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John Deere customer service is ranked #565 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 29.08 out of a possible 200 based upon 161 ratings. This score rates John Deere customer service and customer support as Terrible.


157 Negative Comments out of 161 Total Comments is 97.52%.


4 Positive Comments out of 161 Total Comments is 2.48%.

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    • 29.08 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 157 negative comments (97.52%)
    • 4 positive comments (2.48%)
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Posted by David

Last Spring we purchased JD 8283 work boots from Maysville Harness in Maysville OH. After only minimum wear we found that the sole was separating from the uppers, We returned them to the dealer. Since he didn't have stock to replace them and they were needed for work, the harness maker stitched the sole to the upper. Now the sole is separating from the upper near the heal section were the Amish-man wasn't able to stitch because of thickness of material.

We realize that that this product is passed warranted coverage but we are very disappointed in your product. We are faithful John Deere equipment owners including farm and construction equipment and feel that john Deere has lent its fine name and reputation to an inferior product. Please call me at your convenience

Posted by Anonymous

How do I make a complaint about a part failure that I feel is premature? A cylinder head should last longer than 25 months. Of course the warranty is 24 months. :-(
How do I find out if there is a "factory recall" on this part? The dealer remarked that they have seen this problem before.

Posted by Slim

I retired in the beginning 2017 and my wife and sons bought me a John Deere D130 I purchased the JD D130 online brand new from Lowes and delivered. First, it almost fell of the truck the way the guys were trying get it off the truck. On the ground we are good, right? I signed and pushed in my yard until I could read the book. After going out to try my new tractor I noticed one of the bags has a rip in it, so I called Lowes and they said bring it back with receipt and they will exchange it. OK I paid for delivery but I want everything nice so off to Lowes and they exchange it. I get home and install it and start the tractor and hear a notice from under the hood so I open to find the battery was not attached, way to go John Deere? I go to Lowes expecting to find a bracket on the ones they have in the store and the guy tells me no John Deere cheeped out and uses a zip tie. So just wanting to get thing running I look at the ones on the tractors and go over and buy one and installed when I get home. A few issues but not that bad yet. Then all the sudden we go to use the 8-yard dump cart for the fourth time that carried nothing over a hundred pounds the first three times only to find a huge break in the plastic cart, this time however I call John Deere customer service and get the rudest young lady saying only call the distributor in your area, but I bought it from Lowes. OK I call and explain the cart is broken and the guy asks me did you get it from us? No Lowes, well call Lowes and click the phone is dead. I call and write several times and one of the emails I get back actually says that I should be dealing with a different company that has nothing to do with John Deere and even writes if I look on the label for the cart it clearly says not made by John Deere. Well that person was half right, it was from a different company alright but not the one she insisted I deal with. I call several times and finally get Hailey who identifies herself as a supervisor but does nothing about all our concerns. So again, I write into customer service and finally get a call from another man saying he is Hawley�s supervisor, but again offers no answers to our concerns. So, at the end of our conversation I ask why did you call and waste your time talking for ten minutes about NOTHING. Trust me everything I have written back and forth has been documented along with conversations to and from John Deere. In the end Lowes offed to replace the tub of the John Deere yard cart, not John Deere. It�s a very sad ending to a gift that was supposed to be a retirement gift and turned out to be a nightmare. I thought I had done my research before buying a John Deere, apparently, I didn�t do enough research to find John Deere could care less about the customer after they sell a John Deere product. Being retired does have some other advantages, I have time to write what really happens after you buy a John Deere, you should really be ashamed of yourselves.

