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Kentucky Fried Chicken customer service is ranked #758 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 23.89 out of a possible 200 based upon 1083 ratings. This score rates Kentucky Fried Chicken customer service and customer support as Terrible.


1,056 Negative Comments out of 1,083 Total Comments is 97.51%.


27 Positive Comments out of 1,083 Total Comments is 2.49%.

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  • Kentucky Fried Chicken

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    • 23.89 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 1,056 negative comments (97.51%)
    • 27 positive comments (2.49%)
    • 16 employee comments
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    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Deb

Visited kfc tonight 7/29 at about 8:10 pm. Orders 2 piece meal and 3 piece tender meal. The cashier heard my name as Gabby it was Debbie. The name Gabby was called took a minute to realize she wrote the wrong name. Plus I asked for a receipt since I was using my card answer you’ll get it at the end.
I started to leave I said wait no dipping sauce all 3 girls ignored me finally I said hey so Annie turned around. I saw the sign 3 types of sauce so I asked for sauce. Her response not knowing what I wanted needed to see my receipt. Then she asked someone still not getting it attempted to get a plastic container and pump something in I said hey wait there is a small container of sauce to go this is kfc right pointed to the menu board.
Instead of apology she turned her back and shrugged her shoulders and tried to get sympathy from her fellow coworkers. And on top of all that she kept my receipt. I do keep this for record. I left telling her my question was not hard. As I was leaving another customer was asking for the mgr. The store was filthy the soda fountain had soda spilled all over could not even put your cup down. You have all these counter girls have one of them clean don’t need her bad attitude and the customer was right. Should not help people if she does not know what she is doing. And keeping my receipt just thinking it’s garbage now was not garbage. Need more customer service training and cleaning

Posted by Anonymous

KFC in Valley Station Kentucky. 40272. I went to the Drive In Window to get a take home meal. The last time I went inside for the buffet water was on the Floors, the high chairs needed wiping off as well as the tables and everything else. One of the workers wiped the large round tables off work a very wet rag and didnÃ?Æ?�Ã?â??Ã?¢Ã?Æ?Ã?¯Ã?â??Ã?¿Ã?â??Ã?½Ã?Æ?Ã?¯Ã?â??Ã?¿Ã?â??Ã?½t attempt to dry it. My party and I had to fry up t with napkins. That being said today I went to the Drive Theough. When I got home with my meal I took the box out of the KFC Plastic bag. When I pulled the box out the entire bottom of the dinner box was so greasy that it fell out of the dinner box. It appeared that this chicken had been setting in a pan of grease overnight. I was going to let it go and not say anything but I feel that these employees are not watching their cleanliness and the intire inside of this kfc needs to be inspected by an undercover boss. It looks s a shame to let KFC die out because of negligence and filth. I canÃ?¢ï¿½ï¿½t read the letters below.

Posted by Disrespected Customer

I received some of the worst customer service from your store in Bessemer, Al. tonight. The manager, Josh, in which I am not sure is his name, told me that he didn’t have time to deal with my concerns because he had customers to serve. Well, I am a customer who drove too far to have to come back because they got my order wrong!!! Also, he was rude, loud, and very disrespectful over the phone!!!! Why, why treat your customers who make sure you have a paycheck in this manner??? I feel like nothing will be done about this by corporate, but I will not stop until something is done! I am going to report the disrespect and verbal aggressive behavior to the BBB.

Posted by Anonymous

I was in kfc today and the manager on duty was very rude to me and her employees.She needs to treat people better .I donâ��t know her name but she was a black lady with long brades.I was to upset to ask her name I didn’t even order I just left .it was the kfc in Pageland sc

Posted by Anonymous

I was in kfc today and the manager on duty was very rude to me and her employees.She needs to treat people better .I don�t know her name but she was a black lady with long brades.I was to upset to ask her name I didn�t even order I just left

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the KFC in Memphis Tennessee off Winchester Rd (38115) zip code. I order 2 two piece original. I checked my order before I pulled off the lot. Instead of original it was Crispy /spicy so I took it back and she going to tell me it's not spicy. Well I have been eating at KFC for over 40 years. Not only that I taste a small piece and it was definitely spicy .. So I asked if I could get my My back cause I can't eat spicy food. She gave me my money back but she had a nasty attitude and close the window without a thank you or any thing. I asked for a number so I can to complain and they it wasn't a number I would have to call the store. She rushed me off so fast by closing the window that I still had the drinks that came with my order. She was very unprofessional and rude, NEVRER HAD THIS EXPERIENCE @KFC

Posted by Anonymous

I go to visit at lunch time your location on 2823 S. Cicero. They are never ready by the time they open at 10:30am. What is going on with this location?

