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Kenmore customer service is ranked #657 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.75 out of a possible 200 based upon 254 ratings. This score rates Kenmore customer service and customer support as Terrible.


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Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a Kenmore stove for my mom on May 19 online Delivery was scheduled for June 2nd. They claimed that they came and were ringing the doorbell for 20 minutes, (all lies) both me and my mother were home waiting for her stove. We called them at 11:47 am to inquire on the delivery and that is when we were told that they had already came out. We rescheduled for Sat June 9th, delivery time was from 8 am- 12 noon. I received both an email and a call the day before confirming the delivery. I called them Saturday at 8 am to ensure that they were coming out to deliver. I called again at 10:38 am as it was crucial that my mother to her stove. She had been without a stove for abt 3 weeks. They assured they were coming. I called a 3rd time at 11:56 and was placed on hold for abt 15 minutes and was told they were running behind but that someone would be here. I called at 1:45 was placed on hold for abt 20 minutes, representative came back on the line and said they disconnected her call but she would call them back and rather place me on hold again, she would be calling me back. she called me back at 2:35 pm and told me I just spoke to them and your house is next, they should be calling you in abt 30 min.I waited until 4 pm and called again, this time I was told there is a note the system that your item is missing. By this time I was pissed and asked to peak to a supervisor. I called in to work to wait for the stove as I was assured all DAY that they were delivering that day and as I stated already it was crucial that my mother got her stove ASAP. So notably did she not get her stove, I also lost money by calling in to work to wait fort.After asking for a supervisor, Representative Ayona asked what do you need my supervisor for, I told her I need a supervisor, she said I am trying to explain to you. I Interrupted her and said to her" if you wanted to explain something to me you and everyone else would of told me that the item was missing instead of telling me it would be delivered"!She placed me on hold and after another 20 minutes comes back on the line and tells me there is no supervisor available. She placed me on hold again and came back after another 15 minutes with Colton on the line whom was just another CSR. He took my infant said he did not know when a supervisor would be there but. someone would call me back, this was Saturday and it is now Monday and still no call.! by far THE WORST EXPERIENCE/CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!!!!!!!When I called Home Depot was told by a manager that the delivery company is a thirdparty that the manufacturer hires and that this has always been an issue. So apparently they are aware of the issue and just don't give a crap. I will not be purchasing no more KENMORE appliances as long as they have the same Delivery company delivering forth.

*******Called yesterday to cancel my order and the rep asked what is the reason that your cancelling, I laughed and told him to just cancel. I told him I wanted Corporates info and said that he was with corporate and that he would be submitting complaint for me. I asked someone would call me or send me letter acknowledging that my complaint was filed and he said he did not know. Stayed on the linnet take survey, this rep Neve hung up the line and instead transferred, e back into the queue UNBELIEVABLE

Posted by Cindy

Please share!
BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On 06/29/2016, my husband and I purchased a Sears Kenmore Elite refrigerator. At this time, we purchased a Sears protection agreement on this appliance,
increasing the cost of our purchase by $799.99. We had the refrigerator serviced at the one-year mark, where we voiced concerns that the appliance was not cooling properly. The technician assured us that it was functioning
appropriately. On May 4, 2018, we called for a repair. The first available
repair date was May 10. A technician arrived and diagnosed a leaking coolant
coil. These parts were ordered and another repair date set for May 18. The new coil was installed; however, the refrigerator was still not working. This
technician said that the appliance needed a new compressor. The compressor was ordered and yet another repair date set for May 24. We received a call stating that the repair could not be done as planned, so they left a message rescheduling for May 31. While all of the other dates around this date were something my husband or I could work around, we absolutely could not be available on May 31. I called, in a failed and very frustrating attempt to reschedule, and the best I was given was today's date of June 5. âNo one can change that & they had the nerve to tell me that they rescheduled from May 31 FOR MY CONVENIENCE! Please note that this is now FOUR AND A HALF WEEKS without a working refrigerator!!!!!! Today the technician arrived and worked on the appliance for 2 hours before he told us that the wrong compressor had been ordered and delivered. Any guesses to the next date of repair? June 18. SEVEN AND A HALF WEEKS WITHOUT A WORKING REFRIGERATOR! This is unbelievable! We have lost several hundreds of dollars of food, had to spend extra hundreds of dollars eating out for this long. My kids have no milk for their cereal. Sandwich options are peanut butter and â¦â¦. Oh wait just peanut butter.

