She even made a couple employees cry for chewing them out. You would probably have more employees if she wasn't so mean.

Posted by Anonymous

Yes, you know I worked 19 years before I had my stroke, I know what it is to have a bad shift, work an extra 8 hours in the er., but regardless I went to school and I always had to put myself in the more mother's shoes, when I had to assist the Dr. In putting 11 stitches in her kids mouth and the child fighting, screaming and the mother crying, calling me she hated me, but when I go into Kmart in Columbus, Ohio to pick up a 240.00 layaway account and was told if something went on sale when I had it in layaway, I could get the money difference. The customer service lady was fine with it but she had to have the manager override something. Let me explain to someone, you know why I will never shop at Kmart again, is the reason your manager acted to us like she didn't have the time, asked a lot of silly questions and even got smart with me, she said so your wanting your money back, I said no, but I meant to say just back on the card plus I had about 150.00 I was going to buy that evening, but she has no interest in treating her customers with respect, she acted like it was killing her to do her job, get rid of her if she's unhappy, have her in the layaway department or elsewhere. I had just had chemo that day and I didn't feel good, but she was one poor pitiful manager, even the people, behind us said she's the manager? I said yes, I know. Her name is Lori Villars, I think the number The number might be wrong, but her name is right. What business you will lose around the holidays, hey everyone has bad days, but dear Go . Help her to get happy!

Posted by Mindy

I work at Kmart in Danville, IL. We have had three or more workplace injuries in two weeks. Can somebody please get my manager to follow safety standards? How many injuries does it take to stop making a hazardous work place?

Posted by Anonymous

i work for kmart, i'm proud to say this i get great hours and we are one of the best stores in our area not to mention our regional standings. i'm not saying its all sunshine and roses when i started it was a rough place to work at first but management made the effort to change things

Posted by Anonomous

They overwork employees and give unreasonable hours. Absolute poor management and horrible customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

I am an employee at the Kmart in Plymouth, Indiana; store 3571. I feel that I am overworked, unappreciated, and only used when need be. I am no longer a cashier within Kmart, I have been moved out to a new department and been there for months now. We now have a new lead that has talked bad about me to other employees (non-manager associates). She is never rude to me and other costumers when she does not get her way. I would like to see her get fired and our Assistant Manager, with is the old manager in my department. When either of these people are the closing manager for the night, neither of them does anything; besides run around and tell others what to do and how to do it. Instead they should be helping us, the workers and customers, instead of running around the store and then sitting in the office until they are needed for something. I am a 17 year-old female, a senior in high school, I work at least 5-6 days a week and 5-6 hours every shift, after school. Within this time I work just about every department to the best of my ability; includes carry outs and getting carts, I also constantly get called to the service desk to cover breaks; I am actually not old enough because I can't work the Lotto machine, get cigarettes, and I also do not have an override number. And if I don't get called up for a break coverage, I am getting called up to become a cashier because someones called off or they never had enough cashiers to began with; therefore nothing in my department will get done. I am in the fashion department and three of the employees over there do not do what they are supposed to do; therefore making me do more even when I am on a register. Honestly I do like my job, however I am beginning to think I need to quit. Three people have quit or gave a two weeks notice this month, its only December 22. Two out of the three people where in the fashions department. Our store manager, Shawn, does a great job! Nights she closes things are very smooth and she makes sure people have the right to speak up and explain things. I do not feel any other manager figure acts or tries to better the store like she does. I would like these changes to take effect immediately or the Plymouth Kmart will lose another employee.

Posted by Anonymous

I work at Kmart and at first I thought our store was the problem but obviously it is not.
We're so short staffed, not trained very well and when I suggest different ideas they get over looked i mean if Kmart is trying to shutdown completely then they should just shut us all down and stop treating their employees like we deserve the backlash and rude comments and outbursts from customers because corporate don't know what the hell their doing.... I would enjoy working at Kmart actually cared about their customers but they don't other wise they would do all they could to fix the problem.

Posted by Live-laugh-love

Kmart is a sorry place to work. They treat workers like crap, they barely give you hours and always hire new people but give like 10 hrs a week. They do not know how to talk to customers or employees. I work there and was harassed on my day off via text message. And they are expensive. I will never work for sears holding ever again.

Posted by TheKraken

I agree with everything I read so far. I sadly work at a Kmart, it's not quite as bad as some of the other described below, but as a couponer and price matcher I would NEVER shop at Kmart. I don't. Besides all the crappy service and the way shoppers are treated the employees are treated almost as bad. On a regular basis I only get 1 day (one), 1 day notice to my next weeks schedule. I am suppose to get 2 weeks notice, I can never make any plans, EVER because I don't know when I work. Well I just sound like a complainer now. I've only worked there for 2 months and am now looking for a new job. Wish me luck. I can not work at a place who treats people the way Kmart does.