Posted by Sondra

I called in to make a complaint, but I wanted to send a message too. My mother in law just passed away on Thursday and my husband has been a mess. He finally agreed to eat and requested kfc. I went to the lemoyne pa location and picked up what he wanted and not even an hour after eating the food, he was throwing up (keep in mind, that this has been the only thing he has eaten). I called the location and let them know that he had food poisoning and was vomiting from the food and the woman was completely rude and actually hung up on me because i voiced my experience to her. I will never go back to kfc and will request friends to avoid it also.(I happen to know alot of people in the area). This is not an act of spite, I just can't believe that and business could treat a customer this way. I own my own business, and I would never treat someone like this.

Posted by Anonymous

Donald Cunningham 408 wisconsin avenue Mobile,Alabama 36604;for the first time,I experienced old hot wings from restaurant number J718318,they were so dry,being that I were a chef in the USCGR,I did go back to Restaurant and ask was there a number that I could call to file a compliant,was told no,but,all said I want Home Office to know,so they can make sure their standards are not damaged by poor manager skills at a high proformance store as far as selling your products under KFC,thx for your time God Bless KFC

Posted by Anonymous

I live close to the location at Mockingbird and Skillman in Dallas, TX. I used to pick up chicken there all the time until you discontinued your corn on the cob. I was out running errands tonight and decided to go through the drive thru. When I first turned into the order line, there was a sign advertising a 6 piece bucket for $10. When I got to the speaker, there was another sign saying a 10 piece bucket of legs and thighs was $10. So I ordered the latter with cole slaw and biscuits. She said I owed $37 and some change. I asked her what she was charging me for and mentioned the sign. She said that special was only good on weekends. I told her it was sitting right by the order speaker. I then changed my order to the six pieces of chicken for $10. Again I told her the sides were cole slaw and biscuits. Drove to the window and paid. I asked for honey and ketchup at the window. She told me they had run out of ketchup. Really? I got home and all I had was chicken and honey. No sides or biscuits. The service at this location is horrible!

Posted by Lindaeaston

My husband went through one of your drive through tonight and was cussed at by an employee and it was encouraged by the on site supervisor. The employee used the F—— word several times to him. Please call me ASAP in the morning. Linda Easton

Posted by Anonymous

I am at your Kentucky fried chicken and when going through your drive-through it states that a 16 piece bucket of chicken with four sides is 4099 but when you pay for it they charged you $51 I approach the manager and told him of what it states there and asked him for that price and he said no too bad that's what we charge I think it's terrible when you show a price on the screen you're supposed to give it to the customer for that price so I believe that you guys are ripping people off intentionally because the manager was completely aware of the wrong prices on your screen Lomita, CA thank you

Posted by Trent

The KFC in Monee, IL Went through the drive thru and ordered a 12 pc bucket of chicken. Went home and my family started eating, then we realized we only received an 8 piece, so I drove back up to KFC and explained this to the clerk, her then went to get a manager, did not get her name.
She said where is the bucket? Its gone, she said I cannot do anything for you because I would need to see the bucket of chicken, I have been doing this for 7 years and I never have shorted a customer, well you did for me. I am a store manager for a fortune top 500 company and if I treated my customers this way I would be terminated, she basically called me a liar. She did give me the chicken but should have apologized to the least instead of embaressing me in front of people that were dining there. Very poor customer service, we dont have many places to eat in a town of 5000 people but I am second guessing myself going back.

Posted by David

To whom it may concern,,im not into public shaming, but I dine fairly reg at bellevernon pa kfc with my sons,, again today, while nit busy my order was filled with not what I ordered because its all they had,, I like you guys but? ??

