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104 Negative Comments out of 112 Total Comments is 92.86%.


8 Positive Comments out of 112 Total Comments is 7.14%.

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    • 104 negative comments (92.86%)
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Posted by ladyspace

KLM lost my husband's bag (a carry-on they made him check "because the flight was full"). They have the bag info incorrect in their tracking system (they think they are looking for a green duffel bag, rather than a maroon Swiss Gear rolling carry-on) They are horribly unresponsive--e-mails, Facebook messages, etc.--they only reply when we post something public on their Facebook page, but even then nothing gets done, just basically a "we're working on it" message. It feels like they have given up even looking for the bag. Trying to find out how we're to be reimbursed for the items we've had to buy after waiting for 2 weeks because we couldn't do without them any longer--impossible.

Posted by Lauretta

KLM damaged our luggage after 6months !!! refound money.
We spend hours of phone and emailing for that and they promised miles compensation for the trouble and delay.
After the refund for the luggage when we asked for the miles this is the most rudest email ever received : "we should remind you that you shouldn´t claim twice the same incident !!!

Posted by LALI

Subject: Complaint about my trip starting with KL6149/ 9th September, JFK-BRU - Lali Sikharulidze

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you to complain about my recent, very unpleasant experience flying with Delta/KLM.

As a birthday present, my family bought me a 5-day trip to Europe, and purchased Economy- Comfort due to my medical conditions.

I arrived at JFK on September 9th three hours ahead of schedule for flight 6140 JFK-BRU, departing from Terminal 1 at 8pm.
At registration, I was directed to go to Terminal 4.
The agent there could NOT find my reservation in the system. After considerable wait and confusion by personnel it was now
20 minutes before departure, the agent then told me to run to Terminal 2.
When I asked if I would make the flight, the agent said " It depends on how fast you run."

Amazingly, the same problem occurred with Flight # KL 1726 from Brussels on the return.
I came to the airport three hours before the flight and the Delta KLM agent told me that I did not have a ticket in the system.
They sent me to customer service, and after 2 1/2 hours, they located my record. Again, I rushed for the flight.
In Amsterdam, the boarding pass directed me to gate 7F where, after a long wait, I discovered that this gate was serving passengers flying to Hong Kong.
Again they could not find my information and sent me to customer service. Twenty five minutes before the flight, I was swwent to gate 70
once again running there, with my medical disabilities, to barely make the flight KL0643.
Yet again, my Comfort seat which I paid for was gone and, despite my medical problems, I was seated in row 43, by now in severe pain.

To add to the insulting service, of course upon my return to JFK my luggage was lost, and despite being in pain from the uncomfortable flight, I had to again wait and fill out forms to file a claim for my luggage. I received my luggage the following evening.

I am extremely disappointed with the service I received, or lack thereof, and the incompetency, which caused me to run around and be stressed, while in poor health.
I paid extra money to purchase comfort seats to ensure a proper environment for my health conditions, and instead, I almost ended up in the hospital!
I find this absolutely unacceptable and demand adequate compensation.


Posted by Anonymous

My wife and I were on a flight from Frankfurt to Amsterdam and thenfrom there to Cardiff. We were late leaving Frankfurt and consequently misse our connection to Cardiff. We ended up in Bristol late at night and had to book into a motel. Our hire car had been given away because we were considered "NO SHOW".

I submitted a claim for compensation on the 6th July and to date haven't had any response from KLM.

Posted by Disgruntled

Website wont allow you to send a complaint, but somehow a compliment is accepted.

Posted by Anonymous

We booked with KLM a through flight from Australia to Ireland. We flew with Singapore airlines from Brisbane Australian to Singapore, then Klm airlines to Amsterdam, followed by Aer Lingus to Ireland. Both Singapore & Aer Lingus where outstand but KLM service was absolutely dreadful, this has not been the first time either. Very rude, unattentive & dismissive. The food quality was very
poor & sparse on over a 12 hour flight we were left with no food & water for 9 hours even after repeated attempt to gain their attention using the service button, looking around I was not the only one That was being ignored. We regularly fly internationally & have had worse experiences with KLM & have not complainted.
However we now realise that theses are not one off experiences but rather KLM standard operating procedure to consistently provide poor customers service.