Posted by Customer unhappy

I bought my JD D130 in April of 2017 online from Lowe's and was promised that it was and is a real John Deere made in the very same factory-installed that all John Deere tractors are built. Day one the bagger had a rip in the new jd bagger kit. So after calling I was told it came from a Lowe's close to my house. Brought bagger with rip back and they were actually pretty good opened a new box and exchanged. OK let's read book and get started tractor makes a noise so we look under hood and find nothing holding battery down so back to store again and was told jd only uses a zip tie for battery. I walked over and buy one out of my own money after spending over two grand and install it when I get home. Nest thing after useing JD 8 yard cart FOUR times with no where near the 350 pounds it says you put in the cart it now develops a huge break in tub. I call JD Customer service who tells me to call local dealer who asks me did we buy from them? When I say no he says well call whoever you bought it from. Mind you the keys for tractor say this very same dealer on them. Several calls back and fourth with jd customer service and each time sorry we can'talk help. I do finally get a superior named Hailey who is beyond no help. So now we have this tractor with 24 hours use on engine up for sale. I forgot to mention the extra blades we bought did not come with tractor and anther trip back to store. It has been a nightmare deal with jd and customer service. They don'the care at all about customer after sale.

Posted by princess

Boy do I hope that this review gets posted so other can read how they treated my husband who has a disability and all this tractor did was cause him more and more grief, so much so that I have placed the stupid John Deere D130 tractor up for sale and said we will find a tractor that has nothing to do with John Deere. I only wish they could see the pain they caused to a man that only wanted a John Deere for his retirement. Problem after problem after problem. Stay away from this company.

Posted by worst tractor ever

My only intention here to show that John Deere could care less about anything after they make a sale. Problems ever since we bought our D130. First the bagger kit had a rip in it and had to go back to store brand new and exchange for a new one. Then after starting had a rattling so why was that? Nothing holding battery down so back to store only to find out that JD only installs a zip tie to hold battery down. So, I bought a large zip tie of course at my expense. A few weeks ago, our dump cart JD 8 yard broke from top to bottom and JD told me to call local distributor who asked did I buy it from them, no so go back to Lowes. All in all, a horrible company with over ten emails and five calls. Stay away from John Deere. Nothing is John Deeres fault ever.

Posted by Anonymous

Very discourteous at nw implement. Wise crack
Smart a� maryville mo greedy
In parts dept need review of customer relations
Not friendly. Want momey. No help or advice. Uncaring

Lack of concern or interest in problem.
Thanks. Jim

Posted by Anonymous

bought a john deere 3020 less then one year old and has been broke down 4 times now it will not start dead battery or not charging, I wish I would have went orange only has 19 hours on it, piece of real work

Posted by Anonymous

Cannot register or contact a real live person to help. Never buy a John deere again.

Posted by jusme044

we bought a JOHN DEERE zero turn 48 " in May of 2016.. first few times it made a slight noice my husband called JD they said change oil which he did.. A few weeks later it made a big bang he turned it off immediately called JD arranged for it to be picked up, it was taken to TRI GREENE in Cornith MS... After them taking it apart my husband was notified that "he did something to the crank case to cause so much sludge in the crank case... and it would not be cover" all warranties are voided! So in order for him to pick it up he had to pay 100.00.. We still have over 2 years left to pay on it with no warranties at all.. we also purchased the 3 yr extended warranty we now have to fight to get back... This sludge looked like some sort of melted plastic all in the bottom of the crank case... the oil is fine JD keeps saying he did something to it... WHY would he sabotiage it with over 2 years left to pay on it? We now have a mower in pieces no warranty and still have to pay for it.. any comments or suggestions would be most helpful we are at wits end with JOHN DEERE and HOME DEPOT..

Posted by MrCheever

No resolution after a month of diagnosing ?, what's up with that. A simple problem as I see it, my BRAND NEW MOWER would not start once it was warm, I bought and paid for it 5 weeks ago, has been at the dealers ever since. They say they can not find the problem, but, it does exist.
It is very apparent to me, their technicians are not qualified.
The. The next time they call, I am going to pick it up and take it to a real mechanic.
This is the 1st, and last time I buy John Deere. May even trade it in on a Toro or something. Certainly can't be any worse.
Theodore in Whitney, Texas.

Posted by Anonymous

Very unhappy with P&K John Deere Tractor Edmond Oklahoma service. P&K advertises free pick-up & delivery for service. I put my John Deere in for 100 hour service and erratic front end loader "jerking" I put the tractor in 15 November 2016. Today's date is 5 December 2016. P&K advised me of problem with front end loader & cost of service & repair. It seems that if you use free pick-up & delivery they delay delivery so that one would rather bring the tractor in oneself. You would think that P&K would do the service & repair and get it done. At present time I am still waiting for delivery - possible 6 Dec 2016. I believe 21 days is a bit much for 100 hour service & repair/replace hydraulic line. They either have free pick-up & delivery or they don't. If I delivered the tractor myself I would have had it back in just a few days. False advertising.

