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Kia customer service is ranked #389 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 35.08 out of a possible 200 based upon 401 ratings. This score rates Kia customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


375 Negative Comments out of 401 Total Comments is 93.52%.


26 Positive Comments out of 401 Total Comments is 6.48%.

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    • 35.08 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 375 negative comments (93.52%)
    • 26 positive comments (6.48%)
    • 1 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
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    • 1.7 Issue Resolution
    • 3.3 Reachability
    • 2.3 Cancellation
    • 3.8 Friendliness
    • 3.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Today will be my 3rd time taking car in for service to the Courtesy Kia of Brandon-Tampa, FL. Very disappointed that they are unable to fix my concern: 4WD SYSTEM WARNING LIGHT keep coming on and today 3/21/18 the car kept shifting down as I was driving and I had to pull over when it got down to 20 miles and I tried to press down hard on the accelerator pedal to reach a higher speed, just didn't work!!!! We enjoy our Kia vehicle just need help to keep our car running safety!!!! Can someone from your headquarters contact them to assist w/fixing our vehicle. Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

I've been sitting here for almost 2 hours for a simple oil change.The service is terrible at the Mt Moriah location.Your workers walk around eating popcorn while cars set outside.

Posted by Edward

So Kia Fiance through Western Union (WU) will be charging customers, who may not be able to enroll in WU autopay, extra fee of $3.95 beginning April 2018 for their monthly payment. Why should KFUSA allow WU to charge customers for not enrolling in monthly autopay?
Many car companies do not charge extra fee for either autopay or monthly one-time payments from customers once the money is directly paid from the customers' bank accounts.
Please get rid of WU and get a company that can provide the same service without this extra fee.
Is Kia Care Department aware of WU manipulations of its financially overburden customers who are trying hard to make monthly payments?
Kia prefers to pump more money into TV commercials or sponsorships such as the English Premier League Soccer, NBA etc.. than to fight for its customers right and interest. Sad!!!

Posted by jB

I have been trying to get help from Kia customer service department for over two months about faulty materials (seat fabric I was told was leather and would hold up to a pet is actually vinyl and acquired toenail holes from my dog after only three weeks of owning the vehicle). I have dealt with five different customer service representatives including a manager. All have made promises to help me and "make things right" with my new car purchase including paying for the seats to be recovered in actual leather. I have made 18 phone calls and submitted three online contacts. Not one person has bothered to actually follow through on their promise to help me and not one person has returned a phone call after initially making promises. I contacted the Better Business Bureau for assistance and after the standard 10 business days allowed to Kia by the BBB to contact me to tell me what they plan to do, still no contact. This was my third Kia. I recommended them to everyone. I now hate my Sedona, the dishonest dealership and salesperson, and the Kia corporation.

Posted by [email protected]

My sugestion is not to purchase a kia, the service department at phil smith kia is horrible,you can't reach a person to find out the status of your vehicle all you get is a runnaround. I am very dispointed in this company.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased new a 2013 Kia Optima SXL. I have had a problem with the low tire light on frequently, but was told no problem just needed a little air. The cause is the weather changes. On 12/12/2017 I had a flat tire on a front eighteen inch wheel. When the new tire was put on they discovered a crack in the wheel. This wasn't done by the dealer because I am thirty miles away. I used a local repair shop. I was told by the mechanic that this was more of a stress crack, not something that would be caused by hitting a curb or a pothole. I called the dealer, Kia of Muncie, IN, to ask if this was something common with these cars. I was told that they never heard of anything like that happening. I am a 77 year old woman and I am a careful driver. Is this a common occurance with Kia vehicles? This was very expensive.

Posted by Anonymous

Seriously? I made app two to three weeks in advance. I get to Kia and they tell me they can't help me because they don't have a warranty mechanic on Saturday's !??!!? Really ? Couldn't you call to let me know and not waste my time. And then the customer service person Edward Cottos demeanor he just didn't care!!!! ????

