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Kaiser Permanente customer service is ranked #355 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 36.37 out of a possible 200 based upon 190 ratings. This score rates Kaiser Permanente customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


176 Negative Comments out of 190 Total Comments is 92.63%.


14 Positive Comments out of 190 Total Comments is 7.37%.

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  • Kaiser Permanente

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 36.37 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 176 negative comments (92.63%)
    • 14 positive comments (7.37%)
    • 3 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.2 Issue Resolution
    • 2.9 Reachability
    • 2.9 Cancellation
    • 3.6 Friendliness
    • 2.9 Product Knowledge

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Posted by kasier vendor

A 2.5 rating.. Actually surprised it is even a 2.5. Their AP accounting system is horrible, and the customer service you get when trying to work with a live person is useless. The Kaiser North group is down right rude.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a question? I want to know why my dr. told me I cant get disability unless I�m bed ridden? 3 herniated disc and pinch nerve and not able to work with a lot of mobility not enough to stay home and recover and let my body heal? I was surprised because there people I know not as bad as me on disability? Thx! Mark,

Posted by KB

SCAM ALERT: The Dominion Dental Plan through Kaiser Permanente is fine if you do not attempt to do ANYTHING outside of the usual. I needed to take my child to a pediatric dentist. I was assured by Dominion (and KP) several times that I'd just need a referral letter from the primary dentist. I did that and everything was fine until 5 months later, I was billed over $100 for a dental visit! I was in contact with Dominion Dental numerous times over an entire month. Each time, I was promised that the billing was an error on their side and that they'd take care of it, no problem! Each time I called back to verify the bill was handled, this is what I was told. Then, 6 weeks after receiving the bill, I was told that I was "misinformed" and that I'd need to pay the balance of the bill. I asked why it was that I went out of my way to get a referral letter, contact Dominion numerous times throughout the month... No answer. I talked to a manager who said he'd move it up the chain. Never heard back. Then I got a collection letter and that was all she wrote.

In talking to the pediatric dental office manager, she told me this is 'kinda what Dominion does.' WUT? It's just what they do?! Lie to patients. Waste their time. Frustrate them. Deceive them. And, make the patient 100 percent responsible for the balance.

UPDATE: KP is backing Dominion (of course) and apparently DD had only ONE transcript, in which they proved their case. They didn't apparently have any of the other 25 or 30 call transcripts, nor did KP. REALLY!? I"M DONE WITH KAISER!

Posted by KPfraudsters

This is why I HATE Kaiser Permanente. I left them under ACA, but had to return this year. Have a Lupus Rx I have to refill monthly. Started trying weeks ago. Now basically out. They finally fit me into my former primary care today. Actually had a great, encouraging visit. Even thought they were an hour late seeing me. Then another 30 minutes by which point the Dr had left since it was after 5pm. Pharmacy finally has the Rx, but at retail, which is like $300. Saying they wouldn't pay for it. Mind you, my records indicate that I have filled EXACTLY the pre-reqs they require. Which is why, under the EXACT same health record # in 2015 & earlier it was covered. But their billing dept isn't looking at that, or the scanned documentation that originally facilitated the approval. Even after the pharmacist's third call where she told them she can see it. KP billing just parrots off that I will have to wait through an appeal process. The poor pharmacist was caught in the middle, and the Dr can't be reached. I AM TIRED, FURIOUS AND DEFINITELY NOT "THRIVING" UNDER KP. Don't get me started about my multi-year battle with them over Sjogren's being medical not dental.

Posted by Tom Rodgers

Your Pharmacy webpage shows only when a refill is ordered and not when they are actually refilled. I just had a case where all 5 of my refills showed the same thing on your webpage, i.e., that they were refilled when actually only 3 were refilled. 2 needed doctor re-approval which he did and the pharmacy received the approval and the refill OKs were enter in your system as refillable, but nobody actually took the next step to refill the order and mail it. Yet your webpage showed everything was ordered correctly and on their way. I could have died of a heart attack because of this failure had I not called to double check. The reason I double checked is because this is the second time this has happened to me. Please have your webpage report that the refill is complete only after it has actually been refilled and not when it has only been re-ordered.