Posted by marycn

My mother has been working for kmart for over 20 years. During the past 4 years she has been bullied by her "young" coworkers. She has spoken to HR and management and nothing has been resolved. My mother is very patience but today a "customer", who aperantly is a friend of these "young" coworkers threaten my mom by throwing folded clothes on the floor and threatened her that she will be waiting for her outside!!! for years my mom works really hard and she has never defended herself but recently she has been standing up for herself when she is working hard and everyone else is on their phones, leaving early and not helping unload trucks full of clothes. My mom keeps asking HR to help her with the problem but nothing is done about it. Come on!!what can I do to help her out? ? Who can I contact so they can investigate further. My mom has been super depressed since the start of this drama... this girls call her old and far ect..

Posted by sosimple

Dear Kmart,

I would like to start off by saying I never knew that Kmart was affordable. I started working in one of your stores about three day ago. To say the least, the store I work in is much unorganized. The problems I see in the store can be solved with simple steps. I will start off with training. Training new or seasonal employees will not only help keep your customers happy but the employees as well. The first day I worked, I was handed off to at least three different people. All with their own ways of doing things. There was no set way. It was like chicken running around with their heads cut off. And if someone didnt like what they saw it was done wrong, Very Frustrating! Now on to the cash registers, I dont know who set up the program of your registers, but the system is out date. It ran slow, the cashiers have to press too many buttons to get to different screens. To make things flow easier the loyalty screen should already be the main screen. This way when a customer walks up your cashiers are look at them and not a screen. Greeting them and ask for a phone number. Not have to press a button first, then having to look up points. If it was me I would put it all on one screen. When you pull up the phone number or name you should see everything: how many points they have, when the expiration date will be, etc.

I had a few costumers that could not find the item they were looking for or we were out of what they were looking for. I told them they could order it online and that we could do this for them. But the problem is there is only one computer for the whole store to order from it is in the front of the store. Each department need an order computer or an employee with an IPad or table. This way when costumers need to order they dont have to wait in line or be told they have to walk to the front to order. The front is too close to the door and they can keep on walk.
The reward system is great. But, there are so many people that dont have email address. Which is a requirement to even get into the program. The ones with no email would love to have the reward program. The reason I heard from the costumer is Im poor and cannot afford internet to get an email address. Im from the old school I dont know how to work a computer, I dont want to give you my email address because I dont want the junk mail. I think if you did a text type program or go to back to the phone number system only, it will work better than the email system.
I would like to say Thank You for taking the time to read my email. I hope some improvement happen to help both customer and employees. Have a blessed and wonderful day!

Posted by Britt

Hi, I want to thank each and every one of you for commenting towards kmart. I myself am a young employee of kmart. and a lot of these stories I have seen first hand. I wanted to let you know that all of the employees are not as stated. Im a cashier, and I enjoy talking to all the new faces that come through my line. Ive also been distrespected by higher ranked employees. and it makes me feel like I want to cry when I see people defending us. I want to say thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

Well I worked at store 7033 in lewiston id for 4yrs and I can honestly say they have bad customer device plus if you try to get the store manager to help someone she gets mad at either the customer or employee or both if you live in or around this area don't work here you will waste your time and life on a job that doesn't care about you and that's not including the terrible burdens they put on you due to a lack of employees by the way if you are ever I. This store watch out for Lauren peavey store manager.