Posted by Anonymous

I have 2014 Kia sorrento, I bought it from freehold Kia
I took it for servicing, they took my car and said they will call when it's ready.
I get a call 10 mins later saying there is recall on sorrento and they cannot give me my car,
I asked when I will get it, Kristen told me they don't have any information on that.when I asked for courtesy car she very rudely said they don't have one.
I can rent from enterprise with my own money for mac of $35 and Kia will reimburse.
So I asked for further info on that she said call customer service. I called customer service they were closed for weekend. I called Kristen back and told her her answer was " ok' that's it no other info
I asked to talk to manager, she said no one's in the office,
This is Saturday morning busiest time for dealers, and there are no mamangers.
Now I have no car, all my personal stuff is in the car.
I don't know how I will go to work on Monday.
The worst experience and the rudest dealership.
I will never but Kia and will not recommend it to anyone.
But all this does not solve my problem, they did not even give me any paper or receipt for this.

Posted by Wyokid81

I bought a Nissan Murano from Kia of East Hartford, CT. Car was a piece of garbage like the owner/manager. The transfer case was leaking and the link arm was broken. I heard a noise but they convinced me that it was fine. I paid out of my pocket at a Nissan dealership after they fixed it and guess what? They never fixed anything. They bought the vehicle back off me for more because they didn't want me to report them. I then bought a Kia Sorento and from day one it had issues. The manager/owner said that it was me mentally looking for an issue and told me to go somewhere else. Jay Wanat is the worst manager/owner that I have ever dealt with. I will never ever buy another Kia in my life because of Kia of East Hartford and Jay the owner. Stay away from Kia of East Hartford it's a death trap and worst place ever to purchase a vehicle. Kia of East Hartford, CT is the biggest scum bag place in CT stay away. I will be trying to get to local news stations.

Posted by ram

Drop my Kia Soul at 7.30 in the morning and call five times if car is ready and everytime some one will say service advisory will call back but there is no call back. it is 3 in the afternoon

Posted by Paula

March 7th 2017. I have a Kia Soul 2013. Piece of junk. I have only 25,000 miles on my car. I love it, but it's had vibration problem s back in 2015 and now. Kia in Salem, Virginia. Can't find out what's wrong with it. Though back in 2015 same problem and I called Atlanta office bunches of calls finally suppose ly the Rep came down and the car got fixed. So today I'm at Kia and told Service to bring up the records back 2015 see what was wrong with it and how they fixed it. Nothing saying what they did. So now I'm getting ready to go through this process again. It's ashame you pay that much money for a car and it's junk. I'll never buy another Kia car. And buy the way I had a 2012 and it was junk and I tested it in for the 2013. I want my car fixed. Paula Murray

Posted by Chris

I have bought a 2015 optima and it will be the last one anyone in my family or friends ever buy it seems to be a going thing with Kia dealers. My car started knocking got it approved for new one but no loaner car. Would not even pay my toe bill that is mind blowing that a car with 64xxx bad motor and I have to pay to have it towed then they make it look like they did something for me. I will never buy another Kia will never go back to suntrup Kia

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a 2015 Kia Forte in May of 2015 with $1000 down. They originally told me they weren't suppose to sell me the car until I got all my paperwork and insurance and other things. Well on NYE a letter to my moms house in NY stating they were going to take me court for an NSF check that I knew nothing about for an entire year, because they didn't communicate it to me. What should I do?

Posted by CCIAM

Caryn C.

HUGE HUGE HUGE MISTAKE ! September we went into Wesley Chapel Fuccillo Kia. I wanted to see how the other Fuccillo Kia's reviews were.

Glad to see this Name has the WORST RATINGS AND REVIEWS. I just wish they would tell you to BEND over the minute your sales hound jumped on you.

We called the very next day. I know there is no cooling of period. BUT how about a satisfied customer. I can see by the BBB there rating is PERFECT AN (F).

I read the reviews but decided to give them a chance. How can you go into a dealership with almost a score of 650. and after a few days, your score is running out of numbers. Very easy, BILLY HUGE calls so many banks to make you a deal, you're bending over. We should have know we were getting hung when our salesman.