Posted by kimwade

Kaiser is absolutely the WORST insurance company. This is the letter I sent them through their complaint website. It took me 3 times before it would send. How ironic....

I will start with my latest complaint. My thyroid levels were extremely out of range. Dr. Hope Mitchell adjusted my synthroid and gave me a 30 day supply. I came in to the Snellville GA center and had my blood work taken on 10/13/16, Thursday. I took my last synthroid on 10/14/16, Friday. I thought since I received my blood work results back on Thursday night, I would get a call from the Dr. or very least a refill. On Monday 10/17/16 I emailed Dr. Mitchell and of course no response.
My husband and I switched from BlueCross BlueShield because we heard good things about Kaiser. This was a HUGE mistake!!
We hate dealing with Kaiser so much that we pay out of pocket and go to our old doctor.
We, meaning my entire family have had nothing but bad experience after bad experience since we changed our insurance and started using Kaiser.
Needless to say, it's open season to change insurance and we will 100% be going back to BlueCross BlueShield.
I'm sure whoever is reading this could give a damn!! From the absolute worst staff and doctors on the planet that you've employed I see this complaint going nowhere!!
Thanks for absolutely nothing!!!!

Posted by Kudzu

Kaiser's appointment waiting time is an average of 1 hour....The former online appointment system was even worst. I would show up for my scheduled appointment and would be told that I was not in the system. These appointments were made months in advance. Appointment should not be made via Kaiser because you will never get one....Kaiser customer Service is atrocious.

Posted by Anonymous

Could you tell me why I received a letter from Kaiser a year After having a cat scan done informing me to make an appointment with my primary Dr concerning my cat scan on my pancreas?They told me everything was fine when I called for my results.They said they have been trying to contact me which is not true.If so why did it take them a year to write me this letter if it was so important? cant. Wait for your response.Please send I yourresponce to this email please Thank you LauraMaeser

Posted by Anonymous

Could you tell me why I received a letter from Kaiser a year After having a cat scan done informing me to make an appointment with my primary Dr concerning my cat scan on my pancreas?They told me everything was fine when I called for my results.They said they have been trying to contact me which is not true.If so why did it take them a year to write me this letter if it was so important? cant. mThank you LauraMaeser

Posted by Anonymous

Last month I went to get my husbands insulin needles and was told script was expired and would send email to doctor for a new script...so i got a couple boxes at walmart..Today whice is the 10th of august Istopped at kaiser in Holly springs ga whice is on my way home from wk to get needles and insulin and was informed that the script for needles was expired...to top it all off the pharmacist raised his hands and told me to start calling in the day before for refills sad thing is I planned on waiting and just one person was there....no customer service here

Posted by Anonymous

The worst service I have ever gotten with insurance. I have been on hold over an hour repeatedly. Office visits, even urgent ones, take weeks to get and you have to drive far to find a specialist.

Posted by Anonymous

KP employees are loud, not friendly. When you greet maintenance they don't smile. When you see them work together they behave as if they are high, talking loud and rude, you hear them swearing a lot. It's embarrassing! Does KP conduct any sort of testing on their employees even after being hired? Sherman Way not so clean.

Posted by Princess. Yew

My doctors appointment was cancelled by agent in error took 3 months to get physical with my Primary Physican. I had scheduled a day off they did not try to get me another appointment with my doctor and this was an annual physical. I was not able to get blood work done which is part of my physical now I cannot get refills and I will have to use additional time off which causes me more money. when open enrollment comes I will find me another provider. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!!???

Posted by chipahoy

website has been down all day....i am able to log on, but can't do anything else, pages not available

Posted by [email protected] a

I Called A Kaiser Today To Reach Pharmacy It Was Told That Pharmacy Was Closed Till Monday That's Fine I Said I Had A Prescription There I Wanted To Know If It Was Ready I'll Call Back Monday Rep On Phone Says Do You Want Me To Conect You To Normandie North The Pharmacy There Is Open I Repeated My Self I Have A Prescription Waiting At 19th And Figueroa Rep Says So Is There Anything Else I Can Do For You I Feel Like Wow I Thought I Was Clear The First Time I Said I Had A Prescription Waiting At 190th And Figueroa But Apparently He Was Not Listening To Me At All So I Said No Thanks These Are The Generation That Will Be Caring Of Us When We Get Old I'm Scared.