Additional insult would be the many incompetent people we have dealt with over the phone. My husband filled out a review of the service visit and received a phone call telling us to call 1-800-927-7836 extension 5 with case number 5761129. I called that number today and after extension 5 reverting me back to the previous 1-4 options, I picked option 3 spoke with Cynthia who transferred me to Izetto who was going to transfer me to a benefit department but came back to tell me that I was calling the wrong number and gave me 1-888-828-4208 where I spoke with Cathy who offered to get "the executives" on the line and placed me on hold for 10 minutes before the call was disconnected. So, I called back where I had to repeat the story to June who transferred me to Vera, who transferred me to Addie who transferred me to Samuel. Now, of all of these people, none of them had the âpower to helpâ!! Samuel was the nicest of them all, and really, I canât blame these poor people for working for such a poor excuse of a company that they cannot even take care of the customers who they have royally screwed over! This is a grand total of 7 different people I have spoken with just today.

What the heck Sears??????? Is it too much to ask to only speak to ONE person that actually has the power to make this right??????? Its not like we went and bought the cheap $600 refrigerator, we bought the $2299.99 plus paid the extra $799.99 for the Sears Protection plan, plus we have a friken Sears Home Warranty that also covers this refrigerator that has FAILED in less than 2 years! Less than 2 Years! My husband and I have made multiple phone calls to Sears, only to be disconnected and transferred to other people all of which are unable/unwilling to do anything!

Posted by Anonymous

They have sent me the wrong items and because I ordered on March 2017 and did not open until April 2018 will not stand good on items. I ordered a Kenmore product got a whirlpool item that is not adaptable to my unit. Now I am out over $600.00 all I want is a Kenmore cook top to replace on my cook top. This is awful The unit I have is still in the sealed wrapper and they will not exchange

Posted by Sweetchocolate

Brought My Kenmore elite refrigerator from sears and after 18 months it stopped working. contacted my warranty company; they contacted sears and told them to fix it because all of the parts broken were factory parts. Sears technician put in a new censer and compressor then the warranty company installed a new motherboard. After all that the refrigerator still don't work! Seriously??? Paid $2500 for a refrigerator that lasted 18 months. I've been without a refrigerator now for 2 month! My husband and I brought all of our Kenmore appliances from sears for the last 30 years but after this, NO MORE!!!! I will never buy another Kenmore appliance and I will definitely not purchase anything from Sears again!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

RE: Kenmore Refrigerator Make: 253.734941D
Purchased: June 2017 at Sears in DuBois, PA.

To Whom It May Concern,

In June 2017, my husband and I purchased new Kenmore appliances after our house burned down. We bought a washer/dryer and stove/refrigerator. To this point, we are very happy w/our washer, dryer and stove. However, the icemaker in the refrigerator is and has been a problem. When the first refrigerator was delivered, the icemaker did not work. After a repairman spent quite a bit of time working on it, it still would not make ice, so Sears replaced the refrigerator with the same make/model. The second refrigerator icemaker worked for approximately 6 months and stopped working the last weekend in January 2018. On February 2, 2018, two repairmen came and worked on the icemaker. On Monday, February 5, 2018, we had a total of 15 pieces of ice. I called repair. On Friday, February 9, 2018, yet another repairman came and worked on the icemaker, by Monday, February 12, we probably had 30 pieces of ice, then on Tuesday, February 13, the icemaker quit working again. I called this morning, February 14, 2018, and have repair scheduled for Monday, February 26th. This is unacceptable! I should not have to wait 12 days to have this issue addressed again!!