Posted by Annie Oakley

1360 W. State Road 32, Lebanon, IN


Date: 2017-12-29

I visited the drive-up window of this particular facility and order a:

Fill up box

3 EC Tender

The person taking the order asked if I would like a "dip"

I said "Yes, I would like gravy"

She told me the order would be a total of $7.62. I asked her why the total was so high when the boxed dinner was $5.

Order taker told me that the dip was now $1.99. (I thought that was strange because I had been to this restaurant and order this same thing at least nine or 10 times. Each time the order was $5 plus tax (including the dip).

I was in a hurry because my aunt had recently passed away and I have a lot of things to take care of. So I just agreed to pay it.

I got to the window and paid the $7.62 and when I opened the box I discovered that she had given me a side of mashed potatoes and called it a dip. Of course I already had mashed potatoes with my order and I went back to the window and blew my car horn.

A very angry woman came to the window (her name tag read some kind of asst. manager or similar title). She said we DO NOT handle complaints through the drive-up window.

I pulled around and took the sack inside and showed her that I had been given a side instead of a dip and was charged $1.99 for something I didn't want.

She said "You asked for a dip of gravy and that is what you got so you can keep those mashed potatoes."

She would not even discuss giving me the money back for something I didn't order. She was very arrogant and dismissed me like I was a piece of dirt. I believe she doesn't understand how her job works.

It works as follows: Without customers a manager wouldn't have a job.

If the manager or his/her employee does not know the difference between a dip and a side order then management has not trained them well.

I dropped the SIDE ORDER OF MASHED POTATOES in the sack and went back to my car and ate the MASHED POTATOES that came with my original order and ate the chicken strips WITHOUT A DIP.

I assume "little missy management" enjoyed herself and congratulated herself on "getting over on a "STUPID SENIOR WOMAN" who by the way still works and is a very productive part of society.

I would like compensation of $1.99 plus tax for the SIDE ORDER that I didn't order and didn't eat.

I travel by that KFC often and have always been well pleased with the service and the food. IF I ever stop there again I will have to go inside and make sure that the rude manager who talked to me is not working before I order anything.

People like her turn people away. She doesn't know her product or how to treat customers.

Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

Once again the Kentucky Fried Chicken 15495 Warwick Boulevard Newport News Virginia has served disgusted overcooked chicken this is pretty unfair sad thing is it's not my first time contacting the corporate office with complaints of how this chicken is how many times does one have to complain to receive a good meal not a great way to end the year.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to kfc to pick up a 3peice meal 2 breast /1leg when I got home the chicken was old I decided to call the manager was very nasty over the phone like I done something wrong I’m highly upset that not only was my food bad but so was my service she told me to bring my food back with receipt but as I explained it was thrown away and I work in the area I don’t live in the area and she when on to say why didn’t I check it in the car which upset me further so we went bac and forth and I told he I would just call yr corporate office my advice is managers need customer service 101 if you don’t have knowledge on dealing with people you’re in the wrong business Ms Settles

Posted by Anonymous

Some one needs to call me at this number this is St Petersburg Florida and I need to speak to someone on your store on Park Boulevard 6595. Restaurant number is My name is Paula Cribbs .

Posted by Anonymous

store at 541 Donelson Pike, Nashville, TN. SHARI (cashier). Lacking in customer service skills. Ladies' Restroom was almost out of toilet paper and was about 100 degrees She seemed disinterested and made an excuse... overheard another person saying the same thing. Tables and floors dirty with only a handful of people in store; employees certainly not moving fast at all. Disappointing Columbus Corporate better keep an eye on the store!! Also, music too loud.

Posted by Anonymous

I live in Odessa Texas the manager of this KFC is telling off customers even me that they will be a 30 minute wait and I saw about 10 cars or more leave the line I asked for a pot pie it is 7 p.m. Odessa Texas time

Posted by Anonymous

I night food at your Buckeye Az store last night. Out biscuits were moldy and our chicken was bad. I took my receipt in today and spoke with the manager MILA, she REFUSED to help me, give me a refund or anything. She was extremely rude!!!