Named Jesus. I should have seen we were GONNA GET BIG, THE HUGE HUGE Bend OVER. We had a 2012 Sorrento a real beauty. My girlfriend just wanted to see if she could make her car payment lower. But she left with a smaller car forte 5 . I had disc replacement in my neck in several places. I can hardly get my head in the car. I asked if we could get into a bigger car. I would pay the bigger car payment. THE OFFICE MANGER, SPOKE WITH ME SAID HE WOULD CALL IN AN HOUR. DID HE NOT !!!!! FOLKS THERE IS NOTHING FREE IN LIFE . We didn't get anything free. No TVs No cruise no money. But what we did get free was the FUCCILLO SCREW. Never heard back. Look every bad review has a Bull cr*p answer. You see nothing about how the customer was happy and they have another review. A happy one. If you deal with FUCCILLO KIA AT ANY AREA, you can be assured of not singing the HAPPY SONG. You leave your disgusted you feel filthy and get sick to your stomach. Every day you see the reminder of the bending over you got. Oh yes here's the tire deal, you don't need a spear. But wait its free. you took our KIA Sorrento. Added 10,000. to your 13000. car which i will be paying 40,000 for after its all send and down.

Wouldn't be so bad if i could drive comfortable. No seatbelt burns my leg into numbness out of my leg. I hit the ceiling. you added a 100,000 FREE warranty. NOT 1999.

Yes we wanted Gap insurance. You charged us 899. you charged us after markets 499 then charge pre delivery charge of 695. 16181. was the price of this tin can.

said you gave us a 3000. rebate. yet still wanted more money. As we said no money down or no deal. We got a free WARRANT what bend over some more MR BILLY HUGE isnt done yet. 1995. where was the free warranty you pointed to on the wall? oh yes in FUCCILLOS pocket. 83.35 registration fees. 158.35 transfer fees. upond I received a notice in the mail i was illegally driving this car. They are pretty dumb there. I should really say they are smooth and smart demons.

So the total bending over in the long run will COST for a bad experince, bad taste in your mouth. 499. for the tire repair warranty, so in the end. A car worth 13,000



Posted by Anonymous

I own 2 Kia Optimas, 2011 and 2015. I have had to pay for 2 engines out of pocket because Kia did not stand by their warranty. These incidents were financially life changing for my family. Both engines blew due to malfunction of turbo coil leading to loss of oil (hope I got that right, I'm no mechanic). I never heard from corporate which shows they do not care about their customers. I'm the "little guy" and big corporations always win. As you can imagine, I am utterly devastated and could not believe it happened twice. Do your homework before you buy!!! Buyer Beware and take this seriously!! New engine 8 grand to put things in perspective. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and I hope Kia corrects this problem so others do not face a similar "situation".

Posted by Annamskll


Im not sure if i even have the right person or anything. I bought a Kia 1 yr ago. The engine in it already needs to be replaced. Its currently sitting at Parsons Kia in Winchester Va. It has also been there for 3 mths now!!!!! 3 mths!!!!!! I am a single mother of 3 children who has gone without a car for 2 mths. They gave me one to use then took it back. I have also lost my job due to not having transportation. Which also means i havent worked so theres no food on my table and im being evicted!!!!!! This has ruined my life!!!!! Ruined it!!!!! Im not sure what KIA doesn't understand, now they arent even sure if i will have my car back before the holidays. Not to mention, they still want me to make my $433 payment each mth but guess what?!?!?!?!? I CANT BC I DO NOT HAVE A JOB BC KIA WONT FIX MY CAR THAT BLEW UP UNDER WARRANTY! If this email doesnt need to go to you please forward it to someone who can help me with this situation. Not to mention, im still going to have to pay to get my car back but guess what.... i wont be able to bc i DONT HAVE A JOB ANYMORE. Parsons Kia claims they are waiting for an answer from corporate about when my engine will be there bc they are on back order. Makes me wonder how many others lives are now screwed up bc they bought a Kia. Thank you Kia for completely ruining my life.

Anna Maskell

Posted by Anonymous

The WORST Car Company that I have ever had a dealing with !!!
Customer service department SUCKS !! I have called repeatedly for money that is due back to me and all I get is the run-around. This has been going on now for 6 weeks. Going to the local news next because I can't seem to get anywhere with them

Posted by Mark

Just came back from Kia shop after waitting for an hour to get the news that the mechanic did not find any problem so there is nothing they can do for me. The problem that i have is my exelaration is makeing a trubing noice and the pedal is not operating smoothly at all. So i'm very disturbed that after 12000 miles this car allready has isues and they are not willing to fix it. I will try to go to diferent shop and see if maybe that specific shop is locking competence.