Posted by florin

I recommend you dont fly with KLM as they are not serious and lose frequently baggagea, as for the compansation they are very difficult to get to and don t answer to your e-mails, and phone not even to mention ( in romania the number is not even allocated - it just enters a robot that tells to write an e-mail that is not answered anyway).

The cabin crew are old and rude and the meal on board is very poor and low quality comparing to any other airline.

Posted by bobird3

After ignoring the advice of many of our friends, my family and I flew from Saudi Arabia to London this month and got seperated from our lugagge due to the incompetence of KLM staff at Schippol, which is another story.

My complaint about KLM is that they "promised" us that our luggage would be flown from Amsterdam and couriered to us that same day.

After many calls (always us calling them, they never called us) we got our luggage 48 hours later. The courier told us that it was actually scheduled the next day. We explained that we don't live here and have literally nothing in terms of clothes and hygene products.

Their attitude all along was very bad and unhelpful.

I wrote to their customer care section on the KLM website asking for answers and an explanation but got a standard template response with my name inserted into it which did not address a single question I asked.

We get the feeling that their attitude is "Thanks for your cash, we don't care now".

Stay away from fellow KLM travellers.

Posted by Chief Stewardess screamed at my

Singapore - Bali and return 30 Apr to 3 May 2015.
I would like to highlight the lack of compassion and empathy during the boarding of the plane. My husband had mild Parkinson and will freeze up at noisy and unfamiliar environment. During his attempt to leave the wheelchair at the plane door, KLM -your chief stewardess started screaming at the top of her voice at him when he attempted to lift his legs to step into the plane. This made his legs shakes violently and his body tremors. He had always walked to and from the plane door to the allocated seat without any problem as he flied 10 times a year to various destinations. This stewardess also screamed at me, his wife that I have indicated on my assistance request form that he can walk and questioned me loudly why he cannot walk now. I think this treatment of someone with Parkinson is deplorable and unbecoming of the chief stewardess of KLM - KL836. One steward actually opened an aisle wheel chair and forces him to sit on it plus used 2 body straps to hold him down.
It is such a shame and inhumane to be treated like this!. Filed by his wife

Posted by Alex

I am very dissapointed on the level of customer service that was provided after i was refused boarding on an Air France flight.
My claim was also handled by Mr. Florin Vasilescu, whose lack of professionalism is astounding. After sending me a few e-mails in which he justifies the refusal for compensations following my denied boarding, I asked to speak to his supperior. He called me by phone and repeated the same nonsense that he wrote in his e-mails. In summary, he almost called me a liar and idiot, claiming that i was either not present at the gate, and that is why i didn't make it to the plane, either that i am talking nonsense and "i should read the law". His favourite expressions were in the area of "when you arrived at the boarding gate - or at least you claim that you did; implying that i was lying. He became very angry, adopting an ironic discourse and rudely interrupting me and not allowing me to finish my sentences. Ultimately, his claim was that "there is no authority higher than what Air France says", and if Air France claims that their position is legal then it must be so and if i don't agree with that i'd better go and read the law (all these while he didn't know that each country has an authority in charge of regulating and protecting passenger rights, or while making confusions between the agent that sells the plane ticket and the air operator). Florin Vasilescu is an unbelievable character and i am surprised that his superiors accept his behavior, especially when there are so many complaints about him. I also work in customer service and i would be fired on the spot if i would speak so rudely to one of my customers.

Posted by Bibliophile

Flight from Amsterdam to Bahrain in August of 2014.
My wife and I packed our luggage in plastic containers using plastic ties to secure. These containers were specifically designed for secure travel.
As our luggage rolled down the conveyor in Bahrain, we could see the lids half open. Upon inspection, we found the ties had been cut and items removed by baggage handlers.
We filed a claim, and customer service agent agreed the ties had clearly been cut.
Customer service contacted us about our claim, and agreed to pay the minimum liability amount they could.
5 months later...still no reimbursement as promised. I send e-mail to customer claims every 2 weeks, only receive automated response that my e-mail has been received.

Posted by Anonymous

I will never fly again with KLM and I will make sure to make my incident with the representatives of KLM as publicly as possible.

After my luggage has been delivered to me with delay (due to connecting flight), I have noticed that my luggage (secured with a lock) has been opened and several items have been stolen from my luggage. I have filed complaints to both police and KLM.

