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Kindle customer service is ranked #38 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 80.35 out of a possible 200 based upon 282 ratings. This score rates Kindle customer service and customer support as Acceptable.


206 Negative Comments out of 282 Total Comments is 73.05%.


76 Positive Comments out of 282 Total Comments is 26.95%.

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    • 80.35 Overall Rating
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    • 206 negative comments (73.05%)
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Posted by Faye

I can no longer purchase books on my oasis kindle. I checked my 1 click settings. Still getting incomplete purchase message.

Posted by GK

When I make comments on certain parts of text in a book I want to share those notes via my own email so I can use the information. after I sent the link to my email it just keeps telling me Oops we couldn't find your book. please phone me on to advise me how this issue can be resolved. I would like to have access to all my notes made in book so I can paste them in excel spread sheet.

Posted by pfiddle

My kindle won't allow me to register either as old or new customer having cleared all information to try clear some memory. With even just 2 books messages came up that memory was full.
I've spent hours registering my wife many times but when trying to buy a book I am asked to register again and and again.

Posted by James Crouch

I want to cancel a book I mistakenly ordered. The account is under my husband and he can't remember is password and his email has long since been changed. The book is called "What comes Next and how to like it" by Abigail Thomas. We are in or 70's and not that computer smart. Thank you . Katherine Lahanas crouch

Posted by [email protected]

i am soooooo frustrated. I have called kindle CS numerous time to pay my bill. I have moved numerous times but have am order number but they can not help me. I just want to pay my bill so i can get books. i do not remember my past address. Uggg so frustrating.

Posted by Anonymous

I have had three issues with the inexpensive 7" Kindle Fire Gen5 and have had 16 online chat sessions and have not had and success fixing the issues at all. Amazon Fire customer support help is not qualified to be offering customer support. This has been the worst customer support.

Posted by Anonymous

Your Kindle is great except for one big frustrating problem with your search engine: It always starts at the beginning of the book, and it stops its search after a search count of 100. And my big books have words and phrases that go beyond a count of 100!

My problem would be solved if you could expand the Kindle search count beyond 100. How about 1,000?

Or give me the option to have it start the search at my selected location in the book. That way I could search the whole book in segments of the 100 count search engine.

Phil Dunn

Posted by Toygirl573

I bought a kindle paperwhite 3g no ads for around $200, 2 days later it was accidentally placed in the wash and ruined, amazon support pretty much told me I'm SOL, and gave me a $15 coupon if I wanted to purchase another. I may be unreasonable or not, but being I'd just spent 200 to have a kindle for 2 days, I feel that as such a large company they could have done more. I explained I had to sell my laptop just to afford the 1st one and was told that I should then get a cheaper model, in which I explained that the entire point of my purchase was for the free 3g being that I have no internet connection. That's when I was pretty much told I'm just SOL then. I posted on their forum where I'm pretty sure fake people from amazon tried to disrepute me, and I say it was amazon pretending to be fellow customers because the comments were extremely rude and held info that I didn't post, but only spoke with their customer service about.

Posted by Traruh Synred

I just started reading 'Introduction to Quantum Field Theory' that I purchased on Kindle quite a while ago?

It is defective. Symbols in text show up as a 'box'. This makes it unreadable.

Does 7 day limit apply to books that are defective?

Posted by Becky

I am on my third kindle. First one was fine but just wanted a newer version. 2nd one I had just a little over a year and the charging port messed up and wouldn't charge. (Of course just out of warranty) I broke down and purchased a new better kindle. Again just a couple of months past warranty and the charging port is messed up again. Called them twice and said they would give me a discount on a replacement. Wow a whole $50.00. You would think as expensive as they are they would last longer than a year and a half. Now I have 2 kindle that won't charge and they tell me they can't even be repaired

Posted by Anonymous

I use to kindle all the time. Now I abhor trying to look up new books to read. The book filter system update looks readers to corporate approved books. If you wanted a new release within the last 30 days, you must use the publish date filter. You will be sent to books to be released in 2051 and work 15 minutes to reach books released "this" week. The user friendly approach is publisher recommend or rated books I've already read five,4 3 2 1 years ago. The released books in the last 30 days option is now gone. I've canceled the kindle book club option.

Posted by Anonymous

The kindle fire is the most y ANY of the apps that you would want. (E.g. YouTube, gmail, etc.)

Posted by Anonymous

Kindle and Amazon are the most dishonest company I know, they have stolen all my content from my kindle reader and have not restored it. I will never deal with kindle or amazon again.