Posted by RON

I brought my 2014 KIA Optima the shop in Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 29, 2016 and told them my backup camera was not working. They did not look at it or anything just informed me that I would have to make an appointment and bring it in. The closest appointment I was told was Sept. 15 so I brought it in on the 15th and was there for 10 minutes and was told it was the back up was broke and a new one would have to be ordered, which I knew and told them on the first visit. On Sept. 22 they called and said that my part was there and when did I want to pick it up? I told them that it was under warranty and they would install, so they said they would call me back. I waited and never received a call. On Sept. 26 I called them and they informed me that the closest appointment they could give me was not until October 6, 2016. I depend on my camera a lot and to me this dealership has really went downhill since moving people away from it to run other dealerships that is owned by the same people. They could have saved 3 weeks time on my vehicle if they would not have been so lazy that they would have just looked at my car the first time I brought it up there.

Posted by Asma

HI I've just brought a kia picanto car from tunisia
Just to be clear the service was extremely weak I've waited a month and half instead of 2 weeks to get the car
Without telling any reasonable excuse .
It came unclean from. Outside and also with no original carpets interior equipments and options were different than the ones in the pictures and that made me disappointed from kia company it's like cheating customer
I believe you should focus way more on customer service

Specially for the one's in tunisia
It will only provide lack of trust for kia .

Posted by Dis satisfied customer

Kia issued 2 recalls. I waited a wait to call and schedule and guess what. no parts and tools on hand to do the work. Really! told to wait another week and try calling back. could be very serious


WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE HANDS DOWN!!! If you've ever thought about buying a KIA save your time and money and run for the hills!! The customer service is garbage, the vehicles are garbage and the parts used are cheap garbage!! I've had issues on and off since I purchased my 2013 KIA Sportage, in a very light driver and am under 18k on the mileage. I've been trying to get the morons in the customer relations call center to see there is a bigger issue with my car but they could literally give two $hits!! They don't care that I bought a brand new car, follow the maintenance per the dealership and have had issue that were out of my control pop up multiple times.. They only care to be rude, nasty, lie, and compile erroneous notes about conversations that aren't true and basically call their customers liars!! They disrespect, talk down and belittle whom every they feel like because basically enjoy pissing on their customers faces. I'm disgusted by the apparent lack of social skills it requires to be employed by such a large corporation and how condescending, rude, classless, and unprofessional they are allowed to be when speaking to concerned customers. This company is a joke, the cars they produce are circus freaks with underlying issues that KIA is conveniently never at fault for!!!
I have never in the 9 cars I've owned ever had as many issues as my KIA and I've never been disrespected by any other manufacturers customer service. I plan to do my best to tell the world about the awful experience I've had and the mind blowing hell I've lived since 7-21-2016 with trying to resolve a reoccurring issue and getting nothing but jerked around, lies to and disrespected to the most unprofessional level!!! I HATE KIA, WARNING BUYING ONE OF THESE CARS WILL BE AMOUNG THE BIGGEST MISTAKES OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!! DON'T BUY KIA THEY ARE GARBAGE AND THE PEOPLE THAT REPRESENT THEIR COMPANY DON'T GIVE A FXCK ABOUT THE SAFETY OF THEIR CUSTOMERS!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I took my 2013 kia optima to a kia dealership in april 2015 because of a power loss issue. After determining the turbo was the culprit, I had to provide receipts of oil changes and they then finally decided to replace my turbo about a month later. Now here I am again in august 2016 with the same issue, the turbo is again the culprit and they again want receipts. After all the reading and questioning I've done, all the numerous complaints about this turbo, you'd think they'd simply recall it but no ... They want more money and more customer dissatisfaction. Not to mention, the guy I spoke with at corporate was extremely unsatisfactory. Never buy a Kia .. Never.