From KLM, Mr. Florin Vailescu handled my complaint, in a very offensive and rude manner. The customer service of KLM is totally missing, as well any trace of respect for the clients.

Mr. Florin Vasilescu refused to compensate me for the damage incurred due to the theft from the luggage during my flight with KLM. Moreover, he indirectly tried to suggest that no items have been stolen from my luggage and requested me to prove that the theft indeed occurred during my flight, without showing me any conclusions of the investigation that KLM was obliged to conduct when I reported the theft. This is an impossible requirement, the theft was already been reported to the police ; how can I prove that something happened when I wasn`t around - I was in a plane and the luggage in their care.

I am very disappointed by the services offered by this company and I will never fly again with it.

As it regards Mr. Florin Vasilescu, he should not be empowered by KLM to handle customer service as he is lacking any skills in this respect.

Posted by Anonymous

I have lost one of my suitcases and was told that I would be contacted soon; I have been waiting for 3 days with no reply yet!! The suitcase contains important stuff!!! I'm really annoyed and disappointed. With regards to the in flight experience: the food was terrible, entertainment was poor/inadequate and flight got delayed ! KLM.... Never again!

Posted by Martin W

Having booked a series of long-haul Business Class flights with KLM, I searched their website and their Terms & Conditions just to make sure that, in line with all other airlines, they allow the inflight use of CPAP machines (CPAP = Continuous Positive Airway Pressure = a small air pump that prevents sleep apnoea). As they provide power sockets to their long-haul Business Class seats I assumed that this would be no problem but, believe it or not, KLM will not allow passengers to connect medical equipment to their power sockets!
KLM allow passengers to connect anything else to their power sockets (computers, tablets, DVD players, phone chargers, electric razors etc etc) but NOT medical equipment. I have told KLM that my little CPAP machine is electrically tested and internationally certified for aircraft use - but still they say NO. When I ask them why they refuse to answer.
What a disgraceful, disgusting policy and what an arrogant attitude!

Posted by Ionescu

Myself an my wife flew with KLM. At the destination our luggage was lost. 3 days later we received it damaged.
After contacting KLM customer service Romania we have been treated very rude by Mr Florin Vasilescu who refused to pay for damaged luggage. We did not ask for any compensation as per the low or anything else but for the cost of the damaged luggage. Finnaly after some discussion Mr Vasilescu decided to compensate with 50 Eur. This is a shame. I will avoid as much as possible to fly KLM Air France because there is no customer service an the personnel is rude.

Posted by Anonymous

I fly Europe all the time on business using different airlines and fly mainly economy to save costs. A similar strategy to all the airlines. My last flight from Luxembourg to Denmark with KLM was the first time I have really had my nose rubbed in a blatant class difference.

Firstly having to become a Flying Blue Member to check 1 piece of baggage in, or pay EUR 50. This I did which took a frustrating half an hour online at the airport. Done and paid nothing.

But then came the most bizarre experience of my life. Finally when the air stewards arrived with their trolley of drinks and a lousy biscuit, they asked what I wanted to drink. I had scanned my eyes over everything available from beer, sodas, juices and water, but settled on an item lowest, namely the good old tomato juice.

This I asked for and the stewardess said sorry we do not have this. I politely pointed out where it stood on her trolley thinking maybe she had not seen it.

She then told me tomato juice is only for business class passengers. I was dumbstruck!!! When did tomato juice become a luxury item served only to the important????

Is a canned beverage not more expensive than a glass of tomato juice in a plastic cup????

This kind of class discrimination using tomato juice has me floundering for words. If it was wine or champagne I would understand as business class passengers do deserve their benefits, but Tomato Juice ....GET SERIOUS KLM.

Congratulation’s you just lost a client!!!


Posted by Dave

A month ago KLM cancelled my flight from Bristol to Amsterdam, where I was supposed to connect to another KLM flight to Kuala Lumpur. The agent (for obvious reasons KLM don't show their faces in Bristol) could not get my family and I booked on the same flight for 48 hours. Without doubt we are due a lot of compensation as a result.

However, KLM will not respond to my claim. I got an e-mail to say I would receive a response within 10 days... that was a month ago. When I sent a complaint from their website, I got another e-mail saying they would respond within 10 days! F*&king hilarious! I've sent about 6-7 e-mails now and still not received a single human response.