Posted by Anonymous

KFC on 211 West California Ave. Ruston, La, is very unorganized and unprofessional!!!! They are ALWAYS out of something!!!!! The managers there are very disrespectful to their own employees. I’m surprised it’s still up and running. I was a loyal customer for a while but now I will no longer step foot in that place. It’s sad when u have complaints about a business and there’s NOTHING done about the situation. Oh and another thing, if u call there no one answers the phone

Posted by Anonymous

Desert Hot Springs location would not accept a KFC gift card. They said the did not have a scanner for the card and did not require on since they were a franchise. What a load of crap. KFC should quit selling cards Tha they won't honor. Last time I go into a KFC and I will be telling my family and friends to stay away.

Posted by Anonymous

I just bought a $20 meal and the chicken consisted of 4 backs, 2 wings and 2 minerature legs.I live in Fresno California and the KFC I Went to is at 5775 North 1st street.I want a refund!for the 21.60 this pathetic excuse for food cost me.I'm not going to stand in their line or burn my fuel for another 20 minutes and be out any more money.

Posted by Anonymous

Went to the KFC at 6708 W. Deer Valley Rd. 11/11/2017 6:33 pm trans #4116. got home to find my order not complete. Not the first time this has happened. tried to call and just like the first time you cannot get through on the phone.

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Posted by Anonymous

I pray my comments go up the ladder of KFC. You have a location in Albion Michigan that should be looked at soon. You have an employee with the best attitude,service with caring and a smile. Rare! I complimented her that KFC has a great asset. "She is leaving, due to the local management is moving in a different direction." ARE YOU KIDDING ME? DON'T let her go. PROMOTE HER!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I'm in west Memphis tn, i had supper twice at the kfc, it amazed how good it was, compared to other stores, and service was great,

Posted by Anonymous

Was very disappointed with my purchase of the 20 fill up bucket this evening I live 45 minutes KFC only to find I was missing my cole slaw and my original 8 piece chicken was so dried out we couldnt eat it leaving us with mash potatos and 4 biscuit which were very good and service was excellent to travel that far was a major disappointment Unhappy customer Joyce Weaver

Posted by Anonymous

With all the bad crap going about I would just like to say a big big thank you to the staff at KFC in Slough high street.
My brother has learning difficulties and enjoys his KFC once week, on this occasion he went in there and lost his money after paying and did not realise until his carers asked where the money was. On there return to KFC the staff had found his money and new who he was and returned it to him.
I don't know who they are but isn't warming to know that there are truly kind people out there and hats off to KFC in Slough high street.
Merry Christmas 🎄

Posted by Anonymous

The manager and staff at the Kentucky Fried Chicken in Loganville, Ga. are the most courteous group pf people I have come across in my entire life! I drive out of my town where we have KFC just to eat there.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi, I just wanted you to know how impressed we were with the manager at the KFC in Minot ND 3100 S Broadway on Oct 1, 2016 at around 9:30 PM. we stopped after a concert and he was amazing. He went above and beyond in his attitude and service. Again we were very very impressed. Hope you can let him know this. I wish all KFC's could be like that.

Posted by Staker

I want to bring to your attention the "Outstanding" customer service provided me and my family by a manager (Lenny) at the Lake Washington, Melbourne Florida on 19-20 August 2016. I went through the Drive Thru and got a grilled order rather than the original. I am a retired veteran on disability and am on a strict limited budget and since my wife had been feeling poorly for a week, I elected to treat her to KFC which she enjoys so much. I called this gentleman and he literally bent over backwards to fix the problem and did so without any fan fair, he actually called me back the next day to ensure my satisfaction and that impressed me to no end ! I appreciate the professionalism he displayed and you should too, for he speaks volumes for KFC and for his awesome demeanor!

Posted by Anonymous

Just wanted to say how good the experience was at KFC #59 in Kinston NC. Aaron and Charlene are the bomb. They were very polite, helpful and smiling. These are the people that is needed in restaurants. I feel good employees should be recognized and treated accordingly. Unfortunately companies sometimes fail to see good employees should be treated well and compensated for their effort. They are exemplary and valuable. Please treat them as such.