Posted by IDK

I made an appointment to have electrical system checked only that never happened! A fast talking service department employee was very rude and because he made me nervous with intimidation by the tone of his voice I didnt completely understand what he said, so my electric did not get checked out and the other issue im having I was told it could not be found. This disrespectful, arrogant, rude attitudeis very common at FT. Wayne Kia. The managers

Posted by IDK

FT. Wayne, In. Kia dealer is the WORST!!!! The service department is RUDE, beyond the meaning of the word. The mechanics work is sloppy and unprofessional!!!! They yell at younger employees and treat the customers in the same manner. When I expressed that I wish there were another Kia dealer in FT. Wayne because I Hate coming out to this one, I was told to go to Muncie!!!! I only wish I would have read the reviews for this dealer before I purchased the vehicle. I WOULD NOT HAVE BOUGHT IT!!!! Im not the only person that feels this way. My hope is that ALL OF FT. Wayne Kia EMPLOYEES develop honesty, human compassion and kindness and morals to do the right thing... I wait for hours only to be told that the issue could not be duplicated and charged a fee, when the only thing that was done is a car wash!! And it sat out until the water dried and I had wayerspots all over. But anyways, I would not recommend this dealer to anyone.

Add your review!

Posted by KiaOptima

Fernando the service manager and Dan the service representative at Kia in Copiague New York were great, outsanding customer service. Best in the company this was the best service i recieved visiting a dealer to service my car in years. Great recommendations to my vehicle and service. I will definitely recommend friends and family.

Posted by Anonymous

Rich in services is very helpful, kind, and always willing to go above and beyond . anytime i go into kia everyone is so kind and most importantly very quick when it comes to fixing my car.
Thank you for all you do and keep up the great work!!

Posted by Anonymous

Ike Williams Number One Sales Member 100% Efforts And Made Car Situation Happen Good Work All Away Round On 2016 Sale On Sadona Van

Posted by Laverne

We recommend Tim Zackery at Kia Morrow in automotive service department for excellent service with a smile. He was very professional and courteous to us as loyal customers.Making our return visits a pleasure.If there is a service reward, Tim is the person to be rewarded for his servives. Laverne Smith Orjiako and Lorenzo Hall Jr.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to thank Abdullah from Kia Tokai for the excellent service he provides everytime I bring my car to the dealership, if I were to rate him out of 100 I will surely with no doubt give him 110 .

Posted by Anonymous

Excellent service at Milton Keynes Kia. Ian & the other staff I dealt with handled all my queries promptly & effectively & kept me fully informed at all times.

Posted by Anonymous

Today I went in to just look at a KIA SUV. Today I drove home with a new 2016 Kia Sonata. I couldn't believe how quick and smooth the deal went. All of the staff were excellent in their approach, diligence, and determination to work in my behalf.To see them all work together as a team made me feel like a queen. when I rang that bell, I knew it was a done deal. I want to thank all of the staff for treating me like a person not a $$ sign. My Thank You go out to the entire staff of salesmen and managers and upper heads for a job well done at the KIA dealership in Pensacola Florida. For a great deal and auto ask for manager Mike, salesman Eric Novak oYou won't be dissapointed..

Ms. S. Bates

Posted by Kia

My wife bought a Sedona Van in July 2007 here in Pretoria, South Africa.
After 8 years and only 28 000 km we are still very happy with the car.
The air condition unit was replaced in the first year, after than we had
our regular services and no hassles whatsoever. It was a real pleasure
driving the Sedona. About 2 years ago the car suddenly while driving cut
out and all the electrics shut down. The service light came on, we took
in the car rectifying the fault, but the service adviser told us we must
replace the throttle box on the vehicle. Before we decided to do that, we
ask for a 2nd opinion at Bosch. They found the fault on the cable connecting
the throttle box. Since than we had no problems anymore.
Now 1 week ago the car cut out again, but after knocking gently on the starter
box next to the steering column (key lock), the car started again.
Can you please advice us what to do, because it is very dangerous in traffic,
if the car suddenly cuts out and there is no power steering anymore.
We cannot effort (we are on a low pension) to take in the car to the dealer
for the fault, because they would insist replacing the throttle box.
We still very satified driving such a good and comfortable car, despite
this fault and kindly ask you for you advice.
With Kind Regards
P G Treichel
Ps: Please attent to the matter ASAP, because driving the car with that fault
could be life threatening.