Posted by Anonymous

I have not received my riding mower back from Tri Green Equipment in Athens, Alabama. I bought the mower in May of 2016 from Lowe's in Decatur, Alabama. Therefore, I was forced to check "does not apply" on several questions on the website. I am a 63 year old divorced female, who cares for my 82 year old mother who lives with me. I am a retired school teacher, and decided to purchase a new mower in the hope that it would require fewer repairs than would a used mower. This mower is still under warranty, so when the blade belt broke while I was mowing, I called Lowe's who told me they do not repair John Deere mowers under warranty. The closest repair shop is Tri Green in Athens Alabama. So they picked up my mower last Tuesday, and when I called said it could be 2 weeks or more before it is fixed. When I told the lady I spoke with that it was just a broken belt, she told me they had to inspect it to make sure I had not run over a stick or sweet gum ball! Surely, John Deere mowers are better than that! I also should mention that I am a fanatic about picking up sticks before I mow.

I am having second thoughts about this mower, and realize I should have bought a Snapper, which is the mower I used for 20 years before I purchased the John Deere. If I could return it to Lowe's and get my $1500.00 back, I would be much better off! I regret buying from your company, and would not recommend it to anyone.

Rhonda Hudson
Decatur, Alabama

Posted by GR

I went to my nearest dealer and they were not help at all. I guess when possibly spending $22000 it isn't worth trying to get my business. Corporate customer service was just as inept. I'll buy elsewhere.

Posted by Lotsofgrass

Charged for repairs that didn't fix problem. Pick up lawn tractor 3 times before it worked. We complained about the price and time they had the tractor because we had to spend $400 to have our property mowed during the time they were trying to fix it. Bad service people! We finally stopped paying the bill and they continue to add $25 service charge on it each month.

Posted by Bhp49

I used Tom's Lawn and Garden in Portsmouth RI. I was told i needed a new engine in an 8 year old riding mower. I was told i would be given $100 towards a new one. After deciding that didn't sound right, i picked my mower up and after a 5 second visual inspection noticed a dead mouse. After spending half an hour and $0 cleaning out aouse nest my mower is running lile new. They are either completely incompetent or are completely dishonest.

Posted by Anonymous

So what you are telling me is that I bought a new blower from you that your salesmen put the wrong fuel in now I have a engine that is scared and worn from this already spoke with several small engine repair shops once a engine has already been run with out oil in the gas the engine will not last long at all I think at the least Derrick Equipment should replace it with a new one or refund me my money I will let my cousin Mr. Charles Rushton I know that spend thousands of dollars with your company yearly that you would not even replace or refund a blower.James Rushton P.S. If you want Mr. Charles Rushton ph# let me know he will tell you the same thing you let a couple of hundred dollar cost you thousands in sales sorry right is right and I have been done wrong by Derrick Equipment in Aiken S.C.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear sir
I am Balu from Chidambaram I have johndeere Tractor I want try to service from last week (11/04/2016)
Last week service centre told me no place come next week today (18/04/2016) mechanics all are go to meeting and engine oilhave no stock they told come on Wednesday how can I service my Tractor?

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 325 lawn and garden tractor. No mention of a steering gear box in the owners manual or that it needs to be maintained with 90 wt gear oil. eventually went dry and burned out the gear box. According to JD, it's my fault for not having purchased a technical manual. All other homeowner maintenance items are in the owners manual. They are clearly deficient in omitting it. But it's my fault according to them. Had to buy their overpriced replacement gear box for $727. Thanks JD for nothing. What else havent you told me about?

Posted by david guthrie

my name is harvey mcgee at 708 west durant,wilburton,okla74578 i am using my brother's internet info. i want to make a new deal with you. instead of what i asked you for i now want $10,000 tax free u.s. dollars for me,my mom nelda guthrie,my sister della martin,her kids,their kids,etc.,my brother david. also for the things besides money like the metal detector and navy clothes products. please send me an email to with your reply.