I am extremely upset! My husband was diagnosed with throat cancer in December. After daily radiation treatments, he can barely swallow and needs smoothies several times a day to eat. I've had to purchase ice in order to feed him. Ice is inexpensive; however, I do not feel we should have to purchase ice when we have a new refrigerator that should make ice!! If you can even imagine the pain my husband is experiencing, you would understand the need for ICE.

I'm gathering from the various repairmen who have been here to repair the icemaker that this model is faulty and has been for quite some time. The water is freezing before it can get into the icemaker. I've repeatedly heard that there have been many complaints w/this very same problem in this make/model. I've heard "they keep trying different ways to fix it, but cannot figure it out." Not sure who "they" are but I feel "they" need to get this problem addressed or replace the refrigerator with a make/model that works!!

Can someone please help us?


Don and Vicki Bundy

C: Better Business Bureau

Posted by Lynn Joslin

Hello, Our refrigerator completely stopped working on December 27th. We are being told that they cannot get to us until Friday, January 5th. We purchased this Kenmore in August of 2016, so it's only been 16 months. This doesn't seem like good customer service to us. All of our appliances are Kenmore. I have family that works at Lowes and they tell me that Lowes just picked up Kenmore. Can you help get someone here before Friday?

Posted by Anonymous

I am so sorry to say I am separating from Sears after 50 years. I bought a microwave not quite a year ago and have to replace it. The paint has peeled away from the bottom where the turntable goes around and also from the top.
No one is never available to talk with when you call,you are put on hold and are forgotten, so as of today I will be buying other products that is not sold by sears. ( I now understand why there is talk about Sears closing) All the reviews are unfavorable and for that I feel bad because Sears has always been a respected company. Oh,well all good things come to an end.

Posted by 714-745-3586

I purchased a glass top oven range from the Sears outlet store in Santa Ana Ca. on 11/30/17, The Oven was delivered on 12/4/17 and has never worked properly, the oven nor the stove gets hot enough to cook. The store will Not exchange it without a physical letter from a tec. The service call has been reschedule twice. This was a gift for an 86 year mother in law who now has not been able to cook for 10 DAYs and counting now. The next Scheduled service appointment is on 12/22/17 which mean no cooking for Christmas????? Please Help ALWAYS BOUHGT KENMORE BEFORE., This is not cool. Thanks Michael Meloni

Posted by Anonymous

I have purchased a Kenmore washer and dryer from Sears 4/2017. I will never do business with either one of them again. The dryer fan has already been replaced and the washer even on deep fill actually fills up a inch from bottom. These customer service agents Sears hires along with their repairman are the most useless workers I have ever met! I have asked for Kenmore's # 3 different calls and what do you think they give me?? SEARS!!!! I will be sharing my story with everyone I know and meet. Lets don't forget my social media accounts!! Shame on you and your company for wasting my time and money!! EVEN the verification letters at the bottom are unreadable!!WTF!!!

Posted by psmith55

We have always bought from sears when we need a new appliance. This ENDS today. We will NEVER Again buy a sears product. We are cancelling our credit card! OUr refrigerator is under warranty. Its only six months old and its broken. I called for warranty service and they can't come out for a WEEK!!!! Their warranty servise is USELESS. They will not reimburse me for a repair I make on my own, nor p[ay for the freezer full of spoiled food. Sears obviously does not care for their customers and doesnt care if they go out of business. SEARS STINKS like my SPOILED FOOD

Posted by Anonymous

My daughter has a kenmore elite double oven gas range purchased 2008. the double oven quit working and she had a tech. from Kenmore out and he said the circuit board went out because the steam from the range top when cooking caused it to go bad. To me this is poor product design. It will cost her over 400$ to fix it which to me the cost should be covered by Kenmore. The tech said this was a problem with this stove design. This stove cost almost 1800$. This is so unfair. You need to fix this problem.

