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Kaspersky customer service is ranked #688 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 26.05 out of a possible 200 based upon 208 ratings. This score rates Kaspersky customer service and customer support as Terrible.


200 Negative Comments out of 208 Total Comments is 96.15%.


8 Positive Comments out of 208 Total Comments is 3.85%.

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  • Kaspersky

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 26.05 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 200 negative comments (96.15%)
    • 8 positive comments (3.85%)
    • 0 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
    • 2.2 Reachability
    • 1.6 Cancellation
    • 3.0 Friendliness
    • 2.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

No reason to do business with this kind of people, they are so unprofessional, no manners and they have Indian people for costumer service? please there are better people to do this work, please do not use this company, they are there only to steal your money. why do we need to buy product from the kind of people when there are other companies who offer better service...a real service. lets be smart. I won't talk about what happened to me is disgusting to said what this indian person toll me he is a nasty guy.

Posted by Anonymous

This is Nancy Ives, I just received my credit card statement showing a charge of $92.00. I do not want or did not want to have anything to do with your company & why am I being charged this amount when I have not been protected from your company for months. I will dispute this charge & refused to pay this amount for any reason.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Sir,

My VISA Credit Card was charged USD52.95 on 11 February 2017 by DRI*KASPERSKY L SHANNON, CO., transaction reference 74541097043021949882783. I do not recall buying any goods or services from Kaspersky recently. Please advise from which email account this transaction was done. Please reply me at your soonest. Thank-you.

Posted by Anonymous

I received a renewal noitce end of last year and renewed online upgrading the protection. I then discovered that in January Kaspersky renewed automatically with the previous package. I got through to someone on the phone who found it very difficult to process the information that I now had 2 protection packages in place and hoped that eventually I had got her to cancel their renewal and to get money my back. No money back and now I'm getting messages to say that I only have 4 days protection left which should not be the case.Did she cancel both for which I have paid for? I can't remember my password and asked online for a reminder by email so that I can check my account, 4 days later no email. I have tried phoning. No answer. For a company that offers protection they seem unable to connect the dots which is very worrying.

Posted by abcxyz

Order was cancelled by the system - charge money anyway. Plus, there is not even a single confirmation email to keep me updated through the whole time. 0/10 would recommend or even touch their website again.

Posted by Anonymous

I Have Paid For A One Year Subscription And Renewed My Account In August 2016. Yet I Keep Getting Warning Notices That My Account Will Expire Soon...this Is Harassment And Very Unprofessional You Have My Money: Now Just Do Your Job And Stop The False Notices. I Am Disgusted With Them. If Yo Can Not Straighten Out This Issue, I Will Consider Getting Rid Of Your Service And Demanding A Total Refund.

Posted by Anonymous

I HAD KASPERSKY TOTAL SECURITY 2016. I Had problems editing ads I had placed on buy and sell sites. every time I went to edit an ad the screen went white. Someone told me that I had to disable Banner Block, but when I went To do this there was no Banner Block to disable. I called Kaspersky and told them about my problem - they took my 2016 Kaspersky off and put Kaspersky 2017 on . I am looking for anyone who has experienced a similar problem to contact me. This is on the advice of a lawyer.

Posted by upset

I have had no problems, probably because of Kaspersky; BUT; Every year I go through a ball chasing experience, being transfered from one department to the next, to get AUTOMATIC renewal to happen. They AUTOMATICALLY take my money, but the renewal is not automatic. I've complained about this every year to no avail.
This year was no different and may be my last year with them.

Posted by papadon

I've been w/K for over 5 years and have over 800 days left on my multiple home pc K Total security program. As far as I'm concerned K is probably the best security available for home use---BUT-- I've been trying to "sign in" to MY security program for months and I can't get in because when it asks for the security question of my pet's name and breed, which I'm quite POSITIVE that I KNOW--uh oh==I must be mistaken,. If I can't get in to my OWN PAID FOR system- I"M almost thru w/K---any bright ideas out there? Oh yeah, I tried resetting w/my wife's email for a NEW registration. You guessed it! won't work.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to know that after I received an email from Kaspersky on 26th MY 2016 thanking me for renewing my subscription and telling me it had successfully been applied I'm getting messages in red every time I turn on my computer telling me that my subscription is out of date and that I am not covered.

Posted by ian

i have already posted my discuss with this company trying to sell me what i have already paid for some twelve months ago. 399.99 dollars and now want the same money again claiming we are not covered,i can buy the complete cover on the internet for under 60 dollars. time you did something about these india based rip off merchants.

Posted by ian

we have two laptops covered by this bloody mob, we paid 299.99 last year and were told and they even gave it to us in writing we are covered for the life of our computers against ALL viruses and any other probs we may experience. I called them up today as had probs and all they wanted was our visa card number as they wanted another 399.99 dollars as we are not fully covered and as we are pensioners we had only to pay 249.99 dollars. my wife went onto the internet and can get complete cover for under 60 dollars. time some one checked these mongrel out and sorted them out as they are ripping us off. these people claiming to work for kaspersky are based in india.