Posted by Anonymous

I just wanted to write and let you know about my experience at the kfc 7215 michagan road Indianapolis. I had gone thru the drive through and my car batterie died just as i got to the window. Fortunately it wasnt a busy time and there was noone behind me. Your staff could not have been kinder! The guys working came out and pushed me out of the way and even jump started my car. The woman mgr was very sweet and very quick to make all this happen. Everyone was wonderful !! above and beyond!! Please let them know how much i appreciate their kindness!
Donna Finley

Posted by Anonymous

We visited KFC store C835008 on Saturday July 9,2016 @ 8:38 pm our ticket # 1117 and it was the absolute BEST KFC we have ever visited!!

I did call the manager to
Compliment them! This place is outstanding!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I had an incident July 10 at the Oakland, CA KFC on 61st and Telegraph. Happy to say it has been resolved.

Posted by Anonymous

I came thru Drive thru and the lady was so helpful and has a positive attitude

Thank and tell tge lady Sharon keep up the good job.

Posted by Sharon

Was at the location 1459 W.O.ezell and would like to say that kfc knows what they are doing great food great service and friendly staff keep up the good work.

Posted by Angel

The Staunton VA store on Richmond Rd was very clean. You'll cashier I think his name was Scott was very perlite and always made sure the bar was full. We also mate the cook not sure his name may be Chris I thank I heard them say. He was short. We thanked him for the wonderful job he done on cooking and the manager a young lady was very sweet. The rest all I seen stood around except for a blonde hair medium built lady who was running the drive through. I like seeing the the Team work the 4 of them was doing. I would love to see more of that. We am a regular customers.

Posted by Anonymous

Im at the Bonnersprings kfc and the server named Cynthia needs to get a super big raise. she is very pleasant to be around she puts people in a good mood and I just watched her help a customer get to a table with a young child she then stood by the child while the lady got her drink. This is way above and beyond. I will be returning here because of her!!! Very very very pleased!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I go to the KFC/TB at 8160 Transit Road in Amherst, NY. They are awesome every time I go there. Great customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

stopped at kfc buffet in Salem illionis absolutely the best. On scale of 10 you get a rating of 10, All employees were great; food was excellent; will stop every time we are near there. once again, excellent Martin from lake geneva wisconsin.

Posted by Anonymous

Went to KFC in Pomeroy,Ohio on 11/8/2015 Their were two cashier's A Melissa and Amber both were so nice and polite as we were waiting in line to place our order my husband and I were both amazed how friendly they both were to each of their customers...we sat down after getting our food and couldn't help but noticed how they would go out and clean after each customer would leave to make sure the next customer would have a clean table to sit at..(I know it's probably part of their job) But we have been to many resturaunts and have not seen many polite employees...We definitely will go back we felt very welcomed

Posted by Anonymous

Had family reunion in Cameron Missouri this last weekend. Needed lots of chicken etc .
We had coupons (booklet) that I had bought in Council Bluffs Iowa. They had not seen them before BUT gladly gave us the discount and were so helpful getting us plates and all we needed. We did buy a lot of chicken etc. but everyone was so please how they treated us. Good job KFC in Cameron, Missouri.

Posted by melissa

Very good food and super awesome staff at kfc in norco ca on hamner ave. Loved this location for food and outstanding customer service!!!! Here staff takes pride in their work food was delicious but people who work here were so friendly!!!

Posted by Anonymous

went thru kfc drive cashier spoke professional and very helpful with helping me compleat my order got to the window and was greated with a million dollar smile thanks for making my day ms ruth

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I always eat at the KFC located at 1170 ave of the cities east moline il and last night we served by a woman named Gina...I'd like for you to know that you have an excellent employee in her. Customer service is just as important as the quality of the meal and she excels in customer service. Extremely friendly, fast & efficient and she went above & beyond to help us.

Posted by Anonymous

Due to many problems with food quality, customer service, uncleanliness of store and consistent order problems in both dine in and drive thru, I have not been a kfc customer in over a year. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed today when dining at kfc store #d185004. I was greeted and assisted by an associate named Antonio who was the epitomy of customer service. He was courteous,knowledgeabe, efficient and extremely helpful and actually smiling which was contageous! The food was served hot, the order perfect and the dining area clean. When a frienf had suggested kfc after a long work day,I was ready to negate the imvitation. I must say I was glad I did'nt. I will definitely give kfc my business again and I hope that you will commend Antonio for a job well done. He is most certainly an asset to yout company.

