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Jitterbug customer service is ranked #154 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 50.50 out of a possible 200 based upon 24 ratings. This score rates Jitterbug customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


21 Negative Comments out of 24 Total Comments is 87.50%.


3 Positive Comments out of 24 Total Comments is 12.50%.

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    • 50.50 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 21 negative comments (87.50%)
    • 3 positive comments (12.50%)
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    • 2.0 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

You state that your hours of operation are 24/7 but that is not true. PLEASE UPDATE!

Posted by Anonymous

My elderly ill father purchased a jitterbug phone less than a year ago. Phone broke so he went to Verizon and purchased new phone on Monday. Verizon requested Jitterbug release his phone number. Jitterbug claims it will take up to THREE Days to release the number. On day THREE my sister called Jitterbug and was told it should be released soon. Day FOUR I called. Mark told me I had to contact Verizon and have them connect the phone to his number and they would close his account. Verizon checked and his zip code had been entered incorrectly (their fault) and they resubmitted request to Jitterbug. Called Jitterbug back told me I had to give it time, could not look at account and could not expedite the request. Horrible customer service. If info was incorrect why were we not told Wednesday or the first time I called on Thursday. Horrible customer service. Run from this company!!!!!!I'm sure Dad will have to change phone number which is huge due to all Medical papers need to be changed.

Posted by Paul Kellor

My mom just got her new jitterbug flip-phone and I'm trying to figure out online or in fact anyway how to (if any) block unwanted numbers she keeps receiving.
Can't find any results online, do I need to contact customer service by phone or what.


It's A Shame You People Refuse To Help Me Get Voice Dial voice Mail Added On My Jitterbug Cell Phone Now Today Is 4 Days I'm Working To Get My 5star Jitterbug Phone To Work I'm Sure You've Got The Ability To Help Me Now @ No One Is Ever Responding Back To Me About Getting The Help I Need Today So I Ask Many Times Over To Be Helping Me Now To Activate On My Phone The Voice Mail @ Voice Dial Now Again Please

Posted by Anonymous

I find it interesting that you "offer" 24/7 service that apparently is not in effect . All I know is my 91 year old Mother, who lives 7 hours away from me, cannot reach your customer service department, nor can I . I will be calling 1st thing in the morning . And we thought your phone service would be a good option. NOT !

Posted by Judith

Regarding the Smart PHone I am trying to order, I had inquired prior to post Father's day. At the time, the price was $112.99 with no activationfee since I am a long time customer. I don't remember exactly when I called but it was when I first saw the ad for $112.99

Today, 7/8/2016, the price went up to $129 on my first call with no activation fee. I told your representative "Okay" except my cell phone cut the conversation off. I waited for a return call but never received it.

I called back in about 20 minutes and was told by Megan that it was $149 and tomorrow they would give me a refund of $25. I told her that I had saved money to cover $112.99 and it was pushing it to cover the $129.

I asked to talk to the supervisor and Megan information me that she had just talked to a supervisor. She did not allow me to the supervisor. Megan was rude and I told her the deal she offered me was unacceptable.

I am upset and angry. What good is it doing me to be a good, loyal customer?

Posted by Anonymous

on your statement you list as a place for inquiries or help. but no clear way to get help!

Posted by Anonymous

None of the customer service contact numbers work. What's up with that?

Posted by Anonymous

I'm looking for a friend of mine phone number and they have a jitterbug cell phone

Posted by GSon

I bought a Jitterbug Touch 2 for my 80 year old mother. Our experience both with the phone and with the technical customer service has been mediocre at best. If we could do it over again, we would just buy a "normal" smartphone from Verizon, our family provider.


An OVERLY-simplified smart phone ends up being a DUMB phone. It is not intuitive or easy to use. We wish we had just bought her an iPhone.

Moreover, customer service, while friendly, has been incompetent. Today I got passed to 3 different reps, having to give my account info EACH time again, and they couldn't even answer a simple question (that should have been answered in the User Guide or in the online FAQ's): "What does a flashing blue light on the phone indicate?"

Definitely regret going with this phone and with Great Call.