I'm afraid I can't rate KLM anything other than "WORST" for each category until they contact me and prove me wrong.

Posted by Seattle

I have elite status as multiple airlines and travel weekly. KLM is the weakest when there are problems to solve - like lost luggage or a miss flight. Even the staff at the Radisson suggested I be cautious selecting KLM. I never recall a hotel employee stating something like that in 20 years about an airline.

And the hold times on the phone, thank you for speaker phones.

Posted by mo

As a Dutch citizen living abroad, I was looking forward to a long planned holiday trip through Europe with my wife, and KLM was my natural choice of airline and travel partner.

Unfortunately, this choice turned out to be disastrous, both in the air and on the ground.

First was the rude and unfriendly cabin service; when I requested for my Armani Blazer to be hung in the onboard wardrobe, I was told that (unlike other airlines such as SIA) this was exclusively for Business class passengers, and when asked for a glass of water to take my medication I was made to wait until dinner was served. The attitude was that passengers’ needs were far less important than the convenience of the cabin crew.

Even though I checked in on time and paid for one additional piece of checked luggage (GBP 40), one suitcase was left behind in Frankfurt on our flight to Amsterdam (Saturday June 21st on KL1764) ( Booking code : 5HDVP5 )

Consequently, we had to buy toothbrushes and my wife her basic make up supplies, while she also had to attend the Opera that evening in her traveling clothes, rather than her evening gown brought on the trip especially for this occasion.

Eventually the suitcase was returned to our hotel 36 hours later, without any compensation or apologies whatsoever.

Today, ( June 25th 20014 ) after suffering similar inflight experiences as we did on the outbound flight, we arrived in Singapore on KL 835, to be greeted by a Singapore airport service staff member who informed us that one of our bags was left behind in Amsterdam. (We had paid an additional SGD 102.50, for the extra bag) ( booking code : 5EJAC5 )

We were told the bag would be sent separately the following day to Singapore, yet as we will continue our journey to our home in Indonesia tomorrow morning, it is not clear when and where we will receive our missing bag.

Again we had to go and buy our basic necessities, with no assistance or apologies from KLM, while our laptops and mobile phones crashed due to lack of power supply, which had been stored in the missing bag.

The pleasure and joy we experienced during our one-month tour through Europe, has been tarnished by the arrogance, incompetence and carelessness of the airline of our choice for this journey.

Needless to say we are very unhappy with your dismissive attitude and lack of professionalism, and are amazed how, in today's competitive business environment, an airline can act so carelessly regarding their customers and not make the slightest effort to make good on its oversights and shortcomings.

We believe we are, at the very least, entitled to a refund for the payment for the extra luggage made by us online on both occasions, and will ensure that our traveling experience with KLM is publicized widely should we not receive the appropriate response.

Posted by mmukakati

Unfair treatment from KLM staff

My name is Miriam Mukakati,I bought a ticket to fly to Zimbabwe from Calgary and back on May 17, I flew to Zimbabwe on May 19,on June 12 at 1210am, I was at the Harare international airport hoping to board my 0210am flight to Calgary only to be told that they had overbooked new clients and I could not fly that day. Another staff presumed to be the boss came and told a conflicting story there was a plane that had developed a technical fault and they hat transferred the passengers from the fault plane into our plane and therefore we had to be rebooked. They went back and forth into their offices leaving us just standing by the booking area for more than 3 hours, they then gave me a $500 denied flight cheque and told us to go and fly at 2130.
I don't leave in Harare, I had been accompanied by my sister and her husband 76 and 81years respectively. We got stranded we have no family in Harare we had driven 381km away only to be told the flight had been cancelled. We slept in the car and could not take a bath we were reduced to beggars, I was emotionally hurt I wish they had called or emailed me to tell me of the cancellation its winter in Zimbabwe and did not take that into consideration.my ticket had insurance and I am therefore demanding a compensation of $25 000.Thank you in advance for taking up my case.

Posted by D Isaac

E.Bernhardt flew KLM last week and needed assistance due to injury, she had little or no assistance in YVR. She was kept waiting in some holding area without explanation and encountered staff that didn't have any answers, she someone waiting to pick her up for 1/12 hrs. The person who was picking her up asked information where she could be and was told they couldn't give him that information??? This was an unacceptable way for a 80yr old customer to be treated. Im sincerely hope this can be rectified and communications improved. Another note this customer flew business class with the expectation of adequate assistance.