Posted by Anonymous

The person I spoke to was very friendly. He said he would pass on the information to the appropriate personal. I am in a wheel chair and went to a KFC that was not handicap assessable, I thought this was against the law. I left my personal information and hopefully they will get back to me.

Posted by Anonymous

On April 20, 2014 I went to the restaurant at the corner of Eastland Drive and Prospect in Bloomington. I had a very nice woman named Ervina wait on me at the drive thru. She was very pleasant and helpful even if it was Easter and most everybody was at home she seemed happy just to be there and do a good job. She was very friendly and since I have a son-in-law that only eats KFC chicken, not ham or turkey, I was very happy you were open. Good job to everyone!

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Posted by Anonymous

Saw Memphis BBQ on tv looked really good. Ordered it and it was chicken strips with sauce on part of one side, none on the other. It tasted like it was made from powder. My husband got the buffet the chicken was dry and little to choose from. Very disappointed.

Posted by Anonymous

Yes Kentucky Fried Chicken in Kansas City Missouri on 47th and Troost the managers that work the night shift doesn't help the employees to get out of there at a decent hour after closing I worked in the restaurant industry for 23 years not once have I stay in there an hour and half after closing I feel that those managers need to be trained properly need to know customer service how to talk to customers and how to treat their employees with a little more respect my name is Nancy and you can reach me 5 I feel their Not Train properly there's no teamwork and that store the drive-thru timing is off because whoever is working drive-thru I seen them take the order and still have to make the order their self manager always in the back and don't help the employees increase they time service time the women work better than the men they do help it help each other if you want to talk to me any further about this matter my number is at the top of this comment

Posted by Anonymous

KFC in Dothan al off 84 . Management sucks they are very rude to there employees. One manager quite the day I went to eat, they lady manger An her manager are not management material mother hired daughter to manage but they do not show appreciation ther an something need to be done before they loose employees

Posted by Anonymous

I'm an employee of 3 years,and fairness with co workers and myself is great deal to me. In saying that,there's a lot of daily drama going on in the KFC I work at.and it's one person that starts all the drama with lies that she tells and honestly I believe she believes her own lies,when she's confronted she's always in denial and she's in management but doesn't do her management duties,has a another co worker her parts do her computer work deposits mess with money get in safe and this lady isn't a manager she's just another co worker. So,how is that fair to the rest of us,if a manager is getting paid management salary I feel they should do management duties and not have a party to do for her.and or at lease allow somebody else who is qualified and really wants to move up have a chance to move forward into management. These 2 ladies together aren't together aren't very smart,honestly not very educated either. I just don't see how a shift leader gets paid for not doing shift leader duties and a regular co worker gets by working off clock everyday to come in every morning to be a patsy for this manager. Something has to stop with this going on its not right! Everybody else suffers! Admiral KFC Tulsa oklahoma.

Posted by Jc1988

I keep trying to get in touch with someone about my paycheck. I have called several times today when I called the manager treated me rudely and hung up on me I tried calling back four times after that. I've been trying to get my paycheck for about a month if this is the way they treat their employees or last employees it's no wonder they can't stay staffed.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello and to whom it may concern..I just recently applied to KFC and started working there..but since starting I recently quit!!my experience working at this particular location was awful..I like working at KFC this is my 3rd time working for KFC...And I wouldn't mind it again if at different location or the same if things could change!!

Posted by Anonymous

I worked for kfc 40 years ago on h street in Chula Vista, California . It was when you made the biscuits, cooked the chicken in pressure cookers . Really fresh ingredients. I ordered my usual 2 piece chicken with mashed potatoes last week. It was horrible . You changed the ingredients in masked potatoes and chicken was different. I was disappointed . Since I have been an employee and customer I thought you should know. Sincerely Susan Brocklehurst Healey.

Posted by Tick off worker

I work for KFC/Taco Bell in Wisconsin Rapids. I'm unsatisfied at my co-workers. While some co-workers do their job others do not. They are always talking to their friends which is fine but they are neglecting their jobs. They reassign themselves to different jobs even though they are schedule to be a cashier they switch themselves to drive-thru with their friends. They are leaving their fellow cashiers as in the only other cashier on duty by themselves.