Posted by Anonymous

When I first bought my kindle I honestly really liked it, I had had a different kindle for so long and I loved my new updated version. A few months ago it updated automatically and the format of the entire device changed and I HATE it! I have been spending a very long time trying to figure out how to change it back but I can't it completely ruined my kindle. Had I seen it like it is formated now I never would have bought it! I don't know if there's a way to change it back but I do know I cant use it like it is.

Posted by rupert79

I lost my kindle and purchased a new touch screen kindle which without asking me was up dated and now it is difficult to use, also I am fed up with amazons adverts and continuous contacting me I will never recommend kindle to any on eone . My old one had served me for 3 years with out all this hassel

Posted by Anonymous

Saw on my kindle to pick 3 magazines from the ones pictured for a free issue of each, NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Then it said after I get the magazines in 30 days I will have a years subscription. I DO NOT WANT 3 SUBSCRIPTIONS. IT WAS A LIE!

How do I cancel this order? I will not pay for them.

Posted by Wendy

I have treated my Kindle Voyage gently - never dropped, never got it wet. Two days ago the screen froze up and Kindle advised that this is not uncommon with electronic devices and I would have to get a new one at $280 - but they would give me a $10 discount as I was a good customer. Well I'm not anymore. Why would anyone buy another product that becomes useless and unfixable for absolutely no reason? It is barely 2 years old and has been used rarely. This former 'good customer' expects better than that. Beware!

Posted by Anonymous

I am unable contact kindle customer services to return a defective book " Physician Compensation".

Posted by awalker

I have had three different Kindles since Dec. of 2011 and the first two I absolutely loved. Nothing was really wrong with the first one, I just wanted to be able to see the cover of the book I ordered and couldn't with my original one. I absolutely loved my second one and was very upset when I accidentally broke it. I went out and bought a new one to replace it, unfortunately I have not been impressed with it. For just over a year now I have had numerous problems with it, which eventually I was able to figure out how to fix. However as of today I am finished with this Kindle. Its not that the Kindle is broken or giving me problems per say, but more of the fact that I cant stand the updates that changed it. I understand that the purpose of updates, but every time I get use to the newest updates, my Kindle updates again and I have to adjust to the changes yet again. I just walked in and found my Kindle had updated while I was out of the room. I looked to see what the new changes were and was annoyed when the way I normally would unlock my Kindle didn't work. When I finally managed to get it open, I found that my Kindle now looked like a tablet. I'm sorry, but the whole purpose of me getting a Kindle was so that I could just simply read book and have easy access to said books. Instead of my books covering my screen I now have small apps the size of my thumb nail covering my screen. If i had wanted apps covering my screen I would have simply gone and gotten a tablet and just downloaded books onto that. Therefore I will be clearing out the data on this Kindle and selling it. I haven't decide what I will do to replace it, but I can't stand this Kindle anymore. I'm hopeful that the next one I get doesn't give me the same problems.

Posted by raybon

Accidently ordered a book I've already read. Trying to return it same day within the same hour (I'm not a speed reader) and I did go to manage my acc't. This book is $11 and some change probably 99 cents. I the went to my library of ontens { } and return this book was not available probably because once I realized my mistake I had hit delete before I went to manage my account. Anyhow at this moment I now own a book I've already read thru my local state library and I never purchased said book b/c it was borrowed from my hometown library thru the state. HELP me get a credit please

Posted by joanne m kaltreider

My brethren chronicle books I purchased did not down load onto my devise so I can not read. I've been trying to get help with this for days. The books are paid for so I'd like to read them please! Never happened before but its a pain! Please let me know how to remedy this problem.

Posted by ilene

I'm new to Kindle fire, and I needed help getting my daughter's info off the Kindle. The service support didn't understand what I was saying, and wasn't much help. Instead of using foreigners, why can't they use someone who understands what you are saying and needing. He eventually put me on hold and didn't come back. I hate this kind of service. I hope it will be better.

Posted by Anonymous

I have 2 kindles. When the Kindle Fire had a problem had to go through 3 different techs to finally git the issue resolved. When the second Kindle had a problem the techs were unable to resolve the problem. In both cases the techs wanted to wipe the device which meant reloading and resort all the books. Neither problem required a wipe to fix the issue. As an engineer I questioned their instructions as they did not make sense for addressing the problem. In both cases they couldn't explain why they wanted to wipe the device or what the root problem was. In fact they did know what the root problem was. The kindle techs work seem to work off a script and most do not have technical backgrounds at all. If your problem is not known then they are no help at all. The lines they hand out trying to sound technical are a joke. I would rather they admitted they don't know then make up crap.