Posted by ERC

"I purchased a Kenmore Stainless Steel refrigerator in April, 2017. I've noticed that the freezer door has "pitted" and corrosion and rust all over. Also noticed that the freezer doors finish is different to the touch in comparison to the refrigerator door. Everything appeared to look good when it was delivered, but now I'm noticing these imperfections. A tech came to the house and agreed upon inspection that it is rust, but Sear is not going to do anything regarding the situation. He then gave me a number to call and said I should keep calling. I did, but was told that there is nothing they can do, and they gave me other numbers to call. I have called every number that was given to me and keep getting directed to another department within customer solutions. Sears and Kenmore say "sorry, it is cosmetic and we don't cover that.. I'm not asking for a new fridge, I am requesting them to just replace the freezer door. My fear is that this may spread. I was told I could PURCHASE another freeze door. I feel this is unacceptable. I really need help with Sear to make this wrong a right. Thanks!

Posted by CP

Sears and Kenmore are the most unscrupulous crooks you can find. I made a purchase from a Sears outlet in Florida in 2014 and since 2015 to date the refrigerator has had a series of problems and repairs. The phone calls kept going around in circles and issues remained unresolved. Bear in mind that I purchased extra warranty. I was not allowed to talk to a manager and the "supervisor" Judy claimed she was the highest point of contact. Its simply appalling when a company like this who embarks and prides themselves on customer service provides such poor and substandard. A total rip off. Begs you to question why their sales performance is bad and so many of their stores have closed. My personal advise "RUN" when you see a Sears or Kenmore store/product

Posted by Anonymous

I remodeled our kitchen in 2013 and bought new kenmore dishwasher. It started leaking in 2016 and the service man said it was the pump and it would run 290+ dollars. If Sears had quality products this would have not happened in just 3 years. Am currently looking for a new dishwasher and will never buy from Sears again.

Posted by angry

i purchased a Kenmore refrigerator last year from SEARS, I EVEN PAYED FOR A 5 YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY, WHEN I GOt THE REFRIGERATOR, i was wondering why my vegtables would go bad in a matter of days, i had put it on recommanded setting, meat in the freezer or icecream would not freeze at the top shelf in the freezer at all, so i put it up as high as i could and finaly the freezer keeped my frozen stuff froze, i never had to put the control on the highest possable setting on my old fridge, today i went to get some groundmeat out the freezer was dripping water, all my meat and fish, everything in there was going bad, i called sears, they told me i had to wait until july 17-2017 for a repairman to come, i am a disabled woman, what am i suppose to do, while waiting for sears to send some one out here, i used to buy all my appliances from sears but never again, shop at steins at least they sell good products and stand by them. I am so outraged, there should be a law put into place to protect the consumer. shame on u people that sell such bad products and u need to buy extra insurance and still u have to wait a month for a repairman just to look at it, my insulin needs to be refrigerated, will sears take responsability if my insulin goes bad and affects my health,

Posted by Anonymous

I have bought a Kenmore side by side refrigerator, in july,2014. since we owned this the ice maker has stopped working a couple of times,sears repairman came out and replaced a part in the freezer, this was less then a year that we owned it. well the ice maker has stopped working again. can't help but think kenmore and sears has this issue so they can make money off of a service call and parts. I think a refridgerator should last longer than 3 years. I wouldn't recommend Kenmore products to anyone. So beware of sears and Kenmore they love to take your money. they like ripping customers off. I guess thats how they stay in business. money pit.