Posted by Veronica

Hi there,

Your online operator was trying her best to help me with the following problem.

After 20 30 minutes of holding the phone line, we were disconnected.

My fiance has paid 4 or 5 times for KLM flight tickets, $1250.00 to $2,750.00 at the office on June 4

the following is what she messaged me; I will pray so that they will allow me for the $2000 that on my hand for BTA cause they are saying that we must have more for that the ticket about and are talking about $3000 but I have written letter to the head office so that they can allow me to leave today. so please I want you to be praying cause nowhere to see the $1000 that is remain here but just be pray so that they can allow me to leave with the $2000 on my hand now I love you so much.


P.S. The guards at the airport will not allow KLM passengers to board unless you show $3,...0... or (sometimes ) $2,000.00 just to board.

The BTA was abolished 50 - 60 years ago but this backwards country still uses it.

This problem has cost me thousands of US dollars because of the delays they cause and my fiance Lilia Tinderholt is still in Nigeria, locked into that country because of their inhumane actions.

Thank you,

Dennis Schrecengast

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to speak to a human as ALL my efforts to speak to customer care have failed.

After 4 months from a ducumente claim, the 27th of March a lady from Baggage claim Europe kindly, offer us the opportunity to follow-up the claim. She/he gave us 21 days time limit to contact KLM. We have tried every possible way unsuccessfully. PLEASE, provide us with an e-mail that we could send again all the information and that we could make a follow-up with a case ID

Posted by Anonymous

I travelled using the KLM flight to Amsterdam. The flight was very long and tiring but felt that the flights should have disposable tooth brushes offered by the hostesses as not many people make sure to keep such things in the handbags. I therefore, would like to offer a proposal to have my product sold on each International flight. I await your prompt response as it is quite affordable for customers and convenient. They can also be personalized if requested.

Posted by Anonymous

I travelled from London Heathrow to Amsterdam on SAt 04th Jan on KL1002 with overnight in Amsterdam and then onto Atyrau Kazakhstan on 05th Jan on KC904. I have been commuting this route fro the past 18 months and each flight my luggage is processed from Atyrau to London Heathrow and from Heathrow to Atyrau, on 04th Jan KLM advised me in London that they could not process the luggage to Atyrau from Heathrow I had to collect my luggage in Amsterdam. Yet some of my colleagues travelling the same route had their luggage processed straight from Heathrow to Atyrau and some had same experince as myself. Can you please davise why this has happened as it is a big inconveniance and I want to ensure that it does not happen again as I travel back to the UK every 6 weeks by same route.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I flew from Lisbon to Calgary on KLM on November 3/13. A couple of hours into the flight I developed a medical emergency and wound up passed out in the bathroom. Many thanks to the beautiful black flight attendant who picked me up off the floor and ushered me to a safe place. Thanks also to the flight crew who tried valiantly to come up with an explanation for my illness, as I lay in misery, unable to communicate. I don't remember returning to my seat, but I do remember vomiting all the way to Calgary (in the sick bag, I did have some dignity left.) On reaching Canada, I wobbled off the plane, courting a ferocious headache. Thanks again guys for your attention to a passenger in need and most of all for your compassion. Worst flight/best attendants. You guys rock!

Posted by Anonymous

Dear madams and sirs

I had the pleasure of flying KLM 643 from Amsterdam to JFK on November 7th.

The big bird was less than half full, which naturally made the flight even nicer.

But I would like to maintain that the cabin crew made it a treat. At some point

it came out that it was my birthday trip to NYC. Mr Bob van Heeks of the flight

crew said that we need a birthday cake. I said, no thanks, due to my diabetes.

Then mr van Heeks pointed out that I enjoyed the Beemster cheese served earlier.

I said yes indeed, it was one of the best things I've had north of France. A little

later mr van Heeks brougt me a plate with av variety of cheeses and a bottle of

red wine saying Happy Birthday. This was a really unexpected gesture and

made feel like a 1st class passenger.

Thank yoiu KLM. You have a very proffessional staff.