Posted by Danny

I have a good experience in your Service Center at Gorordo, Cebu City. Maintain the quality service extended to your customers. Thank you.

Posted by Mgodoy

I Received My Service At Coral Spring Kia Dealer And I In Love With The Customer Service, Every Time When I Need To Go Because I Have An Issue With My Car Or I Have To Do A Simple Oil Chage The Service Is Expectacular, I Always Have The Same Guy Who Assit Me Mr. Robert And He Is Simply Great.
For Me And My Family This Dealer Was A Great Experience, I Start Getting My Kia Soul 2014 And Few Month Later My Husband Get His Own Car Because The Sales Consult,mr Carlos, The People On The Back Like Finance And Everyone Help Us To Get What We Need As A Family To Move Foward... Thank You Coral Spring Kia

Posted by sandymonroe38

I recently went too my KIA dealership in Monroeville PA, I was not sure I could trade in my car but the salesman that worked with me, for a very long time made it possible . He poured his heart and soul into getting me into a better and safer car . He was wonderful and really knows his job . Jay Grimes is his name and I've recommended him too anyone I could that's looking for a car . He understood my limits and somehow made it happen . The whole experience was made so much easier because he truly cared . Your company is fortunate lucky too have him representing KIA . He's a huge asset too your product . I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jay and my Soul . Thank you for Jay .

Posted by Anonymous

I had a excellent customer experience and Jake the salesman was outstanding.

Gary Moore

Posted by Jim

Larry Pederson was very professional and demonstrated outstanding product knowledge. He made purchasing a car a true joy.

Posted by Anonymous

On August 13 I received an email from Gosset Kia on Covington Pike in Memphis Tennessee on my two year anniversary. The very next morning my 2012 Kia Sorrento would not start battery was dead contacted customer service said it would take up to 48 hours for a decision. Since I am a salesman I could not wait 48 hours so I proceeded to buy a new battery. I was given a case number 2548083. Was told to go by Gosset Kia on Covington Pike for decision after sitting there for almost 2 hours I was told there was nothing they could do for me, per GM. I know I'm only one customer but I've had everything that needed to be done on my car through the dealership I will no longer be using the dealership for any repairs or oil changes and when I decide to traded it will not be at gossip Kia. Your customer service rep Leslie at extension 45298 was very cordial and try to help and I appreciate that thank you. Thomas Thorne, Memphis Tn.

Posted by gleynmc

Southwest Kia

The Customer Service was outstanding. They
walked me through every step of the buying
and lease process. I leased a 2013 Kia soul.

Posted by Anonymous

my hat is off to allstar in pomona calif.thanks to RALPH MCGUIRE SERVICE DIRECTOR,EARL SCALISE PARTS & SERVICE ADVICER AND THE WONDERFUL TECH.AND THE OWNER OF ALLSTAR DAVID CHOI.THESE GUYS are from ole school they not only have the knowledge.wisdonm and entagrity.they will go that extra mile to listen to the customer and not disrespect them.when valley hi kia in victorvill where i brought my car from would not help me.these guys took on the task to make sure they would honor kia's name i tell my friends,family,and strangers if you want a kia go see them if your kia is broke go see them these guys are tops they have me as there customer i WILL TRAVEL down the hill to them for even a oil change if your in southern calif.go see these guys ...ALLSTARE YOUR IN MY PRAYERS I AM YOUR CUSTOMER FOR THE LIFE OF MY KIA.GOD BLESS YOU..........BARBARA

Posted by Lindseyfl

I have a 2008 Kia Rio 5 I bought new. It has always ran great and I keep up the service schedule. My comment is about the 1888--Kia Roadside Service. They are excellent!!!!!!! Two times I left my lights on at my house once in Nashville TN and then after moving to Jacksonville FL. These guys show up in less then an hour are friendly helpful start the car ask you if they can do anything else and they leave. I used to spend $50.00 AAA (we'll show up when its convient for us). The Kia Roadside service is worth buying a new KIA car. Its included in the new car price. My car does run great and has low milage. Today when my car would not start suddenly both KIA guys said if that is the original battery they only last 4 years- so is a reasonable fix. I bought my Kia at Rivergate in Nashville TN their service department is excellent too.