Posted by Vern

EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED with Jitterbug Touch 2 customer service. LONG wait times, bad voice mail system. Many hours of setup time. They must not hire enough customer operators to properly do the job. Many transfers to other operators. VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Needed a new wall charger for Jitterbug, and was told one would be sent at no charge, on warranty yet as phone was bought under 1 year.

2+ weeks later, no charger. Recall customer service, and they say no charger was sent because I didn't pay for it.

Really?? I ended up paying $21. for a new one.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered jitterbugs for family members back in July 2012, when I saw how huge they were I didn't even open the packages. I called Jitterbug and said I want to return them and the Rep tried to talk me into thinking about it, and I said no. I did return them unopened, and it took several months to get my account credited. It is now January, 2013, and I am getting threatening calls every day from Jitterbug telling me that I owe them $116.00 for an activation fee. I never even opened or activated the phones. Don't buy them. Shame on John Walsh for promoting them.

Posted by C/Green Valley AZ

I purchased a jitterbug phone for my Mom who was recovering from a critical illness 2 yrs. ago. I gave the fon to Mom as a gift and set up and transferred her home fon number to the jitterbug. I paid all the bills and have spoken to customer service quite a few times to upgrade her service,etc. My Mom now has dementia and is no longer able to work her fon. After 2 months and my Mom's condition not improving I called to see if there was call forwarding available to my fon. There is not, so I wanted to close the account. Even though my Mom has NEVER spoken to jitterbug, they want to speak with her to close the account! Lindsay states it is a legal reason and says my name is no where on the account? How can that be? A supervisor who name is Ryan showed absolutely no empathy for me and stated she would have to talk to my Mom to close the account. Jitterbug wants my Mom to confirm her address. Do they not understand what dementia is? Beware to all the Kids who try and take care of their Parents and pay their bills. If you get a fon for your Parent, don't even put their name on the account. If you want genuine empathy and assistance, you won't find it here! C/Green Valley, AZ.

Posted by Yapper

After a little more than a year, the plug into the Jitterbug for home recharging fell apart and could not be inserted. I first went to the only Jitterbug dealer in my area (Sears), b ought a Samsung the salesman said would fit, casme home, plugged it in-and it will not charge. I thyen called Customer Service at Jitterbug (Darah) and explained my dilemma. She offered to sell my another charger for $19.99 plus $10 or $20 shipping. I asked if it was guaranteed, and she said yes, I said but the first one did not work-so how long would they promise the replacement would function? No time at all guaranteed-thus, the "guarantee" is absurd-for if the charger does not work, what kind of guarantee would it be? I asked to speak to the supervisor, "Laquanda", who repeated the same inane information: namely if I buy a new one, it is guaranteed to work-unless it doesn't. With the abundance of new, far more functional cell phones-this seems to be an excellent reason to cancel my Jitterbug account and choose something that not only is a better value, but wil last. Incidentally, the customer service number programmed into my Jitterbug by the co. connects only to a computer dating service.

Posted by Aunties Girl

The people in customer service do not know what they are doing. i purchased a phone for my elderly aunt. Unfortunately she forgot to pay her bill so I called to clear up the balance via credit card which was no problem. The problems began when I wanted to set up the account for automatic payment. I was told I was not on the account & had to have my aunt call to put me on. When I got home from work my aunt & I called Jitterbug & she added my name with full access to the account. I was assured I would have full access. The next day in work I try to log on & need a cpni #. Once again I call Jitterbug & am told that my aunt needs to set up this number, I cannot even though I have full acess to this account??? So I get a supervisor on the phone & we three-way call my aunt and set up cpni numbers for each of us. The supervisors asks to give her 24 hours to set up the cpni #'s. So I wait two days & try to log on - guess what, there is no record of the cpni's we set up. Spoke to another supervisor and there is no record of setting up cpni numbers. This company is not consumer friendly. I WOULD NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE!!!