Posted by Anonymous

I have an oven I purchased end of October that was installed just before thanksgiving. I just used the cleaning cycle the first week in February and the porcelain fractured. I had your tech out and he took a picture and sent to mfgr. he then told me that mfg said it wasn't covered. I was told when I purchased this unit it had a 1 year warranty on defects. obviously there is something wrong with the heating element or the porcelain. had I know there were parts that weren't covered, I would have never bought the thing. he did say that if I had bought the extended warranty, which I took to mean the same warranty only after the 1 year period, that it would have been covered. no one told me that. I feel utterly ripped off. I am now in possession of a brand new oven that I cannot cook in for fear by house will burn down and I am not going to be the one to replace it. I paid $1200. I also bought a stove top, a dishwasher and a hood from you guys. I cannot find a number to call to get this taken care of. there is no information in the manual where to call the manufactuer. there is no store manager to talk with. I seem to get a little mechanical man every time I call. I am going to post bad reviews wherever I can, put a sign on my car stating don't buy Kenmore products or sears products and file a complaint with better business bureau. someone better call me because the next thing I am going to do is file a lawsuit.

carol meilicke

Posted by Anonymous

I always thought that the name Kenmore and Sears were reliable names and company but I sure have been shown they are not. We purchased a new $1400.00 Kenmore refrigerator in July 2016. But beginning in January of 2017 a cosmetic issue began. Two techs and a Sears Appliance Manager and a Sears Associate told me that the cosmetic issue I am now having is because when the refrigerator was finished on the side, the tag residue was not fully removed before it was finished so the tag imprint is now coming through. It cannot be removed and Sears does not care. I was told cosmetic issues have to be reported in 72 hours of purchase and this issue is just now forming. How sad a store and a Kenmore product that has been around for years does not care. Perhaps this is the reason SEARS is doing SO BAD. I will never purchase anything from Sears again and I hope that no one else will either.

Posted by Anonymous

Had this refrigerator delivered to my house on Dec.09.2016 and with NOT even 2 month the compressor had stopped working completely the week of 01/16/2017. All our food in the freezer had melted and defrosted. Had contact customer services to send a technician to fix the refrigerator. The technician arrived on Wednesday 01/25/2017 and told us by 01/27/2017 Friday "all the part will arrive and Monday 01/31/2017 a technician will come by to install the part." Took Monday off to have a technician come and fix the refrigerator, just to find out all the parts has not arrived when we had called customer services. Customer service stated that the order has been pushed back to 02/18/2017, customer service did not give us an answer to why the delay. Had asked to speak to a supervisor, customer services declined to give us a supervisor and hung up on us. Had call and asked to speak with a supervisor, spoke with a "supervisor" named Benjamin that supervisor was NOT helpful; after many attempt to get an answer he got loud and stated that the order was "back order" therefore we won't get the unit for the compressor until Feb.18th 2017. We wanted to know what we should do until then however he was not being very helpful so we had asked multiple times to speak with another supervisor. The "supervisor" Benjamin denied us to speak with another supervisor and stated that he is the ONLY supervisor. After many attempt to come to a compromise the "supervisor" Benjamin decided that we were not getting anywhere and he decided to say "goodbye" and hung up the phone. What are we suppose to do with no refrigerator? we have NO FOOD in the house? I'M SORRY BUT WE'RE NOT RICH TO EAT OUT EVERY DAY. THIS IS BY FAR THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICES AND PRODUCT TO PURCHASE APPLIANCE FROM! HAVE NEVER BEEN TREATED SO HORRIBLE! NEVER EVER WILL I OR MY FAMILY MEMBER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM KENMORE! WE WERE LOYAL CUSTOMER TO KENMORE (HAD PURCHASE MULTIPLE THINGS FROM KENMORE SUCH AS STOVE, AND WASHER/DRYER) but NEVER AGAIN!

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a Kenmore 700 series washer, triple action technology - HE and a dryer justvover 1 year ago... the absolute worst washer ever!
I wish I could attach a photo of my brand new rugby jersey washed on a heavy duty cycle which ran for over 1:15 and then an additional 60 min rinse and spin cycle to remove the white scum stains left on all of my clothes... even though I used very little High Efficiency detergent and ran both cycles with a Prewash, a Deep Fill and Two Rinses,completely covered in white scum stains all over it. A complete waste of $900. I tried to have the Sears repairman out, in fact we had them out 4 times with no help or satisfaction whatsoever. Sears will not stand behind their product anymore. I can't even give it away with a clear conscience!
Will never buy a Sears product again!