Posted by Anonymous

They have the worse service at this hospital had to take my brother there when fell and broke his jar. They are not helpful at all. Last thing they care about is the patient it's so sad. Just so sad

Posted by None

Kaiser Permanente is awful. I have a great physician but the customer service is unbelievably bad. I've been a member for nearly a year and these idiots can till not figure out my prescriptions. I take a prescription that has pretty serious consequences of skipping days/weeks while I wait for the bumbling fools at Kaiser to figure out what they are doing. If you have a choice, don't choose Kaiser. It has been the worse decision I have made in several years. Member services is terrible, they call repeatedly to confirm things that don't need to be confirmed several times and fail to deliver basic customer service expectations. This is my internal complaint. I intend to complain externally as well so that others can avoid the disrespect and disregard I have had to endure from these losers.

Posted by Anonymous

We switched to Kaiser because we liked the convenience of having everything under one roof. After almost 2 years, we realize that Kaiser works great if you use the same location. We have children in college and they are terrible at using their services outside your region.The computers are not consolidated. So, a kaiser doctor in Northern California could not see information from our location in Southern California, and if you go across the country, watch out!!! There seems to be very little in terms of training employees on where to look for information. I had to have someone in records at one location, call the doctor at another location with my child's information!! Very frustrating, time-consuming, retarded and archaic systems in place!!

Posted by PU

I have had the worst experience with Kaiser clinic. I got my MRI test done and literally begging to find out my results which is with the Doctor and have called three times so far and no response. Every time I call the local Atlanta number there is wait time of 30-45 minutes at least. I am now ready to get out of Kaiser.

Posted by Anonymous

Just the worst scheduling process ever.I am having problems with my eyes and have called 5 times today alone,over 1hour 45 minutes on hold and still not even gotten to the correct clinic to make an appointment.I was given the number to the ophthamology nurse,called left my medical information and number and it turns out it wasn't even a Kaiser number.Can you say HIPPA violation??? Horrible service.We cannot see other ophthalomologists outside of Kaiser,but can't even get to a scheduler there!!!!On hold currently another 16 minutes and counting.Don't get Kaiser!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Trying to speak to a pharmacy representative at the call center. Tried calling # on prescription it just puts you in a circle not offering the option of speaking to anyone. Found this site, nice customer service person said she would transfer me. listened to music for 8 minutes and then was cut off. Reachability rating is for tryng to get to representative at pharmacy. Friendliess rating is for person that answered call and tried transferring me. Thanks for nothing but frustration Kaiser.

Posted by Sarah Remington, PA

I had an appointment on 2/12/16 with Sarah Remington, PA. Sarah was so mean to me and she has a horrible attitude to me Clinic Address: 14701 E.Exposition Avenue @ Aurora Centre point Medium Offices. Please in the future DO NOT ever assign this lady again to me. I DO NOT recommended Sarah Remington,PA to any body. Marisela Ortega

Posted by Anonymous

what the heck is going on with Kaiser these days? we have called, our physicians asst. told us to go to the ER moreno valley for MRI... drove all the way over there, and NO can't do that unless admitted... my husband 82 suffering with shoulder pain and pulse rate in the 90's.... Triage nurse says No MRI .. only if admitted.. and we dont admit for pain management.. basically laughed in my face.. they did take an xray.. but never heard anything and 4 hours later we left... someone else called like Weds 13th... and said you want pain meds for him and request for MRI.. have never heard anything since... emailed dr. Phatak and never heard anything from her either... This man is 82 years old... and has been in pain since the 13th of October.. I can't get a hold of anyone, and NOBODY will call back... we pay over 500.00 monthly for this crappy customer service... HE IS IN PAIN !!!!!!!

