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Juno customer service is ranked #728 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 24.80 out of a possible 200 based upon 83 ratings. This score rates Juno customer service and customer support as Terrible.


82 Negative Comments out of 83 Total Comments is 98.80%.


1 Positive Comment out of 83 Total Comments is 1.20%.

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  • Juno

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 24.80 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 82 negative comments (98.80%)
    • 1 positive comments (1.20%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
    • 2.6 Reachability
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    • 3.7 Friendliness
    • 2.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

There is a scammer giving a telephone for Juno customer service.

Also today, when I entered Juno.com, I was warmed the site was unsafe and that I should return to safety.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm not willing to pay for customer service! I only want to know if you are giving/selling my email address. I'm suddenly getting bombarded with advertisements.

Posted by Ramon

I have been a customer of Juno since dialup. They have really screwed up in the past several years. I had no trouble until they became involved with NetZero. Then it has been nothing but headaches. There is an error in their software. Version 8.9 is not correct. You can't get any service from them. Their explanations are not correct. Always the same old stuff.

Posted by Hobojoe2

July 15, 2017
Called Juno tech support and got some third party outfit with a person who was very hard to understand. My problem is I keep getting the statement on the bottom of my screen "Juno not responding" or "Juno running a long script." The tech said problem was at my end, until I said it also happens on my tablet. He was lost for words.
I have been using Juno for 20 years or more and until the last few years no major problems. Now service is so bad I will be changing to a different carrier shortly.

Phoenix, Arizona

Posted by Anonymous

I cancelled my juno account last January 2016 why am I still being billed by my credit card for January 2017 Juno Online when I no longer use it????? Juno drops out and has too many issues to continue using it. All phone numbers for June as of 2/6/2017 are no longer working and these are listed on your start up pages as working numbers. Since I am no longer using juno how can you contact me??????

Posted by [email protected]

this is the last time I am writing with out my attorney, 3rd time im writing no answer even though your emails say you will.Do not use my juno account it hasnt worked in a month what a delight to have a email company that works. as Ive said 3 times i signed up for mega mail it is useless. i want a full refund immediately, use my gmail to let me know when i will receive my money if i get one more automated message from you i will start a law suit immediately, if your answers are coming to my juno acct that is why im nolt getting them upon reading 100s of your reviews its obvious you are a business whose time has come and gone, you went down and never tried to fix anything i will keep writing until i get a satisfactory answer, im prepared to sue you over this small amount of mega mail money remember 1 more auto message and the gloves are off. how pathetic you have to tell people no profanity, i am willing to honor that request this 1 time. ive never been this disgusted with a company so bad, you ALL Should be ashamed of yourselves, be prepared for me to flood your site with 1000s of bad reviews if i dont get satisfaction

Posted by Anonymous

Hello. This is Russell Young, and I keep getting popups,
Network errors. Also, my Juno connection keeps dropping
out. When I receive better than 20 to 25 emails daily, it
takes a while to go thru them. Why is my Juno connection
dropping out so soon?? Do I have the latist Juno software??

Posted by Anonymous

I need to have my juno account shut down completely. I cancelled it but just checked and it is still active. Alice Marge Thompson

Posted by Certified Trainer for MS

I have been downgraded from 2GB's of email storage "automatically per an upper management decision" after paying for it for over 10 years! With no notice, I had over 1.5 GB's in there, and now am unable to send nor receive any emails! I keep calling customer service and they tell me that I can get free technical help with my dial up service! They are crazy, and this has cost me dearly! Will be talking to lawyers about class-action proceedings and the FCC to investigate!

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Juno

Thanks for taking time to write back.

I understand your support. I apologize for the inconvenience this response will cause
you. At this point, I recommend you stop the highjacking for my proper use of my Juno
email, especially the waste of my precious time at your convenience of incompetent
technical management.


Posted by Anonymous

Over 10 years ago I signed up for a 10-11 buck a month Juno email account. It was great as it fit my limited bandwidth needs. Now it continuously jams with adverts and the email is non readable. I called to ask to have the adverts removed, and they said "Don't you like our advertising ?" The answer is not at all, for a paying service, a person does not need to be pulling along an anchor.

Posted by Anonymous

I seem to have the same problems as everyone else with Juno e-mails, but because I'm out of work, I can't afford AT&T or any other better Internet service, especially after the first year. Therefore, I'm pretty disappointed with the service I'm getting.

Posted by Anonymous

I must cancel my Juno.com account a.s.a.p, it takes much too long to retrieve my messages as well as longer to cancel them. I have no longer any use for this account after so many years. The system is flooded with advertisements interfering with all of my system.

Thank you.

Posted by sidhhds481

Customer Service & support is OK, except that Juno on the Web is a ripoff. Customer shoud not have too pay for advertising, unless they were using the free version. The new Juno's features are below the original Juno Internet.