Mr Gunder Soderman

Posted by ellen

Nairobi-AMS scheduling problem meant spending 17 hours in the airport being uselessly sent from one office to another around and around until at last a really intelligent customer oriented manager,
Mr. Charles Nzomo, helped reunite our family by solving our problem, cutting red tape and getting us all on the same flight--Bravo, Charles--KLM is lucky to have you on staff and we were lucky to have your help! Ellen from Seattle

Posted by SaMM

I'm submitting this was past the date of my experience, only because I'm so surprised at the rating. I flew KLM in 1990, JFK to Amsterdam. Lovely flight in the smoking section (in the pre-NannyNation Days). I wasn't in 1st class, but never felt a lack in my accommodations. On my return, I left my suitcase in one of the airport shops. I had been running late while trying to fulfill a duty-free requests (for chocolates, no less), and ran to my gate. The gate personnel informed me that the plane had already closed, but she called, and they opened the doors, lowered the engines (I heard this, even from inside), and let me in the plane without reproach. Smooth, uneventful, comfy flight home, even as the flight to the Netherlands. Hot, moist, steamy faceclothes to combat dry cabin air, a lovely smoking section which never had cloudy smelly air. Since this time I've been on the mandated nonsmoking flights,and they seem to have given up on filtering air now that there are no smokers. Pyew! Stale, over-used perfume, unwashed bodies, stinkfoot, diapers, and trenchmouth. Maybe all were filtered out when they had to filter for smoking (since smoking ban, I've flown American, Delta, Continental. KLM unfortunately wasn't going my way). Anyway, I arrived home happy and comfy, then realized that I had possibly left one of my suitcases behind. I called the airline and left my information. About a week later, someone drives on to our hidden, dead-end street, delivers my suitcase, and rushes off. He didn't even stay long enough to get a tip! Wow! That is excellent unobtrusive customer service! They don't make a big deal of it, they don't wait around with their hand out, they don't warn you about an impending customer service survey (where anything less than a 10 out of 10 means they failed). They just did their job and left! I'm so impressed and would fly KLM 1st choice every time just because the experience I had was so good in comparison to the other airlines I've flown.

Posted by Anonymous

Oceania Cruise Lies bookedthe following flights: KL 1610 Istanbul to Amsterdam connecting with Flight 669 to DFW on September 18, '11. On boarding Flight kl 669, we were directed to Seats 18E & F sand not 16A & B. This was contrary to the written assurances by the Cruise Line. We were shocked and complained to the Chief Purser who refewrred us to a Flight Attendant. We were asked to remain in seats 18E & F until after rtake off, which we did. To our great relief and pleasure, we were directed to seats 35 A & B.
From then on, this flight turned out to be one of the best we ever experienced.I should point out this is our THIRD KLM Flight fom DFW to NICE and PARIS.
The service, food and hospitality, together with the warmth and friendliness we received, were of the highest standard. We really felt compensated after the confusion over the sears assignments.
We wish to commend the following ladies for going out of their way to make our flight a most comfortable one throughout: Marloo Hagen
Inge Van Zoele
Vanessa Dewaele
Again, our very sincere thanks to all and we of course look forward to our next KLM flight next summer and who knows we may perhaps meet again one of the above ladies.

Robert and Renee Soussi
2405 Fountain Head Drive
Plano, TX 75023

Posted by francis8

Flew KLM from the States to Amsterdam; the service was excellent. Attendants were friendly and frequently checking to make sure things were ok. We were delayed on one transfer because another KLM flight was late and (I understand) they guarantee the successful transfer for those passengers when that happens. It was a hassle, but I would want it that way if I were the one delayed.

Posted by Mary and Bob

on checking in at Aberdeen heading for Adelaide on the 7th of July 2011 we could not be boarded owing to the fact we did not have visitors visa's. The staff of KLM were second to none, in no time at all they were on the internet and got the much needed Visa's all this and time to spare before our flight was due. We were assured if the Visa's were not confirmed on time they would get us on a later flight. We were very impressed with service we recieved from the check in staff and service desk staff at Aberdeen. The cabin crew on the flight both going and coming back from our holiday could not be faulted. We will certainly be flying KLM again in the future.

Posted by helen

just had the most amazing flight from lax to amsterdam on route to dublin on tues weds dec 1st !!! the crew were amazinga nd plane was amazing too ...i will certainly try and fly with them again in the future !!!

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