Posted by Anonymous

I used Heritage tractor in Baldwin Kansas after the bought out the dealer I purchased from. In 3 attempts they never fixed my problem and the always had an excuse or tried to shift blame. They never failed to charge for service. To add insult to it all they retuned my mower with severe damage and would not own up to it. They also worked on engine and didn't eve change oil and put new filter on. Un believable negative experience. Im totally going away from John Deere based upon their monopolies of dealers now and horrific service.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a John Deer tractor model number 5105. The front end loader is model number 521. The hydraulic valve went out that controls the boom arms. I went to John Deere to order new valve. Unfortunately, that part has been replaced and you have to purchase a control lever and grip along with the valve in order for it to work. This makes the cost of replacing the valve run up to $1,141.94 not incuding the tax! I love my John Deere but being retired I feel it is awful to change parts so that you are forced to spend more money for parts you do not need!

Posted by david guthrie

my name is harvey mcgee at 708 west durant,wilburton,okla74578 i am using my brother's internet info. i sent you an email earlier today and had more to say. besides what i asked your company for and to whom i want you to pay besides me i forgot to ask you to also pay my dad eugene mcgee $20,000 a month every month for as ling as he lives and the same also for my sister della martin and her kids and their kids etc. please send me an email to with your answer.

Posted by Wade

Well I've looked at all the problems JD is having but i have an even better one.
I bought a brand new 6140d with 673 self leveling loader in 2012 with extended warranty.first both rims on the front wheel assist had manufacturer defects welds kept breaking and flat tires was what was happening. They fixed it but i had to pay for it out of my pocket then they would give me in store credit so they still have your the water pump went at 1600hrs that was 1600 dollars that was out of my pocket again not covered on extended warranty.
The next thing was bad both 2" pins that hold self leveling arms on craked in middle where grease comes
out. I did not notice half pin came out ripped my self leveling arm off and bent my ear that holds it on. That cost me 650dollars out of my pocket and i had to fix it my self. They told me not are fault no warranty your troubles.
Then just the other day the other side went but this time i was lifting a bale in the air and the welds let go where the arm came through windshield and stopped by hitting top of inside cab.when it comes to seeing glass flying in your face and a piece of steel going by your head makes you wonder who builds this garbage.E They dont care that cost me another 1600 dollars.maybe someone will read this and phone me from the manufacturer my name is wade gilbertson shellbrook sask 1 306 747 2669
I would like to Talk to them before this kills someone they should have a recall on defualt equipment

Posted by everglades sucks

Never do business with everglades farm equipment odessa fl or any other location they are a ripoff and need new mechanics. This place sucks

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Posted by bill

I want to take this time to commend and thank the great folks at Chad's Little Brunswick Maine. I had a hydraulic leak with my x310. They picked up and turned it around in 2 days. Bruce,Nate,John,Ben all contributed to a very professional and great experience. They are unquestionably the very best!!
LCDR William F. Vahey USN Ret.

Posted by Anonymous

The Lady I spoke with on the phone 01/29/2014 by the name of Megan is a very nice person and an asset to John Deere. She is a good people person and has away of making you feel at ease.


Russell A. Brown

Posted by RICK

Well To All Of U Complaining About The Mowers From Lowes And The La, L, Lt, Lx Series. Well Thats What Happens When U Buy The Cheapest Made Models. For The Guys With The X Series, Its Either Neglect Or Abuse. Ive Had An X324 For 7 Years And Never Had A Problem. Which Now I Do Wash It Up After Use And I Keep It In My Garage. But Never A Problem. Take Care Of Your Stuff And It Will Take Care Of You.

Posted by JOHAN DEER 5038

I have complaint so many time in your agency at my nearest but they have no response on my issues so I am complaining you to take my issues seriously. I have purchased a tractor of your company having model no-5038 before one year and now it is showing problem in hydrolic. When I give a command to hydrolic to be in UP condition but automatically it goes down slowly. So Please make attention on this and send a technician to resolve this problem on priority.

Thanks & regards

Vimal dwivedi

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