Posted by Ehall

I have been trying to fill out a application on line but the system wouldn't allow me too I can reach anyone in technology to help or hr

Posted by Vangie

So I'd been a Kaiser patient for 9 years now, I must say I love the service and I have amazing dr's. Today is a different story, I was so frustrated with the dr. That's I was talking to.. So I called in to talk to a registered nurse and tell what's Been going on and she suggested to have phone appt with the dr. That I completely forget the name. It was all good I receive a call 15 minutes early prior to my appt. so I was so happy. Until she started talking to me asking me question. so the first thing she said is so why did you call us today?? She didn't introduce her name at all. Anyhow so I explained it what's been going I told her that Id been having an excruciating pain for 4 days now and I coukd barely move after my Theraphy and I'd been having a hard time having walking getting in bed and out of the bed. And I told her prior to this I have injured myself 4 years ago and She started laughing. First you don't do that,that is so unprofessional,very rude and very disrespectful for you to laugh when your patient is in so much pain. and I check her out told her that's rude for her to do that. And she said she was laughing because I'm confusing her when I tell about my pain for today's and my injury that I have 4 years ago. And I started explaining myself the reason why I'm saying that Coz it's connected and I already have a conversation with the nurse and she ask me if I injured Myself. And so I ask her shouldn't you be reading your patients record before you even talk to them. She said no, the nurse don't pass any information to them.i personally think this is just so wrong. What is the point me talking to the nurse and explaining myself over and over again. And then she didn't apologies at all and her response to me was so what do you want me to do?? Im like should o be asking you that question? You are the dr. I wouldn't be calling you lf I know exactly what to do. This is just a shame what kind of dr. Does that. I'm so frustrated and in a lot of pain and felt disrespected. I have no idea what kinda dr. Does Kaiser permanente hire now a days. Dr. Should be more caring and taking care of you not make you feel worst.

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Posted by nicee28

I would to extend major praise to Jessica Holloway on her excellent customer service skills today. She went over and beyond the call of duty in helping me resolve an eight month old issue. She was sensitive to my condition and needs. She spoke with all necessary parties and guided me through the process from beginning to end. She is an awesome example of how a customer service employee should represent Kaiser. Thank you Jessica for your patience, time and efforts today. Great Job!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

To whom this may Concern;

My husband had emergency Surgery on Jan.15,2014 at the Kaiser Hospital in Fresno, Ca. And due to our Physician,finding that my husband needed his appendix out,and surgery, right way. Well thank God he knew it had to be done, because after that he recovery well. But what i would like to say was the staff that took care of him that day in the hospital was very, very, good. They took care of him so well. I have to Thank the girls on the staff which was on the fourth floor in room #415 East,which was Beth H. & Eva H.. And the assistance of Coretti for helping me find the names to these young Ladies, that assist my Husband. Thank you for everything. I'm very Happy with Kaiser Hospital And services.

Thank you,
Maria l.Rosas

Posted by Anonymous

I am not a client of Kaiser Permanente but I had a wonderful experience at a Kaiser clinic last week. I went with my sister to her appointment to find out if she has cancer. The procedure was painful and the results of the test were not in our favor. To get to the clinic that morning, I drove my husband's 31-year-old BMW (in order to leave the newer, safer car home with my husband and sons). When we left the appointment, the ancient car wouldn't start! I noticed a security guard (I think his name was Jeffrey) across the lot and asked him for help. He immediately came to help, bringing along his jumper cables. He helped me figure out how to open the hood (tricky!) and then noticed the clamps weren't tightened on the battery. He tightened the clamps and the car started right up without having to use the jumper cables. Jeffrey made a chaotic morning go a little more smoothly and I thank him for that!

Posted by NONE

Just spoke to Loise in claims. She was very helpful, and polite. I did not have all the information needed to check on authorization of a claim, instead if having me call and call her back, she opted to call for me and get the information. Wow. That is what I call going the extra mile. The kind of service I am used to in Jamaica where i come from.

Billiing Coord.
Bethesda Physical Therapy.

Posted by Lee Terry

Thank you Kaiser, and especially the nurses that helped me through my recent surgery. One nurse in particular, Xia Chan, at the Irvine Hospital went above and beyond for me and made a trying experience for me much more livable. She went out of her way to find a breakfast, or two, and much more. Thank you Xia.