Posted by Anonymous

The most unhelpful customer service I have ever experienced. After multipule calls and emails I didnt get any results. The call in personel was completely useless. A complete waste of time. I dont know why they have a customer service department it doesnt help at all.

Posted by SLM48

I use their Juno version 5.49 the 3 tab software. There is a newer version 8.81 that is unusable - backup email from 5.49 does not work with it and does not work as good as version 5.49 I have been a loyal customer since April 2002. I tolerate a lot from them. They told me the default browser is where the software works through. I have the most recent software of every thing on my Computer yet Juno 5.49 is still using Internet Explorer 6 server only. They keep putting blame on me for using Internet Explorer 6 it warns me to use Internet Explorer 9 yet its the age of Internet Explorer 11. I get Malware prompting me to download/interrupting while checking email. I get security certificate warnings - that are meaningless. These Interruptions demand attention or nothing can be done. I wrote to technical 4 times and sent a very detailed email including pictures yet they write I never sent anything to explain my problem. They did get my email and did reply. I suspect their avoiding doing anything about the problem. I found I could forward my email to another email service to get past the malware download and demanding interruptions.

Posted by Anonymous

Nov. 10, 2015

I have been trying to pay my juno bill of 35.40 for the last two hours. Have I been successful?

Francis Levy

Posted by Anonymous

Cannot use my Juno e mail Believe my account (Master Charge) has been changed.

cannot get hold of anyone. My name is James B. duff password is dupher. Please contact me at

Posted by sidhhds481

Juno on the Web is in my opinion useless compared to the older versions of Juno Internet. I have been a loyal paid subscriber with Juno for many, many years. I think that Juno on the Web is a potential fraud. Why, first of all it has advertising, that Juno Internet did not have for paying customers. If I uninstall Juno on the Web & try to install from a CD received in 2013, it installs Juno Home or Juno Web & Juno Internet will not open up, plus I do not have the Juno Backup/Restore Wizard feature. I actually liked the old Juno, however I am at my wits end.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been unable to access my account for three years. I have spent countless hours and a lot of money with Customer Service. They could not help and were rude. I was never,ever able to get anything but busy with Technical support. While I used Juno happily for 18 years, now I am furious. Is this now a bogus company?

Posted by Anonymous

my juno page just don't work, it sleep for 30 seconds then works for 30 seconds.

I've try to call support but get someone in another country, I live here need to talk to someone here, are I need to close my account. need someone to call me

Posted by Anonymous

I am very frustrated & extremely upset with my enability to login in from my phone. I haven't had any problems in the past & all of a sudden it gives me an error that the ID or password is incorrect. I try repeatedly, making sure I type in the correct PW & I still get an error. I try to change my PW & I still get an error. It doesn't give me any other options & I have tried trouble shooting to no avail. After many, many times to find a phone # for help, I find out that it will cost me $1.95 a minute to talk to someone. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! !!

Posted by junebug268

My mother has had Juno since 1999. She is now in a nursing home and as I was working with her monthly bills realized that she has been paying $11.95 annually for the service. I called to cancel the subscription or billing or whatever you want to call it. The billing just came out less than a month ago and when I asked for a refund of the "unused" amount I was told that was not possible. I explained the situation again and was once again told there would be no credit. I laughed when the lady said I would get an e mail saying I had cancelled. - WHAT and WHERE did she intend to send that email to ??? Very upset and I feel this service definitely takes advantage of the older population. Small amount of money but the prinicple of not refunding definitely leaves me with a terrible impression of Juno and I won't hesitate to expresss my opinion at the various organization sthat I am affiliated with.

Posted by Anonymous


I'm a Juno user since probably more than 20 years that was before net zero and I have always liked it and understand that you make your revenues with publicity.

Now, I have enough of those short video publicity. I cant be quiet on my computer 2 or 3 time per minute there is always a video publicity starting.

I used to keep Juno open all the time and just check my mail occasionally but now I reed my mail and close it.

I agree with some publicity but when I click on ignore or stop it should not restart 20 seconds after.

If I'm on a other window there is always your publicity going so that is why I turn it of now.

I'm now thinking of changing my e-mail service just because of that. If that keep on going I will certainly cancel Juno. This is no more fun and convenient.

I wish you have a nice day.

Posted by izarthelas

Why are you allowing vocal advertisements to interrupt your customers at all times of the day and night? Do you have any concept of how irritating and annoying these vocal ads can be? Do you just assume that none of your customers using your e-mail...a paid service after one year of use...has anything better to do with their time than to go to their computer to see what in the world the voice and noise is that is coming out of their computer off and on all day and all night? This is ridiculous! Stop it now. There is no excuse for allowing vocal ads.....none. Find another way to make your millions.

Add your review!

Posted by noniaugust

Juno is the only email server that has not gone down and I have never had send issues.
Sure beats gmail and hotmail.

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