Posted by Anonymous

What is going on ? Can't get through to any of your people on any of your posted phone numbers ?
Lost or had stolen my phone--need to cancel it ASAP.
VERY unhappy with your service ( or lack of)
Rosiland Frazier
Redmond, Oregon

Posted by Anonymous

Good luck getting yourself removed from an emergency notification on someone else's account. Apparently, the subscriber can add anyone they want, and you can't do anything about it. And customer service will not remove you, unless the subscriber calls. Here's the situation: subscriber is in the hospital, Jitterbug calls me 5 times a day, starting at 6:30am. Now, what is going to happen if the subscriber dies? Am I stuck receiving these calls until they go out of business? Does Jitterbug listen? I've reported it to the FCC. Jitterbug should at least verify if someone wants to be on this list, before adding them, and let them know that there is no way off this list.

Posted by BR Sawyer

My fathers jitterbug has been put on vibrate and I cannot figure out how to get the ringtone back. Any help available

Posted by Clarisse

My Dad’s experience with Jitterbug is so disappointing. My sister and I decided to purchase it for him so he will immediately get an aid in times of emergency. To our disappointment, the phone cannot reach 911 when my Dad is out of their coverage area. With this, the phone became non-sense for my Dad. Good thing we realized it earlier on. My Dad is still an active man so Jitterbug is not a reliable choice for him. He is not using the Just5 cell phone, which doesn’t pose any issue in his more than five months of using this device. He is more satisfied with Just5 actually as this offers more affordability.

Posted by Junettar67

I ordered Jitterbug J in RED for my 88 yr old father in 8/2010. At first the phone was working pretty good, of course he was learning to use the new phone. My father wqsw quite excited about the phone.
About 3 weeks later, the phone started to drop phone calls and/or would not connect dialed calls. I called Customer Service(1-800-733-6632) and was told that the service was moderate to poor in his area.He lives in Norlina,NC 27563. I called CS to explain this problem,Jason said, he would check to see would could be done to inprove the service on the phone, if any, to have my father call CS. He got confused, thought they were going to call him, so I called them the next day.I then spoke to Dawn who said Dad could return the phone for a refund of some sort or he
keep the phone and the account would be closed. We chose to return the phone.

After phone was received by Jitterbug, they said it was after the 30 days trial period but they would see if anything could be done because of the $213.00 plus dollars it had cost me to get this phone to help my dad.

Note! phone ws ordered in PA by me,shipped to NC to
Dad, phone came from ILL. So this route had to be reversed in order for it to be returned for poor or no service. There are 3 different states involved here, it is impossible to get; one telephone, make sure it works properly and if if doesn't, make arrangements to return it. Dad rec'd the phone 8/14/2010, he returned it 9/29/2010 by US mail. During that time, I paid a bill for 8/21/10 for $38.84, then again 9/21/10 another $38.84. The first $38.84 was due 7 days after receipt of the phone. How much time is spent by an 88 year of man in 7 days? The bill was stated from the beginning to be sent to my address not my dads, it was sent to James O. Perry's address in NC, not mine in PA.I also told Josh, Dawn and Rhonda, if phone is not being refunded but being returned, send it to me, not my father.

On 10/27/2010, the phone was returned, guess where it was sent??? My Dad's address.....

No one pays attention to my instructions, they do what they want to do, if they want to do it.I am very upset by thw problem this has caused. I was only trying to make some one's life a little easier and now all is very upsetting. I want some type of refund! I have nothing, no money and no phone!

I feel I have been violated with my clothes on.I am a retiree on a fixed income and do not have money to just throw it away or have it taken for no reason.

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Posted by Anonymous

called customer service with a couple of questions, and spoke with 'Ferdinand' who was extremely friendly, informative and a pleasure. refreshing!

Posted by Anonymous

My father has only had his phone a few days. He has macular degeneration and can't see very well. We have called customer service about several things in the last few days and their responses have always been excellent, polite, comprehensive and very helpful. He's so excited about this phone because he couldn't see the buttons to dial out on his other cell phone. With Jitterbug, he can dial himself, use voice dial, or use the Jitterbug operator to dial. We are thrilled with it so far! And we ADORE customer service!

Posted by UNKNOWN


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