Posted by Stove Range kennmore caused fire

This is the worse company to invest money in. I am facing the same problem with this brand. I order stove range and it turned out to be a defective product. when I called sears they pointed me to different direction and I am still juggling with this issue I have with stove oven. I am unable to use my oven at all as it caused the fire and it's not even more than 3 weeks that I started using my brand new product. Sears people are really giving me hard time on exchanging product. I feel like I am stuck with this people as I order whole my kitchen appliance from Kenmore only. i can not even cook turkey on thanksgiving as my oven is not working:((. i strongly don't recommend buying appliance from sears as they have pathetic service. they are only interested in selling appliance but they don't care about customer satisfaction at all.

Posted by NORLIZO

my firts call i waited 15 minutes....the lady told me to unplug my washer AND WAIT 3 MINUTES i did did not work..... so i call back at the same number i waited 20 was my second call......on the same subject .....THE GUY THAT ANSWER ME WAS NOT UP TO HIS JOB. HE JUST DID NOT WANT TO HELP ......AND I AM ON MY THIRD CALL .I LOOK AT MY WATCH IT IS BEEN 15 MINUTES WAITING STILL NO ANSWER.......HUMMMMM THE SERVICE?

Posted by Patty

T Whom It May Concern:

I purchased a Sears Kenmore dishwasher from you in May of 2016. Since you installed it, I now am having a moisture problem on my kitchen cabinet doors! They have turned black due to moisture from the side vent, that is aimed dirrectly at the cabinet next to the dishwasher. This is going to be an on going problem because of where it is vented. I need it to be vented out the front of the dishwasher. I would never would have purchased it, if I knew this was going to ruin my cabinet doors. I would appreciate a response on this issue and some kind of solution to this problem.

Posted by Northwestgirl1250

I am so angry with Kenmore and Sears' online customer service. We have a hot water heater that is broken. I ordered a part from the searspartsdirect online and paid $45 for expedited shipping so that it would arrive at my house in 2 days. It did not arrive on the day it was supposed to and when I called customer service, they were closed. So I "spoke" with customer service online and they said it would reach me "as soon as possible". The next morning, I got an email saying that my part was not only not expedited, but it was backordered and would not arrive until the following week. We have been without water for a week and now they were saying we'd have to wait another week. I called customer service, fuming, the woman who answered the phone said there was nothing she could do, but she was very sorry for the inconvenience. I said apologies don't help me get my part. She spoke to her supervisor to see what she could do and her supervisor said the same thing, it was the vendor, who had delayed the delivery and there was nothing they could do. I cannot believe a company such as Sears would be unable to help. I tried calling Kenmore directly, but they're owned by Sears and so their customer service line took me back to Sears. This situation is unacceptable. If you have a choice in purchasing appliances, DO NOT USE SEARS OR KENMORE! If there is ever a problem with a part, you're only choice is to order it from Sears and chances are, you'll run into the same situation we did.

Posted by Anonymous

I just got off the phone with a sears representative about my Range I brought a few years back and since that day I had problems with the thermostat. There is a blog that tell exactly what's wrong with the oven and why it goes out. The self cleaning and cooking at ahigh temperature will cause it to go out. I pay $75 dollars every time they have come out and I find it very disturbing when a sear technician tells me that the sears technician need to make money to and I can buy a warranty so I do not have to pay for service call or repair of the oven. I feel that Sears should do a recal because they are aware of the self cleaning problem. I will never buy anything from Sears again because they lied about the oven from the beginning. The mainm reson I brought the oven was for the self clean aspect.

Add your review!