Posted by Anonymous

I have had 2 kindles given to me as gifts !! The last was a Kindle fire. Both Kindles stopped charging. I was told the problem is in the "charging port" something there is loose!!. I don't understand why this issue hasn't been resolved with the Kindle. I am disappointed that I was offered some type of discount or compensation for this . I also had a difficult time understanding the representative on the phone

Posted by SMNJ

Be very careful about fraudulent purchased through Amazon Kindle. I recently discovered over $400 in charges not authorized by me. I contacted Kindle and they told me that their return policy was 7 days and that there was nothing that they could do. I explained that these charges were not authorized against my credit card. Still no luck. I disputed the charges through Chase (Amazon Visa card) and Kindle told Chase that there was nothing that they would do; no refund. How do they expect to keep a customer with fraudulent charges to the 7 day return/refund policy when you don't notice it until you get your credit card statement.

Anyone subscribing to Kindle should be aware of this! Worst customer experience ever!

Add your review!

Posted by [email protected]

This is probably about my 6th KINDEL, Most of the time I would give it a 7.5 out of 10ð. I bought this one fresh from the factory the day in was out for public sale. It is the year model (2017). ð Sadly I have to give it a 5.
Most of the features are the same (and that is the good news). And my problems might just be with my particular KINDEL. Beginning with the keyboard; the data space (or whatever) that is associated with it is misaligned from day 1. There seems to be little clearly designated internal space for the alpha, numeral, symbol spaces, especially with the right side (in particular the letter l and symbol !),
the space board is to close. It often (7/10 times), clicks away from text completely, closing and mostly saving what you were typing.
I bought an SD card, once open the little door will not properly align. I ended up having to tape door shut. Which brings up another problem if the device gets hot, the tape loosens, the little door shifts and SD card pops up.
As I said all in all I like the device, (KINDEL) and would not hesitate to buy another in about 18 - 25 months, which is how long mine lasts. ð

Posted by Anonymous

CSR was very pleasant and helpful in getting my ebooks bCk on my Android phone! Thanks for be abailable 24/7. I can read now.

Posted by Anonymous

We bought a nook and couldn't read it from our PC. After buying a kindle (because we read that nook and kindle were compatible) we couldn't figure out how to download the nook onto the kindle. Within the help function, we found a very helpful person who was able to download the appropriate app so that we can read the book on our kindle. We can't remember her name but we are very grateful for her patience and knowledge.


Unable to download the following two recent purchases

Order Placed on Thursday 23 April 2015

Descartes' Error: Emotion, Reason and the Human Brain

Kindle Edition

Sold by Amazon Digital South Asia Services, Inc.

Order #D01-1554634-5285402 / Placed on Wednesday 22 April 2015

The Misbehavior of Markets: A Fractal View of Financial Turbulence

Kindle Edition

Sold by Amazon Digital South Asia Services, Inc.

Posted by Bible Nurse

Unfortunately the after hours (from PST) are not English as first language persons and it is extremely difficult to get concepts across to them.
I am NOT racist-I have simply noticed that it is much easier to speak with someone during the day (a primary English speaker) than during evening hours.

Posted by Tim

Very competent support staff. Listening skills were wonderful as I had a complicated situation. Problem was resolved.

Posted by Anonymous

great help, I am so very glad I called, he was great and early in the morning also

Posted by Brandy Allred

I just called and had a wonderful experience with them !! A customer service rep called me immediately and walked me thru the trouble shooting process and determined that it was the kindle that was defective....they are sending me a new one in 2 days !!!This is my daughter's 2nd defective kindle which has been a little annoying, but we purchased a 2 year warranty and it has been well worth the extra cost !! hopefully the 3rd one will be the charm and not defective as well!! As far as customer service goes, she was great !! I think her name was michelle!!

Posted by Anonymous

I recently had to get my Kindle replaced due to the screen jumping, and lines running together.
I was really happy with the service, as I received my new Kindle within 2 business days.

When using my new Kindle though, I have noticed that when I go to a site, where I would need to type in my location, such as, or that there were already places I have never heard of typed into makes me wonder if my Kindle was indeed a refurbished Kindle.

When I called Amazon to make sure my old Kindle had been received by them (so I did not get charged for it), the person I spoke with said my Kindle was a new one, and not refurbished, but, I do wonder considering that it had specific areas already on it.

Other than that little blip, my service with Amazon has always been extremely good!!!

Posted by Ex-kindle user

My wife is now a former Kindle user due to the poor quality of the device, a Keyboard. While we applaud the fine support from the tech staff, the device is poorly made and doesn't perform. Her next contact will be to inquire how she can recover her purchased books and transfer them to a more reliable, non-Kindle device.