Lee Terry
Huntington Beach

Posted by Anonymous

For the past year my mother has been seeing her cartiologest Dr. Keenen Lee. Dr. Lee was great with her and the family, spending as much time as needed during visits to let us know what was going with her. He would make last minute appointments for her to come in if she needed.He would e-mail us with her test results and get back to us with any questions we had. He was very nice and caring to us when we lost mom last month. Before mom past away on the 4th floor of Kaiser Santa Clara, after his day was over he came by a couple of times to see us before he went home. Also the 4th floor Dr. Hyojik Lee was also fantastic. He took care of mom to and supported us like we were long time friends. I thank both Dr. Lees for their help and caring nature, and would highly recommend them both

Posted by Lloyd Pulliam

I would not be alive today if it were not for Doctors and staff at the Kaiser Hospital in Fresno. I needed a liver transplant 2 years ago and Kaiser stepped up and arranged to have UCSF Medical center do it. They went above and beyond what I expected and took care everything that was needed to be done. signed Lloyd Pulliam, a very satisfied Kaiser member.

Posted by Anonymous

It's really too bad to hear about all the bad experiences everyone is having. As a Kaiser patient myself for the last 20 years, the care I have received has been excellent. The major key is to find a doctor that is concerned about your health. I have had many issues over the last 5 years and they have never spared any expense in doing tests and referring me to specialist. If you are not happy with your care...change your primary doctor.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Audrey Tomovich and I just got off the phone around 3:30 with a very helpful appointment center representative named Sean. I called the 1-888 -988-2800
number and was very impressed with how helpful he was.
Thank you.

Posted by ellsta

We have had KP for 20 years in Oregon
The care has always been great and the doctors have been good .
If a doctor retired and we chose another and did not have a good re pore with that one you may always choose another .
The fact that you do not have to wait for the approval of an insurance company to get a CAT scan nor an MRI is superior .
I have heard that CA is not as good .

Posted by Anonymous

The "Farmers Market" at the Kaiser Hospital on 700 Lawernce Expresway, Santa Clara,CA.,.. is very impressive, and should be continued! Had my wife and I had more time to shop, the both of us would have done so! "KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK"!

Posted by pmiller15

Excellent customer Service during my Oct. 4, 2011 Surgery with Doctoe Sean T. Johnson MD and surgery team, as well as recovery nurse. Paul Miller [email protected]

Posted by Anonymous

Friday April 8th I went to the Kaiser Rockwood facility due to a dog bite. It was just late enough that they weren't taking on any more patients for the day. That is why I decided to write this note; to say that the receptionest and especially the nurse who attended to me went out of there way to try and squeeze me in so I wouldn't have to drive clear out to Kaiser on Interstate. I did end up going to the branch on Interstate however I wanted to convey that their kindness and efforts were and are very much appreciated. I don't recall their names but the receptionest was at the window to the far left; the nurse had long hair and her name started with a J. If you know who they are from my brief discription I hope you recognize and value them as true assets to Kaiser Permanente. Sincerely, Otto Myers

Posted by Scott B

I had an aapendix surgery recently. This was the most professional experience with a hospital/Doctor yet in my 42 years. From the gebtleman that checked me in at the emergency room to the Lady that wheeled me out to my car when I was discharged the following day. I have friends that have had this surgery, with a bad experience. I can not say nothing bad about the Employees at the Moreno Valley, Ca vacility. Kaiser has had a bad following from years ago. I would want no other healthcare provider. Hope they keep up the personnal touch, making a patient as comfortable as possible.

Scott Burrell

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Posted by without merit

I am a retired employee of kaiser Permanente .I want to express my words to those that want to come work for Kaiser It is truly a wonderful place because of the members we get to interact with, not with the company itself Sure we have great benefits however Kaiser management has so many......................changes and difficulties with employees who are not loyal and take advantage of the union rights, so that their co workers end up suffering . While mgmt has so many meetings and differences . I miss the members however not some of their employees including physicians.THANK YOU FOR HAVING A SITE LIKE THIS.

Posted by Anonymous

Help- I am an employee at Kaiser Hawaii and we have a terrible witch running our company- Janet Liang. If kaiser is such an outstanding company in our hawaii- then why haven't they fired Janet yet! God help us all

Posted by KaiserSlave

KP employee being overworked and abused by violent manager who violates KP policies and Union contract. The HR and Administration at KP Panorama City are insane and evil, they hate their workers and allow Jacho violations to injure workers. They allow overwork some employees and give no work to others, the end result leads to errors that hurt the members.


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