Posted by MyraLYWX

My complaint is with the quality of the product. I purchased a Kenmore Elite upright vacuum which mal-functoined during the second use. It was replaced with a new one. However, this is my first ever Kenmore appliance and my last one. It is cheaply made, clumsy to use and has numerous absolutely useless features that no doubt run up the cost. The hoses for the attachments are entirely too short - and who wants to haul around useless tools while vacuuming anyway. Today once again I spent half an hour trying to replace the bag by pressing as instructed. Finally out of frustration I gave it a hard smack and it closed. Perhaps a prize fighter could press it closed, but not a 90 year old female! I have purchased a tank vacuum with LONG hoses to supplement my ELITE Kenmore!!!!!!! Myra

Posted by Anonymous

Prior to 1994 owned a Kenmore washer and dryer for 12 years, washing clothes for 2 families about 5 to 6 loads a week. Had one repair in the 12 years. When sold the house washer and dryer were included. In 1994 bought a new Kenmore washer and dryer, heavy duty series 80. It is still going strong to this day, never had a repair. About a year ago my daughter had a fire and we had to wash all of her clothes, bedding, curtains, and rugs, probably about 40 loads, never a problem. Kenmore has served me well over the years and when a product works this well, everyone should know.

Posted by Spahnsky

I discovered a leak from the bottom of my Kenmore water heater. Since it had one more year left on the warranty, I called the 800 number for service. I was expecting to be disappointed, but my experience was a surprisingly positive one! I was given an service appointment the following morning. It was made clear to me that the service call would cost $79 regardless of the outcome. I decided that was a reasonable charge for a qualified service call and worth the chance that the water heater might actually be replaced. The next morning I got a call from the technician saying he was on his way. It took him about 20 minutes to verify and report back to Sears that it was indeed leaking and unrepairable. About an hour later, I received a call from my local Sears that a new replacement water heater was available to pick up or have delivered and installed. If Sears is trying to improve their poor service image, I give them an "A" for effort!

Posted by Anonymous

Good customer service is rare these days so I feel compiled to report the Excellent and prompt attention I received on Saturday February 14 (Valentine's Day) at approximately 8:00 PM. I regret I didn't write down her name but the representative was knowledgeable and quick to diagnose the problem and she did so with a sense of humor when my husband and I were slightly panicked. I'm sure you will be able to identify this helpful person.

Since I read some of the recent comments, I will add that when we remodeled our kitchen in 2007 we bought all Kenmore appliances from Sears. We have not regretted that decision at all!

Posted by Anonymous

i bought a kenmore fridge 4 years ago its great..... went to sears kingston the most helpful store ive ever been to!!!!!

Posted by bobstd

My wife has purchased kenmore elite kitchen and laundry within the last 18 months. We are very satisfied with our appliances. 15 years ago we bought a glass top stove, had 3 service calls within 6 mo. Sears replaced for customer satisfaction. Robert/ Linda Standard

Posted by Beginner

1. Kenmore Fridge fill kitchen with smoke and stopped working. Called Sears Customer Service and was told that the soonest they could respond was two weeks, period. Called East Coast Appliances (ECA)in Virginia Beach VA and asked how soon a repair person could come and look at my fridge. Operator for ECA asked me what was going on. I told her. She recommended I call KENMORE customer service and gave me the 800 number . I called it. They were VERY sorry that I had a problem with one of there products. As it was 5 PM by this time they said that they would have a repair person there first thing in the morning. 8AM the next morning a service person arrived, repaired the problem to my satisfaction and gave us a $250.00 check to cover food spoilage and whatever. Ther were several follow ups (both letters and phone calls). Fridge is still working months later. My rating for Kenmore is better than excellent. Sorry I don't have the Kenmore customer service number handy or I'd post it.

Posted by Anonymous

My Kenmore dishwaser is an excellent product. Customer service, installation was first rate and second to none. I would buy another of their products.

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