Posted by Heather

Ok I'm traveling from iowa to Ohio and we stop in Indiana to get some food I seen a KFC so I wanted to stop it was 10 minutes to close but we still made it worth a try we pull up to the speaker and they greet us we order they continue taking we did have a 45$ order! We tried to order a number 4 and some guys says well that's going to take 45 mins cause we will have to go to the freezer look for it wait for it to thaw etc so we said never mind well we pull up to the window he tells us our total we pay him then I asked him to make sure my extra side of gravy was n there n asked for some ranch n he says I will try my best!!! Well after we paid him goes to the back does whatever he was doing then came back to the window n said that they had shut there fryers off so they take a good 10 minutes to heat up n he didn't know how long it would take for the food to be ready... So we just told them forget it cause he was rude so we just said can u refund our money we don't like your service then we ask for the manager she was rude told us they shut there fryers off at 830 that's how she was trained she was not professional at all she said she didn't know we going to order so much food just was not cool ecspecially since we were from out of town so then she continued to argue with us then said get out of here n slammed the window in our face I hope something is done about this

Posted by Anonymous

I'm a previous employer of KFC and I haven't received my w2 form would you please give me some information on that

Posted by angry mom

My son works at the kfc in fort payne he has been there since Nov 5 and they only let him work one day they change his hours and doesn't call him to let him know they are really rude to him im extremely upset with how they run the restauramt. He has to call every week for his schedule and sometimes he gets down there and then they send him home that's a waste of time and gas

Posted by Anonymous

Usa law can charge interest on checks that do not come on time regardless of mail error or company error. Two days late on check it is your responsibility to keep a buisness running properly and employees paid on time. Kfc in grand rapids mi alpine st.

Posted by Anonymous

The KFC in Brighton Colorado is the worst.I've complained before and they try to make it better with a $5 coupon instead of making the service better.every time u go in they don't have half of the items u order.the food is always cold and hard.the asst manager I guess that's what she is.that's how she acts with the employees. She's rude to the customers and employees.there is trash all over the store.the condiments are always can this be solved.I can run the store better. An I'm jus a cashier lead

Posted by Anonymous

Hello I used to work for KFC in Durango, co I was shift supervisor I quite do to unfair work place and favoritism. There is a crew member named Dylan that was fired n quite about 8 times for no call no show n rehired every time by the GM Donna, there were other employees named Drew and was sick do to cleaning the walk in cause it has black mold (still does) but she fired him cause of one no call no show. Now Dylan drinks a lot n shacks because of it. Now Donna is friends with Dylan and his family, his mother in truth this is why I quite. This employee can show up when ever he wants do whatever he wants but doesn't get in trouble for it but other employees get written up for less. I will be contacting a lawyer I will not stand for this kind of byist action

Posted by Anonymous

KFC- TRENTON MI. Started as an employee, turned out to be the worst and most unprofessional atmosphere i had ever experienced!!! most employees were very rude,not very helpful. The manager and shift supervisor had barley, to no people skills! kitchen was dirty bathroom run down. also, at worst i was hit on and asked to engage in drug activity on my very first day by a shift supervisor!!! needless to say i tried to get passed it and continue to work,, i eventually got fired for unknown reasons?! first job in my life i felt the reasons were race related! or that i refused to be apart of the strange things going on in this store! VERY APPALLING To SAY THE LEAST! i needed this job but was actually a bit relieved to not have to go back! myself or ANY of my friends or family will ever eat here again!!!!!

Posted by Charmaine

I work at the one in greenville,Illinois. They have very bad management. There is a girl named Carley and she called me a bad word for no reason. I'm going to contact a lawyer and I'm going to proceed with legal action. There is food being stolen out of the store. The manager john knows this. The employees sit out in there cars and get high. I'm going to take this as far as possible. I'm going to put this I'm the Greenville advocate. The employees do not wear gloves when handling food. I really did enjoy my job but I will not be working there any longer. They r very nasty employees. U have one employee that works there that has admitted to taking Vicodin regularly on a daily bases. Donna is the employer that has sticky fingers.


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