Posted by The Carolsel Shop

The service I received was the worst ever.Unable to understand the person speaking .If you work in customer service I would think you would have a better grasp of the English Language. I felt very uneasy for having to ask for someone else to talk to as she was not able to communicate with me.


On May 01- 2016 I Installed Your Invirus Kaspersky For Another 3 Years .. You Charged Me On My Visa 167.72 . Then Another Amout Of 129.99 .. You Charged Me A Bil Of 297.71.. This Is Not The Amount I'm Supposed To Pay. I Will Advise My Credit Card Visa To Report It .. I Want The 129.99 Removed From My Bill.

Posted by RobK29

While I have had no problems with payments to Kaspersky the software is full of bugs and the support useless. They simply refer you to online documents and service becomes 'self service'. In addition, when they do release a patch it takes months rather than days to become available. While it rates highly in reviews this is not the same as using it long term. I will never deal with this company again.

Posted by galljdaj

I'm another person cheated by kasperky's backdoor used to cheat there unaware first time victims!

I recently purchased a refurbished computer from another(criminal) corporation(dell), and foolishly thought of protecting with kasperky internet security. I went to my local computer repair service and purchased kasperky software, I was told it is required to download the software rather than using a disc to install it. Such was the begining of the nightmare.
The site kaspersky sent me to was loaded with criminal attachments to kasperky, and entered with the black swan.
kasperky agreed to return my money after sending my proof of purchased, and informend me it would take up to 12 weeks for the money to arrive.
That's when the kasperky cheaters went to work to void the agreement to refurnd my money. First, I was told to activate the software, that was already deleted, which kaspersky was aware of, and then told again. I sent an email asking about the status, and was promptly told the agreed refund status was canceled. Subsequent inquiries are ignored with the original problem report is deleted. So. After resolving the problem, kasperky went about using a criminal approach denied the refund by cancelling the problem report that was 'solved'!

Bad People at kaspersky!

Posted by JBond

My Computer got hi jacked so called Kaspersky premium support line.. Guy told me that they can have it up and running like before for $99.99 I said what! I bought your Total security now its going to cost 100.00 ? He said the premium tech will cost 100.00 to bring your computer back to it was before UGH!! I Said ok gave my credit card #, Talked to the tech and told me theres pretty much we cant do you have to restore your computer back to day one .I Said what!! I paid 100 dollars for you to tell me that ! Which I knew I Would have done that myself which I done a few times before, Never going to renew Kaspersky Next is McPhee

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to renew my Kaspersky internet security, can not contact someone

here in the USA to talk to

Posted by Jlaw

Zombie Auto Renewal billing.
Kaspersky Lab US software was deleted from all computers over a year prior. They send a special email saying that I have just Auto renewed from one of Kaspersky's resellers called Digital River Inc.
What's disturbing is a year after Deleting their products, they still have the ability to Auto-bill you with-out permission.

They challenge you to find your way through the Blind Corporate Maze they force you to navigate. If you do get through the Maze they send you two to three emails with refund directions That must be complied with or they keep your money for a service they did not provide, or was requested.

Posted by mahermel

I've been trying for the last week to buy Kaspersky online and i keep getting the message Payment Authorisation Failed. I have been using this security for the last 7 years and never had this problem before can anyone help me??

Posted by NWA

Just got off the phone with the Customer Support people in an attempt to reset my password. Kaspersky sent me a "secret question" that I have never used before and did not know the answer to. Then they tell me that it is a default question and that it will take 30+ minutes to reset and allow me to enter a new password! The poor phone connection, broken English of their employee and the frustration of dealing with this unnecessary crap makes me wonder if I should continue using their products! if you want to speak to a human and try to resolve your issues instead of waiting for a response to your e-mail questions!

Posted by Anonymous

My 3G Huawei modem does not connect after I installed Kaspersky 2016 Internet. It was so difficult to find support. After emailing Kaspersky nobody bothered to reply. Then I realized that my hard drive was working all the time and kaspersky was slowing down my machine. As a result I have uninstalled it and my PC is now at risk. Never had problems like this with Kaspersky before, makes me upset.

Posted by TwocentsCanada

My negative experience applies to ease of renewal and installation, not the product itself.

The Kaspersky products themselves are highly recommended and first time installation and activation wasn't a problem. The issues for me occurred when I tried to renew. What a hassle and total fiasco!

Paying wasn't a problem, and the installation wizard made it appear everything was okay. Then a few days later the popup said the subscription had expired!

They really don't make it easy to renew, download and install. If my mother had been trying to do this, she could not have.