Posted by sanders.devinn1093

Williamsport PA: Attention Kmart Associates:
There has been a lot of issues between the store associates & the restaurant workers. We are ALL Kmart employees & have jobs to do. But it's been brought to my attention that the store associates do indeedly treat the restaurant crew with no respect. Nathan's is not a fast food establishment altho everyone seems to treat it as if it is one & then they get angry that their breaks are over within minutes of getting their food. At Nathan's your burgers, fries, chicken & hotdogs are cooked freshed the moment the order is received. As everyone who cooks knows; it takes time for food to be cooked fully & properly. Our food is not precooked as you all assume. As a restaurant worker I've seen how some associates treat us with such disrespect; giving us a lot of attitude, leaving messes for us to clean up after them (trays, garbage, drinks etc) they know how frustrating it is when someone messes with their department so why do it to us? What ever happened to treating others how you'd like to be treated. The other night I was training one of the new workers on how to use the register & a large family came in at the end of our lunch rush & just like we all did when we began working here; they messed up & needed help. As it took a little longer to void out everything & to type in everything correctly to ensure that the customers order was correct an associate that was in line behind them grew impatient. The cashier was being trained; it's only human to make mistakes. As the impatient associate stepped forward to give their order they rudely said, " that only took ten years. I only want a hotdog with relish & mustard, can you handle that?" I've never been so appalled by the way an associate treated another associate. We understand you only get a 15min break or a 30min lunch; we follow the same rules. We may be wearing hair nets, yellow shirts, green aprons & visors but we are Kmart employees too. We should all be treated equally. My manager is never even around, she's too busy doing her own job to run her own resturant. Her idea of being a manager is posting new signs all over the dang place and not telling anyone about them & before you can read the note she takes them down but you are expected to remember that sign & obey it. The policy is a big joke! My manager tells everyone everybody's business; everyone knows when and why someone's being fired/written up & who said what to cause it. There's no such thing as a warning either; they just call you back and write you up my co-workers have been written up for not smiling enough (we had just switch over to Nathan's & were learning everything; it was frustrating & she was 9months pregnant & wasn't getting any breaks. She was put on bed rest because of the lack of help.) not wearing black shoes when the dress code clearly states black or brown is allowed. We are constantly asked to sign new papers but never receive copies of anything we sign like we are supposed to get. Kmart is such a damn joke. I will never work for another Kmart as long as I live.

Posted by Anonymous

I worked for Kmart and it was the worst experience. If you didn't get enough "rewards" cards,you were written up and if you were more than 3 mins late you also got written up .If you called out once in 6 months you were also written up. There policies were ridicoulus and half the time you didn't even get breaks.If a customor asked a question about something, they wouldn't even care and half the time people would just leave. They treat customers terribly as well. WORST COMPANY EVER!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I know someone who works as an assistant manager who hasn't had a raise or bonus over a few hundred dollars before taxes
since 1996 from kmart they put a cap on raises for managers who started in the 70's or latter,, years ago (around 1996)and
very few of them still are employed by K'mart and the older
ones are truly unappreciated so please have respect for your older managers they've seen and been through hell and back with K'mart just to keep a job after K'mart took the best of their healthy years with promises of promotions and future raises and bonuses that they never received.Also lost much purchased stock they had purchased and invested in K'mart when it went down to 0 some years ago.He lost 60 shares because he had faith in Kmart and didn't sell in time. Its sad because this manager is a wonderful person and manager never recognized by a company blind to a real worker and long and faithful employee..

Posted by Greg W

So. I use to work at K-Mart and it was the worst experience. I worked at the store in Olathe KS. They only had 6 registers which only 3 were reliable to get through the day without crashing and needing a reboot. K-Mart was very understaffed and typically had one checkout person during a 6-7 hour shift and a Checkout Manager. In a city of 125,000+ people, this is terrible for the workers. My fed up point with K-Mart was when during the Holidays. They will tell you that we have the option to work but we dont. We were told that we had to work on Thanksgiving, Black friday, and Blue Saturday no matter what even if we had given the store 6 months notice that a person would be out of town. If we didnt show up, then we were fired. 2 of my coworkers were fired because of this because they were out of town and gave the company 6 months notice about it.

Now, I worked those shifts and they were terrible. We were terribly understaffed as usual, the computers and registers constantly broke down either by freezing or the card reader wouldn't take the cards anymore. There were lines from the front registers, all the way to the back near our garden center which was clear in the back of the store. The average wait time for a customer was 1-2 hours. K-Mart also was terrible at customer service, only having 2-3 doorbusters per item which lead to many unhappy customers. After that experience, I chose to leave K-Mart because of their terrible customer service and because the management doesn't care about it's employees or lack of usable equipment to make Customer Satisfaction the number 1 most important thing. I reckonize that many K-mart customers around the US are dealing with the same thing and are taking to many different places to vent their frustration and anger. Facebook would be the #1 source as many who post complaints are met by a Bot from India saying that they were sorry and looking into it rather than dealing with the problem. Whatever happened to Customers First?

In Many cases, We were understaffed and a person would bring me an item which either had the wrong price come up or even not have a price tag which would take specifically 7-10 minutes to even get a response from a department. The Majority of the time, I flat out refused to do a price check because I knew that the customer wouldnt want to wait for an item that was most likely incorrectly priced in the computer. The only time I would was with the types of shoes that were apart of our BOGO. I instead asked what price they had seen it for and just manualy rang it up as a short dated item and then got the code from the manager to override the price.

It's sad that such a great 90s franchise has turned into a crappy place for both Customers and workers. I would suggest everyone shop somewhere else unless you like Zonks which is the sour Mike and Ikes that only K-Mart has.


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