Posted by Anonymous

West Herr Subaru Kia in Orchard Park--service came through with air conditioning leak--only 1 year old and passenger front floor flooded. Originally told this was normal wear and tear, but when re-called manager, problem was resolved. Still can't figure out normal wear and tear--had much older vehicles that never leaked.

Posted by Anonymous

Please commend your staff at the Kia repair service in the Ford dealership in St. Joseph Missouri. I drove all the way from a ranch in south central Nebraska with a 2 pound kitten somewhere under the hood. I stopped at several places along the way but no one could find this kitty. In St Joe I called Kia. They told me to come in right away. Within minutes they found the kitten and after taking apart something, freed it unharmed. It had ridden for 7 hours one inch from the fan belt.

Needless to say, I have named my stowaway, Kia, and am very grateful to this kind, courteous staff.

Cindy Henn
Columbia MO
Sorento owner

Posted by Waleed Elsheikh

good day, I booked Kia sportage 1600 cc 2nd category last November 2011 and I pay 40,000 EGP = 7000$ from Arab Mechanics auto (Al Mechanikion Al Arab) in Cairo Egypt which is biggest dealer for EIM agency in Egypt. Be informed that the total price is 186,000EGP = 31,000$ First sales rep was called Mustafa who informed me they will get me the car within 3 months after the deposit get paid and also bought Kia (pecanto) high line for my wife at the same day and he told me also they will get me the car by last December 2011. But, I get Pecanto at Last March and till now I did get KIA sportage I call them more than 1000 times because I work in the middle east nobody answer the phone and I send somebody to the showroom in Cairo nobody gave him clear answer when they will provide it for me. 3days ago I had a phone call with other salesman called Mohammed and I told him that all car vendors has the same type and the same color that had choose he told me that they put 3000$ as overprice, I told him this not my business if the price is not reasonable for you and the EIM agency why you keep booking for the new customer with the same price and till them the same scenario, also he asked me to give him time to get me answer about my status. Also he didnt get back with answer even apologize that he couldnt get any information, I really do not recommend buying KIA car of any kind from this dealership. Because there is no credibility and by this sure it will affect you Name in the Egypt market they more than double price for one product I am one very unhappy customer and suggest to others it will be worth and buy from other type for reliance dealership it will be much better from wait forever to get KIA. I wish I did! Very unhappy customer
Your rapid reply will be highly appreciated
Waleed Elsheikh
[email protected]

Posted by FedUpWithKIA

I love that you have which numbers to press after each prompt! :)

Posted by [email protected]

After reading all the comments on the Kia's, looks to me like you all went to the wrong dealer. Jack Miller in Kansas City North was my dealer of choice and my only complaint is that I have to drive there for service and they don't pick-up and deliver the car back. The Service is great, the Salesperson was great, the finance people were great. Best of all--the Sportage is great.

Posted by Debra Marberger

I have nothing but positive reviews about my recent experience at Sussman Kia in Jenkintown.

Robia's pleasant nature and we can do attitude had me feeling comfortable and wanting to buy a KIA from this dealership.

Everyone there acknowledged me as if I mattered.
I am thinking I would have never found the Forte to be the car for me if not for my experince with the sales staff. I had to comment. Recognition is deserved.

Posted by izzy

Took our 2011 Sorento in for serviceing- quick, efficient. Did a TBS update per noted on their computer read out of my vehicle. Said they would alow me to bring in my own synthetic oil for the next change. Asked if any questions/problems/iritations. Very satisfied.

Posted by Robert

Just called the Customer Service help line for Kia and received excellent clarification on conflicting information between 2 dealerships. Most importantly Shawna explained very acurately and concisely the reason for differneces. while i feel personally foolish for not getting all of this from the dealership where i purchased (they weren't very forthcomming just pushing to sell only) the folks at the kia customer service call line were very helpful and very straight forwrd with their information.

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Posted by Anonymous

I work for Kia as a salesperson and I am very unhappy with Kia. I have numerous 100 score surveys and because they are not email surveys, Kia won't pay me my spiffs. It is part of my income and I depend on it to take care of my family. When I called they basically said, O well, tough luck. Guess I'll be selling a lot of used cars for now on. Sincerely, Unhappy Kia Employee


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