First, they don't make it clear what product you have, as in what year. You need to look at your original subscription date for that and guess that's the product. I don't know what happens if you've upgraded to a newer version.

After two installs, uninstalls and reboots, I finally figured it out.
No product support questions seemed to apply to the situation. Suggestions in the product forum helped.

You have to uninstall everything, restart, then go to my.kaspersky.com > Codes to download, choosing the correct product AND YEAR.

NOW it appears to be working properly.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a three lic KIS 2015, but was not able to successfully run Safe Money.

I contacted the support team for Australia and NZ and was then involved in endless emails over a number of WEEKS. Some suggested solutions were obvious ones, but I participated in enless acquiring of system info and screen captures. The end result was inconclusive and was suggested I wait for the 2016 upgrade due 2016.

I contacted them for another minor problem and this time, I was re directed to the call centre in Malaysia. There the girl was extremely helpful and within 15 minutes, the problem was resolved.

Why was the others so lacking in general understanding of the situation?

By the way, I have also read a similar comment on the forum on the same support group.

I am ready now to upgrade to Win 10 and KIS 2106, but I am hesitant to approach advice from the same group again, but unfortunately, that's is the group designated for Australia/NZ.

Posted by Anonymous

I had bought kaspersky total security some days ago, and paid the money online.
And look what happened! Activation code not suitable for the specified product!
wow kaspersky, WOW.

Add your review!

Posted by Ronald Neinast

I have purchased and used several versions of Kaspersky Security programs and have been extremely happy with all of those products purchased and install. I recommend Kaspersky whenever I can to friends and family over such systems as Norton, McCaffe, etc.,because it is such a reliable company of products. However, currently there is no back-up CD available with any of your products, and these backup Cds are sorely missed if a pc should develop a problem that requires re-installation. The hardware for easy re-installation no longer exists. Please reconsider making available these backup disks in the future. It would solve so much confusion, and make re-instillation sooooo much less confusing and simple. Thank you.

Posted by Wavey Davey

I downloaded Kaspersky for a free trial and found it to be excellent as an internet protection and anti-virus tool. There were no conlicts with my computer, nor did anything run slowly. I benefitted (it seems) from additional layers of protection during banking transactions and whenever entering a password, due to the financial browser and keyboard protection functions. The great thing is that these people are dedicated to protecting customers from snooping by the NSA, GCHQ, etc. And that's my main concern, as someone who would like to live in a democracy, with all the rights and freedoms that entails. However, I have two issues with Kaspersky: first, they need to provide customer support by telephone 24/7, not just 9 to 5, Monday to Friday; second, when I tried to upgrade from the trial version to a fully-paid version for 1 year, my card payments were repeatedly blocked, with the message "payment authorisation failed". My bank says the payments were not blocked on their side, so it must be something to do with Kaspersky, or someone trying to prevent them doing business. I still haven't been able to buy a full, 1-year verion of the software. This is maddening! Sort it out, Kaspersky! I'll give you 10 out of 10 for the product, so long as I can buy it!

Posted by Admin

I have multiple Kaspersky licenses. Recently, I made a large number of changes to one of the PC's, and effectively blocked Kaspersky from running. Kaspersky support technicians (customer service) rapidly diagnosed the problem, provided a link for the solution, and the problem was over. They were also easy to contact. I am very well pleased with the service that I received. Extraordinarily excellent.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought 2 years 5 device internet protection had trouble activating, but discovered it was a invalid key (activation code). Later discovered my old 1 year 5 device software had auto renewed for another year, that was the only hold up. The center at ext #2 was tech support but they handled the cancelation of the 1 year charge on my credit card within 3 minutes. In my case everything went very smoothly compared to other calling centers. Will update if any problems occur on my refund credit card info.......happy so far....!!

Posted by Anonymous

AT THE HEIGHT OF MY FRUSTRATION I was finnaly able to talk to Alfred from teck support not only did he calm me down he handle my problem where others could not.I would like to congradulate the person who hire him and know that this man is destine for higher position and more responsibilty.A job well done. satisfy customer

Posted by Anonymous



Posted by carebear2012

Everytime I have called this company they are very customer service friendly and got my system back up and running within 5 minutes. This company is an asset and they do their job at protecting your computers at all times. Always there 24/7/365. Makes sure your system is up and running prior to the end of the call. Confirms you do not have additional questions prior to terminating the call. Are able to access your computer system remotely to fix your problem if you are not sure how to perform the tasks they ask you to do. If you do not like what they are doing, you can cancel the remote access and they will still be on the phone with you and will not have access to your computer during that call. It is a 6 digit code provided and it only works for that one call. They respect their customers and their time and do everything possible to get the computer up and running again.

Posted by chad

EXCELLENT software, I required a call for support and the tech had me up and going in minutes. Can't ask for better than that. Great customer support!

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