Posted by Anonymous

unbelievable. they could not do enough for me . would recommend amazon to kindle went wrong and could not be repaired so they replaced it right away no questions asked. the replacement was a newer and better version


I Drew A Blank On My Kindel And Called Tech Surpport. I Want To Say The Individual I Talked To Was Extremely Supportive As Well As Patient, Conversive And Helpfull. I Can Not Say Enough About The Time And Very Long Patient Assistance She Offered. Thank You And She In West Virginia.

Phil Brockelman

Posted by Anonymous

What a great site! Followed the directions and got a call from a Kindle Customer Service Rep and she was so helpful. Although my problem stumped them, we worked through 90% of the issue and they are going to continue to resolve this week and promised to call me back next Sunday at 1p! Thanks for the info on using this site.

Posted by OMGflea

I could not be happier with the wonderful customer service provided to me for my Kindle! My questions were answered promptly and politely & my replacement Kindle arrived on schedule as promised. Thank you for being KINDLE!!!

Posted by Anonymous

'i have only had positive experiences with the kindle customer service department. So far, for me, Kindle has stood behind their product.

Posted by Anonymous

I posted a negative comment this afternoon about replacing my replaced kindle - first one inside the i year warranty and second one just outside the 3 month replacement warranty. Both had the identical fault. I complained after speaking to the first person and having then asked for his manager was refused a free replacement - just offered a £40 reduction on a new one which I refused.

BUT then I asked to speak to someone more senior - he is sending me a replacement kindle free of charge tomorrow after I explained my anger. He was polite and helpful and offered exactly what I thought was fair. Maybe only senior staff can do this - anyway it is obviously worth speaking to a member of the senior team.

Posted by fviolet22

The last time I called customer Service I couldn't believe how helpful the Rep was. I said I'm glad you have a brain, most custom. Serv. Reps I talk to r outta country and very rude. The Rep instantly replied "yes, here at amazon were allowed to keep our brains ". My kindle stopped charging and I hope I'm so lucky with the next Rep n that everyones comments on here are true! Fingers crossed!

Posted by Jillspill

I called Amazon because my 2nd gen Kindle's screen went black in the right hand corner for no reason (no drop, contact with water, etc.) After troubleshooting with no improvement the customer service rep immediately offered to replace it with a new Kindle at no charge and get it to me the next day. Great customer service and I love my Kindle!

Posted by Anonymous

My Kindle Fire developed a software issue and was having problems turning on (not really a fault of the machine itself, it was due to some operator error). I went to the Amazon customer support site and gave them my number and they actually called me within a couple minutes which was nice since I didn't have to deal with a automated phone system or wait 30 min on hold, I was speaking to a representative within minutes of alerting them to a problem. My kindle was still under warranty, and after attempting a manual reset which didn't work the representative told me that Amazon would send me a replacement Kindle Fire immediately and all I would have to do is return the broken one in the shipping box that the new one came in, they even sent me an email with paid postage to affix to the box. I got my new kindle in about 5 days, it seemed to be unused with no scratches or damage, I am not sure if it was actually new but I suspect it was one that was returned to them within the first 30 day return period. Anyway, the process couldn't have been quicker or easier, and I was really relieved that they honored the warranty without any hassle or loopholes. Wonderful customer service and I am definitely going to stick with Amazon for a lot of my future purchases.

Posted by hereskeith

I merely want to add my personal opinion to this comment section. I am 55 years old, disabled and by no means the world's brightest on any computerized device. I am not illiterate but definitely lacking advanced abilities so I want to give Amazon customer support kudos for being the most helpful, knowledgeable and friendly support system I have ever had the necessity to use. There are many companies that could learn a lot from Amazon. I will use Amazon as a market source more readily because of their customer service. Thank you, Amazon.

Posted by lanehouserocks

My Kindle wifi keyboard screen went when I was using it. Called Amazon yesterday and Customer Service was amazing. They said they would send me a new one and it arrived this morning, less than 24 hours after speaking to them! I have 30 days to send my broken one to them.
The customer service is second to none, totally amazing. I wish all companies customer service was as good as this. Thank you Amazon.

Posted by oookay

I have had the original Kindle since they came out and decided to upgrade to the Kindle Fire HD. I just want to say that I am just getting started but the Customer Service is absolutely AWESOME...Never had some prompt, friendly people in my life on any product I have ever owned. Please if you are thinking of Upgragding GO FOR IT. These people will guide you every step of the way.

Posted by agd102771

Received really good customer service from Amazon this morning following an issue with the ink on my Kindle Keyboard. Can't speak highly enough of them

Posted by Carla1956

I had kindle 6 months and it quit charging i was sent a new one 3 months later same problem can you say junk ipad is way better dont waste your money

Posted by Anonymous

I contacted Customer Service because my Kindle was not working properly. Raj assisted me and I am very happy with the results. VERY GOOD customer service!

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